Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, February 02, 1893, Image 4

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Row the London J'oirnnls dii tofttly when it waa catikNl from thin alila of the Atlantic that (treat Britain wnnM Mm paît in a bimetallic«imfricnro with fbe Uniteti f.tutee and other nationo. They raid it wim not m. that Cagiani bai ne Rie for silver, and wnnM net •nadtu-mid tu moot the United Matea in s t i v e r conference. They only . proved •now that the iadiridnuln wto know least about paid Jo aut'ers are those that M n li they know the most. When the direr conference that Mr. (loschen Me assnrtd ns England will arveptiiar inri* tntlontosban* in artnally take«place, •these great newspaper* will bare «opinions, bat they will just what. riant peamnt tonUcathms. ti nd cannot da* For thin the |ml>lit thank Mr. Rlcharda. The method o f getting the raetal from «lay wan a French discovery. ami in lWi alamlnnm w it twolro dallan a pound It haa now dropped to fifty/reut« ¡1 panni. Tho neat advance. oar write» talla na, will ha main aoma time along In the neat eantnry when the met hi* b r i prora ring b bath by sodiam awl rii* tricity will be abandoned, and aomebott} will flai ont bow to obtain it directly at n canteri from t r a ta ton «anta a pimtnl fame ori tbn goni inaHtion o f tb»m*w metal am that It will not tarnisb from auphar an nilror dona, a n i will not cur rod» by tba action ori arida. An «lu adama tabearan thnonly cae that coniti he need for Bmparor Frode h ik's throat. Tba metal in only ana third as heavy as iron.. On the other bond, bowevur. it in only a third 'aaetrongaa steel, and coesenaently can aerar be aneti in U m ! paro ntntafar bride»bnildlngand weight I hearing rirnctnran. an wan onro tboagl it ram i Vilt.t're*, . etinrcn ot ttie tmroeu «t ttu* expense «t Al*it«lVX i;-fv >*(* u> v:.-*!;» the Intel (be rchonln and still give the children A minienti farm«'»« a tuppicr «mo i* that «lH»rt™dty for training in church tloc- of b i\ i::;c ii:c «ignei;!:«»'] ts of a iiH.-;h- trine*. A correspondent of the London miratitele says that the propaganda ha* lm:i 1*11:1 build liifir lio:::c:i clnstcn*:! t\ getl:ir i:i a \i!la;:i\ Ira:« which t!:cj could go « ut to t'lcirtuil in ti*«; tí**!*is.;c lo,;,cilier they i:ii;;l't th: ¡V !¡.: liille towiislii^li.ili ili'i n;-;jî<’•! so ilir.t i; eui’Id lie »wed us it ! approved tlie plan awl the pope hai con* finned it* i!<*cision. Tho eiitrri • • Vrcilge iti i lie Canada ......... ................... basine** w;r?^ introduction into tlte Uscùtòr! conci rtraom 07 «duUm££ By j Oa»taln¿-|'**— «»*«» of. a (wnlulhm do- Un* c«.oj:mi:tUc »:<>l!».«l t'mv might nlsc ^ n g Umi.^mt.jccMiythoapproval of enjoy si'li'v...!!>'*. tigi-ieU ’«trecls mid *** ,naJ^‘.v'1* »'>l* rtr.l adviser*.“ repris manV c.l tho ¡;di Mirage» of city tiro. *n ts‘|ve.of theCanadian government The \ »!!«»• «aght he built „round Ito * « • « Joatl«rh.*l to the British lega* :;.'il comer grocery, or tlie **\». •* Washington to look after tb» in. Bat noms'of iln atloya may ho* Among: tba alloy ari The decent private in the United rito*« army is a good i!