Weekly Montanian (Thompson Falls, Mont.) 1894-1897, October 27, 1894, Image 1

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WEEKLY MONTANIAN. VOL. 1. THOM PsoN FALLS, MONTANA, Ot ()BLR 27, 1894. NO 3, , IN NEAR BY TOWNS The Candidates for Office Are All Hustling. REPUBLICANS IN THE SWIM Thirty- Five Menthes's Enrolled at the Preliminary Mceting of the Eine, - ton Republican Club. Rawl:With, /c . . 23. The republi- cane, headed by Coloeel Feighau of Spohnue, held another grand rally here last even tug. The large had was crowded to its 111.111014 capacity. The different citudidates present were Con- nolly, Cook, l'resteet, Stewart, Butler. Eakin and ( ask. All Made short but earnest. talks to the crowd, and were followed by 'olueel Fele ban, whO spoke for about On hour, perfectly cour- teous to inolvidua)s, but delivering sledge -hammer blows of desttuctive- ness at populist heresies and demo- cratic foolishnese. Clair limit OX lepo- kane made a short speeeb. The meet- ing was further enlivened by tile Republican Give Club. ELBE:I:TON REPUBLICAN ILt IL Thirty -Flee lloiolior, Car :Ile I :it the Preliminary Meeting. EraohnroN, Oa:. a!:;. ---This eveaing James II. Chase, \the (*allege!' Rancher,\ entertained the people of Elberton and vicinity with his views of the political issues of the day. Last evening the loaal campaign was fairly opened by tLe organization of a republican club with tnembere, as the result of a very iii perfect unit Misty canvass. This may lie cousidersil as fairly indicative of the hellowness of the populist CLtIilM Of a plurality of all votes east. Two years ago the repub- licans only polled ::4 votes at this place, au(' knowine ones nay that the teem- bership of the elfin can be extehdf Li to t;ta member:, by a canvass ot the outly- ing portions ef the precinct. The eon- stitution of the club con tea plat s a per- manent urganizetion, and the etlieers elected four the eneinee seer are: A n - 'Jerson Lone, President; 11 . „ erts, vice president; W. A. Diviee, see- letary und treasurer. .1. M. lire et Col - lax was in town last evenieg at d as- sisted lit this organization of the club, leaving this morning for talield. ------ - W. W. D. TURNER Al' HAZARD. A Meeting, In a New Hail Bl i ghty knicrtalned. Oct. 21 -Last nieht the republicans hchl a rousing rally at, Hazard, about tie being pres- ent. 'elle new hall, owned by Mr. !Lizard, was beptizsd in a good cause. The meeting was cailed to order by the president ot the republican club, Mr. Chadbourne. who introduced the first speaker, C. II. Merriam, who spoke about minutes. dwelling • Litton the changes which have taken place in the political history of our country during the last 19 months. The sneaker of the evening, (ecotone' W. Nee IL was then intro - towed arid spoke an hour and a hull. IL was a rousing speeele bristling with good hunteic and solid facts concerning the recot d ol the republican party, as well as the democratic and popu- list partite. Ile halidled the silver question in a masterly manner, giving facts that a etc undisputable, also ably showing that fiat money never Cotild be good, sound money. ARIBA MANBINte Al' PALM SE. Popiill•ts Turn out. to B ui e. it SpeC11:13. PALM -Thole sees e ullst tally at tee Velotise theater last evening. Ex -Deputy aAletiff Ilrie is was the first speaker, followed by It. Ise Manripsc, candidate for tins °Mee of treasurer. Town came the speak( r of I he even 111g.Aiwa Mattring. Ile Pee - tined hlteselt entirely to the t ilVer question, at jog that the ticket of his party wae ceinugo of meney to the ex- tent of z;:ef per capita, and that he him- self did not c:insidel I hat half enough. Mr. \iihiaiii N lxiii forayed from the east with his Wade yesterday. el N. 5e T. Cra3s and her two little daughters were with tall, hevitig met them at New Vern, 0:1 her way front England. CITY TAX 1.1.:.V1' Fott col.FA X. Fittest' Milt. 14 thus Figure, P o lo,' reinn lir the council. COI.I'A \ , Oct. 2e. 