Fergus County Argus (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, August 09, 1907, Image 3

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•P 11 • I age FERGUS t.:OUNTY ARGUS, AUGUST 9, 1907. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS One cent a word each insertion pay- able In advance, for advertisements la this column. If not paid In advance IS cents. line each Insertion. Minimum charge for the Insertion -GS 'etas. • FOR SALE. 11E. 5AYEr A MAT WYE eVeltiag--boulsel two 4l let% aft..22otlik town, for sale. Water in kitchen. ,Ifina engl Stepp *plying, all up Olentild' *MO for liztlY r1,100.06: Stiouirti of,4.1 . 44gpr I tt IPLINO: 1 1 IREGTREFTO RENT • GOOD InatrumenL Address box 565, city. ..•, 7-19-tf ...21111z1P\..~1111Peet i litthMtille - GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUBEwork. Apply to Mrs. F. E. Wright, 210 Washington St., Lewistown. 7.26-tf FOR RENT. THREE ROOM HOUSE, TEN DOL- lars. Mrs. A. D. Holman, 6th Ave. and Watson. 8-9-2te STRAYED. FIFTEEN DOLLARS REWARD BY Dr. S. S. Owen, of Moore, gor the return to nim of a blue. mare branded Seven -Up orn right hip; roman nose; shod all around; scar on right 'a -shoulder; weight about 1,100 8-9-tf Notice to Bidders. Notice is hereby given, that on Wed aesday, the 14th day of August, 1907 at the hour of 8:30 o'clock p. m., the City Council of the City of Lewistown Montana, will receive and consider bids for the construction of a main sewer line from Morase street on Fifth aseeme in said city, northerly to the intersection of Spring creek in a di- rect line with said Fifth avenue, ac - 44 cording to plans and specifications OD Ilk hi the office of the city clerk of the City at Lewistown, Montana. Bids will be received for the con. atruetion of said sewer main with vie Abed pipe, or with cement pipe. Bids meet be separate and state plainly whieli kiad of pipe le proposed to be Ise a ?Pr the bidder. The council re- serves the right to reject any and all bids, add to take a reasonable time after the opening thereof, for the due consideration thereof. Certified check In the amount required by the instruc- tions to bidders in the specifications, must accompany each bid. By order of the City Council. M. D. KIMBALL, City Clerk, Lewistown, Montana. Dated July 16, 1907. Sale of Bonds. On Wednesday, the 14th day of August, 1907, at 8 o'clock p. m., the city council of the city of Lewistown, Montana, will sell at public auction Waled bids will be received), at the city hall to the blithe& bidder, at not less than par, $15,000.00 ten -twenty year five per cent, gold bonds of the denomination of $1,000.00 each, re- deemable at par in ten years from date of issue, which will be July 1st, 1917, interest payable semi-annually at Lewistown. Fergus county, Mon- tana, or at option of buyer, in New York City. Said bonds are issued for the con- struction of a sewerage system. A certified check for $600.00 pay. able ta - Mtirral - fir - Deaton, city treas- urer, must accompany each bid. The right to reject any and all bids is re- eerved. All bids and correspondence to be addressed to M. D. KIMBALL, City Clerk, Lewistown, Montana. Oregon Short Line Excursion. Chicago and return $53.50 St. Louis and return 49.00 Omaha and return 42.00 Kansas City and return 42.00 Leaver and return 37.20 Tickets on sale August 10, 11, 18 and 31st. Final return limit Septem- ber 30th. Reserve berths now. Short Lino City Ticket Office, 105 North Main street, Butte, Montana. $-2-2t F. ry. WILSON. D. F & P. A. Horse Men, Attention! Caesar, No. 4120. imported French Coach stallion, will stand at Elkhorn stable. Terms of service, $10; single leap, $15; season with return privi- lege, $25, to insure with foal. Mares pastured at $2 per month. Care will be taken to prevent accident, but will aot be responsible If any occurs. W. A. Lacock will handle horse. I-4-tf J. E. PINKLEY, Manager. I LOCAL BREVITIES Dr. Foley, 409 W. Main. Charles E. Whits, of lamella, la in town. G. 0. Parker is in from Gram Range. W. S. Devine. of Butte, is a Day Rouse ipiest. J. J. , ,Itetnuostad was in this week from Mans. 4.14-41earok. of illassapolls, Is St' the Day House. D. D. (kraut, of Kendall, Is register- ed at the Diamond block. Kra Leslie Rianicit.ef Grass Range. is registered at the Day House. wnt Abel was in tread Moore this week, returning home Wednesday. T. G. Burnett, of Gilt Eidgei, and J. Frank Sage, of Maiden were guests at the Diamond block this week. $31/1110 01' 1 4 ewistown, has tied notice of appropriation of 100 Inches of the waters or tributaries of tbe south fork of McDonald creek. W. W. Marks. Charles Linder and Charles Olinsky have flied notice of lo- cation of the Noter claim, situated in die South Moccasin mining district. Charles R. Smith, of Gilt Edge, has tiled notice of appropriation