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The Montanian and Chronicle. The Montanian, Vol. XII, No. 10. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA, JULY 5, 1901. Teton Chronicle, Vol. IV, No. 43. ■rë>i m w ' w s w MID-SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE We Will CUT Not Wishing to CARRY OVER ANY of our SUMMER GOODS TH E PRIGES to MAKE THEM GO. This is A F E W O F T H E M A N Y B A R G A I N S W E A R E O F F E R I N G * | Ladies’ Shirt Waists *25 per \ cent Discount. Ladies’ Crash Skirts 20 per cent Discount. Ladies’ Spring Jackets 33^ per cent Discount. Ladies’ Pattern Hats 333 per cent Discount. Ladies’ Sailors 25 per cent Dis­ count. .Everything in Ladies’ Neckwear Half Price. One Lot of. Children’s Wash Dresses at about Half Price. One lot of Lawn and Dimity worth 25 & 30c, Special 15c yard Only two pieces Imported Swiss worth 4oc, now 25c per yard. All of our Imported Wash Goods at 25 per cent Discount. One Lot of Ladies’ Oxfords at Hcilf Price Men’s Straw Hats Half Price. m JO S . H IR S H B E R G - & GO. BIG DEPARTMENT STORE. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. i â â â â ; 7 • •=2 , • É=> • £=> • THE CLUB u a a a a a a a a a t a a a a a a aaaauautfaaaaauaau s ee t e ßß CE CB CB 312 aaaaaaaaotaaaaQ iaa u a a a a a a s iaaaaaaag g3 □ 3 33 33 33 33 03 03 n 3 3 I* 33 33 33 EE U3 r.3 □n §a Phone No. 9 GUI aa When in Ohoteau, meet your friends at the Club. Resort For Gentlemen\ ino-otnnlr Leading Brands ofjjjg lull ulUuli Wines, Liquors and Cigars. BnJweiser Lapr Bier Gonstantiy oa ta i jj| < U. G. ALLEN,- Prop. i H 1 1—Ç H ; « ------------ AT THE A R T S T T T D X Q ONE ENLARGED PICTURE FREE with EVERY ORDER for ONE DOZEN of OUR $4.00 CARTNETT This OFFER is GOOD Tor the. MONTH of JULY ONLY. Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. FiaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaauaaa. c 3 3 □ 3 1 C. H. DRAKE, Proprietor. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 CITY 191RUG STO^E Complete Stock of Stationery: Tablets, Box Paper, Ledgers, Day Books, Journals, Writ­ in g Paper. ; ; AT EASTERN PRICES. Prescriptions Aeeurrtely Conpounded From Pui»est Drugs. ; ; ; CHOTEAU, MONT. The G e m , ANGUS BRUCE, Proprietor Firstclass Restaurant .... Under New Management. M E A L S A T A L L H O U R S . Cnicine impasse! Iccoficcccccccccccccccccccpccoccccccccccccccccccccctc» \ R R A R E N ’ S C A S H POSTOFFICE BUILDING SHELBY, MONT. JUST RECEIVED A FULL LINE OF S f j o e s 1 Blick Gloves j Our stock of Cigars, Tobacco, Nuts, Can­ dies and Stationery cannot besurpassed. Suits made to order from $8.50 up. : : FIT GUARANTEED. I CARL J. BRAREN, Proprietor. OUTLOOK NOT UNFAVORABLE. Good N o w s F rom B o ston M a k e s th e G r o w e r s Glad. Billings, Mout., Juuo 130—On Re­ count of the rains that have prevailed all over eastern Montana this spring the wool buying season is Into in opening up iu Billings. Tho vital questiou of prices is now tho all ab­ sorbing question and the dispatehos have thrown a ray of eheering light into the ranks of the producers. All eyes are now turned to Boston, from whence oometh all things good or bad for the wool producer. Referring to the question of prices for the coining season, I. D. O’Don­ nell the well known and extensive producer said: “I see nothing unfavorable iu the outlook for the woolgrowor this sea­ son. The decline in wool has boon the result of cheap privet for cotton and in tny judgment cheap cotton is not going to interfere with tho wool market much longer. Cotton is going up on the market and tho result will bo that manufacturers will use moio wool. The largo manufacturers of fabrics cau change thoir looms from c.t'on to wool almost instantaneously and many have already done so. There is no occasion for eithor large or small producers to becoino at all alarmed. In fact, it is just the reverse.” NEW CHURCH SERVICE. M rs. B row n P o t t e r R e c ites P o e m s In a n English C h u r c h . Loudou, Juno 30.--At tho invita­ tion of tho vicar, Rov. Forbes Philips, Mrs. Brown Potter, gowned in white and wearing a picture, has recited from the chaucel of tho Gorlostou church near Yarmouth, after oven song today /^Pope’s \Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame,” and another poom, “The Queen’s Last Ride,” tho con­ gregation listening reyerenllv. Tho vicar’s idea was to enhance the actions of tho service, and for an hour before it began a grout crowd be­ sieged the doors as if the occasion were a theatrical first night. Hun­ dreds were unable to gain admittance. It is rumored that tho bishop will forbid a repetition of tho incident. HE NEVER CAME BACK. M issing S ince L a s tO c to b e r W h e n H e W e n t E a s t With H o rses. 1\ort Benton, July 1.