Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, February 09, 1893, Image 4

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At NIGHTTIME. « • «noth* t!i«* child tor «nm* « ii M w H i i |l!,.;ii»Urti. Till aii'M l riTmutrih-thM » ,<T»«i»f«li to wee* “ToRHirniw—«mly well until loiw n u w - After J»u *le«'|i. * No « • are wnibnl with mlrmn dreams t l licavcn. When earthly day» nit further eolee« keeps .Mope telle u* there elmll be a linpi>y morrow- Afler weelet'tt. •Anna It. Aldrleli In NewOrleana I’leayuai JIACHKIiOlt BARTON. When vre were Bret tn:irriud we Bought • little cottage in tlie midst of tt pretty garden—a cottage that had just four room* and a garret in all. but we want* ad bo more. “ Once the property of the lute Mu* Haney Free.“ tha real ratal* dealer naid la his ciruuhir. Wa did not think innch about Mis* Free, however, only that her old rash- toned fnmiturc—just what every one waa going wild over—went with the bonne. Mid that wa conld make tt the prettiest little neat in the world. Wo were beginning the world. Why should we think of those who had done with tt? Why should Jack and Lottie Deane. Jnat inarrird. ask what had been tha hopes and grief* of Nancy Free, spinster, some time dmdl We live for ourselves in this world. Jack bought the honse; we moved in. The place had been very carefully kept clean by the agent, and I began to ar­ range and rearrange, to tie riblam bows on chair», to 1 *op fresh unudiu curtains at the window panes, to fill the old china eases with fiowi-r*. thinking o f Jack the wliila, as a bride would be apt to do, when looking ont o f the window I saw n quaint old figure coming up the road —that o f a tnan very old in years, and who had not changed hi* garb with the fhehlous of the times. fits bat had a loll crown and rolling flm; his collar and coat and neckerchief were o f the sort we see in onr grand­ fathers' portraits. I had had him point­ ed ont to me ns “ Uachelor Barton,“ and been told that ho was rich and of a good eld family, and had once been disap­ pointed In love. (hid myself behind the curtain and watched him curiously as he came on, wondering if he were ‘ouce a Imiulnoiu« young fellow like uiy Jack, and if he bad loveil some ono as Jack loved me. and bow it was that youth could change to age and golden locks to gray, aud why it need to be. when to iny surprise ho paused at the gate of my garden and entered. Perhaps hi» old fashioned politeness led him to call npon the “ strangers,” after the good old custom ho rapidly dying out. A moment more uiy lit tie maid brought me his curd, and with a glance at the mirror, I hurried down to greet him. Close tit h:ind Uachelor Barton was older than lie had seemed from tny upper window, aud frailer, but his face hud « sweet expression still. “ Pardon my intrusion, tnudatn,” be •aid. “ 1 saw the honse o|ten for the first timo for year» and could not retrain m.VRelf from approaching the door. 1 knew it well in bygone days, when Miss Nancy Free and her mother lived here, lcaino hero often then. 1 was a very intiimito friend. I wanted to sec tlio dear old room* cnco again. Miss Free wo# eighty when she «lied; I am eighty- live. Blit we were very young people when we first met—twenty-one and twenty-six. Von think me an eccentric old creature no doubt, but I want to sen the honse once liefore I die, for old tituea* sake.