Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, June 08, 1893, Image 7

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. .. _ _ _________ _ - Hîj'.V. <> '-i V.*.- O V Ë ^ M U c o p p e r n i Y Ä r a o ^ fj“ * - A N O Ü T S IU i: VI KW. 5 p w Ke> É .V 'E Î l V ’ Q U / k R A N T È E D . LOCAL LAYOUT. John Elliott, a substantial stock* grower of Melville, was in town Fri­ day buying supplies. George Simmons, one of the popu­ lar north country wool growers, was in town Friday buying supplies. No other Montana town wears the fame air of prosperity th a t now adorns the town of Rig Timber. v. I ■■ ■ — ■ 1 ' / Shearing was commenced on the branch of R. B. Priggs on Saturday, the shearing crew having gone over the day before. The I . X. L. Clothing company Is meeting with popular favor. They . expect to move into the new Hatch b u ild ig as soon as it is completed. Mrs. C. W. Savage on her return to Miles City from a visit to Livingson, Mopped in Rig Timber on Sunday to visit , Modday with Mrs. M. W. B a tch. Ben Steven« and John. Newman have reopened the Owl Saloon to the public.. L. TT. Fenske has rented the saloon a t TJbet formerly run by' M r/ Newman. The eonstahle’s sale of the goods a t the Owl Saloon took place Satnf-' day and was attended by a large crowd, the goods sold, however, hard­ ly realised wholesale prices. Geo. Stoekwell. a former well known resident, is with the.Gtlidep..and Moreland shearing erew now at\the Bflggs ranch. Mr. Stoekwell’a home ISnow a t Sidney. In Dawson county. Cl si .A i l l n / 1' - Sheriff .T. M. Con row.‘'of Livingston',1 ; was in town yesterday looking, up Jurvnrmn. Hn alsoSafrested andCse’ht/ to Livingston two men who had been engaging in a scrapping match a t Springdale . •1 ' 1 ! i ‘Mr. and Mrs. John M. Smith, of * M art insdale:Cret nrhed SnndnVftnorp. Ing fmm an nx.tnndnri visit, to Chica- go and the <?rnnt World's Fair. Roth Were well pleased /^tfhele vl^lty* Theyi left here for. home. .via.staged, Moniav morning. \ ' . — ■■■■ i; ■ *r ..<•> X\ Jlii ~ -■ '? Well dance at Ubc.t, pp .Jurve Oth.,To' wiiich.all hi^ friends ;and! the’ ptihiic' generallv nre: invited; Mrsit.Barrows' Will4mcv«tt/bf^!)Pl^r?Qn{.) f X f , J. M. RilVnseyi tlie ^puiifrX^ltorfof the StillWiitcr . Bu,lletinv,sp«mt Sun- * m lii* T i m b e r . ' ^ / lid d in g 1 gcxkl. Work for his towjr^df is]^ttipgi ^jut an exceedingly bright andvhewsy‘j^a-' per. Tha t, lie and the Btiiietln'ai'felii*» predated is shown by the large «mount of advertising displayed.. Sergeant Pat Malone came up from F t. Keogh on Saturday to arrest two deserters, who as.v»fc seems were? not here. : - Frank Martin, Tom Flannaganand Andy Madison were in Saturday from their Stillwater and Spring creek ranches. Mrs. Chas. G. Brown, and children, departed Monday night for Chicago and other eastern points to visit friends and relatives. <c ; Mrs. Haney and daughter, mother and sister of Mrs. A: Whitney, have arrived from Maine and arc spending the summer a t the ranch in Lake Basin. The Hall school will close tomor­ row for- the summer vacation. Miss Prather, the teacher, has done well In guiding the “young Idea” and will now enjoy a well deserved rest. The new schedule went into effect here Tuesday. The two trains from the east, No.'s l and 3, now arrive a t 1:45 a. m., and 4:16 p. nt. The two from the west, No.'s 2 and. 4, arrive a t 4:49, a. m., and 83)5.'p. m // / ¡nave you, noticed the; new ad’ of the 1. X. L. Clothing and Shoe com­ pany? This company is a pusher for trade, and has by its fair dealing gained many customers .during tbe short time it hae been located here. A ttention is called to the aef. o f the new meat m arket, located next to the Grand Hotel. The fact that Thomas £ v McDonald is to be the proprietorMs a sufficient guarantee as to its excellence and as to the popu­ larity th a t the new m arket will en­ joy* ,. ^ ; :-i ; r , \ r~ * / i .. ..\ . v - . •.) 