of 100 Inches of the waters of a tributary of the north fork of McDonald creek, to be used In irrigating. At the gun club shoot last Sunday afternoon Sam Weaver once more an- nexed the medal, scoring 22 birds out of 25. Murray getting 21, Williams 17, Taylor 17 and Rossetter 15. The children of the Presbyterian Sunday school enjoyed a delightful picnic at the Otten ranch, on Cotton- wood, Wednesday, most of them go- ing out and returning in Scovel's big 'bus. John Welch, who was arrested a short time ago on complaint of W. E. Lorimer, charged with the theft of a horse, was discharged by Justice Bras- sey this week ,there being nothing to suetain the charge. IL 0. Chowen superintendent of the American Sapphire company's mines at A Yogo, accompanied by John T. Mor- row, of New York, are at Togo this week, having made the trip out from Great Falls by auto. E.. G. Worden, lawyer, McDonald & Charters Bldg. Phones 127. Jamestown Exposition Rates. For rates, dates, limits, etc., call es or write Oregon Short Line City Ticket Office, 105 North Main St., Butte, Mont. F D. WILSON, 5-17.tf D. F. & P. A. Remington typewriters for sale and for rent on easy terms at the Argus Supply Department. An immense blast was fired la Six- teen Mile canyon Monday, and brought down such a quantity of rock and dirt that the Montana Railroad track was blocked nearly all day, the train not George W. Canon returned home leaving Lombard until nearly 6 o'clock Tuesday morning on the belated train aad arriving here early Tuesday morn- from a very pleasant trip to his old Mg. home in Philadelphia, with visits to Don't fail to see those moving plc- New York and on down the Jersey turea at the Big T. P.. They are fine. tf coast. Mr. Canon enjoyed his outing McIntyre, the white man who was i r as atly p , ro a s n p d ero sa us ys as th e e ve w r ho a le ppa cou re n n u. try y arrested last week for taking part in a stud poker game, this week deposited with no indication of any abatement. $100, the amount that ne will be tined, Meagher County Republican: A side and was released. Henry White, the of cattle, involving the transfer of colored man, known as \slim is still about 2,300 head, was made this week. In the county jail, and his case can- The purchasers were Mayn & Heft - not be disposed of until the return of man, and the sellers were Jas. L. Judge Cheadle. Johnston and the Clear Range Live Stock company. The purchase price Comfortable, newly furnished rooms was $23.50 per head, which would in Diamond block, opposite Lehman's. make the deal total in excess of $50,- If you buy a piano from Orton oao. Brothers you will have the satisfac- tion ng of knowing that you are perches- Duri the brief thunder storm ing from the oldest and largest deal- which prevailed Saturday afternoon ers in the state, in that line, besides last the lightning burned out several you will get the genuine rather than a cheap stencil piano bearing a simi- lar name to some standard make. Special sale now going on at 217 East Main. St. Don's fall t8 see those moving pic- tures at the Big T. P. They are line. tf State Senator Henry M. Rae and ItelirettetttAttert,,A.....r.....Greelig_left for Butte . this week and to -night iitt be- come members of the Mystic Shrine. The novices were accompanied to Butte by John D. Waite, Frank E. Wright, Samuel Phillips, A. B. Leh- man and will be joined on the way by George J. Bach. The nobles will make it their business to see that the novices get all that is coming to them. Hair work made to order, I Mrs. A. McLeod, 814 Janeaux St. 'Phone 292. Rev. J. A. Martin and wife arrived safely at Fort Benton last week, hav- ing made the trip overland from this city. They are the guests there of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Lewis and Mx. Martin occupied the pulpit at the Benton Methodist church last Sunday morning and evening. During his ab- sence from Lewistown, the pulpit at the Methodist church is occupied by Rev. A. Pfaus, who spoke there last Sunday. When in town take rooms in the new Diamond block, opposite Leh - man's. The Moore base ball team will come here one week from Sunday to play the Power Mercantile nine, and the game promises to be the greatest one of the season. It is creating much in- terest among the fans, and a lot of money will be wagered on the re - suit. One bet of $500 18 already up here, and several other big ones will be posted during the week. The Pow- er team has won nine out of 11 games. one of the defeats having been scored by Moore, and the visitors will CMS prepared to gain another victor* if it Is possible. J. C. Huntoon, lawyer; telephone No. 7-0 Bell 'phone, No. 78 Mutual. Office Opposite Day House. fat Friends of Miss Orpha Noble, coun- ty superintendent of schools were somewhat alarmed about her for a