The Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1975-1982, December 29, 1982, Image 8

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9 N o w s of record HIGHWAY T h m «rara 43 violations o f the 55 mgh speed Tht b H o w i a i M M boads or paid flats for aiceadkif tha track ipctd liaat • Mark M. H o m i. Reading. PA; lU a d a l 0 . W iw a r. Lancaeier. PA; Mkhaal W. Capir. Mancatone, Ml; Laaot A. Sopirne. Cooolaila, ID; f o p r D . Viacaat, W ilu ll, MT; Lonnie T. Bkkaell, G reenter«, WA; Lewie B. Fatalng. Billing», MT, fintd; William F . E d a n ai oa. WiMinon, ND;Thoma* D . O m a n , Wiaifrad, MT; T h orn« C .Zopfi, Worden, MT; Danni» O.Carriveau, Lena. WI; George E. Black, B illings, MT; C hart« L. Waniak, Bachaa—. ND; Lawie D. L a i, BUKags, MT; Dale f t Birminrfmm, loagmnni, CO; Bolfoy L. Ju m t. Lovell, WY; Janos L. Schwchr, M iuoula. MT; C hart« T . Wriphl. Sheridaa, WY; Claude M. Miller, M inoula, MT; Lauren L. Workman, Morrtion, IL; Thomu C . Neal, Naahville, TN. The following forfeited bowk for exceeding the nipR time ipeed limit • John J. Hegel, Billinpi, MT; Scott B. Potter, Coiatnp, MT; lune M. Dyke», Lewktcu, ID; Tracy A. McLean, Billinpi, MT; Jerry M. Kiap, SilverStar, MT; Dawn M. Napoli, Billings, MT; Robert L. Campbell, G n a t F a lk , MT; Mark L. Hataberp, lo r emaa , MTJom F. Ziepkr. Rapid C ity, S D ; Robert O . McKooe, T h eraopolk. WY; Robert A. Homer, Calgary, Albetta. Canada. The following forfeited bond« or paid f in « for not having fog booki current - Lewie B. Penning, Billing», MT, fined; Kenneth D. G olly, Voltaire, N D ; D e a a ii O. Canivtau, Lena, WI; Bobby L. leaner, L ovell, WY; Claude M. Miller, M ^ trria, MT. The following forfeited bonde for failure to drive in a careful aad p rude« maaner- Paul J . Brown, BWinpi.MT; Tony P .H ifla. Idaho F a lli, ID; Neil D . Reemuaem, Hynnn, UT. Frank Pirtx, Billinpi, MT, forfeited bond for o p e r a tic a vehicle without current repiatration. Frank P b tt, B illinpi, MT, forfeited bond for operatky a vehicle without a valid drivers lice a « . Chart« E. McDonnell, Big Timber, MT, forfeited bawd for driving or being in actual physical control o f a vehicle while under the influence o f alcohol. Emmanuel Lettiewotf, Butby, MT, forfeited bond for failure to give approaching traffic half o f roadway. Kenneth D. G olly, Voltaire, N D , forfeited bond for attempting to p u r in a no palling zone. COUNTY Jay Magtr, McAUiiter, MT, forfeited bond and made restitution for 2 counts o f bed checks. Michael S. Greer, Citrus Heights, CA, jail time »pent for rasisiuq arrest. Michael S. Greer, Citrua Heights. CA, jail time spent for Disorderly Sprinklwr irrigation roquiromonts By OHIO NOATHCUTT Idlter, Montana Agricultural fa- pnrtmnnt Stntlnn For some irrigators, increasing effi­ ciency of a sprinkler system may be as simple as turning a valva One Cascade County farmer, for instance, was able to add another tower and an extra 30 acres or so to bis center pivot setup simply by fully opening the gate valve. The motor, pump and even the power being used were already adequate to handle the added pipe and acreage. They just weren’t being fully utilized That's one example of the inefficien­ cies in sprinkler irrigation use and de­ sign uncovered in a recently completed study by ag engineers with the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station. The study involved 39 center pivot and wheel roll systems in Broadwater, Cascade and Yellowstone counties. It was conducted by graduate research assistant Robert Arrington under direc­ tion of Station ag engineers Charlie Bowman, now retired and Jerry Wcs- tesen \W e found mismatched mainlines, motors and pumps in a large portion of the systems tested\ said Wcstcsca ’Many farmers simply aren’t aware of the most efficient way to design and operate their irrigation systems. And that’s costing them money.