The Choteau Calumet (Choteau, Mont.) 1885-1889, December 18, 1885, Image 2

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The Chotea^ Calumet m u m ) BT THKCHOTEAO W B U W I S r f y X f l ü t X u W r i p i l o O R a t « « . ' ONE Y ea * .......... $8.0018rt M onth * ............$W® T hese M onth * .. 1.501 O ne M onth ........ . 1*®® Term*, in advance. I f not paid in advance, F ive D o llar* per annum w ill b e charged. _ _____ , ity bavesacaped. T h ese gentlemen p ropose tòte * thetoote b efore theñext G rand J u ry aîaiii dggnand an i n v e e t i g a t i o n 'l l they d o , nq. Bfiy iin t of-NÌhilèwaah 'w ill b e allowed toatick. ’ • * • ' : t h e C H O T E A U C A L U M E T — ho m. 50 50|£iKÌ>th Column... 30 20Canili...— ,• ........ *5 lOiCstile Brand* ....... 7 . . A d w r U n I n f R a te«. ONETEAB. | HI* MONTH*. One Column ......... •aW’Ctop Cnlainn ........... *1 ® Half Column .... Column^.... »0 Quarter Column... HOQuarterColnnm.. Cighth Column.. Card* ....... ...... Cattle B r a n d s .... J3P'“Kstmy notice* und other transient adver- tieements not exceeding ten lines nonpareil, three dollars for first insertion and fifty cent* for each wubeeqoent publication. p H u g i i l advertising $3.00 i# r folio o f 100 woide, and fifty cent* per folio for each snbee- qnent insertion. J 3 g r-Local notices, 15 cents p er lin o f o r first in ­ sertion and ten cents p er line fo r each subsequent insertion, _________ * _________ __ C h a teau, S tontann, F r id a y , D M .lC .ta a a . «C a p t Paul Boynton has been so suo- Pfgg f« ! in frightening the officers o f that British ship that I ’ d like to see Cleveland make him the secretary o f the navy. It would b e a step in the direction o f e cono­ my, and would g reatly im prove the effici enoy o f the department.” “ W hat makes yon think so?\ “ W h y, Boynton could be the secretary o f the navy, and the navy too”—Endicott. _______ T h * C alumet smoke« for all. Harper county, Kansas, has elected the widow B ice its county cleric. I f nothing else cun indnoe Ptesidenu Cleveland t o remove J u d g e Wade, some­ body should send him a copy oh Claire Lincoln. Mr. Cleveland should b e grateful for a little relief. The politicians are now busy trying to decide what to d o with Mr. Bandall. Prince Colonna, the rather recent bride­ groom o f Bonanza E va Mackay, is said t o be. already a bankrupt, despite a hand- i settlement _________ The present House o f Representatives contains 168 Democrats and 143 Republi cans. O f these about half, o r 110 Demo­ crats and 84 Republicans, were members o f the last Congress. Death —a journal devoted to snioide and murder—is a unique venture an­ nounced at Ghamberaburg, Penn. It proposes t o g iv e s complete chronicle o f violent deaths occurring in the United States. Its projector is quite young. The Boston Transcript, commenting on the “old fsshioned pions and hearty Hear England flavor** of President Cleve­ land’s Thanksgiving proclamation, thinks H shows “ what genuine New England stoak there is in his mental and religions makeup.” ' “1 -Ca- President Cleveland i* studying up the snbjeot o f private legislation to asoectsin Ha extent and effect in doggin g tho bom- ness o f Congress. He may recommend reform b y giving the oourts jurisdiction o f a large class o f cases which now re- qttire action by Congress. The Virginia g irl who advertised for a husband in a Dakota paper, not o n ly g o t three thousand answers, hut was the in­ direct means o f raising the salary o f her postmaster J>y the increased business. Some people are mean enough to insinu­ ate that h o was the girl himself. M illie W . writes t o the s o d e ty editor o f the World to a sk: “ W ould you be kind enough t o inform me in your valuable paper which is the proper thing t o do in sending flowers to « corpse: Compli­ ments o f, or only “ From.” N. B.-—This is not a g rind o n the Mugwumps. The Bev. D r. Sunderland, o f .W ashing­ ton, is reported a s saying in a reoent ser­ m on: “ Journalists are either beardless boys o r inebriated men who write their matter in the midnight h oar.” I f this is a sample o f the preaching t o which Mr, Cleveland listens o n Sunday, be had bet­ ter change h is church. W . 