Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, June 08, 1893, Image 1

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/ * i < ? ? * * * V O I i . I I I . B IG T IM B E R , M O N T A N A . T H U R S D A Y , J U N E 8, 1893. j . E M artin , President. W. L. ' N O . 29 J uakes , Vice President. J* A. H all , C ashier. 9 9 3 0 9 9 f J A T lO N A L D A N K , * W 0 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 9 9 8 9 A j ¿ Q Q t e Q SÏG - TIMBER, MONTANA, NEIGUB O tHO OD MOTES. Interesting Capitai $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 . 0 ' o DIRECTORS: J-. È . M X i t T i x , W. L. Su a n k s , C. T. U ùsiia , j. a •ios. D. R advokd , G eo . M. IT ; » r n H a l l , T iios . K. L e e . Generiti bunking business tmnsticted. ‘mnd domestic exchange bought and sold, to. Correspondence invited. Interest allowed on time Uopo Collections on all points pro, jits. Foreign Aptly attended T h e ' O l m s t e a d r < £ > . Have opened their new stoic with a nc B u d d H a r d w a r e Company. «•■•«•»••••••■% O S ' a and complete stock g e n e r a l h a r d w a r e A X SX3 ^ ! ,il soon have a large con jpjcte and well assorted line of BAIN W A G O N S , W AGON SH E E T S , T E N T S Crown Mowers, Tiger and Royal Rakes, Riding anu Walking Plows, Disc Harrows, Mining Supplies and G-lidden Wire. H T T J U B L E F I E L D b u i l d i n g , b i g t i m b e r . DIALIN IN L U M B E R A N D B U I L D I N G B A L E D H A Y A N D G B A IN . TTa-rds o n P r c a 1. S i r BIG T IM B E R , MONTANA. J O S . R E E D , P r o p . M kwly B uilt and N ewly j ( * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * yfc ^ J Now serve« all meals on the * I Bin»fp«»u 4 CinsisteB. Ftm.isH.oï - e MS- ? i— s—* Burl by U h D ij , V m I of loitfc. * $ at reasonable rates. £ B est H otel in T own . ************************* C ob . M c L eod S t . and S econd A v e . BIG TIMBER, MONT. BEASLEY & LEE. L i v e S t o c k a n d R e a l E s t a t e COMMISSION MERCHANTS. By listing your live stock and rcal.cstate with us ready sales will be made. Correspondence solicited b i g * t i m b e r M O N T A N A . O. M. HATCH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Crockery, Glass and China Ware, F U R N I T U R E W A L L P A P E R , E T C . .-Item« clipped From Neighbor­ ing Exclntngès. BANK BUILDING. . BIG TIMBER; MONT, B illings G a z e t t e . J. A. Humphrey, relief agent at Stillwater for two months past, has accepted a position as shipping clerk at Billings during the wool shipping season. v - Bert Shorcy, one of the prosperous Lake Basin woolgrowcrs, accompan­ ied by Mrs. Shorcy. arrived in the city Saturday. Mrs. Shorcy went east to visit relatives in her old home in Maine where she will remain all sum­ mer, and Bert returned on . Wednes­ day to the Lake Basin. In response to a telegram from Grey Bull, Wyo., Dr. J. H. llhinhurt set out Tuesday morning via Red Lodge for Otto Franc’s ranch. The message stated that George Merrill, foreman for the Fitch Fork outfit was very low, though the nature of his sickness can only be surmised. > T. A. Barney waived’ examination at the prclimirmiy held before A. Fraser esq., Saturday, where he was arraigned on charge of the murder of E. II. Cooley. Bond was fixed a t $10,- 000, which was furnished, and the case will be tried before the district court now in session. Senator God­ dard is retained for the defense while Judge Goss and C. R. Middleton Esq., of Miles City, will assist the county prosecutor. Sheriff Ramsey went off on a wild goose chase yesterday, lie was noti­ fied by telegram from Huntley that two men answering the description of the desperadoes Gay and Gross, had been seen in the brush near the river between Huntley and Pompeys Pillar. The Indians reported it to the round-up and Jim Hayme sent the message to the sheriff 1 The party went to Huntley as fa s tss steam would,;carry them^r-and iroin thcre scoured the country and succeeded In running down two men closely an­ swering the Meagher county despera­ does, but had no guns and were load­ ed only'with whiskey. It afterwards transpired that these hoboes had sto- en a keg of whiskey from Huntley and were celebrating. They were not taken into custody. L