The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, April 14, 1955, Image 4

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RIG SANDY, 'MONTANA .viipml*\ *18I BNIN .W MI glr •••••••••.• gr-4,11•Ialft T.TT .0...11011. man* • *I THE 1YOUNTAINEER IN••••••••MMOrm- - .40•••• .amsrier • THURSDAY. APRIL 14, 1955 .. ‘ 11 •AINIVe••••••••••••=1\ WARR1CK-DOG CREEL( Mrs M. 1). )taxwell . ----• Tv watchers at Ira Ik- - :der- son's on Thurs(lay evening wer. , Mr. and Mrs. Walter Olsen and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory }lender:son and f: - Ini'lx• lnd Mrs. Gilbert Hender,:on Pild Penny. Mr. and Mrs. F!-Irl Weaver and Alan called at Paul Nordens on Thursday. Mrs. ,Ircie Sclimi.1 went to town Friday with the mailman .and stayed over the weekend. Others seen in town OP Fri- day were Jim Band and Gilbert Henderson. Joyce and Darlene Norden spent Friday evening at Pete No Richard and Max Schmid visited at Ira Hem'irsons Fri. elAning and watched TV. Paul Nordm and Art Weaver helped Earl Weaver set his an- tenna up en Saturday after the wind blew it dol,vn during the blizzard. Nels and Arnold Hokansen were in town Saturday. Karen collins came back out with them to spend the weekend. There was church at the V.,z;rrdck School House Easter were, Mr. and Mrs. Nels HoIL- Son and ArnAl, Mr. and Pete Nerden, ?Jr. and A:rs. Norden :mil girl-. Mr. and i'.1r 'i1-1- ')fl. ard Eilif Olson and Mrs. Sn Yr. and Mrs. Ira Herrier-H attendeA chrtrch Llf, Sandy Sunday and wer , crtiests at Jelin Siebra.- , - ses. Easter. Mr. and Mrs. Walteir Olso - arid bo:-s. Mr. and Mrs. Elk' Olsen. Mr. and Mrs. Gilber' Ifen;lerson and Penny and Char- lotte R , Itman were also in t( , church E: ,, •ter morning. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herderser. Jack Siebrasse and Clint Martin were Easter Surd9y guests at Gregory Henderson's. CFnt Martin and Sharon Hen- derson took in the show Sunlay eNening in Big Sandy. I - ' a I) 1 Norden's entertain. . , 1 the folk wing en Easter Sunday. Mi. and Mrs. Pete Norden, Mr. Liu: Mrs. Earl Weaver and Alan Mr. and Mrs. Art Weaver and St:triley. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Collins spent Easter Sunday at Hokansons. Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Durrias. Lvr.n and Allen spent Easter Sunday in Havre. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fai)e- and family were Easter Dinner guests at Art Butlers. d• From where I sit ... /f Joe Marsh Learn How to Pull Together Saw a kid go by the Clarion office on a brand-new coaster wagon yesterday—and it reminded me of when my brother and I were about forty years younger. Our folks weren't poor, but there wasn't enough to buy two wagons for Christmas. We got one between us. Dad made a rule that we each could have it for a week — but the boy with the wagon was responsible for keep- ing the kitchen wood -box filled. Seemed a bargain to Bud and me—at first. But soon we discov- ered it was no more fun playing alone than working alone. IL wasn't loncr before we were shar- ing the wagon in return for sharing the chores. From where I sit, you can't en- joy a privilege yourself if ,ou're going to deny it to others. There are some folks who want the to enjoy thrir favorite beveragy— hut would deny me my right to occasional glass of beer. I doubt if such people get their fu:1 \share\ o happiness, though. y ( , - • • • I • 111111,1111111 1 .11111101R1111.1111111;11.1 1 1!!!!Filq.11 1 1111111111111 1 .11i 1 11 11 111 1 1111 .1111 11 !111!11111111 1 .191111; 1 C1711'1 1 : , Get Ready for Summer Driving o' O Oil Change 0 Grease