Weekly Montanian (Thompson Falls, Mont.) 1894-1897, November 10, 1894, Image 1

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I. WEEKLY MONTA NIA N. 01- 1. THOMPSON FALLS, MONTANA, NOVEMBER 10, 1894. N05. ELECTION RETURNS. New York, Ohio, Illinois and Iowa Go Republican. WEST VIRGINIA IS DOUBTFUL. Minnesota, eili•bigee, ttleomielingetts. Nebraska aset ii• to 'loons WM Be lielernee by Republicans. New York, Nev. 6. -The Advertiser Will belief -low say: \The battle is over. The .•oenty is rented. Republic- anism Is triumphant. Protection will still protect and Tniemany is over- thrown. The vio tele' means the great American people have been aroused and have shown thentseivee worthy of their glorious heritage, 1 means death be- yond all the possibility of resurrection of that party millet' for 40 years has never had the power without showing an increeeed ‘•egelty for blundering and incempegney. leinally the vie - ti ry means that ft. on the lakes to the gulf and from the Atlantic to the Pa- cific, we should give thanks for the downfall of the detnocratie party and all it stands fur in the triumphs of protection, law.' r1' -r. geoid government and all that makes the glery oof the na- tion. The demoeratic party is indeed dead. Praise (eel freen wheom all bless- ings flew.\ ON NEWSPAPER ROW. The scene on Newspaper Row at o'clock, when it was eonceded by the democrats that Morton has won the governorship and String the mayoralty, was one of wildest .•nthushtsm. When the bulletins began to display the re- turns at 1 oneock, there were about 2,000 persons on Park Row, but during the following two hours the crowd teas augmented by a continuous stream of people from up town districts. By 8 o'clock fully 10,000 thronged the thor- oughfare, blockading the cars and im- peding the horse and cable vars. Wheel concessions by the dineocrats were an- nounced there seemed to be three repub• licans to every democrat present. The assemblage was very orderly. and seemed to be more if the respeetablo• class than that whieh usually aete Park Row on election night. Tammany men wile, were down tete!, had no excuse to offer for their o ge _ whelming defeat, and one of the leader: said: \This will lead to thorough new- ga.nizatien of the democratic party in this city, and it will bring out good re- sults two years from now.\ PARKHURST SHOUTS. Rev. Parkhurst said tonight: \We have won a great victory. It shows that We have our eyes open. The public con- science has at last been awakened. We have got all the people that the reform Movement has been fighting just where they had us.\ A STUPE,ND0US MAJORITY. The republicans carried New York state by estimated piuralities rangieg from 130,000 to 150,000. These figures rep- resent the probable plurality of Morteim. republican, for governor, over Hill. based upon the vote of New York city and Brooklyn complete, and returns from more than half of the election dis- tricts above Harlem river. The tremen- dous republican sweep in the city and State, it is estimated, has elected 23 re- publican congressme , n, a gain of over eight of present representation in con- gress. An analysis of the vote show! , that Hill will run behind even the vote of Maynard, while in the state he fell below the vote cast for IIovernor Flower In 1891. NEW YORK CITY COMPLETE. Indications are that Goff's plurality Will exceed 42,000. I'resident Martin or the police beard says Tammany has abandoned all hope of carrying a single office. Returns from New York city complete give 1 . 1111 127.1e0. Morton 123,- 129; Hill's plurality 4.401. Mayor - Grant, democrat, 112,237: Strong. repub- lican, 1e2,G91; Strong's . plurality 41,434. BILL KNEW IT EA IlLY. Albany, Nov. 6.-A notable gathering of politicians sat in the executive cham- • her tonight and read the returns fur- nished by the Associated Press. Senator Hill was the first to arrive. At 7:30 all hem. of saving the state was given me 11111 read the bulletins and cote:lilt- ed the manual of the vote of former years. As county returns came In free) the state, the senator shook his head and said: \Well they did pretty well by me.