The Townsend Messenger (Townsend, Mont.) 1890-1901, November 28, 1890, Image 1

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/ J t, Vol. 1. TRE TOW)SEND TOWNSEND, MONTANA, FRIDAY MESSENGER )1N1NG, NOVEMBER. 18110. No. I . BUSINESS DIRECTORY. A 7 TORNE) . 8. KANOtISE & IMAM, Attorney. aunt Counselors at Law. Towistlenti, Mont. NEI/40N, LANt MORN & SETTLES, Land Attorneys, llelena, Mont BA VAS'. BANK OF TOWNSEND, II. S. Ilyett, Cashier, Tow,i44cTd. Mont. CRUSE SAVINOS HANK, Main Street, Helena, MOnillna. 111-4(W5311711ING. tilLIAJOLY & IIERIIEItS, Blaeketuithing and Repsiring, Townsend, Mont. BREWERY. 'I 110.M AS DIXON, Brewer of Malt Liquor., Townsend, Mont. 11111\GalS7'. J. R. \VINTON, Drugs. Medicines and Not i01111, TowsownJ, Mont. - --- FURS/TIRE. - 111AZLETON lc BLINSINO. Dealers In Furniture. Townsend, Mont. FRUITS. M. M. VAUGHN, Creels Fruit., Notions cud Stall ry, Townsenp, Mont. - - - - - - 110711,S. Towesesis no rite, V.'. E. oieruey a Co., Proprietors, Mont. MI:ltrItt NTS HOTF.L, Corner Broadway end Ening Ste , lelf.16.11, Mont. BELVIDF.HE HOUSE. Lower Stoat, Iletens, Mont /to- wnie:RN PACI vie 11011:1.. Dan Belford, Proprietor. Placer, Mont 11.4 RNEW S1101 1 . A. C. A Itikelf, IlethIls• and Harnewt, Townsend. Mont 1.11\Ehl'. JJtAMTIIV A .1011111. I ...tore, &Avery !Widows,. TO1A1,41-1411. Mont T11011.V4 & FICK M.11•0/1011 K. Ilk ry 1;4•1114 Mont. .1/1.:.4 7' .1/.11:A . J. W. SOCHA I'V. vales fit all gind• M, se. St•tiol. .11111•11,4SIPISE W. VI% 4., ,r..l \It r• hand, e. reser. Mort — _ W It. TIERN & I ilIankta netal Men Int. 'i.e. 'los °send Mont. A. II. L. & 414., Pry liood• ard Not ,,,,, s, _ linnet 11110,1111.1.14. Usseeral Mervitatalin Itarths art. 1.11.1 Sr Itralrr I,, tietieral Wet licolpie, Mont. ToWNANI). _ Pons et it Kerte-ern rettee.iti .1 e t w nt. II r4 11 I FT. 4 . .4•111. r J. I. K \ III IIM IN W. T I LItN EV. P. I:. KENAPTuN. the, it s ' esteem,' I tte.k I c m 1,1,• tr ..... I u s.. Stu' ▪ I!• fon tee 111tOrrni 1111111 011 11111e 41•• 11 .•••1!.. Passengor and Paciage Ewen rem Ilacer to the East Pacifc Mines, C. W.REVNoti es. Prove. •Ani.• P11%1r1fr etc r 181011/1111g 11,I1 return . i n It,,.. t.. Ponnert will, the noon Irwin for flelens 11K01011C1c8 ST\1:11. 7 in: /11;:sT HORSES, TIM B T Lower Broanway, Townsend. ‘anIllea are rommooliona awl ahr k < l ot t lean, and a r tirr nex Cr not of t/..• I<PRI liay arol grain. Having IleW an d inetotaes r o a datera, we eall torn son old A rt ic u.n 414 •rt that y1.11 a illhr 1,0114 of, and miske you I.., so.. cant no 01 Arr. Frien.1.1 mina tar trn*I1 are Te- ter...fed to hors,. Iss‘ofrd ' 1 ^1 , • k I lin rims ma TICK A TIP , M ks M. -4411112FgAGIG.ars=7.L.e - P - 7 - ti, it All FU. ‘iii7 L 1 „„. THE LADIES' FillfORITE. NEVER, OUT OF ORDER. It yen desire to purehaso ft aew i cur maehtLe, wilt our anent at your nliteo for terms and prices. If you cannot And our ascent, write direct to nearest ruldrena to 0111.e name,L NEW HOME SEW% MACHINE auP,P,Ncrioss. GHICAGO 23 UNION CalAREMX- Dallsa ATLANTA GA. TEL We LOUIS MO. SA C. /dr © A ( A A* Col diiC ORO A ri;e3 !Lit titttlitte,I a standard of vacua...nos wt,k4 1 sinus- IC n., sup nor. It (A lima' VOry In1PrOnt-tnent shar Inventn4 11 o•niuo, akin wal inouey can produce. -et • • R'WFBY OBLIA.N WAR - BAN 'I 11.11 PUB 1V11 YEARa. Ora ns ar „, for volume, ct k acey ardent newign. alIyte wane. ir etr i a. couto ruction, mak Ma MGM III* ir, the organs for bosoms. mtioalise, %oder**. loddiddloh \ 16 • T A nUtelltleD IMPSTATODS. aLQI ALEC) FACILITIES. ILICILLED TV0INUMEN. BEST MATERIAL. 