Job • Distributor Check Up Star -Way Texaco [hone 128 milimir,..;11 . iiiimmitnoitlimmItinswqpilipm91,11001119Pii;i1111,11111111111110.11IPIWIIII!;1'' -- '' 1 W - it AL - G . - Grain D. a id ayne vsited at Floyd en Sunday and were Eai- ter Sunday dinner guests at Abe ayn2 Maxwell called Mon- day at Fred Ilender - on's. To Late For Last Week Pete Nerclen returned ri Fi tl.e hospital last Monday is feeling much better now. Mr. and Mrs. Art Weav,r and t.ere in Chinook last Mr. and Mr-. FAH Olson were business callers in Great !is last Tuesday. Art Weaver hauled his calves.; frc.rn Chinook on Tuesday and WcOnesility of last week. Air. and Mrs. Earl Weaver and Ala o called at Art Weaver's TtK.sday morning and went to town in the afternoon to get their chickens. M. D. and Wayne Maxwell hauled hay from Ted Faber - last Tuuday. ! Richa d Schmid was also a ' colier at Ted Favbers on Tues- day. Mr. prid Mrs. Paul Norden and girl; visited at Pete Nord - ens Tuesday evening. M. D. Maxwell made a trip to town last Wednesday morning. \Frosty\ Latin visited in the vicinity one day last week. M. D. Maxwell called on Rich- ard Bush on Thursday. :lir. and Mrs. Alvin SwarFon Mrs. Swansen's 'arents were dinner guests at Paul Nor- d,ris on Wednesday. Floyd Cline and Alvin Swan - 'on called at Ted Fabers on Thursday for poles. Here is where some folks pc nt Friday: Mr. and Mrs. Ci,bert Henderson and Penny in Chincok, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ncilsen in Havre and Big San- dy, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Weaver an Alan in Big Sandy, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Maxwell in Fort Benton and Big Sandy, Lawi ene ( Faber and family in Big ' Sandy, Claire Ilawk:nts and , Wayne Maxwell called at Dum- •, es. Si-ve O'Malley, Mrs. Jack ‘ 4, ••••••‘••••••••••••••14•• , A. Feeds on hand . • . .. U . .. :: Morton's Block and [31‹ Salt FARMEr UNION ELEPTOR CO. LEWIS A. NELSON, MGR. am mri: -1 Rt Box 83 CHOUTEAU cot - NTY ABSTRACT COMPANY Fort Benton Phone 19-W • Abstracts of Title / And Title Insurance :.n - all farm lands and town lots i: Ch ,- )utt.a.0 County, 1‘13ntana •N•••••••••••%•'•••••••••• -2EF-4 1 \•••• \pi t a: d Big Sandy, Mrs. M. Thomas out to Warr ck School. Millar I and Lynn Dumas helpcd Ted Faber do some ear- n:liter ork on Wednesday and Thursday. Mr .and Mrs. Jack Biebingpr visited a Pete Nordens Wed- ne- - ?ay aftcrnoon and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Savage visited at Pete's in the evening. Mr. ard Mrs. Forrest Johnson of Hobs( n are employed at Jack Biebinger's. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Norden were supper gusts at Walter Oisens e Thursday. There no school at War, 1111311111111911111111111j11!!!!!!!!!!!'llIr!!\:1MPIIIIIIIIIIIIITN.' • , fit !! , 11dinooso! . ! , . 1 11!!!! . • 4 X • n . - - 1 `,r Sandy, Mont. Big Sandy, 3lont. 4 4 .14-Yottl: 3ertt46,tiA4ii* , -.1161.16 :y r * igoartut Announcepeliii r. (,. 7:,:olichty as the Lac1-, did not get out due to the bliz- 7 rd. legalitlitt'ac . :cfriviksCicii0411441101144110 - • FOR A GOOD JOB AT A REASONABLE PRICE Excavating Ditching Basement Digging Gravel Loading Trucking INSUEANCE Insure now mule you can See vs today before it is too late We write Dependable Insurance of all kinds Life, Casualty, Fire, 11‘iil and Marine Complete, Courteous Service for all your Insurance needs Wriie or phone F 073 DFr-\W Verlin W. 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The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 14 April 1955, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.