Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, November 25, 1898, Image 3

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(Continuo:! From First Page.) pieklo for «bn individual who stole his satchel. .While in that city ho .purchased a fine gramophone and a large collection of music discs. . Dur­ ing' hisride homeward on the' train, souse one swiped his grip, contain­ ing all but a few.o’f the pieces, and so the present repertoire of.the phone is ao.tnc what limited, but' Jimmy- says if he. has to. disappoint his friends musically his running horse will furnish ample airmsemeut to all who are inclined to gamble. P E TE R JO YC E, Proprietor. Best of Service and Attention to Guests. Fresh bread, pies and cakes on sale at ail times George Cobell seems to have the banner wolf dog in this section of the couutry. The animal is a, cross batweea a grey hound and a mastiff, and .weighs 110. Although but 18 months old it has alone, with the '‘ofecburdgem'Ctitof George ou horse • back,’'caught and.- -killed <21-, coyotes , iu tho past.four tvo$k$, audso^ar has escaped a wound. The hound rtius so swiftly that Mr. Coyote gets - a hip up before he is aware of it, and before it can do any snapping the big dog has him by the throat. t In a recent council of the chiefs and head men of the Piegans, they- naked that shops be built at the Willow creek school, and the. mechan­ ical trades be taught, the boys at this school as t boy are elsewhere. They are greatly opposed to having their children sent, to Fi. Shaw, and are of (he opinion that the youth can be in­ structed iu such occupations in a school under the jurisdiction of the agent to a better advantage and at the same time be iu the vicinity of tlieir homes, thus permitting the parents visiting them at times. The department will undoubtedly approve of this. A great deal of couimeut has been caused by the fact that the pay for I. D. stocic shipped to Chicago has been held up, and the owners thereof have not yet received their money. Early shippers were reminded that it was unlawful to take any of this stock off the reservation for trade or commerce without firs! obtaining authority, and consequences of so do.ing were made, known. Notwith­ standing this, beef to tbe value of probably $5,000 was shipped and as before stated tbe commission house to which the shipment was consigned was instructed by the authorities at , Washington to hold the proceeds until further orders. Those who obtaiued a permit to ship had no trouble in getting their money, but • the other contingent have been on tbe anxious seat regarding their shekels for some time. STRAWS. ' - Johnje Bostick has boon confined to, the hospital with rheumatism ever since August.—The cold wave of the 19th was a reminder that the timo , .fpr wiuter has arrived.—Billy Jack- son is recovering from a serious lll- jiess.—;Johu LaMott has just relurn- ^,ed from Big Sandy, after an absence of several weeks.—John Higgins • • went down on the Marias last week, in quest of an improved ranch. Owners of such property will do well to advertise the same if ‘desirous of selling, as a number wish to purchase. , — It is reported that all straight stock will either be decorated with a rustic I. D. braud or removed from the reservation next spring.—Xavier Bellsdeaux has sold his ranch on Milk river to James Arnoux.—Monroe Arnouix has gono to attend school at Helena.—A minimum temperature of 8 degrees below zero was registered Sunday morning. XXX HRS. J. N. ABSTED, —Dealer in— Confectionery, Nuts& Fruits. A large stock of Bread, Cake, Rolls, Cookies, etc.