The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, June 02, 1955, Image 6

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BIG SANDY, MONTANA THE MOUTA INERR AMMEMMINnime THURSDAY. JUNE 2, 1955 I ONCE knew a fellow who li‘ed right next to a busy railroad line. Each time a train rumbled along the tracks a few feet from his doorway, the frame building shook to its very foundations. I always thought it amusing that no one could entice this fellow to spend as much as one night away from home. He always begged off because of \insomnia\ . . . the peace and quiet of other places made him restless. His sleep rou- tine called for plenty of noise and noise he had to have. Having recently bur.dled the wife and two \noisemakers\ off to Mississippi for a \homesick- ness\ cure, I now understand how disconcerting an upset routine may be. As a rule, I'm the type who \tucks in\ quite early, sometimes even before the kiddies run down or are chased off to bed. Not so, now. My first efforts to retire at the usual time met with dismal failure. I kept straining my ears to hear familiar noises—rustling sounds from the children's room: pots and pans in the kitchen: somebody asking for a drink of water to be brought bedside. There were some familiar slunds. but they annoyed rather than soothed. Each seemed magnified a thousand times. The automatic heater took off like a jet, the telc- vision, aerial, rocked by the wind, made a rumbling noise like two mountains rubbed together. Tht floors \creaked\ and the storm windows rattled. Reading in bed—a habit seldon indulged in—proved the only ticke: to relaxation and sleep. But thi- process took time and I would have rested much better if a freight train had roared by ti rock me to sleep. ••• • • • • • ••• • • :* • • INVAst EF LODGE NO. *5 A F. and A. M. Regular communications 8 P M. 1st an 3rd Tuesdays of month Sojourr.,ng brethren mrdiaalto Invited. B. H. Gullicks,on, W. M. 0. H. Blockhus, SrTretar7 •:•> •W• •W• •:•;• •:•:. :•:. 1••••••••••••••.‘%\sokAN\%•• Dr. G. E. Johnson Optometrist Eyes Examined Broken lens duplicated in 1 day Office hours: 9-12 and 1-5 Open all day Saturday, closed Mondays 11; Third Ave. Havre, Mont. ' 1626 54300‘•••••••••••••%MliWVIMIGN I _ _ * gat - AITH FrlAiRIE - Mrs. Ernest reter:-.4)11 -- Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Krooshus are the proud parents of a new ' son born Saturday morning at ( Chester hospital. Rural Life Sunday was served by the Happy Half Doz- en 4-H Club a week ago Sunday. They attended the Lutheran Church in Box Elder, then pie- niced at Box Elder Creek. Cooke Brothers branded cat- tle Sunday. Dinner guests at the Dudley Cookes that day were Ni. and Mrs. George Rada, Mr. aiid Mrs.. Clem Ulmen kind son, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cooke and boys and Bruce Peterson, Sunday dinner guests at the Eltor. Prather home in Box El- ( 1 er were Mr. and Mrs. Geowe Da.lnian and Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Cooke was. pleas - Mrs. Art Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs. antly surprised last week at a El nest Pet - rson and Joy and Mr. birthday party held in her honor and LeAlie Prather and at the Clarence Edward home rnily of Dillon. The occasion with Dorothy Runnion as hos- war. a surrri:e for Dielman's tess. Guests present were Mick - 20th Wedding Anniversary. e:.• Marty, Lillian Kulbeck, Dor- Mrs. Keith Edwards accom- othy Cooke, Millie Kulbeck, pralied her mother, Mrs. Pet- Lillian ('hristofferson, Nan Ar- 41 / 4 11 IIIVAVAVAOrAP'AVAIVAIVAVAIP'AP3 r;ck and uncle, Clarence Geyer, t!) Bozeman to attend the grad- untion exercises at Mt. Ellis Academy where Kermit Petrock was among the graduation class. Sunday dinner guests at tha Marlyn Cornett home were Mr. e.rd Mrs. Fred O'Neil and Leo. Mr. and Mrs Frank O'Neil, Coralee and Arnold, Mrs. Cola Hubbard and Lee Parker an.1 11i. and Mrs.. Dick Cornett of Thompson Falls. Mrs. Charlie Mickelucky was called to Bottince, N. D. by the (teeth of her mother. Sincere sympathy is extended to her. Mrs. Ernest Peterson was on of the mothers that accompanied the Senior Class on Sneak Day. Needless to say, she had a won- derful time. Correct Your Weed Problems witk Dupont Weed Spray .2-4-D Amine 4 lb. Acid per gal. 2-4-D Isopropill Ester 3.34 lb. Acid per gal. 90 per cent Sodium TCA Weed Killer 2-4-D - 245T Ester Brush Killer A A See us now for your quantity needs. The McCabe Co. 71,1n, Igr. Phone 30 I. . 