The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, April 21, 1955, Image 1

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siontana Historical Society slawapaper Division THE IVIOUNr A NEER VOLUME XXXXIV 1 'I\a*\ ' 44111MINft\maa.vmsa Held Friday For Damaged Home At Joseph Knotek Myron Ophus Ranch Funeral services for Joseph The house on the M y r o n Knotek, 77, were held Friday Ophus ranch was badly damaged nierninea April 15, at St. Mar- I)\ fire late Monday afternoon. garet Marys Church with Father The fire, discovered by Myron. Italtussen officiating at Mass. evidently started from lighten- ed off and there was no fire in .!rs. Bob Green was the organ- ire., as the power had been turn- Lig Sandy has always been i ist- poof their athletic achieve - Joseph Knotek was born on the furnace. merits. The high school teams elitrch 21, 1877 in Czeckoslova- Neighbors formed a bucket have always been among the day morning, April 13, 1955 at keep the flames from spreading best a n d our baseball teams - alit 4a3 kia and passed away on Wednes- ) brigade and worked hard to have either been on top or near a Havre hosp could the until the fire department cou the top. Last year Big Sandy lis was taken to the hospitsd get there from town. ant! Harlem were co -champions a ccuple of weeks ago after suf The entire attic was a mass of the Four County League. ft ring a severe stroke from of flame and the fire had broken Ball teams like this, of course, , which he never recovered, through the roof w h e n the have to have the material and l‘tr. Knesek was married in truck arrived, willingness to win, buit they also 1910 at Chicago and came to The 700 gallons of waiter on must have a decent place to play. Montana in 1911 and homestead- the truck was used and the de- Last year it seemed to rain ed in the Hopp section, where he partment pumped water from a either every Friday or Saturday, liN ed until a few years ago when mud hole for over an hour be- n n ii ia l ki t n h g ,, it , itipecreshsnala and coverpump he retired and moved to Big f ate the fire was brought under — --- --- ----- ---.- control. the wet spots with sand. This It's hard to realize that just a ture was taken at the I an Mar- Sa l i' L lY is survived by his wife, The upstairs was gutted, part was something that could not be • I couple of short weeks ago this tin home. The sculptured pie- E: reabeth, v wo daughters, Mrs. of the roof burned off and one helped, but due to the help of the community was digging out of tures in the windcwa are the 0. P. Carlson of Great Falls and room downstairs burned out. 'Inconsiderate People' who seem one of the worst spring snow natural results of wind a n d Mrs. E. R. Holcumb of Alden, On the way back to town the to think the middle of the (ha - storms in years. The above pie- sr , w. Photo by Irene Nelson. Kansas and four grandchildren, truck slid off the slick road and mend is an excellent p 1 a c e to * the fire department wishes to drive, it was necessary to put — - them out with his cat. in extra time and e f f o r t to FHA Girls Enjoy FFA .Boys Attend Mrs. Marie Cece:e t hank Mike LaBuda for pulling smocrsh out the ruts that had Passed Away Mon. * been cut across the infield by Two Day Tour State Convention PRICE SUPPOPT LOANS cars and trucks. At Chicago Maybe it seems silly to gripe 7n Great Falls At Bozeman Ttm Ct erle received word on MATURE APRIL 30TH about a few ruts on the field but .:‘,ineteen F. H. A. girls, their The Big Sandy Charter of Morday that his mother, Mrs. Farmers who have price sup- they not only make for poor instructor and five chaperons. F.F.A. sent representatives to ; Marie Cecrle, passed away early port loans or purchase agree- plying conditions but they also left the school about 7 A. M. th( Silver Anniversary State that morning in Chicago. The molts on 1954 crop barley, oats, are a big safety hazzard. All it Friday for a two day tour of Convention at Bozeman. 