Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 1

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A , J t H i * \ -=—: ---- - --- :——— , . V - •• V . S 1 »/*.»- * * . V - . ' - -•>*, „ •-.< -- ' * J : .* -• • i . . ----- lá L ---------- , ---- ; ---- ^ .. V O L : At; ’• ; j\ * -r • * , / 1 ‘ /' ■ . r A,',.-., .. A A .. -, \ -/r\-;'. ' ,■ , C H O T E A U , T E T O N : CO UNTY,' .M O N T A N A , F R I D A Y , M A R C H 1 ,: 1901. • ' Y V r . ’L . . * . 7 ? . . ' ■ . - _ ; ; • , •’ ; : N O , . 25. - - — - • ■ , , • - < * ■ ’ t . ’ ' ** i p ß w SPÈCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 18,000 menami BiMHi'wm Tha Weight and Cost df Jos. Hirsh- berg ,& Co.’s New Spring Stock of DRY GOODS J M S Ü l 5 .JU«ÜV3? V ‘ * * .5» _ Which is now at Great F a l i s a r i d w i l l - ; - , be here in a few days. * : * : '^5SSfeï2SÇfc^ < J. H I R S H B E R C a & C9 Big Department Store, Choteau, Mont. iiîj^âiûaüâjaaaiaaasîEtati ^i«MaciBiaïaaauîüïi'aan a g sa « a ci s g g n a aia 2>3I a,g a a as S3 ta y Li s «3 wrc 0 3 T Ì - L - aa Phone ns 33 uw z 'x x m tuu'znuuu'siuii iKiiaiiliili’ilU'ii 51¿LiiaiiiiiWLi ¡ yy y e e s yy G e n t l e m e n . \ || /' . S B of all Leading Brands of 11 Wines, Liquors and Cigars, «t ■ BMweiser Lajer Bier Cosipitly oil MM. ' || No.- 9. - . U. G. A L L EN , Prop, eg y ye When in Chotean, meet your friends at the Club. P e t e r J o y c e ’s rs~ l have moved my Restaurant. into tiio .St. CLir building, whore I can give my customer;; better accommodations and be! tei; service. A con linu at ion of Uio patronage of all my old customers is solicited, as woil as that of the new. Good meals and prompt service. PETER JOYCE. Chotean, Montana, S «*JU4L'_ Bri I Jewelry n w a n r i r t n a u jtm'.mm m u m ir n ■ City Drug Store y ) \ l 1 f von get. its .— ^ j ! J H'M*. it. is sure! f“ ¡ Confsctionery TFrñüs quality & price ' C. H. Drake, Prop., Choteau, Mpntana. j to lie ri gilt, in Tho Largest ¡and Best Ap­ pointed store ¡in tho county.| > {I Brnipts' SiSries is » • n m & n a u n u t f n ut 1 Milwaukee House New Management, 8 fi i? g © t í tí O O P. MENSEL and E. HEBERLEIN, Proprietors . £ ' J 1‘ irsfc class Service. Centrally located. Free Buss from all\ tr&ius. Steam heat aud , electric lights. Hot and cold baths. -.' 2 KATES: $1.25 per day. $7.00 por week. Meals 25c. t í • Special Rates by the Month. TEL F PHONE 12. Great Falls Livery Stable in Conii.-etiou. 6 c€©eccc«cccccccsß2ecccc-cccc5cec®c©Qi50öc©cceec€cc©ecc€© Progressive Whist. lüg The \Whist club met Tuesday even- in the Masonic lodge rooms about the usual number beiDg in at­ tendance. Four tables were occu­ pied by the players and the intorest taken in the game was fully as great as at any previous meeting. Tho ladies prizes were won by Miss Jennie Ralston and Mrs.^ 0. G. Cooper, re­ spectively, the' iirst being a lady’s belt, the latter a pair of silk garters with gold buckles,both of which were greatly admired. Tbo gentloinon’s prizes were a guarded hand axe and a corkscrew and were won by J. E. Defines and H. F. Bailey, respective­ ly. At about 11 o’clock the party formed in liue aud marched to tho Choteau house whoro lunch was Served in*the spacious dining room of that popular hostlery under the supervision of tho gonial landlord, William Hpdgskiss, the host of the evening. Switch to Carter. Will Not Investigate. By a vote of 35 to 27, last Monday, tho house cf representatives refused to investigate the fmaneos of the Montana stock association. .Repre­ sentative White, of Jefferson, made a motion that a committee of three be appointed to investigate the iiuau«63 of the board of stock commissioners and of the Stockgrowers’ association.. Tho motion was based on the alleged fact that the association had a largo sum of money subject to its use, as tho result of the sale of stray cattle, aud the idea was that - as tho stato was short of money, the sum could bo converted into tho state treasury and used for the benefit of tho state institutions. TJie stock association, however, had pull enough to defeat the motion, as stated above. Just how long the people of the stalo will be compelled to put up with the high-handed, and illegal manner in which this so- called Mp.utana Stock association handles the stock business of this great commonwealth is a problem that is hard to solvo. , The republicans sprang a \surprise in the joint assombly last Tuesday by changing their votes from Lee Mantle to T. H. Carter. At the cau- * eus Mouday evening, of the republi­ can members, the situation was thoroughly diseussed and the con­ clusion arrived at was that Mantle could not hope to wiu any more votos, while there was a