Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, August 10, 1893, Image 1

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iâ ** r , A Y V 'C Jfcî* • 'w ’'»A V O L . I I I . B I G T I M B B B , > I O X T A N A , T H U R S D A Y , A U « . 1 0 , 1 8 0 3 . N O . 8 8 fgljl ® iakï ïHenfer. M. W. HATOH. • Publiibtu Publiiütfd av«.ry Tiiunlay afternoon t BIO TÍÜ32E. MONTANA. PEOmeiOKAL «.HATCH. A T T U I !VEY A T LAW. A m * N otaiiv Pum.i' Bljr Timber, Munliiim. Olile«* lliiitk Hullilli.; y j ÿ t A. MOU/ .1 K. si. |>„ - . 1 . II. MOÜIIE M II Plijr»lL'iuii.suinl Suri{ii,)li!*. OrriOK—slooiiK A* co.'*« Puco R tokk . - HI* Timber. •' - Montani P. Mc A.VELI. Y, ATTORNEY A T LAW AND NOTARY PUBLK REAL e s t a t e . FIRE INSURANCE. COLLECTIONS MAC Utero Slilp Tleh'ts sutil. Mlnlntr Htiv Iwuirht and ould. Hid T i nai.x. M ont .« t E* ALMAS, m . I).- —L. R. O. I*.. L iim k in . Kadi. and .— PHYSICIAN, SURCE0N Í AND ACCOUCHEU: Offk-c: Almau A Co.’n Drug Stun*. II io T immkr . M ontan B CRT MARSH. ATTURNEV AT LAW. A nd N otary Pirai-t- llual Estate and Mining Rrukar. «*1 » Timber Montan. P ' I). ALTON. M. D.. PHYSICIAN AND Sim JEON. OIRce: Corner Man. iiik I Park Street*, ov* Park Rank. Llvlnpstun. . . Montai. O. ALEXANDER. CIVIL ANO MININO ENGINEER. U. S. DEPUTY MINERAL SITItVEYO *.»•'I*1«!*'-»*“ o.. -^ i ■Vv,Mr ,i •»»»■•n in in iBiiuiJiu torVmtlnfiH * Minili i'riipi1: . JíL®*r\’ AioxainlorV ali-ieni'e leave ord. S iB lî'?1» J. \ 1 I*1 ,'“ rAnilor«in,i,liou on First A vumhi . Ulir I'i.i.lmr • _ uri ijBOHii'W. QONGREGATfO.VAL. II kv . . 1 . P unk . Pastor. Service.« every Sunday at in;:i* a . » . a. 7:80 p. » . Sunday S. I hm .I Immediately af. the oiornln«r service. Prayer meet Ina Wi ae «day event hit -. L0D0E8. NIOIITS OK PYTIIIAS. Rill T iuhkii r.'UHTK No. at. Meet«every I ■■«•.-.iiav i.v<*i<.ttjral 7::i0. p. i at Cast le hall, bank Imi Idi. or. Kit A VK IILISS. C. r* BEN. M. M.IELIIR. |{. oi R. and S. ^ ^ . 0 . w. lira T imskii L ndok N o . m . Meeteevery Tlit*r«dn.> eveninpln tlicirl*al on El rut avenue. Visit I tig brulla*™ cordis ly Invited to aituml. W », L iddr U). J ohn E. RAnaora. Ilevorder. M. \l O. O. T. Meet, every Monday at the A. O. U. W Hall, at S o'clock p. m. E.C. llAI.K. I*. C. Pl.NSTKAP. Secreta r.v C. T. T ZO Stockmen,. Over 200 tons of Choice (lay fm sale, situated on a fine winter range For particulars, address. M. M. M c D o n a l d . Xyc. Montana W « H o w i j i i m i l « S H O P * ----- POM ------ NOW OPEN AND UNDER T U I MANAGEMENT OF F. O. B R O W N , A clean quick shave, or haircut, nnr courions treat.nient assured everyone < 5 ' Ä ITT STOAT WANITOTi ----- *3—. -------------- iff Carrie* a M l «apply oTj B E E F , P O R K , m u r r o N , F I S H AMU G A M E , .1* Rearan We arc prepared to sell from one pound to a carcas, at reasonable rates. Special attention paid to orders sent us l*y mail, telegraph ór iclt'plionc. n n r .t.v T u r o s ., rasps. MG TU L L E » m o n t a v a . O l m s t e a d B U D D h a r d w a r e Cornpariy. Hatch & Bennett, Ilavd oti 3 iif(l lit dr new sture with a new ami completi! stock ••«•«»«•««••st •• Q J P u « » » » s GENERAL HARDWARE « L t .A.N.O — W.ll s«t»n have a large complete and well assorted line of . 3 A I N WAGONS, WAGON S H E E T S . T E N T S Crown Mswsrs, Tiger and Royal Bakes, R u ins anil Walking Plows. Disc Harrows, Mining Supplies,and (Hidden Wire. ITUBBLEFU 2 LD B U ILD IN G , BIG.TIM BER. R E A L E S T A T E WASHINGTON LBTTU L Highest of ail i.i Leavening rower.- Latest U. S. Gov’t Report. A »atri« ut iatatastina Hallar Fra* KatiMPa Capital. t - a n d - IN S ; Agts., iI S S . H A V E T H E F O L L O W I N G P l i O P L B T V ' p o T S a l e i $ .. ONE RANCH,? » T T I U N . TWO miles ofliig< limber.' Under, fence and òtheywìse improved. 0SALSR in — *\?> LUMBER A N D B U IL D IN G ONE RANCH. T n iR T Y MILES I'rom lilg Titultor. Well water«*d and under irrigation, l'rlce reasonable. EIGHTEEN HUNDRED HEAD of Sheep,', in good condition. b a l e d h a y a n d g r a i n . Y a r d s o a F r c n '. S t r a e t JIO TIMBER, M O N T A N A . a f » r i D « JOS. REED, Prop. