The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, April 14, 1955, Image 3

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IB6 eumweremm• .41/61mmensoisdammooripamiNUNINNIONERIna TIIF OT7 1 . 4- 7', THURSDAY. APT:iL 1 ifr':; auir.v 4.•04114MMINIIk 151 . 1, \ ahaddifts... samminfrs. .4=1/115 • EAGLETON Mrs. David Ensiey Everyone is home again after or snow storm last week. All the resourvors are. getting full Tow. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gasvoda were in Havre Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kass - 'rider and Jimmy and Rosie vis- iteel at Duane Hannums Wed- nesday. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gasvoda I - loci Easter dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bush's in town. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brewer were in town Friday. Herman kassmier visited at David Ensley's Monday. Mr. and Mrs.. David Ensiey and family writ to Helena Fri. PM. for Easter returning on Sunday. Finding everybody fine in Helena. Mr. and Mrs. Buster Brown were in Havre Monday. Mrs. David Ensley took care of th;:- three children for them. Laurence Byrd got gravel at DP vid Ensleys Monday morn. Mrs. Sheehy came out with lures. Mrs Ilct]er and the child - Browns Monday to start teach- ing at. F.kay. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hannum and family visited Sunday at Herman kassmiers. To Late For Last Week Mr. Matt Gasvoda and visited at Lester Sluggetts on Sinday. Spring must be here - Gene Willis, who has been in Wash- n all ‘.\ inter, came back naiday. Mrs. Willis will Come in about jo days. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kass- mier were in Fort Benton Wed. Richard Bu - 11 visited at Matt Gasvodas Friday evening. Frances Gasvoda is walking around now on crutches with a or leg. • A large number from out here were in to the sale on Fri. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Green are back honi , _ , from their trip. Mrs. Erling Peterson bi light tl.i. dozer and cat and opened otir roads from Bcelers to the school. Bill Darlington opened the roads with his cat and dozer to Darlingtons and also Matt Gasvoda's lane. Jerry Jenkins rode out from town horseback. He got to Matt Gasvodas about 4 o'clock and on home by 7. * — * PRAIRIE CITY BREEZES — - • her Dad, Fritz Brown, home Friday. He had been visiting them for scme time. Summer schrol started o n Monday, April 7, at Eskay, with Mrs. She,hy teaching. The snow 11( 1 : 0 ;1y clelaved them. Mr. and Mrs. David Ei - vley and family were Sunday dinner .raests at Herman Kassmiers. 1 he occasion was to help Mary Kassmier celebrate her 10th birthday. M Mr. and Mrs. Louis Beeler and family started out for church Surda :i v nvl got as far as Skaa- rEJ ren stayed till Wed. and Louie Linda. and Clarence NA-- n werel 5rot home Tuesday p.m. Mr. in Havre Wenesda , ,-. Tat evc- Mrs. Tony Horcicka were on Ling Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Neil their way to town Sunday and and Arnold visiLid Hansens got stalled at Harley Darling- t , ) help All'ert celebrate hi. - tons. Tony 'walked nearly home birthday. f r o m there on Monday. Mrs. Horcicka got part way home Mr. and Mr=. S-hr()u- di:r and Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. with the Bill Darlingtons on Pete Siemens and bov,-. called at A m - Tuesday, and Louis took her on on \\Ik ons w e d ne; :d ay ev .• from his place. David Ensley helped Fred and Mrs. Frank O'Ne... 1 B cele rs with feeding while were Tuesday evening visito7 - Louis was gone and also tool( at Boehms. Clarence N-lson, Alb-rt Han- si-n and Donald were in Iludyard Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schrou- der shopped in Havre T;Iursda;. Eugene Schrouder helpe..1 Pete Siemens butcher Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Boehri :and girls attended the three hours devotion at Hingham on Friday. Jim Fisher brought Jean . A - vices. brc:11: n d pot- 1 P'swk%vs . s‘vc4'•••• ••••••\ lucl: dinner Easter Sunday. Des- !, .1z( thc , turnel J. J. WIER. M. D. eut and had a big feed and a tlic afternoon. r. a HerbErt Boehm and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dave ,rd M:s. Willis Kul- ,. Ltrienn, Du-rnd and Mrs. Elsie Quinlan were dinner gists at the Ne'l beck horar Easter. The Prairie City Sunda y 1 1 School had it's usual sunrise 1 out to our school until Wednes- , ki000,p%Io,,%c.,%vooio\ .. (iay morning. N%:yo EXPERT ( 7 Mr. and Mrs. Herb &an el Z and family went to Havre or 3TEEL CULVERT ? 1 , Tuesday. The roads were good Mrs. H(il) Boehm Because o the bad storm storm Mrs. Haaland didn't get r k hut lavre was really buried Portab:c Equipment tinder the snow. 'NA Mr. and Mrs. Rays 9 W visited at Aaron t aing Shop, day evening. — day ; here with Horels and Wil- Frank O'Neil Wilsons Mon - Howard Tracht spent a f, , v, ArAgrAdVAVAPFAIVAIVAIVAIVAPFAIAIFAI: , or. , . Ile attended an gatioii s , y ......• • meeting in Havre. ! * . Clarence Nelson returned on * Wednesday from Minnesota to ,,,* care of his farming inter- Telephone 173,1 15 ests here. or write Box 190 ik Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hansen, Havre, Montana . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hansen al ' M • 1411116111416•14,60610061104P6V*4040404)...::...tifil0.61141110116111.1 . 1 :1 111°. 1 Star -Hi Quality Feeds Anaconda Fertilizes Treble Super Phosphate Nitrogen Dupont Weed Spray Chemicals The McCabe Co. Ray Aman, Mgr. Phone 30 Schrouder home Friday a n d spent the week end. and Headgates ALL SIZES IN STOCK Pr 4 irr4grAdrAdIAIAMIAMIA4P r ArddI r AVAWAP etili•••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 zI • eo A.0 * * 80 E A s e 1 2 MAN COLOR T ECHNICOLOR - trar Fro lif.)1RINEER6. ,'\ • KRNIJAPN • Nal II SAM 11191151 Plus Cartoon and News Wednesday and Thursday, April 20-21 „ Jaw.•- GENE KELLY .- 44ANIMIII \' PA* • DEATH FLIRTED. . s . and He Winked Cock! — u - -•• Y ' Plus Cartoon and Paramount News Coming Faturday and Sunday,. • s • 1 1 - 21 James Stewart in'\REAR WINDOW!Tichnkoior • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Our roofing car arrived last week. See us for your • • • roofing supplies. 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The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 14 April 1955, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.