short time Saturday afternoon, Miss Noble had been out to Kendall on school business. end Saturday after- noon her team came into the city on a run, the vehicle being slightly dam- aged, and Miss Noble's coat twisted around one of the wheels. Emmett Hamilton rode out on horse back to find her, but had not proceeded far when he met Miss Noble riding in on horse back. Her team had run away, but she was not injured in the Least. The Argus Supply Department has on hand the new forMs of location no tlees which are needed for proper cons pliance with the law as passed by the last legislative assembly. Your lo cations are void if the provisions of the new law are not followed. Al. Heinicke's reorganized Scrap- pers went up against the real thing last Sunday when they played the Power nine, and they certainly gave the league leaders a hard contest. Until near the close of the game it looked as though Al's aggregation would actually defeat the \champs:\ MeCabe's pitching for the Scrappers being gilt edged. McCabe has all of the 67 varieties end with better con- trol gives promite of being the best of them all. He was well supported. too, and until the beginning of the eighth, the leaguers were not able to John A. Wilson, of Omaha, is at *a PHONE TROUBLE Dr. Attix, Diamond block. Hoffman. GEO. R. CREEL The Lewistown Undertaker and Licensed Embalmer... Electric nictg.. Main St. NB Nepalis lb 2 WM. JENKINS' Barber Shop Hot and Cold BATHS Old Stand on Main Street... A Share of Your Patron- age Solicited. Dr. Clancy, Bank of Fergus Co. Bldg. Tel 170. 8-2-5t A. J. Jones, of Harlowton, was la the city this week on butane's. Adolf Gortemiller, of the North Moc- casin Live Stock company, was In from the ranch this week. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Thompson have Berne Lo Hunter's Hot Springs for a stay if a few weeks. eptult 7 Attalme7 A.Vers and Miss 01. lie Ayerr went out to Grass Range for a brief visit this week. Eva Hammer Holmbee, a native of Norway, has died his applioatiou for admission to citizenship. Harvesting is now in progress on the Rock creek bench and will soon be general ail over the basin. J. IL Warn, of Maiden, luta filed no- Uce of apProprlatlon of 100 inches of the waters of Alpine creek. B. F. Lepper, the well known Flat - willow wool grower, is in the city Chia week, looking after his wool. Tom Burgess, Charles /easel and Geo. M. Wunderlin formed a party of Ken- dallites visiting here this week. J. S. Warn has sold to J. 0. Gilker- son a one-third interest in the Alice No. 1 claim, situated in the Warm ' Spring mining district. J. It. Mirrilles, manager of the gro- cery department of the Power Mercan- tile company, and creator of the ever - victorious ball team, is taking a trip over the state this week. Mrs. J. M. lerooman and children, Miss Fulton and niece, Miss Jennie Fulton, and James Canon, left the first of the week for the National park, accompanying the Cheadles and Down - trigs. W. S. Smith has sold to W. C. Kruse for a nominal stated consider- ation, a one -eighth interest in the Cot- tage Not. 1, 2, 3 and 4 claim*, locat- ed in the North Moccasin mining dis- trict. John Campbell, one of the popular young men of this city, left this week for Spokane, where he will take a Po- sition. He has been connected with the First National Bank of Lewistown for some time, and has a host of friends who regret his departure. The.postoffioe at Christina has been discontinued and the mail for that point now goes to Kendall. The Flat - willow office has also discontinued, the mail going to Grass Range. Mil- ner postoffice is discontinued, and the mciii is received at Musselshell. The mall for Sapphire now goes to Utica. telephones, and a transformer of the , electric light company, while a bolt„ hit a chimney on the Lehman \bunk house, scattering e few bricks and drilling a hole through the ceiling. The lightning did not set anything on fire, nor was the damage none of much consequence. DeKalb & Mettler, lawyers. Officee Miss Lydia Smith, daughter of a prominent Los Angeles' business man, and Marion Hopkins, a well known young man of this city, were married at the City of the Angels last month, and it is expected they will come to lewistown this fall to reside. Mr. Hopkins acquired some interests in southern California during the past year, and has been in that section for some time. His marriage Is quite a sur- prise to his numerous friends In Lew- istown and elsewhere in this county. S. E. Peterson, attorney and coun- selor at law, Moore, Mont. Musselshell News: John L. Bright, of the Citizens Electric company of Lewistown, was here Tuesday. Mr. Bright will start in at once to put in an electric light plant here, the poles for the same will be shipped from Lewistown in about a week. The plant will be situated on the fiat, near the railroad yards, and the motive Power will be steam, until such a time as more economical power can be utile ized. This will be another improve- ment that Harlowton needs badly. Mr. Bright will have his plant in opera- tion inside of sixty days. Dr. G. H. Nichols, over U. S. Land Office. 