The Powder River County Examiner and the Broadus Independent (Broadus, Mont.) 1919-1935, May 17, 1935, Image 1

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The Pow ue VOLUME RVIII. | Broadus Wins — Over Ashland oO Star 7 e nwiver Coun and The Broadusindependent memes BROADUS, MONTANA, MAY~17, 1935 NO. 33 Hi Students listen to a i Monroe missed the catch. Roots score. Two Two struck out. Two Two showed good baseball when he stepped into the wild throw which netted Ashland 4@ run. F. McLain made a fast catch on the foul from’ Pikkula. The ball went high coming down about 10 yards out in foul territory toward home from third base. McLain came over ‘fast, ran through the crowd on the side line Electrical Organ Has No Pipes a | ee Over the ety e to make a clean running catch. Ah ee Seventh Inning Broadus.—Best hit to second base. F. McLain hit to second, i ats ‘ond. Ashland—Crazymule struck out. double out. R. McLain flied to sec- J —_—_——— 4 Ia. § j ea ysee By CHRIS ANGLE one went du a Or eine F undtat Services for the late Ly-; gunday evening the Rev, Max H. ; The Broadus baseball team it) sass fifth inning hit and safe at sander f] . Lewis, were held Satur- Webster gave the baccalureate ad- ‘let amueea Suey to ‘ake at hoot then tit i Bs dy steopon, ut the Brotdus com: dress to the graduating lana of ho Among the Ashland players were siole second and on third ball of the Bé¢{\Max H Webster, Th dees a a. aa th stn ring five Indians, all good players and|t2TOWn stole third. Roots out on fly ark : : © wos well filled, and the congrega e ; good players to F. MeLaj church ws'crowded with friends, tion gave careful attention to the college graduates, Ci chain, Eighth Inning Broadus—Dr. Amick out on a high foul to Yelloweyes, who took the ball near the backstop. Palmer up and safe on first with a ball that the shortstop muffed. Monroe up and out to right field. Bruce up First Inning Drummond up. Hit short to in- field, safe at ‘first. S, Holt hit to short; Sterling threw to first for frst putout. Drummond advanced to third. Best up hit first blal to Pitch- er Pikkula ,who tossed to first for who came. Ao pay their last respect-excellent sermon delivered by Mr. to a frien#i\Music was furnished by Webster, He said in part: Mrs. Albert W. Heidel, Mrs. Chas.| The text for this sermon occurs W. Miles, and Mrs. MacKenzie, ac-'in the Scripture lesson just now companist, 'read in the Gospel of ohn, ‘the Lysander W. Lewis was born No-/eighth chapter and the 14tit-verse: vember 7, 1861, in Marion, Il], He;“I know whence I came, and whit}- ‘ ” second putout. Drummond scored.|t0 first on a hit. Palmer goes to moved Wyft\to Oregon early in life. fetus fad dae Sates apkoe tees F. McLain struck out. None left on|t#ird. Drummond up. Bruce stole He studi ‘jaw, was admitted to : Hi self and they were true of base, second. Pikkula worked hard on bar in. shat state, and practiced law Fim We recognize in the life of Ashland—Steve Two Two up,/Prummond and kept hm _ out by for sevéral years. He was married | Jesus a confidence and a serenity struck out. Crazymule walked, G,|8topping a bounder and tossing him on May*29, 1892 to Carrie B. Allen.'which fit the description of our text. Sterling struck out. Crazymule stole/OUt at first. Palmer and Bruce left second on a fast run and _ slide,/On base. The family came to this country His life gave every evidence that it Powder|Was lived in accordance with a great in 1906 end settled on Swallow struck out. Crazymvle left} Ashland.—Green out on high fly river, He died on May 9 1935.