\ “ Come in. *ir,” 1 said. “ 1 shall be bappy to «liow yon every corner of it. 1 think 1 understand\— “ As young people understand auch things.\ he said. “ Happily they can­ not quite know how the old feel. Not quite—not unite.\ fie held his quaint old hut in iiis hand as be spoke, and gave me a sad smile that drew hi» face into a huudred tiny crow'* feet, and as I motioned the wav, he followed me into our little parlor and eat down. “ Nothing altered,\ he said. “ This ia old Mrs. Free's fumitniv. that had been her grandmother's iu Revolutionary days. They say it is the fad of the time to buy it up or have imitation* of it The brass andiron*, tbe «hovel* and tongs, tlio carved clmir*. tbe escritoire —1 remember them nil. This i* a Turk­ ish c.irjict— there are hardly any of them to be found now. Yes, Mrs. Free •St here, and Nancy play«»! the guitar, and 1 sung—you would not think that I •nag—or. I re mew tier, she worked ut her tambour frame while I read aloud bom the poets.” He moved hi* head «lowly about noting every tletail—the ¡«acock feather fan*, tlie cut gloss decanters and glotmes. tha painted china in the corner cup board, the foi.isitHil like a melon, thr lauipiuui like u h i m *. Noiliiug find worn •at or grown «nanny iu tlie spinster'*1 little home. “ Once.\ ne said, “ Miss Nancy «at foe S minature to a ¡siinter then well known. It wa* a «pvuuiiig likeness. Does it by •banco romum iu tlie bouse?\ “ 1 lliiulc i< does,\ I said. “ The heir. • nephew, a rich mail, wihi live* in New OtlaiH, wrote «truer* tuat tlie bouse Should he mii ;1 wua ad us lietoiigiug*. •ml 1 viim* urn mmiuiurw yon mean ia here.' I went to tlie escritoire and drew from •no o i inn drawer* tun likenes* «if a laay painted ou ivory Mint set iu n uurrww gold fr.imc. I doubt if it really resem­ bled auy nuilg iteliig. it was a U-auiiiui doll, nil pink and white, wua kiue eyes, little brown curl* penciled oa the torehead and • white M il about tiic ucck. but aa I pat it into the baud* of Bachelor Barton be gazed npon it wiiu rupinre. “ Miss Nancy'* very self,\ be «aid. \as aha uppe.tre I at twenty-two. Then) are M such women uow.” He paused, and with a low Low, added. “ With tbo ax- caption of tlie fair liuly in whose pres- •nee 1 now staud.” I conrtesied. I hope I did it pro|ierly. It scciaed the only thing to do under the •ircu instances. After this I begged the old gentleman to visit any portion of tbo hou*i and ground* he pleased, and when he went away presented him with M in Nancy's miniature, for which be kissed my band. nova m ms oay n turn o f tin* tnv.t water, and innch admlrwl by tlm ladies; but ho Was too modest to W»y outright. But at all event* «he would not forgive him. She refused him the miniature which hud been painted for him; she took hack her lock o f hair and sent him hack his letter*, mid iu all sort* of wav* wreaked vengeance npon him for his evil «lo- ing. Yet 1 believe «he intended to re­ lent and forgive; and he also thought««». I mu sure. He made every possible a|>olog.v mid overture, lmt she yielded not one inch. At Inst lur mother died. That great sorrow, it seetued to him, must bow her I pride, iiiul she must more thnu-evor need n comforter, a consoler, a protector. If a man will l«*nd yon five dollars and «ill keep to in,it-* If matter that yon tell him in cnnihltaiii-o. tic is your friend A ter iu ike Chicago Herald seeds ant u wail >f letiging |rr the chlttaN gi>K But the girl* we bars on harol now are pretty uiee. Tim Day* »V lion Wo Worn Monkeys. A l.muton »dentific gentleman. Dr. Louis ItoliiiiKo». ho* ticcn making some curious experiment* wliich begin at the nursery end of human lifo. Ho has 1 summed up his investigation* in an article entitled • Darwinism in tha Allowing time* for the first hurst of! Nursery.