Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, November 25, 1898, Image 1

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- - C '.O 't' '' i A V VOLUME 2 OHOTEAÜ, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA, FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 25, 1898. NUMBER 12. OLD NICK EN-.fvIASO.UC. ■The K. P. Lodge Gives an Enjoyable ' and Profitable Dance. Thcv fi.rst mask ball of the season .was given by the K.. P. lodge at the - Town hall Thursday evening. Ifcwts the. largest a-tended of any lilth .event ever hold in Ckoteau:' The hull was •• crowded' to-its vitmost capacity byan , enthusiastic crowd ..of .dancer?. Tkero . were manv.fine costuinos. The six . •* ' prizes were awarded as., follows: 1st gouts’ prize, shaviug set, Harry Ralston; 2nd, collar and cuff set, Jake Cohn; 3rd. smoking set, Joe Arnold. 1st ladie’s prizo, work box, Mrs. J. E. Erickson; 2nd, toilet case, Mrs. J.B.Mitchell; 3rd, collar and cuff box. Lucy Stoel. $ Fiuo music was furnished through­ out the evening and tho light fantas­ tic tripped until nearly daylight the next morning. Excellent suppers were furnished at the Gem restaurant and Beau- pro house. • Every member of the t K. P. lodge did his level best to royally entertain their guests and through their efforts every person present has nothing but words of praise to offer. It was a gruud success and an event of the seasou. ! Following are the names of the maskers and what they represented: .Geneva Zimmerman—Night- Alice Zimmerman—Servant Girl Josie Krofft and Ethel Christian— Two Little Girls in Blue .Carrie Collons—Boo Peep . Mrs J. Austed—Astronomy Laura Anderson—Forget-me-not Lucy Steele—Margurette Mrs..T% C. Dugas—Japanese .Girl Airs. P. H. Summers—House Maid Miss Schollene—Girl Airs. Geo. Adlaui—Fairy Dora Tiernan—Prudence Hathway Ella Richards—Day and Night Airs. J. E. Erickson—Alaid of Athens Airs. Acton—Bride Airs. J. Armstrong—Dancing Girl Lizzie Ralston—Dina Alesdames O. G. Cooper and S. H. Brown-Twin Buttes. Aliss Franklin—Girl Airs. J. B. Alitchell—Girl Mrs. Chas. Connor—Vanity ' IJflrs.Ckas.Dunlap—Red Riding Hood Miss Burke—Alontauian Miss Rrodock—School Girl Tula Schimmerhorn—Indian Princess Adeleue Burton— Airs. Stillman—Flower Girl Airs. ,G. Richards—Just in from ' ’’Klondike Alias Driiikwino— . W. Jackson—Defeated candidate C. ’ S. Bowser—Admiral Dewey T. C. Dugas—Foot Bali . AI. E. Stillman—King • W. Dorrington—Band Boy \ CectrYeager—Day and Night J. Austed—Sailor . L. Eudersby—Alau ' Tom Richards—Sailor Boy Geo. Richards—Convict No. 17 A. Hirshberg—A Aliller Chas- Lamb—Spaniard Win. Edgar—Baud Boy • Toni Farrell—Jack of Diamonds Roe Brown—Clown John Aloore—Clown Earl Yeager—Thresher Frank Congdou—Beer Alan J. Blake—’96 Dudo D. Snead—Sailor F. McDermott—Band Boy Stewart Edgar—Irishman. Bud England—Coon Henry Little—Clown Grant Gorham—Sailor Chas. Klockler—Irish aldorman Frank Carr—Only a boy Chas. English—Clown Frank Evans—Clown U. G. Allen—Gentleman H. Loomis—Band Boy. C. H. Drake and A. J. Cowell— Laboring men Jose Ralston—Clown Harry Ralston—Spanish gcutlemau Arlie Moore—Webb man Chas. Dunlap-Clown Chas. Davisr-Clown Fiank Al.oore-Clown Gale Kennedy, Defeated senator Geo. Barron, Indian Lewis Straud, Dudo John Alitchell, Black domiuo Roy England, Butcher Wallace Alartiu, Chronicle Chas. Parker, Free Silver Harry Alartiu, Priest Chas. LaPage, Irishman Wolf Burton, Black domino Fred Ferris, Alidshipman Ed White, Indian chief J. A. Porter , U. S. Custom officer. Jake Cobon, Naval officer Dick Crock ford Orla Stansbory, Farmer Tom Larsou, Alerchant prince Joe Arnold, Alau and woman Win. Endersby, Granger The names and costumes appear as. given us by the committee, and arc as given them by the maskers themselves with the exception of a liniitod number. Accidental Shooting at Great Falls. At 2:50 o’clock Sunday morning Policeman Luke Curry was shot through tho loft templo and instantly killed, the bullet