—Great . Palls m ake. A lw a y s on. hand. ’ Lunch Couuter run in connection. Lunches served yi all hours, from 15 cónta' up. AsUctl tlic Boy Too Much. A boy who liad. been up for an. examination iu «Scripture had ut­ terly failed, and the relations be­ tween him and the examiner had become somewhat strained. The latter asked him if there were any text in tho whole Bible he could quote. He pondered and then repeated: “And Judas went out- and hanged himself.” “ Is there any other verse you know in the Bible?” the examiner asked. “ Yes. ‘Go thou and do likewise.’ ” There was a solemn pause and the pro­ ceedings terminated.— Catholic Stand-, ard and Times. A r - p l e P r o v o c a t i o n . “I understand you pounded the man in the next lint?” “Pound hi in! Well, I should think I did. I nearly killed the scoundrel.” “Wliat v.rs the trouble?” “lie insulted me—actuallj* insulted me with delibei'ation and malice afore­ thought, and it was no trifling insult, either.” “What did he say?” “He asked me if I was the man who •played the cornet every night.” “Why didn't you kill him?”—Chicago Post. Her Kroirn. i I kissed her on the peachy check; She frowned, a s ‘t could see: “ Oh, maiden,\ said I, “prithee, speak And say you pardon m e !\ She turned her pretty face away And bit her finger tips, And then I heard her sweetly say: “ W hat’s the matter with my lips?\ —Chicago News. She A p p e a ls. “John,” said the wife of the citizen who had jvsi. settled liis freak election bet like a ii Pie in::;:, “the next lime you wart t i.“i art election, just agree that. « • • ; in: k-.se. you won’t make a. f « • for three months. It wi.'1 . • .• diHcuit as anything else 5’ - ■ Jortake, anti it will spare the ’ « , 1 1 - of vour relatives.”—Puck. llfLlor for Oiu 'Rule«. .• :u:<> tiling I like about mv vif« ' , Mmipeeked «to liis friend Fu;*..-. : “she's a thorough sports- \\ n ; ; ' ’ (• “ •> • • ' •’ never knocks me down V il'l,’*:*. ’« v. ing ten seconds to elapse liCU Tv. ■. \L.ing me again.”—N. Y. Jour- ual. V imine to Walt. Mis« Pc Rich—Now, my love, you in ufi ► y , • >, ¡’:.i:ro—Oh, I’m in no hurry. Lei’*« ■..« ' ‘ î , ; ‘ object (o a long engage- me:.i. . ;. our wish, but how long?” “ U.i v— how okl is your pa?”—X. Y. Wei.¡;¡; I ‘>>; Clever Expert. “Ts ihr; t •.«.• skull of- a man or worn- an?” ¡noi: :: vcl the prosecuting attorney of the expert. “ li is a v.oman’s skull,” replied the ana to in: :A “How do on know?” “By the v, oru appearance of the jaws.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer. ' lie Had T h n n g lit It O v e r . “T tell yon what.” soliloquized the fa­ ther of a large family, as he gazed ad­ miringly at liis youngest, “ we never had a finer baby than she is! Come to think of it.” he went on, after some fnrther reflection, “nobody else ever did-, either.”—Puck. •«Too Good, to B e T r a e . \ She’s beautiful—that’s good to know. She’s good—that’s beautiful to sec; She is so good, while I ’m not so, • She’s \too good to be true” to me. —Judge. A H a r r o w in g Q u e s tion . Murray Hill—So your Tick uncle Ned has signified a desire to see you—he is probably about to make liis will—what are you going to say to him? Central Parke—Oh! I’m all at sea about it—Pm afraid that if I tell him I’m doing well, he will leave his money to more needy relatives; and I dasn’fc tell him I’m doing ill for fear he will leave it to more worthy relatives.— Puck. T im e ’ s C h a a ff««. Whiftcrs—Ah! How dc do? Well,* out with it, old man. What success? You said you were going back to your native town to hunt up your first love, from whom you parted years ago— the “airy, fairy Lillian” you raved about, you know. Did you find her? Bliffers (sadly)—Y-e-s. She’s drav- ing.$20a week as the champion fat wom­ an of a dime museum.