'oxalate:P. AWLS TN'S THE POPUL An CAN • lastrectica Docks *al Plasm Steele. caul,1,,f4 Lod rroo Usu. on sisstkettak. sada. MOO COTTAGE t ROAN CO. hut 411 Apo THE NEW AND ELEGANT —1:1C11 ARM - 1:11 c ti 11 t \ szw:ria MACHINE IC IF Fur NO OTIIEft -• so nal. r - - • 4 1.1t Tie 1 4 73 ; - : DIE.S* FAVORITE, beeline t is I.I(i1-!T RUNNING and dot oeo hoe i Oil work. Agentre rnvei • e, because It. is a quick sed oaaysclie. WI‘TZD II INGUITIE) TEC:1I4r. wt 1Se AP , c2,714. C' a/10V aUAt MANUFACTUr.INS CO. Cr. L .Ile Aron El Onart Stmt. cHicAo ILL. I , • t '74 aloes • • • I T T ••1. -ht• n • - •L.! , fr • •-• •th. u-ntollor ; • ' • • • • ' • • • n•k• • • • I • and -- • I (forma. , it, I a • ii Oar 1 ...1 • f I/1 • i• t. I • n mina iir•st Al'. ' Patent • J . • • ' • t' trod intri • \441E% e'er. s it \ • nen t..e the !re -.....4 rte.-o .r • .ndurat nf I • • • On• r -or TS* • I. ad, <A 1. a < r< tt pateistol air • . I .• • 1'• 111-1..m.• 1 • ow. % s o n • , -toil 1.1. t' -.I • ' n • if • * low • • ..• \Ihr , • Pdartna.-nt• pr <10'04. g ..h. I - say engem. It 0. nt..,•••ihe asok.• all 1, - • . , ..ensud tit!. ovvry otnnetsos palrret..1 c.Try if I rtr ne..toli• for oat .1+,51. s. 'd 4. If < , In . 01. Vor .1 I r /IN\..1”; cc.. of 5e•cal...0 dta.iebelles NA..'. rk 1 . ,.. , r.E.3 a rxglit‘1„, ,, 1,..ou• , ... ...:t r o lt .! 1 ...\- i ^' r•':'. s , i n' U . 's ', . 1 0 . \s i rd'e r 'n' r , Y 4r Field SKIMS. t.. ....I ary....1....r .11. D. M. FE111 1 1Y • DO. DETROIT. MICR. s MST see SEEDS are Ii, SI , .11111,1.Y 0, M. FERRY & CO. Whom., the I.•• -est Seedsmen in r I. ; THE POOR INDIAN Four Indian Murderers Will Hold a Matinee Friday, December Ninetoenth, the Eventful Day, at Mis- soula. The Tribe of Flatheads -The Most Nu- merous In the State -A Brief His- tory of Thotr Dark Deeds. Four Indians were recently convicted of the crime of murder at Missoula anti will be hanged on Friday, December 19. A brief history of their crimes is here given, ste well as other matters petaining tulles Indians on the Jocko agency: The tribe of Fatheads is one of the MOJA numerous in the state, and their reservation is not only one of the largest, but probably the best as regards climate, productivenese of soil, and plentitude of genre in the United States. About fifty yeas ago the Jesuit fathers first commenced their work aiming the Flat- heads, and today there are in eucceesful operation well attended boys' and girls' School:4, hundreds of acres under cultivation, and most of the leading Indians are very well off in this world's goods, Chief Aeneas being reckoned to be worth at least $100,000. About twenty years ago P. Ronan was appointed agent of the tribe, and has held the ofliee ever eince. Ile was just the man, being kintl-liearted but very firm, and brave as a lion, audit was not long before the Indiana found out that he was their master --n good friend it they behaved, but sure Lt. see that they were properly Nisi/died if they committed any offense. Soon after Ronan* induction ioto office lie called all the chiefs to together and explained to tliein how the whites punished wrong doing. Ile told them that his people had police who brought the bad whites before jud„o.,e Ito inflicted punishment for their offenses. Ile ale, told them that if an Indian killed or ribbed a white man he ut uld have to before a white man's court to be tried. Ile the suggeeted that the Flatheads establish a court, select a judge, and that all Indiana who acted battle toward m e nl- bora of their tribe be tried by their own pollee. After inn 1:y l' , .sr-sr,,ws the Flat- heads end o r se e te t e A i n ,positon, sleeted Chief Aen. as all t% judge, reel furs eundwr of years Ilk plan bee been in ftd operation, with must excellent Of course, in a tribe as larger as r!esisseeses twee f”11-i. bad men, just as thee are among hit if civilized bruthete. Aleeit, three years set, it began le be notitssl that Renc of thee.: le. --tarot! 011t for the Flathead cemitry Itt, r ti turned awl it w a.I !Mom distr.