Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1890-1975, July 01, 1926, Image 7

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Thursday, July 1926:. THE BIGTIMBER PIONEER (ftiriamari Must Hang For Killing Woman HELENA, June 36.—Louis Won lost hi» appeal to the state supreme court in Helena when Judgment and order of the Silver Bow ebunty court was af­ firmed. Won m ust go to the gallon« for shooting and killing Peter Payicie, April 4 9 ,1 9 2 5 , in a Butte rooming house where , white women end Chinamen gathered. According to .evidence brought out at ; the trial Pavteie, operator o f the rooming house, interfered - when the Chinaman was choking a woman,' b oost­ ed him out o f the door and three min­ utes later was shot three tim es in the head and neck when the Oriental re­ turned for revenge. The Chinaman a lso fired twice at E lsie Brown, who an­ swered screams during the fuss. He was captured in a coal bin after the murder. Pavicic was shot end killed on the stairway at 7 W est Arizona street at midnight, Elsie Brown, a roomer, de­ clared she saw the shooting and iden­ tified Won as the gunman. A short tim e before she had heard screams from the room of Dolly ;Druary .and found Won choking her. Pavicic threw the Chinaman out. Miss Brown said the Chinaman came back soon, started up the »fairs and Pavicic started down. The Chinaman fired three shots and' she saw Pavicic fall. Then he fired at her as she ran away. Won was- found in a coal cellar in the basement of a Chinese laundry. He was poorly dressed when found and had no mustache as had the man who is said to have done the shooting He claimed that boys had chased him when he' was on his way home, and that he decided to sleep in tne coal hole. He claimed not to understand Eng­ lish though' the man who shot Pavicic was said to have spoken in that tongue. Nevertheless Won was. identified by the woman a s the man who did. the shooting and was convicted and sentenced to be hanged. He says he is 20 years old. Aimee Believes The Devil Buncoed Her LOS ANGELES, June 27. — Aimee Semple McPherson today laid her troubles—her alleged' abduction .ajt Ocean- Park five weeks ago—at the door, of the devil. Delivering at the afternoon sendee her first sermon at Angehis temple since her return there after being found at Agua Prieta, Mex., last Wednesday, the noted exponent of the Mfour square gos­ pel\ declared before a densely massed congregation of 7,500 persons that be­ cause of her unyielding stand on moral questions the devil had plotted her de­ struction and had caused the experience which on previous occasions she said that she would not have gone through “for a million dollars.” . Relating how she had taken a stand against danCe halls, the drug ring and the teaching of evolution .and favored prohibition, the evangelist said: “And so he (the devil) finally said: ‘If I could just get hold of gister Mc­ Pherson, if I could just get her away, that thing would- crumble.* Some months ago, the newspapers of our city came out saying that there was a plot —that two people were to-be kidnaped. One was a motion picture actress, very well known—I need not mention her name; the other was Aimee McPherson. 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SEKTNAN & SNYDER Our Terms Will Surprise You. would have a hard time getting me.’ 1 “Now I realize that even then the devil was laj’ing his plans.” Y&U TELL’EM 0 'profiteer IS hurnfeti-- c f e t c h t h e m IS divine. a JJen,- w ill be ..sold at public. auction, unless prior to said ..time delinquent, taxes, together with all Interest; pen­ alties and costs'-due thereon, are paid.-; Notice is also given that a complete delinquent list of all persons and property in the county, -now owing taxes, is on file in m y office and is subject to public inspection and ex­ amination. CLYDE E. DAVIS, Treasurer in and for the County of Sweet . Grass, State o f Montana. Publish June 17-24-July-l-1936. Fishing Tackle and Supplies Nearly everyone enjoys the fascinating sport of Fishing. With the season on now in full sway we are in a position to equip you thoroughly with tackle for Bail Casting, Fly Fishing or Still Fishing. With your Fishing Kit filled with our Supplies you will be equipped to land the “Big Catch” of the Season. OIE HARDWARE Where Quality, Services and Prices Go Hand In Hand. , SHERIFFS SALE