Fergus County Democrat (Lewistown, Mont.) 1904-1919, July 17, 1919, Image 3

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tans nder The ond itory very eters fully t of for rd to suits N e v i 43 ;e 1 ; g or c for larg- Ries el in met wing as- AKE i Mrs. 3 yes - from , long e en- Serv• lealth ms of F.S red in k Los auto Mole, Win- Ishap. it - ten erests ravel - :RE al su- rail- rn on ected last e and y for nding uests I was g flo- ut of Ian er fetter, Mrs. 'nests OL ad in ats to , next f the. Was k Care Alice ' and il. n the eft. of :VE D offer - timer Colic leved Mrs. This and hind drug. ee THURSDAY, JULY I 7, 1919. - Around the County ,HILGEFL Mr. and MN. Tkeo. Roseland of Deerfield wera stilton in Hilger on Saturday of last week. Mi. Hoge - land wee on his wity,1 rtheatit of Valentine. to look for turage for some of his sheen.. Mr. Roseland is one of the most„pnemIngrot. ranchers of the county and has many friends here who alumna Ike him a- roy0.1 welcome. We are indeed seer, tp report tie death of Roy Coolidge, who s killed in a mine In Mexico some ti back. Mr. Cootidge is a brother Ed Coolidge of Minden and was one time connected with the. Cue' land mine, near this Ware, and•eh many friends in this seetion, who fl Lear with the deepeet regret of s sudden end. • , The patrons of this district are m - ginning to wonder what the Bch I board have done tOwerd getting ,a high school for this Place this coin g year, for If they do not have a hi school this place will undoubte y lose some of her best citizens, as they will move to some town where HWY - will be able to give their childrefi the necessnry ativantages of higher educa- tion.-- herald. WINNETT. Another storm visited this sectibn last Sunday afternoon. Considerable rain fell, velitlieto Gee south, east and north a heav7 bail. accompanied the storm. Tile Flatly/03W ceeutre ugis again hard hit, malting the third hdil- storm in that section this season. Oscar Lindgren, who recently pur- chased the Itogere-Templeton Limiter yard at this place, arrived Monday to assume ntanagernent of the thisinees. Mr. Lindgren, was formerly an elm- ploye of the : Rogers-Templeton com- pare% leaving . them to enlist in the elev. We welcome leiig. leinegren to on; towh. ' The hatromiting of winter wheat started this week. In some fields fair yields are expected, while in ()there but i very light yield will result. On the whole the winter grain will per- haps average up about the same as last year's crop. The recent showers have given the earn a new start Mid some excellent yields are looked for. W. P. Williamson of San Francisca), was a business visitor here Monde) , and Tuesday. Mr. Williainson heads a large oil company, which now hits several producing wells in California and Wyoming. This company took several leases In the Yellow Water district last year, and have had a geol- ogist In this field the past month, milt- ing a thorough invesUgation of - the theritory. /f these--itntings are as la- vorable'ne now seem apparent, trill- ing operations will be started very soon. --Times. • e • ARMELLS. ARMELLS, July 12. (Special Cor- respondence.) --F. H. Hawkewerth has returned from McConek field nefar Dayton. Ohio, and will settle on his homestead near the Horse ranch. Mrs. K. Matthews returned from Widdrk* rit 14rdpor isetvias epeet vette last Wk 'NMI, ftbr grithadaughter, Miser Hpith Maxine Mack. , Fergue shipped Ta,000 pounds of wool to Boston Saturday. Deneld FowleeeRetd Iliggerstaff and S. T. Stranebnry have been appointed judgee of election for Armes pre- ciuct. Bert Robineon, with the Fergus Livestock & 'And company last year, meted. his Mae to Anaconda Thurs- day.: His household goods were load- ed in a box car here and the contents seems the car was burning on the in- side and this was not observed until the Junetion was reached. Water from the tank did no good. The tire extended to the box car depot, but was soon extinguished, doing little dam- age to it. BUFFALO. It would be impoefithie to estimate the value of the rain last week. Grain that had been lying in the ground a month has cotne up and fields that were apparently dying have made a wonderful growth *ince it fell. There is still prospect for a crop. H. E. Gaugler, former merchant aud hotel keeper at Straw, arrived by au- tomobile from Long Beach. California, in time to attend the Fourth of Judy celebration at Buffalo. He was accein- parried by his son', William. and daugh- ter, Esther. They will remain until after harvest. Vergil E. White, until recently cal f sh- ler of the Buffalo bank, and Lavine Ainsworth, who was last year employ- ed in onr public school, were married at. 6'00 a. m e Monday, June 3Rth, at the home of the bride's parents In Missoula. After spending a short honeymoon In Spokane they went to Moscow, Idaho. where the groom Is employed as assistant cashier in the First Natiowne bank. The many friends of the young people in this community extend them - best wishes for a long and happy Iffe.