'Phone Mutual 173. IN THE COURTS Bell Company Applied to Court for an Injunction to vent Boycott Federal Pre. ORDER twouto BY JUDGE HUNT Cam Is to Be Heard Sept. 16th-4,.et- ter Sent Out by President Falrgrieve. President Alex. Fairgrieve, of the Montana federation, has sent to the Lewistown labor union, as well as all others In the state, the following cir- cular letter: Brothers sad Sisters: For the past two weeks the execu- tive committee of the Montana Feder- ation of Labor, acting in conjunction with Grand President McNulty, Grand Vice President Sullivan, District Presi- dent Curry and the executive council Of the Inter - Mountain District of the International Brotherhood of Electri- cal Wprkers, have been in conferem!e with . the officials of the Rocky Moun- tain Bell Telephone company endeav- oring to adjust the pending wage coll* troversy between that company and the linemen in the states of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, which states comprise the Intermountain dis- trict; also endeavoring to bring to a close the strike of the telephone op- erators in Montana, which has been in force since last March. Our efforts have been unavailing so far as the linemen were concerned, the company flatly refusing to enter into any agreement with the organiz- ations In the intermountain district. The policy of the officials or the com- pany was directed toward a division of the organized workers in the in- termountain district by offering good conditions to the Montana Federation of Labor and the local Electrical Workers' unions affiliated with us. We saw their scheme. We could not consistently accept a settlement for our operatort and declare the Bell Telephone company fair to the Mon- tana Federation of Labor and our af- filiated unions, the Electrical Work- ers, still on strike endeavoring to bet- ter their conditions by demanding just Increase of wages. We do not wish to be accessories to the policy of dividing the working class. We are not believers In the principle of working one trade against another. We are all for one and one for all, or we are nothing. We request every central council, ev- ery local union and every member thereof to declare the Rocky Mows - tam o Bell Telephone company unfair to organized labor in Montana, and hope that you will use every effort to make this declaration effective. Urge your friends to act likewise; ask your friends to discontinue the use of the Bell telephones until this contro- versy is brought to a successful term- ination. You will be notified from the Federation headquarters when a set-, dement is reached. Do not credit any stories of a settlement. Boycott Is Enjoined. 6'he attempt to place a boycott on the Bell has resulted in the matter being taken into the Federal court, and uJdge Hunt has issued an order directing time federation officials to ap- pear and show cause on Sept. 16 why an injunction should not be granted. Alleges Conspiracy. In the papers in the case it Is set forth by the company that it has been soganted against and restrained in doing its bireffiess In - tfoinjetTot Wirieff business was worth $14,000 a year, since March 14 and that handbills and placards have been circulated and hung in prominent places about the city in an attempt to influence users of the company's lines against the com- pany and in other ways the defend - ante have conspired to, in plain Eng- lish, put the company out of business. The affidavit are accompanied by photographic reproduction of hand- bills alleged to have been distributed in public places in Livingston and the pictures indicate that an attempt was mad* to induce people to with- draw their patronage from the com- pany, alleges the complaint. What le Asked. I write all kinds ol INSURANCE Buy and Real Estate BUSINESS, CITY OR RANCH PROPERTY Surety Bonds furnished in all Court pro- ceedings. Contractors. Fi- delity or Burglary Bonds. Loos Term Firm MORTGAGE LOANS FOX TYPEWRITERS „Bold on Monthly Payments or Rented by the Month EDMUND WRIGHT Cor. 4th Avenue and Janeaux St. Opposite Postoffice. LEWISTOWN, - MONTANA That the respondents be enjoined and restrained from in any manner, directly or indirectly, interfering with or obstructing the transaction of the company's business In Livingston, or from persuading others to so inter- fere, or from in any manner interfer- ing with any person who may desire to enter the employ of the company. \either by threats, personal violence, abuse, intimidation or any other means with the said business of your orator, or to induce any person to leave the employ of your orator in Livingston.