Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, February 02, 1893, Image 3

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_ * Y* *«£='■ We extend ¡1 cordial (¡reeling to 1 muiwntcr *er*p*. Judge A. 1*. McAuncMy >ml LrUle,j (Fromthe Ruiietlnl former residents of Red Lodge, who Dentist Nicholson, of Rig Timber, h ive decided to cast I heir lot in Rig came in last night and will remain Timber and grow tip with the town.; several days (iraetieing his profession. Judge MeAnnolly ¡s an able lawjorj Rev. ,1. |‘<ip.*. of liig Timlier, held ¡ ^ 1 0 U > \ f ? A N T É E D - . V +'s LOCA LJT.A YOCT. - ; -i íP‘-’-í«'V3'r'^ - ’ Fori y*t * wo degrees below zeroTues- -'day iilght.* ''~ ' Sheriff ('onrtnv_wi[s here._>*riday front Livingston «¡n legal business. Mrs. John L. Rees is .visiting her sister, Mrs. É.' A A Vickery, at Still* water.- •• ~~ E. L. l ’cnTon has been appointed * postmaster'» t - La i: re l.~7 Yellowstone county. • • ' • - ■ .. ' D r .W . E. Alinas returned Friday from a professional trip to the Mus­ selshell country. . - --It-is stated that the Northern Pa­ reille will on March 15, again institute their double train service.____^ — A son was horn on Wednesday-Jan­ uary 25. at the home o f Mr. and Mrs. L. ¿’itzpatrleli, on the Musselshell. Mrs. W. R. Stokes returned Sunday morning from a delightful visit to friends ami relatives irf Minneapolis.* A. M.\ Ilari is Hotel Helena .Ait. in the interest county l.iii. Is registered at the Helena,' where lie is of the Sweetgrass R. K. -Fisher,' the Imlcpjmlciiee merchant, came down from that thriving burg Friday accompanied by Ills wife ant!''daughter. Notice 1h r i.;c\\ acl. of Olmstead & Rudd liairiw.iro Co. \These gentle- ' nien V. i'l liiivi: a (¡ire si«vek and should be liberally,pat ionized/-.- ■ • A sill jeet of importance to every niPiiibur nfM.ig Timber Lodge No. H9, A. O. U.,VA,,w [ll.ho del a ltd to-night. I f you ate a uirml-cr .-.tiend. ..... Frai:kAliIiss-.:ii!d :.Kd...Runnor..left here_>!«ii.i!ii.\\,fiir_ ttie boulder camp ' where' M r/1*1 iss \'hits'' purchased the saloon formc\rl.\ nm by Chris N'utson. The house of .lolin M< Clarcn was made liappy oti Friday\ morning by a 10 pound boy. All are doing well and John talks of putting up another forge in Ids blacksmith shop for the kid. . ____ ' ____________ , C. T. Rusha and .1. L. Goughr.our left here Friday morning for Helena where they will take tliclr sent* as members o f Hie House of Lords, or rather the third house o f the Mont»- mi legislature. . ‘ James S. Lee, of Melville, appeared before Hist riot Clerk J. A. Halley at Livingston, last wrote and made dec­ laration of IPs Intention to become a citizen of the At. the same time lie made tiling o f hlahome­ stead entry in Melville township. Gazette: -Wesley Kidd, one of the popular and accommodating . con­ ductors on this division of the North­ ern .Padlie. railroad after several es­ says has made a start, to Canada, his old home, where he has hopes of making a life long engagement with Mrs. Kidd who-is as yet known by some other name. The married folks will arrive at Rilling* on or before March 15. Rids are being received by Post­ master Dixon on the mall mute from Rig Timber to Independence, via Me- Lend and lllcks. a distance, of 571 miles three time!-, a week. Schedule time flfl hours. The contract Is to he from April 1. l£9.7 to July t,\'ISM.\\ As there 1« to be a large, amount o f trav­ el Into the. camp during the coming season !!, is expected that, this will lm n profitable lino and that there will he a numbe • of Udders. Tho Athletic Association Is row In good riinidngordor in !b? A.O. U. W.. hall. Their on til i was purchased last week by Jos. Humphrey, who went to for that purpose and se. cured a grout bargain. The officers of the association arc: Frank Rlisa president. A. T. Anderson secretary and C. S. Wnlbrd.