'Jos.'Keeney, wife and children ar* Monday evening by private conVeyaiide ■■■■ from Cinnabar and on Wednesday left for the Boulder camp where Mr. Keeney is largely interest­ ed. . ip/ mining .p r o p e r t y and/whehe tlfey \Viit irtake tlibir home during the summer. • ¡portion of tl»c city, Is the leadirig ‘ ; < 1 — . . . . . ', as the mime indicates. The A strane*«r*«Oitinion or in«: Tiwiixfr u;i«i t u 1 proprietor is a genial, attentive and SurroùùiDiicH. E ditor P io neer .—Rig. Timber* a rising town of noticeable':Importance on the Northern Paci lie,- is' in Park county,' Montana. It is located on tho. AOu.tJi.,side of the Yellowstone. thiHy-three miles*eas£' YiY»h^|£t’ìn£- stun and comtnttidslqiài ofdwfëï r )St rll H, L, Lcyeaux, president and gen­ eral manager,' left here Saturday nigbt for Cleveland, Ohio, to attend .the anuiial.meetjng of the stockhold­ ers of ^d^^hrHjfnec. Mining com- y' “ A*F>i»rPii ii v/ /iin'ruu't <5 tO be will, of , I - r ^ J •a • » . , i , plum-.: V • '' W cigot them for less than they : are worth—we’ll sell them to ' you-(the sam e < way~-rher^’s so . • ,,aoz. of them only, s«' it' you want them order qiiicK—they’ll . - .j - soon 1* gone—Child's fast black brilliant lisle hose, Which - cost \■» $4.50 a do*, p o 5.J, i h, 6f, 8‘jmd Si—our price i2.J cts aiw ir— •another- 30'dozV nlen’s'Teck Sear I s full for your f ;. i t to ''1 * ii:'.!!-; .. size, silkjincd, made to sell 75 cents—wc give; yon >j ‘\j •> y choice.for2>r»cents— , 1 -blankets- - ?;f Wcwiil saveyouJij p.ircent.dn, \ l i p . , t , blankets, in every grade from «1.00 blanket sheets; -the best, quality—scud for our .prices—' ’ / 1 * ’\Mi -...r j.,.., . , - Send for our 'special’ samples-tof tteh’s' clothing—you’ll.see..m.oncv in them— - ; -,f v WlUSON C«.. / I ISC’OlîyOBAÏElO FAIR P R iaE ;:HOITSE. ' MOXaXXlBL-A, 2 £ o x a tá.i\aí Jj'he iJIg'Tirnher publiuschobi closed on f ’riday ,(or the-sujntrier* location. ^4tHoir^VJ^^H;n ^ u n d e r ' trfuny dls* jidV a n ta^/tlie teacher.sJ^Mrs. Baker a n d M r s r K ^ unusual­ ly ahd .deserve^iii^n credit for tlieir c f H c i V r * s - Baker left here Monday fiir Gardiner, where she p:H)iyisit/'f<|f wh.Ue ,«ndythen start .fpr^e^tyrduir eastern houie, visiting for 'a'few'd^ys here, cn route. Mrs. ^Kearns has left for her home in Red..Lqdge. whqre she will remain during the summer. ' . ......... .... The hotel' Sffoffard. a t Red Lodge, wili, when opened; bc oPc of the fin­ est hotels .west of. St; Paul. The building is of brick, three stories high and hits flfty-two sleep! tig rooms. All m<*dern conveniences- have - been put in, leaving nothing to} be desired.1 electic iiells. electric light, steam heat rooms with and ’ w ithout .hath: «•¿nd hot! and.cold. water In.ewcry room/ The house w(ill be opened to the pub* lie about June 1'». with I I . J . Edson, of this place as manager/In; securing who.ti?th e .owners of have shown gcKKl judgement, as he is a ho­ tel man of sbnie sixteen years ;p^pir** ience and well knows,how .to care for his guests. . In connection with “The SpofTord/’ Slr.! E dson! will! continue his restaurant business in this place, and which be will leave in competent hands while away.1 As iieighbors we must cbfr'griitulatc 'R e d ‘Lodge upon its tine hotcl and the able; manner in which,, i t : ,will V® r,,!1* During .the past week’Mr.5 ¿ind'Mr.s;’ I>dson have ijeen'in' Red Lodge cliosing the .fur­ nishings ;for,,;the t new house, being met a t that point by the representa- i.ive‘of si n 'eastern hdiise.<Mr. Edson 'returned on;► S u n d ay,.,fissures us that no detail lias been overlooked to make the house eonipMe In every re- spett,.' 