The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, July 05, 1901, Image 4

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uft' .-«*• J m G. BAI R, Attorney-at- Law, C H O T E A U , M O N T A N A . MEXICAN SILVER. ^ C . W ARNER, U. S. Commissioner, C H O T E A U , MONT. Lamí filings and proofs. y ^ A L T E R MATHEWS, U. S . C O M M I S S I O N E R , C O U N T Y S U R V E Y O R , Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, M ONTANA J a iT je s W . F f c e i n a t ) , Attornet -at-Law. HILL W ANTS GRAVEL. Gitt-tr F a i . i . s , Mo.vr. rs; . EARLE STRAIN^ OCULIST ®1 ADEIST, | Stringency In the Mexican Money Market Has Been Relieved. Washington, Juno 30.—The recent stringency in Moxico’s money market caused by the heavy export of Mexi­ can silver has been rolieved to a con siderablo oxtent according to a com­ munication received at the slate de­ partment, from United States Consul General Hanna at Monloroy. Before thr opening of the great refinery at Monterey it was necessary to ship all silver bullion from the Monterey .smelters to tho United States to bo refined, and but little of it camoback to Mexico. Now this is an unneces­ sary procedure, the bullion being re­ fined at Monterey aud turned over to the Mexican mint. i'or some time tho scarcity of sil­ ver sent tho price of Mexican silver coin up, but now that tho demand is bettor supplied tho price of tho coin bus declined. The consul gonoral notes that refined silver is being shipped into Mexico from Omaha fur tho uso of the mints. Great Northern Trying to Buy Sixty Eight Acres of It, Representatives of tho Great North­ ern are now negotiating with tho Indians on the Blackfeet reservation for the purchase of G8 acres of laud near Blackfoot containing vast de­ posits of gravol. Tests made by a prospecting crow in that vicinity havo revealed tho ex­ istence of a bed of gravol from 8 to 13 feet in thickness, extending brok­ enly under about 10 acres of land. The gravel is greatly needed for ballast along tho railway in that vi­ cinity, and the company is anxious to secure tho land and place a steam shovel there. Tho Indiaus are averso to Bolling tho land, but will probably consent to tho removul of tho gravel on a royalty basis. 317 First Avenue North, Attorney General's Opinion. GREAT FALLS, MONT, j Ollicc Hours: 1 p. m. to 1 p m. ' Melon». Juno 30.— Any board of county commissioners has no author- ,1 1 it v to compromise bade taxes with ^ ^ ~ j the taxpayer. Assistant Attorney Prof. J. GOLDSTEIN, i Mo,,n‘ hol<1 to (,mt cirect ,oday> ! County Attornoy Goorgo D. Poaso of | Gallatin county wroto that the eom- • nors desired to compromise do- 1 11 i|uent tuxes piior to 1898, and ho *^• 3 » had informed them the}’ could not. i Tl:ev desired an opinion also from E Y E S P E C I A L I S T . ! F;t t uur of < i I n f « » r \*»l iirmat i- i 'qict i ii i t.\. XrtiliriallAj'-“h liait'l ami t«» mi •!• t | 213 1 -2 Cent nil \\ enue. ! U U U VT FALLS. .MMYI ANA. n: J. W . SHIELDS, O. E. \ Laud Location«. Reservoir Sites Canal timi diteli sui tot mg. Full I.M orin e ,mt Sell..¡.I l.aniF the attorney general. Mr. Moore holds that they havo no authority to make such compromiso since they would bo giving away some property belonging to tho stalo or city as part of tho taxos belonging to Montana and Bozeman. L Orili IIOII..U MONT Cl I F Y \ L I FR LO D G I: NO. K . o f ±D. 12, V e i'G I'.tolt '¡ 1 i U I m 1 .IV V i-eu : Urei hi i ii I .. i .I m U j In 1 i V Mu i i Du '! 1ji. t - i M U-, I I’. ( i h m .'•! Lv i ning. •.1 ' to \ttl*tl«l ( ( “V h < 1 li \ Secretary Root Denies. Washington, Juno 30. —In a letlor to a tot respondent who complained about tho recent order of tho West j Point examinations o n tho ground ! that Secretary Hoot’s order declared l that none but high school graduates . could he admitted to the academy, ; Seeiclary Hoot suvs tho report was i erroneous, and tho gentlemen tnisin- j formed, and no such oriier and no i mic I i riding has boeu made. i Will Demand Statehood. AUTOMOBILE STAGE COACH. It Wiil Operate Between Sheridan And Buffalo, Wyo. Billings, Mont., Juno 30.