Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 2

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' í; '' .i:\\\ '• V i***J?j *' • 'C.V:)' : • V^.-HV THE TETON CHRONICLE AND SHELBY NEWS. .Consolidated Jaunary 3, 1901. BY C. E. TRESCOTT. Published every Friday at Choteau. Teton County, Montana. .Entered at ilio post-ollioo at Choteau. Mon­ tana, as second class matter. Subscription $2.00 per annum. Advertising rates on application. A L L \ DVEUT1S1NO BILLS PAYABLE.THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. ERI LAY. MARCH 1, 1001. A n e d i t o r has a groat deal of re­ spect for tho man who pa\’s his sub scription in advance. If you want our good opinion just drop in aud leave us that. -?2 bill for a year’s C h r o n i c l e . V ^'T he Washington Star.declares that Mr. Bryan’s paper is a disappoint­ ment to many of his admirers. His “Cross' of Gold” inspiration was a rhetorical triumph. But one meta phor cannot make a literary genius auy more than one swallow can make summer or satisfy a hobo. T he old-fashioned spelling schools are beiug revived in some localities. This is a move in the right direction. Orthography is a study that of late years has been relegated to a place of1 minor importance, to make room for the classical studies of doubtful util­ ity to the average person. The effect of this was demonstrated in recent oxamiua ions at a certain college, where of those who failed to pass the majority failed on spelliug. . Mrs,; S £ ^ !.,Penrod Dead. n ' ' ]'■ --- Mrs.'S. Yr Penrod, well' and favor­ ably known., iu 'Choteau, died last Monday, at her late residence, 712T Park alley, Butte. Mr. and Mrs. Pen- rod were residents of Choteau. for seyeu years, but moved from here to Butte’ last year. Mrs. Penrod was * r * 1 ' ' ^ the mother of two children, a little boy about Shears and a girl 5 years old, who, besides the husband, sur- vive hey. She was held in high es­ teem by her former neighbors aud friends here, who greatly regret to learn of her demise. Extra Session of Congress. L a s t Saturday Governor Joseph K. Toole sent his first veto message to the legislature. It referred to house bill No. 18, introduced by Representa­ tive Mclutyre, of Flathead, providing for tho repeal of llio law which says that two thirds of tho pensions of. in­ mates of the soldiers’ home shall be retained by the home. An old sol­ dier never did have an even break with a democratic official anyway, and Governor Toole has not proyen himself au exception to tho rule. B y reference to the latest available official statistics of the strength of tho armies of other nations it ap­ pears that eveu at its maximum strength of 100,000 the army of the United States will be a pigmy iu com­ parison wit-h tho military forces of the principal European powers. Italy \s army iiuimbers 211,906; Eng­ land's, 25-1,000; Austria’s, 265,608; Germany’s, 179,229; Prance’s, 579,- 519, and Russia’s 8S3,116. These figures should make tire anti-mili­ tarists ashamed of themselves. WiuT about the statute rolaf.ing to prize lighting m Montana? Docs Gowinor Toole propose that it be­ come a dead letter? Recently m Helena a light, was pulled off, and Tuesda;, night Kid McCarthy aud Tom Moriarity fought a draw at \Wakerville a small town near Butte. The go\ eruors of Ohio aud Illinois have shown very emphatically t bat they will not allow theso disgraceful aud brutal contests to be pulled oil in their ic.spectivo states, and Gov- s orunr Toole has intimated that they will not ini allowed in Montaua, but he «wms to lack the necessary back­ bone to put a stop to them. I n t h e educational system of Mon­ tana wo have what might bo called three steps, the common school, the high school aud the state university. In our county wo have our excellent common school system. At Missoula we have a uuiversity of high stand­ ing. But how cau the ambitious pupils of this couuly roach that in­ stitution? vVe may graduate them from the common school, but with­ out the high school training they cannot enter the univorsity. It is a sad fact there is not a school in the county authorized to prepare a pupil for our state university. Can’t some­ thing be done to supply this missing link? ,Why not establish iu this county a high school, as other coun­ ties have done? Au institution of this kind would bo a credit to our county. Washington, Feb. 22.—The presi­ dent today issued a proclamation'call­ ing for a special session of the sen­ ate for executive purposes, immedi­ ately upou the dissolution of the present congress, March 4. ‘ \Mirth and M ystery.” T h e C h r o n i c l e is in receipt of many lettors from horsemen of the county asking about the brands on tho seven carloads of horses shipped to Sioux City last November by the gang of Shelby rustlers. Inquiry at the office of the sheriff reveals the The Ladies Industrial society has a date for March 15th, at which time a “ Mirth and Mystery” entertainment will be given at the town hall. An interesting program will be rendered bjr the best borne talent, after which i tho ladies will serve refreshments. Following are the committees: Program—Mrs. C. Cooper, Mrs. C. McDonald, Mrs. Dr. Stearns, Mrs. Erickson aud Miss Ralston. Reception—Mesdames Burd, Tay­ lor, Coffey aud Smith. Refreshments — Mesdames Bair, Burton, Moore, Cole and Dunlap. Door—Mesdames Brown and Beau- pro. Au admission fee, of 25 ceuts will changed for adults aud 10 cents for children. District Court. At the next session of the district court for the Eleventh district which convenes at Choteau, 'March 11th, THE M ILLER & LONG M UIR, Proprietors. A Choice Assortment of the Finest Wines, .Liquors, ^ and Cigars Always Kept.on Hand. Sólo Agents for the Famous LEXINGTON CLUB WHISKY.. Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana. Prof. J. G O L D S T E IN E Y E SPECIALIST. Fitting of GlasseSfor Astigmntism a Special­ ty. Artificial Eyes on baud and to order. 213 1-2 Central A Venue, ORRAT FALLS. ' Mi'NT AN A. Denny & Walker, A. M. ULTI Great Mont, Lumber, • Lath, Shingles*' y Builders Hardw a re, Building , P a%p e r, Mouldings, Sash, s Doors, Etc. DEALERS IN Write for Special Prices o d Carloads F. O. B 3'our nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. W O O D , Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S OUT BANK, MONTANA. 1901, tho following criminal cases will be set for trial: William Farrell, graud larceny; D. P. Smith, murder, I second degree; Percy DeWolfe, Al- fact that tho Montaua stock associa- fred Gardner, Dau McGillis, Joseph tiou claims to have its inspector DeSchon, James K. Stevenson, John Sioux City trying lo trace up the j Su)HvalJ. Jol„, p> fl#gbos> GeorBe horses m this shipment aud that they j J a ,.ob a u u g ,.a „ d Jarc6IJV. either ’’have no information, or do-! cline to make public the information | they have concerningfheir ownership Wool Prices Depressed. T he hatchet has been conspicuous thrice 'in our history—1, as a toma­ hawk in tho hands of tho Indians; 2, in the hands of George Washington, operating on cherry trees against tho pruu-st, of a sire and of the wood­ peckers and robius thus balked of fruit: aud, 3, in the hands of Carrie D. Nation in Kansas. The Indians socked it into tho heads, Georgo into fruit trees, aud Carrie iuto glassware, mirrors, wet bars, kegs aud barrels. The Indian was vicious, George was mischievous, aud Carrie crazy. Her mother was seut to an asylum in Ne­ vada. Mo.. November 3,1890, fancy­ ing she was Queen Victoria. She died crazy three years later. A brother aud sister of hers were also insaue, aud her grandmother, uncle aud aunt had unsound minds,-the family record shows. Her announce« merit that she will extend ber crusade to the uhole world shows that she is off her balance. Her pastor, Alfred Pease, has gone crazy latelj. He too issued with a hatchet aud slashed, but was jailed. aud disposition. The stock men of Teton county are eutitlcd to more consideration than this at the hands of tho officers of this association, aud unless the desired information is furnished within a very short time, Mr. Preuiit, tho secretary, is liable hear something drop in his office, and drop awful hard. Boston, Feb. 22.—More speculators are throwing wool overboard. Tho banks in tho west aro weakening,wool haviug dropped below theiradvances. Tho most noted sale this week was a lot of a thousand bales of ” choice Geelong Australian at last woek’s rates, or 67 cents for 70s quality. The new Americau clip has opened at Phoenix, Ariz , ou a basis of 10 to 15c to tho grower as against 16 to 17c last year. M rs . ('. I’. C rank . M iss N oua S ellers Choteau Laundry Best Work iu the State on White Sfirts and Collars. Brices Reasonable. -I. II. Berman.Agt C. B. Cram*. .Manager. ' Telephone 12. Choteau, Mout. J o G . B A I R , A t t o r n e y - a t - L a w , CHOTEAU, MONTANA. Notice to Creditors. OF GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, Incorporated Under the - Laws of Montana, April 5, 1889. C a p i t a l ,....................375,000 Surplus and Profits, 325,000 OFFICERS: S. K. A tkinson , Pros. F. I*. A tkinson . Cash. YV. W. M iller , Asst. Cash DIRECTORS: S. E. A tkinson , F. P. A tkinson , L arson . V . YV. M iller , P eter ' J ohn J. E lias . Estatci of Jamas Grady, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of 1 lie estate of James Grady deceased, to the creditors o f and ail persons having claims against the said deceased, to ox- ' hibit them with the necessarj vouchers, within j four months after tho lirs't publication of this \Of/ pTTR'iST notice, to the said administrator, at the oflice ” of .James Sulgrovc, Choteau. Montana, the same being the place for the transaction id' the business o f said estate in the said county of Teton, state of Montana. Dated Choteau, Mont,., .Tiuiuary 2:!d. 1!I01. JAMES II. 1H?SLAP. Administrator of tho estate of James Grady, deceased J am es S ulgroyk . Attorney for Administrator. First pub. Jan. 25, 1001. This Bank transacts a General Banking Business, pays interest on Time Deposits, bin’s and sells Ex­ change and loans money at the lowest rates of interest. Itmt os correspond - Cnee and offers its services to res­ ponsible parlies and will extend the accommodation and courtesy usually offered by a ennservativi house. banking YOU VISIT HELENA HAVE YOUR i TAYLOR’S NEW ARRIVING DAILY AT THE. r . H OTEAU M ERCANTILE C OMPANY. W e Invite y o u to Call an d E x a m in e o u r N e w Goods and Prices. A fe w th in g ’s j list arrived. FURNITURE, CARPETS, CHILDREN'S SHOES and MUSLIN UNDERWEAR, all Shades o f Plain Colored SILKS, and also FANCY SILKS, M en’s and B o y s ’ SUITS, and an- I m m e n s e Line o f DRESS .TRIMMINGS, DRESS GOODS and W A SH GOODS. :: :: u W E W ILL M E E T SALE PRICES AT ALL And often go one b e t t e r ... In fact O u r Prices Are, in Many Cases, Lower Than So-called Sale Prices. > a PAY US A V IS IT.: ----- -

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1901-03-01/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.