8 . W etzel has set h is colleagues an excellent example b y resigning hi* posi­ tio n a l oounty commisaionor, and CoL M. J . Learning has been appointed by the probate judge t o take his place. C o l. I n aming is rather a fair sort o f man, for a Republican, and w ill doubtlew m a k e s goodenmmisrioner. A t the 1 s t session o f the County Com* m ictiaoets, S c h o o l District No. 1, was e s­ tablished as follows: “ W ith the oounty Oourt Hioase a s s center, to include s ra­ dius o f three miles from that p o in t ” T h is w h o laily definition o f S c h o o l D istrict N o. 1, doesn’t size u p well with the tact that tax-payers within a stone’s throw o f C b o- tesn, o r about o o e hundred m iles from Benton, have been o b liged for the past tw o years to j» y a special school tax to support D istrict Now 1, or rather t o help pay the b ig debt incurred in building the Benton School House. Peter T rudo, who lives within half s m i l e o f Choteau “ d whose children attend the Chateau school, inform s us that he has been forced, a fter a vigorous protest, t o pay Bd* *«*». while several o f his neighbors hare b e en treated in a like manner. Mr. O . G . Cooper, who lives witliin twelve ® “ * * ° f Choteau and about ninety from Benton, l u » been favored with the « m « ■penal tax, a* have also a number o f his ■neighbor*, while others in the same v icin- Mrs. Rebecca Ruter Springer, wife o f Hon. Wm. M . Springer, o f Illinois, is an authoress o f recognized ability. Among the most noted productions o f her pen are “ B eachwood” and “ S elf,” and she has contributed a number o f beautiful poems to the leading magazines.. A pn*f«i on the death o f her friend, Mrs. Grace Ham ilton, w ill be found on the local p a g e o f this issue o f T h x C a l u m e t . That somewhat earnest Dem ocratic or­ gan, the New York World, is trying hard to knock the mugwump ery out o f the Democratic president. It jabs him with the p in o f satire, cudgels him with the d a b o f threat, beseeches him with the appeal to pity and coaxes him with the argument o f self-interest The president is indeed a great anxiety to his party, and their labors t o discipline him are a t least earnest and sin cere. , k know that W e d o not guarantee Grover a w ife i f he journeys here in search o f one; that is, we d o not guarantee him a thoroughbred Georgia homespun g ir l. W e sim ply p ro­ pose t o put him in fcthe way to work out his own salvation. Honors, power and titles w ill avail him nothing, for the Geor­ gia g ir l is not a mugwump, flirting first with one party and then another. . She follow s her heart, and stiok d h closer than a brother. W a r cannot shake her off, p estilence d isturbs her n ot, m isfortune but tightens her g rip, and poverty she laughs a t The man w h o marries a typi­ cal Georgia g ir l, and continues t o • b e a in has a w ife for a ll eternity.— M a con Telegraph. IS I T SIGHT? Dem ocratic office seekers have lost a friend and sympathizer b y the death o f Vice-President Hendricks. H e was n o believer in eivil-eervioe^ r u fasas Interpre­ ted b y , the civilmervioe commission. On one occasion Mr. Hendrick’s said; “ I 1 b o u g h t we were fighting for change, and I want t o see these departments cleaned out b o that the ligh t o f heaven may shine in and purify them.” This expression does not differ in meaning from the Dem­ ocratic b a ttle-cry o f the Presidential cam­ paign—“ T u rn the rascals o n t ” Presi­ dent Cleveland, on the contrary, insists upon a strict observsnoe o f the c ivil ser­ vice Rules, which mean, “ K eep the ras­ cals in.” N o g o o d Democrat will ques­ tion the purity o f the Presidents “m otive« in thus catering to the wishes o f Repub­ lican office h olders and disappointing the hopes o f his own constituents, but n o Democrat can fail to feel that Mr. Hend­ rick’s was right and that no real reform can b e brought about without a com p lete change in all the departments. O n the other hand, President Cleveland’s evident desire to remove a ll objectionnble-Repnb- icans and fill their places with D em ocrats w ill b e readily admitted, and i f the p resi­ dent were g ifted with infinite wisdom and omnipresent power t o enable him t o d e ­ fect the misdeeds o f the obnoxious of- trials, ample cause for removal w ould mrdly be wanting in a single cam and 1 here w o u ld soon b e as com p le te a purifl cation o f the departments as even Mr. lendricks c o