% ere.' that a censpiraey ex i-ted to retard. r all the %%hit,. fem.l i n i e d a r e e The first uf there- flaunters whit fell ante the elite lien of the law was Phil- ip, e !lad kill..! a wan 111iu..1 Rote - 1 atieli. The erime %l 8, eroven and lie eke oteitt to the penitentiary ter life. Afterwards the bodies of three other %Lae men It ere f They hail bete' 'wintered by Lala-soe Piers. Paul Anti Antley. .%ntley ma' first put on trial and the V% ill 'Pee 3, ,11 It as I. ave no tleub: • his eii;:t. Past ale u.t, Lela pat upon trial. The iiit whers tif his o wn into etre the e itseare a asainet bin. Ile tome acf.e., A man named James W. Dunn. and alt line in the back. Pet ti- ring hie victim'a herse and meney Pas- cale it ruck Gir the settlement. (If come. the jtiry I, tin.! him guilty. The crime of which the other two were omelette! was equally brutal. They were on the tight -elegy of the Northern Pacific railn.ati. These men were e hot Owen without provocatic in. Hew Insley ttillt,lefe they have eerie mitt, 0 will In %er be known, but the ex- ecutien of those men w ill pr ph ably put an end to their ilepretlatiens, fir while en Indian hae little ft at 11f 111 atl t by shooting, they have grt at fere .r ..f going I.' the happy bunting grounds Icy the \necktie retite.\ STATE NEWS. J. II. McKnight, ti it. e of the deurnal. has been sally afflicted. Ile has lost his eldeet pen. Mr. T.. E. Jelineon, who succeetle Mr. rtreen as roiperintentlent of the Montana Central railway. has arrived in Helena. Accor.line to the Helena Independent Pat Dente-seri, a conductor on the Iteulthr-I:Ikliern road was severely in- jure.' last Monday evening. Henry Diltline, one of (lit' best illizens of detTereen (trendy droppt .1 theel in the lank of Beilltler last week. Ile had long been a sufferer trout censumption. The con , klu nisi murderer' , in Misecnila county jail are preparing to go to glory as they have called for a priest. This al tee tbably the firet eensible act of their I ives. Joeceli II. Initecull. a mining man ef Helena, has brought suit aeailist the Montana National bank, to recover the the ieterest upon $.` 11 . 0,14 11111ii'll lie de- 'ited in the bank. The question the courts are called upon to settle is this: Ruseell claim. that he IV1191 to receive $t per cent per annum on the money which mai to be subject to cheek. C.d. liree !- eater denies tied such ass the case. An cl1 in lwen male the prosent we t k to indict Will one ef the ( Alters of the flesh:eel:Ilan. ter illegal registration. It is t ;aimed that he reg- istered voters elits:.h• ..1 fi thyr registers and no one objected, it has the appearance of persecution. The ques- tion was raised last year and the attor- ney general and ruany other leading members of the Helena bar held that the law did not prohibit them from do- ing as, if they kept their offices open tluring the hours designated by statute. The supreme eitourt has decide.1 that Jelin . Davis, brother of A. J. Davis, the deceased millionaire, is the proper person to administor upon the estate. The question of the validity of the will was not touched upon by the court. As the estate is worth about eeven mil- lion dollars, the administraner will make a good thing out of it, his feaq being four per cent on all motley received and ills - bullied by him. Flemming, Stephens and others who shipped their beeves to Chiasio failed to get the top price. As a matter of fact they struck the market when if had reached zero. They obtained t'•:: following prices per head: Four -old *ere, $28.83; three-year olds, $19.S.3; cows, S15.13. It certainly does not pay to raise cattle at that rate. Small shippers should get into the market early. We knew of one shipper who got in early and received double these figures. Judge Knowles, of the United States district court has decided that it is im- proper for a grand juror to tell how he voted upon an indictment. The question was raised by the attorneys defending a counterfeiter, that twelve men on the jury did not agree to the indictment. Ile, however, held that the counsel might ask if twelve did agree. The de- cision is a correct one. $o long as we have to tolerate grand juries, they euelit not to be compelled to tell how each has voted upon any matter beforethem. CRUELTY TO A CHILD. Locked in a Cold Slab House for Hours Alone. BOZEMAN, Nov. 25.