Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, February 02, 1893, Image 1

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fi* di'<\ % % m tr. M. V7. s»’l\. >I1S Hit* 11,0 fullowlnjr rale.-»: TU roe >a mi lis . •• V ai ni!i-' • • • One Une liuieiie.l aro P u b l i a i « . pii.ralnp In advance ai .................. f 100 ........................... I .V) ........................... 300 ............................ 335 00 VOL. III. 1IIO TIM11J5R, MONTANA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY' 2, 1SH:}. NO. 11. . 1 . K M hit :: . I’ie.-.iileii! W. L. S iiax M i Vice President. . 1 . A. Il am .. Cashier. L : i R 3 T n a t i o n a l B Ä 310- TIMBER, MONTANA. C a p i t a ! - - $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 . 0 0 IMRRCTORS: li. M mitin . L. T W. L. SlIANKH, I'.rsiiA. J. A. Jos. F». UAPKOUIÎ. II AM.. Titos. Ö ko . M. H a t c h , K. L ei -:. S W E E T G R A S S C O U N T Y . If Created Will Be One of the Grandest Counties In tne Grand State oi Montana. c;e:i\r:il liiuikiicr Iransacted. «ml ihmii- i.: i-\i:!iuiijn- Innifr'it ami sold, tu. C »-:•!— >:iilc-:i^*«* Invited. Interest allowed on lime deposits. Porelsrn Collection* on all points promptly attended O lm s t e a d & B u dd H a r d w a r e .C o m p a n y O j t a th3lr n ow storo w ith a onm iieto stool: o f a i 3 . 337 SÚ. H a r d w a r e O F A L L K IN D S . OrJl iaspoct the Goods and got Ko v* Prices. LIYIKGSTON MAOS HER REGULAR KICK. A l l Bo8idents o f tho Propo.■ 9 .1 N o w Oo .1 / O f Its Craation.— Tha eliconie il.c-crrs Propara ▲ Uniqxto Doc-uiior.i ¡71 and nccess thereto can lie had only In- h ib anu against . way of Livingston. The people of _____ that portion of the new county would tlms have imp« Sell Upon tlu*IU I ile:|(i- *»>•»»*• «1 Valued Ku-httaK** am the Sub. dltional burden «.f traveling from Jn t ,,r i ropuM-n Livingston to Idji Timber with no recompense tlicreror. Sixth—That the oiilv pc-rsons to bo liencfUted by the creation of the m-w Rra.s Couuijr. Bozeman Chronicle: The people around Hip Titulier are making an County would be the ¡nbnbilnnts of ¡effort, tlirotiiili their representatives the town «if Big Timlx-i. and tlu-y on- in the legislature to have a nc;v coiin- ly bv the Increased prit-,» wiiirli they might tie able to «.Inaili for their town lots, owing to Hie locati:n of the County Seat at Hint place. ty lornictl cut «if Park, McnglH-r and Yellowstone, with Iiig Timber as the ei.uuty seat. It is to lie called Sweet- Seventh—That- tlic elVect of tlie grass county, provided H Is called creation o f the new county would he, .mv,i,«n„ -„a ...¡,1. an.i v-n. to double the bunions of the iiilmhi- V* . ,V , 1 .' hints without any material increase Ui;VC both w«irking for It the chances in th«Jr ability to l,car l hem. i for its formation are very favorable. The above tacts are submilted for! # # a «1 M. W. HATCH. - • PcbliMu#; OiTor.saii hi vitlntr field f<>. tuth koBM uud foreign advortisors, flavin.'/ « terse Mid Mub*crlpti»n list It ivacbos tlie people to whom you want to «ell your roods. Kates ■nude known on uppllcution. , your consideration, in the coiti'»,-ut ?i,.'o; 7 ¿ i y t a î a v o r hope that you win not p -rmu uh.« 1 great injustice to be done us. Lv'ingeton TVolert. •‘¡ELD BUILDING, BIG- TIMBER. CZ~\: S--~ f ‘ c:. v_i , 1 I.V,¿' . 7 J ' l : e t â L a a in A N D B U I L D I N G !lAI,ni> IIAY AND OltAIK. V a r d o o n F r o n t S t r e e t , BIC. TIMBER, - - MONTANA. 'ß ¿T3S3 l à . JOS. REED, Prop. su***#«****.**********#*** »i h » # N ott serves all meals on the *> fi ___ ____ T.v r-Ti-c \.\ a \ ¡ v.