'rho city council, at last night's sess:on, ngrecd upon 15 mills tt , the total animal tea levy for 1894, 10 mills Ir.ulng the total for mu- nicipal, street and sewer purposes, and ri mills for the tosyment of interest on outstandine heeds. The total :testified vatuation of the city of Colfax for 1894 is 1920, 272, di Yelled es fellows: l'el son - al proper. $331,378; teal proptrtY, Vitildatra; !unread prqperty, 127,892. SaIoon Hurglarlred. SPA I I it\. Wiese's saloon was burglarized last night. The burglars entered by bursting ito the otele doors. They ' , toe all the money 1111 the !darns till. ( j lite an amount of Fetters and cigars were taken. THE CZAR IS DYING SLOWLY. His Strength Graduatly tor iteninx Princess AUK at LivIdla. FT. Py.aantsticua, Oc'. 23.-A bulletin. dated Lividia and timed 7 p. in., was made public here this evening, it says: Dur- ing the day the czar was languid. There were silent convulsive symptoms. His ap- petite was better than yesterday.\ The bulletin was signed hy Drs. Leyaen, Zac- chariots, Pupoti. lienjaminott and the physicians in attenitance. Little further respecting the czar has transpire° up to 7 p. in., the time of send- ing the dit,patch. The peace now distrib- ute official bulletins publicly. According to referees received by physicians hers !rem their confreres at Lividia, the illness ol the czar is taking its usual course toward the fatal end. Ills majesty was better Sunday and Monday and worse today, while it is expected that tomorrow les strength will .'erry him to another slight rally. Thus the progress of the disease will ebb 'and tiosv atoll the patient succumbs. allarrisge Will Not It 0 Delase I. Beitt.tx, Wt. 23. --The Cologne Gavette pirelished a dispatch (rota St. I'etersburg saying it is now generally accepted that the arrival of Princess Alix at Livition will be fol,owed by prompt admission into the Greek church, and the marriage will be opoietly pei formed, T. PoTr.asitutai, Oct. 21 -It is announced that the inerronee ot the czarottitCh to Pr.neess Alix of Hesse will take peace at Lividia. unless this condition of the czar is so serious as to prevent. AGAINST THE RAILROAD. 'jail 01' Archie Decided by the Court of Avinealm. SAY Fit tecieco, Ose. 23.-Sevsral impor- tant decistons were rendered by tne United States court of appeals today. In the case oi Archie Lieeton vs. the Nt Ahern Pacific 1:4111road Company, ap- eealed from the circuit court of Montana, judgmeet in layer of planitiff was affirmed. Beaton was foreman of a gang ot bridge carpenters in the employ cat the company. On the 211t, of October, 1891, he busrile the train at Garrison, Mont ., to go to a hrldge six miles distent. lie rode on the firemarea seat on the engine by perrnissio:: ot the engineer. A large derrick was loaded on a that, car whisli was pushed by the engine. The arm of the derrick was so high that it could not ',ems through the tunnel, and the result was that when it struck the top or the tunuel it was foreed back. injuring !be roof of (i.e c,en and seriously iejuring Peiuton. The coop:Shy claimed the accident was the result of his own ca-e:essness, as he had not right to ride in the cog ne. 'i he court heels that he was within control of the en- gineer in whose 'let' ortinent he was, and tnerefure the company was responsible ;or the accident. REPORT OF WAR UNTRUE. Meateo's Minis:cc Tatk• of th e Gnate- meta Boundary Dispute. ‘1 . AsittNorox, Oct. 23. -Minister Atrigia, the Guatemalan rainister, does not credit the dispatches from Oaxaca, Mexico, that war wes impending between Mexico and Guatemala and the latter country has sent troops to meet several thousand Mexican troops at Acapulco an !Tehuantepec. senor Arrigia says he would be quickly advised tf a warlike step had been tueen, end has re- eeivea nothing to show that botch a move has been inatie or coutemplated. Tee boundary lone question being negotiated between Mexico and Guatemala is too more, says the minister, than the boundsry be- tween Mettco arei the lentted S ates, and it lies not tit cloy time reached the serious tollosse which would warrant the It -ports ot war. WHERE THE WOODBINE TViINETH. illotif , y or l'Ittliburg t.iol g eone tione to the Usual it, s ui o „olo r , PITTS111711o, Penn., Oct. 23.-1 lie run on the discretionary pools continued today. two or three are paying inerstors who re- fuse to hoe persuaded that the institutions are solid, but the others are re.y.ng upon the 3e -day notice to gove then' time tosettle or :wave town. The office turniture of the publ c stock end grain exchange was lee lei upon this morning at the suit of'Aire. 1 ill - man, an Altoona woman, wits, invested $2t0. lieoree M. Irwin , 1 / 4 Co., in the cliscreteon • nry pool business t WO years. and stiptiostei to nave $2,o00,UOU depo,n, suspended pat :tient end demaneed live days' notice of w therawal. EXPLOSION IN A GROCERY. My•terien. Are:dent it St. Jeering Several Peopt.r. Sr. I., los, Mo., tlict. 