Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, January 21, 1898, Image 1

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u- ETOr^i n> l'i K'i- i' W, » »/«■• ; i ■■ VOLUME 1. CHOTEAU,. TETON COUNTY, MONTANA'; ; FRIDAY. JANUARY 2.1, ¡ ! COURT PROCEEDINGS. - District court convened in Choteau Monday morning with Judge Smith on the bench. Jurors were drawn to appear Friday. The eases disposed of are as follows: Jos. Kipp vs. Silverman & Cohen. Settlement o,f statement on motion for new trial. Continued to AIou ’ ay. M..JVI. Lyter for plaintiff. Brady & Freeman and J. G-. Bair for defend­ ants. Farmers’ Co-operative Irrigation Co. vs.-Land aud Water Co , coudem nation proceeding,•„..Continued to MOmlay. J. E. Erickson For plaintiff aud J. Gr. Bair for defendant. ' S. AI.'Corson vs. J.' C. Duval, suit on account.- .Continued for term. J. O;. Bair for plaintiff aud ’James Sul­ grove for1'defendant. 4 Stqte vs. James Peppard, grand larceny.- Continued to Saturday. J. E. Erickson and J. W.' Freeman for state' and j . G. Bair for the defendant. State %rs. Joe Brown, misdemeanor ARE NOT REJOICING. Plead guilty aud. was fined $25. J. ì» i f 0 8 É E. Erickson for state aud J. G. Bair • • «*» for defendant. \ . , Geo. A. Fry vs. P. N. Ivuowles, foreclosure of mortgage, judgment by default. Decree ordered. James »Sulgrove for plaintiff and J. G. Bair for defendant. State vs. J. J. Evans. Dismissed. State of Montana vs. C. L. Bristol. Motion for new trial. Deuied by the court on the following grounds: The motion filed herein is denied by the court for these reasons. 1st. That no legal reason appears why a new trial should be granted. 2nd. There is nothing before the court giving legal reasons for a new trial. - 1 3rd' \Tfa'e'biir of'exceptions 'fried in support o f motion for new trial is insufficient. J. G, Bair and James Sulgrove ap­ peared for defandants and J. E. Erickson, for plaiutiff. Coming This Way. It is reported that a strong en- devor is to be made to secure for Montana the location of the national sanitarium. James A. Murry, of Butte will go to Washington D. C., to start the ball rolling in favor of locating the sanitarium at Hunter’s Hot Springs near Livingstone. The Northern Pacific railroad is also in­ terested in the location of the sani­ tarium at that place and will second Mr. Murray’s effort. The matter is in the hands of the board of trustees of national homes for old soldiers and Mr. Murry will invite the members of the board out. to see the sanitarium. General Alger, secretary c f war, is a member of the board. There has been talk for some time of locating the sanitarium in a Western state and the people of Hot Springs, S. D. are pulling.hard to get the institution there. Hot''Springs, Ark., is after it of- course; 'and Cali­ fornia and Colorado are pulling stroug. Saturday in Justice Beaup e’s court suit'was brought by P. H. Summers against Geo. Fairbairn and Eliza Fairbairn to recover moner alleged to be due said defendant. It seems that Mr. Summers sold to Geo. Fair- bairn about Sept. 10, 1897, a promi- sory note given by John Zimmerman for the sura of $164, and had paid on the note the su.m af $110, leaving a balance of $54 due plaintiff and unpaid. ‘ Mr. Fairbairn claimed he had an account of $55 against Summers for odd jobs that ho had done during the summer, which cancelled the in­ debtedness, besides other miscellan­ eous bills. They were all disallowed with the exception of one small counter bill. > The court’s decision was that Summers recover from Fair­ bairn the sum of $65.45 and costs in the sum of $11. James Sulgrove ap­ peared for plaintiff aud J. G. Bair for defendant. ' A reduction iu the wages of about 125.000 operatives employed.in ueuri v 150 colton mills in New England! which manufacturers decided upon as a temporary remedy for depression in the cotton goods' industry of the North, weut into effoc. in the major­ ity of the mills last Mouday. 