The Choteau Calumet (Choteau, Mont.) 1885-1889, December 18, 1885, Image 4

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The Choteau Calumet. FUBIJHUED BY TIlECtlOTKAU MTPUBHIMO COMPANY. Subxcrlption Rat««. O n »: Y eah . . ..$3.0) I Kix M onth « ......... $2.00 T iikee M onths ...1.50 | O ne M onth ......... 1.W Term«, in advance. If not jwid in advance. Five Dollar« pur annum will lie charged. _______ o n e y e a h . One Column .. H a lf.Colum n ... Oiiarler Column Kii'litli Column.. Can!« C a lili-I‘ i W i r. i 'l l ' $ 130 M) no 30 15 A«lvcrti«liifr Kates, M X MONTHS. $30) One Column. . . I3lflla!f Column. «0'Quarter Column. WI'K’ ik I h I i Column. 30 (larii« ................ . in Catlli; Hraml« .. . 7 • , .!• -. and oilier fr.-.ii«:-::i mlvi.-r- ii-emei .■< i-seei.-diiiK len Jin . injiar-.-il, thri-u dollar« for Ural. iiiaL-rtion and fifty ci-iitii for each HiiljM-ijiK-nl |itdilii:alion. ;Vv\-f luivarlii-iuH £».W folio r>.‘ 1 0 0 words, and lilt» ecu Is |«-.* folio for c-acli •■uh.-c- cjiient. iascrliou. ¿r*'“ l.oL-aI notii-i*. 15 i:en(.> jier line for fi:vi in­ sertion and tun emits per line for racli oj-i.-.t*. insertion. Clioienti, Moiitanii, Friday, |»ee. 1«, JHB.',. NEW S P A P E R DECISIONS. We have too much reepectfor the intelli­ gence of our constituents to argneupon the importance of the local press. The advantages of a home paper are commonly acknowledged and the enterprising com­ munity of Choteau has shown its appreci­ ation of newspaper representation by the cstab1' nej.t tmtl liberal encouragement of th 0/ . tiMKT. We trust that the paper will not alone meet the expectations and approval of its owners and patrons, bpt that it will soon become a powerful agency in the development of ;•! l 1 ho I'l.-iterial in- tcrests of tl:o local <-• - ca’Iislupou to serve. Tin* ioc:: . / '.itlie medium through -eh ; ' > .. is made known abroad by wliich its commercial and natural resources arc a d v e r t s - v d t h e world. It is tho promoter of myr'esinas r i i a t i : , \ c a p i t a l and attract eoitloinont. ■ 11 , •.vJ ' licli ret) ects the financial, ■in. .i.c \! aoc-isd condition of thocommu- , and it is the guide-book, tho au­ thority, upon which strangers mainly de­ pend for information. It is therefore of f import ance tlmt tiro local nai>er should iinothor’« orwhether ho Ims «ubecrüiLtl or not- roi|)on«ible for Hit- iinyuifut. 3 . If it penam ordain In« pupor difconlmuml. In, mu«t |Miy nil nrnjnmgM*. or the publwJior will continue to «eml it until payment l* nuiUounil collect the whole amount. whetlior the |>n|«?r ih taken from the office or nol. . . . ¡1. Tbe court« Imvo decided that rofusiDit to take tbo now«jmpei« or periodicals from the 1‘oHtoffico. or rumovinif end kimtur them uncalled for. i« jii-iiiiu ftirh: evidence of intentional fraud. lhiiier« onlored toimy tiildreiw cim l>o changed to nnollier mldresHiil. the o)>tion of the Bubscrim.T. Koniiltimi'i!« by draft, ebeek, money order, or rf>iti«U*red letter, may be sent at our ri«k All PoHttim.Mler« are ri*|iiirud to reKieler letter« on *l{ll eommunicniion« i-liouldlioaddrcased; C ho - TEAU l’ uiiumtiNd t'oMVANY, Choteuu, Moutnna, TliE CALUMET. Alter many vexation!;, but unavoidable delays, tho Choteau Publishing Company litis the pleasure to present Vol. L, No. I, of T hu C alumet , it literary aud news journal printed and published at the oflieo oi tho company in tho town of Choteau, Choteau county-the garden spot and wool aud stock growing centre of Montana Territory, T o develop ns rapidly as possible the natural resources of this fuvorod region— by correct representations t o capitalists seeking investments, farmers in search o f cheap land and profitable markets, fami­ lies desiring permanent homes and edu­ cational advantages, skilled labor in war* o f employment, and tourists in quest, o f health and recreation—La, in brief, the chief though not the sole mission o f this new publication. T u n C a l u m e t has other Aim« and am