Anglo-American Farm Mortgage Cor­ poration, plaintiff, against Charles McAllister, et ux et. al., de­ fendants. To he sold at Sheriffs Sale by virtue of Order of Sale issued out of the Dis­ trict Court of Sweet Grass County, Montana, on the 24th day of July, A. D. 1926, at 2:00 o’clock p. no., at the front door of thè Court House in the City of Big Timber. County of Sweet Grass, State of Montana, the following de­ scribed real property : The southeast quarter, and east half of the northeast quarter of sec­ tion 26 in township 4 north, range 15 east of the Montana Principal Meridian, containing 240 acres, more or less, according to the survey of the-United States; situate in said County of Sweet Grass, Montana; together with 125 inches of the waters of Sweet Grass Creek, as decreed to Eugene Cummings in this Court, on April 6, 1926, and of record in Book 2 of Judgments, Records of this Court; and together also with all tenements, improve­ ments. and hereditaments and ap­ purtenances. Dated this 28th day of June, A. D. 1926 ED BRANNIN, Sheriff of Sweet Grass County. Montana. By FRANK WHITSEL, Under Sheriff. Pub. July 1, 8, 15. 22. 3 B B S E = l B F 1 B B B I = l E j ) jj^ LEGAL NOTICES j NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE In the District Cmirt of the Sixth .Tu- dici.'il District of the State of Mon­ tana. in and for the County of Sweet Grass. Associated Mortgage Investors, Inc.t a corporation, plaintiff, vs. Ingvnld Hspc and Mary Espe, his wife; and Lena it. Fcathcrstnji, defendants. To he sold at Sheriff’s Sale hy virtue of an order of sale on the 21th day of July. 1026, at two o’clock, p. m., at the {ronl door of flic Court House in the City* of Big Timber, County of Sweet Grass, Stale of Montana, the following described real property: The Southwest Quarter (,S\YL¡) of tile Southeast Quarter tSEVi) of Section Eight (3); also the South Half (S%1 of the Southwest Quar­ ter (SW14), and the Northeast Quarter (NEVi) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'.il of said Section Eight, tSl, all in Township Three i‘A) North, Range Fourteen < t !i Fast oj: the Montana Principal Meridian, containing in all ltio acres, more or less, according to the Government Survey thereof; Also all walei-. water rights, ditches, dams, pumps, pipe lines and hjdraulic machinery, reserioirs, resenoir sites, aqueducts, appropriations and fran­ chises upon, leading to. connected with or usually had and enjojed in connec­ tion with the herein described premises, and each and every part or parcel therc- ‘ of, whclher'reprcscntcd by shares of the capital stoel; of ditch or water com­ panies or by direct ownership or ol tier- wise. wind', are now owned and used in connection with the said described premises or any part thereof; together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances unto the said property belonging or in any­ wise and the rents, issues and profits thereof, including the right to the possession of the premises during the period of redemption. Dated this 28th Wav of June. J926. , . ED DRANNIN. Sheriff ot Sweet Grass County, Montana. Puh. July l, 8. 15. 22. NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE In the District Court of the Sixth Ju­ dicial District of the Slate of Montana, in and for the County of Sweet Grass. John Gjerdc ami Guilder Gjerdc, plaintiffs, vs. Anna Nepstad, formerly Anna Esp, Swan Ueland and Clark W. Allen, de­ fendants. To be sold at Sheriff’s Sale by virtue of an order of sale on the 17th day of July, 1926, at two o’clock P. M., at the front door of the Court House in the City of Big Timber, County of Sweet Grass, State of Montana, the following described real property: Lots One (1) and Two (2); and a strip of land ten (10) feet in width on the extreme Northerly side and running the entire length of Lot Three (3) in Block Lettered \Z” lying partly in Boulder Addition No. 1 and partly in Boulder Addition No. 2, to the City of Big Timber, according to the plats thereof on file in the office of .the County Clerk and Recorder of the County of Sweet Grass, State of Montana, to which said plats reference is hereby made for further identifi­ cation of said premises, together with all the tenements, heredita­ ments and appurtenances thereun­ to belonging or in anywise apper­ taining. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1926. , ED BRANNINt Sheriff of Sweet Grass County, Montana. Pub. June 24-July 1. 