\ THE BILLINGS AND NORTHERN MORE THAN FORTY MILES OF TRACK HAS NOW BEEN LAID. Billings Gazette: \Construction work on the Billings & Northern railroad is progressing rapidly,\ said a Billings man, who has been along the right of way, yesterday. There are fully 1,500 men and more Pura 1.00 Lea11318 awl seven steam shovels working on this end of the road and on the other di- vision in to Great Falls more than 40 miles of track ha..e been laid and just as large a to -, is engaged on that end. \The half -mile emnel on the road is being built at the rate oi lo for per day and more than 1,500 feet have already been completed. It Is expect- ed that the tunnel will be completed by November 1 and rail laying on the Billings division can then begin. That means the road will be completed by early winter for passenger traffic. \There are two construction camps within a few '.tile, of the clo One is about 12 r'es northeast it here, where the tunnel is being atig, and the other is admit le miles north, where work is in I el toying n the grade. A visit to one of these camps is interesting, especially to the one at the tunnel, as the dirt is being handled on a large scale. Where the cut is being made the steam shovels are placed in the renter of the grade and the track is laid a few joints ahead of them to run on. The dirt 18 taken out of the cut by means of a large shovel or scoop and is loaded into waiting wagons to be used as a fill on some part of the grade nearby. Where rock is encountered Bant pow- der is used to blast it away.\ Fort Benton River Press: William I From boycotting the company by Rowe, proprietor of the Grand Union i tile circulation of banners, or the post - hotel, announces the sale of that well Mg or distributing of handbills or Mr- knoen hostelry to George H. Stevens, culars, containing opprobrious or in - of Valley county, the transfer of own- jurious epithets. ership to be made as soon as abstract May Not Boycott. of title and other legal papers can From interfering witn, Intimidating he prepared. Miss Georgia Stevens. boycotting. molesting or threatening daughter of the new proprietor, arriv- in any manner the patrons and cull- ed today to take charge of the busi- ness. Mr. Stevens owns a steamboat touters, of the company, or any other that has ,been operating on the Mis- person %ell the purpose of inducing them not to deal -with the company. souri between the mouth of Milk river From giving any directions or or - and Rocky Point, and contemplates transferring it to this locality as socrn dem to committee:assoelatIons or oth- erwise, for the performance of any as practicable. act from In any manner impeding or E. G. Warden, lawyer, McDonald & obetructing or interfering with the reg- Charters Bldg. Phones 127. ular operations and oonduct of the Musselshell News: The shipment of business and for such other and furth- wool from Harlowton this year was er relief tin shall be deemed meet and fully up to the eaverage. There was equitable. shippedfrom here over one and one - quarter million pounds. It came from $100 Reward, $100. the following plants: The idoule plant The readers of this Paper will be at Bercall, about 500,000 pounds; Geis- pleased to learn that there is at least ser & Weston plant at Harlowton, one dreaded disease that science tits 250,000 pounds; the Winnecook Land been able to cure in all its stages, and & Live Stock company from their own that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure plant, 150,000 pounds; George Pirrie's Is the only positive cure now known clip, at Rothiemay, 150,000 pounds, to the medical fraternity. Catarrh he - and the balance from small wool grow- Mg a constitutional disease. requires era will aggregate 250,000 pounds, mak- a constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca- Ing a total of 1,260,000 pounds ship- tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting pod from liarlowton, directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby de - Endorsed By The County. stroying the foundation of the disease, \The most popular remedy in Otsego and giving the patient strength by county, and the best friend of my building up the constitution and as - family,\ writes Wm. M. Dietz, editor testing nature in doing it work. The and publisher of the Otsego Journal, Proprietors have so much filth In Its Glibertseille, N. Y., I. Dr, King's Curative powers that they _offer' One New Discovery. It has proved to be an Hundred Dollars for any case that it infallible cure for coughs and colds, falls to cure. Send for Ifst of testi- making short work of the worst of them. We always keep a bottle In the houee. I believe it to be the most valuable prescription known for lung and throat tikeases.