Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1897-1901, May 31, 1901, Image 4

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THE TETOK CHRONICLE •: : ANDV SHELBŸ -• - Consolidated January ^,; 1901. BY C. E. TRESCOTT. Published every Friday at Choteau, Teton ' County, Montana. ( Entered at the post-offieo at Choteau, Mon- ‘ ;V tana, as secoud class'matter. . . ' Subscription $2.00 por annum. ‘v.-j ' Advertising rates on application. ■ , ALL ADVERTISING BILLS PAYABLE THE J, 1ST OF EACH MONTH. / OFFICIAL PAPER OF TETON COUNTY. FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1001. A CUTTING SCHARE^ ’/ » .*■ “ Tobe Hickman, Colored, Slashes A\Çhas. Akerbergr,'aWtrite Mari, • VÁ With a-Knife;\!; ■ / ’/ / : ‘ V\ , »* « A serpent , 200 feet, long, has 'just been seen off the coast of Maine by fishermen. And Davis Bros.'' saloon will not be opened for a day or two yet! Something wrong, i sure. E x -S enator T owne has decided to shake the dust of,Minnesota from his feet and will locate in ¡.Ne^v York Minnesota is too reliably republican, probably, to suit the political aspira­ tions of the gentleman. T he deputy game wardens had a meeting with their chief, at Helena this week. The first district was unrepresented and thus those opr posed to Boucher’s appointment are given another opportunity to get in the large sized kick. T he recent decision of the supreme court in the Porto Rico cases upholds the administration’s policies in all important particulars. The conten­ tion of the anti-expansionists that congress could not leyy customs duties against the products of our newly acquired possessions is left without a support. Thus is auother of Wind Jammer Bryan’s pet theories disposed of. Wrrn a smile that is childlike and bland,China expresses perfect willing­ ness to talk about that indemnity, for China understands quite as well as herj Christian and civilized con­ querors that talk is cheap. About the only real way to solve the dif­ ficulty of getting tho indemnity is for the powers to collect it. And that they will not do while China cau suggest plans for doing so. / / “ Tobe” i. HickmanijC; colored, /and Chas. Akerberg, .jvhite,/ got inttfS ¿ ’ fight at the Mint isaloon today,;that came ueaj' resulting fajtally for \ Aker- berg. Just how the ‘ trouble started, t* ‘ '' is/hard to determine, as no one seemed to be payióg particular at­ tention ■ to V the m.^ Both ,nien were considerably, under! 't the influence ’ Of liquor, arid \when.' they began fight-, ing were put into the; stré,et’ bygone of the proprietors. ;;. ; ‘ After reaching the street Akerberg seemed to be the aggressor', and . ac­ cording toeye-witnesses was warned by Hickriian not tòfstrike him, or he would “ carve himVdeép.” The coon had an open knife, in, his hand at the time, and as Akerberg advanced and hit him, the coon made a slash at Akerberg’s stomach, doing nò further damage, however, than cutting through both his ..’‘over and „under shirt,, and slightly scratching the skim > Another rushyvas madeland in the mix-up Akerberg was cut severely on the head, back of and above . the leit ear. The wound is about six inches long and cut clean to the skull. Akerberg was taken to the office of Dr! Brooks, where his wound,was dressed. , The doctor does not antici­ pate ..any serious results from • the' wound. ... Hickman has been placed 'under arrest by the sheriff and is now in the county jail. numerous1 arid the scintillating dis- play made(wa8 very pleasant to look ftr.c* it ) * / vy , ,/ ’%^tl»i;iyishes;for many., wmore ^ w,ed- ding/anniversaries for the^hristf and V’1, •, >* '' jv - , 'Vv'i'v'i4- ’'V . , hostess.