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Niontaril 1.trtcn1' • CA^ t 1)1 III THE MOUNTAINEER Volume X X XXILI HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF MONTANA HELENA THE MOUNTAINEER, BIG SANDY, MONTANA THURSDAY, FEB. 18, 1954 • Committee Appointed To Organize Boy Scout Troop In Big Sandy The initial Boy Scout Commit- tee vas selected and will hold their first meeting on Monday, March 1st at 7:30 p. m. Members of t h e committee are Mack Quinn, Arnold Camp- bell, Pastor Bittleston, Robert May and Charles Rubie. This committee will appoint the other working committees, s elect a Scout leader and Assistant Scout leader and neighobrhood repre- sentatives and have the scout- ing program rolling by the end of March. The sponsoring group for the Scouting program is the Ameri- can Legion. All scouting materials such as books, displays, signs, 1 o g cabins, flooring and enthusiasm, are being revived. Please turn in anything you ha v e to Pastor Russell Halaas. KENILWORTH H. D. C. MEETING The Kenilworth Home Dem- onstration club held its Febru- ary meeting at the Alvin Jen- kins home on Wednesday, Feb- ruary 10, at 10:30 a.m. The lesson, given by Mrs. Jen- kins and Mrs. Clifford Chand- ler, was \One Dish Meals\ and proved very interesting. The women invited their hus- bands to join them, so they played cards while t h e ladies prepared the luncheon. A f ter eating everyone agreed the try- outs were a success and enjoyed by all. There were nine mem bers present and we were honored with nineleen visitors. Maude Laulo, Helen Tester an(i Dorothy Ber glund drew presents from the birthday laox. Our next meeting will be held at the Charles Dixon home on March 10. The lesson w ill be \Lighting In The Home\. DINNER HELD Services Held For Former Resident Funeral services w er e held f o r Mrs. Margaret Homan at the Evangelical United Breth- ren church at Rudyard on Fri- day, February 12, at 2 p.m. Burial was made at the side of her husband in the Hingham cemetery. Airs. Homan passed away a week ago Sunday at Pu.yallup, Washington, where she had made her home with her sons. Mrs. Margaret Homan w a s born at Limn's, Missouri. She came to the Kenilworth com- munity with h er h u sb a n d, James T. Homan, in 1913. They lived here about thirty years. Mr. Homan carried mail to south Rudyard for twenty- one years. He passed away on March 23, 1941. Those left to mourn her pass- ing include two sons, Ted and Harley of Puyallup, both gradu- i-.tes of Big Sandy high school; one daughter, Mrs. Irene Brid- ges of Seattle, Washington; a brother and a sister; eight I grandchildren and t e n great ' grandchildren. ATTENDED MEETING ON SUNDAY Mrs. Gail Morris entertained at a delicious h a m dinner on Sunday afternoon in honor of her son, Richard, who left that evening to be inducted into the air force. Dinner guest s were Miss • Elaine Schmidt of Box Elder, Mis. Don Morris of Havre, Miss Margie Beck of Hogeland, Mr. Pnd Mrs. Ken Morris, Mrs. Anna Knutson and Clifford and Jim Ragan. The afternoon a n d evening was spent in visiting and play- ing cards. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ojala were callers later th a t evening. A lunch of cake, ice cream a n d caffee was enjoyed by all. Pastor Halaas a n d Mr. and Mrs. Lou Lawrence and Jeanne joined the group at bus time to help see Tetz cff. BIG SANDY H. D. C. MET THURSDAY The Big Sandy home demon- stration club met Thursday af- ternoon, February 11, at 1 p.m. at the home ec. room in the high school. The project lesson, \Meal -,In - One -Dishes\ was presented by Millie Turner and E rm a Rei- chelt. Everyone present helped pre- pare the meal, which consisted of a corn and cheese casserole, fruit salad, rolls and coffee. The home ec. girls and Mrs. Bierwagen enjoyed the demon- stration and meal with the club members. The next meeting will be held at 2 p.m. on March 11 at the Glen Cowan home with Mabel Hagan and Adell Miner as hos- tesses. Louise Bush and Edith Htird will present the lesson on \Lighting In The Home\. Dale Skaalure, a member of the Board of Directors for the roposed Emanuel Lut h eran Home to be located at Kalispel, ,Montana, met with officers of the home in Havre Tuesday fore-. noon. Estimated cost of the com- pleted sixty b e d home is one hundred and eighty-five thou- sand dollars. Plans and develop- ment are underway with approx- imately seventy thousand dol- lars (1 funds programed at the cre5ent time. The home is being built in part with voluntary gifts of the people from Lutheran Churches. Martin Hesla of Sunburst and Dale