Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, March 08, 1901, Image 1

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■-'ifit}:- ' ' ’ < » i a '-- - ' ^ • - f '■ : • / \ ■ • , ; ( f . r . G J i j •; CHpTEAU, . TETON ; COUNTY,'AMONTAN A, FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1901. NO. 26: Our, BIG SH IP M E N T -for SPRING and SU M M E R is now here direct, from the eastern m a rket and has. N O T B E E N E X H I B I T E D on Bar­ gain Counters before ai riving at o , our store. W e take pleasure sn inviting the public to com p a re prices and. quality before buying elsewhere as one m ight as w e ll try to lift him ­ self in a basket as to undersell us. i - i i r r r it t — r ------ The follow ing are a few of the novelties just, arrived: rqaanzBca WASH GOODS DEPT. A L E X A N D R A SILKS, T A L B E R T A SATINS, • ' Silk and Cotton Madras, • Merceriaed/Silk Zephyr, «¡Mercerized. Cotton Cashmere, French Batiste, Bijou Fancy, . Trieste Dimitie, k Nainsook, India Linen, etc. , - DRESS GOODS DEPT. . Full assortm e n t of W o o l Dress Patterns in all the latest novelties; SBXZSSUEOBi no two patterns alike.- Dress Goods in Mohairs) Henriettas/, Serges, Brilliantines ^nd Fancies too numerous to mention. * • i • . t % i . \ , r ' * : SILK. DEPARTMENT. iPOIF. l)c SOT. TAFFETA, CIUXA SILKS. KATINS. SILK wAIST ami DRESS PAT­ TERNS in rIIPORTED NOVKLTIES. PER­ SIAN DRAPERY SILKS. SILK VELVET mill VELVETEEN in ¡ill the lmimJar similes. OUR NOTION DEPARTMENT IS N O W C O M P L E T E . N F A V V E l L I N O S , N E W L A C E S . N E W T R I M M I N G S , N E W R E L T K . in fact new «roods of eve:-v ilesei-i])tion. H Mo Trouble to Show Goods. If You Can’t Come Send Us Your Mail Order, ¡ g BIG DEPART P WENT STORE eem aaaaaíaaíasaaaa siwuciiiiiüiiiîuïiiuaasiiiïig BS! sa ¡ya aa aa aa cia sa sa aa a s aa sm. tua rsa tan aöaaasaayaaaaaiaaa aawatiâtutji a a u a aatusuww be BQ KB ES! ES BQ a es SE , “A . R e s o r t F o r O e m - t l e n 'i e n . \ l P P ' Q t n n V ?,f, - a l1 L e a d i n g B r a n d s , o f I f l u u u lU u A . W i n e s , L i q u o r s a n d C i g a r s . || ' Bnflweiser Laief Bier Constantlyiii i « - .i- , - '. V EE UE Efi EE Etr 11 Phone No. 9. U. G. A L L E N , Prop. £;{| aa ' ee a i W h e n in Choteau, m e e t your friends at the Club. g| Knr.fir.QRipear,Ri5i5nKRm«nRBfirgEaaarsBKR«air5RraK5mKE2niE'!5555E55S PW^ISaEQJ5JSI3!3KESKJi?iJSiQi51sj3CC:i3E5)i3CIii Peter Joyce’s 1 _________ u m m ^ i M i i i i i h ' Ir ip l Restaurant— i n i i i r i i T i m m i PETER JOYCE. 1 have moved my .Restaurant into the St. Clair building, whore I can give my customers bettor 'accommodations and bolter service. A continuation of the patronage of all my old custodiers is solicited, as woll as that of the Good meals and prompt service. Choteau, Montana, new. r ; Drap ■ Jewelry u u m n o U D C E n N ^ « \ E O I f City Drug Store If you get if here it is sure to bo right in quality & price Confectionery & mils The Largest and -Best Ap-| pointed store in the county. C. H. Drake, Prop., Choteau, M ontana r i i f ! Driiists’ Sundries I i h - -------------------------------- Optical Hoods Cl $ V Milwaukee house , o Mew Management, , ■$ . - ft P. MENSUL and E. HEBERLEIN, Proprietors ñ tí tí v tí _ _ _ » i 4 First class Service. Centrally located. Free Buss from all trains. Steam heat and electric lights., Hot aud cold baths. ft © ft R A T E S : $ 1 .2 5 per day. $ 7 .0 0 per week. M eals 2 5 c .» tí 8 O Special R a tes b y the Month. , g TELEPHONE M2; . ■>, .Great Falls .Livery Stable in Cenm-ction. g ; c c c c i e € € e c € « c C € Æ € f b ^ £ € « 0 o c ^ o e è c e € c c c c G c < ^ e € e c o c e c c o c c Geiger’s Head Cut Open. Last Saturday iu - Heleua Senator Geiger, of Flathead county, and A. B. Kietb, of the Herald, had a per­ sonal encounter which resulted disas­ trously for the former. Keith had writteu.an oditorial reflecting upon Geiger’s -record Two—years .-ago íd which allusions were made to his ability to acquire money on horse races. Geiger laid in wait for the editor aud struck him as he came cut of the hall of the house. He then grappled with Keith, but the by­ standers pulled him off. Iu the me­ lee ho was struck on the forehead head, a deep cut resulting. The New Bounty Law. County Clerk ancl Recorder A. C. Warner last Monday evening received from the secretary of state notifica­ tion *to the effect that tlie substitution for souate bill No. 17, and which is au act to amend sections 3070 and 3076, articlo. 8, chapter 5, title 7, part 3-of the political code as amended February 7,1899, relating to the pay­ ment of bounty on wild animals had passed both houses of the stato legis­ lature, aud having remained in the hands of the governor five days, Sun­ day excepted, aud the legislature bo- ing in session, it became a law Mareh 2, without having been signed by the governor. Sectipu 3070 as amended provides bounties on the following animals kilLd in Montana: \Wolf (grown) $5; coyoto (grown) $5; wolf (pups) $5; coyote (pups) $5: mountain lion, 87. Section 3076 as amended makes it the duty of the county board of com­ missioners of each county at the timo of making the annual tax levy, to levy a special tax of three mills on the dollar on tho assessed valuation of all cattle, horses, ingles, asses and sheep iu their respective counties, which taxes shall be collected as other taxes \upon like property, aud when so, collected shall be paid into the state bounty fund aforesaid, which fund shall be preserved invio­ late for the payment of bounties pro- yided- ' for,- County commissioners