—Word has boon received here that George H. Dunnell of Glasgow who went east last October with a car of horses to l)o sold on Long Island for p'olc ponies, has not returned and no word has been received from him. His wife lias left for her formci .home iu Canada almost broken heart­ ed. Ho left largo dobts and all hit- property was mortgaged. Lewis & Bros, hunkers, have foreclosed on tho house and sold it on a mortgage for $1,000. W. S. Griffith lias at­ tached tho household furniture for a noto of $100. Dunnell was engaged in tho cattle commission business. His plun ol oporutiou was to purehaso cattle in Canada and sell them out in small lets to the farmers of Valley county, His lust purehaso was a bunch of20C from Teton county and on this pur­ chase Lo Lori ow ed $1,000 from the Stockmen’s National bank. Ho sold tho cattle to good advantage but lost heavily at cards. A letter was sent by registered mail by his wifo asking him to wrlto was not answored but tho registry receipt came back signed by him. Hall D e s tro y s C rops. NEWS IN BRIEF. Major General W. R. Shafter com­ mander of the Department of Cali­ fornia has gono on tho retired list and tho command has been turned ovei to Major General S. M. B. Long. The Forty-fourth, Forty-uiulb, Forty-eighth and Thirty-eighth vol­ unteer regiments have been mustered out of tho service. The corner stone of tho largest sugar mill in tho world has been laid in Sprecklesville, Maui island. Its capacity will be 500 tons a day. Joseph Bayburn a colored man who was implicated in tboTenderloin robbery of John Smith in Butte did not put in an appearance at the police court this morning and his bond of $100 was declared forfeited. Miles City, July 1.—A raiu and hail storm again visited Milos City and vicinity Saturday night, tho bail being especially heavy on the Tongue river, where several fine ranches are practically ruined as far as this sea­ son’s crops aro concerned. At one place tho hail piled up against a barn to tho height of fivo foot. Wil­ liam Strong had 900 head of lino cabbagesTHiardly .a leaf of which is left. Other ranchmen had hay, oats, corn and other crops totally destroyed. C alf C rop A b o v e A v e rage. Havre, Mont., Juno 30.—Tbo Bear Paw pool roundup is now working in tho vicinity of \Fort Assinnihoine on Beaver crook. Captain James McCoy has charge of this roundup. Tho calf branding this year is slightly above tho average, and it will bo at least four weeks yet before the round­ up is finished. D e s titu te India. London, Juno 30.—Tho blue book on India just issued shows £18,390,000 was expended for the reloif of famine sufferers during the year 1899-1900. Tho mortality from tho plague for the five yoars ended March 1901, was nearly. 6C0.000. Tho census com­ pleted in March 1901, shows that tho increase in population during the past 10 years was only five to six millions instead of tho normal 19 millious. Tho loss represents deaths in consequence of the famine. W ind S to r m In Iow a . • Dos Moines, fa., July 1.—Torna­ does aro reported near Holstein, Cam­ bridge and other points, but the de­ tails aro lacking. Communication with Cambridge cannot bo secured from hero. HlS ROAD TO BE BUILT. S e n a t o r C lark S a y s T h e r e Is No D o u b t A b o u t B u ilding of Railroad Suit Lake, Juuo 30.—William A. Clark of Montana, president of the Sau Pedro, Los Angelos it Salt Lake road has arrivod iu tho city from Montana. Senator Clark comes to Salt Lako for tho purpose of attend­ ing a meeting of tho .directors of tho San Pedro road, which will bo held bore tomorrow. In an interview Senulor Clark do clured most emphatically that the road connecting Salt Lake and Los Angeles would ho built. Everything relating to liuuucinl matters, ho said, had already been accomplished, con­ tracts hud been' let for a great deal of engineering work and considerable equipment had iilreadj* been ordered. Dofinite and filial plans will bo do oided upou at Monday’s mooting, after wuicli the woik of construction will ho actively commenced and pushed through to completion. As to tho Uvndn grade contest now pending iu tho federal court at Cur sou Git)’, Nev , the senator said he hoped for a fitvoiablo decision, but should it bo against the Sau Pedro company it would not make a particle of difference in tho general plans, PLAN OF REFORESTRATION. H itch c o c k Will O r g a n ize O n e In the Interior D e p a r tm e n t. Washington, June 30.—Secretary Hitchcock announces that lie is pro- pan ng to organize a forestry bureau in the Indian department to curry out an extensive systom of roforostra- lion, somewhat on tho plan success­ fully pursued in Gormany It is too early to go into details, ho said, but tho president and his col leagues wero satisfied with tho prac­ ticability of thosclininouud improssod with the results which could bo achieved iu restoring the rupidly disappearing woodlands of tho com­ monwealth. •SENATOR GIBSON HOME. P r o s p e r it y of t h e C o u n t r y U n p r e c e ­ d e n ted In His M e m o ry. Great Falls, Juuo 30.