—N. Y. Weekly. ORDER Your Reading matter for the coming' yosr through, this office. We save you • trouble of writing, and cost of- postage and money order. CENTRAL G. H. DUNLAP. Proprietor. m MD RETAIL BUTCHER. •ee'f, Mutton, Pork and Veal Sausage. 'Tsli, Game and Poultry in Season. ,'H Q T E A U , M ONTANA. B U C K S ! Thoroughbred Shrop­ shire and Grade Bucks F O R S A L E ...A T... LOW RY, MONT. Flowerree’s Sheep & Horse Co. RAMS FOR SALE. 200 Grade Merinos... .$ 5.00 to 55 7.00 75 Grade M erinos................. 5.00 100 Half-blood Rambouiotts.. 100 Half-blood Lincolns ......... 40 Shropshire«........................ 50 Grade Leicesters ............... D. A. RICHARDSON. Groat Falls, Montano. Opposite Park Hotel. O L A P FJELD, C o u n t y S u r v e y o r , Land and Ditch Surveying, Cheap and Satisfactory Work, but Strictly .........CASH ......... CHOTEAU, MONTANA. J. H PERMAN, ...... P r o p r ietor o f ........ CITY BARBERSHOP. BATHS AT ALL HOURS. Choteau, Montana. CHEVALIER LODGE NO. 12, K L o f 2 ? . Meets Every Saturday Evening. Visiting Brothren Cordially Invited to Attend. H. F. E ngland , C. C. D r . T. B rooks , K. of R & S. J. E.-ERICKSON, County Attorney CHOTEAU, MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Successor to Wainsley & Brooks. State Deputy Veterinarian. Office next Door to Chotcan House. JAM ES SULGROVE, • Attorney anil Counselor at . Law, Notary Public. Hicks Building. CHOTEAU,. MONTANA. T e lep h o n e No. 19. ir~ v ’ ’ ?*.* W . E. CHAMBERLAIN, ----- EXPERT— i • .9 - 1 : ov Watchmaker and Watches, Jewelry, Silverware* Send Your Watch Work by :’Rogistored- Mad to- i * * * 3 1 3 C e n t r a l .Are^imie, G r e a t Usuile.' ',;ie H. W. YEAGER Announces (bat bis will bo started about SEPT. 15th, and that ho will be better equipped then ovor to handle the crops of Oats, Wheat aud Barley of his Patrons of last, year, and of us many other farm­ ers u.s will give him their work. Ho lias purchased a Now Case Separat­ or and will guarantee his work. 3 CENTS STRAIGHT % for Wheat. Oats and Barley. • JOE ARNOLD... © /A Carpenter L -A X D— c ONTRACTO R GLAB & GIBS, 1 * Î ■ GREAT FALLsj j MONT. . • t * • Wholesale .. t Dealers iu Bottlers <}f . all ICiuds of * , tirai Inters • • • « * -B a r Glassware. TH E <5 HOUSE H. BEAUPRE, PROP. _ \ First class in eYery, respect. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished. Burial j - D ^ r r l W-ir ri’a-tr nr- THroftir s»t Caskets to Order on Short Notice. ! i5 ° W U a a y a t G— ►Shop ou Upper Main St., Chotcan. j goilu OÌ0 i’clteS, s CHOTEAU H O U S E ] W iyi Hloclgsltlss, P r o p Centrally Located and the Best Accom m odation? of any House in the County. Service and Cuisine surpassed by no other House. I _ i i q u o r s a n d C i g a r s Furnished for the Convenience of * its Customers. Livery and Feed Stable s Run in Connection. Largest, and m o st Convenient.., Barn in Town. Careful and Painstaking .m an, in charge. Reasonable1 Charges. T he G oodrich L umber C o I' Great Falls & Collins, Mont. W holesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds. of Lumber and Building Material, including Lath, Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Finishing Lumber, Nails, Hardware, etc,, at Great Falls. W e carry the Largest stock Stock in Northern Montana. Factory in connection for special work. CALL, WRITE, T E L E P H O N E ^ — OR TELEGRAPH US. a I a s 31 ei a a a a n f e A merican JJ rewing P ommy , BREWERS «Si BOTTLERS OF eer. G IS » Ö Ci 12 E B e S3 e B &s £ E S3 a u G\eat Falls, Montana, g *3 i On tap at all leading rosorts:in Choteau. i 51 . . ®

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1898, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1898-11-25/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.