Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 3

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v • ■ 'T - 'f ■* • rW-r-t \* , o ,* - V íf»' *' h \ ív V '-': __ -A' ^ ; . ■ :*’ f '' ;:,J^»ccossor to Wnm*iioy;&Brooks.' •; .. y State .; D eputÿ Veterinarián. Oß>co N <\xt to Court House. ’ W. H. STEARNS, M. D., Physician & Surgeon. 1 ' i O ffice at ,R ésidence , . * (Harris'House.) , CHOTEAÜ, . MONTANA. JAMES SULGROVE, Attorn and Counselor at Law, Notary Public. CHUTE AU. T e le p h o n e Hicks lluildinjj. MONTANA. No. 19. H. BEAUPRE, , D E N T I S T . . Teeth Extracted With­ out Pain. All work Guaranteed. CROTEAU. MONTANA. n < J. W. SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations^ - ) Reservoir Sites. ] Canal and ditch surveying. > Full List of Vacant School Lands, r ^ OFFICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. $ CHEVALIER LODGE NO. 12', KZ. of IP. Meets Every Saturday Evening. Visiting Brethren Cordially Invited to Attond. J. E. E rickson .'C. C. D r . T. B rooks , K. of It & S. G. A. BOUTALLIER, Carpenter a n d Contractor Choteau, Montana. Joe Lee, Old Reliable L a u n d r y . . . 1 have with me a new man from San France- co who is a ' lirsi-cdass polisher. All kinds of washing and ironing done in the most, approved manner. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. Oculist and Aurisi. 317 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, M O NT. Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. in. THE A. ffl. KENNEDY. PROP. First cla'ss in every respect. Board by day or week at rea­ sonable rates ROUGH RIDERS ARE T H E BEST, For a GOOD SMOKE ask vour cigar 'dealer for a ROUGH RIDER. x They all carry them and every- body smokes them. * BERTHA NELSON. Mam. fact meri Great Fal1». Montana. US 5#ronn St.J'rt, ■\ > .? We \vill still-give-15 percent off on all shoes for the■_next .week at the Choteau .Mercantile' company’s. '-•Ed Dennis was iu town yesterday and purchased a' bill.of lumber to be used iu making improvements ou his ranch north of town. V* Alex L. Esperana,' a well known resident of Winnipeg, Canaria, trans­ acted business in this vicinity a cou­ ple of days this week. . .Parents, have your children’s eyes examined by an expert. It will cost ypu nothing. Bring them to the Beaupre bouse March 16th. I. B. Peters, Indian farmor at the Blackfeet reservation and one of the earlv settlers of the Milk river yalley, arriv'ed Monday on a short visit’with his old friends;—Chinook Opinion. The postoffice at Bynum ’’has been re-ostablished and Wallace Cowell has been appointed postmaster. As soon as his bonds are approved by the department the office will be ready for business. : > G . ^ i l i ; T À B L Ê ; T u e s q a y t : ' ; - ; . ' ; - Thursday“. / E.• ' •fiv , Saturday, l‘.,V / N o r th-’ ■t 11 •' ' T «t i k * •* ' ' 1 *V V'*-> S tation s : *- ♦ 1 gc 8 4 Ó . . . . ; . Lethbri U7_\ 4 0 . . . . . . . Stirlings .. 6 o O . . . . T y r r e ll’s L a k e ’ 6 35 ............ Brunitoli ,. 6. 0 5 . . . . . . M ilk R i v e r . . J 5 2 0 ............ * C o u t t s . L . . ,?5 0 5 .......... S w e e t G rass . 4 30 . . . ............K e v i n . . . . 5 5 . . . . R o c k y S p r in g s ' 1 5 . . . . S h e lbvJunction V DAILY. ■ • 2 5 5 . . . . Shelby J u n c tion 2 2 5 ...............C o n r a d ................. 5 O í> tj T u e s d a y 1 T h u rsday S a t u r d a y • South' r.M. . . . 1 0 4 5 . . 1 1 5 0 . . 1 2 4 5 . . 1 0 0 . . 1 3 5 . . 2 1 5 . . 2 4 0 . . 3 2 0 . . 4 0 0 . . 4 4 0 D A I L Y . . . 5 1 0 . 1 3 0 . , ^ P o n d e r a ............... 6 40 25 00 12 5 5 .................. B r a d y .................. 7 Ì1 »•}••• - • *Cpllins .......... 7 30 11 4 5 .......... C lark's S p u r ........... 