The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, July 12, 1901, Image 1

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r Fhe Montanian. and Chronicle •\ tv » n,i t&áí«* V ^ vcslu ; \wpp‘r M '“■M . iä » ^ The Montanian, Vol. XII, No. 11. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA, JULY 12, 1901. Teton Chronicle, Vol. IV, No. 49. 0 # •sz-ts’¿fZ-cZ-ift:} • • tec- is*. í ? í • fc? ? W MID-SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE Not Wishing to CARRY OVER ANY of our SUMMER GOODS THE PRICES to MAKE THEM GO. This is - We Will CUT A F E W O F T H E M A N Y B A R G A I N S W E A R E O F F E R I N G J* ■ III I n Ladies’ Shirt Waists 25 per 1 cent Discount. Ladies’ Crash Skirts 20 per cent Discount. [ Ladies’ Spring Jackets 333 per 1 cent Discount. 1 Ladies’ Pattern Hats 33s per cent Discount. j Ladies’ Sailors 25 per cent Dis- count. Everything in Ladies’ Neckwear Half Price. 1----------------— --------- - ------- - saPworraeoaKa One Lot of Children’s Wash Dresses at about Half Price. One lot of Lawn and Dimity Only two pieces Imported Swiss worth 4oc, now 25c per yard. All of our ¡imported Wash Goods at 15 per cent Discount. One Lot of Ladies’ Oxfords at Price. s Straw Hats Half Price. Half Men: JOS. HXRSHBERG & OO. The Philippine Tariff. BIG DEPARTMENT STORE, CHOTEAU, MONTANA. >(=)'(=)• l ä s ä f l'â s S : Si •¡= 3 . Ü; _ » arfjfaaa magasia a aaa u a a a a a a g s a u g g a a n ¡in g a a a a a a a a a c a a a a a a aarnaum uuu J u u u u a u a eis 1212 fc’E eu O -eiitlexn e ia.’'' CG THE CLUB “.A. R e s o r t F o r of all Leading -Brands ofina UH au au S3 «3 a a ¡33 0 3 03 ¡ 3 3 3 3 3 3 S 3 3 3 UU wo E 3 ura 5,3 1-.T aa Phone 33 r r aa When in Choteau, meet your friends at the Club. rsririrjRririnrirr.rir.r'.rrnririnriHririauia^ar.ririr.r.r.t', RHraiiGiQcsniDoricccEnccnccfSCBUa ¿ncnEnEEr.rr;r.Ecr.GEEEnnnEBCK Wines, Liquors and Cigars, ge Biweiser Lapr Bier Constaiitly on Mail. | U. G. ALLEN, Prop, i | r i* No. 9. JLS/J? S T T T I D I O ONE ENLARGED PICTURE FREE with EVERY ORDER for ONE DOZEN or OUR $4.00 CABINETS. This OFFER is GOOD for the MONTH of JULY ONLY. CAN RELINQUISH LAND Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. ri2 2 a a a ! 3 ! j|3 l5 S 3 Q 3 Q ! a a 3 Q 3 Q 5 i2 2 ia2 ia2 iJ1 3 ü í’J¡jlía¡j¡'Jui'j!-.U'¿ÍLÍui,-l!a!J5JaU < ailt33U » - lai U U U U | CITY. M U G STO^E l C. H. DRAKE, Proprietor. 3 - 3 Complete Stoek of Stationery: Tablets, Box £ Paper, Ledgers, Day Books, Journals, Writ- g ing Paper. ; ; AT EASTERN PRICES, g j3 Prescriptions Aeeurrtely Conpounded g From Purest Drugs. \ ] § CHOTEAU, rVlONT. BniaiEiBtsaagaECDECcbcigiijirtgiBEiCigpBliBgiPgîCEW P iapofüBEElEriPBCgieiEiriP The Gem, him BRUCE, Proprietor g Firstolass Restaurant .... g g Under New Management. M E A L S A T A L L H O U R S . Meine Unsnrpsei. « ioccccoacceccceccccccccccccccccccccoacccccgccccco :©ec2 R R A R E N ’ S C A S H ^ - PDSTOEFICE BDILBIH& SHELBY, MONT. J JUTS RECEIVED A FULL LINE OF S h o e s 1 B U c k G l o i r e s j Our stock of Cigars, Tobacco, Nuts, Can­ dies and Stationery cannot besurpassed. Suits made to order from $8.50 up. : : FIT-GUARANTEED. J Important Ruling Received From Secretary of Interior. Tho stale land department today received a deoisiou of importance from the secretary of tho interior rolativo to tho stale relinquishing school laud upon which settlors hud filed desert claims prior to survey and lulling lieu land therefor Tho department had hold all along that where settlers filed upon school land prior to survey they couhl not hold it unless they made a homestead entry desort entries not being recognized. Mrs. Ann Tovoy, who has a desert claim in the Big Hole country, Bca- verhoad county, that when tho lund was surveyed proved to bo school land asked tho stato to relinquish tho laud so that she would not lose hor desert claim. Tho stato agreed to do so providing tho government would allow it to malio a soloctiou of other or lieu laud for that relinquished. Tho maltor was reforred to the secre­ tary of the interior, who today replied that if the state desired to relinquish the section of school land involved it might select other laud. Tho ruling is of importance as thoro aro a num­ ber of similar cases pending. Law Knocked Out. Fort Scott, July 8.