8. 15. SHERIFF’S SALE Oscar Sandcll, plaintiff, vs. Andrew Alen, M. Elva Alen, Capital Trust ft Savings Bank, a corporation; A. J. Vcigcl. Superintendent of Banks of the State of Minnesota, and the Scandi­ navian American Bank of Big Timber, a corporation, defendants. By virtue of a Judgment and Decree and an Order of Sale in the above en­ titled cause issued out of the District Court of the Sixth Judicial District of the State of Montana, in and for the County of Sweet Grass, I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder at Sheriff’s Sale, at the front door of the Court House, in the City of Big Tim her, in said County of Sweet Grass aiid State of Montana, on Saturday, the 24th day of July, A. D. 1926, between the hours of nine o’clock A. M. and five o’clock P. M.. to-wit: at two o’clock P. M. of said day. all the right, title and inter­ est of the above named defendants, to wit; Andrew Alen, M. Elva Alen. Capital Trust & Savings Bank, a corporation, A. J. Veigel. Superintendent of Banks of the State of Minnesota, and the Scandinavian American Bank of Big Timber, a corporation, in and to the following described real property, to- wit: TIic East One-Half of the North­ east Quarter ( E ^ N E ^ ) : the South­ east Quarter (SE!4) and the South One-Half of,the Southwest Quarter (S’ASW'O of Section Twenty-Two (22) in Township Four (41 North of Range Sixteen i l G ) East of the Montana Principal Meridian, con­ taining 320 acres according to the United States Government Survey thereof, he the same more’ or less, together with all waters, water rights, ditches, reservoirs, reservoir sites. aqueducts. appropriations ami franchises upon, leading to. connected with, or usually had and enjojed in connection w i t h the herein described premises, and each and every part m parcel thereof, whether represented by shares of capital stock in any Ditch Com­ pany or hy actual individual own­ ership. or otherwise, and used in connection w i t h the said described premises or any part thereof, to­ gether with the privileges and ap­ purtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining. All of said property being situated in the County of Sweet Grass, State of Montana. Dated at Big Timber, Montana, this 28th day of .Tune. A. D. 1926. ED BP.ANN1N. Sheriff. Frank Arnold, Plaintiff’s Attorney. Room J. Thompson Block, l.ii iiv/slon, Montana. Puh. July 1, 8, 15, 22. over i t , t h e f i b e r o f o m e t f o o d t o a n o t h e r ! «i * Plumbing & H E A T IN G First Class Material and First Class Work Telephone orders for Repair Work Given Prom pt A ttention J. J. GALLAGHER Res. Phone 25-M W I N G Light or Heavy Any Time and Any Place Moving Household Goods a Specialty Baggage To and From Station * ' Bear Creek Lump Coal Any quantity. Call Transfer Co., Motor Inn Or Phone 34-Z or 206-K Professional Directory Have Your Property Insured with O. J. ELLINGSON at Motor Inn Prompt Service O DELINQUENT TAX SALE Notice is hereby given that on Fri­ day, July 9tli, 1926, at 10:00 o’clock A. M., at the front door of the County Treasurer’s Office in the Court House in the City of Big Timber, County of Sweet Grass, State of Montana, all property in the County of Sweet Grass, State of Montana, and all property in the City of Big Timber, State of Mon­ tana, upon which delinquent taxes for the second half of the year 1925 are FRANK ARNOLD ATTORNEY AT LAW Room 1 Thompson Block Livingston, Montana DR. J. W. CHURCH OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Masonic Building BIG TIMBER, MONT. For Plastering, Outside Stucco Work Cement Work and Flue Building See ___ U Phone 107K3 BIG TIMBER A. P. O’LEARY, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office Big Timber Hospital DR. D. CLAEBORN PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Big Timber, Montana DR. L. W . BASKETT PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Montana Power Co. Bloek Big Timber, Montana DR. M W . BARR DENTIST Big Timber, Montana Light and Heavy HAULING Bear Creek Coal PHONE Office 197K Residence 22Y R. A . 1 raver [F you want to buy, sell or trade—Let a Pioneer Classified Ad do it. 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Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 01 July 1926, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.