1.:;. • 11. NV. I e it un i cs' grocery store at l'oilt:13 and Ninth :•treets woe blown to ruins by a mysterious expos) - shun just before neon today and live persons badly hurl, one being (bought titian Tile injured are.. Aneust Ileer, head, face and hands severely tainted wool hotly bruised; Patrick De yet.. legs hum; Frank Kelly, legs and body nruised, skull (rot ( tined, Albert Kurtz, back hurt, face cut; Mrs. W. Dammes, leg hurl, body bruised. LOOK OUT FOR A SWINDLER. Iiiii i iertor Alortied In Lit- tnli County. I let. 23,- booler la.pector I;onda- eer eivs ;hat 11 1113111159 been representing hi nisi II about Leland no Letalo cotinty us a deputy inspector and endeavoring to get money front threehilig machine owners. 11.3 guts miner the name 01 [homy on or Ills arri.:4 , ha: been ordered. A Good Iltid•, but Pohlad Ttme. in Yoke, tic!, 23.-1:. I'. \caries reached ti:e city hall here today at 12:10 p. flu This erode lois ride from Chicago. 'the journey can filmic in sly day., seven hours Joel thirty minutes. if, w is sixteen hours titel thirty lainutes bob!n 1 his schedule time. SHE GETS TEN YEARS a - amatic Scenes Attending Sentence of Mrs. Grier. JARS SWELL IN IMPORTANCE. China to Ile .nui Other Na- thins Warned Not to Interfere. lItitosinus, Oct.*_!:. -1 be Lore4n basset, headed by the second sun ul ois the . king of Coreu, srecial envoy to the mikado. charged to reture the visit of elcoreuits eluuv, Japanese envoy, arrived here and was received by the emperor. The Corean eavoy presentee his 'neje-4y with costly g:fts Irani the king of Corea, The specie! session of tile Japanese diet closed yesterday. Bills introduced by the goveroment :ur further progress of the war were passed unanimously. 11) midi- len the duet presented a reeruorandutn to The Mieerable 'VW lllll ati Si ill Denies That the cabinet requesting the government to execute the imperial declarations in order She Polsooed Her Husband and to achieve a complete victory ci%er the slept She Is eeraceitted. Chinese and restore peace in the east, while raising the glory of the nation. The diet also recommended that Coins be severely punished and in manner which would not permit her being able to again disturb the SP,I..1NIC, Oct. a'. --Correspondence- peace of the east. Finally, the diet recien- mended teat tee ministera should let it be Iieleu Grier, convicted of murdering distinctly known that Japan will not to:et- her sixth husband, wes taken into the ate any co:et:an interference wbice would presence of Judge Beck yesterday wsr. preveet her from attaining the objects et morning to receive her sentence. SHE CURSED HER DAUGHTER, \liave you anything to say why the sentence of the law elicited not be pro- trict have asked foreign consu's te in - Pounced by the courta\ the judge in street foreigners not to proceed into the country on business our pleasure, as the so:- dhrs of the Kansu province oo not under- stand the reason oh their presence. The steamer Chung King, which bas ar- rivee here, reports that a Norwegian steamer, suppo5ed to be the . forkenskjuld, tied been overbanhed of! . k\hang Tung falsely. This is the fifth time they promontery by a Japanese warahm and had been Laken to Japan, having merchandise have triad to take my life. 2,1y hue- eoard wnich comes under the clasedice- band was not in his right mind for a tem uf contraband of wile lone time. Several times he got a re- velver to kill himself. It %could be an (AorLsge to punish up old woman for a crime she is uot guilty of.