—A jury of the most prominent business men of Fort Scott was just four minutes in finding one of tho state’s new liquor laws, passed as a result of Mrs. Nution’s crusade, unconstitutional. It was tbj} inquisition law which authorized county attorneys to summon and ex­ amine witnesses touching their know­ ledge of tho violation of tho law. Dan A. Campbell, an attorney who was summoned, refused and was then arrested. The jury acquitted him though ho admitted tho charge. A Big Conflagration at Forsyth. Billings. July 8.--Thetown of For­ syth was visited by a terrible lire at 6:30 o'clock this morning by which two liyes wore lost and 11 persons badly injured. The fire .started in tho Occidental hotel run by a Mrs. McGuire as a section house. Tho building was a largo three story frame house situated about .‘i(J0 feet from tlie Northern Pacific depot and was patronized chiefly by railroad employes. When tho alarm of lire was sounded tho building was en­ veloped in (lames and in less than an hour tho building was entirely de­ stroyed, logother with iho Northorn Pacific oil house and coal docks, tho latter blocking tho tracks and delay­ ing all trains several hours. Tho firo started iii tin stairway of tho second story shutting oft all exit from tho two uppor floors. Some of tho occupants jumped to the grouud from both stories and of tho numbor about 11 were .seriously injured, arms being broken, backs terribly w reached and c tI k rwi.-e hurt Two men, names unknown were suffocated and their bodies burned to a crisp. One was a section em­ ploye and tho other a young man about 17 years of ago who had come to tho town only a short time ago. New York, July 8.—Tho new Phil­ ippine tariff has received its finishing touches at tho war department, tho Washington correspondents reports, and it will bo sent by mail to Gov. Taft in a few days. It is understood it will be promulgated early next month, to go into effect immediately. An important provision afToctiiig goods iu transit has boon made, in­ cluding the permitting of consignees to declare all imports which shall ar- rivo in the Philippines within GU days after tho tariff is put into operation, either under the old schedules now- in use or under the now duties. After that period tho old military customs rovonue law. fdtiuileil oil Spanish law, will forever coase. Tho now law is expoiled to produce annually $15,- 000,001) levenue for the support of the insular government and to redueo materially imports from all countries except the l nited States and Spain, particular attention being given to the protection of Philippine indus­ tries against rivals iu tho western Pacific and tho Indian ocean. Tho government, at Washington anil (lie commission at Mauila iiavo been working over the turiIT since lust August, and now that full agreement has been reached it is expcctod that congress at its next session will ap- provo the selicdulos without modifi­ cation and put them into the statutes. Death of a Station Agent. Craig, Mont., July 8 Janies Smith Monluna Central stution agent at Craig, died yesterday morning. Un­ dertaker E. L. Flaherty, of Helena, received a telegram to that effect at .'»o’clock yesterday, which also ro- uucsled him to come down as soon as possible. Mr. Flaherty left on tho midnight train. Mr. Smith had been in poor health for some lime, but until lately noth­ ing sorious was approhotuled. Jle was formerly station ugont at Silver. It is not yet known vvliat disposition will bu made of the body. Ho Paid His Fine. Says It Is Not True. Bought Lots of Wool. E. Porter May, of tho firm of Jere­ miah Williams & Co. of Boston, who is in Helena, says that his firm is buying Montana wool every day. IIo said today that so far this yoar the firm has purchased 3,200,000 pounds of the fleecy article iu tho stato of Montana and expects to buy consul erablo moro. “What were the prices?’’ Mr. May was asked. “I don’t caro to talk about prices,” ho replied. Ho intimated, however, nothing had been bought at less than 101 cts, while the top prico might bo a shade better than 13. Mr. May expects to leuvo for Bos­ ton Wednesday of this week, having a number of men in tbo field to look after his purchases. Died of His Injuries. CARL J. BRÂREH, - Proprietor. \ Butte, July 8.