\ grief, ho wro*e to her. asking her to re-1 tions and ply, whatever her fiat might be, begging her to forgive him, and once more prom­ ise to be Id* wife. “ She never answered me.” he said. “ She never gave me one word in reply.” It was ou my tangne to say «lie had been very* vindictive, bat 1 saw that that lie concludes that tbe sc* vivai sound* of newborn infants give additional evidence in fa­ vor of the theory that man is descended from a simian ancestry. For instane* when a baity says “goo. goo.\ it! In merely giving utterance to nome ids- nant* of tlie monkey tangne. If tt* Would not do. Miss Nancy was tuinti l ! nnrther wa* today a monkey Instead of In hi* memory, and conld be suspects ! of no wrong whatever. “ I erred beyond forgiveness, sweet angel.” he said—“ I erred beyond for­ giveness;” and Bachelor Barto.t conld not have been moved from tlii* opinion by the whisper o f an angel. # \ * \ ' \ * • » * “ Anntie,*' cried my little nephew, \there's something in the crow** nest.” I was sitting in the garden and the Voice sounded above my head. 1 looked np with a start. In tlie road outside arose a tall pole, and from time imme­ morial u great crow**« nest had crowned it. How little Billy had managed tc leach its a|tex I cannot «ay. but there lie wa*. and speechless with horror 1 could only implore him. In dmub show, to de­ scend. fie answered with a luitgh, flung soiuo- thing to the ground and canto Eliding down after it. “ Yon nunghty boy!” I cried, as I caught him in tny anus. “ It's not u bit like a nest, auutkC he •aid. “ It’s alt ngty and ninthly. There were some feather* in it, black, awl there was a «lead bird, nnd there was that cap—a «¡neer cap. I never satv such n funny thing.” He picked from the grass tlio object he had cast down. It looked like a crushed leather box. and had been melt­ ed by the snn and soaked by the rain until it was shapeless; but it certaiuly proved to lie a queer, old fashioned cap. with a peak and lined with oiled silk, mid ns Billy tossed it about and turned it inside out, a square, white package dropped from some secret spot beneath this lining, which laid kept it, from de­ struction mlown the year*. Long years they must have been, for the letter had Ivon written before the day* when envelope* were used, wiv curiously folded and sealed with a large seal on which wo* tho letter “ F.\ It whs addressed in u delicate, running Lund, to “ Alwyn Burton, Esq., The Oak*.\ etc. Ill fact it had evidently bt.-on intended for the old gentleman we called Bachelor Burton, aud to him I ut onco dispatched it with a note of expla­ nation. Hi* answer was a n»|ue*t that 1 and my husband would do him the honor oi calling, ns Mr. Bartoa wa* timvcll aud there wu* much to explain. And oi course we went. Bachelor Bartou, bolstered up with pillows, lay upon n lounge, ¡Mile a* yel­ low wax. his eye* shining under hi* gru) brows, “ Dear friend*, you have told me that the letter you sent lue was iu the liuiug of an old leather cup