-Hobson Star. • MOCCASIN. Crop conditions have been but little Improved the past ten days, notwith- standing the Iwo showers of about an inch altogether. What moister. resulted has been offset by seveee warmth and high winds. • Crops, for that matter, around Moccasin look bet- ter than in any other section as noted by the writer while on a 110 -mile trip, John Martin. the young man who was severely berried from gasolipe, a few weeks ago at the Harney rkuch near Benehiand, was taken to the hoe Pital at Lewititowir last Saturday. Ile was getting along as well as could be expected, under the care of Dr. Wade and Mrs. Harney, but the boy's moth- er who did not learn of the accident until last Friday wanted him nearer home. The accident occurred while filling the gas tank of a tractor rat night; the tank running ever and be- coming ' ignited from a lantern.-Dia- patch. ROY. The Roy Commercial club nest last Thursday evening and eleeted,officere for the ensuing year. .1. E. Summate was chosen president; J. A. McAuley. vide president; Cart Anderson; abdre- tary and M. C. Oster, trealaarer. Lightning Arm* the bootie. of .T. M. Myers, vrhe Brea litieftfliabt of toid) laid. Sunday evening. It hit the chlln- . and knocking down the stoveitipe No one was hurt, but Wu. Myers, who had been working over the stove, had just left it before the lightning struck. There is displayed at the First Na- tional bank sonic pretty good grain raised by B. IL Spiker of Little Crook. mi. There iteestrip of country north of town and extendihg east to the 1.Mfunerlshell that got enough moiature so that crops made a good growth anti :promises a good yield. In a part of ‘ thik territory though, the hail of Mat 'week destroyed many a good geld. There are occaelonal'fields of grain In other sections of this territory that promise a fair yield. Corn is abeat the only crop left that has a chance to make good and reports concerning It are very favorable-EnterprIse. WINDHAM4 Mrs. C. H. Dahl, of Lewistown, dis- trict orgaffizetr for the Rebekahs, was in Windham over Twesday night's see sten conducting some special ledge week for -the local order. Mr. and Mrs. Dahl have a nice business at the Empire rooming house tu Lewistown. Within one mile of Windham there are three flowing wells either one of which, if piped, would, no doubt, carry water into the second story of a build- ing. Just 'mirth of town there was another flowing well which sent a continuous stream fully twelve feet tin the air, but for some reason this 0,011 was egmed several years ago. Jn additleti tg this we ere told that there are a number Of Sewing wells in the vicinity of Lehigh. This proves that the bowels of the earth under the Sage creek country are full of water and there is no reason why it should not be utilized to moisten the surface of this part of the country. --- Leader. GRASS RANGE. F. le Miles accompanied by John Single, took a horseback ride over a good peetion of, the, country south of town Sunday. lie says he saw some pretty fair fields of wheat while the recent showers has improved the out- look for feed for stock. O'Neill & Isaacs, the contractors for the work on the State Highway, ar- rived in town last week with their out- fit, coneisting of a large bunch of horses, graders and various kinds of Implements .for road building. Work was commenced above R. W. Blake's residence Monday morning. The horses were driven down here front the Manse valley where they had been on the range. .A. tornado passed serest! the north- ern part of Musselshell county last week at 100 miles an hour: the \twist- er\ caused' considerable damage to crops, but so far as can be learned there was no loss of lives. Roundup was on the edge of the great \blow** but sustained but little injury. Tor- nadoes, or anything approaching them, are unusual in Montana. They are not to be expected or fearkl. While driving the State Highway ear last Sunday, Writ. Waleh met with AK ameident by one of the front wheein breaking while driving at a fair rate of speed on the Flittwillow road near town. The auto Went over on its side, damaging the top. Besides Mr. Walsh the occupants of the car were Miss Dorothy Smith and Miss Laura Woods. Fortunately they escaped un- Injured.