\ The most significant finding, accord­ ing to Wcsicscn. was that motors and pumps in 11 of the 39 systems were being operated with the gate valve par­ tially closed The gate valve is normally installed just downstream of the pump at the beginning of the main lina Wcstcsen noted This valve helps prime the pump, if necessary. Also, it permits filling the main line slowly to prevent damage caused b> water surges and power over­ loads. However, in these 11 systems, the valve was being left partially closed to reduce :hc water pressure created by oversize pumps and motors, Wcstescn reported Otherwise, the sprinklers would operate improperly, creating a fine mist of water subject to wind drift \Buying an irrigation pump motor isn’t like buying a tractor, where you may need a bigger engine to provide reserve power to handle an occasional higher-than-normal load factor,\ Wcs­ tescn said An electric motor is de­ signed to operate most efficiently atone speed If the motor is too big for your system, you’re paying for more motor than you need not to mention unneces­ sary water and electricity.” He figured the coat of just the electri­ city being wasted thic way in the sur­ veyed systems averaged about $490 a year. Wcsicscn thinks some farmers may be buying their sprinkler systems on the basis of initial cost. \Smallcrdiamctcr pi/>c is Jess expen­ sive than larger sizes,\ he said How­ ever, unless it is matched with the proper size components and used cor­ rectly, it can cost more in the long run. in terms of breakdowns and lost efficien­ cy. than larger diameter main lines.\ lie suggested buying main lines on the basis of annual cost using several projected interest rates and powereosts. Annual cost includes initial cost of the system amortized over its life at a given rate of interest plus costs of mainte­ nance. repairs and energy. Other aids to matching sprinkler sys­ tem components to the job are computer programs, such as AG N ET s PUMP and PIPESIZE. which are available through Montana Cooperative Exten­ sion Service county agents. Wcstescn noics. - They permit you to quickly deter­ mine alternative annual costs under a variety of conditions,\ he said ' The programs arc also available for use by sprinkler designers and dealers In fact' many dealers offer their own compar­ able computer programs\ Both irrigator and dealer arc respon­ sible for properly matching sprinkler systems and components according to Wistcscn. *The system designer must make sure all components arc capable of delivering peak efficiency for the job to be \dona\ Wcstescn said \Then the irrigator must make sure the system is operated properly to achieve this ef­ ficiency.\ The Japan«« at on« time hung rad lobster», crabs and scarlet tangerines over thair doors at New Year's to indicat« hopes for long life and happiness. * 0 AND EVERY GOOD WISH FOR THE COMING NEW YEAR TO OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERSI T h e P i o n e e r A t the e n d o f the y e a r , we would l i k t to express a special thank you to those o f y o u r who w r ite regular articles a n d columnsfor our newspaper: Lucille Anderson, J a n e Grosfield, O la f Brekke, Yvonne Monson, Byron Grosfield, a n d D iana M iller. We appreciate y o u r contributions! — D a le & Beccy Big Timber Churches ■IG TIMBER LUTHERAN CHURCH KmttalHMyM A h a G . H M p s . h i i w Thursday ■ 10.00 a m.. ALCW BIMa Sledy, Hanaar Hems. Swday • NeSMdey Sahwli I t .0 0 a.m., Di- »•«• Warship wkh Hely Cawmaalaa; 12:00 noon, F tO iaiMp H m t . Wednesday, Jaauary 5ih - 9.00 a m.. Rebecca Ctnta. ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH S n . L Gedvlli Sunday M a u tt Big limber. Saturday. 7 00 pm. Sunday al9 00 a. m. Retd Point at 10 3v>am ConOsjion 30 minuics before Mass Weekday Mate Big Timber 7 15 a m SEVENTH DAV ADVENTIST CHURCH 2B9 Fourth Avenue Eavt Boh Ash. Pallor WaraBlf Sanlaa - 9:30 am.; SaMaak School • 10.30 a.m.; P iajti Meoslag. Thursday. 7.00 pm. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Faenh aod Aadaraoo Saaday Wonhlp Sanrfaa as II. a_m. No Sunday School until Jan. 9th. Rev. Henry Schneider from Billing*, furw miisiitcr. NoaUnating Committee meets at 7.30. Sunday evening. Annual Meeting — January 9th. RIG TIMBER BAPTIST CHURCH ( Sevcalh Day Advêatlil Church) Tommy Prie« Pastar Columbas Pia 32J-477J NOTEcbaogeofitacs: Saaday School - 2 30. Worship Service 1.30. CHURCH OF GOD 216 Fait Second Bob Pontet Paitor 1000 ten. Sunday School: 11 00 am. Morning Praiie 600 pm Etenlng Praise Monday. 7 00 p m Men’s Prayer Meeting Tuesday. 7 00 p m. Youth Service Wednesday. 7 0 ) pm Bible Study. CHURCH OF CHRIST 420 Wen 1th 932 )102 Evangelist Mai Shakra All are welcome to our Bible Study al 10(17 am Worship Sers Ice. 10 <0 a m Sunday Escn- Ing Service. 7 00 pm Wednesday 7 JO pm Escnlng Bible Sludv THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH 3rd and bramble Werner Seibert. Pastor ♦J2-2JM MELVILLE LUTHERAN CHURCH MELVILLE. MONTANA Allea G. H nogs a. Pausi Sunday- 9.00 a on.. DMaaWmhlf alWHoty Baadlp UUmL ° ° F * * \ \ f c * Hour;w# Tuesday - 2.-00 pra., ALCW ---- hg ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Fourth a Hooper R.E. SbeHty. Vicar 932-J42J Sundaya • January and February, Holy Cam- moaloa. 9.00 a.m. eicept at announced. EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH Fourth A Everett Garry Wecmv Pastor Sunday Services for All Agee Sunday S ti m i 9 4} a m . Montloy Worship Hoar. I I :#• «un: Choir Praclic« 6:00 pm: Even log Worship Hour. 7.00 p m . W.M.S. meets second Thursday oTeach month. A WAN A- Wmhsesday.630J.30- HAPPY NEW YEAR! CoadacL Sow,artB. Draagt, B igT i«b«r,M T ,jailtim e Md euspM M jafl time «Mb condition* tor criminal traspn« to property. J etty L. G o d b ey, Big Timber, MT, jail lin o and suspended jail time with condhian for crinunai iraapa« 10 property. CITY Tu-r^su— r^r— - a I 1 ----- p - a n — ' - f — -TiiPnglhlpnM lllTfaw h I jllld limit - John M. Keller, Big Timber, MT; Dennis C . Rtfoig, Bslhap, MT; F ms I J. Jarratt, BigTimber. MT, fined. Randall B. Harris, A iM m d .M T ,fend aadjMI tune for Diaordtrly Conduct D oom ! R. H o p « , Shemma. T X , forfeited bead for D k o id triy Conduct Todd E. D fotnwirr, Big Timber, MT, finadfar D U I. Todd E. OwUMfor, Big Timber, MT, fined for caret«« driving. FISH * GAME Mike Colpo, Mark A . Stephen* and Herman R. S u abetg, a ll o f Big lim b « , MT Mittcaced 10 forfeiture o f privilegi 10 hum, fiih aad t r ^ ia thii a la« for 24 a w n fei for p o u c u fon o f aa unlawfully taken game Miami. Herman R. Sirabsrg. Mike C olpo and Mark A . Stephana a U o f Big Timber, MT uupendad fine with conditfon for taking a game animal with the aid o f w tfficul light. Dennis Helmey, B illings, MT forfeited bond for having 2 conaervatfoa IfoaaMS. I havo sold my GOULD’S PUMP buoinoso to Val Kloocknor. I want to tako t h is opportuntty to thank a ll my oustomors for thoir past patronago. In tho f uturoa ploaso c a ll V al for your wator pump sorvico at Suporior Pum p s 932 - 3523 -. H . H . CUP A SAVE

The Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 29 Dec. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.