—Senator Paris Gibson returned this afternoon from an extended visit to tho east. W’hilo absent ho visited the principal cities of tho country. The air of prosperity which prorails iu the east today bo says is unprece­ dented in his memory. Tho country all along tho route over which ho traversed is iu u beautiful condition. Ho thoroughly enjoyed his trip and when ho uliglitod from tho train ho was tho picture of health. Rain S a v e d His Life. Gloudivo, July 1.—Ed Farris, a 8heepliordor for Wm. Noron of Sid­ ney, had his leg caught in tho timber of a log cabin blown down during tho storin last Tuosday. Tho cabin caught fire. Farris nearly lost his life. Ho could not oxtricato himself. Tho fire was put out by raiu just ho- fore reaching him. It was eighteen hours before ho was discovered and released. His leg was badly mashed. Ho was brought to Gloudivo and tho log was amputated today by Drs. Hunt and Donahue. C o m m issio n e r s A p p o inted. Helena, Juno 30.—Judge Knowles today annaueced his appointments of Unilod States commissioners in this stato for four years. Thirty wero appointed. AH but two were reappointments. Tho two now com­ missioners are W.T. Towner, Chinook; and E. W. Wilson, Thompson Falls Richard S. Fulford,a Butte jeweler filed a potition in bankruptcy today. He has liabilities of $1,000 end assets of $100. Reid D. Taylor a Cascado county rauchmau was adjudged a bankrupt. Ho has liabilities of $21,- 313 and assols of $1,‘100. A. S. Wright today procured a re­ straining order to prevent tho receiv­ er of tho Spotted Horse mino in Fergus county, the property involved in the case of A. S. Wright against C. C. Bragg, George Robinson and others from paying out any money until tho determination of the suit. On Monday Judge Knowles will ad­ journ court uniil August. TIMBER SUITS. Action C o m m e n c e d A g a inst B itter Root L u m b e r C o m p a n y and Mrs. D aly for L a rgo S u m s . Helena, Juuo 29.—Two arrests havo boeu made iu connection with tho nine indictments returned by tLo federal grand jury in tho timber laLd cases in the Missoula luud district. They are those of R M. Cobban and John T Cut fin, who wore arrested at Missoula by Deputy United States Marshal Gage. Mr. Cobban gavot bail in the sum of ,<10.000, there being 13 indictments against him, anil Mr. Catlin guvo $3,000. C H. McLeod and E. L. Bonner went ou tho bonds of both men. Ou motion of iho Unilod Stales district attorney today, the suits for timber trespass against the Bitter Root Development company, tho Anaconda Copper Mining company and Mrs. Murgurot Duly, wero dis­ missed. They involved $366,753.52. The dismissal was duo to tho fact that there hud been a misjoinder of action, tho Auiieouda Copper Mining company uot having been in exist­ ence ut the time the trespass is al­ leged to have been committed. Later suits wero tiled against the B.ttor Root company and Mrs. Daly as tho executrix of the estate of Marcus Daly, snd the Anaconda company was eliminated. The new suits in­ volve tho same amount. H o inze's Now Bank. Holcim, July 1.—Tho Aetna Bunk­ ing and Trial company incorporated uudor tho laws of the slate of West Virginia, filed its articles of incorpor­ ation with the secretary of state to- duy. The company is meor| orated by F. August Heinz*, CL H. Leonurd, Henry Muellei. A. 13. Clements uud other Butte men. A general banking and surely business will lie curried ou in Butte. Tho capital stock is $100,000 of whiyh $2,500 has been subscribed. Clmrlcs Sehutzloiu who is engaged in Iho paint business iu Butte, is president and A. 13. Clements secre­ tary of tho new bunking company. Mr. Clements is ulso mimed as the Montana agent of the company upon whom papers can bo served. In addition to the urticle of incor­ poration i hero wus filed a statement signed by Mr. Schalzloin as president and A. B. Clements ns secretary, showing tliut tho assets of tho com­ pany are $2,500 and that it has no liabilities. * T o Be C o n tested. Guthrie, O. T. July 1.—1Tho govern­ ment’s proposed lottery plan of set­ tling tho Kiowa and Coniinancho country is to he contested by settlors who expect to take claims when tho country is oponeil. Among the plain­ tiffs will bo Lowis T. llornbcck, of Minco, I. T., formor government sur­ veyor. Tho best advices show that thousands aro now ready and pre­ pared to enter tho country as soon as tho proclamation is promulgaied. Tho claims will ho slaked out by those who are already cainpod along tho border, and if tho fight is to bo mado along tho proposed linos of contest it will occasion endless suits for rights aad titles in the land offices and courts. Tho belief af tho laud attorneys is that only two legal ways aro open to those who want claims. First, to settle upon a quarter before someone else files. Second, to file before the other follow settles. The courts, not tho departments, are tho interpreters of the law, and all questions must be finally passod upou by tho courts. S a w Mill D e s troyed. Hamilton, July 1.