-Review. HOBSON. A. J. Springer brought us In a sim- ple of winter wheat from his. 90 -acre field near this city. The heads are of good etze ahd are filltng newly and many who have seen this field state that it is the best piece of winter wheat in this section and have esti- mated that it will yield around fifteen bushels in spite of the drouth. The directors of the First National bank met last Thursday and voted to Increase the surplus fond of the bunk from 20 per cent to its present figure of 25 per cent. This raised the total of the surplus from $8,000 to $7,500. The regular semi- annual cutoff of the Dooks was taken and the bank was found to be in an unusually strong position to meet the short crop which expected this fall. The undivided Oroftte account stands at $12,894, so that the bank now has a total surplus end undivided profits of over $50,000. he directors were all in attendance with the exception of S. S. Hobson, of great Falls.-Stsr. ' MOORE, A. S. FT'AReisi shipped out four car loads of cattle to the Chicago mar- kets Wednesday. There being two cars of fat steers and two of cows. Richard A. Harlow arrived the first of this week from Washington, D. C., and will look after business matters here in connection with his mach in- terests. At a Meeting of the county cammie- stoners held the first of this week it was decided to call off the Fergus County Fair this fall on account of abort crope.and the drouth. Thin move, will no doubt, meet with the approv- al of almost everyone.-Indepeedent VALENTINE. Winter wheat harvest Is on. While the e grain is short in most eases the heads are well filled and will make more grain than wee actually ex- pected. . We understand that William Hay- field who recently returned front Prance, has purchased the land and machinery belonging to Mee. Olive Tin - all. The land lies about two miles west of Valentine and is a combina- Hon grain and etoek farm. A peculiar rainstorm which cover- ed a very small area happened last Sunday afternoon. While there were elo clouds over head at the time a heave newt (lune from the were and struck just north of here abcnit a mile. the water coming down In a deluge for sevend moments. The area cov- ered was about a mile wide and three r illee long.- -Times. TO TURN OVER MALMEDY PARIS, July 16. --Baron von here ter, head of the German delegation sent the kitenenied eouncil a note to- day staring the German government to meet Belgian represeittattves to discues alftangenvents for the transfer ,iff• Maliticsdir, town of RIttheith Pm:i- lea awarded to Belgium , by die termer of the peace treaty. FERGUS COUNTY Dr.mocRAT PARIS TO SEE STRIKE AGAINST GREAT PARADE PEACE TREATY Victory Day Will Be Celebrated by Soldiers of Allied Arms. - T .- PARIS, July 13. -Celebration of the coming of peace which will reach its climax In the Victory day parade of allied soldiers on Monday, the Na- tional holiday In France, began last night.- Sokileves and civilians partici- pated. iti open air dancing throughout the night in the public squares, be- decked for the Victory fate. American soldiers, were very pop- ular as chancing partners and despite the inelement weather, joined with the girls of Paris in the intricacies of tango stem* on the wet asphalt pave- ment until the early hours Sunday. The dance music varied from string orebestrae to noisy .182111 bands. There was one spot in the city, however, where there was no dancing. In the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, suet' eyed and black garbed widows and Orphans gathered to watch the work- men finish the erection of 'the geno- fink in memory of those who died fighting in the war. The boulevards, Champs Elysees and the line of march were evrowded all day Sunday and were stint crowded tonight. The best of - Vantage points seemingly will remain occupied until the -parade starts at 8:30 o'clock tp- morrow morning. The attaches of the American peace omission will see the parade from the windows of the Hotel Grtiam and ri platform erected on thse root - of the hotel. Officers and 'cleitians connec- ted with the American serviees are stealth*, In their officeeeonight so as to be , there In the morning. Eight' hundred giranaoles mounted en wheels decorated and ithgnInated by 25,000 lamps forined an immense Mutinous canopy to be used by sol- diers along both banks of the Seine. Today's program consisted of an athletic tournament In the Toulleries garden and the presentation by the city of Paris of' swords of honor to Marshals Joffre, Foch and Petain. Marehal Pilch with a guard of honor of' one thousand pollus will lead the column which will be three miles in length 'and which will require two hours to pass the President's review- ing stand. On the stand will be French notables and members of the peace delegation. LLOYD GEM . 