\ To the consoling remarks of Mewls he male no reply except to smile. GRANT'S EXCUSES. yor Grant tonight admitted his defeat. He maid; \On the retirement of Strauss I thought it my duty to the democratic party to accept the nomina- tion. 1 made the canvass on demrocratic issues and have gone down with the party. The principles of the party are essential to the life of the republic. Vietories will he won in the future as they have been in the past. It is the - duty of all demoerats 10 put en a redid front too the common enemy. The democrat el !lever work as well together as in the heur of defeat. All I he dif- ferenees will loe laid inside and the demo- cratic vote in this city will be preserved as the corner stone of detneertiey for t presidential conteet (of le96.\ THE EOREMoST RANK. %limit, - of 120,000 and Twenty•one Con g reeemu n. Columlous, Nov. 6.--4neo has broken her record fin' republican pluralities. The largest plurality heretofore wae when John Brough, republican, for gov- ernor in 1S63, had 101,000 over Value- dingham, democrat, the latter being ex- iled at the time in Canada. Last year McKinley carried the state by ever 80,- 000, but no such plurality had been pre- viously known except in the rioted Brough-Vallandingham canvass, when all the seldiers in the fields and hos- pitals of the south voted. At that time over 4.10 soldiers outside of the state voted fur 'enough and less than 1,000 for Vallandingham. The republicans claim a plurality fur Secretary of State Tay- lor of 125,000 to 130,000. The democrats concede that the republicans have made large gains over the McKinley vote uf last year and have possibly beaten the Brough mark. To an Asso- ciated Press reporter, who visited the state democratic committee rooms, Mr. Thurman said: \Ohio will give the re- publicans 120,000 majority and 21 con- gressmen. ILIV sTATrs GRAND 12 ECOR 0. Forty -the Thousand Majority for the Republican candidates. Springfield, NII1FS., Nov. 6. -Returns up to 11 o'clock indicate that Massachu- setts had given Cireenhalge, republican, a majoority of •15,0nie Reston, Nov. 6. -Ten towns heard from give a =Polity for Greenhalge. republiean, of 2,164. Russell e5R, a net olemocratle loss of 242. KANSAS Is Willi US ONCE MORE Returns Point to the Election of the En tire Repueliean Ticket. Kansas City, Nov. 4. -The returns thus far received from Kansas indicate the election of Morrill, republiean, and the en- tire republican state telog. Topeka, Kiln., Nev. e. -At this hour th4: returns have been reeeiveil from only a half dozen precincts in Shawnee county, all in this eity. The precincts heard loan ivelieate that Topeka will go for Morrill, and the republleae ticket by about e,000 plueality. oevermyer is getting a very Wait vile. Many denmerats seem to have voted for the republican ticket. Meagre returns are leceived from the woman's suffrage proposition, these indicating that the (lig will vote against the amendment. 'Ft in repueli••a us will carry every ward in tee • ity. iii E I A I. WAVE IN I 1.1.1Nola, - ettote. I egielature and a lag Majority of ( ongresemen. ghiegee. e'ov, 6. ---At lieu tonight the Tribune sees that the republicans will ••orne to Cook eounty with a majority of teem to 40,000. The Trieune's list of leg- islative members outside of Cook county, printoel last Saturday, so far seems to be verified in every case, and it appears that in ihe state 0) reptilaiean members of the legislature have been chosen. It bolt-' ae m'ook county had fleeted live out of tho• eeven reptidlican congressmen. The republiesin central emninit be claim Minnie by 7u,000, 16 congressmen at least and both branches of the general assem- bly. Dot'lii.A3 Cote\ II' ALL Molls. A Rig Republican Pluralite and a Repub. lican Legislator. Waterville, Wash., Nov. 6. -(Via Wen- atcheej-Waterville gives Hyde 71; Doolittle, 69; Caton, el; flueston, 29. Representative-Milee, 79; Paul, 48; Ogle, 52. TI.e indications are that the state ticket in the county has carrien by 200 plurality. Miles, republican representa- tive, is surely elected. MA.fotie itg eTEN IN NEBRASKA. --- Read