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Now SarTcs all monk on the $ •* * * Etti of Fare and Call System. al.AKilt.HT AND * IlkST IIOTKt Bonrd by the Day, Week or Month. * *Tow,i' KWt.v Hi:11. t AMI NKWI.r KntMHiir.i*.^ * * * * * \ * * lit rwDijn&blu rnt«s* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THREE DWELLINGS. ON RAIL* mad street at a wonderfully low figure. ONE TWELVE-ROOM DWEL- ling- Near center of town. Every' thing new and in good condition. TWO LOTS ON McLEOD ST., also two lots on Third Avenur. At a bargain. WE ALSO HANDLE LOTS IN every portion of the city. F o r P e p t j FOUR DWELLINGS SITUATED on. M c L koi * R t . and R icconi » A ve . MG Tl MISER. MONT. BEASLEY & LEE, Live Stock and Real Estate C0M3ÆISSI0 X MERCHANTS. |ly listing your live stock and real estate witli its ready siioa will lie made. ■ Correspondence solieiled IIG TIMBER MONTANA. O. M. HATCH, Whole? al a and Retail Dealer In Crockery, Glass and China Ware, F U R N I T U R E , W A L L FA PER, ETC. ■ KAN ITTI DING ............................................... MG TIM HER. MONT «< ^ h O p i a s | M o b l e , >* - DSALEB IN G E N E R A L M E R C H A N D ISE , BIG ELK, Montana. 4 * First Class ( at Railroad Trices, i-v r y tiling' Von Xcctl to Eat or Wear. Kecvives all CJI oim I s in C.’urload Lots, Tims Getting tliu Ucncfit of Low Freight Kater. G A L L A M ) SEE HIM. TTSI-I-A. - <S b - B A I L E Y Have just received a large consignment of Schüttler W a g o n s , Road Carts, Bxtggles. L gricnltural Implements. Earb Wire, H E A V Y fi? S H E L F H A R D W A R E . CAM.. ano < ìj : t i ' im . ms ' iiukouk ri;i:u;iAsiNO. 1EADQUABTÎEC- FOP. MTîîFFS’ EUPILEFS. • DIG TIMI.ICR. MONT in different parts of town, sizes. All in perfect repair. <1 Various We also I amile the strongest and best llneof FIRE INSURAHCE COMPANIES on earth. Call in. F R E S H H O I E I A D E Bread Pies c a k e s r e - Cookies “SI Doughnuts ------ AT T H E -------- N e w Bakery, I d The Bndd Building. (From oar refaltr corre-pandrnt.) WxsniXGTON. AUg. 4,1&93. j It seems that every Important sub­ ject that is to come before congress' is to be dragged into the silver ques- ’ lion, and to be shelved until that question is disposed of. It baa Just been ascertained that a suit of com­ bination has been formed to prevent congressiohal.actlon being taken on the admission of Arizona. New Mexi­ co. Oklahoma and Utah as states un. til the sliver legislation has been disposed of. This combination orig­ inated. so it is stated here, tn New York City, and according to those who are In it the reason for its exist« eocelsthc fear that the.admission of those foui territories as states would at d eight votes to the already strong silver party In the senate. It is said that President Cleveland has approved o f the idea and promised to help it along with his influence: also that republicans as well as democrats are in it. ABSO U ITEUlf P U R B The shut down oh the Edson Pho- nogmpli works is only partial. Ed­ son issued the following: ‘'The Pho liogiapb works shut down lx.cause wo have nearly completed all the orders oil ha lid and the proprietor, seeing that the count iy had resolved itseli l.ilo a national lunatic usyluin. de­ cided to wait until the wave sub sides.\ SHEEP SHEARERS A N D O T H E R S * • » ! W i ll find the Lowest Prices On Watches and Jewelry O f all styles« Big Timber Hotel, a . a-. *sr ► Refurnished throti.