The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, February 11, 1954, Image 3

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THE MOUNTAINEER RIG SANDY, MONTANA _ -- — in Havre on Saturday. vick, Joe Jurenka, James Cikrit The following attended t h e and Frank Adamec homes. funeral services for the late Roy Martha Fry has been on the Stone in Chinook on Monday, sick list. She is feeling better Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Neilsen, now. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Biebinger, Ali% and Mrs. Clyde Webster Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kane, Mr. and Emily Webster called at the and Mrs. Pete Norden, Mr. and George Fry home Sunday. Mrs. Eilif Olson, Paul Norden, Charles Lohse called at the Mr. and Mrs. Fred Henderson, George Fry home one day last 'Wilbert Henderson and Earl week 'Weaver. Mrs. Laura Stone and daugh- ter and Mrs. Mary Girton of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, spent the Mrs. Bill Rutledge son and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nor- week end at Jack Biebinger's. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth But - den and Mrs. Nell Archer. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Henderson ler spent Friday in Havre. Miss Delphine Feil and Mrs. were Sunday evening callers at Havre callers Monday were Donna Perius of Wales, N. D Earl Weaver's. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sluggett, arrived on Tuesday to visit Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jurenka and Feil's sister, Mrs. Walter Olson. _ * — Renee, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gas - Mr. and Mrs. Pete Norden OUT SOUTHEAST voda and Donald, Mr. and Mrs. spent Thursday in Havre. — Mrs. I rank Adamec Bill Rutledge, Mrs. Belschner. Mr. and Mrs. R a y Williams Mr. and :\Irs. Tom Cecrle and Mrs. Stueck, Mrs. Anna Rut - spent Thursday evening at El- family visited with the Drga ledge, Marvin Osterman, Mr. flier Neilsen's. families a week ago Saturday. and Mrs. Roy Pegar and Mrs. Mrs. Gerald Kane and Mickey Mr. and Mrs. Otto Silvan call- ; Vernon Ophus. spent Friday in Chinook where ed at the Frank Adamec home I Mr. a n d Mrs. Laddie Nepil Mickey took his driver's exam- on .Monday. Charles Lohse was i and Lorraine spent Tuesday in Fort Benton and Great Falls. Mrs. Herman Osterman and Mrs. Marvin Osterman and in- fant daughter returned from the hospital on Thursday. Mrs. Anna Rutledge spent a few days in Havre visiting with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rutledge were callers in Great Falls over the week end. M!. and Mrs. Bill Jurenka and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nepil and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rutledge a n i family and al services were held Monday in Mr. i and Mrs. Frank Drga, Sr., John Sternberg were callers at Chinook. T h e community ex- were n Havre on Thursday. the Joe Jurenka home Friday ever inv. tends sincere sympathy to Mrs. Mary Adamec called at the Laura Stone and family. Anton Horcicka home Friday N 40 1 040 / 00000 4 11 0 10 0 0 M 0 00040 1 110 Mr. and Mrs. Ira Henderson afteriloon. were Friday callers at Walter Mr. and Mrs. Anton -Horcicka Olson's. and Margaret called at Ed Jir- Mr. and Mrs. P a u 1 Norden sa's Friday evening. and girls and Mr. and Mrs. Nels Mary Adamec called at Geo. Hokarson a n d Arnold visited Fry's Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening at Earl Wea- Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Sevick visited at the Ed Jirsa home on Mr. and Mrs. T o m Arrison Saturday evening. vi-ited Sunday at Nell Archer's. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cecrle Saturday supper guests at and family of Great Falls spent Pete Norden's were Mr. and Mrs. the week end here at their Walter Olson, Miss Donna Per- , ranch. ius and Miss Delphine Feil. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jurenka Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weaver ; of Hingham visited here with and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Henderson ! relatives over the week end. at tended the funeral of the late Th( - - -r; at the John Pavlo- Joe Ranes in Havre on SaturH IMICATA4140104•1#001140111000 day. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Norden E. DITCHING spent Sunday at Pete Norden's. Mrs. Jessie Scofield and fam- ily spent the week end at their ; home here. Mt and Mrs. Fred Henderson spent Monday and Tuesday in Great Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Collin. spent the week end at Nels Hok- anson's. . Saturday evening callers at Eilif Olson's were Miss Donna , Perius, Miss Delphine Feil, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Norden and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Olson and ; S ons. M. D. Maxwell spent Sunday at home. Trustees: Bill Ojala, Mrs. Wilbert Henderson re- Carmcn Farley and Roy Kimble turned home from the hospital • w • 131111111111111111IIIIIRIIIIiiiiiinnumme - 5* WARRICK-DOG CREEK Mrs. Pete Norden Mr. and Mrs. Earl Weaver and Mr. a n d -\Irs. Arthur Weaver spent Wednesday in Chinook on business. Mrs. Lob o Maxwell and Wayne spent Wednesday at Floyd Cline's. Mr. Wilbert Henderson spent last week in a Havre hospital. Big Sandy callers on Wednes- day were Mr. and Mrs Eilif 'nation. Gregory Henderson cleaned a ditch for Richard Bush on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Olson, Miss Delphine F e i 1 and Miss Donna Perius spent Thursday in Havre and Big Sandy. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kane and sons were Sunday supper guests at Elmer Neilsen's. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Weaver vis- ited Monday evening at Walter Olson's. Roy Stone passed away Wed- nesday night in Chinook. Funer- ver s. a Tuesday caller. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jirsa and family visited at the Anton Horcicka home on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. John Pavlovick and family called at the Tom Cecrle and Richard Lanik homes Tuesday afternoon. That even- ing they called on Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adamec. Bernard Belschner of Great Falls called at the John Pavlo- vick home Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Silvan vis- ited at the Anton Horcicka home on Wednesday. 1111 EXCAVATING CRANE WORK Fles , :e contact us for price estimates THIRD nrirw 1 our patronage appreciated */ 1111 IN Ps Cyr DI IR 11111,11111 Lig Siod I U I 11)(1,2it lumber 121 Meeting 1st and 3rd ,,rinogriqv nf onell month N. G. Allen Halverson Sec. Lewis Dielman Sat. and Sun. Feb. 13-14 Be II SIN ' 111P , Or. Herman and hatny's Cartoon and 1 , — alma Wednesday and Thursday. February 17-18 *Atterag 4.0coney-ree+4NICCX002. - oR to aii magamalM. Plus Cartoon and Paramount News Coming Saturday and Sunda:. February 20-21 Sket Nirect Yawl- Hem+ ! . MEET THE ANGEL WHO ACTS LIKE AN A BOMB! GREER GARSON • WALTER PIDGEON Donc,a Corcolon Agnes Moorehead lie HOPP all types of WELDING 11 cli II • 111111. 1 . 11 1. 1 . Ornamental lioc Vt'ofk Littlefield's Welding Shop ti•••••••••01•momastegoistmeo *110011011000000•••••••••••••4 The copper tooling project met with a very good atten- dance. The ladies are really en- thused and turned out some Leautiful work. They pl a n on meeting Thursday afternoon at the Hopp hall for another ses- sion. Mr. a n d Mrs. Laddie Nepil and fEmily were Sunday dinner guest Q at the Leo Mate hett home. Several men from this corn- murt attended the meetings in Fen Benton and Havre con- cerning - the road situation. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Blazek, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jurenka and Mrs. Jerry Nepil were Havre shop- pers Thursday. The dance at the Hopp com- munity hall was very well at- tended and everyone reports a fine time. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jurenka and family called at Lester Rut - ledge's Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pokorny and family and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nepil were Sunday visitors at Jerry Nepil's. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth But- ler and Lynell and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Butler were Sunday din- ner guests at the Lawrence Fab- er home. Mrs. Butler returned to her home after having spent the week with her daughter. KENILWORTH Mrs. Chas. Dixon — Kenneth and Allen Robestson went to Great Falls Wedne.iday for more calves. Mr. a n d Mrs. Chas. Dixon spent Wednesday afternoon at Ambulance lIMIMIII1111111 7 1.111111111 r floe • Pb Tama* k vire24 boars ° E Es; .. Benton Funeral tionie ;• d D. 1- McGinnis Owner a? ]: filfi SANDY AND t1111 BENTON, MONTANA Air Ambulance Dave Panchot loc40 representative No a Too Big or Too Small AUTO RFAIRS We aim to please you . . whether your car needs a simple check-up or a complete repair job . we are always at your service GET THAT ENGINE TUNED UP Adju t tan l‘elt, clean, space or replace spar?, plugs, clean and adjust breaker points, set tim- ing, clean or replace o ii line screen, adjust valve clearance, clean fuel filter bowl, check manifold heat control, test coil, carburetor, generator. Big Sandy Motors WILLIS SALES -SERVICE 24 Hour Wrecker Service ••0%•••••••••••••••••••••• Let H. Earl Clack winterize your car Wash jobs the year around Fuel Oil delivered night or day Oil -Gas -Fuel Oil -Repairs H. Earl Clack Co. Frank Hearn, manager THURSDAY, FEB. 11, 1954 WAINIMIIIIMINNOVP•a•— Testers'. It was Helen's birth- day so they stayed for supper too. Mildred Works a n d Wilma Robertson were Fort Benton business callers one day this wc ek. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Chand- 1 ler spent Friday in Fort Ben- ton. Mr. 4nd Mrs. Chas. Dixon and family spent the week end in _Bozeman visiting her brother, Archie Meeks, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rob- ertson also took advantage of the nice weather and spent the week end in Shelby visiting the Ralph Robertsons. Evell Fowler a n d Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fowler were Satur- day callers at Allen Robertson's. Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Works were Sunday guests of the Tes- ters. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wenner of Great Falls were Sunday visit- ors at the Jean Dixon home. ww w w_lrw -- INSURANCE Insure now while you car) See vs today before it is too late We write Dependable Insurance of all kinds Life. Casualty, Fire, Ilil and Marine Complete, Courteous Service for all your Insurance needs Write or phone Verlin W. Hurd Sandy, Mont. Phone 12 l -J Ja *fri_l_ a „aiwis J 1L3 a a . : 4° THE HOMEY PLACE Air Conditioned Aasertise men+ Mr. and Mrs. Bob Laulo were visiting in Fort Benton Sunday. The Kenilworth Boosters 4-H club held a meeting at the home of Mrs. Jean Dixon Sunday af- ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McKever have moved their trailer house to Irvin Work's. They are plan- ning to stay there and do chores while Irvin and Mildred take a vacation trip to points west. weedywevymAiwaweywid% There is no substitute for Milk Think of the many uses of milk and you'll agree milk is neces- ! sary to your health. Serve our milk regularly to yclir family. I ')ur router/len deliver to your - loorstep. Deliveries 4 4 ,imes xeekly unless notified Velk's Dairy Service NM, FOR HEALTH IN TOWN Pep's Place ALLEYS NOW OPEN From where I sit ... óy Joe Marsh Wish I'd Said That You know Miss Perkins. Well, she's been driving her own car around our town for a little more than 30 years. The other day she had a bit of trouble parking down on Main Street. Didn't quite make it the first try, so she pulled out to start over when a fellow waiting to pass started tooting his horn impatiently. On the second try, she was still having a little difficulty and so this smart aleck hollered, \Lady do you know how to drive?\ \Yes young man,\ Miss Perkins an- swered, \I do. But I don't have time to teach you now.\ From where I sit, it's not al- ways easy to have a good answer ready when you need it. But when somebody insists that I vote for his candidate, for instance, or choose tea instead of a temperate glass of beur with dinner, I know the answer. It's all a matter of personal preference ... and none of us like \backseat dr ving\ from anybody. 7 / 6 444 Cop, 1954, United States Brewers Foundation Grain • .; I . G. T. A. Morton's Block and Bulk Salt FARMERS UNION ELEVATOR CO. ‘( LEWIS A. 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The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 11 Feb. 1954, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.