1 TR.IC MULE' Fifty Thousand Greet 'President of Irish Republic.' CHICAGO, July 13. -An audience of 50,000 pereous it was estimated heard Be Valera, \president of the Irish republic.\ appeal for aid and recog - nition of Irish independence today. It was an open air meeting held at the Chicago national league baseball perk where all seats were taken and nearly all available space occupied. Mr. DeValera, when he rove to speak' was greeted by a demonstration of cheering that lasted ,for 31 minutes. A soldier in a Canadian uniform mounted the speaker's stand and led the cheering. Mr. Be Valera spoke from a stand which had been erected in the center of the park. The crowd was enthuse attic but some of the spectators in- aulgee in hissing when the imams of President Wilson, Premier Lloyd George of Great Britain and Sir Ed- ward Carson, Irish unionist leader, were mentioned. Persons on the speakers platform, however, soon stopped those demonstrations. Mr. De Valera expressed confidence Italian Socialists Protest Against Suppression of Bolshevism. ROME, Saturday, July 12,-(5y the Associated Press.) ---The intransigeant soclaii,cts have published a manifesto proclaiming 4 general strike en July 20 and el as a protest against the peace treaty, which is denotineed as \an at. tempt by the allies to suffocate bol- shevium in Russia and Hungary.\ \Workmen of France will du like- wise,\ the manifesto Haiti. \Work- men of England wile also show their intention to bring to bear the power- ful action of their unions. Workmen in Switzerland; Holland, Denflutrk and Sweden will join in the movement Thus the flag of the international will be unfurled, against the bourgeobie.\ \The socialist -trade union,\ boat , prising more unefferate elements, has published another manifesto agreeing to the general. strike. but warning the workmen that the English proletaralt was not`in the strike. PIED PRICES FOUL COAL British People Given Sharp Lesson in Prac- tical Economics. LONDON, July 13.-Seldorn has any People received suela a swift and vivid lesson in practical economic as the British government has given this nation by the notice in the ironse of onennions on Wednesday that it was raising the price of coal six shillings per ton from next Wednesday. The response has been immediate and spe- cific, and needs for almost every branch of industry la the kingdom, from steel manufacturers, ship build- ers, railway managers, gas works and almotit all sorts of manufacturers and Indust:IN down to laundries and bak- eries. They explain just whet the government order will cost their con , ferns and serve notice, also, that they must pass the cost on to the buyers and consumers. Great export- industries declare that the iticreaae in the price of coal will handicap them in their competitioh with other countries, and may mean, In some instances, it stoppage of thele plants arid an therein , in costs. This seems to be trying to threw cold water on thm campaign for the nationalization of industries by trying to show government inanagement does not mean that wage, can be increased and prices; decreased indefinitely. Let - 'or has taken up the gauntlet immedi- ately, chaeging the government with wishing to kin the plan of nationaliza- tion and also declaring that It is favor- ing capitalists and misrepresenting conditicaa The government holds that thg in- creare of six shillings was neeessitated by increased wages granted as a re , salt of a committee headed by Sir John Keay and the falling off of produc- tion. BLEB SEES DANGER AHEAD _One of the dangers growing out SANTA BARBARLIA, Gal., July 1 that Americans sympathized With thei the war is a tendency to think of the Irish independence movement and hoped the America ngovernment would recognize \the de Jane government' of Ireland. Feank Walsh and Edward' F. Thiene, members of the delegation sent by the Irish societies in American to present to the peace conterenee a petition tie settlement of the Irish question, and Mayor William Hale Thompson of - Chicago were other speakers. Mr. Walsh referred to Premier Lloyd George as \the trick mule of Great Britain\ whose actions, he said,' nobody could forecast. Mayor Thomp- son expressed his 'hearty sympathy i with the - struggle of the Irish people. for political independence.