-lioq N**tr rumi leteil a.? a F ii* s £ C i l o U S AvriHBininlatiimHi Proprietor. Io !.. log house only. D I X O N ’ S . lx MOOKC a co.’s. Ddua s ^ ore . Prices I d America. Lowest Your correspondent never remem­ bers seeing so little interest displayed bv the members of the hoiiKe as to the selection of the minor officials of that body Several candidates are in the field for doorkeeper, sergeaut-at arms and chaplain the other old oltt cials have no contestants ror their pluues, but the congressman who are here do not seem to car«* a cent about ihrm. This grows largely out ol there being no coutvst for the speak ershlp. It is the usual tight over that place that has generally added interest to those for the smaller places, because the followers of each candidate for speaker have usually made up a slate for all the olfiees often setting up some p«tor fellow as candidate for no other purpose than to trade votes. The eauvasa may grow livelier towards the end of the week hut at this writing it is as qui­ et* as a private graveyard. It Senator IIU1 wishes an excuse to make war upon President Cleveland the latter has certainly given him one iA the three federal appointments ust made for New Yura—the collect or and appraiser at New York City, and the collector at Plattsburgh—all of whom are outspoken , enemies of Senator IIill. and tin: last named is •slid to be esp.*cially distasteful It* Senator Murphy, insomuch as it is in this section of the state in which he expected to be consulted abuut,' if he did not actually control the appoint­ ment. The anti-Hill democrats In Washington are delighted with these, appointments, and the Ilill men are laying low. like br’er rabbit, and say- little. Whether Senators Hill and Murphy could get enough votes in the senate to defeat the confirmation of these uoRinatious is a about as easy to answer as they will try. Shrewd politicians ex press the opinion that they will have to make the attempt or loose prest age at home. Senator Stewart was in Washing­ ton Saturday, and he said he had been misrepresented in recent news­ paper Interviews in purporting to give his opinion about the financial action of congress. Just before Icav lug for Chicago to attend the silver convention, he said: \There will be no fllbustering in the scuate on the part of the silver men, but the pro­ posal tit repeal the Sherman law can­ not be acted upon without df*cM«*i\U. and I consider that It will be doing well If a vote is reached In four or five mouths \ The Senator also inti­ mated that he would have something to say in the senate about the action of the treasury department In refus­ ing to buy the full amount of silver which the law suys shall be purchased each month. - It is amusing tn watch the expres­ sion of the average congressman's fat* when he is asked how long eon* grass will lie in session, before the in­ evitable answer. * I don't know\ is re­ turned. The !-dnn'l*know fellows arc in a big majority among the wo- grassman who have arrived, anil It Is evident that they are wait lug to get a cue from President Cleveland's jncssage. Ido not mean they are wailing berausc they desire to blind­ ly follow whatever r«*c<>tnmciidatinn the message may make, hqt that they arc watting to see what the message^, contains before declaring themselves furor against the President. Some cling to the blief that Mr. Cleveland will suggest some sort of compromise that ran be accepted hy men of all Shades of opinion, but .the majority appear to believe that It is bound' to be a fight to the death bet ween the advocates uf a single gold standard and those of the free coinage of sil­ ver. President Cleveland. Speaker Crisp and the other big guns will all be ip Washington this p^k. nu0 then we shall see the liasb of wits begin, and il promises to n jniy being closely fol­ lowed. Like Hw ««lent. The following notice appeared on the doors of the First National Rank of White Sulphur Springs on Satur­ day: \A t u meeting of the stock holders of the First Natloiuil Rank on Aug4th, it was resolved to plan the bunk In voluntary liquidation ii order that tin* depuiitors may be paid in full and with the least possible d lay. Livingston Heral l: John F. Mer­ ced who was appointed by Coniptroli er Eekles to act us receiver of tht Livingston National bank, arrivei. Saturday and immediately relieved Examiner Flynn, who lias I kvii oi duty since July Cth. Mr. Mercei lefts position with the First Nation al hank of Helena to a.