7 45 11 0 5 .................. S t e e l .................. 8 30' 10 4 0 ............ V a u g h a n “ ............... 8 55 10 0 8 .............. W i l l a r d .............. i) 25 10 0 0 .......... G reat F a lls . . . . 9 35 A.1L A..M. Close con n e c tion m a k e at Shelby w ith .all trains on the G. N . R y . Close con n e c t ion m a d e ou Tues days; Thursdays and Saturdays at L e th b r idge, w ith all trains \m the G P. R. * Meals. In the election contest of Lewis Boalswick vs. J. L. Neihart, for coun­ ty commissioner of Cascade county, Judge Leslie rendered his decision, holding that Roalswick had been elected by 10 more votes than were cast for Neihart. F. F. Daake returned to his home t on the Burton bench last Tuesday.' He had been to Minnesota where he purchased 200 head of yearling steers that he will put on the range in this county as soon as they arrive here and aro branded. Wo understand the steers-are now being driven across the country from Great Falls. ' Iver Peterson, of the Burton bench, has commenced the erection of a dwelling house. The now building is located about a milo north of the store at Farmington. Mr. Peterson has recently rented a portion of his farm to a G reat Falls party, who -Will take possession as soon as the new residence is completed. N. E. Jenkins, of Columbia Falls, who has been working ou miuiug surveys was in the city' during the week. Mr. Jenkius thiuks that the gold developments of Fisher and Lib,by have just, commenced and that one of the largest mining camps in the west will be^built up iu this mineral belt, of Montana.—Kulispcil Bee. John Wolf, of Shelby, was taking in the sights of the county seat this week. r- '■ ■ ■ \ Robert and Joseph Lillard were in town from ' Raymond1 the first of the week. Glasses that fit the eyesj'glasses that do not fit the eyes; all kinds of glasses at. the City Drug Store. U Rod McLeod was over from Lowry tho first of the week, transacting business with our merchants. ________________ t Ex-Sherift* Hagen returned Wednes­ day from a short business trip to Great Falls and other north Montana points. During the 40 days of Lent you will fiud a lurge assortment of smoked uud salt fish at. the Choteau Mercan­ tile company’s. Dr. J. B. Collum! expert optician and eye specialist, from Great Falls, will be at the Beaupre house in Cho­ teau March 15th for one week only. i Free tests. Free examination. Late Monday • afternoon Governor Toole appmnted John W. Tatten, of Fort Benton, to bo judge of the Twelfth judicial district, comprising the counties of Choteau and Valley. The bill croating the district reached the governor Salurdaj\ It was sigued.aud the appointment of Judge Tatten made as above stated. The Burton ladies announce a so- srlmol house on dal at the Burton Saturday ovouing, Mardi 9. There A novel feature in a suit for dam­ ages against a railroad company which a Chicago man ¡instituted after he had lost a leg, was the plea of the defense that the plaintiff was in fact g* V l>. him better^ service • than the •m mil ono which nature had pro- Boffig singularly dense, the jury i. d not perceive the fine poiut of this argument and ¿found a virdict of ?3.(X)U for the plaintiff. will be a program, beginning about 8 •jenefjtecl ) by the aecidout becauso the o’clock,, consisting of music, songs .t;ficial leg'which ho is wearing and choruses of the most popular order, recitations, pantomimes and. dialogues. Lunch will follow’ and a general good time. Admission lo all 25 cents. Iver Syso, who has been visiting the family of his son-in-law, L. Nas- sett, of the Burton bench,’ for the past six weeks, returned to his home in Belgrade, Minn., the first of the week. Mr. Syse is greatly pleased with this,section of Montana