The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, December 29, 1921, Image 1

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• CO The Mountaineer 4811111111111g TIoloarAlt llooetaloost Vol. 11, No. 45 •WattilIM —OFFICIAL PAPER OF SIG SANDY— BIG 1ANDY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1921 REVINISCE NC ES • Detroit. Mich., Dec. 14121 The Mountaineer, Big - Sandy, Mont. Your paper came to my ad- dress a few days ago and I was surprised to read that Jacob Stilts had crossed the great di- vide. The Bear Paw Mountain country and Big Sandy lost a tnist woftily citizen, al ways willing to do a good turn for his neighbor. I well remember the day he came with his family to Eagle Creek. It certainly was a happy • family. For a time they lived in my log house on little Eagie creek. They now call it the -stage station. This log house had two rooms. Mr. Seifert and family, friends of the Miltz family, came to the 13:mr Paws from Detroit, Mich. There was no house or tent for them to livc in so we all camped in the two-•mooms. The last buffalo came down 'Big Eag - leeek in I5s5 and John Tingley roped a buffalo calf at Clagget. The spring of 1887 after the hard winter of was a tough one, I got lost in a blis..srd and was out four days and three nights, I had nothing to eat but a pound of Climax chewing tobacco, I was on horsstack, going to the coal banks over the trail from Eagle creek 1.6 the sand hills on Little Sandy creek. As crossed Alka,:i coulee on the bench I counted about 40 wolves drifting with the storm so I arifted with lawful and landed in the brakes etiAhe Missouri. I have cat hay over the ground on which your little city is located. My brother gild I thought at one time that we had all the south side of the Bear Paws corra:ecl, but whet% • the G. N. Rf.cathe along I sail ' \Goodbye ray !hasopy hunting days and range.,\..C. J. McNa- mara said °Ise ,tine to me, • \Cass we have had the cream, so we must go 5010 with the now pilgrims.\ Be avas always ready to go 50 Whilesitting in my office here reading your,saper, I got . homesick for the Bear Paws and started to act4t.ble to Tetley, my mind. • Wising you and all taw old time frknds a Merry Christmas and a Sappy New Year,a-lin An Old M.ontana, - a, C. F. Kaiser MOP? NEWS ! t r ir:EN Oren 111 The 'Hopp school will Monday. Jan, 2. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sternberg and family spent Chritttmas with Herman Osterman's lam-' ily. Miss Ruth Giles left last week for Virginia to spend the holiday with friends am: rela- tives. A sheriff's sale of the hors es and cattle belonging to Chas. Rennick was litld at the Mark- ham ranch Monday. Miss Irma Brown of Belt na is spending her Christmas va- cation at the home of her pa:- ents, Mr. snd Mrs. J. F. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Weller and the Misses Jennie Weller and 'Vera Rutledge called at tieJ. F. Brown home Christ• mas evening. Anton lierodus, who has been ill for seyeral months was tak- en to the tubercular hospital Saturday by the Red Cross nurse, Mrs. ()linen. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehman and little son Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Rutledge and family rsre dinner guests at the R. R. Weller borne Christmas day. Mrs. Frank Koefelda who has been Ailing a long time is reported seriously ill. They are expecting a visit from the Red Cross- nurse, Mrs. O'Brien, soon. MDR. 13. 'A. Hendershot, Mrs. ' Teuton and sons, Warren .c111 Lyle, and Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Rutledge and daughter Florence spent CIITIfititlaft day at the Markham home. 'Herb 'Weller and Lester Rut- ledge .motored to Big Sandy Friday and' brough the Misses :Jennie 'Weller and Gladys Styr- devant back with them to spend the holidays at home. The Christmas program and tree held at Hopp school Fri- day afternoon was enjoyed by all present. A treat of candy, nuts and pop corn balls for the children was iurnisbed by the teacher, Mrs. 