-e treasurer. There Is a prod membership composed of the representative business men of the town and the association bid* fair to live long a:.d prosper. Friday morning, shortly after mid­ night. Lowistown was visited by • smother (ilsasl emits fire, which start­ ed neatly in the same quarter which dei'asled the town nearly two years ago. The lire or-.isioned a loss of over SJO.rcfl. divided as follows: Stephens S: I'nyiUs. drug srore and fixtures. j >1 , C a r s o n ec Sullivan's saloon, st» el; ai.d fixtures, over Si .(ICO: Mrs. Ande.'sou's building, $3,0(0: Y*\ G., Norman: building, jewelry stock, etc.. $2,COO; Rrnnson barber »hop. $1,- 50C: Rennett hi« cl:, 0: Minutes & Weaver, saloon fixtures, $5C0. There was coi.s’drraMe insurance on the property, yi I. «living to the fact that rates are Ugh. the building* and stocks were not insured to the fullest extent. The thermometer register«^ about fifteen hcimv during the fire, which also retarded the work of extinguish­ ment. The fire originated in the rear o f Carsou & Sullivan’« saloon. ;R . O. .S i 11 e 1 a i rs p n t ij til ic 1 n y in Liv­ ings t OII. ^ W / ll. RraTnblc visited Livingston oh Sundayv^^ — -•-/• • •;•»• , ‘ At. last Montana has experienced a regtUaFeast<rrn blizzard.'\ ' Grent preparations *aiy being miule for t lie'masquerade to bc'given lijr the pleasure chib on t he 241 1». . ■ \ Rev. Roll, of Helena,' held a'series oflnteresting lectures at the Congre­ gational church the.first of this week. ^ Should a boycott be declared by Rig Timber against Livingston it would not be ;»ery healthy or pn Stable for the citizens or merchants of the last named town.\'Would it) “ Chronicle: Ibis reported at Helena that Messrs. Hatch and'- Vah^Clevc have every hop.* nf-getting favorable action oil their bill creating Sweet- grass county, with the county seat nt liig Timber. At. Livingston the the Northrop niurder t rial returned a ver­ dict at seven o'clock j Thursday night I of murder in the second degree. Wlmn the vcrdU't was read Northrup showed no outward signs or being af­ fected a ml appeared as unconcerned as any one'in the court room. ‘ North- nip is al out 50 years of age and has resided in Montana fifteen years. - Picket: . *‘ Hnnter Rill, whose other name is Rill Nichols, Inis got a new Winchester rifle, and the bear are sure to suffer how,” said a mail who was examining a new gun in Hanley & Fleming's place Wednesday.- \You see.” he said, “ it is just this way. Rill is just In from an eleven-months* tripin the mountains, and while he knocked over many a bear, elk, sheep and mountain lion he lost almost as many on account of not having a good gun. Rut with this 55-110 he’ll fetch 'cm every time and will soon ha ve a carload to ship to the world’s fair.” . ......... Post: Rankers K. I). Kdgortnn and Win. K. Jewel), of Helena, officers of the Crevice Mountain Mining and Milling company, returned Saturday from an inspection of the company's property In the Crevice district. They made arrangements for the resump­ tion of milling operations, which have been suspended for the past two months owing to lit«; ditch conveying water to the mill having beeome till­ ed with ice. A force o f men was put to work the first of the week and ns the ditch Is cleaned out water will be turned in and it is expended that the mill will Ire started up at Its full capacity of 20 stamps within two weeks. - From the fide»title American it is learned that J. It. Todd of Glen rock, Wyn., has been awarded a patent on a new branding tool. The imple­ ment consist* of a tube with pointed end* In which slides a plunger, while there Is an adjustable gunge on the tube. The pointed end o f the tube is plunged into the animal, and then a tag previously placed in the tube is driven Inward through the tube by tl<e plunger, the tag being left in the flesh after the tube is withdrawn. The tag cannot afterwards be remov­ ed without mutilating the animal, being round in the beef only after it is