1 Iu several mill centers, namely New Bedford, and Bi- deford, Saco and Lewiston, Maine, the dissatisfaction among mill hands is intense, and strikes are on... TKe 18 mills of the rormet; city, which gives employment to about 9,030 hands, have been shut down because the operatives have refused to accept the reduction and the contest thus inaugurated prom­ ises to be one of the most stubborn in the history of the texture iudustry. The situation in New Bedford is very gloomy. Business there had not re­ covered from the depression which followed the failure of six mill corpora atious last spring. REPORT« KX A (i ERATE I).,., • • received Judge Lee of K.nooy has a letter froun his son, who has been in Alaska 11 years. He is ’\now living in Juneau, and writes thajithereport­ ed richness of the Klondike is largely imaginary, sayfc the Great Falls Leader. “ The country is not one-hundredth part as good'as the people have been led to believe,” hr writes. The old- timers say you can learn more here (Juneau) in one hour about the Klondike than you can in Dawson City. . . . The papers report Berry Bros, as taking out $135.000 down the coast last spring. They actual­ ly had $33,000 it. dust and that was not all their own. They worked 20 men all' last season end came put $1 l v- 000 in debt. . . . ‘Swift Water Biil’ had $2,500 as a result of selling 15-16 of a claim when he left Dawson— and the papers reported him a mil­ lionaire. . . . The last outfit of 28 men from the Klondike brought out $20, 000 in dust—they were reported all over the couutry as having $1,- 000,000. . . . I own an interest in No. 68 on Bonanza creek, but it is no good. . . . If the Canadian authori­ ties charge a royulty as it is reported they mtend to do there will not be over four mines worked.” ALL TBE NEWS! ALL THE THE! The Teton Chronicle publishes more news than all the other papers in the couuty together. STJBSGRIPEION $2 IN ADV. Last Friday evening at dusk Jeff. Hanna escaped from the county jail and up to date has not been found. While Under Sheriff Dean was attend­ ing to his duties at the stoue man­ sion, Hanna asked permission to get a pail of water at the pump in the jail yard. Dean, having cousidei- able confidence in the man, gave him the desired permission, and as soou as he was out made a break for^ liberty, jumping the fence that en­ closes the building, and taking the road toward Sua River was off. The night was dark and before Dean could notify other officers aud make necessary arrangements for pursuit the outlaw had hied himself and was nowhere to be found. Both Dean and Deputy Sheriff Armstrong scour­ ed the country that night and several days following with no success. He is reported as having- been seen at Steele aud taking the track for Great Falls but the officers at that place have not yet made any arrests. Hanna was arrested some months ago charged with burglarizing a sheep catnp at Collins. He was to have been given a trial at this term of district court. The officers are still confident that he cannot make his escape good, as the entire state has been warned and if he turns up in any town within the state his arrest is certain. ADDITIONAL •V -'i-ih - L0CALS. A new ; school district has been formed at.Shelby/.The eastern part of school „district 5 has been cut off and made a district by its self. Described as follows: Commencing at a point on the Marias river westof the Frederic Zièamermau ranch, thence in' a , porthernly direction 12 miles, or to a point, Similes north- westeriy of Shelby Junction on the Great Northern R. R .,1 thence easter­ ly to the county line ‘ bety-een Cho­ teau and Teton counties, * thence south along saidV - county line 25 miles-, whence westerly 20 miles, thence'1/northerly to', thé\ place of beginning or to F. Zimmeman’s ranch Péter O’Laughliu;: <MiKé Connelly., and Dick Crock ford 1 have been ap- pointed as trustees.