'Yocum. Mrs. G. R. fiturdevant, Mrs. Yocum and Gladys Sturdevant made Christmas calls at the homes of Mr. anti Mrs. Kofelda, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Rutledge, Mr. Mrs. R. R. Weller and Mr. and Mrs. Markham. Many foreign countries &fel A number of school children of Hopp recefred a supply of oehttnoring Tanlac. Its fault clothing and shoes and over- iworld-wide. For sale at As- aloes from the Red Cross mak- e Pharmacy iog it possible for them to at - 10 ii Wald) etirrp gout' lutob for a JOapp P Pcb) rear McNamara & Marlow, Inc. caP . ••• III /ling Mut, Min lirtls Ring out, wild hells, to the wild skY, The flying cloud, the frosty light: The year is dying in the night; Ring out, wild bells, and let him die. Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go: Ring out the false, ring in the true. Ring out the grief that saps the mind, For those that here we see no more; Ring out the feted ot rich and poor, Ring in redress of all mankind. Ring out a slowily dying cause, And ancil.nt forms of party strife; ' Ring in the noisier modes of life, With sweeter manners, purer laws. Ring out the want, the care, the sin, The faithless coldness of the times; Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes But ting the fuller minstrel in. Ring out false pride in place and blood, The civic slander and dr.! spite. Ring in the love of truth and right, Ring !in the common love of good. Ring out old shapes of foul disease: Ring out the narrowing lust of gold, Ring out the thousand wars of old; Ring in the thousand years of peace. Ring in the valiant man and free, The larger heart, the kindlier band; Ring out the darkness of the land, Ring in the Ci! that is to be. Tennyson ••••••••• •=11••••... Vol. 1, Ni. 2t tend school during the cold weather. Frank Harshe has gone to Big Sandy to spend the holi- days with his family. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Rutledge and little daughter Florence, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Yocum and Veva Rutledge drove to the Eagleton church for the Christ- mas program. All report bay- ing a splendid time. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehman and little son were over night guests at the Walter Waddle home Friday. They all attend- ed the Christmas program at the Eagleton church and re- port a large gathering, a tine progam and an enjoyable eve- ning. Canada Has No National flag. Canada lint no Tuitional Mtg. A me - called Canadian flag Is In but its use Is unauthorized, ii rid it no longer represents Camilla. It is the red PIP sign of the British mercantile marine with the coat -of -arm of Ontario, QIIP- bee, Nova Scotia ana 1 , :l•W Brunswick in a quartered shield on the field of the Msg. This flag, by warrant dated Febru- ary 2, i12. was authorized by the admiralty \to be wad on /1 Kelm registered In the Om . Onion.\ This limits Its domain to tnereliant ships, as no au. ) thorization Was given to fly it On Ihere. When It is flown on land it is .,,it of its formal jurisdictio a n. In ny case It has not been formally adopted I by the Canadian people, and it t...‘v ,. Ima derided limitations. Its sii:e1.1 .• . . ditains the devices .4' nnly four of I the nine provinces which now form the Dominion of itanada. Joke on th• Bank. 1/:11lio-d k tam b d g e of banking and money matters has tong been the subject for jokes on the I stage and elsewhere. The story of the w oman who believed that lloPCHUtto , Shit !StfU had blank cheeks In her cheek - book she still had plenty of money ! in the bank Is an old on .. But ti,e other day an Ind!atia l s,lia woman Was notified that her account had I been overdrawn and Instead of se. ! cepting the 1,,ink's stereotyped Mel - lotion to \(-601P in at your earliest eonvenienre rind aitetio) to the mat• ter, - she eh 0144. a toes- Method of pro. °adore. The hank received tfie fol- lowing letter from the a 0111511: \Flamm. find inclosed a c l,eek f oe - -sla 72 tp se! \ — - Unfortunate Infants. The craze for war name., IP IMP of the litany lithe...vim; things i.e he Pait P01111.11.1Pfl In the Failed Kingdom, (ins wtme not hie- ing so Intense as it wits after the South Afriean war, it was still %Irons enoug h to Iloilo ,•1 Imenheds of hap- ilso. infants suell monstroalties is \Ypres \Kitchener. \Ver.inel.