in the crow’s nest,\ lie said. “ I teuieiulier seeing iu« cap thrown away. Mi** Free'* little negro servaut, Cato, wore it. A car­ penter who was mending the burn had snstchetl tt and Bung it in the air. At* patently it never cauie down again. It was searched for. and I watched the search from tlie window, but never dreamed that it was ill the nest. The cup wo« old. Cato had a new one. und that wa* tlie end of it. But now | re­ member tlust in that oiled «ilk lining the l«iy put any letter* with which he wa* sent to the poHtofitce. in order to keep them clean. I think it was made with a sort o f pocket on purpose, and iu that lining this letter hod started on it« way to me. when a rnde jest ended my hope* of happiness for life. Cato forgot or never told the fact of it* being unde­ livered. “ Tlie letter, dear friends, was an an­ swer to my prayer for Mi** Nancy Free*« pardon—a lieanlifnl, forgiving, angelic reply. Had I received it I should have fiown ta her. Hhe «hoitld have been my bride. These lonely years would have been gladsome. I might not have U-cu tlio last leaf on n withered branch. “ It wa* fated not to be. 1 trust she did not suffer also. 1—1 fear that i* possible. Ilow discourteous «he must have deemed m*. I never dreamed she bad written. I\— He paused. Tears filled bis eyes. “ I am sorry.\ I began. “ Don't say yon are sorry yon found it!” Bachelor Barton cried. **|f I wa» I fooli*h enough ta faint when the irailil burst npon me. I still rejoice. Up tiierej I think «be waits for me— there, where| the truth is manifest without words: •ml I thank yon—oh. so much!” We staid with liim a little longer, and lie talked to usof Nancy and vl:| tiiui-s. When I left him be kissed luy 9 laud. 15 lie died that night, and the letter aud | Miss Nancy’s miniature repose upon i:i«, 2 •josoui.—Mary ffyle Dallas in 5suus\,;.r Night. merely tlie descendant of a monkey she would know just what the word \goo\ meant. But the dm-tor find* tho mast remark­ able circumstantial evidence in the tre­ mendous grip o f a baby’» hand compared to the diminutive size o f its body. Any healthy baby o f no more than two hoars old ran support tbe weight of it* body ny elingitig to the limb of n tree. Or. Koliertsott has experimented with ISO Healthy tables, ranging from two boar* to several days old. and in only two case* have the tahies failed to hang by their hands to u stick or branch for from teu seconds to two ruinate* and a half. This, in fact, would Iw a good test o f as j infant’s robustness. To the doctor** mind this fact point* dearly to a survival o f the «lays when all mankind were monkeys and swung toy their hands from limb to limb o f • tree, from the oldest to tlie youngest* as easily a* a fly walks on tho coiling- h some ways we have lost as much M WO have gained by civilization. Between the agra o f twenty and forty« prisoners di* of onuso u n i on orach mora rapidly than people outside of coatto* ment, bat whether this is owing to tha Confinement or to the previous lives of tbe convict* is not clear. Few criminals of any kind live to be old men. K P f i O I F i e H . f i . Is tlio only Uns running THROUGH PULLMAN CARS An English scientist, Mr. William B. Tegetneier, has written n pamphlet on “ Seal Life in Behring Sea.” In this b* favors strongly the ground taken by the Uuited States for the protection o f the seals from extinction. A