\ He see-, 4ral times mentioned the name of President Wilson. -0- CHARGES BY PACKER. CHICAGO, July 13. --Edward Mor- rie, president of Morris ante, company, one of the five leading packing firms, in a fentement issued %today charged the federal trade commission with being \an obstructive arrangement of of government\ and that its \sub rose activities\ would cost American busi- ness men millions of dollars. The charges were occasioned by the com- mission's et:0mile* of last Friday al- leging that the great packers were about to control the international meat business as - well as the national food businceis. PLEASES KING KING GEORGE LONDON, Jule Tang George has sent the following telegram to Major Seen, corm:nervier of the R-34: \I hbartily congratulate rill all on your safe return home after the coin- 'Pletion of your memorable and, in- deed, unique trans -Atlantic air voy- atel' BERLIN STRIKE OVER BERLIN, Ally 13.---(5y the Aenorl- Med Preee.)--As a result of interven- tion by the federation of %bur, at set- tlement of' the transportation strike has been atocted. ?raffle over gal - ways and surface line* is expaeted to be rAliuzied , ow Memliar, after* a Ma. 'petition of 12 days, wortd as made up of masses' instead of individuals, Dr. Nicholas Murray Ilutier, prealdent of the . California nit!. verifIty said in an address- here today. The souse of responsibility of the individual toward society is dulled, ie continued and there la.it tendency for society to neglect the education and training of4the individual. A thorough understanding of 'teethe aocietAand government - ape of the. painful processes by' which they are attained will defeat the for ces of anarchy and disorder, Dr. Butler declared. SEND WOMEN AWAY. GENEVA. July 13. -The Swiss news- papers, commenting on the arrival of a considerable number of women front Russia and Hungary say they are for the most part the wives of relatives of the bolsheviki leaders, who are sending them to Switzerland for safe- ty. Many of the women hold false passports. The majority of these are Cm:My-Slovak and nearly aU of them are supplied plentifully with money, which, the Swiss press supposed, -is Intended to deftly the expense of bet- sheviki propaganda in Switzerland. France and Italy. -0 PLAN PROTEST MEETINGS. WASHINGTON, italy Ift-A mass meeting in protest against the league of nations has been arranged \in nearly every large city,\ said 'an an- nouncement tonight by the League for preservation of American inde- pendence. Speakers include Sedates Reed, Missouri, Democrat, and Borah. 'Idaho; Johnson, Ca II torn's ; Poindex- ter, Washington and FOrmer &water Beveridge of Indian:, all republicans. -0 ----- FEAR INTERYEN'TfON. PARIS, July 13. - intervention by the United States in Mterleo would tend rather to contemplate the, sit- uation than to ameliorate it, areard. Int to a statement made today by Francisco Leon De La Barra, formet provisional president of Mexico is re. ferrieg to dispatches reefielrediht Atte St. the effect that southernAuwerhilietiepeen• thin it i tile southern torn passible. Yesterday's Market MTOCRS. NRW YORK. July 16.-Marka were Ir- regular donne the early and - Intermediate stage of toilmy • atomism, but streorthened all around ii, the furiously active float hour, when more than half a million aborts( changed hands Eerily uncertainty was trot...able In pan to appnthenaton reentrkling the mousy mar kot Iii Its bearing upon more aperit hitive loathes but thia proved unfounded. rates for the two elate... of ekkIlaterill pre greasing only /1 point toward it,. elude 011 mixed collateral were itiakle 8 per while M way &llamado,' for all Industrials.' Another development which prOinVileal Cando', Ito canservutIve quarters, Idit seemed to make no Impression among useeolative tide/eats wail the annotate tie• inskrullsatIon of th e funkiest exchange may- ket the of the Inont onekkuraging fealures of tile onset; 1110 rket wan the strength shown by rails. weeendary as wall no Investneto traloportatiene making (lie lost 'allowing In many weak.. Protkires 0 fthaft division lueluded St. Paul e Lou- and preferred It net galas nt ale aik I 4 h pews ',epee lively anti New Haven 414 and 001005 nr the transethelitentals mid Minor htuie ,, u• thr oe point* 011s, tobaccos Amerlenn