\ Tears trickled (Iowa the furrowed etseeks amid there was a gleam in the Prisoner's eye, toot discoverable during the trial. This was the first time that she utatilrestect a spirit of vindictive- ness or resentmene ' The court spntenced her to 10 years In the penitentiary. On the \vay back to the iail she met her daughter, Flureate aniriey, who was the wintered wilpesa for (be state. For an instant she elirtink back and clUee to the aria of the deputy sheriff for support. Then, rallying all her strength, she extended her loeg, knotty index linger until t almost touched the breaat. of liar accuser, and hissed throng to her teeth, eleneneil as it w ise lock jaw: You ! You strumpet! You vile, dirty wretch! Vu and your sister both perjured your souls. (lo and con- fess to the judge and set your old mother fret-. She has one foot already in the grave and the other reedy to l( . i n A r k oss ? - ,: Ain't You proud of your v, Tile deputy urged his prisoner on- ward, and without uttering a word in reply to the abusive tirade, Mrs. Shir- ley turned away and the heavy iron deora aeitin closed behind the wretched old womati, Who Is manifestly doomed, whether guilty or not, to end her strange career it) pr:,uo C2IL although her counsel is cousieet leg au appeal to the supreme eoure quired. \As sure as there is a (iod in heav- en,\ she rehlital, \1 never poisoned thy husband. I did not have a fair trial. The jury was prejudiced against me and my two daughters eworeu FOUGHT TO THE DEATH. Farmer. .% roi e o to 'tit Sit his an.1 Rifle Dad is Du.s ee teat e Stru g gle. BOI:-V, (Jet. 2::. -Word reached this city of the killing of WilEs Jones by John Fallon, on Fish creek, Alturas eittinty. Boa, men were farmers, and, until recently, were partners. The (pi irrel grew out of tee dissolutiou and Jones assaulted Fallon with a sickle, but the latter succeeded in getting out of the st ay. Jones sitore he would kill 111Eu and started for Ins house. Fallon, suppdaing he was going for a gun, started alter bites on the rue. lie reached the house first and secured a rifle. Jones came Up arid matte a Vicious attack oil Fallon while the lat- ter was loading the ride. A deseerate band -to -hand struggle followed. Fallon trying to ward off the keeteedeed sickle, at the same time loading 'lie gun. Jones had succeeded in etitiOrg him severely, w hen he finally got a cartridge in place and fired, kibiug his ads ersary. Ile gave titillate! . . Jones , ,aid to have been a owl tear, having killed four tnen in 'till bormoito. DANGEROUS CRANK IN JAIL. it.til Threatened the Lle ea of Promi- nent New Torte Mallionalses. N tot* VORK, Oct. man natileil Reilly, who says he is a marble cutter, has been arrested in Newark, where he was seen w•itti the Ftriking closkinakers who went to attack the house 0( 01 nian named Dillard, where work was being done for a New York factory. In his pockets were letters ad- dressed to else William K. Vaticierbet, Chauncey M. Depew, tniorge Could and Superintendent Byrnes. Ile said the one to Ityrnesi was situp:) , whether ne had received a tenter I room, Reilly au..., a recent mysterious murder, in which ti de- scription of the merderer was given. The I 't fins were of a rambling nature, hall blg- ging and hall threatenni4. Ile toll the police he wiriest cie anything to 1.elp the strikers and down the cupital- 1st% and for the last lew days he nee pa • trol:eil the avenues near Vandertnit's bonne watching for an opportunity to kid smile (4 the family. Ile says lie hoc written sev- eral letters to i'resident Cleveland. Copper Company Won the Salt. t'Le.veisos a, Ohio. Oct. 23.-1 wig. 1.trIon oilhe I•nited States circuit court today gave a decree in the noted case ei 1;eorge W. rind 1'. McMullin, representing the I' ,ttuoihohi copper I 0111pleV, age 114 S. it in whieli a !mitten end quarter of 'loners is involved. 'the 'tension is inn isVor 01 the topper v011)1411)% Nodes of the War. S'ifeN6i1A1,I ot. 1.3. --Rulers of teis dis- *Alarming Humors Afloat, LoNDON, Oct. a -A dispatch to the Times Irene Tien 'lien says the Chinese officials report that a battle occurred near Yoo Chow yesterday, and the Japanese were repu,sed with a loss of WU men on each side, YOKoliANIA, Oct . 21. -It is reported tied a secend Japanese army began operations for tee capture or Port Arthur Yesterday. PRINCESS ALIX AT LIVIDIA. nroit-Eiect of the Czarowitele Make. Ott. Journey to Her I ett oth sd. v ;DI A., Oct. 23.-Princcss Mix of lie.!se- . Darmstadt, betrothed to the czirowitch, arrived at 5:30 yestentay, accompanied toy Grate! Duchess Elizabeth, bier sister, wife of Orate! Duke Sergius of Russia. The journey ot Princess Alt!: tbrougn Crimea was in the nature of a royal usareh. nr,oceSS Was Inet :it the Russian frontier by Grand Duchesa eergite.. At Alustba the I bride elect Was W6conied by the czarowitch cad ins uncle, (Sranti Duke eergins. AS the Princess and party drove through Yalta the czerowiice wool his intended wile, seat- ed by 111s side, were heartily cheered toy the crowd s. The imperial castle was reached at dusk, anol Princess Alix was immediately con- ducis.1 into the presence of the czar and czarina. '1 lie imperial sufferer greeted the princess with every murk of affection. 