*cept there ceiversliip anil lias given bonds hi tin sum or fiat,000 Tor the faitliful dis charge of hisdtilies. We are assure« that Receiver Mercer's p«*ii<y It* winding up the affairs of tlie bank will be conservative ai.d In line will the best int« rests of all concerned. Enterprise: The casuagainst Alai. Macouuchle. charged with making false entries while assistant cashiei of the Livingston National bank, was­ sailed before IJ I d States Comniis (duller Poormtin Friday evening. Tli* defendant waived examination ano gave couds for 92.UOO for his appear anee In the United States district court, with Paul L. Van Clcve and John B. King as sureties. On tlie charge of making false report of the condition of the Lank he -also waiv­ ed examination and gave bund iu’:the sum of #2.000 for Ids appeanmen ii, t lte district court with S. M. Parks. Louis Weigel and Frauk Deley as sur­ eties. Wool in Iko R*«t. Boston Advertiser: Tlie sales It. this market the past week root up l< question l,31O.UU0 pounds compared wiili4.iC2c whether 1000 for the correspoi.diug week oi ■last year. One of tlie largest buyers mi tlds market, who docs the pur­ chasing for a leading woolen mill, says he is buying wool «in a free wool basis and even at this low rate he has nu difficulty in getting all tlie wool he ran pay for. With amnev easy, there Is lit!I® doubt but present low prices of tin- raw material would tempt stocking up, as with no other depression out­ side o f the tariff the trade would have some confidence of getting out whole., even if a free wool bill Is passed .by congress, and it UKiks as though the party in power would not dare to thus add to the present depression. Although they were elected for this purpose almost wholly, the feeling is that the depression that lias come from the expectation of such a cluing«- has been suifici^uf to warn them that such a move would bo almost fata’ if persisted in. There is little chance of a change for the better uni II af­ ter congress has convened and some idea o f what is going to lie «lone Ly that body can lie ascertained. TI1KY SIXOA XXW TCMX. rkiOiM iHSM ir tn u k w s t .t. u- The P -mncratic Ariffeoada. Stand­ ard gives ClevelanddiÁd his admlaiik tra thm a roast,' as follows: ■> - Who would have guessed that, la times «if peace, routine life la* this country would get no distorted as to fi rce the great political party hold­ ing P«*er into a complete reversal of its poll iy and its plane? Mr. Cleveland was elected on the rnrff issue. IDs party, in Its nation­ al plut.form, made nu announcement for free trade, but it declared for rad­ ical tariff reform with fedepL||jre- mu! in view, and it discussed that fe­ me on cv,*ry stump,* evading, as.£ld the republican party, the silver I'aeue. Vs iKiwuen the great parties, the platforms themselves differ only In inis, that the democrats in their na­ tional convention were*more emphat­ ic than were tlie republicans at Min- n-apolis iii their poruñees respect­ ing tlie remora lion'of silver and the ’ciuni to bi-metalllc currency. This was natural; the support of silver had neon piucii more generous among the Jeniocni tic lueuibers of t-ongreea than among rapubllcaus. Before the Cleveland .administra­ tion was sixtv days old,.all talk about tariff Had passed out of ialnd. The idiiiiiiistraiion took up the silver question just as If something awful tad happened suddeuly, Just as If befe liad been any ewyttial change .'or t wenty years lu the operation of i wicked law, just ns If the friends of free coinage had not faithfully sound- id for years the warulog that In de- iiouct.zaiion and in makeshift Sher­ man hills was peril. As long ago as 1888, Mr. Cleveland was defeated for the presidency on •.lie tariff issue, tie .wae^elected last y.