of the Ice:publican Ticket the Only One to Lose. Omaha, Nov. 6. -Though returns from the state are earring in slowly, complete returns on the head of the ticket from some localities indicate that the fusion candidate for governor, Holcomb, is elected by 3,000 plurality. This conclusion is arrived at wholly by in comparison with previous votes. This does not mean a republican loss, since they could gain 10,000 and yet lose on the combined demo - era t-potediet strength. However, there I;; little doubt that the republican state ticket is electeol v. It the exception of governor. CA1,1 eoeNt 1 !tuner:us IlElisELF. Stale, ( oeint and City Are .111 Safely iteputlican. San Pranciseo, NOV. G. -Scattering re- turns from California an. coming in slow- ly. The opinions of the chairmen of com- mittees are that 13 counties outside of Snn Francisco give the republicans for gov- ernor 11,000 plurality. The chairman of the republkan stute central committee. claims the state by 20,00 and the city of San Prtinviseo by 5,000; the legislature by a comforable majority and all seven con- gressmen. San Frawley°, Nov. 6. -At 11:30 p. m. incomplete returns indicate that the con- teet for governor is very Mose with the chances slightly in favor of Budd, &m- orgue The republicans have undoubtedly elected live congressmen and possibly six. COLORADo IttioPs THE POPULISTS Waite Smutted I nder and the 1:fttire publican Ticket Elected. Denver, Nov. 6.- Indications at 8 11. M. are' that Med at yin.', republica in for gov- ernor, will have 15,000 to 20,000 majority over Waite., populist. The Times -Sun elainve thnt the republivan majorhy in this (Arapaho.. emititte will be 20,000 fuel that the remainder of the state will give in republienn majority of 5,000. Waite lins riin hotline his ticket many thousands, but has undoubtedly the republican, and republicans claim his carried .he entire ticket down to defeat election by 2,000. VOTE IN SPOKANE with him. Dispatches from all pullet of No DOUBT IN IOWA. the state say a very full vote wits polled Des Moines, Nov. 6. -Nine precincts if and le the city fully as many women vuted Iowa give elelearland, republican, scene definite figures are received. The wenien as men. It will bu very late before. any republican gain or M. tary of state 1,132; Dale, democrat, 803, a Republicans Take the Bulk of of the republican ticket and the result worked eareestly all day for the elle. een SURE THING IN MINNES0TA. the County. is largely due to teeir efforts. St. Paul, Nov. oe-Nieety precinete give The repubigans at meinight claim the Neleun, republ gall for governor, 7,984, eieetion of elcIlityre fur governor by Jaeger, Ilemocrat, et89, Owen, populist, 20,000 eitirality. The populists do not. con- eeee cede the defeat of Waite for gover r no. P Waite still professes to be confident that ENNSYLVANIA NOT BEHIND. PUGH IS PROBABLY DEFEATED lie will lg me -elected by about 15,000 plu- Philadelphia, Nov. G.- Seventeen out of runty. The composition of the next leg- 65 counties, exclusive of Philadelphia and islature is not yet know . Allegheny,show a republicau gain of over 24,000. lull,geohter, Gandy. Temple gnu Net - LATEST FROM WEST VIRGINIA. Pittsburg, Nov. 6. -Reports ge eo -...; e. ' lien for Representatives ruputtos m. indicate that the republicans have ear - Author of the St ilson Bill in All Prioha• vied the county and state ticket by 15,041 Elect Collin. Runner end lite4tet- bility . Is Defeated. majority. ' Martinsburg, W. Va., Nov. 6.-Infor- GREAT GAINS IN INDIANA. fruition from Geafton, democratic con- Indianapolis, Nov. 6. -One hundred pre- gressienal headeplarters. indicate that (Imes in Indiana give Owen, republican, REPRESENTATIVES. Wilson is elected. Later information Mae; Myers, siemoci at, 7,170. The same in Second distriet - G. H. Collins, p. county indicate that Dayton's majori- DEAlsentATS LOSE IN VIRGINIA. from the country districts in Beleseiey 18e2 gave Harrison 10,403; Cleveland, 8, 4 93. Poster, a Fourth district -F. M. Tull, Third district -G. W. Temple, r., J.E. Keg - (eat of William L. Wilson is claimed by ty willenot be °vet 