«al tunee of a gent!c:;i.::i th.i.i tliedriaking.gambling. tyrantiic:i| of,Vor who undeavora to fin • great «octal gulf between them. One ari tlicsi* «Reers in » public address lata* ly went ro far out o f hi* way «s aa oQ- oar and ¡1 gentleman ns to «binder the pri­ vate soMior «n slwayn a wunw. low fal­ low. Tho fact isthat ricioaaandcriminal •baractcrs are net recruited in the Unit* a i Staten army. Very often, in n I t of pb|R«. well c l ma te. I young men. fam •raging to families of at leasts, good no­ rial standing it* tboso of the peruana who etrr.t w e r them, roliet in tha rega­ lar ranks. Tbts elaadcriag of the grand Httle r.rmy of the United State« will aot eierate in public opinimi th* an «allei •»atienten who indulga in It. A maa'e gentleirunlmod never allinea «0 brightly •a when he recogniaea the gentleman* ! in another. How 10 Mure Good Bfawnern Dor. btk ra tkiiut’andsof young people. 1 not a sn::i!l 1.umber uf old once, wish every day of their live* that they could !i::rn tlie »Tcrct of fascinating others by menu* of thrif grac?fi.!. ea- (ptfeito ti:nr.Ki*rs. Titewrrri is an open one. It ii so c.i'.'.y to learn that it lie* all neglected l:y tin* v.'tiyeide. while they who would give tin ir dearest treasore *• find it t'M-s by nnkunwing. It Is only this: Fill your heart with goni trill to uvurylsMly ntid then pcao- Meant all time* tbeiiest manner*yon bRotr. pi:rK<-n!ar!y «t home. If yon be­ gin at t !:;s,,’:::in.illg milliner will. e»to :s:('ii!;.;.et •««»*.tii-il on you u:;d never leave yn-.i. I;« just as |mtiic to yo;ir sis- tvr as you won id 1 n ynr.r itst girl. Strive to gi* i’i t' i* j,vi:d will of niothcr. father itnd iirickui*.« mid si..:cro and children ataet ly rs yon strive to gain gong will •brand. Thor;* i* »:t» far practicing mm- w*?.< like» H o home circle; no place. | mt > wit oil* to i::;y. where it will he soap prociatol. It will tie a rnUtratloa of Mart, mind nnd lusty. thi.«ew!cavor to feci mc.iiing ion for the home people iv::1 tV.nn* though they were .•< riliy of an much conslderanna at you? i:::;;d* ns if they were th* presi­ dent r:..l his f.«::.ily. »ititi-y arc worthy. Then the bone will l?<wt out •round von (-»•aw sv.-ect. mugneic Piitn- faces will draw the hearts of ail Ktautn.;'! tov...:il v .r.. for ta tba Una the field of ¡ Will I n * need ^ ««•‘ l * fatare Mr. Rich II ww| emrinnllr (Ml mew w *> Uro»r p u t M a Ml a Marron «fit «tu tohNtsriiM tnagnr«* h* w t « siii>>s i « m ■ h n h * « a a b ln(M Ut ' Uw «tualliv «d ani«* aalvamanl I n Mntl lo-eiMom ____ Moia M team Mosto « r i t* Uox iirsniMi«, boi In a lai 0»«r comMiMttnNi. «c Shall «eti bear «T K aaaam he |imlN'tr.|. m lb««iifc H I*cstiat» that new asm «ni I n - i . ih ttnnatlv kmiehl t« liabl. Tbe more csiiwlvi «N» ni par« al«NltMai Mlffmnl. s iteli lin i». •arr. to tll*MbHo«»c«|i|«>r»icii|r tN*cxp«*'i*ii «i> rrnitulnal» tb« «Mmaftorliim<r ncklnuln Osta at»«*», ( M s sta**««, ■ arvcjiirs'iii.'.irn. «mali». —rateai m»<r«aMai«.