|central purpose, that He knew that 2t second. to left field. Yelloweyes reached Surviviig ate his widow, cas sons, FUTPose, and that He walked in its Second Inning first on a muffed roller to Palmer. light We can not use the words of Colwell up, out at first on a roller. Pikkula up. Monroe’ dropped the third strike but tossed him out at first. Colwell left at first. Broadus—R. McLain up, gets a nice safe hit just out of reach of center fielder, Stole second on first pitch to Dr, Amick. Dr. Amick hit perfect electrical pipeless organ, seated is contained in the console and the mu cabinet which is connected to the conso Here is Laurens Hammond of Chicago, inventor of the first technically |Jack and at the instrument. All the mechanism isic originates as sound from a power. le by cable. aldo and two daughters, ‘ine text so well to describe our Minona,,;J@wis and Mr.s Thelma'jives ror us they must be the state- Helm. Afother son, Travis, died in ment of what ought to be. We ought 4 to consider whence we have come, ‘tne |Jesus knew Fine Sermon | = ~ —— ll exercises at the 8nd whence we are going. on arm and goes to first. Palmer Ninth Inning ———— i . y 1 , up. Pitch to Palmer and ‘ catcher Broadus.—Holt and Best struck e a Broady re, me wey Seo eee ecgei haptasiesl mouliak threw back to pitcher as R. McLain|out. Pikkula was working hard and il p A to Mi ' diboaa on tee ‘suggests itself. They tell us tirat started to third. Thorwn oat by a/pitching nice ball, F. McLain out| Q . J place fee, Miles City comatery: H'mself to be God’s 5 narrow margin as he slid into bag.jon a fly to Sterling. The | resr were Ray Tarbell, | ion and messenger. They tell us Palmer retired. H. Monroe up and| Ashland.—Steve Two - Two and ae : Booch; fner, Frank Riggs, H. ‘turther that Jesus knew where the struck out retiring sde, leaving Dr.}Crazymule struck out. F. McLain|/ Visits rojec Hotel Is Sold H Gays) d Wileon and Frank way He had chosen would lead. In Amick on second, ~~ Was” duplicating Pikkula’s work in t Ross. 44) 1\ a baccalaureate sermon the text Ashland.—H. Roots up, hits safe the first half of the inning. Sterling to right*field. P. Grun up, makes & up and made a good try but was out tacrifice hit to shortstop allowing F. McLain stopping a hot one and e ee | J. S. James, state engineer for the The Powder River hotel was, a #/ eee takes on broad suggestive meanings, .J. B/Shy, long-time resident of meanings which may be imme- Ashlagi@/ ont., passed away at his diately applied to the life and work fy: Roots to advance to second. Yellow-'tossed him out at first. water conservation board, accom-|®old this week by. Dick Drexel to a home’ @arly Saturday morning, oe Se ee = : ~, ae ae eyes up, a single into leit infield. | A good close, clean game from|Panied by Ed Parkinson, district}man named O'Donnell of Miles City. lowing 4. long illness. Caan melanin of the taut. Broadus missed opportunity for-gtart to finish, it — anyone's game|®ngineer for the water board, pase-|Mr. Drexel purchased the hotel just} He, born in Missouri 67 years Gouble by play to second then first!until the ‘last ed through Broadus Sunday after- Fifth Inning - \ Broadus—Best up, hit .safe to, center field. F. McLain up. ° Best; eaught on attempted steal. McLain hit safe to left field, passed to sec- Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Max H. Webster entertaned the sen- icr class of the Broadus high sclfool at dinner. On Monday Mrs. Albert @ year ago from W. H. Pease and Mrs. Catherine Lockwood, Miss Lil- lian Brown Miss Billie Henkel, J. G. Alee, Matt Himsl, Edwin ~A. Jones, “J know whence I came.” Can we ago, he spent “his boyhood.! an American is to possess a history |checkered with spots of light and |dark. Yet, -despite our history of {mingled glory’ and failure, two words remain to describe ideals 'which have never been completely ond -base on overthtow to first W. Heidel and Mré> Blanche Wiley B : — — faceeen we Se oo’ from field. R. McLain up, hit entertaied the class by izv’ing the pea S$ ore been periods when slavery has’ been double scoging F. McLain, stole