u ld have wished. B u t the weakness o f • system which restricts the Executive pow er to removal upon un­ questionable evidence o n ly lies in the fact 1 hat such e v idence is nearly always want­ in g even in cases o f the most flagrant abuse o f o fficial authority. I f any d oubt can exiat u p o n this point, the truth o f the affirmative may be nudity proven by my striking illustrations here in c u r ow n Territory. Judge W ade, for in­ stance, hi remarkable example o f th e ® d * u t to which abase o f officialp o w e r m a y b e carried without conviction and punishment. Inoompetency is oansid- •fed a proper cause for removal, b a t Judge W ade is probably the moat inoom - »te a t ass that ever dugraoed a judicial mneb. Corruption iseertainly a good cause for rem oval, bu t the word loses its significance when a p p lied t o this repre­ sentative o f the judicial department o f the government, whose office has been uniform ly and shamelessly prostituted to the w ill o f the money sharks o f Montana. And yet, we venture to Hay*that Judge W ade baa been represented to the presi­ dent a s a wise anil incorruptible, official who should not be removed from office for mere p o litical reasons. H e has been a faithful and profitable servant to the bbylodw o f the Territory, and s o far us their influence can prevent it, President Cleveland w ill never more* fitted ten t iiiy ,v the whpOMime 'i f . occupies, and which Indeed should be cleaned out, that the light o f heaven may shine in and purify it. On the occasion o f u public meeting held in A lbany a low days subsequent to the great D e m ocratic victory the presi­ dent g ave som e reason to hope that * sweeping change w ould be made lmmedv ately after the inauguration. H e said, in effect that w h ile there were doubtless many honest and capable R epublicans in office the interests o f the governm ent would be «sw e ll cared for by equally in­ telligent and trustworthy Dem ocrats. On a later occasion he gave the people o f tho Territories to understand that a ll offices vacated b y Republican carpet-baggers w ould b e filled by resident f Dem ocrats. T o say the least there appears t o b e great inconsistency between the president’s words and action s 4 n these instances, b n t the characteristic courage a n d honesty o f Cleveland f o r b i d s ^ to question his sin oerity and w e must believe that he has been deceived by* false representations of those upon thorn whom h e is com p e lled to rely for inform ation. ' T - ---------- - Scarcely were k inder things ever said o f any man than a f f n o w said o f the vice- president. H is m ost ardent opponents in life recognize and adm it h is great a b ili­ ties, b is wide p opularity, the b e a u ty o f h is private life and the groat virtues o f his personal character- H e was a man o f clean and o p e n hands, a fascinating man­ ner in society o r o n the p latform , abound­ ing in deeds o f oharity. A s a student o f public affairs b e was perhaps m ore earn­ est and sym pathetic than d e e p and philo­ sophical. H e was a D e m ocrat o f the old fashioned school, b y whom the offices were conscientiously believed t o b e long to the v ictors and t o b e d istributed a s the re­ wards o f p a rty service. In this m atter as in others h e w o re M b heart u p o n h is sleeve, and b y contrast w ith his com panion on the presidential ticket becam e tho cham­ pion o f those who had n o faith in Civil Service R u les. H is devotion t o the Dem o­ cratic party was intense, and taking the form i t did o n a ocount o f what h e believed to b e Mr. d e y d a n d ’s unreasonable ne­ glect o f his friends, became the m ost con­ spicuous elem ent in h is recent p u b lio life. But n o o n e ever,-questioned the purity o f his motives, his patriotism o r h is publio and private integrity. H e was n o t suited by temperameuVtraining o r b e lief t o p r o ­ m ote the progritys-of the q u estionable .