being from a revol­ ver iu tho hands of Issac Shaefer, a merchant who rocently arrived here from New York and engaged in business in the Dunn block as the Manufacturers’ Outlet Co. Officer Curry and Sheehy, as was their custom, were trying the back doors of business houses, Curry be­ ing a few stops in advance. Shaefer and his partner, Gross, were sleeping in their store. They had not been notified of the officers’ custom and when Curry opened the ;do.or,«,Shaefer- ‘uiade'^au - outcry- and Curry probably thinking he bad run onto burglars, flashod his light. Shaefer (-at once shot and Curry fell doad.'\ In some manner tho two men at once realized what mistake had been made and they hastened to tho police station, where Shaefer gave himself up AY lieu told that Curry was dead ho fell on the floor shrieking and moaning and praying and cursing, aud his agony was awful to witness. Shaefer has been exonerated. Judge Hiram Knowles has decided that an enclosure moans au enclosure and nothing less. Among the cases tried at this term of court was that of the United States vs. Samuel Beau. Bean was charged with illegally fenc­ ing and enclosing tho public domain in the vicinity of Raymond, in Teton county. It was shown that Bean had built a fence about a consider­ able body of land, but at one end he had left an opening of about a mile aud a quarter. While range stock would have to walk a considerable distance around the fence to get to the opeuing, nevertheless there was a largo space that was uot enclosed, and Judge Knowles held that the fact was a sufficient ground on which to dismiss the action. The action was one of many of great importance to ranchers of northern Alontaua in general and the sheep country in par­ ticular.—Great Falls Tribune. The best way to build up a town is to stand by. every man in the place who does right. Whenever a man is doing well do not tear him down. All residents should bo partners, uot opponents. In all livelihoods the more business your rival does tho more you do. Every business man who treats his customers houostly, courteously and fair will gethis share and tho business that can be secured by united efforts tho better it will be for all. When a town ceases to grow it begins to die, and the more people try to kill each other iu business the moro rapidly will utter ruin come to all. Stand together for the advance­ ment of every citizeD. If a man shows ability to prosper do not pull him back through jealousy or weigh' him do\.\n through a cold indiffer- Ience. .• ' TtlREE-X AND IDS PICKUPS. . News of the Reservation Briefly Toid by Our Representative. From our Sjiocial Correspondent. November 20.—Henry Norris was elocted justice of the peace at St. Alary. Ed Mathews and Billy Casey came iu from the^lake last Alouday. From present indications many of, the whites living ou the reservation will seek fresh pastures in tho spring. The grading outfit recently employ­ ed in improving tho road lied of the Groat Northern have completed thiir work bore. D. F. Hagerty returned to Browu- ing ou the 14th. pleased with the fact that half the voters remembered him on oleetiou day. The.annual annuity issue of cloth­ ing, fabrics and notions was begun on the 21st, aud coutinued several days, until every family was outfitted in good shape. It is seldom that ducks, geese and other migratory water fowls linger here so late iu the fall as now, but thoy are still quite numerous aud where ever there is open water one can find plenty of fat birds. A young and interesting grass widow was recently the recipient of a cooking stove, a set of harness aud a new wagon. Not being possessed of a house, homo ranch or team of horses, she has been obliged to quar­ ter her acquisitions around among her friends for safo keeping until she has a runch issued to her. Tho family of H. A. Norris has filed an allotment claim at St. Alary, which • covers the; eutiro townsite. Notices have been sorvod