wlio'refusje or iuterforô to prevent the levy of the tax are deemed guilty of misdemeanor, and when convicted shall bo punishod by a iiuo hot ex­ ceeding $500, or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding three months, or both. All animals killed before March 2 which have, been subject to the pay­ ment of bounties, will be paid at the old rate, wolf (grown) $5; wolf (pups) $2; coyotes $2, and to secure the new rate must be killed after March 2. Anothbr Jap Killed. A peculiar accident occurred at Browning Thursday morning of last week, says the Kalispell Bee, which resultod in tho death of one of the Japaneso employes of lho Great Northern. Just how tho man was caught.aud killed is not known, but from most reliable sources it is stated that he was crushed and bruised to death under a stove and fallimg tim­ ber iu a bunk car, which had been struck by a number of froight cars run iu on a switch. Tho living car was occupied by a number of Japs when it was struck. Japs, bunks) bedding, stove aud. wood were piled up together, aud when the wreckage jvas cleared away it was discovered that tho Jap was killed. . He was brought to this city yesterday afternoon at 4- o’clock on No. 15 aud will be buried hero. This is the first Jap to bo killed iu over three months on this division of the Great Northern. Ester Company to Sell Mines, The A. M. Eslor Mining and Con­ centrating company, owning aud de­ veloping the principal properties on. the ceded strip of the Blackfeit reservation, is planning to sell a large proportion of its holdings and local stockholders have received notice that a meeting will be held' at Helena on the 16t*h inst., to decide whether or not the sale shall bo made. The call for the meeting states: “This call is made in order that said stockholders may consider and decide upon a proposition heretofore made, and now pending, for this com­ pany to' sell to the Michigan and Montana Mining and Smelting com­ pany of Kalispell, Montana, . all its lease upon and real estate ' holdings, consisting, of. a lease for thrae;- and a half years from June 1, 1900, upon certain quartz lode mining grounds in-the Swift Current mining district, Teton county, Montana, which lease was given and made by tho said Michigan ancl Montana Mining and smelting company to the said'A. AI.' Bsler Mining und Concentrating company, and' now in its possession. Also (ho concentrating mill, with all its machinery aud appendages, built by and now owned by said company, situated on or near said lands so leased as aforesaid. Also tho houses, buildings and shelters »and lumber upon said leased premises, and all tho tools and implements belonging to' said eoihpnu}' used .for or to Iso used upon said leased grounds for the purpose of dovolopiug and otherwise using or extracting aud can-ving into the mill for concentrating the ores in \ said lauds.” D U PU YER N E W S .. f George W. Magee aud S. L. Potter are county seat visitors this week. Chairman Perkins left here last Sunday for Choteau to be pre'seut at the meeting of the commissioners. F. P. Cowell and family expect to leave about the first of Apyil for a visit to their old home in Alemphis. Mo. / • It is reported that Hon. George W. Magee will be a candidate for the position of school trustee ¡it the spring election. Dr. Titus, the coroner, has gono to Shelby to hold an inquest on the body of au unknown man who was found dead in that vicinity recently. Hon. W. D. Jones is expected home from Helena the last of the week. We waut to suggest that the Mysteriachs meet him at.the outskirts of our city and give him an enthusi­ astic welcome home. William Miller and wife are rejoic­ ing over the arrival at their home on Monday, March 4th, of a big, bounc­ ing boy. Mother and son are report­ ed as doing well, while Billy—well, Billy is always all right. Mrs. G. C. Dean, of the Dupuyer hotel, leaves' next week for a visit with her daughter in Wiseousiu. While in tho east she will go to Chi­ cago to have her eyes, which have beeu troubling her recently, treated by an eye specialist. What’s the mailer with iiio.se fel­ lows down in Choteau who own tho- telephone line? We have beeu un­ able to talk to tho people of the» county seat for several days because the liue is-down and broken in several- places.’ Get out and fix it up, Byron 1 Tho school eutortaiumeut last Saturday evening was woll attended by our people, who report having* spent a very pleasant evening. The proceeds from the sale of baskets amounted to $65.50, which will bei1 used for the benefit of the school. library. On the 15lh of this month S. L. Potter’s sub-contract expiros for carrying tho mail between this place and Choteau. After that’ date Will­ iam Alilier, wjko had the contract a. year or two ago, will again run ;this- line. Billy gave good satisfaction t o the patrons of ouy postofiico iu tho» past and will no doubt do well again;. The north bound stage had a run­ away last Alonday on the road be­ tween town and R. Alorgan’s place« an. Birch creek. The driver, aud Airs*. Kimble, a passenger, were thrown, out, but fortunately, oseaped 'injury* The team was overtaken at John. Laughlinks place on lower Dupuyer1, but the buggy and ‘ harness were complete wrecks. Mrs. Kimble walked, back to Dupuyer, a distance of oven- eight miles and reported the mishap». She resumed her jo,urney to Cardston,. where she resides, Tuesday mornings

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 08 March 1901, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1901-03-08/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.