members to Miles City to see the entrenched In our land. Dictator- third on fifst pitch to Dr. Amick. show ‘David Copperfield.” The ' ship has threateed -our country Dr, Améck struck out. Palmer members of the class are Mpyrtle OF $ nion egain and again. Classes have ruled struck out. Score now Broadus 5. Craig, Ruby Preston, Gladys Powell! Ba without regard to portions of the Ashland 2. a Helen Heidel, Gertrude Ullrich, masses. But despite all the storms, Ashlanr—Two Two up, hit . by Marisue Wood, Maurine Kellogg.) State Senator Frank T. Kelsey of the ideal democracy has never been pitched ball. Crazymule up, out. on George Wiley, Filmore Canon, John; Moorhead addressed the WPU last without fits supporters. It has beem foul to Monroe. Two Two gets to _{Miller, Rolland Rue and Harry Saturday evening . preceding the a central part ‘of the American second on first. Ster- Lanning. . ~ dance. Hs able discussion of the ad- dream. And what ever has happened tiag up. Two Two -stole third. Ster- Mr..and Mrs. John P. Miler en- ministration of relief throughout in American. politics or economic ting. hammered out:a. long drive ‘deep into right ‘fteld.. Could. have béen' a two base hit‘edsity but tried) . for third and was put out.'Two. Two} .. _scored. Swallow etrick out. Score]. - Broadls 5, Ashland 3, Broadus—Moproe tip, gets a nice two. base. hit over first base. Bruce up ..and. struck .out.. Drummond ‘struck out. Holt hit to second base and was tossed out at first. Ashland—-Roots. up, gets a base hit}and stole eecond. Green up, and George Thil (left) of Philadelphia and Frank ‘Liss of Syracuse, N. Y., are tertained the senior class at on Wednesday evening. eeTONG FA | SET DEBTS | Farm debt advistory committees : | dinner have settled more than $800,000 in farm indebtednesgin this state, ac- cording to T. J. O'Connor, state co- ordinator for the committees, while, visiting. the Powder “River county committee this ‘week. _R. D. Mc- Curdy, the local secretary says that four cases making a saving to bor- in the. various counties of Montana;*° the state. was highly Due to unforseen circumstances the Miles City delegation .was unable to: F be here so are expetted to be here for the next meeting on Sunday aft- erpoon May 26. The Workers Pro- tective union is now the largest and strongest union of its the state, BROWNFIELD ‘CHAMPION | .Sheriff Claude Anderson reported on Tnesday of this week that up un- til that time 23 coyote hunters had appreciated. | life, that -pgrt has pers‘sted So. it has been with liberty. Too often the - 18reed of a portion of our citizenry has, forged. cIeina abvut the wriste ./of another : portion. Too often lib- erty for.a-ftém bas denied liberty to the great megs. But the dream hes never faded, and the strug. gle for liberty has gone on. Those two words, democracy and liberty, belong in the picture in your minds when I remind you that it is a‘ part of-your birthright that you are 7%, \ . Americans. - ‘ Laicille F. McMillin, the only woman 5 ne ‘of the United States civil serv- strack out. -Yelloweyes. up and. sent) sh<wn after doing the almost impossi-|rows of about $5,000 have been 4 hesitantly hen I say that we ought a Bot grounder :to third base and) ble. Playing as competitors represent: |settled in this county Is hin ation te art tb tote ve ‘te wwiies eae eet nen one Onriectaes t. so tose pate af “This os , and Mark- te to re . ians. ‘That. ot our a Naat wosbtadek te: thire. Col- as \Wiraliars: ascaaet (capectteall IN ‘THE HOSPITAL |$2 per head bounty pa'd by the/ or 18 named Lucille McMillin Azalea birthright. To. be sure, there re- wel < ‘and hit by ‘first:ball piteh-} they both rolled perfect 300 -scores,|. T. E: Sad, the ‘genial and well State livestock commission. Earl}-inif Is known by the scientific name of jmaing deal of what is decidedly ed. ‘Pikkula up, fouls to F. McLain.