'Gyre Cecrles left for Chicago where flax, rye • - or dry beans were re- takes is a hard hit ball to take minded this week by Chairman a bad hop on one of these ruts Great Falls. V. elty, Mcl Hoge and Jim Allder- the funeral will be held. Melvin E. Good of the County and a player can come up with The Sapphire Flour Mills was dice went as itidge-4. Bruce Pet- * a bloody nose, black eye, lose a the first stop. After going thru erson and Jerry Jenkin- went as PARTY HELD FRIDAY IN ApTicultural Stabilization and relisentation committee t h a t few teeth or even have a con - this some of us decided it was delegates. Bernie Elliiie son wee( HONOR OF RONALD cussion of the brain from get - time for breakfast (those that as ik State Farmer delegate and loans will mature on April 30, CHRISTOFFERSON ting hit in the head with the ball ate before we left got one over received his State Farmers de- and that purchase agreements a The players on the team are on the others). Then off to the. gree. Jim Allderdice won a br- On Friday night a number of taus' be settled at that timt Anaconda Copper Smelter plant, ceze award in livestoek, meats friends and relatives. arrived at Hoy, ever. since April 30 falls on the ones what have to put in the which was a very intesting tour. ar0 wool judging. Alvin l'onner the C. A. Christofferson horn. . $aturday. producers will be per- time and work to smooth down The girls talked the guide into represented the Chapter in the with well filled b a skets of food witted to redeem loans through these ruts. They do not get paid taking them up to the smoke st- state band and Ben Lund, Milan for a pot luck supper in honor of Monday, May 2. for any efforts they put out and ack, but after getting real close Pavlovick and Arlen 0,iala re- Ronald, who is home from Camn The (late usually wind up paying 'their is particularly im- none of us was brave enough owr, presented the Chapter in the Corson, Colorado on a ten day portant in cases where the grain expenses for trips to othee to even ask to climb it. We had towns. state chorus. Several of the Big furlough. The evening was spent is stored in a warehouse, Good time left before lunch to go Sandy boys sang on the talent , visiting. listening to music, sing- pointed otia. Warehouse loans It seems quite unfair to put all this work on the ball team. , ieg and watching TV. rot. redeemed on or before Apr:1 thru the Coca - Cola Bottleing night show. With driving down the street It was a very nice convention ; Later cake and coffee were 30 will be taken over by Coin- . Co. where we each had a bottle or pop and received little gold and Jay Wright, National VicP• i served, af er which they all d 'mo instead of across the ball dia- e- dity Credit Corporation on colored coke bottle key chains. President of the American F.F. , parted wishing Ronald the best May 2 and purchase agreement mond all this could be avoided. of luck as he left Thursday grain stored in a commercial The Big Sandy Bobcat Bet the owner really loved it A. Association was a guest. cause we were girls, as we asked We wish to thank the busie- morning for t h e same camp . warehouse must be sold to Corn- Ba•:4kball Club for two of them so we could essmen who donated funds as where he will take 8 more weeks , mcdity Credit Corporation on * l wear them for ear rings, your donation made the trip 0 1 1 . special training. LET'S DRIVE -- THIS TIME 'OR ; May 3. We then took off for the John-- possible. Tlu se :Molding were Mr. and The County AS(' g office i CANCER . Just suppose we're having a *— ,Irs. Harold Braun and family, , sending letters to all holders oi son Hotel, got our rooms and race. For each one dollar you Alt. and Mrs. Clyde Webster and loans and purchase agreements unpacked our baggage. Most of Children Enrolled donate our hot rod will go an- Ceughter, M r. a n d Mrs. E d ad , . ising them as to their options Us ate at the Cafeteria. At two other mile r , r. Will we have a o'clock we started off for Eddys In Kind:27-p;arten r l o r d . or Just . a horse and buggy? bruin, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Pear- , in regard to delivery. It is lin- , son and sons, Miss Fay Stevens. ', portant that producers decide Bakery, and oh if we only hadn't i On larch 21st, the following Mr. and Mrs. Pete Christoffer- i whether they wish to deliver N, e r , e asking, can you help us of eaten so much we'd of really children were enrolled in kinder- sen, and son, Mr. and Mrs, Sam ! the collateral to CCC at the loan rii ' w • enjoyed those doughnuts and garten : iAt ( ooke and boys, Mrs. V i o 1 a ! maturity date or whether they Lone Tree on Sunday, May mile they were so very generous I 1, about noon, The Lone Tree Dana Dixon, Glen Braun. Faye Lohse, Ethan Edwards, the hon.