Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, December 31, 1897, Image 1

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~- — :r~v^-i' - j ■ i . ' ¿ F f I .» '~ »■ fv-r/a'^giS '.vT jâi~ ' %yì* *. /v-.«*-:* .«»: « * •• *<aMrr.3‘ •\rv- .»vv*tn . v ' U W ^ m ^ ^ é JÇ -i t 'Ì ììì \ -,■: ,'\- ì ::.v L ■-t ^ ■>;• .-. ,’ x . .. y; % w\ a-. v--v I'1 ;vi.; c.-. G** ; ' ' \-V jl * •* »*» j. v > ¿CHOTEÀÜ, //.-/Si,;- ^ s t a M - A M w r TETON wEQCOTS. V <• ' \ » fi' VF*V j igW ~ J & t à n a , ss^. \ * * ÖK.* ,»r» r ÆV. •ìli ■VkrfTi^V*-»« { y i>» ■;•'>• ' ..................... ■ , , | _____ ■}'•■■\'■ -. ^ ìc < -■ - - : 7~r .. \ -.'1 :ßfe#i; >A‘, Geo. Adlam. Thos. Thom p ^ n ^ e. H. ■ rz s - 3 . Twó ; ^old/ttie Ófft-.T«1% Story’, that A ^ «Hearts were Beating ns One , amt ' : Khóuld bé^yai-teft no/longciv ,/; àiid $/H i DrakeV' ìBvrióh Corson^ J *W. K'èrr/T A. Smit h, >J. È .'Céshthaa L.W /Lehr, Clyde Miller; --Lawrence: Davie,'Ewing Stélle, J. E/ErieìtsoiG Olof,;Pjel<l, ,.Rpl)t.;'’Lofia^, Rév- Gpof Lpsrari, W«V. Mc D. Wright ■ & Four o f Choteaii’s Youmr People'-Who • «•'1 * * '\?■ & * * ’ .■ I-* * - ! '« ^ , i' v .r Tired-ot Smarle Blessedness, Enter. ' .- •• fofj'ï : v_ Upon JJifê’s, tonar JitMUfuey. ' ' white glovea to * I- ; ^^;^BRU^E^ e L l IOTT^\ ; At thpiiorae;6t Mr. and! Mre/ jWni. ;.^«Brucé,..àt Choteaii, : Wednesday, the .. uuptial' knot was tieii : th at^ jomëd 'i id' wjadloek Mr. Angus Bruce' and Miss A^u^ ^aura Elliott, as- man and wife- . ' *,- . - '* Pre<S8ely at the appointed hour, 8 Vo’ clbck^thë bridal party marched in y amidst a large congregation of friends who had-assembled at an early hour, and Rev. Logan ■ pronounced , the .«acred, words that made their hearts as ouel .. - After the ceiremony congratulations were ,in- order, immediately; after which the guestsrwere sëatéd to . an elegant spread, especially prepared for thé occasion. The tables were . loaded down with.good things, and everyone ate,,drank, and were merry. The bride presented a charming aspect. She was attired in an elegant silk drhaa, ; with white kid y** deb. Her hair was adorned with orange buds,, and she looked -very attractive indeed. The groom was dressed in. a black eut-a-way, coat and wore a white- crevât, and presented his usual sturdy appearance. Miss Jennie Drake^cted as brides­ maid and Mr. .Richard Elliott „ as groomsman.... } The presents were numeroua and of the costly specie, which had the significance o f, both friendship .and 1' ^aoffiSnMk'^ ^ ^ r' After inidnight dancing was* then indulged in for several hour's^ when the party began to disperse. There were in attendance about 60 friends, ¡all from this immediate vicinity. The groom is a brother of Wm. Bruce, and his long and continued residence in Choteau has won for him the respect and friendship» of a. host of acquaintances. He is a steady and industrious young man—more so perhaps in these respects than the average young man. His business qualifications are ample, and his agreeable manner is noticable from first acquaintance. The bride is a sister of Mrs. Wm. Bruce, aud during her two year’s res­ idence iu Choteau has won for friends the very best, uud established a char­ acter that is commendable to any young lady. She. has always beqh a favorite in. society aud her compan­ ions all speak in glowing terms of their young lady friend. That both Mr. and Mrs. Bruce have made excellent choices for life companions is apparent to all.. They are agreeable associates and have the best wishes of the entire com­ munity. The C hronicle wishes to extend best wishes for their future, and that their path through life may be strewn with roses of prosperity and enjoy- ment. Mr. and Mrs. William Bruce are deserving of thai-ks f o r , the manner in which the guests were cared for, and it i& our opinion that not a single person returned home the next morn- ! ing disappointed. Nearly every person.. who received .an invitation was present. Below we give the names of those in attend­ ance as nearly a possible: Mesdames H. Beaupre, J. G. Bair, J. F. Burd, A. O. Longmuir, Geo. Adlam, Ttios. Thompson, C. H. and S. H. Drake, Byron Corson, J. W. Kerr, T. A. Smith, J. E. Cashman, O. G. Cooper, A. J. Cowell, Lockhart, and Misses Jennie Drake» Lillian Day, Wilmina Johnson. Messrs. H. Beaupre, f J. G. Bair, J. F. Burd, Ar O. Longmuir, McPbee, Richard Elliott/ J. Eu Low Peter Joyco, Vade - Hull, Humble. ; •and v--\. P,UGSLEy--LOGAN. ; Last night (Th ursdny) *the weds ding- bellk!siimmbned: to :tne M.'