Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, February 15, 1901, Image 1

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-, , •* • >r..» - « •-• V-\ * -■ • V •r^'- - . - >»*' ; ,* *? •; ■* .**\•*. \ ' \ '• t ' y ' ’•• ■~l • -■'■ ! V . , ,; * V' * / , . .- l . « ’ w v : •. 7-.1- p 'Vf! - VOL. 4. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1901. NO. 23. Mu ^sh!g0W.ns\s.ki\t8.:-n. - 25 per cent flisconnt 25 per cent discount Ladies’ Wool and Outing Flannel Waists, Jjgp JJg|]| (jiSCOHilt Ladies’ Capes, Suits and Jackets ............... ppj> jjjjjjj ^j^QOUIlt Wbylrd\Y°°'?red.Tab^:LineD..b7.‘he 25 per cent taunt Remnants of Dress Goods aud Outing 1fl Tinn npiif off former Flannel .................................................... ill ]Jul uuill price mark Outing Flannel, Checks, Stripes and Plaids, 15 cent IQl grade .............................................................................. i “ 2 Outing Flannel, Checks aud Stripes, 71 cent grade.. . . ^1 Best Grade of Apron Gingham, Worth S cents, Special g Ladies’ hats half Price. Dress Patterns from $2.75 to $4.50 Huck Towels, extra large, Two for.. 25c • LININGS FREE. Huck Towels, good size, Four for ■ 25c All Wool Hose, Special, Two pair. 25 c JOS. HIRSHBERG & CO., BIG DEPARTMENT STORE, CHOTEAU, MONTANA. E ^ E m Tie CLUB A l R e s o r t F o r uaa!uua;K!aasiaaa!iiata£i ee k2E ¡313 ¡3)3 G e n t l e m e n . ”' g§ . a e of all Leading Brands o f !“ Wines, Liquors and Cigars, gg KI3 Biweiser Laser Bier Constantly on liana.. r | No. 9. U. G. ALLEN, Prop.|| CE3 ¡33 ” *•«— ^ -> — — - «/ ----- ------- — CB rcnBRraFjrararaEriraEraRriEFiHHGraraBiaEasaaEHradinraRraraEEEisririJBraPinanpsjBJS e c i e i e e TsnmmmrmciKmrLTmtLnmnnmrsiau im&toniznnmnniammmsxn&mmmEmffi aaaaiaaariiaaiaaaaaa taaaetaaaaiaaBaaaaa 33 dna 3 3 raa ran »¡3 3 3 ¡2 ¡3 »13 aa 1313 33 E£3 193 eb UCi 3 3 33 Phone £33 £313 * &a When in Choteau, meet your friends at the Club. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Dr. T. Brooks went to Augusta last eyening on professional business. ¡ Peter Joyce's * t t 0~ I have moved my Restaurant into the St. Clair building, where I cau give my customers better accommodations and better service. A continuation of the patronage of all my old customers is solicited, as well as that of the new. Good meals and prompt service. PETER JOYCE. Choteau, Montana, Jewelry \ W A ■ j s a u f Drue1 Store If you get it bore it is sure jto bo right iu [quality & price Confectionery & Frits The Largest Sand Best Ap­ pointed store! Sin the county. C. H, Drake, Prop., Choteau, Montana f i t z Dripts’ Sundries Oi jfltal Goods ■ Milwaukee House New Management , o % » P '9 C. E. Davis is in town today from Pondera. Wonder what brings Charlie to town so often? Joseph Hirhsberg *has arranged to spend the next- two montus in-Cali-' fornia, leaving Fort Benton for the coast the latter part of this week. Alfred Harris, the prosperous Pon­ dera merchant, is a business visitor at the couuty seat this week. He re­ ports business as good in his section of the country. Mrs. W. Bruce and children left here the first of the week euroute to Nova Scotia aud Prince Edward Island where they will visit for several months with relatives. Mr. Bruce ac­ companied them on their journey as far as Groat Falls. Miss Hester Shaltnck has just closed a successful three months’ term of school at Altyn aud expects to spend the balauce of the winter on the coast. She is succeeded in the school for auothor three months’ term bv V. Harris. H. A. McIntosh, of the North Fork coal mines, was in town a couple o days this week for the purpose o laying in supplies. Mr. P. Stark, one of the discover­ ers of the Swift Current mines, ar riyed herefrom Altyn,on Saturday.— Lethbridge News. C. A. Ford, a prominent sheepman of Hogan, died at the Augusta house, Augusta, Mont., Saturday night of pneumonia, having been sick 10 days. The daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Alfrod Harris, who has boen quito ill for the past few weeks, at Ihoir homo iu Great Falls, is now convalescent. Tho oyster su ppor in tho Truchot building last Friday evening was not as liberally patronized as it should have beon, the ladies only .taking in about $6 more than expenses. Spring is at hand aud every gen­ tleman wishes a nice spring suit of clothes. We are showing tho swell- est lino of samples in the country. Como and havo your measure taken. Yon will find no trouble iu gotting a fit at the Choteau Mercantile Co. T. O. Larson, tho county assessor, who has been iu St. Paul for several weeks, returned to Choteau last even­ ing. Whilo iu tho east Mr. Larson was seriously ill with the grip, but is now happily fully receverod. T h e Eastern Star W h ist Club. The regular semi-monthly meeting of the Eastern Star Whist club .was 1 hold in the Masouic