-i. ft -ft ft ft Bill of Fin til Call System. ■a —I Board bj tie Day, Vaek or ML att reasonableeasonable rates.ates. 4k Zr » » # V — « ------ — - ft frAIUH ST AND f K í : nt Horn. A. IN Tows. X, * 9 99 ~ ft * a r r £ S c * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^ * * * # * * * , * * * C‘<n¡. M rl.i op S t . and S eco n d A v e . Piti TIM lililí. MONT. TD M í h H n . B i y l j À J E R M I N E S S T A G E U N E . F O U H - H O R 8 E c* •• « i';ofs v/ill leave B is Timber for the Mines every ütc ciay s. For information and booking call a t H. J . DDCOrTS, McLeod Street, Big Timber Montana. <.WMA*MW«WMFA]tH«VVII*nMVWVWV I i A i.rv, A Y iiOirSE. *:!.'*> ELK PAltR. #4 50 LA K K l'Aï: K, 05.00 i i I (. KS PA II K. ffi.O© IN DEPEX PENCE. Ÿî 00 PARCELS EXPRESS. f-p «'ini tin!:-' made for Fishing and Hunting Part ¡ oh . : J 3 H C J L - < S s - TB.A.XX^HTST, Have Just received a larg- it tier Wagon i «»r wC; 1 ^ ; : 'J> } * Carts, \ V A\ Agrfcttlttiral Ir,r¿-í -. • { m S H E L F H A R D W A R E . • i :\ a m ix k AND oi-rr riít«:F.H iiekoui : i*n:t-¡tAsi\n. ron IIIKEFF iUTPLIES. PIO TIM PER. MONT O-..: i t is -d our store onpacity un«l Itav«*. now s-iificu.tit room - ...- Li:-_c assortment o f poods. ! <>f »iritis. «Irng stt)»|)lics, |mints. oils, varnisln-s and l»rt:shcn '.•:ir,i!ol,. in every |Ktrtictilar. i> ¡ I - - 1 and domestic cijmiw. W e are. t i n * only firm in big ■ '•! v v.-i«,, sell the Itnyal Runner Cigar. .ri i siafionerr in endloai v.-tric-i r. -Vlrcrns, Toilet Cases and Novelties for holiday c 0211:3 . j l i s t to hand. Como in a n d c 00 th e m . !: ¡’fi-.-jus from the,'.I ms .- I iiinntifju-lun-is in Amerii-a. l’ur«' »(’•'I lij-.u-irs for medicinal purposes. ?rL.-3;ripti9ns aecnrAtuly compounded,1 (by find nigut- NX l 1\ 1^ O M H A ¿“k D D IT IO N N o . 1, R ' />. L * s?- C o . , Owners. LOTS 30x140 F E E T . D é s i r a b l e R e s i d e n c e Q 0 l i e s . N o v That the proposed comitr of Sweet- grass would In a few years, if formed, be one of the grandest of the imiuy granil comities In Montana there can ho no question. Embracing within its boandarlcs a wealth of mineral, stock and agricultural lands it needs only the proper form of self govern­ ment to develop Its resources and to make it more than self sustaining. For many years the people living within its territory have been com­ pelled to go many miles to exercise their legal rights. The expenses of trips to Livingston, White Sulphur Springs and to Billings have been great; and as a tax, have proven to be burdensome. Their business could he transacted at Big Timber more satisfactorily and a t less expense than r.t any other point and they know it. The request to the legislature to pass this bill Is therefore reasonable and should be granted. The assessable wealth of the pro­ posed county at the present time is * 2.500 «300. when the county comes into existence, January I. If.t>5, it will easily amount to more than 93,500.000. More than enough ut the present time to maintain a county u ta low rate of taxation when conservatively managed. The expenses of niauagi ng Swoetgrass county will be compar* itaveiy lour, and criminal cases will be extremely rare. Since the for* mat ion of Park county there Itn*; never iiecti a murder committed in the territory that is proposed to be taken Ironi her. The same may l;e said of the country to be embraced lying in Meagher county. Peaceful, prosper­ ous and law abiding, the cit .z ' 0.7 w li. ir Swoetgrass county is forme«!, iak- a prideand a personal interest :i> 1 .