\ Guaranteed to never disappoint the taker, by C. II. pation. do much with Heinicke s fast bunch, Williams' drug store. Price 60c aud but in the last two innings they gath-j $1.omm. Trial bottle free. Bu. ered In four runs, winning by a score inontsis. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. Sold by all druggists. 75c. Take Hall's Family Pills for consti Founlionyimult of 6 to 8. Read the Argus for the news. \w s'Ite , tlet• mad tiesile luny - Hay Fever and Summer Colds. Victims of hay fever will experience great beilefit by taking Foley's Honey and Tar, as it slops difficult breathing immediately and hea.s the inflamed air passages, and even If It should fail to cure you it will give Instant relief.\ The genuine is In a yellow package. C. H. Williams. Fo. - ONLY NINE -LEFT. - • If You Want One Come Prepared to Buy -we will Do Business. Out of the carload of 21 pianos we received here about three weeks ago only nine remain unsold, as the time allotted for this special sale has about expired we are anxious to be off about our business elsewhere. In order to dispose of what la Left and do it quick- ly we have decided that the best way would be to offer the citizens of Lew- istown and vicinity their choice of any new piano in our store at about wholesale prices. You can save by buying from us now from $75 to $150. We cannot quote you prices on the entire stock, it is sufficient to say they must be sold, but to show you that we mean business we quote brand new, high grade $300 to $400 pianos at the re- markabiy low figure of $216, $235, $268 and $288, all other instruments at correspondingly low prices. Now Is your chance if you are hunting a bargain. Sole agents for Montana, for the genuine Boston CbIckering, the cele- brated Kimball, Ballet & Davis, Paul G. Mehlin, Melville Clark, Whitney, Hinze and several other standard makes. We do not handle any pianos that we cannot back up with our reputa- tion, this ought to be worth something to you. Terms of sale will be from $15 to $25 cash and from $7.60 to $10 Per month. ORTON BROTHERS, 217 East Main St. LAYING THE STEEL. Grade Completed for Fifty Miles East: of Harlowton. Muaseisholl News: Onell & Brown, railroad contractors who have been eorking on the Milwaukee grade at Cato, arrived in Harlowton Friday with a force of men and thirty-eight teams. They will do the repair woik on the Milwaukee grade In the vicin- ity of Harlowton. From Hariowton to Lavine the grade Is very near completion. Holmes & Co.. who are finishing up the grade at mile 30, will be through in three weeks. McQuItty Bros., who are at mile 16, will be through in a day or so. The grade is practically complete for 50 miles east of Harlowton to La- vine, with the exception of where the grade washed out of late. And in about 10 days Melntosh Bros. will put on their track laying machine with a large force of men. The work of grad- ing the railroad yards at Harlowton will be done with a steam shovel as it is almost impossible to get men and teams at present. Ten Years In Bed. \For ten years 1 'wag ronfined to re- bed with disease of the kidneys,\ elites R. A. Gray, J. P.. of Oakville. Ind. \It was so severe that I could not move part of the time. I con- sulted the very best medical skill available, but could get no relief un- til Foley's Kidney Cure was recom- mended to me. It has been a God- send to me.\ C. H. Williams. Pc. Read the Argus for the news. Uhe gir sr' W ational 2ank V ontana. Cepeea/ $.200,000 00 050, 000. 00 TR EASU RES Relics Escrows Abstracts Stocks U. S. Patents Real Estate Deeds Everything is secure ?hated States Depository ./Teerman °teen, .2 5 res.dene David Jriapar, •89 2 111,11. Set. jr. 21 el 87 A. 2no , V-9;,...8. .f. fradInoon,CasAte, _Herr,\ 5'creirerr, .3 1 ros't. CasAteP SPECIAL AUGUST CLEARANCE SALE EN'S SUITS STILL CONTINUES actrerr aDTHES HIS SALE includes every man's suit in our immense stock of up-to-date clothing made by the best clothiers in, the east. ALFRED BENJAMIN & Co. I \Corect Clothes for Men.\ KUH, NATHAN & FISCHER \Sincerity Clothing.\ The EVERRIGHT CLOTHING Best on the market for the money. In this stock you will find the latest effects in Cheviots, Velours, Cashimers and Worsteds, in fancy and plain colors. Checks and over plaids are all the go for this season. Sizes from 34 to 48 breast measure. We can fit you no matter how large or how small you are. We carry them in slims, stouts and regulars. $25.00 Suits This Sale $20 $22.50 \ $20.00 18.00 $15.00 $12.50 $10.00 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 et POWER Mercantile Co THE RELIABLE STORE.

Fergus County Argus (Lewistown, Mont.), 09 Aug. 1907, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn84036228/1907-08-09/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.