200. Charlestun, W. Va., Nov. 6. -The de- dieate heavy democratic losses. Inehmond, Va., Nov. G. -The returns in- r.,J lee, . p I . ,'. Gandy, r., 0. B. Nelson, r. Fifth REPUBLICAN WISCONSIN. district -W. E. Runner, p., R. K. Keg - the republicans, The democratic state Milwaukee, Nov. G. -Returns from the COUNTY OFFICERS. committee concede nothing. interior of the state show republiean gains Auditor, H. W Tyler, r. Treasurer, , Wheeling, NOV. 6. -At 11:50 the re- everywhere and indicate the republican George Mudgett, p.. Attorney, J. W. publican state cornmittee claims that state ticket will be elected by 3e,00u to Peighan, a Assessor, Hari Cook, r. Wilson is defeated by 10,000. They also teem. Clerk, W. E. Willis, r. Sheriff, Ezra claim that Haling, republican, in this TENNESSEE WAVERING. Rinear, p. School superintendent, district, is elected by a safe majority. Nashville, Nov. G. -Political returns from Zach Stewart, r. Coroner, D. C. New - THE LLECTIoN IN MONTANA. 15 counties show a decidedly diminished man, p. Surveyor, J. W. Straek, r. _ vote with republican gains, though not ___, Anaconda Ahead in the Capital Race- stifle -lent to defeat Turner, democrat for COMMISSIONERS. Other Returns Meager. governor. Second district -Henry Treede, Helena, Mont., Nov. 7.-3:30 a. in.- CLAIMS EVL'RYTHING. Third district -A. L. Thorpe, p. le Returns from 259 precincts give Ana- St. Louis, Nov. 6. -Sam. E. Cook, seere- CITY OFFICERS. conda 21,265, Helena 20,5S9. The capital tary of the democratic state committee Justices -J. D. Hinkley a, Adolph eleetien absorbs all attention. It is int- says every democratic congreesman ie possible to give any other geturns en elected. The entire city ticket is elected the ticket. by majorities ranging from 2,000 to 8,00o. ,A e l l . u ( T . o•i r ia ti . . bo C rd o , ns r. t_ab_1 . es-H. D. Fink. le, The democrats are wild with excitement. FROM KALISPELL. Kalispell, Mont., NOV. G. -Pour -teen pre- NORTH DAKOTA CONCEDED. Complete returns from yesterday's ' , Imes give Kalispell for county seat Fargo, N. D., Nov. 6. -The returns so election in the second, third and 1,082, Collin - ilea, Falls 578. Only 362 more far show that Allen, republican, for gov- fourth legislative districts in Spathe votes are registered, of which Columbia emote is running - ahead of his ticket, county show that Populist Collin re - Falls can tea get more than half, giving Allen's election by 5,000 is claimed by the ceived a plurality of 69 in the second, Kalispell the county seat by about 500 central eommittee. The democrats con- while the others are republican by majority. Hareem.' tine Hunt will go cede it by 1,000. . larger pluralities than last year. Their out of this eounty with a majority. The WY0MINI: IS SAFE. pluralities are: race for state senator was close betWeell cheyenne, Nov. 6.-1ndicatione at 9 p. Third district -Temple 95, Foster 84. Ramsdell, populist, and Heideman, re- in. are that tee republican full state and Fourth district-Neleon, 459, Gandy ;offlin in Bi e:. e.nner, repub lican . and 'eyelet , a majority of the republican legislative 391, Tall 242. populist, will no doubt be eleeted repre- ticket are elected. sentatives. King, democrat, candidate for The populist carry the fifth legislative eounty treasurer, is the only one the dent- EVEN OKLAHOMA. district. With four precincts, Graves, ocrats will probably ele et. The populist Guthrie, 0. T., Nov. 6. ---Returns indicate! Deep Creeleelt. Hope and Coulee miss - tote was very surprising and they have that Flynn, republican, for congress is ing, Runner's plurality is 210 and T Keg- probably ublicens elected wi inaey roofably their 0111 et electe by d eeee plurality. ley 's 19 e. he missing precincts may be The repll pb elect Ber- nard for euineentendent of schools and LANDSLIDE AT ST. e(ole. expected to increase the pluralities. In probably one or two commis;q0mq., , . St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 6. --The democrats 1S92 the vote in those localities was: of Si, Joe and the Fourth congressional Reps. Dems. Pops. MEAGER BETIAINS FROM ADAM°, distriet experienced a