marketed. Charles Gib-on and ot her members of the Ydlowsrone Park association were In Washington the past week working in (be interest, of proposed legislation. To a rrpurler Mr.Gilson said: “ There. Is a measure pending In congress of more importance than it appears. It is to authorize the an- sedation ;n erect a hotel at the upper geyseis. This will complete the ‘chain,’ as we call it , of hotels, mak­ ing it possible f«tr tourists to tarry at the most interesting portion of.the Park. Now they must push on to tiic next hotel.' The\ infiux of tourists next summer wili.’Yn consequence o f the World's Fair, l;c enormous. The association has hotels now that cover over ten acres, and it is t.hc tourists, and not the association, that will be inconvenienced by the failure o f con­ gress to pass the bill.” Kntcrprise: County Attorney Mill­ er received word last, week that Swee­ ney the slayer of Willed, at lied Lodge last, summer, has became violently in­ sane at his home in Ohio, where lie went-shortly after his discharge from custody. .The particulars are that and will soon no doubt bave :i large army ««f clients After many yoars of suffering Dan­ iel Hnivorson died, at his home, on lower Swcetgrass, on .Saturday. Jan­ uary 28, IStci,-. Mr. Halverson had.for many years made Montana liis homo and had by his patient and In iicst wavs created a large\circle 'brfi'iends who keenly fee! bis loss, ’i'lm funeral t«niki.plnec_.from.-here.,on „Tuesday, llev. pope conducting the services. ¿ Jehu U. Ramsey, win» has been con* the county-jail since last Au­ gust for assault.with intent to. mur­ der Albert Schmidt, was released last week'on $ 2.000 bail. liis boiidsuian arc It. C. Griffetb. John . I'. ' Lilly. Henry. Frank. J.t R._llathori), .tolin F. Locke, John F. Work. John Lisk. Fa y Ransom, it; M. Ferguson and A. Maiinof^ Ramsey’s case will comc-up again at the next term o f« ourt. ~ Senator Hatch has int rddiicccl a bill locating the state normal school at Livingston. . The-bill-provides that the school shall Jbc located within, a mile of the certiorate limits of Liv­ ingston! The'board of cilmathur'is to appoint n-cominittce of five who shall select, the site within.thc.limits proscribed by the bill. The slat«) hoard of education is to prescribe the course of study and have general con­ trol of the institution. Males not less than 17 years o f age. and female* not. less than is years will be admit­ ted to the Junior class, but they must, he -• recommended - by their ’ conn ty superintendent.and must declare they intend to tench in the public schools of the state. All classes will be ad­ mitted to the normal school that.arc admitted to the public schools. divineservice in the school house Tu­ esday night, and was greeted by a large audience. J. L. Goughnnur, of. Rig Timber, ivas here Monday on business before Justice .Simpson and Constable Cal­ houn in an attachment suit on the ceded strip. ' -rtTlie hearts of-Mr. aml 'Mrs. K.^ A; Vickery.were gladdened by the, arriv­ al of a their residence Tuesday. Mot her and child are\ do- inir-wcll, and Mr/V. is\expected^to survive. •• ------ - The Itio T imi uh P ionekr now comes to . us pn n te«i. on, book paper, presents\ a neat appearance typo­ graphically! its columns- well tilled with local and state news, and a good ly,sbare oLjidverttsenicnts, all of which reilects in licit credit on Kro Hatch and the town o f Rig Timber. \ TiieStl saiile wliicti has illuiuina- ted the countenance of Alex Hund­ ley f«>r the past, month was fully ac­ counted for mi Monday, upon Ids ar­ rival from Rilliiig« with'h* charming bride. Last week Mr. fluniilcy hied him away to.the-county* metropolis where bo.met Mrs.. I. IV Nagle, of Rochester N. Y.', and at once proceed- \ed io a justice l>y~whom the twain were made one. 