possibility that, on account of the bitter aui- : mosities that have been engendered in tho fusion forces, by ruuniug Car­ ter in at. this Into date tho republi­ cans might, snatch the short term souatorship. With this idea, Carter was voted for Tuesday moîning. The switch from Mantle to Carter has thrown a bombshell into the fusion ranks, and every effort will be made to got the factious together. Mitchell Elected Senator. '\Call and examine thoTine.of mus­ lin underwear now on display at the Choteau Mercan’i e company’s. aaaaiaaaaaasaaaaaiiaaaassaarji ¡ / SHELBY NEWS | ‘ * , S helby , M ontana . ' } ... t .February 26,19017 J Tho masquerade ball given \ b y Teton Lodiio No. -In. K. of P., was large!}’ attended, there being about 58 couples'preseut. The Great North­ erns No. 4 brought in quite a num­ ber from Black foot and Cut Bank. It would bo impossible to give a de- scription of the various costumes. Au*elaborate \supper was served by C. A. Hunt at 12 o’clock, after which dancing was renewed aud contin\ed • until 6 o’clock in the morning when tbo party separated. All who attended, were unsparing in their praise of the K. P. boys and declared the event thp most enjoyable‘of any which ha? yet. been known in Shelby. ^ The’ hall was decorated with omblems of the order aud a portrait of George Washington draped in national col­ ors. Music was furnished by Dr. am:i \Y. E. John 11. Mitchell, for the fourth time, was eleotod United Stales mjiui - tor from Oregon at' 12:25 Saturday night on the 58d ballot of the session 1 aud tho 25th ballot that night. His election was brought about by a combination of republicans • aud democrats. Senator Mitchell’s name was not proposed until It o’clock, after the 20th ballot, when Senator Brownell placed him in nomination. Mitchell’s namo was received with the wildest cheers by tho vast throng which had assembled in the galleries aud tho lobby. The first voto after Mitchell’s name was proposod resulted as follows: Corbett, 36; Mitchell, 35; scattering, 19. There was practically no change until tho 25th ballot, whoa members j *10'v eloquent they become in do- Henderson, of Butte, Chase, of Shelby. Jack Denny, Thomas Farrell anil Charles Emerson, of Cui Bank were visitors in Shelby this week. G. R. Malone and wife were iti town this week. Deputy’ Sheri if Mobnrly went to Chester Frida}’ on business, in con­ nection with (lie recent, horse steal­ ing cases:” A photographer's car is in Shelby. Views of the town and vicinity are being taken and tho work is first class. Ray Galbreath is putting in shelv­ ing for C. J. Braren at the postoffice store. James A. Johnson and wife spent a eouplo of days in town this week. Mr. and MrsvvH. C. Wilkins have been visiting in Sholby for the first time this winter. Jack 0 ’r>ell, of Gold Butte, made a business trip to Great Falls, ro-v turning Friday. X. R ay . The Cattle Queen promises to en­ tertain at Choteau. We recently had tho ploasuro of seeing fomo of the collections of colored views used by Mrs. Nat Collins in ill 1 \ • -o i>r.f talks on Indian life . .... M'luhuiu trips and also views illusttaiiug tho conditions, as she found them, at Capo Nome, Alaska, last .summer. Mrs. Collins contemplates g i v h e r entertainment to the people of CT 10 - toau some time during March, piob- ably in court week. Mrs. Collins possesses the faculty of desciibing what she has seen, and.' accompanied by her illustrations, the entertain­ ment promises to be both interesting and instructive. There aro men in every town who want to fioocl the newspapers with communications abusing local affairs and people; they generally want to have their effusions published an- nouymouely,and have tho newspapers shoulder the responsibility. Aud commenced to go to Mitchell before the result was announced. Ho re­ ceived 16 votes ’ a n d was declared elected. Tho announcement of Mitchell’s election was received by the vast as­ semblage of people at tho capítol with groat cheering, waving of hats and shaking of hands. The thou­ sands who gathered in the early own­ ing remained until the final vote was 1 announced. uouneiug the newspapers when their diatribes aro refused space. There aro fool peoplo who imagine that newspapers should go ahead antagon­ izing all sorts of peoplo and interests through a desire to oarn a reputation of ‘’fearlessness.” It is a pity, that such fool people cannot be iuducod to embark all they havef in a news­ paper venture, just.to see how long their policy of indiscriminate abuse wouIdMieop them out of the sheriff's hands. !

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1901-03-01/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.