«twl ovcviniu «.1 rankt«« alsssth*«* aaNslltr 4 M mn fi.r tubi* OM* l( *rrt*l *avis*llna ev#r«ttiilti* |itnn imi ■acrr»». U hm *tfntio> IH* *ll«>» «ili I«* ih« f* a iaipsriaat factnoita sntvio« iti* piiiiiit-m Ataf iaaf «ili arvrr br tb» anlvrrNti mriid U hm tona In. bai II arili b t o lt napttlant «npts'r Ito. alar. pnw«««. brttobbto tarlai, bra»-* m-r awa aire» etri «■ «•». la a Ora >rar« b» kut tot «**«r-N arili bcanpMi il Maona tlir mia- Sfa awtat* «f rw t)tot Mflr. airi I nm i-wliitr UHM toaUrr c aro «boa tb» fcUtgu nf itti» KtoHtealb era»»»» boa tona mwphtrt) *vrii. too a *4 Ut» tratMog» orotMri «f ilM«st»mio ton (roe priapw II» **ri armai un- km. «M atoiri ani aa atte ni Hi* __ «riIhto «aorisrtal reciurr tb» tori (bal N cattorlbwn« atonMaamtoU.« •m a t towabltri. in which an ralieri from uintri moatol tertnwe ia ihnorca hue occurred la Chamhariaia. 8* D. A Mioaa Indian aaba i th* wMto maa'a jadge to ruluusc him fTOm Ma agaaw beuiuae nhu wus ¡1 iaagerooa rroama to live with. She luui attempted to Maia him with an ax Tbe judge graaio i tlw divorce. Tluit Indian has departed far. indeed, fnnn tiu- custom* ori Ms fathers. In tbe good old time be would have enatahed tho nx and brained her. and Indian public sontimeut Woo Id have fatly jaatibed him in this oCectiul method of getting n divorce. floral MM# MlgMri Doetrlnc. On* ori tho proMaaw that this country must grappls Immadiatfly la that of land irrigation or mtemaking. which over method will bring water to the ug- ricnltnrist ia the went. Uero t he riciicst » 1 « of oar enontry can Is.* grown, nud pnpaLitinu to pressing Imnl on tliclmr dera ori tbe desert. The Mormotis in Utah fonnd not how to irrigate ami bring groat crupe. Wb*t Urighitm Young and htoaUvea did other people can «to* The «ineatiim ori wb»» eholl perform the work ori irrigation to a diflknlt ami evou doageronaaaa Tbe Uniteil States gov »lament itarif cnaaot boikl awl control torigatioa works* Their construction and amiateaaaco would twiuiro n sum of money I «side which tbe appraprii- tioa* of eceu tho HUhm «foliar nuiKn::« would pule. Private corporations could bottopowleil on tnconatrwd nnd nm the work»—In their own iatevrat*. If they war» albnred todo it they w««ild pres­ ently srrnlloTr all the «rid «fates whole, w the Louiiit-uu lottery «wallowed Louis! postoliicc r.utl «'orncr ;;roccry. IMbitoliici* :::id ¡Tracery might l;c ltr»»«\!;t to the farm village By this meant, farmers tai.iilics \.v..sM alw a y s he in easy rcai 1 ; o f doctor and pre:i«'licr. nnd cor.M li.ivc. : o far r.:; their mentis wont »*pj:.irtutiiiic:i for u;< mucli1 social ploc.suie as falls to tin* lot of Hie c ity dweller* They would have a ruilraad ntution and tclegrajilt sdi o at command. M illiorniiv .foiin W. Bookwnttcr to row 1:1 Ihu'ii'ic studying the farm v^l h<go. l> mt(mis to the rys- tem on Ins o- \.1 lauds at Cookwaltor Nell. I Io\ t **• • Northern. «»! (Icorgin, r aho an enth .: t on tin* snlijoct. nnd is trying to mu ■ ! in* pcopl«* in «me «if th- counties of h ute to make tbeexperi- .tssnccccdctl in Bnp'|>*. cstH'cially iu ice nnd (»crui.nny. Bat whet tier thi 1 o f farm life to suited to the Amec iid t remains to beucen. toreri* ori their eooatry. .Mow la the time when the gradnatiag girl's liraia to racked with intensity of not ro wach atout hcr com- • about her «.toc­ ia Holland the tarn Irire Irnnu* stich derate*« to the native gin that they cun no laager be trusted to work the «witches eri railway*. In cowwitneace tbo «witch- aim bare brea «ttochargwl and switch' woatro pot lata'th e ir place*. Tlie gamro aro not droakanl*. Ti* well.. Women wero arar good at worfetnc tb* V J* **î t:.