'Mr. II. is » prosper­ ous rancher on the ceded reserve, an old tiniu.Moiitaufan, a man of stcr-_ ling qualities, and t lint he will make a model husband has been amply cv i need on a former ■- occasion r- - Wc have not the pleasure of the bride's ncqiiaiutancc, but from a causual glimpse we feci sure she is held in high esteem by her acquaintances. The Rullctiu join* with the many friends of the happy couple in wish­ ing them liuliiiiitci! connubial bliss. \VI*o 1 « It? Rozcnian CbrouR'le: It Is reported fn’ihi Livingston'that one of the ex- Gazette: The Rilliugs Roller Mill company has been incorp«>ratcd with a capital stock of $50,000. Stock is!county officers «jf Park-wcnt out of divided Into ICO shares of ?.V.;0 each] office with a large, juicy deficit, which of which $25,COO lias b^cn paid in.) his bondsmen will be called upon, to The stated object of the company is; pm. it, was to'have been expected to manufacture flour and feed suuliiu ihis particular instance\and no buy and sell real estate. Trustees for the first three months arc Christ Ye- gen, David I ’ratt, Peter Yegen, II. G. •Villiam* and George A. Griggs. Tim company have already made arrange-j ments,for the purchase of 100,00) pounds o f Dakota seed wheat-, which will be furnished to the farmers of the Yellowstone valley. Operations't«;- ward constructing a plant will lie be­ gun in a few weeks, the site not having yet been selected but which will be within the city limits and con­ venient to the railroad. one is greatly surprised. B IT S An important decision In connect ion with mining corporations has been made by Judge llallelt, of the United States district court, , nt Denver. The decision is, in brief, that, auv stockholder in a mining corporal inn ha* a right to cuter the mine and make an examination of the property to ills satisfaction. ^ The decision was made in connection .with the suit, of Ciipt. Thatcher against the Molliu Gibson Mining company, of Aspen. The Moliie Gibson lias, during the last twelve months, paid dividends amounting to $1,800,000, and the .lim­ itary dividend has been declared this year, but while this is the case, stock­ holders have tiecn compelled to blind­ ly await results, a* tlio managers re­ fused to admit any of tlie stockhold­ ers outside o f the stocKholdcrs of t lie company, while workman in the mine were sworn to absolute secrecy and a word expressed as to the condition of the mine, one way or the other, meant dismissal from the company's service. --- In the Rloom murder trial at Liv­ ingston, Tuesday, several witnesses for the defense were examined whose testimony was In substance that Gavin had been the aggressor in the trouble which lead to the shooting. At three o’clock that, afternoon the defcndciit. Rki'tii, was placed on the stand to tostliv in Ids own behalf. Rloom appeared very nervous while giving his version of the affair, font marie a good wiruess, telling his sto­ ry in a st might for ward manner. He testified Mint Gavin was the aggress­ or in the trouble that, led to the light in which the latter was shot, lie said that. Gavin kicked him several times ami followed him back into the sa­ loon. He warned Gavin that- lie trunk! kill him if lie did not let him alone. “ He kicked me once after that and I pulled my gun and fired. How many times I don't, know, as I was dazed from the effects of- the kick. I then got up and started across the street and remained in the stairway of-lolin Lily's until arrested by sher­ iff Tembletoii.” The defen.-.e resil'd at the o'clock - .Sweet cider at Kelley & Co.’s . * 2 ®Fresh oysters at Kelly & Co.'s.\ * ' Do not forget the new gnn shop.* _ Invitation cards at Kelley & Co.'s. California naval orangesat the new camiyrtore. , * Have you tried the La Fiesta cigar at Kelley & Co.'s. - - * Get, a suit of clothes at first cost of T. H. Gurney & Co. _ • Smoke the Elegant cigar for sale at the new candy store. • • Dry goods at cost at the Rig Timber Mercantile Co's., store. * A tine line of musichil instrument* Just to band at Moore & Co. * -”#1.7«'» for a heavy tin wash l^iiler ¡at tile new shop In StnbMofled block.