copy of tbe pamphlet has been sent to every mem­ ber of the bon«» of commons. Ptob ably, tbe mind of tbe nations gencratl\ |--------------------------------- to by this time nude up that the seMs f {{ E 01 I IMG CAR LIME. must be prraervetL The main question the arbitration commission to likely to solve will be to decide on tbe best IB « * 1 me* for sock preservation. ---- rJ? ■■TNIIN A-V --- C H IC A G O , S T . P A U L , M I N N E A P O L I S ---- *-•? ANO S'* ---- MORTHERH PACIFIC COAST POUTS. ninth*Cars<m all tbrunjrn Train* The Uuiversoltot denomination now ho* forty regularly ordained woman ministers. Tbe Unitarian Robert Coll- yer said to • female preacher who had just been ordained in bis denomination, \Stay there, my young woman; don't more until you have proved, as yon can, that tbe ministry to a* mack a woman's work M * ¡ T H E YELLOWSTOIE PAU LUE. I This tusrvninus WONDERLAND reach­ ed only by till« line. DIRECTORY flHUIOHB. State Officers. QONGKKG ATION A ta Ksv. J. Pars, fiistor. Services every Sunday at 10:3* a . m . sat Tito r. M. Sunday School Immediately after tlie morning service. Prayer rue-tin* Wed- nesttay evenings. ETHODIST. M Kev. R. E. S mith , Pastor. Services In Stubble Held's hull every sec oud end fourth Thursday evening. TIE F I S r i E ' S I I I B . ÄS*# Iurta Winnipeg. Helen«. Hutte. M I«ouls, Spokane. Tacón is. Seattle. Portland end Puget Hound. lESMUTS FKKfl FEMALE PILLS» ways, rostes am wnwmm gmdumfirtstoséwff- H i l l s ' s faesch Fe a r g t f x w s s v B s r v a hsreatvra tmUaoniih tran i i|W*es*ecsMi¡t. e* e tract*» attintili» ‘ 'ee. Air iatswdiate -*BS£S;tt arm e bos, with dWvtilieSi visa sn»rs*niiTM ,oesecstors lutrAtiexa U M H IN C U B IC A L Cth. Bmaorr, Mien Per « e l e by MOORK A C O , fH*Tim b er. L*' j. - li-J Df?. ______ ¡ns'.ead r<f ii • ing to tne door gasp* r .2 f ir l ;i, si-cifins as if each ______ ___ ■»ne v.-ov'.J isi' n a v e fira’W ■ ■ ■ ■ » ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ r a r a H U :n!, ; j t . . . C AsibaiaifiM when the spasm Is broken, the breathing becomes . r . - . „ s r - i f n n i-.-! of nnrcvhad tinioosed the iron grasp of the fingers ? *i i '*:¡ -st r oment r f vm.r life will toe when voti have used g flew N ttlM -, ;.o ; ! • : ; • . ] a n d it has cured you of W g % B f i A.iliim.'., ii'o ntail to aneflsihma suffire triét raffi» ■ ■ I f f ■ ■ ■ ■ IMI H Dr. Tan Bros. M. Ce.. aodwaltriRiV r JAPAKE 0 S Rçon-mbor, i i n a s t r trenti chañe««« i.i bayirg sa C U R B intHwat t roe tabs m ro« eeir * s r l< * tb* croar Mea ry h u a . JOHNSON’S O R IE N T A L SO A P Medicinal nnd T e flet thoeM always hs aaed ■a ilintri-.-itm'-Kt of Ptlee, I'rarsm. aed.-iU »■llwmmerleMunndcnipet— «ftbejtlilm It bvitiR ,lii«lily medic ted and.fierram^ mnki f, it tlio most exqubite TeUetaed mMh eiiip now in naew THE JAPAN ISff LIVffN P ffU A T S ?rcvi*nt f s s s t l y s t h a and F i lm , ears Mtek ll^ail^be iiii-tni lly- uosU, met ta take, mm ,JiU a d o »c. EOI’ i U se S c . ( • ) wire Sc Co.. Druggists. Tim ber, Mutilans. Sols Atout*. Big Do you want Make a Fortune? Do you want to— Make it Quickly? Do you want to— 2 N 1 R B S T tanni drralsMfla of: fc-vusui.-ttJi, M l McsaSaariKsw o*aoe««w,^»saaow.., *«::s tabuix » t«ndystiavt«>Biad>, S t i r a t ó i « » »auMr f?r liúlaamn^ytm^e S 4t k'oul i*rc.iu»« lùRiUfiiie, lirtrtlNTn, u KiJ'dAi-iaurtFa f'y V'dAi-iaUrtFa Iii*f témlleN, Df Afifwiitüs L«.u J AVT^rmtofi. purcr . ___ KtJf'y V livcrlto u L M T>.