—A boy flee years old, small for his age, WM to be seen at County Attorney Viviun's office y e st e r. day. The litede fellow bore the marks of frequent beating, anti the softest touch of the finger made his body flinch. Bkxml was upon his dirty ragged clothes; his pinched face bore the marks of hun- ger and inhumanity, and 'melees all of this an operation was at owe necessary Li) save his life, which was plc %.-!y yiela. ing ti a neglected case of pie's. This little sufferer is one of nine children whom, fat her, named Jaw.. Farisiw, ran aeay and left a wife shoe. to be con- fined to battle with the w rid, blie died f..r %%ant of iiroper care and nous ieliment A na ,on sifter Utehabesrustr-V: ti tb grave. The remainder of Vie children were taken diarge et by the county and afterwards adepted. The bey above inentients1 was given to Janie e Vieux, who gave him his name anti promised to rear the lab as hie own. Sunday a man passing Vieux'' , plane heard the veice a diild, and upon investigation (\mei the litt:e ft•Ilow in a slri. witheut f.sel, scantily clothed WM crying. Vilma and his wife had Ineked him in there in the tnernine. and as be did net return for ten been+ it is net difficult tic imagine *hat the contlitien of the boy would have been hal the neighbor, not repeuecl llic little fellew was breught the city, where lie (\Id the story of the cruelty he heti tintlergene—a life, brief an, it ham been. w about a kind listed, beatimes and dire cruelty. Ile had been lecke.' tip before mid left for hours alone in • cold rain vs here, after his terror hat' subeitled, he had fallen into a peace- ful plumber. Vieux was arreeted Mix mornine en three charges and, if neneasary, a feria will be raise.1 te presevute him to the fell extent et the law. Vieux is a French Canadian, *lin has borne an ex- cellent reputation, all his neighbors unite in eas init, but at the risme time the'' cannot find in till. cape a mitigat- ing circumstance, and tie in indignation is tints 'united. A STAR SNUFFED OUT. Sicken & Swinton's Printing House Destroyed. !Imre. Nov. 2 7 . —The Western Star a weekly republican !neer. etarted in (hie city Past i114 •11e tIIIP opening or the cam- paign. was burned out eliortly after to °Sleek tonight. The Alec was equated in the basement of the Irvine block and the fire mulct not be Peen until it had gained coneiclerable headway. It then took the beet etferta of the dejartment to save the remainder of the block, and the office with its contents was a total less. The proprietens, Bickel! Swin- ten, had reeently put in a new job out- fit and had been to great expense in fit- ting up for the future ant! the le;' falls upon theta with ileverity. The steck anti machinery on hand l invoices seesio • 'sleet time since, and was regarded as cheap at that price. The loam cannot he it exactly until the stork has been thonnighly gone over. as water played an impertant part in the (tentage done, but it will not fall far sleet of the amount named!. The insurance was but nt '- nal. No cause can be given for the fire. Practically Over. Omelet, Nev. 27.