(im­ aging, dcvclopiiigar.d maintaining t in­ law and order of their county. Such are the people, clear headed and ener­ getic and it is. with singular and rare unanimity of purpose that ti c. hare entered this light to win. W itli an honest upright way. concealing nothing and enroaching upon no «.m- they ask only f««r what is theiis and insist that Just deserts be giantcd. In all or neatly all of the now ««¡un­ ties that have heretofore been created in Montana there are men who have strongiy objected to the passage of such act«, even many of those living within the new count ics. Even when the county of Park was create«! there were many objectors who lived in Livingston and in almost every por- t ion of t he count y. Their object ions, however, went for naught and the county was formed. The growth and development- of the county since that time shows how groundless were their fears and showed that when a county reached a certain size it bccaine cum­ bersome and that two smaller coun­ ties could I n * managed »sitter at ),>s expense that cue unwieldy county covering almost nil creation. Rut. for a difference, there is not one person living within the limits of the proposed county of Sweetgrnss lint w-lut- is heartily in fav«>r of di­ vision: not «me but wh«>m, if his vote could create the new county, would vote in favor of it. If there lie such a «me we have yet, to hear him ami hear Ids reas«ms; and we have heard either directly or indirectly from »1- most every taxpayer in the proposed county. It has been stated by tlic chronic j Livingston objectors that ‘'the move | will help UigTimber real estate.” It ' will. It will also help all real estate situated not alone in Lie Timber l.-ut in every p«>rtion «if the now cciuniy. 1 county and i.nt assisting to form the tail end of three or four larg e coiiii - ti«-s very size make them ex­ tremely «‘xponsive ard a burden for I lie taxpayers to carry. As their business interests lie that way the people of Hod Lodge will lie found to favor being annexed to Y e l­ lowstone count,\. TIlKlil IIZiiONitTJUXCR. «IBS <>r «¡is Heat Ars«in.-nt.-« Vet Advanced fur Hu* Civalluii ut Nwt-sl- gruNri County. As was expected Livingston has made a kick. A?, however, they have kicked for years on every proposition for public good, their r ick w ill bear but- lit tic fruit. They have prepared, after several «lays laud work, a re­ monstrance against ttic passage of the Kwectgrass county bill and as tlic rcnioiisir.uicc contains many things that arc not facts, tail are falsehoods; and many things that are facts and are-in themselves go« d and sulVndeut reasons for I lie cic-..-tioii of tliecounty «if Swcotgrass. wo present the remoii- »trance in its e n tieriy, as follows: T o t u i : M:: m ;::: us o r t h e S e n a t e a m * Horn:-: ok R k p u k s u x t a - TIVKS. M-.OONI» Ll.OISt.ATIVI-: As- si-:>!M,Y « jk t i u : .vr.vrii ok M on ­ t a n a : <! knti . k .'- ia .\: Whereas, there has i.-cco intiodiiced. and is row iieiKiing before } oil lor <.oosicleraiion Semite tfill No. lor Hit; creation of the Coaniy of Swcclgruss out «if u por- lion 01 is now Park County; and whereas, 1 lie creation of said county is in <.ur < pinion unnecessary ami »«mid lie lielruiici.iaj m (lie best in- terests of Park Omniy and its inhali- Hants. Now. therefore, we, the undersign­ ed i.oi.a tide rcsideins of the present colon y ot Park would rcspecttully 4* -11110:1 your liounruhic l.ooics to re- . use to pas- said Mil. ami do hereby pioiesl in the on s t earnest maimer .:g.:U:M Us passage, and in support i-i im.-. our petition and protest pre- me- i \ ,n.,-, nig taels: 1 1 i..~ J. at the present m i n t y of I.U .. v,,..-» o ; „ u i i m if j 7 out 01 the lie: n.,11 .1 ns.iy of liailatiu; at th a t lllll e..> . . . . . . «.1 t'.lln co u - il.iii. 1. ... I 1\ iiiU .J.iliu .tS . Wit il ..U -i........... .. iio.atl oi ,.,. i . . .......... >. ...s a.- p..i 1 0 1 me ...(i^i.ivwi..w i.„; i„n. «.iiuiiiy «»f tt.iii'.iii. <? -¡. kkjvi . . 01 lias iiSycL ijeeo pa.u. .Vcoml— 1 bat at the present, time ine fu m i)' . 01 , 1 .ijns not to exceed .-. ohi {,.. p.e. n> pj-.-s.-nl luilaliti.-d- nc-ss. ii.citaiii.g 141 . . ,« s. warrants and «.tusiam.ii.g « tl.gat ua.s. is a»NHil. ..U.iii.o!:o: us a>Ms ...«1 valuation ol pnpeny -»ai-jivi a» taxation «mly aim.Unis to a. out .-.■à.tHU.eoo. 