1 /% higher ''bh'd '”htgher n's/'they northward unirai apparently, vaultih^sfêps lea d s t h ë eV e iidml r in g- ly/jit a glalicé? frò'm sùnliiiérlveidim- ,tO ithe - frigid,„white capped Crazies, is ft sight i lUAth<r / d i spia y , < > f nature which,,thè rbrtish of thìé artist will fai) to'copy: Tlie same view presents itself fto-the'vision from the south. The spectator^<*çes outlined in the same m anner ftga i nst 'the/'southeiii horizen tlie .white v surfaced Snow mountains. ’”'r ? ’ “ ■‘îi'.i.’iiiîît - tc - The steady and rapid growth ot this aspiring town for county hono» has been phenomenal—scarcely strange when its surruundlng perma­ nent sources bf Wealth arc considered The Boulder mines, embracing a vasi region of as yet but partially devel oped mineral, whose highway of ap­ proach for economical reasous, musi be by transfer, o r a junction branch­ ing from this p'ace. Boulder creek, a stream of secondary volume in Mon­ tana, forms the eastern boundary to the city limits. On the head of thh stream some sixty miles distant, tin Boulder mines aresit uated, and alony either side for this distance is seei as fine land as can be found in th< state. About one mile east of th< city, and on the other side of the Yel­ lowstone. opposite the mouth of tin* Boulder, empties a second stream ol more than average volume, called Big Timber. The valley opens and closes along this stream, giving to the farm­ er soil equal; for productive purposes, to any in Montana. The much cov­ eted and desirable land hitherto be­ longing to the Crow tripe of Indians, and but recently thrown opcn lo the public, will .afford jiqipes, for, many settlers., W ater is easily àccessable from the Yellowstone arid along the streams, in^abundant^ q u antities for irrigating purposes; - A stone > quarry adjoins, ,where./the stone is takcn;.froim, for.those cut stone handsome buildings which so numer­ ously adorn the town. : I t is a master of tim e only, when the necessity/ for a spur, to this quarry will be recog­ nized by the. Northern Pacific over whose road it will materially enlarge the volume of traffic. These natural advantages, side dished by mail joutes affording lucrative employment for a continuous line of coaches to and from , the Boulder camp, also north­ ward by way, of the pròspérous little town of Melville, toward the Mussel­ shell, country, I m ight farther add. seasoned by the fat orders\tor\stip- surrounding stock plies from the ranches, of which this place is the control supplies depot, o rcourse, the continuance ofcstocfk* -raising 'un’dei the present not permanent, but when the farm e r-in addition to the cultivation of his land, engages In the live stock business—Denver. Colorado, has demonstrated that he is a s ta y e r .\ City proper. We find the religious creeds fairly .represented, and a ttend­ ance a t Divine1 worship respectfully large. A graded school, where1 the rising generation is outfitted to adorn with-honor the places they arc des: tined tn occupy -in the circuit of life/ A First National fiank of Big’Tim­ ber,from whose sworn;statements of condition, is realizing a rapid increase in the volume o f business transacted by Its patrons. Mr. Hall, the gcntlc- The’ activity in exchange and traffic ob-' servablc .at' tficr^everal commercial houses, is, to say the least, sui pris­ ing. This system of sale is conducted on the liasjs,r o f the .xtyllar, of^our “dads” one hitndrcsj/ceritis !av/>rTjv of merchandise fora silver dollar. Three hotels and three eating houses, the Grand hotel situated in the business1 accommodating gentleman. He neg- •leets no laboi; necessary for thé ctmi- fert of his p/itrons. and always’ takes pleasure; in.,iidniinistering '¡to this' calls of the iiincr man. The sulobn' clement—\yell,. it will require ' more tiiuuibS .arid ;; lingers than you: are J^osessed of to .tally - them off.' T h e ’ proprietors,can be h it foi a morning’s morning, but their bar tenders/ who are neat and -tidy, all wear that'--Be­ nevolent appearance which invites alike tlie weary to 'a vacant chair, ànd the thirsty to ta glass of water and a toothpick. There are two lum­ ber yards both of which carry a heavy !fupplv of building material. Indeed, the activity of the professional indi­ vidual and firms, whose services are more or less in demand together with the mechanical industries under:suc­ cessful operation give to the city ah atmosphere of