¿re­ form n ow m ost prominent in Governm ent affaire, b n t h is loes is not the leesdeploira ble on that a c c o u n t S H E The Choteau R o a d t o M a o leod- The M ountain R o o d t o .F o r t M a o leod irt every year b e c o m in g » m o te im p ortant highway to M ontana, as w e ll aa to the settlements north o f th e b o u n d a ry. T o oocommàdato the increased travel, m uner ous s topping p laces h a v e b e e n established, among the m ost prom inent o f w h ich is that o f J u lian F . B u rds, abou t 82 m iles, from Choteau. T h e entire distance to M a o le o d v ia this route hardly e x ceeds 160 m iles. The dis­ tances b e tw een stations a r e a s follow s : F r o m C h oteau t o Bynum ’ s , on the M u d­ dy, 12 m iles; Bynum ’s to Julian F . B a rd’s, ad D u p u y er, 20 m iles; Band's to B ristol’s, c o B itch creek, 8 m iles; .Bris­ tol’s t o th e P iegan Agency, on Badger creek, 12 m iles; A g e n cy t o Tw o-M edicine creek, 4 m iles; Tw o-M edicine to W m. K ipp’s on Ont Bank river, 18m iles; Cut Bank to South F o rk o f M jiy River, 20 m iles; South Fork t o N orth F o r k o f M ilk R iver, 7 m iles; N orth Fork to S t Mary’s river, 15 m iles; S t Mary’s river t o B e lly river, 25 m iles; B e lly river to F o r t M a d e o d , 2 0 miles. T o tal, 161 m iles. Forties preferring to cam p o u t w ill find an abundanoe o f w o o d , w a ter grass at convenient poin ts. T h e y < * » also purchase supplies a t Bund’s station, Mr. Burd having a store w e ll-stocked with a fu ll line o f g eneral m erchandise. - A b b o t M a ll R outes* Chateau has n o w fou r m a il routes, tri weekly to S u n R iver, and w eekly t o Piegan, Perrysburg on the Teton, and B elleview . T h e latter is a new o ffioe ju s t established on W illow creek, twenty m iles from • C h oteau. A new ^ “ B ynum ,” has a ls o been establkhed at th e crossing o f th e M u d d y , tw elve mOw from Choteau. Steps h a v e b e e n taken t o have the Sun R iver servioe increased t o daily and the Piegan t o tri-w e e k ly; also to e x tend the Belleview route through t o Augusta. W e hope ou r D elegate, the Han. J . K . T o o le, w ill n o t neglect o a r nu­ m erous p etitions, a fter the manner o f the Benton B o a rd o f County Commissioners. Choteau w ill p robably hereafter h o ld the balance o f power in Choteau oounty and on Montana’s admiiman a s a state may b e a stepping stone t o the c h a ir o f Cleve­ land. W h o knows? f A MODEL SHEEP RANCH.! . x .' %\ — f - J A H te .W h q t^isja m odel sheep rafiehPil (Ofsep regjob conducted upon Ji^iiqtiy buriness p u n o iplee is a m o d e l woirtty o f ftmfattiriii. F o r tho benefit o f those!lead­ ers o f T h e C alum e t w h o desire further inform ation o n this subject „we will en­ deavor to d escribe o n e o f the m any jvell- oonducted sheep ranches in this vicinity. The Clark Bros. A Co., located o n the Mud­ dy a b o u t 22 m iles from Choteau, are the owners o f about 8,000 acres o f land ind over 7,000 sheep. T h e land is divided into three ranges o r pastures, for suxnifier, fall a n d winter use. T h e w inter o r home ranch contains the principal a n d m o s t ex­ pensive improvements. I t is provided with three sheds, (h e largest o f w h ic h is 60x175 feet, w ith tw o w ings, on e w ing be­ in g used os a h ospital fo r the s ic k and in­ jured animals a n d the o ther as a granary and stable. The o ther sheds are smaller, bn t sim ilarly arranged and all a re • provi­ ded w ith v entilators, and trap doors for throwing open the sheds from a ll sides so that the sheep m ay pass in o r ont w ithout crow d ing, o r b y c losin g the doom the animals' are thoroughly protected from- the severest storm s. - Besides the sheds, bam s, corrals, etc., there are five substantially bu ilt a n d com fortably f u r ­ nished dweU ing^ouses for the use o f the owners and em ployees. T h e summer and fall ranches are a ls o provided with dw e ll­ in g houses and corrals, bu t the real work, and expense o f caring for the sheep b e ­ gins when the winter sets in and every provision is made fo r their com fort a n d protection. B n t w h ile n o expense is spared t o facilitate the proi>er handling o f this property, the c lo sest econom y and most careful management are noticeable in the smallest details. T h o herders and other employees are not overw orked and are well provided for, but they are r e ­ quired to earn their m oney and n o w a ste is permitted. In severe weather t h e sheep are fed with hay, and care is taken that each animal receives its fu ll a llow a n ce, b u t a careful estimate is m a d e o f th e quantity o f provision required to sustain each ani­ mal through the w inter, and i t receives n o more, and