'I'lie pr.sent lax ! of 1.1 uiilN «Ities mil 1 .-lise Mitili i.-at i-.-veiitie to pay the ex­ panses of the County ami interest, on debt ami provide a sinking fund for payment of .«uisiamliiig tomb: the county has no public property except ajaii wor.ii at..ait .>'.>.ooti,and lols tor C«>iirt House site v.onb aleni $2,ùnti, ami two pooi-iuntis wort li al.-iuit 9^-.- i««b ’ilio pi.sci.t imii-l.ti'duess ami expense ot ilio cmitiy bave been found to I.«* a ser.ous t nid.-ii lor onr people locany. and «-tlo-rts lo tomi lor iin­ tonsi met,mi o| palaie i.uiUlings bave been ix.-e.-nlly «ictc.-Ui-d owing lo tua iei-iing agallisi i.iu-iea.-iug Illuse bur­ dens, i lii'd—*i ita: tin-county, while large ili area, isfpaisei.v sciti .-tini tliecoun- iry «I si : li ls and i oiuaitis ter* riioiics oi i.-.i i, tu.Mm.Ade tur lami- mg« r «.I in-r s-ttici.icnt. ‘j he popu­ lation is oi..s-,.ii .a salali disW'.us .-ticn,is Lt >.' ii .-. s '. i ,., i.ig’i imlier. Ilorr. C okcii ,.! . i i i. I a ode. vu-o'ko, i.ntlitler, alai .51. i. un.-. l-oiut.i —; t'.K- ruiiire prosper- itj (.1 Ine toni t» u. pi l.lis I1J-.4.II tilt1 M elopaieut, ot its mineral resources ami ¡¡ ki . a nit nr;.i vnmys. ‘i tic |K.-iid .ng Un t.Ines irum wir Conmy thè- annoiai regains n: Ct.'.ke and ISoui- •ei\. l Un: inai l.eitis ol lied Lodge, and Un: r.gionsi.t Melville, and t.»- 'l'.-Howstou«: val- i.-y. li. takes ft. la us a population oi al out p.-i p c. and about, one* bail' o: ine taxai I.: pri.peny of llic County. ’»In- ng.n .diurni regions india.ed m u aivaaioug Ibe most fer­ ule in onr boiimtiii it s ¡mil those with­ in widen there are Mie h-j*i prospects lor sett!, luuit i.i.d g,ovvili in the mar inline. '1 n thus uisinomhor Mie «oiinty of i’ai-k is to greatly injure its present pro.-pets ami deprive it ol any hop: of future growth. i1 ttlh —Tliat tin-, pn posed Itili, if it becomes a law. would include within tue new Ci-miti the town of C«N«kc ami the New Yiorid Mining District, a «listi ici ha*, recently been the subject of a melina ¡ai from y. ur Hon­ orable Indio.-» to ¡I.;- U.’di.-d Stati'S INANSW KIt. “ Facta” first and second arc in themselves reasons all sutlieient for our cutting ‘oose. They show on their face the grossest niisnianagcnicnt and show further that the county is too large to properly manage, it. is a well known fact that-a proper assessment will show the present taxai,Jr wealth of Fark county to be inure than $ 0 ,- 000,000. Of this amount the new county Is to take about 91,250,000. Third. In this “ fact'' a remarkable shortness of memory is shown when such settlements as Clyde l*ark, Myersburg, Fridley, Howie, Emi­ grant, McLeod and several more are ouimittcd, ail rich in stock and agri­ culture. Fourth. The future prosperity or the country (icpinds not upon a por­ tion of it remaining in Turk county bulup«in its being separate ami dis­ tinct. The new county takes from Fark less than one-fourth of the tax­ able wealth. Park county will lie a very rich co.inty after the new county is made, having within its borders many thousands of acres «if agricul­ tural, coal ami mhurnl lands, as any one conversant with tin> fads can state. Fifth. Till» so cal’e.l fact isa false­ hood, pun* and simple. The people of i Cooke ami the New World Mining district arc not sep:u:.ted from nig Tlmljer by an impassible range of mountains and we make the assor- thin that the paopie Jiving then; will soon make liig Timber their outlet, via the Boulder route, whether the Sweet grass county bill passes or not. Sixth and Seven Hi are \facts\ to silly for answer ami hear liioii- ab- Mirdity upon their face. A CONTKAPKTU.N. \Fact” fourth says: \It takes from its a population of about :;, odo people, and about onc-lialf of tlie tuxah’c property of the County. Tim agri­ cultural regions jnelmh-d in it are among the most fertile Stillwater Bulletin: The citizens oi ldg Timber are out with petitions praying for the division of Park coun­ ty. Tlic proposed new county of boulder embraces all that portion of Park east of a line running north and south near Springdale.