bitions as well,' not the least o f which is that i t may b eoom e the favorite fireside ' jourtud ' o f farmers, ranchmen and families, in which the o ld and the young, ti»e learned and the un- eduoatod w ill find t o ; amuse, instruct and elevate. Though the usual custom with n ewly established journals in sm all communi­ ties, Tun C alumet w ill n o t take a n eu­ tral o r non-partisan- stand in local and national p olitics. Its publishers having confidence in its ability to hew a straight and wide path t o success as a vigorous Democratic journal, it has n o hesitancy in announcing itself a firm believer in the Jeffersonian creed, a faithful though humble supporter o f the present n ational administration and a friend to all D em o­ crats, whether Irish, Missourian or M u g wnmp. T h e C a l u m e t begins business with unusual facilities for a country paper. It is provided with a H o e Cylinder press, a fine jo b offioo, a stereotype department and a large stock o f confidence in its ability to com pete successfully with older cotemporaries. A s its name inili- ett'et--, it is an advocate o f peaoo. I t wants n o scalps, and trusts that the p ipe and the Council w ill always prove m ore potent than the tomahawk and the war­ path. _____________ This Dem ocratic president o f ours is giving oertain members o f his party n deal o f anxiety. They are almost afraid b o is n o t a Dem ocrat at alL The Dem o­ cratic World has its doubts, and p u b ­ lishes an account o f tho reooption a Dem o­ crat met with when ho called at the W h ite House to expostulate against the removal o f Chief Justice Vincent, o f New M ex­ ico. “ V incent,” he said t o the president, “ i s a good Democrat, Don’t you tliiuk yon liave been luwty in suspending h im ?” H o explained that he meant that the presi­ dent should g ive Democrats a ch o u c e to lie hoard before swooping down upon them ns though they wore Republican rascals. And tliiswaa the reply he got from tho p resident: “ Y es, I knew h e was a Democrat. H o was indorsed tom e by cme o f tho loudost-m outliod Dem ocrats in Congress aud h ad m ore Dem ocrats asking to hnvo him nominated than anybody who lms been called t o my attention for some time. H e was a lso a p p ointed b y a Demo­ crat mnl h o was suspended upon charges preferred b y a D e m o crat” The sensitive caller said it hurt h is feelings t o hear the way the premdent emphasized tho word “ D e m ocrat” H e pronounced - it verv much ns a mugwump would, without am- sympathy in histones, au d it made tho visitor suspect the president’s fidelity to n efy president is out ' 80,110 patrons o f Ins pnrt>. and who can blame him showiug it onoo in awhile. for be liberal!., supported in order that it may rc ' t h e true business character of tho ewnniiuiity to whose interests it is devo­ ted. Tho responsibility does not rest wholly with the publisher. If every firm, every indnstry, every enterprise is not represented in its advortiniug columns, which Under the new Pennsylvania law a can­ didate for matrimony has to ajnawer 19 questions b efore h e can obtain a license. If whiskey were taken out of Ohio poli­ tics there would be nothing left, save John Sherman’s threadbare sanguinary Bhirt, and Boss McLean’s treachery and spite. It was a Ponnsylvsinia count.'? editor who. in writing up Victor Hugo, said he was the author of Lee’s Mifiembles. “a very graphic description of the surrender at- Appomattox.