* \The purest wines mid liquors for medicinal purposes nt Mootc & Co. * Fresh groceries received every day nt Rig Timber Mercantile Co.’s store. Ladies and children's goods lit cost at the Rig Timber Mercantile Co'*, store. - * They aro chising out dry goods at costal the Rig Timber - Mercantile Co's store. . * Ait clothing at very-low price* to close out the fine line. * T. II. G itrnf . y * Co. The best- brand* o f perfume* in the world a t, Moore A* Co. Get a hot tie of Linden Rloom. * Rargaius in overcoats and bargains in drv goods, at the Rig Timber Mer­ cantile Co.'s store. * The largest sleek of boot sand shoes in the county found at Rig Timber Mercantile Co.’s store. *... Wxiiltib Some «»lie to erect a business build­ ing to cost about ?t!00 wnich will be rented by a rc:'-ponsih|j party for one «¡r two years at good”rent. For par­ ticulars address ' . 10*t f X. Y. /!.. this office. VT:»n|«!tJ. To buy ICO head of unbroke horses, to be delivered at Rig Timber. Mont.. March 1, tfidi. For particulars, ad­ dress R iikt M a itsit, RigTiinbcr. Mont. A r«|>ulitr ViMupetitloii. Wc desire to call the attention of those who take an Interest, In llifole study, to the ixipiibir cotnpMRion of Tiio Ladles* Home Magazine, a first class illasttated magazine, published at I’ctcrshorough, Ontario. The competition is open to the world, and is free to all who care to compete. All that is necessary is to send ans­ wers to the following questions: 1. Which is the longest, hook in the New Testament? 2. Which is the sheut- cst? 3. The longest verse? 4. The shortest? Mail your answers to the Ladies’ HoTiIe Magazine, enclosing $J for six months subscription to this popular and handsomely, illustrated magazine. I f your answers aro cor* reel- yoii'are sure of a reward.\’'Th e following is the* prize- list: ' #1,UC0 in gold, $5C0 in gold, $25«) in gold, $100 In gold,, pia nos,. orga n s.gc id . watches. 2.500 elegant- tea sets, Ac. The pub­ lic may rely oii fair a'nd'square'deal­ ing, .Vs The Ladies* Home Magazine Is an old and reIiable..;oi:cein. Ad? dress. T he L apies H om e M ao A7. in ::. IVtcrshorough, Ontario. ' \ \ nMttjr'a I’innoa anil Oipn». , . lion. Daniel F. .Iteatty, the great- organ and piano nuiniifueiurer. is building and 'shipping lucre organs and pianos than .ever. In 1870 Mr. Iteatty^.left .home, a penuFiess plow hoy, and by bis indomitable^ will he has worked liis way up so as to scll so far,'nearly'100,000 of Realty's organs and-., pianos since r 1S70. _ Not hing seems to dishearten him: obstacles laid in his wav, that would 'have wrecked any ordinary man forever, lie turns to an advertisement and comes out o f it-brightcr* than ever. Ills instruments, as is well known, are very popular and are to be found In all parts o f tbc world.”- We arc in­ formed that during .the next ten years lie intends to sell 2C<),000 more of his niakc. that means a business of $20,000,000 if we average them at $100 each. It is already the largest business o f the kind in existence— Send to Daniel F* Rcatt-y, „Washing­ ton, New Jersey f«»r Catalogue. A CfaiarliliM*, M'.prr.ry. /-t'.nounerr.jf a J. , „ Doubtless the most surprising, and perhaps the most, important-, literary announcement ever made to American hook-buyers is AWcn’s edition of the Enclytloprdia• Iiritannica. for #20.00. It Is the genuine, unabridged, cloth- bound work. In large type, including over 20,500 pages and more t ban 10.GC0 illustrations, and 200 maps. -The full set is now ready for delivery. - And even this is not all: I fyou can’t spare $20.00 at one time, by paying only $1.00 extra y«»u may. thin light the Encyclopedia rritannica Cooperative Club, get the work on installment payments of only five cents a day. Surely, these most extraordinary terms ought to place this greatest, of Encyclopedias (a library . in itself means something when applied to it) in crcty home. You can get. specimen pages, with full particulars: free, ora 126-page Catalogue «if choice books in every department of literature, be­ sides, forii2-ccut stamp, by address­ ing J ohn R. A i . umn , Publisher, 57 Rose St.. New York. for arming : using Try. crackers in the oven be« ewsiony. j tu pari««..liars are iiiai ...... - - ----- ------- - --- Sweeney while playing can Is in a sa- v,«,,n Wednesday at 10:.