| So far as is known, this has never be- known Volborg merchnat, is in the Steve Two Two up, made move to! fore happened in the history of bowl- hit! gt wild throw from pitcher and Ing. ¥ veterans hospital at Fort Harrison for a tew days, : | Brownfield ig the champion hunter to date with 53 head presented at One time. Azdléh Rutherfordi. It is a salmon not Christian-in our world, and’ th ‘olor and was developed by the staff of : (Continued:-on, Pars tien, = * , ~ Lady bhtantcal garden in Washington. a. aN! ag ye ~ foe ut. , ourselves? (error). H. Roots comes in with promised Broadus seate cagome noon on their way to the Brownfleld}operated fhe hotel until last Des|He a ee New Oo we a ly haaead onr birth first run for Ashland. Pikkula hit! the near future, Pikkula. threatens|™@nch near Piniele where they im-jeember-when he leased it to Ha nie ani hen he was 14 years of (ght? Let ‘ith axplore jt a little. Ip: to n retiring side. Yellow-/to make the net one harder still for|SPected a site for “proposed reser-|Witcher. Under the terms of the/@ée, and dame to Montana in 1890,!tne first place we are persons eyes left at second. —_. ‘the local aggregation. The game last|*°ir and irrigation project. lease Drexel réservéd the right to/45 y to establish his home.'th, goth century There is more i eps Third Inning ‘Sunday ‘was well worth the trip| He believes that the individual|#*ll the hotel by giving the leasee)On s/erqival in the state he iden-'that statement than first ppears. Brute, Drummond and §. Holt'and the return engagement is sure|who has hopes of getting an irriga-|60 days notice of his sale, tiffed | If with the cattle in-'You and I belong to a century which struck out. 'to be better sti. The Ashland In-|tion project for his own farm has| Accordingly Mr. Witcher will|2¥8ty,@n@ took an active os ho longer ae op = Ashland—Steve Two Two up, out dians are colorful but good balljless chance of having his projectjoperate the hotel until the middle iat faginess. 7 he eee cot or cena \the air. i ways al. on @ fly to Holt. Crazymule up hit &'players and make an_ interesting|%PPproved than that project wherejof July when O'Donnell will take ashen —e Ee | nost past.comprehension. We are of. hot bounder to third But beat the: pay four or more ranthes will be served|charge. Harry Witcher, who is local He ig sirvived by the widow and ® century: wheh has put books in throw to first. G. Sterling up. Two! fromthe same reservoir. manager for John Kuilman, will thr 7 . ters A - cial jevery band, which speais by means Two stole second. Sterling hit to Broadus ‘This latter type of project can be|continue to manager the local oil Meerk cake te ee pd Mont. (of #irwaves. We are born in a cen second but beat throw to first.’ AB RH PO Alushed through at the present time |tation. ae * is Los Angeles, and two\ttr¥ When med cal science is avis Swallow up. Hit to second. Two Two Drummond, cf ........ 4 10 0 Qi only the interested: vanchers wil) }ii brothers Millar Shy aa Vest Shy to promise us increased years of lite -left second as dall started, beating Holt, 2b ....... se © © 3 Olngce application to Helena vith the Pe: De -h es gi8t the same time that traffic acci- throw to third. Three men on base: Best, if ...............5 1% 2 1 8 siccukured of dana. ake wth uae! ® . who { fn te taser and) ients warn us of mounting lists of ete on ha erent pete Fo alain pont 2 3 3 SU wae Entertain With © [sr c8hs ars, ose ss ected seca We iin ask at first but Two Two scored. Amick ss ~ ee 3 0 © 1 1] No project in Montana bas as yet Miles City, Many expresions of sym-jpunger for the masses is challenged. Green struck out, leaving two. on Palmer, 3b... 4 0 0 1 1)8dvanced to the stage. where con- i i pathy be extended to the be-|We are persons of the 20th cen- base. Score Ashland 2, Broadus 1. Monroe, ¢ ...........