genuine landslide. Graves 3 5 17 - The entire republican ticket is elected. Deep Creek 40 20 47 Only the Northern Part of the State has George C. Crowther, republican candi- Mt. Hope 20 10 37 Been Beard From. date for congress, in the Fourth congress- Coulee 15 22 27 Moscow, idaho, Nov. 6. -At midnight ional ilistriet, is elected by about 250 plu- ra.lity. Totals 78 ra 128 it is impossible to give any definite and accurate information on either state, Detroit, Nov. G. -Michigan has gone re- Two populist county commissioners legislative or county tickets. A very publican by about 60.0u0 plurality. The go in. Henry Treede has a plurality of large vote has ben polled and the large republieatis also elected every one of the 195 in the Second and A. L. Thorpe car - number of split tickets will prevent the twelve congressmen from Michigan. ries the Third by 77. Of the county ticket the republicans eompletion of the count before evening. MARKFIS OF 'HIE NV( )1? LI). elect Auditor Tyler by a plurality of 359. The result will be Very close. The pop - Clerk Willis, who has 494 to spare, As- ellete have polled a surprisingly large ghicago Live eeee, sesser Cook with 148 plurality, School vete in this en y. Chieago. Nov. 6. - Catt le - le • • 0 e a Superintendent Steward with 194 plu- INDICATio oNS AT RATHDRUM. eame There eta.: a contititied firmness in rality, and J. W. Strack with 363. the eattle market. The supply of nativo•e Rathdrum, Idaho, Nov. 7. --It is he- Colonel J. W. Feighan's plurality of' possible to give the figures. Re- was about 1.500 head. They sold on a 102 will not be overcome because at the turns are very ineomplete. Indications basis of egee.50 for poor to extra cows. (outside the precincts will not poll over are fer a republican majerity on state heifers tied blIIIS and $1.281,6.3.1 for steers, e50 votes. Felix Pugh's plurality of 21 :old congressional tickets. The county The 2,05 westerns offered were salable at In the 61 precincts reported will in all tickets are cut and elashed. $1.751t4a0. Stockers and feeders were in probability be swept away. Dr. New - POPS STRONG IN SHOSHONE. fair request at $2g1.50 and there was a fair man takes the coroner's office with a market for veal ealves at $2.25ree.75, plurality of 130 over Dr. Eakin. Wallace, Idaho, Nov. 6. --The indica- Ifogs-Recenots, 25,000. The market was The vote on the congressmen was: lions are that Eugene Sage, populist, strong to ec higher when it started. It City Coon To for sheriff, and Barry N. Hillard, dem- was not more than steady with yester- Hyde 1746 1155 2931 ecrat, fey clerk and recorder, are elect- elay's close a couple of hours later, though Doolittle 1697 1170 al67 ed. Complete returns have been received it finally closed firm. From $1.50 to $4.9e Caton 624 296 920 from but four of the seventeen lore- tonic the bulk of the offerings; $4.e00-1.75 Heuston 498 326 824 elects in this county. giving tht- fellow- for heavy and $1.50 , e4.60 for light; pigs„edams Van Patten 1170 1a22 2792 ing totals: For sheriff -Jenkins, rep.. $3. .9 7 t s .e .i t 4 o ;‘) -- . 1teeeipts, 16.(000. So far this 100; Sege, pole, 92. Hyde's plurality 139; Doolitrle's \ pla l r 2 ar were( the movements of sheep have been ty ee Cemplete returns from Canyon' creek only about half as low as for the same indicate a very heavy populist main- time last week and there has been some The vote on the state ticket was: ity in that section for every office. hardening of prieea The sales were gen- City Coun Tot There are no returns from Murray or en - al at $e.251/3. Lambs firm at a small ad- Gordon 1544 1057 2601 Warding, and the ballots in Wallace are V:111 , e. quoted at $2'' 4.25 for poor to best Dunbar 1668 1160 2728 but hell' counted. A fair vote was cast gr Allen 103 274 777 Sharpstein 648 329 1177 I a '::::t s l . and. or., Nov. 6. -Wheat - Forest 1126 1662 2788 VOTE AT OSBURN. Valley, 1024 1352 2376 Portland Wheat Market. at all the precincts. age per eental; Walla Walla, etne. Ready Dunbar (Ft) has a plurality of 127, and ()simile Idaho, Nev. 6. -Forty-seven Forest (P) has 187 votes more than his votes