the herd is never fe d when' it is possible t o pasture them . System is also a notioeable feature in the m anage­ m ent o f f t * ranch and th e routine o f duty from, d a y to day and year t o year »p e r f o r m e d w ith th e regularity o f clo c k w ork. . O u r space w ill n o t perm it o f a d e ­ tailed description o f the m anagement o f a m o d e l sheep ranch, b u t a few points on the' g eneral care o f the property m ay b e o f - u s e and in terest M essrs, d a r k B ros. k C o ., h ave fou n d a fter lon g experience that an a v erage o f ten d a y ’s feeding in- eaeh m onth for three m onths, a n d three p o u n d s per d a y to each animal w ill carry the sheep com fortably through the winter. O a ts and rutabagas are fed t o rams a n d poor o r injured sheep. In the sum m er sulphur is fed w ith s a l t w h ich keeps the skin pure a n d the sheep healthy. O n the Clark ranch there has been n o disease am ong the flocks f o r years. D e e p snow is the o n ly o b stacle t o pasturing flocks, and the high winds o f this locality s o o n clear the ranges after the heaviest storm . A barom eter is kept and c lo s e ly w atched at headquarters, and when a storm is indica­ ted the flock* are herded tow a rds the North and a llowed t o feed hack tow a rds the corrals when the severe weather sets in, bnt unless the h igh w inds are accom ­ panied b y snow th e sheep are allow e d to remain o n the range, e x p e rience having proved that the flock s thrive better o n pasture than when c o n fined in o o rrals a n d sheds, a lthough the percentage o f loes b y w olves when the herds becom e scattered is o ften h eavy. B a t in spite o f a ll p recau­ tions, em ergencies w ill som etim es arise. In arossing the sm a llest streams, the leaders w ill o ften s top and the sheep w ill p ile o n e upon the o th e r u n til m any are sm othered o r injured. T o guard against accidents o f this k in d the Clarks have constructed bridges across every stream upon their property, w h ich has n o t o n ly saved the herders trouble b u t has m ade a v e ry c o n ­ venient h ighw a y fo r team s andhoi Again, “ blizzards” w ill oom e n p so sud­ denly that the herders w o u ld b e unable to get the sheep in t o t h e corrals a n d sheds in tim e toaave loss except fo r a n jn g e n i- c o s arrangement w h ich usually proves snnorasfiil, R a n d les o f w e ll p ressed hay are h n p g u p in th e sheds. T h e e m p loy at the ranch, o n th e first alarm, a r i * » t y bandies a n d carry them o n t t o the flock s , and the latter h a r in g scented th e hay w ill follow tho men b a c k t o the sheds through the m ost blin d ing storm . Thus i t w ill b e seen that t o m a k e s sheep \liwis A newspaper p laced under tho v est be­ tween the shoulder blades is said t o be sure protection against lu n g fever or pneumonia. Now is the tim e t o subscribe. m eat and econom y are n ecessary, bu t i t is a p a y ing b u siness when p roperly c o n d u c t­ ed. T h e Messrs. Clark B ros. & O l , are experienced business m en a n d they w e ll deserve the auooe as they have in establishing a m o d e l sheep ranch advancing the business o f w o o l grow in g alm ost t o a science. ' ty^J^àood geaÌAm’* Work. • ’ >'y‘ ------ ’ Three hundred thousand feet o f buUd- in g ,ltim b e r and n o t less than 200,000 ehingiee is the a m ount o f w o rk perform ed b y th e B e lleview saw m ill, located at the head ò f thè Teton, ‘ abbui \tw enty m iles w est o f Choteau, and ow n ed b y D . J . Burnet. Considering th e disadvantages M r. B n m e t haa m e t w ith in h is efforts t o su p p ly the Choteau market with*' m u ch needed bu ild in g m a terial, this is a fin e season’s w ork. T h e spring freshets w a shed away the ruill-dam taking w ith it a large num b e r o f saw logs. Fortunately m ost o f th e logs w ere recovered, b u t t h è tim e lost a n d expense incurred in rebuild­ in g the dam and hauling the log s b a ck to tho m ill played sorious h a v o c w ith the season’s profits. • H ow ever, th e m ill is n o w in g o o d repair, a ll o f tiie lum b e r has been sold , and th e in d u s t r ia i» owner is en joyin g w e ll-deserved prosperity. .