—Tho Sheridan Enterprise announces that they are to havo the first automobile atago lino in the west. It will bo operated between Sheridan and Buf­ falo. Gaston & Shetlor are tho pro. motors of tho project aud tkeyaro now in Omaha completing tho ar­ rangements for tho construction of tho vohiclo. Tho round trip between Sheridan and Buffalo, a distauco of eighty miles, will ho mudo daily. Tho coaches will bo covered with heavy canvas and will have a sealing ca­ pacity of ton or a dozen pooplo and room for their baggage. A gasoliuo motor of ton horso power will furnish tho propelling force. Montana’s Loss, Utah's Cain. Chateau Laundry Washington, July 1.—Hawaii will join New Mexico and Arizona in de­ manding statehood next winter. best \\ nl'k ill the Male mi W Idle Mirls ami Cullai^. i Prices IieaM'iiafile. .1. 11. IVnii.m.\gi , Llelogaln Wilcox from that new P. Prime Manager. ' territory, sa vs that lio will introduce Telephone 12. ( 'hole,in, .Mont. BEN FEIST, .or. C O L L IN S , M O Y i \NA, Handies Thu l’ F.ST HR W D -i Of TWINES, LIQUORS And : a bill at tho next session of congress to admit Hawaii to statehood. He docs not expect his bill to pass at once, but.ho wants to servo notice that Hawaii is ambitious for full i ineinnnrship in the union, aud is willing neither to remain a territory : for all timo nor to become a part of i 'alifornia as has been proposed. Flow In tho Election. Dillon, .July 1 — It now looks as if ! tlm deal for tho freo county higl | school bonds is oil, ns Duke M. ^CIGARS. | Faison A Go., of Chicago, tho firm — whose bid was accepted a few weeks Ml’. Feist Also Runs A ago when they su'd, lias notified the trustees Hint they cannot accept tho isMic as there was a Haw in the elcc- —:FEED S T A B L E :- A t Collins W i t h A Good Man |1 ion ; that in several school districts In Charge, And Anyone D e -,> t1“' connty 1,0 cloclion was m . 'The isstio is for £50,000— four per siring To Leave A Team' .. , ,, . I cent ;>-2()s. I nless the matter can be W ith Him man Do So Know- adjusted in somo manner, it now ing That They W ill Be Given looks as if (hero will bo no free The Best O f Care. county high school erected in this county this year. Ready for Them. G r e a t IF’a .lls Wichita, Ivan., July 1.—There may yet be bloodshed over tho verdict in the .Jesse Morrisou trial at Eldorado. ¡.Judge Aikmau lias received threaten­ ing letters in which it is said ho will lie murdered if ho gives Miss Morri- A i L O l l t son over three years iu tho peniten- I tiary. Ho has also been warned that ¡Ibiyuard Morrison, brother of the 1 woman, has mado threats to kill him at. the first opportunity. The judge says bo does not four any assault that may bo mado upon Lumber, Lath, Shingles, T\ Builders Hardware, hill) ami he will take care of himself 'V j J Building P a p e r , lf attacked. By this he means that Mouldings lie is carrying weapons for assassius. Sash, Louisiana Exposition. r i n n r e F i r . St. Louis, Juno 30.— I t has been U U U [ t »’ v decided by tho national commis- Write for Special Price* ( siuners aud the exposition officers on Carloads I'. <). B ! that the Louisiana Purchase oxposi- yotir nearest Railroad 1 bon .should include au international Station. lice slock exhibit, something which, according to tnoinbers of tho com- G E O . R. W O O D , mission, has never before boen held. _ i It was also decided to proceed with lv l a . n c l g 6 r . |tho ethnological exhibits which one of tho mombors of tho commissioners recently outlined. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S Salt Lake, July 1.—E. II. Callislor, tho now reyenuo collector, lias re­ turned from Helena,' whoro ho spout a day in acquainting himself with the office, which is to he moved to SaltLakoon the 10th of tho month. Ho sa.vs that tho presold deputy, Mrs Frances French, will corao to Salt Lake aud remain in the offico for sixty-days. She will then return to Helena ns stamp clerk, that position being now held iu this city by T D. Lewis Utah will gain two offices and lose one. The chief deputy and stenographer, drawing £1,700 and £900 a year respectively . vv ¡11 he lo­ cated here, ami the stamp clerkship, worth £1,200 a year, goes to Montana Mr. Gallister says that no appoint­ ments of deputies will bo mado for sixty days Wants to Resume. Washington, July L —William C. Cornwall, president of tho City Na­ tional bank of Buffalo, N. Y., closed yesterday by order of t ho comptroller of currency called on Comptroller Dawes today in company with an at­ torney ami begged (o lie allowed to rehabilitate the hank and continue its business. Mr. Cornwall 1 ad im definite plan to submit for this purpose, although Comptroller Dawes said he hud uo objection to the hank resuming if its arrangements wore made to protect depositors. Tho comptroller, however, was un­ able to give a definite answer as ho has net yet received any report from G. B. Mason, tho examiner now in charge of the bank. 6. f. & C. TIME TABLE. Tuesday _______ Tuesday Thursday Thursday Saturday Saturday North Stations. South f M. Ï* M. 10 ü.').. . .. Lethbridge . . . . 