.iEu church friends to vitness the cereV! monyttbat u nited dor ever/and ever Mr Oscar Pugsley and Miss Jessie; Logan. At-7-.30, the appointed ¡hour,* the church was packed .and .the bridal , party marched to the altar .while,! Mrs. Hammond played; a march on the organ. .The ceremony wasithen, performed by Rev. Logan, after which congratulations were in Order. Miss Detlla' Evans acted as bridesmaid and' Edgar Logan as groomsman. .^A few of the bride’s intimate friends, were, invited to a «upper'prepared forthe. occasion. There ' was nothing lacking' on the table that a person could wish, and no pains were spared to make the affair pleasant and agreeable in every man­ ner./, ■- , • ,- r ; ' Numerous, and costly puBaents were received by the bride, . a /;list of which were kindly tendered us, but owing to a lack of space in our col­ umns we were forced with some re­ grets to omit. The bride is the daug hter of Rev. and Mrs. Geo. Logan and her child­ hood has been spent in Choteau. Although only ninteen years of age her kind disposition has won for her the friendship of nearly everybody. The groom, Mr. Pugsley, we are not in a position to speak of from our own acquaintance,. but through mends ,.- we’ learn :he ■,is^a. steady» iiohest^andriudustridus^buhk^mam of commendable habits and always stands for right,.no matter where he is. Mr. and Mrs.Pugsley immediately commenced house keeping in com- ortable quarters prepared in advance ) j him and they have the best wish­ es of friends for the future. The Chronicle extends congratula- tiohs and hope the vicissitudes of life wilLbe such that they may always ive happily togeth er and that pros­ perity will be their lot. lÈ ^ ^ ^ iw t e d r r o llitiig ; Ì{eo]oymènl/for the|hpli- - ------------------------ Christmas .eve ,/Wi t b fifi' worry/ Christmas, tree, a-' .• . .• Â i f î i î Î M S f e Î - j - .. h . up ; pléèisuWptvlthe children.' and .¿they entsrtainedjtheir elders in a^pecom- ing>'/mai^ep;' ''Their, work- showed carefuila^l^killful/trainirig on, - the: ^ t i ^ f M b t i r .tutors-Prof. R. E. Hammond^and Assistant Miss Day. The litU^Ipnes carried put their parts weil~to^|he; enjoyment, of à large and a p p ^ iative audience, ; -The/ep1te^Miinraent opened' with a song b^the^school, followed with a recitation/byjOllie Wilson and Asa Armstrong./Then came. thè- .Wand drill, b y / a / number of little- girls, whicbiwa8 evidence of skillful; train­ ing abd[{ tniic.h practice.'. . Geòrgie Was manner creditable to Carr then spofee a piece/ which renderedina one twice>hist age. ^ He says “ I, would A. F. & A. M. AND 0. E. S. To-night (Friday) at the town hall, will be held the public installation of the officers of Choteau Lodge, No. 41, A. F. & A. M., and the officers of Fidelity Chapter, No. 18, O. E. S. The officers to be installed are as follows: A. F. & A. M.—Worshipful Master, J. G. Bair, re-elected;Senior Warden, Wm. Hodgskiss; Junior Warden, John E. DeHaas; Senior Deacon, T. J. Dean; Junior Deacon, J. H. Dun­ lap; Secretary, R. E. Hammond; Treasurer, Alfred Harris;, Tyler, Sterllug McDonald;. Senior Steward,, R. G. Stewart; Jun. Steward, Julius Hirshberg; Chaplain, Rev. George Logan. ' Fidelity .Chapter—Worthy Matron, Carrie Hirshberg; Patrou, John E. DeHaas; Associate Matron, Mary Bair; Conductress, Catherine Mc­ Donald; Associate Conductress, L. uella Hammond; Treasurer, Amanda M. Cooper; Secretary, Jennie M. Drake; Ada, Grcu:& Steele; Ruth, Hattie Coffey; Esther Margaret Hodgskiss; Martha, Celia A Drake; Electa, Augusta Dunlap; Marshal, J. G. Bair; Chaplain, J. H. Dunlap; Wardeu, Wm. Hodgskiss; Sentinel, Alfred Harris; Orgauist, R. E. Hammond. Extensive preparations are being made by the different committees to make the affair an enjoyable one. After the installation a free dance will bo given, for which a very ap­ propriate program has been arranged. have shdpk my fist at Prof. Hammond, if I darst/ btiji/I darsn’t.” The solo by Miss Ella;»Richards was sung in a musk»!