- I wish to redeem it before maturi- with..• • • Women's Club is invited every- Conquergood, Danny B o d e ; , ored guest and his folks and te. Our next stop was the packing Roger Laulo, Steve Peterson, brothers. In the case of farm storel . one to a pot luck get together. pient, which a guide took us thru Bring your pot luck, card tables, Laurie Fraser. Lindsay Tuck, * grain, delivery of the collateral . • and most of us even went to the , chairs, cards etc. Also just a I-urtis Hansen. 11:N:- i 1.1. :s1141V, HEIN.: slaughter h o u s e department, APRIL 39TH in satisfaction of the loan will • ' • little smile and don't forget the Jimmie Sohm, Susan Hand- . be accepted by CCC as soon af- , - 'seeing we were so brave or in- ford, Jerry Beaudette, Eleanor A Minstrel Show, staged by ter May 2 as storage space be- ii gas please. Let's Drive.. Re- quisitive they even killed a cow Ray, Mickey Moes, Jerry Wier, the Masenic Club of Kreat Falk comes available. Loans on faern . ceints will be given. and skinned it., rather gruesome and Dewey Robertson. will be presented here Saturday. stored grain may be redeems' Lone Tree \\Tome - Cs Club but fascinating to watch. We * then went thru the Mausoleom We had a large number of April 30, at 8 p.m. at the Corn- at any time up until delivery has GENE REICHELT TO RUN visitors, at our first visitors da:a niunity Hall. beer completed. and some of the group w e n t ' thru the Morgue and Mortuary. Danny Bodey brought candy The show, with 25 people in * LALLOS HARDWARE That was enough for one day. Easter eggs for everyone last. the cast, is being sponsored by PETE SONKSE x LELEBRAT- A deal was completed the past We were free to go to the show Friday, and we also had choco- the Past Matron's Club. ED HIS a• - .Tii rilaHDAY week whereby Gene Reichelt became the owner of Laulo's Or what ever we chose to do fcr late Easter eggs. - * V. F. W. AUXILIARY Friends, and relatives from far Hardware Store. SPONSORING LOCAL and near gathered at the Pete The business had been oper- the evening. Lindsay Tuek has moved to Saturday morning we went Chinook. Sonksen home on Easter Sunday ateti by Ed Laulo for the past film the Cathedral and the St. This past week we learned an- CANCER DRIVE April 10th, to help Pete cele- year. Gene is a native of thk ae. te his 85th birthday. Every - • Joseph Orphange. Then some of other folk dance, and started The V. F'. W. is sponsoring •\ • community and no stranger to the girls went out to Gore Hill, making a book of pretty pictures the Cancer Drive this year with year Pete holds open house for here, having at :me ill his friends to help him cele- ti business the East Air Base and just sight to send to the Crippled Childen's Mrs. Louis Reichelt the chair- ' me operated Carssow's. seeing till time to eat lunch. Home. man. Members of the Auxiliary brate his day. Pete says that +this is the first time his birth- The business name will l'e Ili the afternoon we split up in and other ladies will be making changed to Gene's Hardware. two groups and one group went Gail Hagan. Alice Pursley, Ethel calls to collect your contribu- day has. ever fallen on Easter. * through the Deaconess Hospital Kalanick, Bonnie Lidst one, Jean lions, so be ready to donate to After eating a bountiful birth- PAYMENT MADE ON while the other group went thru PoLorny, Jeanne Lawrence, Wil- this worthy cause. day lunch the guests departed FIRE TRUCK the Columbus Hospital. T h en ma Krumsick, Judy Lohse, Wan- PLANO RECITALS HELD wishing Pete many more happy The Big Sandy Fire Depart - some of us went thru the Charl- es birthdays. trent paid off 900.00, plus inter - Tribune Clixby, Coea L e e O'Neil, Mrs. Ray Giebel presented her Russell Memorial and The Relatives from out of town est, on the fire truck this month. Eeverly GKulbeck, Deana Hurd, piano pupils at a recital the 11th Tribune And the other group wen t ou t t o the T. V. Station. Janice Kaste, Charlotte Sven- of April and the 18th of April Present for the occasion were At the time they purchased This ended our two day tour, and nengsen. Vera Sanford, Arrie at the Methodist Church. Be- his daughter, Mrs. Ann