8 1 5 9 15. .. ___ .0 15 8 30. . Tyrrell s Lake ___ 11 05 8 10... . .. Urunton .. ___ 11 25 7 25 ___ .. 51 ilk R iv e r .. ___ 12 10 0 25 . . ___ 1 05 ~ r 5l| . . .Sweet Grass . .. .. 1 45 5 0 0 ... . . . . K e v in. . . . ___ 2 -15 -1 11I o IT ).... Siielliy.Tunetion ___ 4 45 HAI1.V. UAII.V. 2 50 ___ Shelbv.Iunetum ___ 5 10 2 0 0 ... 12 40 1 12 25 t • . * Pondera. .. ) 7 30 • ) 7 50 11 3 0 . . . . ___ B radv ____ ___ 8 45 10 4 5 ... 1Ü 1 5 . . . . . *CoIIins.. . .. .. ¡1 35 ___ 10 15 9 10 ___ . . . . Steel . . . . ...11 20 8 l\7i .. .. . Vaughan .. . ..12 01 7 f).\j. .. . . ..12 40 7 4T). .. . . Great Falls . . .12 50 A.M. A. M. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed saloon in north­ ern Montana. IFe have on hand the finest brands of Wines, Liquors and Cbjavs. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On lap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., L Proprietors. s. iti ito iti ito ito ito iti to to to iti to to to to to to to w to ìi I $ n /fi ift m & W w . . . THE . . . HOTEL JTORTON DUPUVIili nONT. A ‘e-opened Tinier \ew Man­ agement. The only l-irst-Chiss Hotel in Ihipuycr. Hoard by the Day or Week at Reasonable Rates. W. D. HAGEN, Prop. w w in Ò m I I © Notice of Administrator’s Sale. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues days. Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains an the C. P. it. •Meals. Notice is liorcby given that tlic umlcrtfigncri, iulnnnibtrntor of thnoMato of Daniol (‘.Gray, di'ceiiFoil, will, on tho 1st tlay of July. 1001, sell at private sale forcusli, the following described real property* situate iu the county of Teton, Mato of Montana,and dcFcrihcd as follow*: 'Jim north half of section 20 . and the north- we.^t <juarter of Fection -1. the west half of northeast quarter, tin* southeast quarter of northeast quarter, northwest ouarterof soutle mi*1 qiiaiierof section 21. soulii half of soutii- west quarter, and mmu I i half of boutlmnst quar­ ter of section 17,.south hnlfof northeast quarter, west half of soutlieast »iuurt<*r section IU, and the soutli half < f southeast quarter, and south half of tlm southwest quarter of section til* all in township 21 north, range 7 west: also lots three and four of sections I and lots one aud two, section 5, township £1 north, rawm 7 west, said lands hein# known as the Daniel G. Gray ranch on \\ illow creek. Said sale will he made pursuant to nn order of sale of said described premises by the dis­ trict court of tlm Eleventh judicial district for Teton county, made and entered on the 10th dav of June, 1001 . Bids may la» left with tho under- sigued. administrator, or with Sterling Mc­ Donald, cleric of the district court, in his oflico iu Ehotieau, Montana. UORS PORTKK, Vdministrator of the estate of Daniel (’. (irny, deceased, J. K. K iuckson *. \ttorney. First publication June if, liWI. NOTICE FOU PUBLICiVlTON Laml Ofiico at Ilnloua, Moat. / May 17, 1901 i Notice is hereby given Hint tlio follovv- ing-naincil settler has fileil- notice ot Lis intontioi to make final proof iu support of Lis claim, and that said proof will bo made before V. V. Covington, U. S. Cotn’r nt Augusta, Monk, on June 29, 1901; viz: W ILLIAM J. LESLIE for HE No. lii'.ib], for the eC so*.;, see. 22, n w - ' j i i w L see. 2o, ae'.j lie If, sec. 27, Ip 21 north, range 8 west. He names the following wituosses to prove Ins continuous rcsideuca upon and cultivation of, said land, viz: Herman Bokliolt, George MeNnssor, Arthur Woods, and John Woods, all of Augusta, Moat. G eokok D. G beexe , Register. First publication, May 24. Desert Laud-Final Proof! For Publication. Notice g U. H. Land Ollico nt Helena, Mont., May 15,1901. Notice is hereby given that William A. Whittaker of CDoteau, Mont., has filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert-land clnim No. 3518, for the lots 2 aud 3, k \ v up1.), m>d seL mv*.,', sec. 5, fp 25 north, range 3 west before A. C. Warner, Coin’r at Choteau, Mont., on tho 2'.!tnuay of Jane, 1901. He manes the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: William Chalmers of Farmington, Edwin Bailey, and Hnrdy F. England of Choteau, aud Dec Findley of Bynum, Montana. G eouge D. G iieenk , Register. First publication May 17. DESERT LAND, FIN A L PROCfF.