/*ro*bner, followed with a recitation' by Alden Connor, which the- littie/fejWow rendered» in good shape. The. Cantata, which closed the .evening*«., program was well plotted and the -boys and girls did justice;:to the ^occasion. The . diafrifrution of presents, was marked by one continual roar of laughter. Nearly every one * present was remembered, if with nothing but a doll, monkey or rattle box. By- the-way we must not omit to mention that ye editor was remembered. by some Ksrweet j sixteen” with a neat and significant mitten. It is quite' probable that we can make use ofcari- other one just like the one received, next.Ghristmas.. „ ___ . , - ;■ ■^-Th’the/iEiasfr^e-affaiV^was./a.i^Ki:» success' $$.75 per R ä t t e r n - S e n d ' f S M f S l f f B i M . ' - - Two hundred and fiffcy Dress Patterns,in Black and -iColors^bh/Special/y Stnctly/this season’s: weave, designs and styles. A grand^DreaspPHttem ________ J - i i - •• *-< .v; opportunity. ' Send for samples. -o- 9Q90B99DQBBQBBBB8B 5 » * u f ** V-f Î !? ^ D R E S S P A T T E R N S W o r t h e v e i t k i c e n t o f 5.00/ 6.5Q and/ 7.00 GÌ> * S At*. Gréât Falls, Mont. SU',--.'.’. feet, home happy. and everybody , went IT WAS WINDY. The prevalihg subject for conversa- tion in Choteau Tuesday morning was of a cyclonic nature .and people were congratulating each other on their escape from the heavy winds. - About 10 o’clock Monday night the wind commenced blowing and within half an hour it was -simply a hurricane of - no small dimensions Houses rent* sand, was floating in the air, dry; goods boxes smashing through ■ -windows, bricks rolling down house roofs and every thing in general was being shaken. The wind -continued uearly all night, and in the morniug people wondered if there had really been - a cyclone. The damage was slight, considering the high wind. It wns the general impression that several houses would be blown down or un­ roofed. The wind came from the north-west. It would blow at inter­ vals like a hurricane, theu again it would lull down for a time, and kept up that way. until nearly morning. ' The. werst damage done was the. blowing off o f a portion of the roof on A. J-.* ;Vauce’s-residenee. The roo split in the middle, one half being raised by the wind and carried about 50 feet before striking the ground, while the other half was not removed. Chimneys on the Jackson and church buildings, J. G. Bair’s and Julius Hirshberg’s residences were blown down. Telephone wires were tangbd up in bad shape. People who hap­ pened to be out in the storm began praying, thinking the end had come. Jt was the hardest wind storm that th.e people iiaye experienced iu Cho­ teau since four years, ago about Christnias-^-so old timers say—when it was fully as bad. At Foudera the passenger train was blown, off the track,-sorerahpeople narrowly escaping injury. Slight damages* are re­ ported in other sections of the'county as well as in this i mmidiate vicinitv. MAIN STREET. CHOTEAU. O l d e s t S t e t r x c l i x i T o w n . Finest Wines And Liquors^ ^ ^Domestic and Imported Cigars Telephone No. 29. MILLER & LONGMUIR. Formerly The Grand Central Rates $1.50 per Day. Special Rates to, Families. This Hotel is under New Management, with all the Latest Modern Im­ provements, well lighted Sample. Rooms, Superior Service- and Cuisiue Rooms with Bath en Suite as Moderate Charges. Free Carriages meet all Tcains- THOS. REYNOLDS, Prop. G r e a t F a l l s , L d r o x ite t n s L . GREAT FALLS HOTEL FORMERLY ULM HOUSE. COMPLETELY REFURNISHED AND RENOVATED. Steam Heat and Electric Light in every Room. Free OarT riages Meet all Traine. Rates, $2 Per Day. Tables First Class. BEN STEELE, Chief Clerk. W . H. CLARKE, ; Proprietor POgoooqQoooprçoQPPOQPOQQp g o o e o o o o o o o o q o o o o o o o o o o o o Q o Cakes ------ - m ^ N ow Under New Management. Only Restaurant in Choteau Fresh Bread, Pies and »••■For Sale.... MEALS AT ALL, HOURS. | Reasonable Prices ^ JACOB. N. AXJSTED, Prop//; o e e e o e e e o e e e e

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 31 Dec. 1897, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1897-12-31/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.