—The old Hedge sawmill at Riverside, and which has not boon operated for years, caught fire last Saturday night through tho carelessness of somo men who bad built a fire in tho sawdust pile. The wind blew .tho sparks into tho dry old mill and it was soon in llamcs. Only the boilers had been left of the machinery in the mill, and these wero badly damaged. Tho property belonged lo the Anaconda Copper Mining company, and tho loss will bo about $1,000, uninsured. JU S T U S GOEBEL INDICTED. , A c c u s e d of A g r e e in g to A c c e p t P a r t of Official S a lary . Covington, Ky., July 1.—Justus Goebel, brother of tho late Governor Goebel, was indicted by the Kenton county grand jury Saturday. He is. charged fl^th entering into an agree- meu t to secure the position of city auditor for Jerry R. Kirtlsy, ut a salary of $150 per mouth, of which Goebel was (o receive $50 per month. A bench wurraut v a > issued for Goebel’s arrest and his bond was fixed ut §3,000. Indictments were also reuiiu- d against tho city council and entire hoard of uldennou of the city of Covington ou the charges of pa) ¡ng a bill of E. C. Ivelloy for $56 for repairing the city stable, which,it is said, was excessive. These cases are sot for July 22. Ex Secretary of Slate Gerew was in­ dicted on tho charge of embezzling § i , o o q , _____________ S tate H a s th e F irst Call, Helena, June 30.—Tho county of Rosobud cannot deliver to tho county of Custer bonds lo tho amount of $-17,000 to pay tho now county's por­ tion of the indebtedness of (lie old county without first giving the state treasurer the privilege of bidding upon the bonds in accordance with liouso bill 77, The attorney geuernl’s office held to that effect today iu re­ sponse to cn inquiry from Slat) Treasurer Barret. The state tre.-Barer referred the matter to tho state boaid of land commissioners but no aclioa was taken in the absence of more definite information as lo (lie proeiodiugs of the hoards of county commissioners of the respective counties. The board decided to waive tho prefer­ ence right as Jo a stnull school bond issue in Sweet Grass count). The now law requiring school trustees and county commissioners to give the stato treasurer tho preference of bid­ ding upon bonds before offered else­ where hus been ignored in numerous instuucos and the mistakes aro just being discovered. No C a n te e n In th e Navy. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 1 —Overwork, hursli discipline and tho nbolishmont of tho canteen are driving sailers aud marines of the navy yard lo de­ sertion and desperation. The last payday twenty one murines walked out of the navy yard aud have not been hoard of since. Tho arrests from this cause havo filled tho yard prison to overflowing, so that the prisoners havo to bo shipped to Nor- fork and Boston iu lurgo numbers. Tho abolishment of the canteen is a potent cause of desertion at both the recruiting ship Vormont and • Iho marine barracks, while at the former alleged intolerable treatment nod at tho latter overwork are active causes. Complaints are heard on all sides from tho men, and the arrests wore so numerous that guards wore turned out of their quarters to make room for tho prisoners. B a n q u e t of F irem e n . Great Fulls, Juno 30.—In honor of the presonco in tho city of Vice President Wilson of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen from New Jersey, tho loeul lodge gave a ban­ quet at the Grand hotel last night at tho close of tho meeting. The tables wero elegantly decorated and the banquet hull presented a unique and handsome appearance. Coyers were laid for thirty banqueters. ■ - Mr. Wilson addressed an open, meeting of the lodge this evening during which stereopticon pictures wero shown, depicting the life of a fireman from the cradle to the gravo. Tho meeting was largely attended and tho pictures received very hearty applause. M rs. M cKinley G o e s to C a n ton. Washington, June 30.—Mrs. Mc­ Kinley’s condition continued very favorable all day. She went driving with tho president, remaining, out fully an hour. ' It has b ee if c^ecided that the start for Canton.will be made on Friday next. Should tho iyeather continue hot, however, there may. be a delay tor a day or two until ¡^mod­ erates. ■skis **, '• »•

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 05 July 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.