ivingston H erald . Two bears— one a' cinnamon and one a black bear—were brought down from Cinnabar on Thursday by Joe Keeney, who caught them when they were cubs and raised them on his ranch. The animals arc now chained in an enclosure near the N. P. depot and a ttract a crowd of visitors daily. County Attorney Miller received a telegram this morning from Justice of the Peace St. Clair of Red Lodge, requesting him to appear there at the preliminary examination in a cat­ tle killing case.. Owing to the inter- ferance of other county business Mr. Miller will not be able to attend the examination. Ex-County Commissioner Brigg lias addressed a letter to the county board requesting that a colored boy by t.lie name of Tom Breckinridge be admit­ ted to the poor house. The letter states that Breckinridge started on the roundup but was compelled to quit on account of bleeding at the lungs. A petition is being generally signed praying for the establishment of a post office at Solomon City, in the Boulder mining district, a point about five miles from Independence. The petitioners request the appoint­ ment of Mrs. Regina M. Harris to the position of postmistress a t Solomon City. Jim Lee, proprietor of the disorder­ ly house on the road two miles south of the city, was notifled on Monday by County Attorney Miller that un­ less he closed his establishment with­ in twenty-four hours suit would be instituted against him. Lee accoitl- ingly went out of business. The act- iton was taken on complaint of nu­ merous citizens. Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Gov't Report. > B a k i n g B ozeman C hronicle . Oats have suffered a slight decline during the past week and are now worth about $1.10. Timothy hay has advanced and can safely be quoted at A B S O L U T E L Y P U R E $12.50 per ton. The private bank at Granite with­ stood a run the other day and kept, open several itours beyond the usual time for closing, in order to knock in the heads of kegs containing c«*iri and to pay it out to depositors. Next day its patrons brought the mouey back. Montana banks are solid. Mrs. Lida C. Forsyth, whose hus­ band is a •well-to-do and prominent citizen of Iowa, catne to Bozeman last fail to better her health. Re­ cently .‘.he has shown signs of insani­ ty and on Friday she wa.> brought be­ fore County Commissioner Uasinski and adjudged insane by Dr. lliggins. Geo. Ellis and Robt. Uunett. Mrs. Forsyth, who is thirty years of age, will be taken home, where it is thought she will become rational. Judge L. A. Luce ami wife return­ ed from Washington I). C.. on Sun­ day. The judge spent some days in Chicago and says all who go to see the fair at this time will be disappointed, as there is a great deal of space in the buildings unoccupied by exhibits. The Montana building, he says, is a cosv, homelike place and the build­ ing cost all the stale pa id for it. The judge returned by Deuver, which he says is a prettier place than Wash­ ington. .. •, A, O. U. IV. Stathnoi. \ Members in good standing April 1. 1593,314,448. Net gain in membership for past twelve months, 30,233. Net gain iH membership in March, 1593, 4,068. Amount of Beneticiarv Fund paid out in March, 1593, $395,419.00. Total Lcneticiary Fund disbursed in 1892 to January 1,1593. as shown by annual reports. $0,015.020.60. Grand total Beneficiary Fund dis­ bursed by the Order from organization to April 1. 1893, $40,317.481.55. Balance in Relief Fnnd May L 1893, $8,242.37. New members admitted in March. 5,380. Members reinstated in March, 2,830. Members suspended in March, 3,812. Members died In March, 209. Members withdrawn,'etc., from the Order in March, 61. Total Relief Fund received 6n call No. 13, to May 1, 1893, including bal­ ance on hand January 1. 