(0 Won was suddenly seized with the hallucination that V.'illct wss pursu­ ing him with a determination to kill him. In the belief he became so vi­ olent that, it was necessary to have him adjudged insane and confined in the Ohio state asylum. It will be re­ membered that. Sweeney shot Vviliet with x Yfinchester while the latter was attempting to stab him. This is substantially the evidence brought , , Dipping sliced unions in milk be­ at night and the argument commeiic-J f,ilv ¡-n ¡;ií, tough • meat with a cut California’» Fruit Crop. $50,000.000 wort It raised this year. Do you want to know where and at what profit the golden orange is raised? Do you want to know where and what profit the unsurpassed Cali­ fornia raisin grape i* grown of the, hiscicu» peach, the loveliest prune in the world, or the inagr.ilidcntj ^ ' C1' 0r I'hlm’y grape? Do roti want, to know how to Hard boiled potato« salad. Rubbing lemon. »Steaming a-stale loaf of bread to freshen it. Heating the dry toffee before pour­ ing on the water. Rncon fat tor frying chicken ot game. Fried sweet apple* when you have A I'rr.trnt. What more delightful remem­ brance for the holiday time than a present of a year’s subscription to an illustrated , magazine?. A..-..remem­ brance freshened with each recurring month, as the uumc'nf the brought to mind by the reception of the new innjrnzhic. Not a very-, ex­ pensive present—$1.W f* r a year—blit one Hint will be remembered and ap­ preciated throughout the whole year. Not a useless present, as are too many holiday gifts, hutofsiil.-stantial value. Ily sending the name of your friend t o The A rl hitr’s N e w I lorn c M a gazi n e, Rhiiadciphia, l'a.. , with $!.0i) in cheque, postal, or express order, you can have forwarded on a «cat card to such address \as\'you may give, a re­ ceipt. giving the name and good‘.visil­ es o f the sender, if von ask to have it done when you older If. The wonderful popularity attained by Hor.ii’s Sarsaparilla Calcmlar last year, will be repeated by Nocil's Household Caleudar-Altuanae for If J».1. ju«t puplishcd. A happier com- hluattou of calendar and almanac, of beauty ami utility, of art and ¡»Ivor- tilling, has seldom hern produced. The lovely picture of “ The Young Discoverers\ lithographed in many delicate color*, will be welcome every­ where, while the p»«l is attractively printed in colors but with sharp, plain figures. Copies may hoohtaln- cd from the druggists, or l«y sending six cents in stamps for one copy, or ten <en?* for two, to C. I. Ho«-d & Co., Lowell, Mass. Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut-, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada. Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Utah and Oklahoma have thus far iiuule »<» appropriations for represcuiatiou at the world’s fair. Some of them will come'in ail right on the home stretch, however, or should. UOSPECTORSshould lake advantage of every opportunity to qualify themselves for the more success­ ful prosecution of their business; They will be better quali* fiod if they have a knowledge o f Min­ eralogy. Assaying and Economic Gc-. ology which they can obtain in The CWrcspondonc«;:' School—of'“ -Minos! Scranton. J ’a.. J IieJargest cducatioi- at institution devoted exclusively to Hie-instructloti’ of coal ami-metal in [tiers, ^irospectors. etc,... in tins wpiild. as' it has upon its rolls l,<!00 st mh-nis. -1 1 lias recent jy.cst ablistied a\ course for prospectors. 