were cast here today out ef 54 LOST OVERBOARD IN THE STORM. meanest opponent. registered. The republican vote was e4 •I le i e officer Bromlee of the Berlin 4 a. in. Douglas precinct, the only and the democrats and populists were Igoe tied in Mid Atlantic. one in which the full vote is not re - about evenly divided for the balance of the county and the precinct ticket was London. Nov. 4. --The American line corded, has been completed, with the effect of increasing the republican plu- steamer Berlin, which arrived at South - badly scratched. Only five straight tickets were cast. For sheriff -Jenkins, !tampion from New York, reports that ralities in that precinct by the follow - s ince 1877 on the last voyage. During ing numbers: Hyde 20, Doolittle 18, Dunbar 23, ()or - she experienced the worst weather republican, 26; Sage, populist, 18. Awl- iter-Barry N. Hillerd, democrat, 22: live days the weather was especially don IS, Temple 17, Foster 16, Tyler 22. Carlson, republican, 19. There was a heavy fight on these two offices. This bad. During the height of the storm, Prescott 12, Feighan 13, Cook 14, Willie precinct gives majorities for Young. Third Officer Brotnlee was washed over- 15, Pugh 7. Stewart 14. Eakin 18, Struck board and drowned. Two of the (-rest' 18, Hinkle 20, Munter 11, Fink 12, Dag - King, either Garbett or Lester. repute - were dashed againet the bulwarks and pet 2. lican and George H. Coonce. democrat, for the legislature; Hammill an injured. d PUT IIIM OUT OF THE WAY. O'Rourke, republican. for the state see - N. P. LANDS DECLARED FORFEITED ate. Not a single populist got a ma- Mysterious Mnr a d t e T r a o c f om M a. atthen Bartlett jority for any offi. Ten Thousand .tcres, Situ -t of I hem in ce Chehalis Comity, Olympia. Nov. 4. -Ads - ices fret:INV:telt- lag the lifeless body of Matthew M. Tat -omit. Nov. 5. -At daylight this morn - IN NEZ PERCE COUNTY. Lewiston, Nut'. 6.-A )meat'' vote Wits ington state that more than 10,000 acres Bartlett, a well-known young man, was cast today all over the county, there oof land along the Northern Pacific found on St. Helen's avenue sidewalk being 396 ballets cast in this precinct. right of way between here ansl Portland by a newsboy. The right ear was bruised There was so mtteh scratching that tin: have been declared forfeited by a it and the nose bloody. The body bore no 1 -a- re -stilt will not be known until tomer. cent decision of the interim' depart- other marks of violence. Thongh pa- r row. McConnell will run behind his eers from his pockets were scattered ment. These lands are nearly all eitu- about, his gold watch was untouched. ticket. The republican legislative ticket ated in Chehalis county and are vithia- The autopsy held tonight falls to (He- wnl probably be elected on Street's am'- ble. As soon as the (official notice is re- •lose the ramie of death. The theory is egunt. Harry Laydon, democrat, will ceived there will he a rush of home- quite generally advanced that Bartlett ateaders. g_ --- was murdered for knowing too much about the mysterious death of Account - most likely be elected sheriff. The others are doubtful. Fell. From the Train. ant Joseph A. Shaine at Stellacoom asy- ()TIER STATES AND I I it I: Fri iit Ii s, Pim last March. Topeka, Nov. 6.-Geerge F. Simonds, I tali May lie Enrolled in the I:cpulsn,:att of Plymouth, Mass., ell routo• for Los Blown Out to Sea. Ranks. Angeles, Cal., subject to fainting spells, I ';. i ,.. may, N..1., Nov. 41. -It is reported Salt Lake, Nov. 6 11 .-Returns are coming WitS killed last night by falling - from a here that 15 fishermen In boats off In slow and up to midnight no atithentie Santa Pe train at Scranton, 20 miles engelesen %%ere blown to sea last night figures can he given. For delegate to eon- west of here. He hind HO iteeldent 1)0114`,Y peel). arrived today and others have not i,,en heard from. gress the returns show well for Cannon, for $2,000.

Weekly Montanian (Thompson Falls, Mont.), 10 Nov. 1894, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn84036085/1894-11-10/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.