\ A backbone nine inches in diameter has been unearthed in Illinois. Strange, too. V,'e don’t remember of ever having seen it j slated anywhere that Pres'dent Cleve- ! land’s ancestors came from Illinois. The conviction of a man in Utah, al­ though he turned Gentile, for having two wives is expected to convince many Mor­ mons that the Edmunds law is meant for nil breakers of it, not simply for them­ selves. A Virginia paper, which has an idea that Cleveland is trying to form a new party, suggests that it be called a sur­ prise party. The journal in question Alnimn to have been surprised at some of the appointments. “Brick” Pomeroy, tho irrepressible “Brick” who is now running n national organ, so to speak, in Washington, has hoisted the munes of Thomas A. Hen- tnd Fitzhngh Leo F L O U R ! CONFI STATIONERY, SEGARS, Î0NERY, TOBACCO. L A T E S T N E W S P A P E R S O A I L tho paper is not a true index from llw ai^ strangers can form correct judgments of | j rickB for in d e n t , the business jmd industrial advantages of , ^ Yice-Presideiit. tlio place. Liberal advertising means a , ^ Georgia woman deserted her husband live, prosperous community of public j ¡JtK,Jluso (>f tlio monotony of lii.s couversa- spiriied citizens. Tho reverse means j which was limited to horse-talk, mid business prostration, a dead town HU<^ a ' lie murdered her. As tho jury is largely good place to stay away From. It is there­ fore but right to say that tho business men of a community owe it to themselves and the town in whoso prosperity they uro vi­ tally interested to seo to it that their home paper shall represent the real business standing of tho place Whilo almost every live community is disposed to spend largo amounts of money annually in the way of making known its advantages, this most feasible mid economical plan of making the newspaper tho agent, and at tho same time strengthening it in all res­ pects, is largely lost sight of through short sightedness and selfishness. It re­ quires years of unremitting effort and no inconsiderable amount of money to build up a paper that is of practical and real value to the community at large, and when a paper has attained that position, sight should not be lost of the fact that it must have money and an honest, healthy face to retain i t One o f the most disgusting; scandals that ever fall t o the lo t o f the newspaper t o ' record has just come t o light in the village o f Kingston, N. H . One o f ‘its wealthy citizens, Miy. Edward & San­ born, who has dime much t o further pub- lio intesta there, including not a few gifts to the local churches, died a fortnight or so ago in a Boston brothel. This place was not the chance sjiot where doath overtook him. It was owned b y himself, and had been nut up to the time o f her decease by his mistress, Julia A. Hilton, with whom ho had lived as his wife for 17 years, in the months he had passed at Boston, and whose acquaintance h o first made when she was a g irl o f 19. But not o n ly t h i s : H e besides about 30 years ago, upon inheriting $40,000 from his fatlior, despite most respectable, even aristocratic connections, deliberately em­ barked in the business o f establishing brothels, in which b y 1883 h e had accu­ mulated $250,000. H e thus led a dual life to be rejected as u tterly improbable had it been delienated in fiction. In Kingston he was the model citizen, the promoter o f all worthy enterprises; in Boston he was the miserly owner o f a number o f bagnios. The special interest o f this depraved history, beyond the curious phase o f disgusting possibilities in actual life which it presents, is in the com ing fight over h is wills. Tho C offe P o t Holder, tho principal organ o f public opinion at Coffe Pot Springs, Idaho, cleverly manages to make even its patent cuts locally interest­ ing, tim e ly: “ W e print to-day a portrait o f K ing G eorge I o f Greece from an en­ graving made by our sjieciul artist after a « -arte de finite sent us by his Greek- ness, who is a scion o f ono of the first fam ilies o f Europe. Old Coffe Potites cannot fail to detect in K ing Georgo’s pictured lineaments the dead spirit of B illy Divine, who ran tho New F ound Out saloon in this camp during 1883-84, and wns afterward called hence while endeav­ oring t o hold up the Tin Cup stage.” W e commend the Coffe Pot Holder's discre­ tion in reserving this sort o f thing for de­ puted citizens. _ \ ilH’* • most particular fellow alunit li.a d o i lies, writes si Washington corres­ pondent, ajioakiug of no loss a person xliau tho Father of His Country, ‘•and some of his brass buttons lio had cast with his initials, G. IV., and aroiuid the top tho legend. \Long Live tlio President.’ Such oflieo, a button lies before me as I write.” composed of livery stable keepers. 1 to ex­ pects to bo acquitted. The Him finds the first mugwump des­ cribed in a passage in Luke which reads: ‘•Tho Pharisee Btood and prayed thus with himself: God, I thank thee t h - t I am not as the rest of men, extortionists, un­ just, adulterers, or even as this (Repub­ lican.” These enormous duties, powers and res­ ponsibilities n ow rest upon Mr. Cleveland, and it is the occasion o f universal congrat­ ulation that he is strong and brave enough t o stand up steadily under them.— Hendricks to the Mexican War Vet­ erans. A woman who went 400miles to W ash­ ington to shake the president’s hand was ao confused when she reached the inside o f the W hite House that she enthusiastically grasped the hand o f a plump doorkeeper, and'.went out satisfied. Unfortunately she was afterward informed o f her mistake, but it was too late. ' One thing is 'd e a r . about President Cleveland’s administration. I t ‘ is not common-place. I t is not a thing o f Routine, whose acts everybody can pre­ dict. It is independent, original, guided by-ita own purposes and n o t b y those o f any ontside force. T o tho philosophic observer it is tho o n ly interesting admin­ istration wo have had since Lincoln first becamo president. Mrs. Blaine, talking o f her husband to a Kansas city reporter, said: “H e is at Augusta, where h e w ill remain a ll winter. H is last volume w ill b e - o u t about the holidays. H e was sanguine o f Mr. Dav­ enport’s election, though I heard him give n o logical reason for it.” Queer way for a woman to put it. Mrs. Blaine also stated that sho d id not know wheth­ er her husband w ould be a candidate for the presidency in 1888 o r not. Tho story goes that at one o f President Grant’s dinners, when Gen. T. L . Cr itten den, the Mexican veteran, was a guest, the conversation chanced to turn upon that war. Mrs. Grant asked him i f he bad then known her husband, and Gen. Crit­ tenden replied: “ Mndamp, in fbp M o r io n war I waa a lieutenant-colonel command­ ing 1,600men. I was not around malting the acquaintance o f second lieutenants n ot o f my own comm and.” • _ There are few southerners, compara­ tively speaking, who have any feeling o f resentment against the North. When it is remembered that we Were tho losing side and sufferere in tho great contest, that we sacrificed m ilhrns o f dollars and thous­ ands o f precious lives, that after the war we felt the iron enter into our souls, and that for 20 years we have been stigmatized as “ rebels” and ‘ traitors,” wo think that the South deserve ,-dit fm its present attitude. As for . .w e rejoice that sectionalism is i. -, ,ng u thing o f the past, and that North and S outh each need the other.—M obile Register. One o f Richard Grant W h ite’s stories is going the rounds s o h orribly mnuglod that a W ashington correspondent feels moved toulSPpat it as it is : “ When General Washington was in N cwEnglaud he was entertained at dinner b y u country geutlo- man, who lived comfortably but quietly in bis old fashioned homo far from town. When tho general roso togo tho little u.mglner of ilio host, not yet in her teens, opened the d-un- for lam. As ho passed i.l . O T O S T O C K . ChoteauJÆontana. V alley H otel , O IE IO T IF IJ^T T , - liÆ O lS r T J V n s r .A .. First-Class Accomodations for Regular- Furnished Rooms and Table Supplied1 Transient! Guests. Cbmfortubly rfih the best the Market Affords. Sample Eooms Are Stocked Wifi The Choicest Brands Of WINES, LIQUORS, IkND SEGARS. Choteau Me» Market H otels, Families and Ranchmen supplied at ; notioe with •rtàoleè A N D T E Q ï n ? A B I j B à H T . S B A S O I T . TETON EXCHANGE -JLM T JD- B I L L I A R D H A L L C hoteau , - - ? M ontana , G A R R E T T & S C H M I D T , P r o p r i e t o r s . One of the Finest Resorts in the Territory. Only tbe best Brands of W l n t f i , L i q u o r s and 8 e g a r s Kept in Stock. oil in Ir.s n.uicly way ho liowod said to thohitie maid: T wish youa better my dear.’ ‘Yes, sir.’ slie rcplied. witli ;i bow: ‘to lot quickly you in, sir.’.”,. BIG F E E T ON A F A IR Y . People who have passed b y one o f . the Bowery dime museums lately haveno- a jn g painting covering the front iff the b oildm g , representing a pretty girl with feet almost as large as the rest of her body. She is Mias Fannie MiUb, the daughter o f a w ell-to-do fanner o f San- dnsky, Ohio, and ahe e n jo y s the d istinc- turn‘of being the possessor o f the largest met in the world, Chicago included. Mias Mills being tired o f country life resolved to see something o f the citv and tries to do it during the time she la not seated upon the museum stage being gazed at by wondering crowds. Notwith­ standing the size o f her feet the young lady has received more offers o f marriage during the past few days Hum many Fifth avenue belles will be tendered during the coming season. The rumor that Mr. M ills would pre­ sent any man who married his daughter with $5,000 cash and a farm may have something to do with the rush for the lady’s hand, in fact some o f the would-be benedicts intimate broadly that the farm and the accompanying specie are whnt they are after. Here are a few o f tho tender communications which Miss M ills has received: u m ii , . N ew Y obk . November«. ■ n« j i « ills . 1 liave seen yon on the stuw Y°® tHUum In a hard chair all ilay. i will hnna jiii tlu* letter so yon can out a wiud took at me. la m forty-two M S l a i S i?lyitooI:V,r® worth ¿ m I haw been'li .«iilui, tint I want to settle down on a farm 1 lio|»o 1 'isin yop will no more roam in show«, bat be luuilYcjin’t- No more at iire'mit U> y<111- friend, I>.u in ,u. W anbakh , N o . <*t Chatham «• v(.| _Mr. \vanh::oh M-:.-« xriiu, have an nndenrtandlnj,. W ith M a d ___ ___ ym n , F u d . !>»««■■ N. B.—b the •5,000 in cash? The following is evidently from some social Bwell who is a littlo o ff on spelling but an accomplished linguist: . PA M R iD p tN o v e m b e r».; f* I hear s o much about jroa th a t! lik e to make yoar acquaintance. I f yoa d on’t don’ t - --------- roa don ’ t la m 9 , well edieated Bora and christened in mind i write to yoa and yna to me i f mind, send year photo. * w w ìÈ ìL 1 ^ ^ f ë ^ w i n i r in N7Ÿ.'i>cÎSÏ w iui ih« »1,000 n id tlie farm wo cnn live comfort* ably eo bo sore to w rite to n . „..CHAkLWW.WmT*, P a rk Ridge, B em sn Co., N. J. That Mr. W illiam s is a young man o f business and w h o ' can make u p h i s mind i youn g ini • i i , — -------- a k e u p h i s u quickly can lie seen b y the follow in g : M ... i f . , r . . N ew Y obs , Noromber 7. Mias B u l l s . While visiting the museam but nifiiV F 1 no*ie®|i,y ° n «nd was so entirely taken tlm^ i C0« 1<1104 slepp. Well, I may Jon t t once that the idee o f m e a n - N o tifjr m o b r t .a*urel11111’ «*f*^ n V bh ^' Eaat len t il street, saved ixwtuge b y h a n d in g this to M iss M ills, accom p a n ied b y a killing s m ile : \ Mr DinitNo a drewsnit. '* r y o a any day ' le a n borrow v - -n«»w soon, so tliat Yours derotedly, T \ f , f'lAkEwcn MAaanAix. ‘ # DMonu^ L ^ ^ ° fiiruree as manager of the Reservoir House at Ridge Mills, N. Y., on tho bill heads b f that hostlery writes: « nu,; lii'iK-r O h iolnm contientrei*. I f m ! ^ » i . HI., to-morrow r i i ¿ < i? 3lYl)KAu5h- 1 ît :,:ÂV.. ¡ , r m.-ii.üiin.iuM- i \ e:-.,!,.. . , „ ’F.'1: Al.!<\.(>r WtlITl. j (\I!' ¡H«. J(.|! , 'j (rood conoie. Aosii rs;,,., MiV« \ ^ ^^íEEEV. St.OmerlIotpl. „ ‘ rjf® Aiii-s jLp.-eciutes the dozens of tuatnmoEiai o¿ora which she li»« re- i î h T r l t>nkoh®'wil‘ probably return lo Oluo unmarried.—AT. Y. Journal. f f f m

The Choteau Calumet (Choteau, Mont.), 18 Dec. 1885, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.