-the,valuation of «vlihdi will more than equal that, of tlie old eounty. This move lias been brought about by the constant reins- al of Livingston to rec«»gnize the rights of eastern Park county, all of which goes to prove that impart iuiil.v is the proper course to pursue in coun­ ty affairs. » »' * Bed Lodge i’ickut: The news of this niovenieni, the details of which are given in our news columns, comes Just at tlie hour of g«dng to press and we have but little time or space for •'liniment, but that it will meet with a determined opposition from tlic cit­ izens of lied Lodge and vicinity, and especially of tlie residents of tlic line agricultural section on our west, we have every reason to believe. All of ti.nt country south of IheYcliovv- sn-i.c liver to the Wytmirg lino, ly­ ing west of the divide between I’ryor creek and Clark’s fork to the Stillwa­ ter and its tributaries, is bound to­ gether by commercial interests which county lines cannot sever without in­ convenience to its inhabitants. It is proposed to place more than half of tills territory in Swoetgrass «-oitiity amlcoupel the residents lluroof lo transact their eounty business at Hig! Timber, a town ns remote from them as far as business interests are con­ cerned. as Bozeman or Helena. The inhabitant« of this territory it is pro­ posed to segregate from Park and Yolh.wstofte counties are, by their go« igra pica i position, compelled lo t rniisact their commercial business at cit her lied L' ilge oil in YcllowsUine u:uuty. and to compel them to trans­ act their business in | i| g Timber, to reach which point they must cross a high mountain range or trawl »«• tlie proposediT.imty seat by way of Still­ water. \v«uild be a bunion which we <li. cot, think tlie legislature will im­ pose when the full facts are laid be­ fore that body. ,« « a Helena Independent: Yesterday a new aspirant vvn< entered. Sweet- grass. The hill fort Ids «‘«■iitity was in- in duccd in the senate by Hutch, it templates creating a new county territory will n«it be available for tax* at ion for several years, or until title is secured by individuals for this land, this ai-ticipatcd resource w'ould cot materialize. Kvcn tlie personal prop­ erty, which consists chiefly of the herds of large stockgrowers, would seek relief from l-utdensotne taxa­ tion, ard owner« would drive to neighboring ((.unties where the tax levy would not absorb the entire profits of their llncksund herds. ivffKKi: is t o m m y a s i i ? Llvingdt.-» i Claim* That She I* not Itepre- rrsent.-u iu the D (l> U t«rr. Excerpt, from Livingston special to the Helena independent: A com­ mittee was als«» appointed to formu­ late an address to members of the senate setting forth the fact that the people o f Park county, having been deserted ly thcir-rcprcscnintivc, arei,. obliged lo. use other means to be hear«! by that bodv. There are bills jtending in the legis­ lative assembly to create a board of dental examiners, a l:«>ard of pharm­ acy. a board of charities and reforms; to establish the olllcc of commissioner of immigration, deputy state treas­ urer, deputy state auditor, two wa­ ter or irrigation commissioners and. several others. If all the bills pass' there will be few privates left, but the army of captains will pc large. Will A|»i>ljr Her«». \When news was received here this evening t hat, the house, in committee of tlie whole, had taken favorable act­ ion on tlie Fiat lic-ad county bill there was great rejoicing. In addition to the lengthy petition sent to Helena M« the whole valley has been canvassed, and «mlsidc Columbia Falls there is not the slightest oppo­ sition to tlie bill, and the taxpayers from all parts of tlic proposed new county are urging the citizens of Ka- lisp 'll to do cveiylhing puss;Ido to sc- can* its passage. Tlic only dissatis­ fied persons arc those who huv.: fail­ ed lo secure an olllcc. Pr«gross in this ncivlv (toveh pad section will |.e retarded unless haul government be given the i- Int head hy t his legislature. The business infii and lunehnian of tin: valley regard ilnse who tlie bill as «‘Meioies t«< the best inter­ ests of tills promising territory.”