'f be bride -elect, accompanied by the czarina and other members at the imperial family, proceeded to the ceapel of the castle. A solemn religtous service was there conduct- ed, Princess Alix kneeling beside the em- press and joining in long and fervent sup plications offered for the recovery of Lae czar. After the religious ceremony, the prowess and imperial party rPturtitel to tbe room occupied by the tZ.1r. Grand Duke and Duchess Viudiruir, the former a brother o the emperor, arrived Sunday, end the king of G;eace is on the way from Vienna. Professor alericbjesvski, a specialist in nervous diseases, Who Was supposed to have been summoned to attend the czarina. has returned to St. Petersburg, from which It is presumed there is ne truce in the seti- satiolial stores circulated regarding the health of her majesty. THE STRIKE INVESTIGATIONS. National touturnitt, a ltisi,t,n,teoi in tt authIngtou• WxsittecyroN, Oct. 23. -The national xrike committee appointed by the presi- dent to investigate the great strike at Chi- cago reconvened today in the office of Leber Commissioner 't right. The cotnmittee is Low engaged in cettitig the work in final shape to report to the i resident. No Ines ;nation is giveto as to the nature of the re- port. It is understoosi, bowever, that the inquiry will deal with the strike in such a way as to make the report tune o: the most valuable contributiens to the literature of social problems. It is said the important rulings recently made by Juatice Harlan ot the supreme court of the [need States in the Jenkins injunction case are in tine wet\ the cuticles:on, ilrawn from the Chicago outbreak as to the rights and limitations of the strikers. Trinidad Strikers Arraigned. Tittetosp, 441. 23.-T w en ty -tbree Trinidad nil: read men. most of them prom- inent members of the A. It, pleaded uot guilty before Judge liallet in the federal court today of resistong United States mar- shals and interfering w:th the adinlnistra. tion of justice at 'I rinidad during the Pull- man boycete Sixty deputy mastics were disarmed end ill-treated by the strikers et 'Trinidad July 1, and these men are ehat ged :vitt, tile act. DESPERATE MEN RECAPTURED. A ralr of 11 taltiu rceket anitl MIMI Casight at Salt Lake. A TOWN TERRORIZED Ind!an Territory Desparadoes Loot the Village of Watova. TALA SUFFERED THE SAME FATE The Outlasts Visit Etery store aud Run the Merchants 411,4W Willi Who - 'beaters sad ft -others, Len 1.1, Rock, Oct. a3. --Last night's ie.:oral in the great carnival of time which is now holding the boards in territory coesisted of the wholesale robbery of several small towns In gen- uine desperado style by Bill Cook, sup- ported by a atroasa and desperate cum - ;any of eight or 10 followers. Four men rode into the town of Watova early Ito the morning, making their ap- i,r , :aci, known by a promiscuous discharge of firearms. The bandits terrorized the inhabitants, and most of them sought EL/fey behind barricaded n p \rs‘r..:a n The oetlaws visited every store in the villageauct rae the merchants away I inehesters and revolvers. They t000 en the stores all the money they coulu tied and whatever else they :tee 1 I e Watovo postollice was roobloedd of a soul. ;(.'i`) in cash and about s. Front Watova the gang rode on into Tula, ten miles away, where they re- peao d their depredations. They rode into town aed proceeded at once to rob the stores right and left. Every store in the plaee was visited and the pro- i•rietors cciripellsd to turn over the cash. The t ostoflice was also robbed of stamps aeil a small amount of mon- ey. The (tansies made no effort to con- ceal their Aberser) TO SENO TROOPs, p n et e a.,an Sit .uld Take Hold In Indian Territery. W nee IN uTt.N. tr. t. -Secretary Hoke Smith has requested the secretary of war to sen.t troops to lediail territory to suppress Lawless bands. Accompanying: the request was the commun.cation to Secretary smith yesterday, received from Indiati territory, detailing the drp,orao'ecoudition