¡„T h e m ill bun c losed dow n for the winter^ b n t w ill b e started u p a s early s s p o s s ible next sprin g and i t is b e lièved w ill fu lly supply th e m arket. Miessrs. H am ilton A H a z le tt are frnwAimg all the lum b e r from the B e lleview m ill and are prepared, t o . fill contracts a t short n o tice a n d u p o n reason­ able term s. W o lv e s - T h e c a ttle m en along the M arias and T e ton riv e n are beoom ing seriously alarm ed at the g reat increase and exten­ sive depredations o f w o lves and cayotes, and i t is proposed t o raise a fo n d by sub­ scription f o r the im m ediate exterm ination o f these pests. A num b er o f men are n o w em p loyed in poison in g carcases, b n t ow in g t o m ild weather th e result has n o t been satisfactory. C o n s idering the high price o f skins and the T e r r itorial bounty, w o lf poisoning ou g h t t o furnish profitable em ploym ent to a large num b er o f m en, after the first heavy s n o w fall a n d severe frost, but w ith tiie additional b o u n ty w h ich w ill p roba­ b ly soon b e offered b y th e stookmen w o lves s h o u ld b eoom e a s scarce as b u ffalo before spring. T h e follow in g are the boundaries o f the country w h ich the pro­ posed bou n ty w ill c o v e r : F rom the head o f B irch creek, near th e Piegan agency, dow n th e M a ria» to Baker’s B a ttle G r o u n d ; thence to the m outh o f F lat Coulee, o n the T e ton ; thence up the T e ­ ton t o Su n R iver crossing; thence t o the N o rth and South F o r k o f Sun River, the. road m a rking th e lin e ; u p the N orth F o r k , a lon g the b a s e o f the m ountains t o tho starting poin t at th e head o f B ir ch creek. K n ig h t s o f Pythla*!- A fin e lod g e erf this flourishing order w a s in s tituted here on Tuesday evening, the O th in s t, b y actin g D . D . G . C . , Sam. K o h lberg and J e r e Sullivan, o f Benton. The follow in g nam ed constitute the officers f o r the in itial term : Ernest Crutcheg, C h a n cellor Com­ m a n d er; W . H . B lack, V ice-C h a n cellor; J . W . A rm strong, Fast-C h a n cellor; A . B . H a m ilton, P r e late; E . C. Garrett, Keeper o f R e c o r d s and S e a l; L N . H a zlett, Mas­ ter o f F in a n c e ; L . J . W ilde, M aster o f E x chequer; O . G . C ooper, M aster at Arm s. : C h r is tm a s T r e e F e s tival. T h e s c h o o l children o f Choteau w ill have a Christm as tree celebration at the sch o o l h o u s e o n Christm as evening. L ib ­ eral con tribu tion s have already been made fo r this w orthy purpose, bu t the subscription list is s till open and sh o u ld b e signed b y every resident o f Choteau fo r Bome am ount how ever sm all. Sub­ scriptions w ill b e rooeived by Messrs. Thom a s W . M u rphy, E . C . G a rrett and H a m ilton k H a z lett P E R S O N A l l — C oL M o a le and escort arrived from F o r t Shaw o n Sunday evening and left to r the P iegan A g e n c y o n M onday. — C has. T h o m a s a n d J o e . K ipp p a id G b o - teau a b r ie f v isit and r e tained to B irth G reek o n th e 12th i n s t — Jam es Arm strong, L o u is W ilde and R o b e r t Steele returned from a brief visit to H elena o n Tuesday. — H o w e ll H a rris a n d D a * » « a « , a b r ief a o jou m at the F u tu r e G reiri,left f o r th e N orth last week w ith a b e a d o f harms fo r the M o u n ted P o lio# a t F o r t M aoleod. —-Jam es F iaber leaves t o d a y tor F o r t M a d e o d o n bnizinem in th e interest o f M ean*. M ain k Dexmis. H e w ill proba­ b l y b e a b sent a b o n t t e n days. M r. P h il M a n ix, o f A u g u sts, recently visited Choteau- am i received a hearty w e lcom e from bia old-tim e friatufa q y b lu e a ir o f th e m ountains is s till favorable t o P h il’s p h y sique a n d he remains a s fat, hearty a n d g o o d natured as when w e first m a d e h is a cquaintance som e fifteen y e a n a g o . „ It i* Mid that w e ll hare • liaid winter. And that fuel and food will be high Bat oh let a* pray that good ChriatmM Will not fail to brio« a* turkey »mj pi*. LIST OF LETTERS ' Remainin g u n called fo r in the Poetoffl a t Choteau, M . T „ D e cem b e r 18th, 1885: C o ttrell, J H Jinan, E S Johnson, W E Lenahan, M r e M I Swanson, R o b e r t Persons callin g to t fa t t e n w ill pie« Isay “ a d v ertised” and g ive d a te o f l i s t A. B. HAMILTON, P. M

The Choteau Calumet (Choteau, Mont.), 18 Dec. 1885, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.