— Kalisp:ll special t«* the Independent. Insert the mime o f Livingston iu the place of odumbiu Falls and the special will apply to Swct-tgrasscoun­ ty. u \ti|' (« nip'iSed in part of a strip frotii the dariesand those within wiii.-ii there |>;i.,.rn ( side of Park county, the pan; arc the best prospects for settlem ent' handle of Meagher county lielow a’* and growth in the near future.\ l\-i\f »«*n miles below M:irtitis.lal«- on Now that l«;«.ks like we were going to have a good st rongcounty, but it. can I f i F O u r U f i M t e Z n v M t . V. bctlier it is «me lot «»r «ni.* timi,sand ! ua.giv.-s. : hi-; Di-trfct and town is •I.>r a < 1 — 1 . .nliiowiilie '•! crt-aci-d h r * 1' !»••< «U d lloltl t be rest «it tile p.«i- .ur.ftU. l. v.ittiu u. .tui.îMU I.) > ¡uid O.ttuty.Seal by jb e io f situated lu au independent an imptusaL-lc rang-.* of Mountains, not be so for “ fact.\ Seven says “ that the effect «»f the creation of tlic new«sounty would be to about double the burdens of the Inhabitants with­ out any material increase in their ability to bear them.” As for loosing lied Ledge, Park «•oiinty can well afford to. Tlie tax­ able wealth of Ucd Lodge is very small while the expanse, owing to its distance from tlie comity seat, is very large. By l»cing annexed to Billing« some 255 m llo «»f trav.-l to a;:c' from tludr county seat would lie saved a no their burdens would lie lessoned as well as tho burdens of tie- county to which they belong. «HEAT INOÎÎî.S’ATION. l.tvlngMlnn A li.-u-i, ( it -.. Willi i'.-w A Mortine ut Spoetai «*.i.->)i!jt_•!> le iko l‘to,s,-¡ui vi.: Uto] t lie Musselshell rivrr. It includes al­ so a large portion of tlie acres of Crow Indian reservation opened by proclamation of President Harrison October last. This cotinty i.ill differs from the other countv di­ vision measures hefore the legisla­ ture: it Is-ing modeled after tlie hill of I*s5 creating Fergus county, pro­ viding for organization after I lie next general election, at which time the officers for the new county will he elected. Big Timber is the designated county seat. I ii the opinion of Sen­ ator Hatch ami Representative Van Cit-vo whose homes are within the boundaries of Sweetgras« county | («liotild tlie hill become a law» room l was made for tlie count v by tin* i pen- lingof tin* Crow reservation. There | may. I.< wowr. la* a difference «¡fopiu- | ion com.: up from Livingston. Uu* («unity seat of Park county. Friemi.« of the Sweet grass bill sav it will be an odd proposition for Livingston to lie upon the other side of county division argument, after the long i hard contest the people H ere 51, nino.t MMii.-iii -IV <v! one blue. ■ »»«de with Gallatin for division. Corr;>»ot*. Feb. I. li'.-:;1 * * * And ''Judge Henry pr:-,id -a\ i.rd j uvitl(,,t<111 Enterprise: M , V;lV ? Cl‘ Vc,r;'l !'-:- *,‘i H« P« onk »:« the people o f Big were Hie* b.-.ianc.: of t !»e I t !«.- ,,, , | | j | v c ,.„|ncllc4 „noftller According jrs? Didn’t H- Miller au. as «l«oi-¡ keeper, Chas. Angus as lire rustier,! I».. McCicCaw iraordinary, Ally Bailey ty division scheme upon an misas- , pecting public. The onlv definite in- D. L. P M as water carrier ex-! v ! formation regarding tlie pmvisions \\B 1'- ¡«.r this latest scheine to tarnish an s«»tiicthirig md.