44r 4V4II Aff rAV Ally rAter AVArA /11F01111D\2gt of/rek Hay Baler • Floating Pick -Up follows con- tour of ground gets all the hay • Auger and Sweep Fork handle hay fast save leaves • Metering Wheel mcintainseither 36 or 42 -inch bale lengths • Knotters tie knots that hold boles are easy to handle • Safety Head Lock stops plunger if needle gets out of time • Heavy Duty Gears are sealed from dust and dirt —run in oil • Twin. 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Loren Jenkins, Marshall ar.d Marcia Kulbeck and Sharon Pet- erson were the young folks in this community who graduated from the 8th grade last week and Dan Archibald and Bruce Peterson graduated from high sehool. Congratulations, kids. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Cooke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson, Bruce and Joy, Mr. and Mrs. George Humphrey and Billy Lee Ulmen and Mrs. Anna Pe,terson were dinner guests at the Glenn Humphrey home on M( morial Day. Mrs. Bill Kulbeck and familY and Sharon Peterson are spend- ing this week in Bozeman visit- ing with Lil's mother, Mrs. Dur- and. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kulbeck and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Raymond Fritz home in Chester. Mrs. Carl Christofferson vis- ited at Ernest Petersons Thurs- day afternoon. Mrs. Lloyd Marty and Shirley visited all the folks in this com- munity Saturday afternoon, but See me for All Types Of Building Contracts Free Estimates BISSELL CONSTRUCTION Montana Hotel Phone 139R • Big Sandy * 4010101000W00040M10100041010 *' FOR A GOOD JOB • AT A REASONABLE PRICE Excavating • $I 41111141664.6640444.4iiiiiiiietiitie Ditching Basement Digging Gravel Loading Trucking BoB DREW 1 h - Big Sandy, Mont. briefly. It was sure nice to see you again, Shirley. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson were hosts at an open house at the Glenn Humphrey home af- ter graduation in honor of their sem, Bruce. Coffee and cake was seived to the relatives and close friends who aittended. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kulbeck -ru family were Havre shoppers Thursday and and dinner guests at Elsie Quinlans. and North Star schools had a joint picnic in Great Falls to cel( brate the last day of schot:l. They toured the Sally Ann Bak- ery, Montana Flour Mills, Smel- ter, Russell Memorial, TV Sta- tion and Giant Springs. Those rrk - king the trip were the Bill Larsons, Reynold Larsons, Bill Kulb.ecks, Dudley Cookes, Sam Cookes, George Dielmans, Er- nest Petersons, Mrs. Neil Kul - beck and family, Mrs. Violl I.ohse, Larry Christofferson and Last Tuesday he Lirroln Sonm Kulbeck. VII AlPrArAIVAIIVAIVAII/AllrAr ArAo For Ccmplete Protection! We represent several old line companies and can handle all of your insurance red u i re m en ts AUTO • FIRE • CASUALTY Northern Insurance Agency your insurance Headquarters PHONE IS BANK BLDG. BIG SANDY 41Jr4DPr4_ 4r LOHSE AERIAL CROP SPRAYING Expert Work Spraying Guaranteed Contact Lewis' Nelson Phone 69 or 15M ^1/ 11 11 \\ rillal.\ — • An_ -.411111%. \NW' 2FOOrdoir ammy-,44 MiP61040•1010661010•61010• 61 . 4018411 Watch Your Profits GROW when your grain is safe in a Butler Grain Bin But stronger to serve you better . . 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The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 02 June 1955, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.