-- At 1 o'clock yester- clay livening a s; lel IS ..m Pine Ritlect gives infermation that would indicate' that the scare is practically over. At least Little Wwintl, last of meal...Aran leaders. accoinpanied Ity his thief lieu- tenants, Yellow Hai - , Yellow Bear and Breken .1rin, came iido the azency to- night WM have eigniticel their intention of twitting a conference with the agent in the intoning. Licutenarit Tcnt lor's band of scouts; is enrceite to Fort H. bin - V.. for equipment. MINES and MINING Reports of Rich Strikes, New Pros- pects and Mining News. The Maiden Smelter at Great Palls Will Soon be in Operation— The Corncrackor. BilicsOetiry of Valuable Mines on Skeet) Creek -The Bluebird Cis sa Em. p:oyment to 250 Men, The Diamond drill has become An im- portant factor in mining in this State. The Ague Frio mine is working sixty men and shipping its usual amount of ore. There are in Summit Valley District (which inclucles Butte) over three hun- dred mines in successful operation. Thirty bars of bullion, weighing 3,500 pounds, have been ' , hipped to Great Falls by the Little Giant smelter at Barker. The discovery of valuable mines on Sheep creek, in this county. has caused considerable prospecting in the vicinity of Black Butte, The Blue Bird mine near Butte gives employment to two hundred and fifty :nee, and the Sinuntaiu Cotisoliilitted employs four hundred. The Ben Klauber mint , is showing up well. A few days since an exceedingly rich body of ore Wa4 struck and sleek took an upward tendency. The sunrise lisle is located about one and a half miles southeast of I'l it cm It shows sonic fine rid ore and is de- veloped with live hundred feet of tun- nel. Johnson tk Fitzpatrick have also& rich lode, but so far the development has not been eery extensive. There mines are believed to be upen the fame belt as the Tete) district. The Maiden smelter at Great Falls will anon be in operation. The capacity of the smelter will be eso tons per clay, and they have ore enough to keep them run- ning till spring. The Inter-Mouetain states that mere mines are being worketi in that camp than in any caber camp in the world. It is no doubt the truth and yet the half has net been shown, The Beaton end Montana Company is new a eking slowly thecae e the re- duetien m rks are ii.eufficieut ti, bandit: the ore. Tilt.a will be el.sanott sift the new enielter begins ruining at Falls. In. Age incline has readied a depth of three hundred and twenty feet. Tne mine is leoaing well, but only a tit- tle develepment work is beini, done, and heisee the number of melt et pleyed is quite mall. Angus Me(seenpit a flee of men at work on the Ilattie mine, located the Helena Journal says, near the Hiatt atilt) :eine on (*tenet creek, J efferson enmity. The Hattie is said to contain an kizlit tee vein of very rich Ore, stud that de- velopment will wake a wine of it. Meows. Morgan c 1 / 4 Co. have a tine vein of ere that is as rich as any in Cattle awl which it inurli riseenbles. It is f er nee male. Winn the Lethbridge net eel 10 completed, they wi.i be near cheap and rapid transpertatien awl will have j kitty of cool; shortly thereafter. The Ontarie Co:Litany's property at Barker has reached a fifty (Is t depth arid continues to phew a marked ino provement. A genered sample ef thirty - lbw inciter, at that mews 2o6 eunctiA, net inclutling a very rich streak of new in- ellVfl on the foot wall. It is the intetiten- ti, , ti of to sink line hundred feet before running any levels. The ma:n eliaft tle. Lexington mine at Ilette bas reached a depth of feurieen hundred and forty-eight feet and at that oltrli the Vc;i1 i • as strung and rieli se ever. This is es eitive et iclence that the mines there are valuable belew the gra:s roots anti cannot but instill confidence in these who are just begin:lino. The Silvers Ave situated upon the left fork of Indian creek is being developed toeIv shiaft dept of 150 feet and is still being sank. It has 1,nelueeel ronsider. able good shipping ere &mu the ellen and levels. No stopir.g haa been acme. The icicle is about feur feet mile. It car- ries Kohl and silver in about level pro - Jeannine. The Geld Creek tames, Deer Ledge (stunts-. are roakino a line shelling. The quality of rock fund in thew mines is very tine. It ranges in value teen 'Stet. , $7341 per ten in geld. The best featere of these. Mitleft is their size—from three to eight feet. They are die - tit -pet! by ' , hafts varying in depth from tifty to eighty fet t. The Cerneracker. Rol Wing. Hidden Treasurer, Traneverot anti :reel! 