^hedeparting guests.Jeft; the scerieWf as drilightful. ariv^eyeut ' a9 theyl:had,eyeyerijo^ed... . ADDITIONAL sLOGAL. ; , McGormick';:^mowers; arid//.rakes; mowers :4i, 5/aud 6 foot-cuts; brakes, 8, 10,!and42 foot, at Parrott & Meade’s Shelby,:at the lowest prices/Jri Mori-'. taua\v* > '• ///v /Y ':/:/:; £\ ¡cVvi...,- ---- - ---------------- - - — ’V i / / Suit has been entered in’the district , ‘ '/I L'V.s. ' • *\■ :.K* » court:A<by:- 'James.'. A. Balb/'against; Budqff-E.' Worth to foreclose .a rhortj gageffor $200 on 160 acres; in- section! 5. township 24-north, range. 5 west.. James-Sulgrove is attorney, for plain-, tiff . • . ;.:;j-Vv:U J. V'V. T.heir Fifteenth Anniversary. T he movement on the part of some friends to secure a pardon for Judge DuBose is all well onougb, but Judge DuBoso threw up a good position in Montana to go to Cape Nome aud while there evidently fell into bad company. He is an able lawyer - aud while on the district court bench in this state was a fearless and uncom­ promising judge. If, while at Cape Nome, he has done something for which he should be punished, he should be compelled to take his med­ icine and the appeal of his friends for mercy should fall on deaf ears. T he appointment of Mr. J. H. Boucher as deputy game warden for the district of Flathead and Teton counties, does not seem to meet with approval in any quarter. In Flat- head county tho democrats and others are putting up a large-sized kick be­ cause a Teton county man got away with the ’simmon, aud in this county tho leading democratic politicians are a trifle warm under the collar be- v cause they were entirely overlooked and an “ unknown” in democratic politics was chosen for this place. As this is purely a democratic-popu­ listic row, of course the republicans will have little or uolhiug to say concerning it. It is amusing how­ ever, to hear the howls of tlae disap­ pointed democratic office seekers-and the good Lord knows there are plenty o f t hen/in, this district. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Collins, of Baymond, celebrated the fifteenth anniversary pf their marriage at their home last Saturday.,, A, large number of their friends were bidden to a six o’clock dinner and nearly all responded. The bride was as resplendent and happy as when she first wore ‘ the orange blossoms. The decorative scheme .in the diu- ing room was very tastefully wrought in pink and green, the favorite colors of the hostess. • * . A very excellent dinner was greatly enjoyed by the guests. At 9 o’clock canvas was laid aud dancing became continuous till the clock.warned thé revelleis that Sunday had eomo. Nearly every resident o f the neigh­ borhood was present and” very many from Choteau, Belleyiew, Bynum and Dupuyer. The wedding presents were very Mrs'. Elizabeth Wright lias filed hçir report as administratrix.'oflthe, .estate of'Bichard Wright, deceased. ,- . . The repórte shows, the estate ¡Indebted.','to Mrs/Wrighfc in the sum of $3400 ¿rid thatfthereis property on hand ,to the value of‘ $3200. which she asks /the court toitúrn over to her as- a\' settle­ ment, of;.thé claitri.' A hearing ,,in this, case'will be held on Juue 10th.