-< î a cf ArDcUttfs AVrfrmlofic. fijinpcg. , KgîtioiSLA»! ■ \ ■ - 1 RlirsiDiNtit» tl«m. à'in:;«ta»' to tlio livad. p’cslon. S e l l IICAd. S c r o f • , udir. Skin l»iP ^loniacli.Tircd lin t « L’k m anil t'Tcry ott»- • --- ™ ---- - --- IrmPt I X ImpurrMoodorfifNiInrotfiUi'* , I • mwT of tiw-if iinutfliN toON lOétiki ai S intt'4'itc«, hiMwagrlvffi(• mi'iirMlN BllGtOnrL ■ SawVsSÜh '’ S s W * 0 Inte-t-nc*. r,Tvm fivr-n t. nvr«rt!|WMf_l.i. «■lit\ tty falcine .*n* «nlmlr p f . i - * . « SM I A ,',:Mliut’il *i—i *,f the |lli*nn 1 »lf cure for ^i,-tinnii» cnn.tif<«»nn. IS fy «sst»ln )l*»thins that cnn I » Inlurlim. O» « « • OH>Mdra- ,T,tc. I ieri»* -- U p « « « A M I S I « <ff-. 1 »1 cm*, ia • « , « . ¿ « i t . W J l 'l i l l . M Î S t l î 'j ' AtM.-i-K T-iB itii-As* cuioncAi. v u iria r. o. toxC.’i New tuifc. • r c»eoea<‘!'..-.ç.aa«waaeoi One o f tbe mint important w-ts «>f the Aiiit-ru-un Federatimi o f Lui* »rut ir» late cmiventhm was ta remove the Imycoit fpnui Milwaukee beer. •tawling at • lang «listone* and tuaebing fijr tngers as tboogb they war* sacrai Wa talked him ovar at tan tima, Jack The in«*»t pitiable and nnhappyper- son «live i* the nae who has n<» tv»rk to to All Lis powers run to «veil and ha bemues bay. aimless and worthless. When Chicago people pay np the con- 1 tributioa land for the snpprv«*iou «if | snatchy by the polk« then anarchy i* 'dead. S i t when the fond stop* tin- scaly monstar comes to life and rears j hb horrid front again. 8© 'tfa said, t i«;> Rbatrne? i For a century, tlii* Jane. Kentucky has been one o f tbo sisterhood of state» in tho American Union. May 1SIK) find her still on* o f the sovereign Uni:«] States, with tbn Blue Grass girls ;i::il Bine Grass liva stock aa famous IVr 3STE3W L I F E - ..'i \ — I f you want t t Make a Fortune, — I f you want to Make it Quickly, ——If vou want to i n ia InTsat from $100 to $500 —-aw— R e a l E s t a t e BiUUi lm . K. C. WT-ST S Nt'.KVF. AND DRAIN T K K A T M K N T .a ••»pi-rill».- f«>r H y steria. IM*- /ir:.’->. l it-. Xeuraurlu. Ilenda^lic. Nervini» «-■ '•»’•tiiiiliiii vnitMMl by alcohol or tobaceu, Wn’i.Hiilm-.»-. Mi-litui IVpní-»>lon.Soriciiiiur o f 11 1 :« I ti. can-luir In - a n lly. nilsery. ilcvuy. <u-:i : li. l-n-m.-i! ni ••«>l«l Ape- llarn-m icss. Ixfs* »•i r.twt t lii «-11lit-r M-r. lm|Hif«-ncy. I.m-or- rlni-ii nini .ili remale «reakne*-«*. Involun- titrv l,i>»-i.--. H|H-rtmilorrliu-a caiM 'il b y »ver tw.-Yiioit o f lim ili. Hvlf-nlmse. »ver-lndiil- pi-.,-»*. A tiKinlli'- tri-u tn ien t.ll.S fo r g i. Iiy inaiI. M'v irimmntcì- -Ix ln-xi'slociire. 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D I I L T E X P R E S S T R A I R S Have ITI.I.MAN M U C K CARH. TOLL­ MAN TOTRIHT HI.KKI’INO CARA. FREE CULON IHT HI.EEPI Ntl CAR*. TIIKUl’Cill TICKET» A i * « old ataBcoiipon 3ffh>*of the Norttwrn Pscldc RailMad to pulntu North, Esst. Mouth and Want. In tint United H i»'** or Canada. T im . a«hm l*l*. bast soniti. No. t. Allanóle Kxprr** ......... No. . 19 . W a y F r e i g h t ................ want stoi-sn. No. 3 . Pai-IAc Kxpres*........... No. . 1 «. W a y F r e ig h t ............... F ó r r a le» , map*, tim e tn h le» » rspecial In- form sihiii «only t» sge» t. N o riliem Fseltte R. R. s i ItlgT lñ ih e r or CHAH. S. FF.F. G e u 'l l*a*R. a n d T icket A g e n t. HI. Paul.M in. . S.