Skaalure are representa- tive.s of the Great Falls and Havre Circuits. — * A ERUCELLOSIS CONTROL MEETING TO BE HELD AT WAP RICK FEBRUARY 27 Brucellosis control meetings were conducted during the past week in this area at Big Sandy and Black Cou le e. Sixty-six townships are now petitioning to be included in a control program and seven townships have com- pleted their petitions. Fifty-six committee men are circulating petitions. A meeting has been scheduled for Warrick on February 27 at 2 p.m. Ore of t h e greatest advan- tages of producing cattle in a certified brucellosis free area I ies in marketing. Beginning March 1 f ed e ral regulations make it mandatory to h a v e health certificates for all cattle shipped across state lines, show- ing that they were negative to brucellosis tests run within the previous thirty days. After July state regulations will make it mandatory that all breeding cat- tle sold through public yards be tested for brucellosis. Further- more. it will be mandatory to have a health certificate show- ing freedom from brucellosis for all cattle moved from a non -cer- tified county to a certified coun- ty. Cascade, Lewis a n d Clark, Lincoln, Carbon, Sheridan and Daniels will soon be certified. All cf the counties to the north and west of Chouteau county are now considering the pro - FIRE RUN gram. If Chouteau county is to The Big Sandy volunteer fire maintain a favorable position department made a run out to in the cattle exporting business, the Scott farm east of town on it must be included in a control Wednesday a ft er n oon to ex - area. tinguish a grass fire. P. T. A. MET ON FEBRUARY 10 The February 10th meeting of the P. T. A. was fairly well axtteeenpdtei:L:ttlnlyd good. the programwas Alfred Ophus gave a talk on the proposed addition to the school. He explained and clar- ified some of tht. confushing ideas on the plan as a whole. Supt. Bickered told of visiting several towns where similar building is anticipated or in pro- gress, to find out how things were handled in those cases, so that Big Sandy can profit by their experiences. Mrs. Prater gave a short talk .on the history of P. T. A. in the States and how it has expanded from an organization of a few members to a naLion- wide project. Mr. Wooley, band instructor, presented the girls' and boys' choral group in some very en- tertaining numbers. He is to be highly complimented on t h e work he has done. The numbers presented by the instrumental sextette, Lowelle Svennungsen, Carmen Nysteun, Douglas Ric hard Swartz and Billy Tuffley, was very good and showed the interest the young people in this community are taking in music. Mrs. Margaret Ray announc- ed the principal speaAers of the evening, Gordon Tyler, w h o spoke on the Odd Fellow achol- orship fund which is available to any student genuinely inter- ested in a college education, and Rev. Bittleston, who presented an article taken from the P. 'I'. A. magazine entitled, \H o w Strong Is Their Conscience\. It was an analysis on the complex- ities of conscience and hozr. it can be channeled toward good or bad by example and teaching. Both speakers kept the aud- ience attentive by their excel- lent presentation of the sub- jects, showing that we have local talent available for our programs if we can but ferret them out. At our March 10th meeting Dr. Hopkins, of the Northern Montana College Psych ology Department will give a talk and show a film on \Skippy and the Three Rs\. This pertains to kindergarten, so every parent interested should make an ef- fort to be present. It will be in- formative for parents of child- ren of all grades, not just kin- dergarten. Everyone is welcome and urged to attend. Also, concerning the proposed kindergartt n class, all children who will attend school as first graders next term are eligible and must be registered by Mar- ch 1st Contact Mrs. Mina Pet- erson. Mrs. Margaret Rickerd, Mrs. Jane Burley or Mrs. Louise Bush for information on this aubject. Since the future of our young people depends on the training and advantages we, the parents, provide, support the P. T. A. which is maintained for that purpose. VALENTINE PARTY WAS HELD AT THE EAGLETON SCHOOL ON SATURDAY A Valentine party was held at the Eagleton school on Satur- day. We were pleased t hat so many of our parents were able to come to the party. After playing some games Francis Gasvoda open e d th e Valentine box. We a 11 helped pass the valentines out. Following this our mothers served a delicious lunch of sand- wiches, salad, cookies and cocoa. We will have our next club meeting on March 1. 