\ rV’ Mrs. John Zimmerman received' , a telegram this morning that her little son/Frindly, had beeu seriously in jured; the’ day before, by,,a horse dal- lin'g' omilhim, at tbe ranch of the little boy’s uncle, Wm. , Zi^nmerman, who lives in the Dry Forks. ; She left immediately for that place to nurse the\unfortunate lad. ' ■ ' ~ .. “ - ... .. \ i The Teton exchange wjll be open for business tomorrow. (Saturday) under the management' o f ; Lawrence and Chas; Davis, the ¡bar .fixtures1 having arrived and been . placed ¡ in position thisweek. The .bar is/ofthe celebrated; Brunswick-BalkerCallen- der Co. make and., is without: doubt the finest in Teton county and has but few.if,.any equals in „Northern .Montana. . ' ’; State Examiner Wm. Hudnall, of .Helena, was iri town Wednesday arid Thursday and left for Great, Falls, this morning after making a. thorough examination of the books and affairs ■of the .offices .of the county clerk, treasurer,' sheriff and clerk;of : district court. He speaks in complimentary terms of the trianagement of these offices and 'found everything O. K. arid up to date. ' - ; . Cottouwood Camp, No; 210, W. O. W., was organized Oct. 14, ' 1895. Since thatr date the members have paid tho head camp $1716.50 for the benefit fund, $352.25 for the general fund and $114.25 for the equalization fund, making, a total of > $2183.00. They have- received\ from the head camp $3000 on account of the death of Dr. J. E.:Wamsley. This shows a clear gain to, tiie lodgejof $817. The $114.25 paid( into the equalization fund is really'not a loss, being in a fund to keep tho assessment of members dow;n in the future. ’ 'SV r’Ir.í/.Q- '‘Aaóní.'fmatif, rît I.K a ' P indst VVVinflH..';Líniiors h' Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau; Montana.; • - .- V ..-- V , : v . - >- ' ' i f r r ’ >4' A . : . ‘-F,. , - */ Election of* O fficers;/ .- * - - ‘ . J , I v ' ’■ At; a , meeting ’ of ^.Choteau; lodge,' No! 11, -Independent*\'Order o f '! Odd Fellows, held last ..Friday evening, pfficers were1 elected-as. folio,vys: i;; ' N. ,G.—L. W. Lehr/ \/■ / y . G.—A. C. Burbank.’ v. Secretary—C; H. Connor. . ; 'Treasurer—W. Bruce. . . . ’ ; v;; Trustee—£ [.> ! Halliday;^ - These pfficers will/be..installed -,on the second .Friday in July/ ; ' ' / , ; j Should Be More .Careful;-:.; v .Dr. .'Stearns,, county physician; passed, through here Saturday onhis way to Cut BaDk, where he had been sumirioned to attend, a- man by the name of John McNally,, who, was suffering with an attack of delirum tremens. The Dr. ordered him to be taken to Choteau to the' poor;‘farm:, McNally being a pauper. ,, , , The above'appeared in the • Shelby items in tlie, Acantha last' week. The correspondent^ should be- more care­ ful.in sending in the “news,” as this does a great irijustice toMr. McNally. In the first place he isv not -suffering with,the d.,t.’s— and it is;:not true, as the Havre Eagle said that he- was brought.to.photeau to b e ' examined as to his sanity. He is just recover­ ing from a\ severe illness , and was taken to; the county hospital,1 (poor farm if you wish to call it such,) that he might receive proper medical at­ tention and.nursing—not because .he is a pauper—for such is not the case, but because it is the only place, in the .county of a public nature where. per­ sons who are sick can., be cared for. Mr. McNally is a well-known old- 9 “ timer!of northern Montana, particu­ larly so at Havre where he was mayor a term, and his friends there will be pleased to” learn that he is fast re­ covering his health arid will be' able to be out and around again in a short time. - ' v :• , •-/<, v '' \ Above tK¿ \ < i ’’- h -, V 1 v-^. » f : .i t, . Y i,ooo i^larlc \ i ./'V /It'isVano of tho' ambitions lofi'.tlioVvV. piitllisher of, THE CHRONICLE' toS;/iv ’■.! ... forco its subscription list abovo thb1’, -1 rONE THOUSAND MARK boford tbp>>^l FIRST.of next JULY—and then kdop \ it' thoro! . V, 'Y'V . ■ ' .V: W e Realize That In or(Îor;,to.. dp..this(spmô .