- \• / A week ago Wedtiesday, at Rohner, occurred the marriage of Air. Prentice Parker and Aliss Lena Eder, at the home of the b/id.e’s parents, Rev. Allen Rodgers-.... performing the ceremony. Mr. Parker was for the last five years foreman of the Flower- ree horse ranch, but .recently resign­ ed his position and invested largely in real estate and property in Aug­ usta and is now looked upon ..as, one of the leading business men of that town. Alias Eder has growu to wom­ anhood in Sun River Valley, where she has made many friends. There was a reception and dance giveu iu the Augusta town hall, to which the many friends of the young couple turned out to tender their coug rat- ulations. Now Doc, be honest in all your dealings as editor of , a “ neautral” newspaper—republican; in politics— with a ratio, of 0 to 0. JRemember 4t ts^hustle, bustle \all* any long* and rustle, tussle all the night long, and every time you turn a street corner your heart shaped orgau will be iu the top-of your hat, expecting any moment to run up against a brick bat, red-hot man or woman, or some­ thing else equally as bad—at least that is the Chronicle man’s exper­ ience. But for God sake! remember the eighth commandment and keep it holy—“Thou shalt not steal.”- That' means, rustle your own news.. Jurors for this term-, of ’district, C Í T Í - . . . . . . } „ • ! ryt’\druè-Ç^r- r f \ pft«a>oi.jyï.-. '**1 L'^oz. sj-)c i rq in . iiiiRtV- W t a U q NUMBER 20. 'S T*\ court were drawn Monday as follows: fcr/Èdmonson, J. F; Burd7 S.a A7. Penrod, Chas. Davlin, • Dan Miller, Peter O’Laughliu, Ed Dennis, Fred Bridges, Si J. Bean, Jas. Grady, O. P. Whaley, Jas. Hughes, John Shea, B. A. Jahn, P. H. Buckley, Wm. Krofft, Jos. Phillips, S. H. Brown, Philip Lucro, Chas. Buckley, Jas. .W. Boone, John Chase, Lawrence Davis, F. P. Cowell, G. M. Coffey, H. Weimer, Peter Rainband, G. W. Bowen, A. J. Cowell, Benson English. S. M. Corson, editor of our worthy contemporary, had the sad misfor­ tune to break his, left ¡leg last Sunday while riding a bicycle. He was scorching down the street, when his saddle turned and he lost-his equilib­ rium, falling -to the. ground with' the accident as the result,. Bdfth-> bones were broken and it will be time before he will be to his business. Dr. broken member. • . In a letter received by parties in Choteau from F. P. Atkinson, cashier of the Cascade bank,- of Great Falls, we learn that the building they pro­ pose erecting will not be commenced until spring and-.tliat the plans have not yet been drawn nor any o f the details concluded. MONSTER BARGAIN PifilS DRY HOODS STOBE, , - i - ; kGreat Falls, Mont. some ableJo attend Drako set the A visit to C. AI. Lanning & Co.’s drug and jewelry store, at Dupuyer, is sufficient to convince one that the proprietors are gentlemen.^ and urt- derstand their business. >-?..Th’ey in­ formed us, while there, that they are getting considerable watch- çopairing from this section, as well as other business. If you have a watch that needs repairing, it will pay to send.it there. They are experts at the busi­ ness. S e n d f o r b a r g a i n c i r c u l a r . A v i g o r o u s u p s e t t i n g o f p r i c e s , c u t ­ t i n g , s l a s h i n g , r e d u c i n g a n d s a c ­ r i f i c i n g o f g o o d s . Y o u o w e it t o y p u a s c l f a s a d u t y , to t a k e a d v a n ­ t a g e o f t h i s m o n s t e r B a r g a i n S a l e , S e n d fo r o u r B a r g a i n c i r - c u l a a r . TETON • EXCH ANGE ! MAIN STREET. CHOTEAU. O l d e s t S t a , n . c l i n T o - w n . Finest Wines and Liquors^ Domestic and Imported Cigars Telephone- No, 29. - MILLER &'LON&MUIR, PfOPS; T h e H o t e l G r a n d Formerly The Grand Central Rates $1.50 per Day. Special Rates to Families. This Hotel is under New Management, with all the Latest Modern Im­ provements, wpll lighted Sample Rooms, Superior Service and Cuisine i Rooms with Bath en Suite as Moderate Charges. Free Carriages meet all Trains. THOS. REYNOLDS, Prop. G - r e a t F a l l s , M o n t a n a . GREAT FALLS HOTEL FORMERLY ULM HOUSE. COMPLETELY REFURNISHED AND RENOVATED. Steam Heat and Electric Light in every Room. Free Oar- riages Meet all Trains. Rates, $2 Per Day. Tables First Class. BEN STEELE, . Chief Clerk. W ; H. CLARKE, Proprietor- % « 9 Now Under New Management.. jjjj Meals 25 cts. - - 2 1 Meals, $5.00 Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes * ' < ....For Sale.... MEALS AT ALL HOURS. o 9 £ o o o FLYNN <St AUSTED, Props. cose cecoceccccoe cc&ccc&cosc&siceG ©^>50000&oocoœccc o. Q 9 <4 \

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 21 Jan. 1898, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1898-01-21/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.