Chal- the truck they financed 3600.00 we were all tired. Two cars start- Maxwell, Veve Ma/1.En' Betty cause of the large number of landes and her son, Billy Me- to be paid off in four payment. ed for home then and two cars Dyer and Jeanice Atkinson. pupils there were two recitals ' Intyre, and his girl friend, Vir- There is a balance of 2700.00 to stayed on to take in th( Ice fl MissLynn Hughes, Mrs. Wal- this year. A large crowd attend- ginin Harder, and her son-in-law be paid off and, after making vue in the evening, returnirg . home at the wee hours of t ter Kaste, Mr: and Mrs. Bill ed each evening. LaVern Nelscn and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. thie first payment, they have :ie morning. Ojala, Mrs. Gordon Tyler and sang both evenings, he was ac- Darrell Hansen and their two 600.00 accumulated teward the Those making the trip were, Mrs. Lou Lawrence. I companied by Miss Judy Bush. F.Imall children. S- setond payment. THE MOUNTAINEER, BIG SANDY, MONTANA THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1a55 vavr- -- \virt - wr vskisk Funeral Services Fire Menday Badly Annual F. F. A. Ag Bavti i - o k-ield Here Saturday Night, April 23rd To The Inconsiderate Pecple In Big Sandy he annual :kg Bawl will be held here Sat , irday night, Apral 2rd, at the Community Hall. This traditional event, spon- sored by the F.F.A., is always a crowd pleasure a n d draws a large turnout. Music will be furnished by Vets Melody Makers, and lu ch will Le served by the F. H. -`k. Admis- sion is 1.25 at the door, extra ladies 25c. You are urged to come dressed in Western or Farmer style For an evening of ft. - ,n and e7t- jo - rnent attend the Ass Bawl. Square Dance Jamboree Dr m's Good Crowd The Square Dance Janilxnees held Saturday night pro‘ed be very successful for the tia - l- eers and spectators as wel. as the swimming pool. The Erti proceeds of 179.23 vas tuna I over to the swimmine pool fan (. The program inch ed da - c by the 2nd grade ceildren u der the fine directic a of Mr.- . McKever and Mrs. Dunwebtxr. They were dressed in tipi_ 1 square dance clothe.. They al: really knew their dares and d them very well. No ( ubt rra - of the adult dancer: were a •• azed at what the chi LI-en cou.H.d do, remembering hoe - they struggled to learn s )me of t same dances. The Beaux and Pielles seized an intricate at bcaua dance called \Flashieg PearL These excellent clan -.ers fr.. -a Great Falls turned i i their I - ual fine performance and dr. ',‘,• considerable applause from t is audience. Joane Willarnson, tale at • ! girl from Box Elder, entertain !1 the crowd with 2 tap dances, i 1 - eluding the Charleste,a Humor was inlets ad in fes program by the Big sandy CI:. b as their relatives \ste tight fn. -- Tennessee\ preserste(i a squeee and round dance, m:ntry sty e. They were dressed is arprop ate costumes and brought th , ir ONNT backwoods \corny\ call \Silas\ Hagan. Out of town dance's and c 1- lers were present from Tit er Dam, Rudyard, Inverness, C - 1 . 1- ook, Havre. Cascade. Fair - 1 - Hi and Great Falls. Several gu(st callers performed • Bertie Moore of Crest - Falls. The good crowd, gaily colsr:0 and beautiful clothes and t . e lively calling, ably done by 1vc •- ny Hagan, made for a specta( •- lar scene at the hall es well a , I most enjoyable time for eve' s one. A special thanks 'roes to who cooperated in making t' Jamboree such a success for - ' (lancers, the spectators and ft - - swimming pool. Big Sandy H. D Met Ann! 14th The Big Sandy Heeie Per- stration Club met at he herre Mrs. Louis Reichelt, Thurs ' April 14, at 2 p. m. • \Making Housework Ea . was the project given in a mit entertaining manner by Mrs. 7 Moes and Mrs. Glen Cowan. Officers from the Club planning to to attend the Snrie r Council meeting in Fort Benton April 29. The Big Sandy Clnh will be in charge of decoraltiop. The next meeting will be hell at the new home ec. room May 12, at 12:30 p. m. Mrs. G-eore - e Miner and Mrs. Ann Turk will prepare and demonstrate \Broil- er Meals\. At the close of the meeting a delicious lunch was served ;.)y t h e hostesses, Mrs. Ben Sie- brasse and Mrs. Jennie Lloyd. 11

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 21 April 1955, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.