éxtra ,in-;,;V. ' ducomdnfs anust1; fe- offorod^án'á'. ; *l . __ . ' j ! havo 'theroforo decided' for the next F I F T E E N D A Y S v rYt’-UpVto; June-lOth, to'.reduce the price., >. •JÇ-.of subscrijRion.to • - u ' ¡ ' $i.oo P E R Y E A R . ; , This hdlds 'good.ONLY to Juno lOtlii; \.i. when the subscription price'will be; ' the same ns now, $ 2 . 0 0 per year ! 1 '■ Old Subscribers . ,S ; ■■ - ' Can take, advantage) of this/ $ 1 . 6 0 ' -x Rate i by, paying' all' arrearages to date and paying $ i .oo for next year-'s i ’ subscription, \v ’ : Toll-,,-your abouti- - . ‘ . . I ' - ' 'neighbors . and ‘ friends' \ • Our. Liberal Offer l anti assist us in increasing our“ sùlri' - : :, -,ÿcription'list..; ‘ \ \ 4 • -<Si'O ' G r e a t I T a :l l s lÆ o i i t ,. eei s . Lüm b è r, \•’ ■ V\ • t , L a t h , ./ Shingl B u i Iders H a rdvyáre, 1 9 ): Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, ,k * I, , t , 9 I 5 i . 1 !.» . i ' , Doors, Etc. '' Write for SpecialvPrices on , Carloads ,:F> O, B . ■ „ your . nearest, Bailroad- -. ., Station’. \ ; ’, ';/ y GEO. R. W O O D , ! ^ ; / / ' ; - ■■ - i;/ ‘; M a n ager. - Telephone 70.- 200 Filth!Ave. S - Mr i b ih y y* y ■ y • v v v y* y y* y y y V?/ CHOTEAD MERCANTILE COMPANY. iü We Are Sale Agents ii/ fo r the Gordon Hats. m a * \l; il/ il/ \àf iè/ il/ il/ il/ il/ il/ i t / i t / \li Gen ts Gprne and See the Latest.* : / / : : SPLENDID NEWS. • * ¿ 7 ---- ■■ : FOR'- - /,V ’ Wide Awake She Send Us Your < Ma.il Orders. They' Ú^iíl beP ro m p t lyA t te nd ^ ed to. / ; - ï y ’ / y : SEPARATE SKIRTS, x Ladies’ dress skirts in all'colors. Prices from $1.75, $2.50, ,$5.00 to $20. - - ! : ; • - SILK W AISTS; ; > The event of the season. ,.We have the latest that can be had. Price $8.50. LADIES WASH W A ISTS: The largest line ■ ever shown be­ fore at prices from 60c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.5.0;’ $1.75 to $4.00v, \*v - V- ' '•■■■> f y ............. riuSLIN UNDERWEAR. Ladies’ fine white skirts from $1.00 to $4.50. Ladies fine cambric drawers from 50c to $1.25. Ladies white corset covers, all sizes, from 35c to $1.50. GENTS’ SHIRTS' Dress shirts, add sizes. ....... „ 60c .Fancy, w h i t e . ......... $1.25 All sizes in work shirts.. . ; . . 65c ’ *' •. ' \ , i / * / GENTS’ SUITS. ' • \ / 4 • ' Gray, all wool suit. v ..-. . $6 00 Novelty, all w o o l.... .^.s.*.f. ., 8 50 Fancy black.. . .. ......... ;.. v. 112 50 Extra heavy, hlack. :> /• : /• . 15 00 . We have a swell line of pants for spring and suhamer. - . . %.i , t' ?. .■ \ -) . . ; t . k r- -HOSIERY. • ;/. Ladies’ .fine cotton hose/fast black, at 20c. - Ladies’ fine moco cotton’ hose, fast black,-at 25c. / f ’ Fancy hose from 50c to $1/75. Boys’ ribbed hose 25c. • -1 f ' * * W A L L P A P E R . Just arrived, á nice line of wall páper.’ . Prices at. 10c, 15c and 20e a-r6lL.Y,'-' v-Ÿ.;.'V-y, ; - - • ; . • C arpéts/, c -, # \ Ingrain carpet/ . ; . / /69c Best\Vely.ei_’ carpét/ . . . . . . $ 1 . 2 5 We have a: nice .-lot o.f rugs'^it low, p r i c e s ://!////';;/ / ' • ' Shoes;-/ —.. lies’ britlon shoes : /v . .1V $1 0Ó Gents’ heavy -shoes. ; î' . l , . / ; 1 7 5 Infants’ shoes.: / / . 5 0 c /..GalLari'dri'ee.them. • ;,./ -v C a ¡I •; a n d S e e f o r Y o u r s e 1 f t h e M a n y B a r*ga i n s W e / O f f e r . W e a r e ' f i r i ; b e t t e r s h a p e i t o s h o w y o u g d p d s o f a i l ? i c i h d s a n d p r i c e s . E y e r y / d a y i s B a r g a i t i / D ^ m (ft e ,w •f/-. j*.. K M MONTANA. ■*'* „ - (ft (ft (ft m (ft (ft (ft (ft m (ft (ft (ft m - m (ft j p j ^

Teton Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 31 May 1901, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053028/1901-05-31/ed-1/seq-4/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.