'male, \innate in Park mining aistrict is corned by Townsena peeple, and are linnet the immediate mamerement of ND. I. N. Thempsou, The Corneracker is Seven eel by shaft Ps , fect deep eft!' a fair a feur foot Islet , . The mine is operate.' , by a horse w him. It will continue sink- 1 in.: until a depth of 3 , 01 feet is readied. , rem men are employe,' at present awl the ore is at kl .1 as fast as it is taken out. No shipments have been made as yet. The avernee working value of the ore is 50 per cent silver per ton. The I.ittle Bonanza mine will ason be in \halo as the ate am horse wil4 started y . It Lae 1 st thousand dollars worTli of fine ore and as Nate Vestal is a rustler there is rea- son for the belief that it will soon be- come one of the bonanza mines of that region. About twenty men are em- ployed. At the East Pacific mine sixty men are employed. The ore is of high grade, and regular shipments are made. This mine has long been known as a great producer and gives great promise for the future. The owners visited it last Sunday and were very much pleased with the outlook. The Great Falls Leader learns that the famous Silver Bell mine at Barker has been bonded to the owners of the Para- gon mine for $75,000. The deal was completed Friday and, in addition to the Silver Bell, includes two adjoining claims. The men who took the bond are practical mining men and will at once put a force of 100 men to work to thor- oughly develop the mine. The Silver Bell is considered one of the best mines in the Barker camp, and has undergone considerable der torment, showing up a rich body of galena ore. The owners of it were the First National bank of Ilel- ena and Fort Benton and Mr. Foster, Boulder Sampling Works. The Reulder Sample Works, located at Boulder, is pretared to sample all the ore brought to it. The mailagers are ante prepared to purchase all theores brought to these works. The sampler is now managed by Wm, Morris, one of the sub- etantial Laminae; men of that place. Per - torus having ore to sample or sell will re- ceive honorable treatment at his bands, be it nye tens or tive hundred. Give the ik,ulder sampling Werke a trial. A DEAD KING. Holland Loses Her Sovereign. King William III. The king of Holland died on the ::34 of November, 'I he following brief his- tory of his life !Ley interest the general reader: Williatn Ill Al, :ander Paul Frederick Louis, king of the Netherland. prince of Orauge-Nassu, grand duke of Luxem- burg and duke of Limburg, was hero February 19, 1S17, the eldest son of the late King William If, by the Princess Anna Puente., sheer ef the late Nicholas I, czar of Russia, and succeeded to the throne on March 17, 1 ein. He devoted hinieelf to th e develepnicht of the liberal instituituna then recently granted to his ceuntry. 'I lie late king rendered ef- fectual in lightening the burdens of his pestle clueing the civil Let une half, amid lila 'gated the concordat cub - eluded sal' the lily See in 1.427. Uis eel 'nial administration waaquite • s eees..IL nf , - observed the /strictest neer ra mineied in 1ST., the PI% Frederica Matilda, claughter of Wiiiieia I, King iif Wartem- berg. Iiis cens•irt tlied June 3, 1s77. Ily ber he had issue Prince William Nicheltui Alexander Fredrick Charles Henry, Prime: of Orange, b Septet, le:.13. Ile died at Petal June 11 1e79. Another son was Prince Win iiA111 Alexander Charleroi Henry Fredrick, burn August SZt, ls.51. King William married at Antleen. We: leek, on January 7, 1879 the Prineete n111113 Widieltuina Therisse. daughter ef Prince George Viet ,r of Waldeck and Pyrineet, mei xietcr ef the Duchece , of Albany. FAILURES OF A DAY. A Duluth Firm Finds Its Burden Too Heavy Too Bear. )1: NNEAIN.414, N , ./T, diPI<SICII from louluth states that the banking !tease ef c 1 / 4 Oyeter ban failed. The liabilities are $71.1. 