*' . *srjar.*.v.*.V!*S*NV « ..X J\ *»nv*v >vxöi_'T'' - --- i l Is ilio only line rumiing THROUGH PULLITÂN. CARS ~ --- z-J) CSTWEBN 5 >v-— C H IC A G O , \ \ '' S T . P A U L . ’ ' • M îK Î'.E A F O L Z S — ¡''à Ana Ví— lOßTHERÜ PACIFIC COASÍ T H E D I H I 1 I 6 C A R LIN E . IttidligCars0:1 nil tlirougn Trains TH E YELLOWSTOHE PARK LINE. Tlds nmrv.Mous W(IXI)KIÎI.AM) rt'ii.-li- C<l only liy tills lino. T H E P E O P L E ’ S L I N E . T«'o iKM-ptc*« lilgtiwiiy from Cidraru. Sr. I’tml. .Minm'inulls. Ilillutli ■ •i»l tVc;* Su|v:- torto tVlui'liN'ir. IlcVun. It in I«1. MK'oiiln. tojNik*m>. T*i'on.a. Kcaitlc. Port lumi timi lutavi toouud. A n Iibishcp Irol.-.ud. c.f St. Paul, for* lunlatcd a plan whereby Roman Catho­ lic children might receive education at the stale expense uud etili to brought op in t hoir religion. Tin* «mil ine of it waa that the Catholic ucliool property should le laccttc.Jîy ttirtii'd overt«»tho 11:» of j tic staie hools. tiiat the teachers in ' them sîionhl ohiaiii siaiceertilicaic:: and j ( give 1.: ü'iK'íiuu in the usual public ; .. ...... ! l.i-ciiciu'S. 'J'his l-eiug «lotio. the ! filili:.-* is .die |<| beili u.isi-cd from .‘ clami 11 tin.:* to r 'i r.c ivii.'ioas in..:rue;ion. Vhi> .:;'i‘¡iir...h id.iu would relievo the R L l ? M a f l r u j f o K b _ n ¡ ÿlèlic-r- ' |,# toiroV'. _*•» »«•\• ot Lailict. c: hewelf*« b'-tlmo\’ matMyw^auetee:!' -¡. m * *|N«‘i:)<! mo“' aitilrlns I t • - •' Ur S Miri r i paii/'ll. :• Irnwitar ílin.-.o». K to Venktii .» on. *• | : m «! j :: i «!\■ I direni«.»!. rjRf! mi nrr.irrrite,oasnuiors u ii.v .» '. ÜKüiUX cnmiCAhCO*. Patuoir, K:;u- For sale by MOOttK 4 C o . dig Tinti'i. T I E T O U l i m ' L I R E . . Tto imimlnr H up «o miel» LAKES IViul «t Ortcllc.«'«nurd* Alone. Kootensl. ClMdan Ilm Ilot «orines mid Muiiiiiulti Itcsorts ot tho N orthw e st ut<i t» ai . a s k a . M I L T ( K R E S S T E I I R S Have IMTt.t.WAN PAT.A«‘K CAIJS. MAN TnTUIHT tot.KKPtNO «C\tï#*. I’HKK r<M/>MSTHt.EKI’IN«; HAK*. TH Rul'd H TIUKHTS Are sold ¡it »Ueono'm jfTh’cst.f ilu*\ \'Ihr: I’m: I lie Knl trend to p..l-i : k N i i II i 'I m I goutté unii Vi e«!. In tl:o l'ni'.cil M •• r\ •. (.'smiita. Tl:.U' eau it ::nE6 f-tr.t- Cfficu'i'. QO-.OKKOATiONAb. _ U;:v. .1 |**ii'K. PuMor - Sci vk'i's evmy .‘liiinbty ill t ,\. >t. un ■ i::n V. u. Siir.dsy fC'iiocl.luiineiiiulciy n f!c Hie mol'Uln.'r.-ci'Vli'c. I'm y e r luceSInt; tVc:! ite.Mliiy oven! ; :. .vcrim r .......... i-ioii«,. (Jov.... .Ji'c'y. o f M ate. .. . Treasurer .... .. Attorney <»cii •Stipi. Pub. I l i s t __ A u d ito r ........................ KTIIOIUST. IVI Kuv. R. E.S'.:: t ¡!. |*n.sior. Services In rtiiliblcliuld's I-. h II every ice i.nd and fiuit’lli Tliili'.'ii:l.v nvonlng. _______ ¿ _________ J£l*lSCOI*AU llt.v. W. N. .tiiN: Keelin'. Mornlnirnml«,veiiin;.'rei'v!i'e.'