upon owners of cabins and other improve­ ments to remove them withiu the time allowed by law, uuder penalty of forfeiture, and Hank says ho in­ tends to compel all locators to fill up their prospect holes as well. What was the matter that the meteoric shower of the 13 15 did not transpire? People sat up aud wait­ ed both nights until dawn appeared, but aside from tho limited number of very ordinary altogether scrubby little follows, not a “mete” was seen. Alust be the “astromical” cusses, as a man of verbosity in this locality calls tho star gazers, had been indulg­ ing iu too much campaign fluid extracts, and got mixed up in their dates. Chas Aubrey returned from Chi­ cago too late to vole. While going there, in an attempt to jump a movr ing traiu the speed of which was underestimated, Mr. A. received an injury which made it necessary to go to a hospital for treatment, where he has been confined for several weeks. He is so accustomed to brokon collar bones and dislocated shoulders that he did not mind the injury much, but the detention from hotrjo for 60 long a period was very vexatious. Everybody is pleased with the outlook for nothing worse than an ordinary winter. On account of the seasonal conditions of temperature, and precipitation being so* near tho normal at the close of last, iponth, the local weather observe^ at Kipp forecasted a mikl November,, with much less snowfall than during the past two Novembers, aud predicts that the severest weather will 1)6 exper­ ienced in December aud February.* Jimmy Arnoux received a mysteri­ ous injury the other night, which Re­ sulted in a bad cut on the bridge, ‘of his nose. Some say dno of tho much looked for meteors hit his nasal ap­ pendage. Others thut rude boys threw stones at him whilo enjoying an evening walk, but Jimmy has no explanation to offer. Ho simply says he didn’t stop on it. - James .Walls has returned from | Great Falls and has a big club in (Continued on Third Page.) | Jackets, Capes and Furs—Marvels of art, beauty and tailored e leg a n c e - - t h e g rand­ est .stock of pretty Jackets and Capes ever brought to M ontana now in stock at the Paris Dry Goods Store- Children’s and M isses’ Jackets and Cloaks A m o st c o m p lete line at exactly eastern prices. 5 PARIS DRY GOODS STORE, J GREAT FALLS, M O N T . I l i m B B B B B B B n W Sí ¡3 a a a s a a a a a ¡3 a S a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a • a a a a ■i;* CHOICE MEATS *^_AIways kept on hand. _ f i f f s S i t e l e a f L a r i W . L E H R . IS i a V Li fc! fc! U £ Li W Li fc3 U u w IÜ e Ei! ÍS u ts » je c ß L’ Li 12 fc! 13 r.: ß e e e 12 EG, fi) The Silver D o l l a r — * - IT IS THE NEATEST, Most Modern and H i best equipped rosort in Teton county.\ *, Light­ ed with acetylene gas, BILLIARD & CARD ROOA1S and tho very best YVINES, LIQUORS. & CIGARS. Courteous treatment to one and .all. MORISON & BURKE,: - ! CHOTEAU, - 7- tt .T THE o O tri o a O o »—J o E oq Br 5 B rt* O P. This is a L cut of one of our suitsgi we have' in all colors aud sizes we are selling at 1 2 .6 0 . All wool. Guaranteed. Wo havo bought a,Spccial!Line of Clothing and Furnishing Goods for tho Stockmenrtrade this Rea­ son. All kinds of Suits,Fur Coats,D.uck Cpats—whol aud sheepskin lined, Heavy Underwear, Gloves, Mitts and Blaukets. In fact any thing a man wants to wear. We have also put the price down to where . ( *> you will convince yourself that we sell the cheapest. When you write or ask* tho price, all goods guar­ anteed a3 represented or you get your money back. THE H U B GREAT FALLS, M O N T . THE PARK HOTEL o* «$©$> Great Falls «$©$> Offers Teton County Stockmen and others all the Comforts and .Conveniences of a Modern Hotel at' —E S P E C I A L RATES.r-v^-3 PARK’ HOTEL COMPANY,. Props.

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1898, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1898-11-25/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.