—Smith Dayis died last night, as a result of injuries re­ ceived in falling to the bottom of the shaft of the Ada mine near Basin last Tuesday. Davis was widely known as a mining man and had lived in Butte a number of years. Helena, Juno 2D.—la un issue of tho nth hist., thoro appeared an nrticlo entitled “Stale to Feed Dogs,\ which staled that a Philadelphia willow by tho name Mrs. Julia K. Ilirdsall kept a largo number of pet dogs and had to steal to support them and, further­ more, sho was a Cliristiau Scientist. To obtain the facts in tho case 1 wrote to Mr. Whito tho Christian Seienco publication committco at Philadelphia, who sent me tho fol­ lowing statement. “It is said- Mrs. Birdsall has been attending tho Christian Scientist church iu tho Fuller building, on Eighteenth and Market streets. This is entirely incorrect. Mrs. Birdsall is not a Christian Scientist, has not been attending tho services meeting in tho Fuller building, and is not known to its members.” -T . R. Hinsdale. T reasure From Klondike. Scuttle, Wash., July 8.—Tho steam­ er City of Soattlo arrived from Lynn canal yesterday with a Klondike treasure cargo of $600,000, all savo 5100,000 consigned by the Canadian Bank of Commcrco to tho United States assay office in this eity*. Win, Waoteher a catllo trader, and a Mr. Leo a miner, had 550,000 in dust. Tho Klondiko crowd left Dawson on Juno 20. At that time nearly every producing claim in tho district was beiug worked and tho government had 500 men employed in.tho construction of roads to the greatest gold producing streams in the district. About 1,100 people are said to have loft the Klondiko for Nome since the river oponed. Helena, July 8.- H. W. Norton, superintendent of tho East Helena Miiclter, jpsterday paid $116 85 for his refusal to make a return to tho county assessor of his personal prop­ erty, that being the penalty and costs provided by law. Mr. Nortou in vain pleaded for clomei’ey and finally his lawyer ap­ peared boforo Justice of the Poace John Stoiumotz aud stated that ho was prepared to pay the amount for which Assessor Charles H. Murtien was suing him in tho nnino of tho state. This is in addition to tho $93 tuxes paid by him and tho lawyer’s foo will bring closo to $250 tho expense of his bout with tho assessor. To Bury His Young Son. Great Fulls, July 8.—Allornoy General’Janies Donovan will arrive in Great Falls lodaj with tho body of bis son, Dennis, who was drowned in Maino, anil tho funeral will prob­ ably bo hold tomorrow morning. This is tho purport of a telegram he sent yostorday to his first assistant, H. D. Mooro, from Michigan City, Iud., while on his way west. Tho attorney general’s oflioo will bo closed tho day of tho funeral and uil tho stato offices will be closed tho morning of that day. His second assistant, F, \V. Mottlor, went to tbo Falls yesterday to attend tho funeral and State Auditor Caldcrhcad or one of his assistants, aDd Assistant Sec­ retary of Stato David Marks will go also. His Father is Dead. Butte, July 7.—Daniel J. Walsh, sporting editor of tho Inter Moun­ tain, received the sad intelligence last night of tho death of his father, which occurred in Washington, D. C. yesterday morning. The cider Walsh is a well known politician in the capital city and for a number of years held the position of chief of the fire department of the pension bureau, an important post in tho war department. Captain Ahern Home. Opening Date Kiowa Lands. Biiliugs, July 8.—Captain George P. Ahern of Iho Ninth infantry, sup­ erintendent of tho bureau of forestry of tho Philippines, was hero today onrouto east on a two months sick leave. Ho ivus stutioiiuil hero as muster­ ing officer of Troop M two yoais ago, being at that time professor of for­ estry and military tactics in the Montana agricultural college. Tho captain speaks eloquently of tho forestry intcro-sls ot the Philip­ pines and has moro limn H)0 speci­ mens of wood of tlio islands with him which ho will place on exhibition at Iho Buffalo exposition. Washington, July 7.