0 000 and the assent f1,1 1 e.i.401 0 0. The banks went on the bonds of Forrestal Br's., of St. Paul. the erearactors who failed a short time ago. Thie led to dietruet, wt akened the credit of the bank and made it 01111.ot-dile to secure' cash to meet accruing obligations. The benlas attorneys said t..nieht the failure was occasioned simply by the fact the line of diecount anti Ts-See...tine %hid' the bank had la -en carrying protect t et large for times of Peal ex- treme financial stringewee Bell* Woe End bank also closed. Wade Hampton Shot by His Son. CoLuitars,13. Nov. 26.--A telegram received to -night that senator Wale Hanipton, while out hunting in Wash- ington county, Mime., was accidentally elite by hie men. Melhiffie Hampton. The sulfite struck him in the bead, inflicting painful, but not /stolen,. injiiries. Placer Pickups. sesetel steesenser. Pre,lie. ,.1 'Ilt Nov. e5.—Thie little - burg is flit gr.'s mg, but appears to hold the even tennor cif its way. The quartz :nines in the v icinity are both nurner- ems and !instinctive aria give empley- inent in various ways to upwards of two hinitIns1 men. As new prtrspette an, being retina and developed it is reasen- able to ammine that bueneete will con- tinue to flourish. i f °se i ri ag na a l pru i nli tTr l i e e r the nianagi'miacmit of Rie ogi - ter. Red he is as i11411.1t.11111C SA ever. The N..; them Pacific hpntel aftc•r num- erous managers had male their pile, passed ire the conned of Den Milford, *tio is dung a good business Alla ie mak- ing an enviable revert! lc eh T. a himself and the house. II.. i- ahly aesi-ted by his e ire who is demo eedlv ptptear as a a h...eese. NV. II. Ridgeway is the genial post- master anti village merchant. lie keeps a miners' supply Store and is doing a fair busineee with ranchmen and miners. Ile ale' is- aseieted lty his wife in the man- e:rm.:9e ef n• John Mte:inn, one of the old-time resi• dents of the burg, but who has been at Cottonwood in the Judith basin for the past eight years. has returned to his first love and has opened a tine place of re- sort. He is very popular and dis- poses only good goods and is certain to do well. Ile wants all his old friends to call %ben they visit Placer. Placer should be a good place for a physician, for within a radius of a few miles there cannot be less than four hun- dred people—among them at least twenty families. As all miners pay a hospital tax, it would seem that a physi- cian could do well there 1( 110 could get their patronage. Of course a good hos- pital building mould be necessary, but such a one is obtainable. Mr. George Lambert is about to vacate hie residence which would make a most coinniodious and comfortable hospital. It will be rented ready furnished. Its close prox- imity to the mines and being on the line of the Northern Pacific renders it a most desirable location for such an institution. Here seems to be a good opening for a competent and pushing physician, and it would be a great convenience to the people. C. W. Reynolds, the old-time landlord of the Beaver Creek house, is running a passenger and package express between Placer and the East Pacific mine, leaving Placer every morning and returning in the afternoen. This is a great conven- ience to those who desire to visit that now famous mine. The Moran brothers have a very fine market which is kept