-...- 4 0 210 g/|Struction has started, under the su- [| 98 inner reaved ‘ ily. jtury. Fourth Innin |Bruce, 1b ...............3 0 1 g © /|Pervision of the water conservation - Funeral; pervices were conducted, Besides that you have the b rtb- Broadue.—Best up. hit a_ nice’ et oe ee beard according to Mr. James and —_~ Monday’* ‘afternoon at the Graves right that ts yours as students. Y: double into left field. F. McLain up, | 37 5 10 27 {he is hoping that some project in Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Craig ana|°?#del i Miles City, and interment /bave in your hands the accumulated hit double into center. field, scoring Ashlana eastern Montana will be so organ- . eaul P Hultc u|was made in the Miles City ceme-|discoveries of thousands of explor~ Best. R. McLain up got a single on AB RH Po A/ized within a short time that work|DF. and Mrs. Paul P. Halleck en- tery,fv0) ers—explorers of mountain ranges first pitch, advancing F. McLein to steve Two Two. If 4 1 0 0.6 |¢an-be started. tertained last Thursday evening at a can and explorers of the hidden things third. Stole second on ‘next p’tch to Craz mule. 3b ....4 1 1 $ 0| Mr. James planned to return to|ridge dinner at the Craig home. GOES STATE TRACK MEET (that go on the test tubes of a cham- <i: Avi. win okensh’ ond Palmer |g; y ° sree 5 08 Helena on Monday or Tuesday, but|Following a most excellent dinner! yyoy imctees a senior of Custer ist’s laboratory. Ybu may read the ; , : erling, 88 .............. 5 gio bridge was played for a few hours. hikh school. and formerly a/Pages written by poets of many up, hit by pitched ball. Bases full |gyanow cf 2 0 1: 6 ojhe said that Mr. Parkinson, who is ek onan were oe ty ters county high ool, an rly Sa. Tou Suey Gaten ca te one out. Monroe up hits to risht Kyate, cf 2 0 1 © 0|Stationed in Miles City would be Wikestc anda wanas Senne | student of Broadus, was among the encase. tea ina semer ee field, scoring F. McLain and R.'Me- Roots, 2b ........4 2 2 3 1{®Vailable ff the proper type of Mr. Wed - - ure “_ The| Cove MBO left Miles City Tuesday) SOEUG® nn Lain. Bruce up, walked. Drummond Green 1p 4 6 0 3 [Project would be outlined to the| ome gant Man nel me tor Hiawontn where they will spend)\ 1, 1. large jart of your bith . fring side. Se 6 116 oj board. ; See eo Ee attending the Montana state . _—a , and Holt struck out retiring | velloweyes, © sess8 Newton, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Strai-|' mest. Jack received enough |\!8>t that you are Americans. Of . Monroe left at second, Palmer left Cojwen, rf... 3601120 ton, Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Jones, cab oo &\ \this source of your life I speak with at third. Score now Broadus 4, Ash- pikkule, Po ceveeeeseceeeees 40004 e Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Daily, Mr. ho: dm:ithe Forsyth and Billings ‘hesitation. For I know that much fend 3. “This was big * inning | ool gm te sala enlor ass ‘and Mrs. Walter G. Stronks, Mr. ang|™eets $m the quarter mile to go to that we call American is merely the Broadus bringing in three runs. 3 4 927 6 Mrs. Albert W. Heidel, Mr. and the state tournament. |melting together of discoveries, sacr ,, Ashland—Yelloweyes up, . struck! 2 Mrs. Max Webster, Mr. and Mrs. H. \y ’ \Tifices and cultures from across the out. Colwell flied to Me¢Lain.. Pik- : | R. Cook, Mrs. Ethel James Mrs. by FI sea. To be an Amercan is to bé a kula out on a fast grounder, Amick | Miracle Bowlers ; W. B. Galvin, Mrs. Madge “ayers, :(Honored y ower [Product of the melting pot. To ‘be to Bruce, | | tad Nis . i I am forced ‘to speak even more —

The Powder River County Examiner and the Broadus Independent (Broadus, Mont.), 17 May 1935, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.