- N otici : F ob P ublication . United States Land Olliee, Helena, Mont., June 0,19C-1. Notice is hereby given that Duncan McDonald, of Lowry, Teton conuty, Mon­ tana, has filed notice of intention to make proof ou his desert-laud claim No. 53G5, for lots 2, 3 and 4, section 3, lot 1 section 4, towuship 20 north, range 4 west, before E. C. Garrett, U. S. Com­ missioner, at Choteau, Moutnnn, on the 20th day of July, 1901. Ho names the following witnesses to prove tho complete irrigation and recla­ mation of saidlnud: Clarence J. Kinun, Augus M. Rose, Richard S. Shortridge and Roderick Mc­ Leod, nil of Lowry, Montana. G eobge D. G beene , Register. First published June 14. THE MAN W H O ENG AG ES IN BUSINESS W A N T S EVERYBODY T O K N O W ABO UT IT. HE REALIZES THAT HIS SUCCESS DEPENDS UPO N THE PUBLICITY THAT CAN BE G IVEN THE VENTURE. The Montanian and Teton Chronicle H ü H AVE B E E N CONSOLIDATED, and W i ll be Published Hereafter Under the Management of the Publisher of The Chronicle. The Circulation Of the N e w Paper Exceeds By Nearly 500 Copies that of Any Other Paper Printed in tile County. Advertisers W h o Expect Results from Their Printing Matter, and W ho Lre Not Advertising Simply to Keep the Home Paper Alive, Should Bear This in 'Mind., and W h e n They W a n t to Reach The People of Teton County Remember that This is the only medium through which Results can he obtained. JOB PRINTING In this Department we have facili­ ties for turning out all classes of work and our prices will be found as low as consistent when quality of stock and workmanship are con­ sidered. DESERT LAND, F IN A L PROOF- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Land Office, Helena, Mont., June 17, 1901. Notice is hereby given that THOMAS L. MARTIN, President of the Montana Implement Co., assignee of James F. Reilly, of Great Falls, Mont., has filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert land claim No. 4079, for the 8k' S W L Sec 29 and SE; 4 'SE>J Sec 30, Tp 23 N, R 1 W. Also that THOMAS O. POWER, Assignee of James S. Sloan, of Helena, Mont., has filed notice of intention to make proof on hie desert land claim No. 4055, for the NEM NWj-J, W K NEM See 34, Tp 23 N, R 1 W, before Register and Receiver, U. S. Land Office, Helena, Mont., on the 27th day of July,-1901. They namo the following witnesses to prove the completo irrigation and recla­ mation of said lands: George Milne Robert CameroD, Michael Holleran, of Snnuyside, Mont.; Charles B. Power, of Holena, Mont. G eobge D. G beene , Register. First publication Juno 21, Put up your team at the SDK RIVER BARN on your way to Great Falls. T H E L O G OB-AJEUXr. A. K oenoh , Prop. ß T U o o d Teams alv.'iiys ready for rolay or other GET YOUR EXPRESS Via Choteau & Great Falls Stage. Daily, except Sunday. Rates reasonable. Passenger fare $¡1.50. Tnos. A. S mith , Agent. Livery ttm p i’ w i r u A N S Feed Stable H. F. BAILEY, Proprietor. Having purchased tho stock and business of John Hobbins, I am prepared to furnish Livery Rigs and Turn­ outs for patrons. Also to care for and feed yonr team when you are in Town. Corner of Clioltnu Avenue and Hamilton Street. I have Baled Hay and Grain for sale and will bo pleased to supply all wants in that line. Gall and see mo. 'H. F. BAILEY. GO TO L. W. Lehr, For all kinds of A N D GROCERIES A T L. W. Lehr’s. Telophono N o .-10. B g j g B K i B K ! FINE M ILLINERY L atest ¡ styles Reasonable Prices Mrs. Thos. A. Smith invites those who desire something Fine in this line to call at ¿ier Millinery Shop. and examine Quality of Goods and Prices for themselves. F INEST Q1JALITY BEST PRICES AT MRS. SMITH’S TH E CASCAD E BANK ol* Great Falls, Mont, I Incorporated under the laws of Monti April 5,1 Capital - - $75,000. Surplus - - - 15,000. S. E. Atkinson President. . •Iiieob Switzer Vice-President. P. P. Atkinson Casliter, W. IV. Milter Assistnn Cashier. DiHECTons: S. E. Atkinson, F. P. Atkinson. Peter Ear John .1. Ellis, Jacob Switzer, W. W. Mi A cenerai bonking business transacted. In­ terest allowed on timo deposits.

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 05 July 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.