wool, Endicott Johnson and (sundry egulpments and apeetaliles gained one in flee points. hat Crueible ist./1 omit Baldwin, recent lenktern of the rime, were 'moderately , notetIonery laitippitiem were oinking Bra active and stronger ntocka at the close. plates itillount ell in 1.410,009 ehares. Liberty bomb, were firm, °there easter skik lighter cleallogx. Twat miles tear val- ue) were $11,4ou,000. Ohl United States bootie were unchanged on call. Yesterday's lisolations. Auterieen Beet Sugar 92% American ran (11 1 ,4 Anterieau storklike. & 114.1110ot IS An/ern-au '1<-i.s 'Del. a 1; Amrelean- Zips • Aaaeonda I' 'r Atchison ' ; k Baltimore & (1144Y 4 Itasca gad ettioerion SD callf Ma Petrelesyt. .., ttete t at tee Cella all PacifIc.. 4 t i 'area ',dr , 1 11 11 $ 4 ,vi, item 1 Leather .,../..., .` (ideas°. Mil. at'r\ t. 1 4 1111'1 l'filno Copper 0014 Colorado Such & !tug • Crucible Steel 1504 3: 5 4 ( 1 ('abs '('aunt'Sneer 7. 2 0, il l o rtfit ipte t i t:i t o lo rt 4 he e r o n vi t:ife , r (Wm amet etagrkern Pfd. 017%110. Mee. Marine pfd; rife! 119 Xeolserett l'opper 42t4 5 4 IVO 2111 Lostburillts & Naeleettle Mexican Pet roleitill Miami copper Miesourl ' , Mettle 141.1,1 ens POWI.J . Nrw York Contral LIQUOR SALES ERB STATE RECEIPTS USED IN . MEXICO TO PAY SALARIES GrISCHOOL TEACHEliti DOUGLAS, Ariz., :hey 16. -Al- though \dry\ by virtue of a proclama- tion by Gen. 1'. Ellen (lilies, comaltu- Honed governor of the state, a number of theernonfeipaHtiee of Scions. Mex- ico, have hit upon a plan resulting in *Welling the public ramie. Special permission is obtained from the state tapital for the sale of hoer for one day or longer, the proceeds to apply to public debts. Recently, In Cananea, the largest American mining camp of the state, sales of beer have been held for the benefit of the public school fund, there being no money in the district treasury to pay the teach- ers. The initial sale was no great a suc- cess that similar ones have been held since of the same purpose, as well as to get funds to repair school houses, mend roads and perform other neces- sary public work for which nothing could be obtained from the treaftury The state treasury is as badly de- pleted as are the treasuries of the va- rious cities. School teachers in Her- mosillo have not been paid for three months, according to Americans ar- riving here -recently. The swine Amer- icans told of a strike organized among the city policemen in June an a result of their pay being far in arrears. The strike was ended when a portion of the money was raised by public Hub- scription. NOT CRUEL TO I. W. WOMEN ELLIS ISLAND HEAD DENIES THE CHARGES MADE REGARD- ING TREATMENT. • NEW YORK, July 18.--Vredericic II Howe, commissioner of immigration at Ellis 'frond. issued a statement today denying the charges of the New York Iowan of legal advice that Mutterer and Jesnnette Roy, Scotch sisters awaltime deportation as undenetble aliens, ar the retina of I. W. W. little - lees in Seattle, had been ill treated am the Island. The Lureau alleged the girls had been heici at the island four months. end that an attempt was made by te Immigration authorities to force their return to 'England on a cattle boat. the rely women among a crew of 100 men \The friete were to be Event eat Of the country in regular proceedure\ Mr. liewe said, \and they were as- sig,ned to a certain ship but it WAS found va be a cattle ship and no wom- en were on beard. Out of cvnsider- ation of these ladies it was decided to lase them back to Ellis Island, which ate. erne. and later they were pet on another shit).\ -------0 TO CALL AMBAftSADOR WASHINGTON, July 15. -The clues. I ion of reporting out a joint resolution for Investigation of Mexican conelt- ions will be determined Tuesday by the house rules committee, which has called Ambit...fouler Fletcher as the. first witness. The rawhide!) cells fey far reaching inquiry to be conducted by a Joint conereestenel committee. Ohainsan•Catepliell of tile rules soil. \Maine announced tofu* the beatitude would be public. Northern Paelfle Peensylva air Italy VOitiolldited topeer Iteadlat rirt 4 hern Pseirir 109% le Is.,.. ft Sem& US& Southern Railway it% 'Nose to. '270 1 , Mlon I'lieltic r .., . I'. S. Indarstriol Aleohol f 146h, 4'1111.1 Staten Steel 113 Utah Copper 1/0 1.11/SKUTY BONGS. NEW 10<111i, July In --Men-indite paper 3%ii St Si . 41 Liberty 1,11,111,1, 111,i'm $110.20: first i's Ste tie; stecotol 4'it $113411; Bret POW: aiwouvi 41. 5114.011; third 48 0 '• $1115.02; fkkurth $1f4.