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IJfs-riniihle, ilndur tlic liriu nani,« of lli.t-erts & I! tier molile. Is tills day ilbsolvt-d l>y imitimi ron.-eni. II. Utter- im.hle will pry nil arenunts amt noies amt eol!«vt falls dm. the iato firm prior to Jan. 1st. IrJl. \Datoli Jan. 5». t«ül.l_-\ ws. h . Konr.nTH. ’ tl. CTT£u?ioin.r. i t K O n ItEWAKD wtll he pulii for tbo »¡J U W W ario*t. and oonvletion o f any person or persono In/r or tampering with t):o !•; brand on the ri/rhi hip. or (crosr.\lon lot: rlhr-wlileh Is tny privan« j.i, v«-i<y. Mar. r.t.i.i.s .I acss . is . Dated HI-- Timber. Mnnt . April IS. IS.VJ. - N otice for p i • r. ? a r a t r o s.~-r.n r.d o r lice ai Itoznnsan. Mrntat-.a. Jan. S5. ISM, XolUn Is hereby Klvrn that the* f.dlovrlnjr nameifo settlor has filed rotlce ofh ls Inten­ tion lo malto final n.-nnf In support o f Ids rlr.'.in. ami lim t.-mid prnof w||f bo made be­ fore »esister *rd »erelrer nt Bore cum. Montana, on.March P. IS j J. viz : William Van Wlnl.le; P I-. S.. ho. 1332. for tho foots 3 a t.d 4. See. 2 . Tp. 4. x. » . I«- Hast. t ■ Ilo minio : tin, loltowiuif wlt:«:t.-.cs to prove lii-i continuous icrddem-o upon ettftlvn* tini, o f said lami, viz; t-‘. E. Koon. o f lllf- Timber. Mont.. .1. r . I urrlnn-ton. A. !.. (ira- bam. t.eo. E. Simmon... of Molvllle. Mont. . K. I-‘. I'F.RIJIS, K e ister. First nub. Jan.C4. IfM. - “ h J O T lO i: FOR P f nr.h’/.'l'! of- * v lire a t. I.evlstown. Mtmiann. Jan. IO. IWJ. N o lle« ts hereby given that the lollotrlnif named se, I ler has tiled nt-tlro o f his lou-u- Uoii to mal;,» ¡Inal prool In eujipait o f Ills rliilin. and that mi in proof will do ninde be­ fore the i,-jrisif-r amt . ... enei- c f Ilio l\ S. land ofifo-o at foen-|.-;own. Montana, on Feb- ini vy -'V.I.'’..l:i, viz: t,eor;:e S. Crawford, who n ade prc-eiiipilon de.-hiraiory stalotiu-nl No. Il‘ir3. for the Nh NK i. N i. N U s « c . irl. Tp. 7. N. » . IS K. . Ik* names i.he following tvitr.esres lo prove his cool intiotis reshl-nre upon and cultiva­ tion o f said land, v iz: Fiatili S. Webster, o f V.’ lnnerook. Montana. Samm-I Webster. Mel- zer N.Steven.«. David Morning. ufSba-.viniit. Menp.hereoiiuly. Moni nor. , CIlAlH.ES A. ISt'KN, Kesrlstor. First pub. Jan. IA l=.»3. A-folAS SUMMON1:.—Ili «be justice’s emiri * - of Ria- Timber Township. County of l’urli. Slato of .Montana, be fine John K. Ilar- h.uir. jusllto of ilio paure, file-Tim b er Mer­ cantilo company, plnlr.iirr. a pa Inst F.. If. .‘•ye. def.iaila nt. 'Che siine of Montana srmlsirrretluirlo the above named defendant. Voli itix- herobj lerjniieil I-, r.pp.’ ai- In an action brnti^hi ac.tlnsi yon by the above uaiDi-d plnlniiiT in i ii*» Jic-t Ire’s court o f lllar Tlmhor township. IVuuty ul .park. Mat«» of Moni nan an.I in ans-.ver ila» compiutili ¡licit lherein. trit|il.i ten days after the, sc,-ond pnhil.-afhm of I'dssummons; that Is to say. on : tir r.ih day of February. IPXhut I oVI-wi;. p. m.. the ilrni Issued heroin barine- been ret urlimi without bolus: served. The laid »etimi I- brmurht io recover the sum of 5K5.ÒI si:esro,| to be dut> from you to *nld idainilfi' on sn nrronnt of joins and Jicrcandlae furnished by plaintiff at your j-p.»i lai I usi sure and request durili.*? I he year lei.’, as more fully appear* by I he rompialut on fio» re svi In to which von are referred. And y-ui are hereby nr.llfled that If yon fall !,» appear and answer in .-aid com phi I nl a . .-.hove rc.ulred. Judariacnl n-l!l heiender- ed r.pilnst you for--.-if..>..ih la favor of plain- sin-. nini c.c-ts o f milt «:I v«-n unilor mv hand Ibis Sili day o f Jan­ uary. a . Ih. IS.«'!. Jons E P. Mtnnrn. Justlco o f tbo Fence. n i s i pah. Jan. li. is.n. T. H. GURNEY ft 0 0 IPANT A B B KO'W L O C A T E D I N THE MILES BUILDING, . 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Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 02 Feb. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.