. in Stulilo?- Ileld's ball bn tins llr.a Sumhi vi.i eavli tmoitli. LODSIS. -E. iïiuk.ücisï ••• . A._C „l!td hin. • • >L. l’.iiiv. m i . • • h • . \\ rigiii. •••II- •!. 1 ihslieil. •... I'.-. j\ . .Stccfc* A. It. Li.ii!;. Oonf.r.Esiouul. Senators ........... j , Rcprcaciil. in Con W ill ur 1 humas c E. Hanfíi.ís.” 1*1 V.\ I'-. W. V,. nr.u:,. Judicial. I^Ntcirrs t»K i*vTiiiAs. Itic Tivnui: I.oic;: No. ä Meet* every TncMlny ••ve»..u» st p. iu. st On site Imi 1 bunk lutgiilic. FKA\'K f.t.lSS. (♦ . O REX. î l . M.IEI.HK. K. »I «•*. h nil S. A «. it. w. „.iv-.. llin T isin n u I. ‘m o :: No. * i <.77 *: M e tlsevery Tliili'-ih'.» eve»In;.-In : tu-tcl-all oil Kil'Sl avellile. VNIHii;: ii'etlicl'iivurilliil ly Invited In »'.lend. \\ :.i. i.i.'ini !.!,. ■■ ’ ti.s- K. n.uiiuini. 1!< I'. M. V. !.. 1*4 Clsier J u A k o ......... IV. V. IVmbci ion- Asso. Just .............. M''* Unnwiml. i » . » . It.:’». 111. Clerk Sup. Court ......... lu-iij. \\ t;i,si Perk Oeuuijr OJucus. District Jiulgc .............. Frank Henry Slw iiir.. . . . . . . . . . . . , Jnlui M. Omiu*,'. Clerk and llett.rder ...... chas. Angus Treasurer..................\\ L. l*. m , < u U.' County A i t ’y ................... II. j . Mill,]'. Clerk of Cuit. I ....... J iiiiick .A. Jiuil.-v. Co.Siipt. of hVhu«ils..Miss..|. U. Ji'.th’.r*’ Cnuniy P liy s ............ Hr. C. H. \. e!h;’ Cnroncr ....................... V,. !.. 'siui.vK Pub. Aiitiiiiiislinter... .Survey« r .......... \ Assessor ................. Co. Commi.:..., A: V. ii II il. A |. . i . ( ! ! Hi No. No. : V ^ P P if i M 1 i . a - J i r t e M m f-■ - * v ‘ y d bn., inrh'.-.l f Í ir 1 \ ' ire '<v. 1 ‘ . / ía r.i- v fij'imn suf: -'-ratr ¡alM tttl , C m î ci: t [*it C l ..vCbcsts MkVI tsaastoasaaa l a u s s B Pcniumtisr, h n nrv.- Í ro.i ( nisr.t ; yon tr.he I'-J eiK'.jn i s ¡ i (» nn ym only pay for tlie tieiS'MltM Min reecho, ferjuur H'.«noy is im»- llivoly i eiV.'.K'.i'i’, if ¡run are » ot eure« ! nlv.'.'iyr toy it of cur ::a!lior-\il neri I« vdieru you viti iih'.'iiyn km |i¡« ks < chiù .inicio urti a ennmnti’e. (1 in-rbnsiC for f:>; cent by Mail, irj t u f ter KUieilo. JO H iïSO iï’Q iilîIE K T A I / S O A P Wt'dîi'lunt »«J Toilet pl..iud 1 nitro y* bo ue»l .:« ilio lrc:;ti::«\it of »’lies. « twain, nnd -ill t.iIlt!m::;ni(i:::¡o!nd«.i\.3;itl«iiNofilinttkkik It brc'i; lii^idy iuci K.' i toil nnd (Vrr«l».K'«t tunic s it th« i::ojt o::quÍ 3 Íto T allet end Z*Utb ;ou;i :t:>\v :u use, 7 UZ i P A r■ G G S LIVER PELLETS >teve:it <'o:• Rï ; 11 ~.r. m:d »'llr* corn filili UcnilariiC io.tiu (ly. t::¡:d!, cany to tnko. otu- ’’illiitioau. f.J j . ( 6 ) •’ll Muoio f. i II. Ill'll» Thither. M ■. : 11.11 it. Moie A go ! Is. biff Do you want to-«— Make a Fortune? Do von wt.nt to— Mak# It Quickly? Do you want to—— 'r-:< sf 7 <*tó- T îjifli'1» 'Fili'■ ,' 7 <rA 5 vT Sciontiiìa AracrlcûO /^C 3 cy h r A.» r ce i.-» lh..l *.f T 1 -»:nn* Curi. 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Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 02 Feb. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.