prosperity. The resi­ lient population, the Jadies especially, are like spring among tlie roses, re­ dolent with beauty and , freshness. The mysteries of the social circle is a blank page to the writer, but as -oiitid is impressed'on the wax, and ¡•(.produced by thé phonograph, why not reflection of influences be trans­ mitted. If so, the pleasant counte­ nances and affable demeanor of one of the attaches of a business hoiisc here indexes the entire volume of mltured refinement. This year will be an im p o rtant one to the city, perhaps much more so than any for years to come.. Various improvements arc needed, and the people will be glad to see it attended ‘o. but a t,th e same time, they will not want to be burdened with un-' necessary taxation, or bonded into lebt beyond recovery. A noticeable Teature with all the new structures Tor business purposes is th a t they are commodious and substantially built, more for room and convenience than for architectural design. In 1‘act the general make up of the city will go far to impress the visitor, in regard to a future resident location in Montana. Considered as an im p o rtant factor of the city, the Bio T imjikk P ionker . a clean, newsy sheet, published in the city, handled witfi. § high order of \abiiitÿ/* Tlietipé Judgment o f its ed­ itor seldom errs in m atters pertain­ ing to the better men t of; th e people. jTjifcqityj js,;alsq. s in g u lar^ fortunate i n the selection ?of its liiciil officers. On the street or In the execution of official duty their conduct arid deport­ ment will not accord with the son, Wl>o east to his defeated for office) rather, saying, come out here, there..a re mighty mean men elected to office/' Adjoining the populous city of Chi­ cago, and when in comparison dur­ ing, the. fair .might be called a one horse' town,- but in thc>’g r e a t: and prosperous state of Montana, a one man town— n e v e r . .J onah , f\ ' i / •: v . Th»-y A re Sren Aguiii., \ \ f > I t Is wonderful the number of places that have been visited by Gay and Gross 'since their escape from Castle. /I/lm latest “sight’, of them is desciibcd'iiS'jfiillriws, in a special, to the Butte Miner from Bozeman: “ Has Gay arid Gross been a t Boze­ man, is the question now agitating our people. Mr.' Peters, formerly of Castle, stubbornly m aintains th a t the he saw them in front of the post- office. Gay was on foot and was bur- filing .along. Peters did^ not. notify the,officers a t all. but abqiitian ’hour afterwards told a friend wheigave the alarrii. Sheriff Caldwell o f this coun­ ty, and Sheriff.Joc Haines of Madi­ son. then started in pursuit of the men. Some one else had seen and de- scri lied the dwperadoesijwho wefe. go- Is now ¡belieféd that put fipbri :f faisC traii which wduld lead them to Dave Van Horn and Jim Ilowoll, two Sloean boomers. I t is believed by-.-t-hc officers who talked with Peters that he really saw Gay, and th a t the Meagher county cut- P o w d e r T-Í / o ' The only P u re Cream o f T a rtar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alma. ( J s e d i n M i l l i o n s o f H o m e s — 4 9 Y e a r s t h e S t a n d a r d , : t * T. H. 6 ÜRHEY & COMPANY •- -¡I; . t, • : ç -■ . < i* ’ ; AÍEIE NOW LOCATED IN ‘ ■. i » !>; ' ! ’ 1 '*'• • ' l*“ ! f-‘ !! •! ’ '! .► ‘ f ►î ' I Where we should be pleased to receive our nunerous Mends and patrons and can assure them that they will find great bargain« in our lin e of G R O C E R IES ► / ; D R Y GOODS: * 1 G E N T S ’ FU R N ISH IN G ¡GOODS, n t A T S AND . CAPS, LADIES’ TRIMMED HATS. Our Line ot BOOTS : l * ' * I , \ a n d •' SH O E S ' ■are .• ■ - ( ! t ft } !*|V L* CO M P L E T F . - ' - 1 '}<’ - ;i .-i; j - ... Try our .*»i : Celebrated Ladies’ ; and '' t 1 , , , • •• u Hens’ 1 t $ 2 . 5 0 - • ¡ • - ; . , 1 , . 1 , 1 .• ¡ • - Shoes. They beat The World! 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Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 08 June 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.