1893, $295,- 486.37. Membership in Montana, May 1, 1893, 3,363. Food for K f flection. An exchange hits the nail on the head squarely in the annexed para­ graph. which we print for the benefit of those concerned: “When the foreign firm friend so­ licit your orders for good just ask him or better, yourself, what would be the result if everyone were to do the same thing. It would ruin the busi­ ness of your town and the ruin of business would mean the ruin of the town. With no town, land values in the surrounding country would greatly depreciate. This is the only legitimate result of such a course if followed to its legitimade conclusion. Think of it, you who are inclined to be penny wise and pound foolish. Every cent of profit made by the mer­ chants of a town who are legitimate dealers, doing an honest business, is returned to the community many times in increased land values, bet­ ter prices for produces, and in taxes paid; besides, the money made by them is spent a t home, In home im­ provement and amongst home people. More than this, he who sends away for his goods has no recourse when inferior goods are palmed off on him, as they frequently arc. These facts arc worthy of careful consideration.” TO KKEl* T H E M OUT. Froclanuitlo i l!y (lie Governor T h a t Y< UX Keep Out Sc ibby Slicep. On Saturday, Governor Rickards is­ sued tiie following proclamation: S tate of M ontana . 1 E xecutive O ffice ., > H elena . June 3, 1893. ) Whereas, Under t.hc provisions of an act of the legislative assembly of the .state of Montana, entitled ‘‘An act to provide for the appointment of deputy veterinary surgeons, and to suppress and prevent the dissemi­ nation of seal» and contagious di­ scuses among sheep,” approved Mar. 14, 1893, it is made my duty, whenev­ er I shall have reason to believe that any disease covered by this act has become epidemic in certain locations in any other state or territory, or that conditions exist that render sheep liable to convey disease. I shall thereupon by prochi mation schedule such localities and prohibit the im­ portation from them of any sheep in­ to this state except under such re­ strictions as I, trier consultation with the veterinaiy surgeon; may deem proper; and Whereas, 1 have reason to believe that conditio”? exist which render sheep in any :t< -I all the states'of Or­ egon,' Nevada - alifornia, Washing­ ton, Wyoming .daho and Colorado, and the terriu. ics of Utah'and; New. Mexico, if brought Into this, state, liable to bring with them the disease known as scab, and other loathsome contagious diseases. .. Now, therefore, I, John E. Rick­ ards, governor of the state of Mon­ tana, in obedience to the ‘duty im­ posed upon me by the said statue ard the terms thereof, do hereby sched­ ule the localities hereinbefore named, and I do hereby forbid the importa­ tion into the state of Montana of any sheep whatsoever which have been brought from any portion of said scheduled locations, or any of them,' except upon the certificate of the state veterinarian or his duly author­ ized deputy, that such sheep have been inspected or have been found to be free from scab or any iofectious or contagious disease. And I do hereby warn all corpora­ tions, persons and companies, to give due and full notice to the state veter­ inary surgeon of Montana preceeding the arrival a t the boundary’ line of said state of Montana of all such sheep as come within the provisions of this proclamation. r Provided, however, that nothing In this proclamation shall be so con­ strued as to prohibit the transporta­ tion of any sheep through this state by rail, and which sheep do. not un­ load within said state. ^ In witness whereof I have henMinto set my hand and caused 1 h<- » i of the state of Montana to be a t the city of Helena, the capital of said state, this third day of ’ June, A. D., 1893. By the governor, J. E. R ickards . L. R otw itt , Secretary of State. Billings Times: Charles Gaedke retnrned this week from Grove Creek, where he has been a t work developing his mining proposition which he is convinced will some day bring nim a fortune. * Charley is enthusiastic over Grove Creek, which will in his opinion one day be recognized as among the greafcmining camps of the state. Shelby Ell Dillard having aban­ doned the pen for the pick is putting in his best licks on his property, from which he expects to realize a few mil­ lions. When he makes his pile he in­ tends to stake Harry Collins and a few others of the press gang, and will generally make things hum. Of interest See it. to you. Dixon’s ad*

Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 08 June 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.