supplied with fine meats and vegetables. It is under the immediate supervision of S. E. Nordyke, who appear.: to uuderstand his business thoroughly. ADAMS OF THE U. P. QUITS. The Wizard Could System Now In Full Control of That Great Through Line. Charles F. Adams, president of the Union Pacific delivered his address and resignation, which was accepted and Sidney Dillon has assumed the office of president. The dirt-eters elected the - Wizarti\ anti u -age to the executive eommittee in place of Mr. Adam* amid Rumr111. The executive ten:mitte-e now consists of Gould, Ames, Atkins. bezter Dillon, Sage and Plummer. After dis- cussing the situation the meeting ad. journed. Coats. Last Friday sem e. 1 r drove in a Land consisting ef g eine lie' deliv- ered them to Sir. Kaufman, of the ell - known firm If etalSer Ka•ifecan. of Helena. These annual,. erre raieed on •• all river, lir atm we . tet -- snow 'Imm o the Elkton interest. There eel! remains about 3.50 on the range. They were wild furtca 75 per heal. While tli--,r flesh can scarcely i.e dietingitialicti fie en mut- ton, even by an epicure. their chief value aepears to be Sir their pelts and wool. The latter commanding ready este at seventy-five cents per pound snseler is of the opinien that the f limo* Is too odd here for them. If it was otherwise they weiti'..1 be a wonderfUlly profitable stock to handle, as they will eat anything they pee. <I Business Houses. fly 1.k I::; ''n en the advertising ml- urnns of the Nloecee -en it will be open that Toe noel 1 has a number of business' turn whit believe in letting the people know * here they are and what they are clung. They hilly realize that in this pr. oresiei v e age ri v e* w lel would reap a golden harvest mutt keep thenieelves and their business j.ronenently before the public. -•••••.- The Bear Weyer. Sam Elwell. the • lianijoon Nimrod of the R. ak mei. his. killed more than two hi:mired bean. lie is entitled to the eultespiet of the \Bear Slayer.\ Ile has eiven up the chaste and is erecting a fine Swelling at White sulphur Springs in which he may paws his deelining year* in peace anti tinietude. A Good Price. Mr. Alex. Watson. whew sheep ranch is eight miler Nutt of Diemen.' city, sold last week to Helena parties. four hun- dred head of 'mitten sheep at the hand - Porn.' figure of fe 121 per head. MIYCIIIEN , .1.% to -clay has been issued antler adverse cis emstances. The edi- tor, in common v itla many of our citi- zen s, ha e been see -ing from a 'severe cold and the noiltedicity of duties de- volvin g iiiem him hi+ prevented his de- r.tting much time to gathering news, and has had but two cc three exchange s to cull (nen. The prt•• werk is not so goed AS we desired al I expected. and Peons glaring errors hat • crivt into tta (sliming. Well try to nc better in the future. Numerone isami,n'e copies will lie sent out and we hone that essoli person rreeiving one will send in his name and a dollar and the Mia1111111..ER will be sent until the 30th nay of April, 1-01. Will not some friend in cacti 10' cality do a little \rustling\ for De ITii claimed that Sitting Ruh is be- ,, i , g very insolent and is liable to e mon it an overt act at any tinie. Well, there is no one tAl blame bin the attniiii- istretion and it should be bell neeponsi- ble. It permitted him to went te the United States—eomething it ought mitt.. - ) have diet*. The people eoult1 hay.. lirlt along very well without sitting Bull, and haul they been censulted. Mr. Bull would have Fell been w here he eoulti wit in- jure American citizens. It is too late to undo w hat haft been done, but it. ix not too late to put him in che,e coutnn meat in some military post.

The Townsend Messenger (Townsend, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1890, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.