0. E. S. MET LAST TUESDAY NITE An air of fesivity prevailed at the last stated meeting of Bear Paw Chapter No. 100 0. E. S. The occasion was the birth- day of Worthy Matron Mickey Marty. Flowers brightened the chapter room. Mickey was pre- sented with a gorgeous corsage and Worthy Patron Odin Block- hus was presented with a gay carnation boutonniere. Four visitors, Alvina C o n - quergood and Selma McClintock of Oliver Chapter No. 10 of Great Falls, Mrs. Hetrick of Bozeman and Mrs. Doolittle of North Dakota, were introduced and welcomed. We missed Mrs. Teague, who is usually with us. ,Esther Siebrasse told of a visit she and John had with Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mills, who live near Helena. Mr. Mills was look- ing very well. Mrs. Mills had just recovered from a sick spell, but was feeling well again. Both were happy to see their friends from Big Sandy. Letters from the Mills were read in the chapter at the last meeting. They sent greeting to old friends and neighbors here and invitations to stop by when in their vicinity. In their letter they mentioned visit from the Atkinsons which they enjoyed and they congratulated t h e chapter on its choice for the next Worthy Matron. Plans for a party were dis- cussed. It was decided to hold a card party for the Stars and Masons and their escorts and partners following the nexti stated meeting of the 0. E. S., %hid] will be held on Tuesday night, March 9. After the close of the meet- ing delicious refreshments were served in the dining room by the hostes:•:es for the evening, Gertrude Jenkins, Alice Pratt and Mickey Marty. The tables were attractively decorated fol- lowing a St. Valentine's day theme. The chief attraction was a pair of heart shaped birthday cakes baked and snuggled in by Ona Berg, which Mickey cut and served. JOLLY JUNIORS 4-H CLUB MET A regular meeting of the Jolly Juniors 4-H club was called to order at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, February 15, at the Verlin Hurd herne. Our roll call was \Improving Our Food Habits\. We got all our bulletins and records. N e. 1 Pioneers Lose To Harlem, Win From Kremlin, Now Playing In District LUTHER LEAGUE WENT TO HAVRE The Senior Luther Leaguers of Christ Lutheran church roll- ed to Havre in a five -car cara- van Tuesday evening. They presented a program on \What it Means To Believe\ for the First Lutheran Senior Leaguers. The program consist- ed of per s o ha 1 testimonies, speeches, illustrations, s o 1 o s, tr;ple trios a n d instrumental trios, all centering at the sup- posed home of advisor Bob May. To introduce the p 1 a y Max Jolicouer was found hunting for the meeting. Max also closed the . hour program still looking for th( meeting. Bernie Ellingson was Master- of-( eremonies. J'Neece Arrison had the Call to Worship a n d speeches were given by Char- lotte Svennungsen, Carmen Ny- steun, Patty Allderdice, Linda Hurd and Richard Brinkman. Solos were sung by Dave Berg and advisors Phyllis Boettcher vaid Boy Ma y. Instrumental nu m bers were presented by Lowell Svennungsen a n d Car- men Nysteun. The thirty leaguers partici- pated in planned recreation and were served a delicious hot-dog snack. BIRTHDAY WAS. CELEBRATED Last week Nv a s celebrating week for Mickey Marty. A week ago Sunday the Walt Boettchers invited t h e Lloyd Mai .ty and Ernest Pe ter son families over for a delicious birthday dinner in honor of Mickey. All enjoyed the d a y very much. Mickey rec eiv ed some lovely gifts from h e r frienos. Tuesday evening the Lloyd Marty family were supper guests at the Oscar Marty home. Vic Mackenstadt of Fort Benton was also there. Later that evening, which. was Eastern Star night, Mickey. Vk ho is Worthy Matron of the Big Sandy Lodge, was honored at their regular meeting. To start the occasion o f f Mickey was presented with a beautiul corsage. Following the meeting Mrs. Bill Elkins gave a speech and presented her with severa' 1 ov el y gifts, a f te r We studied about milk in our which a delicious lunch, which diet and we had two demonstra- included two birthday cakes tions. baked for Mickey by Mrs. Einar The Clothing club members Berg. talked about patterns and mat- Mickey reports that, all in erials and decided to hold a spe- all, she had a wonderful birth- cial work meeting Saturday af- ternoon, February 27. A special meeting will be held Tuesday, February 16, at 4 p.m. for the members taking \Home Beautification\. day and wants to thank every- one for helping her celebrate. A TRAINING SCHOOL IN CLUB JUDGING HELD FOR 4-H CLUB LEADERS After the meeting w a s 4-11 club leaders met Febru- journed we had a Valentine Ian - 11 at Fort Benton f or a party. A v er y delicious lunch training school in club judging. was served by the refreshment committee. Those present from this part of tlie county were Mr. and Mrs. 