and will probably return during the com: ing summer and reside here perma­ nently. ____ We will close our studio iu Choteau March 1st to go into business in Great Falls. We make this state­ ment so as to give all a chance to get w’ork wffiile they can get it in Choteau. You may never have another chance to ¿et good work here as it is a rare thing that a first class workman will come to a small town. Don’t .wait un­ til it is too Jnlc as we will positively ’ and people living in u. quit as stated. Remember cloudy (lavs arc good as sunshine with us. W. H Ci.iNii«xtfeju*i>. Parties iu »from ' Du payer report that Deputy Sheriff Leech had a cou- t * pie of druqken Indiaus locked up in the jail there over uight -the first of the week. As usual, when tho In­ dians were sufficiently sobered up’ they were returned to the reservation ^to be dealt witlr by the ludían agent. But as the measures adopted by tho agent have proven a failure in keep­ ing his drunken wards-at home, here­ after they will be tried before a local justice of the peace, whenever they are off the reserve and violato any of the laws of the state 'A druuken Indian is considerabl • ( a nuisance ’nsadjoin- i *be resorvatioD are Uu^rtily sick o. aji ng compelled to _pui up with- them. • • Brewers and Bottlers of \ E i t r a P a l e t i i r - In Kegs and Bottles. All Orders for Keg and Bottled Beer promptly attended to. P.O.Box 76. Phone 210. Great, Falls, Montana. The G t G H I, . ANGUS BRUCE, Proprietor ^ . Firstclass Restaurant .... Under New Management. MEALS AT ALL HOURS. Meine Unsurpassed seeœcc-ecceececeeeccGCGCcececeeecGGcceceeececoeecceco a s C H O T E A U H O U S E ■W m . H o d g s k l s s P r o p ’\Centrally Located and the Best Accommodations of any House in the County. Service and Cuisine surpassed by no other House. I _ i i q u o r s a n d C i g a r s Furnisiied for the Convenience of its Customers. Livery and Feed Stable Run in Connection. Largest and most Convenient Barn in Town. Careful and Painstaking man in ' charge. Reasonable Charges. S n - » T ! 3 3 a s ■ 8' « 8 § ? 3 8 8 T h e C o m o C o m p a n y . . . Representative.... Great Falls, § F. Ci BEGIN. Montana... o o y o t a u 8 a W e fram e Pictures' correctly and keep a complete stock of Artists5 sup­ plies and Pictures. W e carry a full Ifne of W indow Glass, 8 Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. | Our stock of W a ll Paper is unusually § large and attractive. Send for Samples, g The handsomest and best arranged « store of the kind in Montana. Call ¿¿see it. g cc-occcecccccccecceeoceeccceccoccccceccoccccocccccocc'o CO. BEN FEIST, - Q O - GREAT FALLS, MONT. (Uuiucorporated.) --------- :OF:- Paid up capital .................. $ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2.000,000 W. G. CONRAD, Pres. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vico Pres, and Manager. P. KELLY, Cashier. This bank solicits accounts, and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful attention, and the most liberal treatnieut consistent with safe and profitable banking. Buys and sells foreign exchange, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its own Letters of Credit. Interest paid on time deposits. * . Tho highest, cash price pakl for ap­ pro ved state; county; Oity and'eetiool bonds and'warrants COLLINS, MONTANA, Handles The BEST BRANDS Of T W I N E S , \ LIQUORS And#N= -^ C IG A R S . Mr. Feist Also Runs A ~:FEED STABLE:-- At Collins With A Good Man In Charge, And’ Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With Him Can Do So Know­ ing That They Will Be Giveif\ The Beat Of Care.

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1901-03-01/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.