-W p. m. .11:119 a. m . «:£ s. ai. . :t;90 p.m . WISCONSIN CENTRAL LIRES. (Roitham Phdflo B. X. Oa» Leene.) T*»o Thruagh Train* Dally. l-’.t.'itim l.ïipm hU.iiini l.fitipm 7 . 15 a m 7.15pm 4.15pm 7.35pm »..Kam l f.vM InneapolUA I.V...HI. h n i l . . A L v ...D ii I iii |...A i L v ... 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I^ M O H T S OF PYTHIAS. M«*le every Tuwdey *Wh.*g *t 7:*). p. ta. *4 Chati* h*IL hank hwIMIng. FR AN K BLISS. C .O BEN. M. SUELDE. K. ot B. Md f.. O. IT. W. ~ Rio Tinas* Louas N». m ñ Mee t»every Thsraday evening in their hall on First avenue. Visiting bretlierncordial­ ly Invited to attend. Wn. LioPKLu J o s s E. B s s a o i’s, Recorder. M. B . B IU TIMBER DIVISION No.«. Uniform Rank Knight* of Pythias. Meets drat Thursday in e*ch month at o'clock p. m. In K. of P. Hall. J. K Rgss. H. K. Captai*. II. O. Ksuaiatt, Recorder. Chief Justice ........ W. Y . lV-inlM-rtoii Asso. Just » j )-* ^ * llarwotHl. A U n ............. ) IV. Jl. Dc-Witt. Clerk Sup. Court ........ Bettj. Webster. Pub Ooantj Offioets. District Judge ............. Frank Henry Sheriff .................... John $1. Conrow. Clerk und Recorder ....... Chu*. Angus. Treasurer.. . .......... W. L. 1*. MeC'aw County A t t ’y ................. II. J. Miller. Clerk o f Court.......Janie*.A. Bailey. Co Supt. of Schools. .Miss. 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REPRESENTS THE NUMBER OF PAPERS ISSUED BY TH E BIG TIMBER PIONEER DURING T H E PAST YEAR. j 1 5 1 , 3 8 0 f REPRESENTS D m Pnplt Wbt Bead Thci • M ffo s y m ir s t M f i t l i s p | f i| illf l? M i m v t v t e a t r a i a * u s a n t a s t a i ? ELECTRIC BELT tmplete L ____ physicians, made into a B e lt, so as to be e a sily worn d u ring w o rk , o r a t re s t I t gives soothing; prolonged currents, which can be canted to any p a rt o f the body where there is paia, and w ill g ive instant re lie f, as E le c tric ity permeates the c stJre a y it — w ith a n a tu ra l, g tO fila g fcefft, rejuvenating every weak organ o r part e f the body. T H U B M IB B O O T A OKBTLffM ffB W M T B I IA B R B A C B A S B U M B V I JL T. Kfifi.lafi. IiffiF »irp-I/fifil U w 4 r f I «t your Ntndrffal Klwtric M l I iim 4 'iM fill : «•noi urna» hu i I mo*t « r n a d i ; r cnmi #ro:r. 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Ornr «tri- 1 »»mr •ti.tth^'lttw tnnlSH*lV»aabt»f ; ti *an:o t a - ranntli* • < » ii»*.l<>n« •»• t«t » t «» m J, » » 4 I »•■ wall -a n « * » * «rhs • 1 1 i¡..cttholi»:is»riJ»»»»t»»t»oltih»ii»tte. I l l w U . libneSeae llr»»a i*4 - >oo. l Voartt ul». Y. B. rEhKT. r. H e n d í « '* K lorlrh i Beta W illi fi S S ? J 3 ^ á S fr a r » mrw trat?. >ir »hat a»«l •»•( I w>al'4 iti-JsSi.!*.« n o t i« «tittirn* c::i. •m á *lj4o¿|w t M h » h : l « f n c t I am .nn<«r It. ÄI.HKKT MFkRh, FroriKiurt niou lie::!. H u n r s v e u R B n a x e u e n . S n. S. T.ffaoil»*. D»«r Slrr-ln»»-' W i n ( L ---- -------------- ----- I bud tt-on m tTirtkt»» ai«l»tltO>«t at ar « Wi»rt|-»»I« 1 of jr.’tr «.It i «r« Iin-aii» rhwa4««hBV»1h»t»»mn»»wtl.alr alMt>m r »Ult th-» ho-n not relora«l nlLca. ■«41 »ral-Mrthat I m am voir «•»«* » f »I hw - . B ro— W toi oeo. H AHMONO, CO Filmerò ritreat. 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Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 09 Feb. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.