-wr becMise,' so Ilia friends say, the »utilif had reached r m 1~MRlgrit ooclueitHiS 'oa the uriff ;qusotAoa. ills support«»« declared that all dm iiupcnuiiig troubles In Industrial world are due absolutely 'to wrong legislation on the. pivtedtion theory; iiey said ;.hat the only remedy Is in -adical tariff revision; they promised hut this revision would put the conn- ry right on Its plus; they announced chat Mr. Cleveland would go ufe It laiaoier and congs aii soon as he was uaiiguruted. Tin; silver question was as live tn October of last year aa ii Is to-day. »Vluit happened that It was overlook- «ni tbeii ««uiy to be the burolng ques^ The president declined to all an extra session of congress for the active discussion of the tsriff qiK-stioi*; y«*t with no signs! change in silver lie hustles the congressman io Washington, in the beatof August, o set up au emergent quarantine agaiiist silver, and be Instructs the s-xreiury of the treasury openly to violate the vital clausa of the Sher­ man law, eveu with the extra session of congress less than ten days distant. That.Is to say. the administration admits it must have been wrong In xuvpiug up during five persistent yuan* Hie cry that iu the tariff reform is the only radical remedy for troubles' in financial and ..Industrial life. Ac- coming lu its own theory, the admin- istral.uii never tumbled to the real cause or trouble until about forty «lays ago. K rm ro-llrrnnii Fi*|trr IU r.*. Ciircs rheumatism. . I t curad me. M«*n«*y rcfitiulefi if i d l*,*ncfit is re­ ceived within thirty «|f*iy». j sell Range«Fergus county, W. fi, Cbgr« themífit43Á». 8»#,oU tow jt^ b u lA t n .ep y U g tod |n«tmayt«r. H. C. Klcnt-h has been appointed imstmaster at Fort Custer, Vice Henry White, rasigm*d. A t Grass A man would be In great luck these days had he been hum an lMlhin, says the River Press. For each mem- 1 s t «»f each on tlie reservation the daily allowance is one pound of beef, and «*a«-h Ssiturday (issue day) st*ven pounds are issued for «*ach per­ son. A ii average family, five persons, would thus draw 35pounds each week, which Is more than the most white families can afford, even with hard work. Each issue dav theie t«issued, at the Kluekfcci agency, beef to the amout of I4.0U0 pounds, besides Hour, I kicoii . beaus, cuffe, tea, sugar, etc. The go ver merit-Is providing ll’K-rallv .for these wards, and has prop r y solved the Indian problem. Possibly the greatest advancement made dur­ ing the Oast two years, at any agency was at the Itbickfeet. and the Indica- tions are that it will continue. The Indians are gradually taking to agri­ culture. and during the past year, un­ der the head farmer, Clias. Aubrey, they have constructed Irrigating ditches until their eight main ditches now aggregating 29 miles in length, anu the laterals almost twice that distance. A great deal of hay is be­ ing put up by Indians on the reserva- m s m*h Law. It is lawful to kill the. following game and take fish at the times here­ after spjcifitsd, in this state: White tailed deer, black tailed deer, mule deer, mountain hbeep, Rocky Mountain goat and antelope, Aug. 15 to Dec. 15. Unlawful to huot or chase w«th dogs. Grouse, prairie chicken pheasant, fool hens, sage hens, patrldges and snipe. Aug. 15 to Nor. 15. Gees*'*, ducks, brant.aud swan,Sept 1st to Jan. 1st. ^ Fish cuir only be taken with book and II *e at auv time dxeept the moot ns or May and June. Ownersof private ponds can take fish at any time. Martin or fisher C o’. 1st to April 1st. Unlawful to buffalo, ’bit'Qi, quail or Chinese pheasant for ten years from March 1,1893. Unlawful tt kill moose, elk, otter or beaver for six years from March 1, 1 1 1 « . Hear, mountain Hon and panther « » ii be liuou-d at any time. Unlaw­ ful to kill in any manner > robin, meadow lark, thrush, Decker or. yel­ low hammer, oriole, looking- bird, gold finch snow bird or any f M \ r small birds known as singing birds. tion at present, aud in «(WitInn to the m o w ing piacliines already in use, The gold proposition offered« tt**ln forty more arc being Issued- to* tbplvestors by the lioutlcr Mining camp b ■* Ifc-tS* fiurot Ufidg la MW n t«#. 3 . 4 ‘ f i H » *3

Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 10 Aug. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.