'rule next regular meeting will M. L. Petersen, Mrs. V erlin he held March 1 at the Harley Hurd home. 'turd. Mrs. Richard Bush and Mrs. Marshall Kulbeck. Miss Geraldine Fenn, associ- HA PPY HALF ate state 4-H club leader, con - DOZEN 4-H'ERS ducted the school. The Happy Half Doezn 4-H club met at the Albert Bitz home on Sunday, February 14. President Lonnie Smith called the meeting to order. The roll was called by naming the things you like about Lincoln and Washington. Judy Marty g a ve a demon- st e r e at i i e. on on h w to thread a Tid Following the meeting a skat- ing party w a s enjoyed after which a delicious lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be held at the Rob Roy Smith home. The Harlem Wildcats rolled I ever the Big Sandy Pioneers on Friday. February 12, 51.-44. The Wildcats took a 16-8 ad- vantage at the end of the first period and had the Pioneers on the short end of a 37-16 half- time score. Big Sandy began the long climb uphill and started to move up on the Wildcats. The third period sc or e was 45-29, but v 1 / 4 hen the final buzzer sounded the Pioneers were within seven points of the Wildcats. Harlem's Warwick topped all scorers with 18 points. Pete Madison netted 16 for the visit- ing Pioneers. The Pioneers narrowly slipped by the Kremlin Foxes DI1 Satur- day, February 13, 59-55. Atter leading 45-25 at t h e half the Pioneers shooting slow- ed considerably and K remli n had brought the score to 51-8 fat the end of the third period. Melby led all scorers with 30 points for the Foxes and Pete Madison netted 20 for the Pion- eers. \ibis was the final game for the teams before entering into tournament play at the Havre Central gym February 18-19-20. The Big Sandy Pioneers lost their first game of the tourna- ment this afternoon (Thursday) to Box Elder 36 to :34. In a game that changed hands time after time Box Eld4r made t h E winning basket with six- teen seconds to go. DONATIONS The following voluntary dona- tions have been received the past week for t h e ambulance and the fire .department: :qrs. Inga Martin $10 Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Works 10 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Moes 5 John Sternberg 15 Mrs. Bertha Smith 5 Mr and Mrs. F. J. Gasvoda .. 10 Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bain .... 10 Mr. and Mrs. L. Reichelt Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Drew 10 Mr. and Mrs. A. Butler 10 Mike Lorenzen 10 Mr. and. Mrs. M. Petersen .... 25 it was pointed out th at we judge every day and that by en- couraging judging in club work members will learn to estimate the value of a certain quality and weigh it against another. A set of standards was established by the group for ea:h judging class to show that it is possible t , .) judge something at each club meeting. The purpose of a class must be established before it is pos- aible to judge well. Judging is a teaching tool de- signed to help an individual in his everyday selection problems. It is not the goal of judging to train an individual to win con- tests. All 4-H club projects lend themselves to judging, whether an animal, arrangement, ra- tion, diet, structure or talent. Miss Liane Kock, a German exchange teacher, discussed the German s y st e m of education during ir termim Council Discusses Water And Sewer Problems A special emergency meeting of the Big Sandy Town Council was held Monday night to dis- cuss the water and sewer situa- tion. The meeting w a s called to order at 7:40 p.m. by Mayor Matthews. There was a moton by De - Winter, seconded by Hurd, that they wai v er the forty-eight hour notice period. There was a motion by Court- nage, seconded by Hurd, that the Ccuncil take the necessary legal proceedure to start action toward building a nsw sewage system. There was a motion by Court- nage, seconded by Beaudette, that a screen be purchased, the well that was just drillled be tested and, if the well is of big enough capacity, they go ahead and develop it. There was a motion by Hurd, spr oneed by DeWinter, that the council authorize the mayor to contact Wm. Cowan in regard to the use of a pump to test the new well.

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 18 Feb. 1954, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.