(12; Vietery $100 50 Yletury 11k s 'a SHOAL CHICAGO GRAIN. l'IlICA111), July 111.-Porainllily of enth damage from *Zee** but weather, thought ahem a *hart Upturn Wiley in the value of koketi. 'yes both of Ills erop he nt the eritleal period, anti the market elfiestil nen . ° 01 , 1 i 3115e net higher, with Septestiber $1.11014 to 81.151ie and Develll- hei. $1.63% to $1.1111 1 4. (late indeed O. to rf s e. Iii prisvIsiona the ontretue varied fewn ihkelitte to fie stl- Ott,, - ,' Strength Its the (men market developed nittlikokly when the klay wan half over. Boring the find part 'it the seesion. bears tem thee owit way meet of the time, owitte to atottiebtfia erns repikrta And to retsina that as a resait at the marine strike, nit etalksiesto bail Imre plankti ahntniettre to Baltimore No general liquidation by holders of corn elletied, however. and shorts Nyha tried to cater 011 the kleellite foutid the process dIffieult. It mile thlm Juncture that attention was Tailed to ilkehl iiooti of hot woven as- effaspenled by rails. 'rbrottelrout tke re attendee of the day prevailing itentinient else rinUeully In rarer of the bulk. Unfavorable crop reports lifted onto to ,the highest prises yet this ammo Pre vielons were doll and weak with hose Pont: MOS- Biwa 411.0544; blab. 51.1/64S; low $1.0315; close St.utrk. Ave.- Open 0.611: Sian strieN: low mot 16: elosc Sept Open 791 high mow 19%; cbme I WV, )14.11 I, to !Aril 8.11%; low SIN; elite. 173%. MINISISAPOEts WOMAT. July id. Wbeaf-H , 't (ill -care, 1 , 0111111111,11 with 'Cl ears a year ago, Pima : No. 1 northern 52.385411210.1. Porn Nue yellhw $1:8144451.611. Oats No. 3 white 77%U76%. Pills $6 Obei 56 07. Vireo unchanged; alihnoteite 48,633 bar - Stye No. a, 51.57. 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July 14. - „The following communication was Ise feted by the war office today dealing with the operationi on tho Murmansk frond in Hostile: \On July 14, 500 ilolahevild attanked our garrison at Tivtllya, 11 mile:4 southwest of Kyapeselga. west et bake Onega. They were beaten uti Utter mi engagement of en bout and a hair and retreated southward . , burning bridges \The enemy suffered' consfelerabie lasses.\ -0 NO HIGHER RATS CHICAGO, .luly I6. --The titterers» tent of the Mancithefie in fourteenth quadrennial convention today voted a deelaration that no change In Meuse atice ratea would he made. D. P, Markey, Detroit, was re-elected me promo commander and J. W. Sher- wood. Portland, Ore., supreme master at; anus. REDUCED RATE IS SHUSTER caicAaa, July Hiee-Resommenie- tioneifer redtieed rates In skipinente tar Ilveigtock from Montena and droutir areas <ml adieining Mates into Minna- 'feta, Wieconicin and other states where mister/tee Is Available were inibmittlet to Washington holey - by R. H. Alsktett, regiorail director of the' ticn.thwest re. glen. De asked to publeth thrifts tin' .a one day notice. It was MO recrortoultiallg that a duetlon of 56'Peront be made On 11 ?imam of feed nod tomite luta clrouth areas. Arrangements for a lt . duction on the return shipments of t tie and sheeP to shiPiling kointa arteF; the druuth is over were anoddered ha t the recommendation. SOVIET OFFICERS BUDAPEST, July 10.-(14 the As, poriated P11 , 1111 Offieere of the dee teat army are deserting whenever they Vind rhance to do so. Almotit the .04, tire air corps has abandoned tliegW.; ie 111 lornimintionimmonermillummoonommillommiumgmumit iinneltamommeminommottnimmi We have several improved Judith Basin farms to rent to good farmers who can fur- nish references and who . have equipment to properly handle a farm. Following are descriptions of two such farms: 160 acres located five and one-half mile southwest of Hobson. All level and all under cultivation. Good four -room house, new barn for sixteen head of stock, with room for grain and hay. Large hog house, cow barn, well house over well of good water, with gas engine pump. All fenced with woven wire fence. Ready to move upon at once. 200 acres located nine miles west of Lewistown and three miles east of Rose - fork. 140 acres level land under cultiva- tion, 60 acres pasture land. All fenced. 'New six -room house, new barn with room for ten head of stock, and grain bin in the barn, Good supply of water iri well at buildings. Tenant can have possession at once. The Cook-ReynoidsCo. Lewistown, Mont. , .

Fergus County Democrat (Lewistown, Mont.), 17 July 1919, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn84036220/1919-07-17/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.