\ \Lor- raine,\ lie extent to which this craze has gone Is amazing. Be- sides war names tia re are always oth- -er freak IIRIIIPs. The last 1.1.11s1114 SIOUWI•ol that absurdities as \Wei. come Death\ and \One klistly\ hail been given to children. \Wil- liam\ has fallen frimi popularity. Its Mare has 1,01.11 taken by \Oeorge.\ Few parent,. during the war wanted to usd the waine given to the•ex.kainer 4111I (he tome of Etightial'a out,, mon. arch Immediately became the most popular one. Great Was the Fall Thereof. In eertain re iiiii coollIltry district,' In Scotland it is still consider...I a great pan for a clergyman to read his aersoon. Such a preacher generally employe four distinct headings Iii hilt sermon—lirtit, tweosid, third niiul \lastly.\ One notable divine, having exhautd• ed \firstly\ and \Recomily VIIIIIP to \i hirdly.\ \And thirdly, brethren.\ he said. A p•us, \Arwl now thirdly,\ III. re- peated. Allot her pa WO', Mach longer than the ifinst. And his lienrere were becoming Im- patient. At length Orac of them bold- er thin the °therm, 111111IP a megaphone alth his bands and mpoke up hoarsely: \Thirdly and lastly, sir, MCP loin. blush ower the pulpit ralls!\—London Weekly Telegraph. Lignite as Full. LI;nite In Its powdered form him burg bee n mord us fuel, but It has had many disadvantages. up to the lures' ent, eott.ktihg chiefly In the difficulty of drying IL and of tuning its by-prod- ucts. It has now beet, found to tombItge the drying alth a partial gasification which admits the recovery of the by-prialucts while yielding • aemieoke which can be ground down to make a powdered fuel suitable for injection into eonnhiushien chambers. The touperat.gre reeommended for this gasify talon fa beta een 900 degrees and I.,000 degrees F. Experiments with this fuel In rotary cement kilns hays proved satisfacto4.—Pepular &Ankle Magazine. Getting it Gown Fine. The eiresing of the eye, the ref, and I nc opening of It linve hemp metteured, mei are found is consume 395 tbou- •:....Iths of a second KNEILWORTH AND VICINITY (Too late for last week) There have been numerous sick horses hereabouts the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Mohr and the Messers Drew were assisting at B. L. Miner's Tuesday. E. i. Johnson has quite a job transporting his school children during the inclement weather. Mrs. Fred Heiberg has been entertaining her mother Mrs. Larson of Colony Ilay for the past week. Cold weather and sickness conibinM to keep Evelyn and Edward Anderson from school lor two days. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Hender- son and little Ardath lelt this vicinity for II. Henderson's some days since. Merry Christmas to ail, whether editors, casual readers seekers of diversion, or con- temporary news writers. Walter Diacon recently home from Washington, aud sister Maude, were callers around old Kenilworth Wednesday. Some of the farmers hive been butchering this week, pre- paratory to having a larder chock full at Christmas. Mr. Gillempie, II. L. Miner, Joe Drew and R. G. Dixon were among the Christmas shoppers from this place to Big Sandy. E. S. Ilaire was ably assist- ing two different neighbors Wednesday, about butdiering and doing chores in their ab- sence. Babe Tingley, our genial mail carrier, who is Johnny -on' the spot is now putting in full time delivering Christmas packages. Feeding stock, carrying fuel, replenishing tires, and hugging the stoves have been the prin- cipal chores of late, especially tbe last three. There has been considerable riding around in jitneys, mov- ing and maneuvering of late. Still there is apparently no occasion for it. Mrs. T. Johnson has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Murray Upham, and incident- ally renewing acquaintance with little master Russel. Word from the Lanka in Great Falls reports heavy fall of snow on Dec. 17th. People there are excited over the good prospects for the coming year. They also report that the smelter is shortly to be obened. Mr. Bartlett is now pursuing his old time occupation of broom making at B. L. Miners and has on hand a supply of every variety: house brooms, whisk brooms, barn brooms and toy brooms. Oh, the joy, the supreme de- light, of receiving a \box from home.