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About The Whole Truth (Castle, Mont.) 1896-1898

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Sept. 12, 1896-Sept. 24, 1898
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Descendants of Margaret Ellen Galvin

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The Whole Truth, published from Sept 12, 1896 – Sept 24, 1898, was the creation of Shelby Eli Dillard. Former publisher of the Red Lodge Pickett, Dillard had a take no prisoners style, captured in his opening issue where he announced “The Whole Truth jumps out jack rabbit fashion this morning…We believe in the infinite goodness of God, the purity of women and the election of Hon. William Jennings Bryan. … We will treat our friends like kings and our enemies like serfs.” Unsurprisingly, given that opening, the issue he cared most about was free silver with many shots taken at “goldbugs”. The content of his paper mixed local news, national politics, international news, and entertaining non-news items. When the paper reached its second anniversary in Sept 1898, Dillard announced that he would spend one more year publishing in Castle, but that if it wasn’t a “brilliant success” he would “quit and let some other fool newspaper man try his luck in this camp.” Sadly, this wasn’t to be as he died in the county hospital at White Sulphur Springs on Oct 24, 1898. The Missoulian in its obituary for Dillard on Oct 26, 1898, described what makes The Whole Truth so fun to read: “he possessed the ability to say bright things in a truly original way”.

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