lodge rooms on Tuesday evening.with a goodly num­ ber present, but*only enough for three tables participating in the game. There was the usual contention for the championship and the result showed that while some of the for- mor experts held their general good hands and played them with their accustomed skill yet others whose misfortune left them bringing up. tho roar at the former meetings were- on this occasion among the leaders. For tho first gentleman’s prize T. A. Smith aud William Hodgskiss were tied on the score and in tho cutting of the cards Mr. Smith won. And Mrs. C. II. Drake making tho best score among the lady players won the ladies’ prize. Mrs. 0. G. Cooper aud C. H. Drake were winners of tho booby trophies. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Charles McDonald. W o o d m e n Installation. Our Shelby correspondent it seems chose a very appropriate nom do plume aud its significance has been verified this week—his interesting letter proving to be ‘'an unknown quantity.” Don’t do this any more. It is not generally known that tho maidou narno of Queen Victoria was A man who is employod by the i Victoria Alexandria Guelph and that & cl 8 y u o P. MENSEL and E. UEBERLEiN , Proprietors .g 8 f t First class Service. Centrally located. Free Buss from all trains. Steam heat and electric lights. Hot and cold baths. Meals q t 25c. o M f t g RATES: $1.25 per day. $7.00 per week. B Special Rates by the Month. V TKLBl’UOMK 12. (Heat Falls Livery Stable in Connection o CíOC,C&CÍ)eCC€^C'C:CCCCeCCCC€C'C€íie€C-CC€íCCC€'CCCC€CC:;CC«0€M:CS ) Montana Central railway on the new bridge work.at the Horse'shoo\ falls, swam the Missouri river twice on the 6th of February, and carried a rope with him. Tho temperature of _ t h e water was several degrees below ihe freezing point, but ho made the trip successfully. Mr. and Airs. A. E. Allison are in the city from Cut Bank on business. Mr. Allison, who was manager of the Flowerree outfit in the ’80’s, is now one of the prosperous stockmeu of tho upper Marias aud owns.a valua­ ble rauch ou Cut Bank creek, as well as a large part of tho-’ site • of that nourishing town.—River Press. her husband, tho prince consort, was Albert Wettin. Her majesty’s name, stripped of all titles was Mrs. Albert Wettin. Tho Montana legislature has fixed upon the following standard of weights aud measures for this state: Apples, lbs per bushel, 45; beans, GO; bran, 20; carrots, 50; corn in ear, 70; corn meal, 50’; lime, unslacked, SO; oats, 32; parsnips, 50; bluo grass 14; timothy, 45; hemp, 44; turnips, 50; barley, 4S; beet, 20; buckwheat, 52; coal, 76; corn, shelled, 5G; malt, 30: onions, ’ 57, potatoes, GO; Hungarian grass, 50;-flax, 50; wheat, 60;' hay, per ton, 2,000. Cottonwood Camp No. 210, Wood­ men of the World, installed officers last Wednesday evening as follows: Council Commander, Byron Corson Advisor, J. E. Erickson. Banker, H. Beaupre. Clerk, G. A. Gorham. Escort, J. W. Shields. Watchman, F.P. McDermott. □ Sentry, J. Hirshberg. 'Managers, J. E. Erickson,|G^A., Gorham and B. Corson. ¡LíJii’Vi: Z-: Death o f Jam e s O’Hara. James O’Hara, a well known gam­ bler-, died at Gold Butte on the 4th instant. County Attorney Pray, of Choteau couuty, who went thero with Dr. J. D, Veldhuis, of Chinook, to investigate his death, found that death was duo to natural causes aud was hastened by O’Hara’s excessive use of liquor the night before he died. He was taken siok at 4 o’clock in tho morning of the Fourth ' inst. and lived until midnight of the 5,:u:,e duy. Dr. Veldhuis said that 0 ‘i.lara could not havo lievd leng, even if he had done nothing to hasten the end. Ho had a complication of diseases aud his vitality was very low. It was first reported from Gold Butte that tho death was a myste­ rious one and foul play was hinted, consequently the body was held until after Mr. Pray and the physi­ cian had made their examination. Tho remains were buried at Gold Butte Tuesday by his friends. Im p o rtant If T r u e . \Mormon Jack” Wagner, one of he men who brought the stolen baud of horses to Great Falls several weeks ago, and who was' charged with having stolen them from George Houk aud Carl Lindquist over the ine, has been captured at Swift Cur­ rent and is now iu charge of the au- Iioritios at Browning. Ho will be ;akeu to Choteau aud will probably be tried there instead of iii Great Falls, as any county through which tho stolen horses were taken cau try the case. Smith, the other man, who» was with Wagner when he sold the stolen hojses. in this city, has beeni heard from near Glasgow and is probably in custody by this time.— Great Falls Leader.

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 15 Feb. 1901, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1901-02-15/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.