\ And especially of peeking inside the wrappings of the packages for the child- ren. We know exactly how we felt under those circumstance s when we were small shavers. The frost king has been as- serting himself of late. For instance on Sunday a genuine old time blizzard was raging. A speedy descent of the mer- cury followed swift upon the going down of the wind, and mince then till present writing, it has been colder than blases. And now again Merry Christ- mas. Joy and happiness at- tend us all during this metnor• COUNTY ASENT KIES Talsrm: sEEn The Montana Grain inspection Laboratory was created and is equipped to serve the agrksi- tnral interests of the state_ Three main lines of work are now under way. (h Seed testing and seed inspection 124 tirala inspecting and grading, and investigational work in mails( and baking of Montana wheats. Any farmer in the state may have his ,seed tested for ge mination and purity free Lom charge ay sending a represent- ative sample of - seed to the laboratory. Don't hesitate to mend samples for grading and testing purposes because you do not have containers in which to send them; the superinten dent in charge of the labora- tory will furnish these,, or mak* suggestions. The county agedt's Office usa- ally has a supply ot tiles( ciitr tainerm on hand and seed to be sent to Bozeman for testing may be sent to the office or con- tsiners will be furnished on re- quest. The testing of seed will determine to a great ex- tent the amount you should seed per acre which in some cases constitutes a great saving on a large acreage. WHEN THE FAIR ONE SMILES ---- Not Infrequently_Thers Ale Reae.vih- , lions of Which Mere Man Is Entirely Unconscious. A man smile* becallse fcels thilt way. but ii woman, With Instinctive cunning, imilira for %Flom, mamma. and many of them are deceptiv1. though she Online that she deeelvel, nnly to he him!. The mull, olth which idie greets as\ other w motel Ir rulther difTerent thaw the olral'e II.Ht Ow bestows nbsta a moth. actor, Ii soldier, ui trunk. silken ftr a promfm Ore ImAniod, f 4 he eau soniic the sat1le th• .t11111k I,. W01111 while. She ran coke. her male I -et frilly \nice.\ and Illy 110y, 1111.13. may lip eertolti reserva- tions Igo that oath. bleb. If yogi er nn iu ynte . . 1 . ... y,ot fhil nu ote..... 1 ,u1 . (1 w ,. o n ly know. wo u ld mpri IVIten Milo Is )ifiniu on41 fulls 1ii Ii for the first time her mull.. Is n nit and ii sonnet. When she is a WI410W Mid Mall leol the song Is there, but It lu 111 the background, as the disilliados glf life hat taught her the pr.oreilve art of remert401011. Setitelltnem Ii ‘e , ) 111.VPr W1/1111111 141/4 very still n od Sib VI11W/1 We. exp.-001y her life, Ali muffles sadly. There is a pati.o. iaj smite \too deep for tears.\ as fie' 'Elie mane that mho lie•tows upon tar 1.4.11 ulese tall.* of humanity, lier ern Itftr11, In. it glorltaim poem. She wow 1011111t to deeelve her rival, yin. trig ettille to encourage herself, her stein nifty he fulee le her lover. hut Whoa she mattes at her first born all Uwe puye or her bent*t met all the nplrlitdil Moiety or her soot goes 1100 If, and Caill angels Ii, heaven rejoice. A woman with pretty teeth does eel smile, she tiur g ti'u a woman 10111 r'214, 114111) mtnItem enrendly. - 0 as. n with da'nly rosebud m.s.lors and when they smile nt uu man • gets the high eost of flying Midi ten.b. tin Invitation to a movie. Bow interesting It Is to watch Woo mulling woman! How It tletterv a nte,. le hove a W01111111 nuille at hita----lor.* be km,* Age luun,ghcnl at 111'11 an , . ward 1—PhIludelphltt Ledger. • tn I ..tet oloakm tio 111,0:1 . l• of S',111 , 111 fruit In '!-- 1 hut.. I. • • •••11 11P1111 it Is moon*. lop, :kill , tue ars! •-000p'-o• 10..• 1..:111/a ;rest rot -hretthrest IS luri‘ely eeuttet of '41001 It ‘...i gui uff or it Oa 6 11.1 fa , hren10. •••1.1.14 , 10 v,1111o.,.1 Sari CC able Yuletide s-eastin. May this good Saint, who has for ages been the benevolent patron of Christ:n:1m seasons leave for us all a token in form of a sincere spirit, Kunming alai filling our hearts to overflowing witb ap- preciation and kindness towarill all manhind. •st

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 29 Dec. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.