of seeira. Secretary einitb, in his letter to lee war depart toteut ss vs dirt in view of tbe obli:;it- tions a the gcvernnient as set forth in the treaty with the Iteilune in Indian territory to protect the flee Civi..zed tribes seeinst domestic Strife and hostile invasio00. and to guarantee Ulcer peonle tbe peso.. ,tole - joymetit of their country, he reco:on,endi that troops be sent as required. It is pected that the troops we, be used to hurl !wall and drive ant marathiers tote, are harassing the peop:e. Agent %Visions today wired the Indian office asking authority es incur necessiry traveling •xperises of the Indian police in assisting United States mac -seals in hunt- ing down thieves and iiisk!rig, arrests. The authority was gratitem These corn no tonics, tions reached Acting Secretary Doe at tile war department this afternoon, and slier reading them carefully he referred them to General Schofield. General Schofield looLed into the matter and then returned the pa- pers to the acting secretary with the szto4• gest:on that the request for troops be ina• tuned and consetered %tali a yew to ascer- taining the legality u: the proposed action. Complex Lezal This indorsement front so high an author- ority on the complex relations between the military and ctv it trait' be ot the govent- mem will undoubtedly o'muse tbe war de - pertinent to 1110Ve with great coot:oil iti acting on this request and in the end nosy res i ti nd l t in u n t r t e e f r u r r i t ai. ory differ% from other tern - (ores (row an adminosit stove point of v.ew In the tact that the government :sc bound by treaties! - .vith the Indiaes to protect then' front domestic violent e. But in the absent., of an express eticeilation in itte lee it is beet that this protection re ust be extended exactly as ills to the inhabitants at ether territories, namely, through the judiciary. Tile posse comitatus law prohibits the em- ployment of troops as provined by organic law, snit that law provides lirst for the exercise of the judicial power in quell- ing law:esaness and for the employment of trout's on tne a poliestIoe at the Judicial officers based on their inabiley to enforce the process of law. Judiciary Has Not Spoken. So far as the war depertment is advised, the judiciary of the Indian territory has cot arpealed for at cistance of the troops, ac in the case of the dosturbances of last sum mer, and the eoesreinent will not move untii tonsil npilication is made and alter the juoiciul officers have shown a proper disposition to restore oroer in Indian terri- tory. Tile war department, it is stated, has taken notice of tite eeerts of the express company to secure governmental protection for their service. and the officers are toy no means well disposed toward the project, The limy oili-ers in charee of affairs feel that the express c.niipany has not gone toe far as it should in the way of guaroing the property e•tntided to it, and hold that by Desv lit, Oct. 23. -Frank Murray and pinceng E2 or If, determined and fearless James Bartlett, escaped prisoners from the guards in the express cars it should soon cued. the attiocke of train robbers which county jail, charged with having wreceed a emlanger the lives of passengers. train on the Santa is road near this city ante looted sovein: sterei et I.PtIcton on ENGLISH REDS CONING OVER. one night of October le, have been captured at Salt Lake City. It is said they have told where the third fugitive, Ted Newell, can be lout rid. Officers leave for Salt It ti.e this evening with a requisition for the prisoners. Gentry and Robert J. to Peen. L'il;r1.4I.O, N. Y., Oct. Ira- Two eicier•t pacers of the age, Robert J. and John IL tientrv base ueen matched for it race oti the Beast(' Driving Park course, November I. the police. Anarehiits rind the ClImat• of Zagland Too sultry. e es e e s, let. 2 Numbers of leading English aud foreign anarchists are vacating their litionits in I onion and the majority are proceeding singly to America. The reason for this migration Is the incessant barressing to to hich they have been sub- jected and i,n account of the vigilance of

Weekly Montanian (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 27 Oct. 1894, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn84036085/1894-10-27/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.