-oDlhiaJ I o A id -r.->o.'i. •; ls„n_ . , jj i; t„ cuitaill Herald: J . li. *\V oik 1 s ron-man < f! laxaLl«* pmi»eri)— is to come fnm the Ellis sheep randi, was iu from1 Bark eounty. As tlie total assessed the Boulder Monday, lie reports [ valuation of Park e«*mu.v is only «-V tliat oil Friday last t»5(* of tlie cm-! '¡»-»bt-OO. it is difficult to figure out the ployes of Mr. Kills, went to the inotin-J valuation claimed by the promoters tain ranch to secure their best ¡'of this scheme without permitting clothes f»r the purpose ..f attending j them to encroach itpou tlie territory a dam* and found that burglars bad naturally tributary to Livingston, entered the house during their ab- and tlms seriously cripple the old sencc and carried clothing and other county and make the maimatnance goods to the amount of $ ltu Among '-f the uew county exceedingly hur- iho articles taken was a collet Hon of tiensonie to the residents of eastern English coins valued at 910 . The Park county. No doubt Big Timber burglary is supposed to have l-.ct ii is retying on a portion at least of the com ruined by hoboes. ceded Crow reservation, but as ibis Crl:;..1 !:« Mi:r.tan:i. From tiu* Ainu onda Standard we gl>*an some slut Mies regarding the number and nativity of convicts iu tlic Montnu.-i state penitentiary dur­ ing tin*year !M;2. ‘ On December 1. last, there were :)!U prisoners at Deer Lodge. Of this number HI w-r Bow (ouuty furnished most, itscoiitril'iilinn being£0. Lew­ is & Clark was second, witii 51; Cho­ tean third. ;il: Deer I.edge fourth. 2». D.i wson (-Minty sent, only one cun*, let-. Of the entire number. 12 were for­ eigners. and of t líese. Ireland con trib­ uí-.-d 2 ¡. Cam; da 2!. Germany 12 and England il. No oilier country bad in»ire Ilian live representatives at the Montana institution of labor. The American contingent amount- crl to 251. Of these New York furn­ ished -IT. or nearly one-tiffii of tlie number. Tlie other great states ranked a« follows: Illinois. Massachus­ etts and Michigan witii 17: Pennsyl­ vania and Missouri iff, California Hi, Minnesota 12. Ohio II. The “bad men from Texas\ were not very nu­ merous, ( n!y six of them being sent up. The largest number sent- up for any crime were 10Í» for burglary. »Sixty- three are serving terms for grand lar­ ceny. .Mi for murder in the second de­ gree. 22 for robbery, li) for assault to kill and 10 for manslaughter. - ----- •**>*• ... . —— At Butte, Charles Bruise shot his wife through the arm, put two bul­ lets into Waldo Whipple and then blew oat, !iis own lu-aias. Whipple can not live. Tho trouble which caused the shouting was the same old story, a woman ficserting her. hus­ band for »notIter man, who she be­ came infatuated with and a husband taking Ids revenge for the wr«>ng done him. Whipple is a song and dance man. while Bruise is a saloon­ keeper at San Francisco, to .which place lie went, a short time ago.from Mmitrc.ii. lie was a Mason in good standing, having been a member of Consort Lodge No. 52 of Montreal. Prior to marryhig Bruise, the wom­ an was an actress in San Francisco, ai.d in tite performance of-Iter pro* fc.-sional dat !(.-.•, m.-t Whipple aw! fell in love witii him. A short, time ago her husband visited Montreal, and on - Ids return to tlie coast he discoveicd ilia tliis wile liad eloped witii Whip­ ple daring Ids absence and came to Butte. He followed the guilty pair, arriving Wednesday evening. This miuT.iug lie sought them a t lliclr lodgings at. West Mercury street ami tlie tragedy followed. From letters and newspaper clippings found in Bruise's posession lie stood well iu Hie places lie had resided. He was forty- line«:years old, while Ids wife was twenty-eight.

Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 02 Feb. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.