—Tho procla­ mation of President McKinley open­ ing to settlement the laud ceded by Indians iu the territory of Oklahoma was given to the public today. The proclamation covers tho cessions. Wichita and affiliated bands of In­ dians iu accordance with tho net of March 2, 1805, utul those made by the Commanehe, Kiowa and Apache tribes iu pursuance of tho act of Juno 6, 1000. The proclamation pro­ vides for tho opening of tho lands in those reservations which are not re­ served at 0 o'clock a. m , on the 6th day of August next, tho lands to bo ' open to settlement under tho home- I stead ami townsito laws of the United Glacier Bay a Cake ot loc. 1 Stales The proclamation Says that Fort Townsend, Wash, July 6 The excursion steamer Queen arrived from tho north today anil her officers report Glacier buy one mass of ici and that no nearer that 1 t Muir glacier can be reached, an ice jam from 30 to 10 feet high extending clear across the bay According to Pilot Thompson such a jim lias not t beginning on the 10th hist, and eucl- 1 mg on the 26lli, llioue who wish to I j make entry of land under tho home- |.stead law shall lie registered. Kegis- , I f trillion will luke place ut the land a lies ot I 1 1 offices at Jiono ami Luwlon. The I legist ration at each office will be for j both laud districts, j To obtain registration the appli- i cant will be required to show liirn- been known to exist since excursion steamers started on tl.e northern rim a \ ‘>' (l»nl.fiod to make homestead 15 years ago. and he accounts for it | <’-try of these lands under existing now hv reason of .several verv since laws und lo \ ivu ti,n regisloring olfi- slioeks of earthquake Iasi winter vers such appropriate mattes of de- wliieh shattered tl.e immense glacier stril,,iou iln<1 kl,J,,li(* as wiU Prohibit and ieo cakes are shilling oil faster than tho tides can carry them out of tho liny. The ico Hoes in the elimi­ néis aro greller tinnì ever known before. Montana Far Alleaci. the applicant and the government against any attempted impersona­ tion Registrations cannot ho ef­ fected through the United States mads for tho employment of an 1 agent except mg that honorably tlis 'charged soldiers ami sailors may f.-i „ , r ,, n , f . , ! piesent I In ir applications through I lie report of Collector of Internal 11 \ u ... . re i „ , r ... . . r , an agent, no agent being allowed to Revenue Charles M. \\ ubslor for tin*1 \ ° .r.... i .... vn , ., , , i ' represent more than one soldier. No year ending June JO, sliows the total i 1 1 person wil1 be allowed lo register ! moro than once. After being regis­ tered applicants will bo given certifi­ cates, allowing them to go upon tho receipts from ull souries during tlio ^ yoar of $755,673.70, an inciense of $37,308.37. The receipts of the year were thus divided as to the slates comprising the district: Montana ......................... $-180,173.1)3 Utah.................................. 227.5-J171 Idaho................................. J !,{)£(» .06 Total ...................... $755,663.70 The business was thus distributed with reference to tho several soured» from which the revenue isderiyed. Lists ................................. $ 3!),670 66 Beer stam p s .................. 120,080 82 Spirit stamps .................... 2,036 57 Cigar and cigarette stamps 20,073 30 Tobacco stumps .............. 1,765 60 Special lux slumps . .. . 06.701 78 Mixed flout stamps ........... 7 00 Documentary aud imprint eil stamps .................. 1 18,187 68 Proprietary stamps ......... 8,352 10 Total......................$755,673 70 Caterpillars by the Million. Ed. Chappie of the Marius informs us that his ranch is sufi'ering from a visit of eulerpillars, says the River Press of Fort Benton. They aro green in color and about un inch in length and iirst appeared in his al­ falfa, but when he cut that crop they moved into his garden by Iho million and aro cleaning it out. Thoro aro no other largo colonies of these pests reported in this vicinity. On a Federal Charge. Missoula, July 6.—Louis Clair- mont, Jr., was arrested this week by Deputy United States Marshal Wall of Helena, accused of furnishing In­ dians with whisky. Young Glair- inont runs a boat on tho Flathead lake, and iu this way, it is claimed, he has taken the red liquor to the reservation. Ho was taken before United States Commissioner Wallace P. Smith, who allowed him to go on bonds until next Tuesday, when ho will bo arraigned. What Celebration Cost. Butte, July 8.—Tho finance com­ mittee of tho Fourth of July cele­ bration has submitted its report of receipts and disbursements. Re­ ceipts amounted to $3,105.25, and expenditures to $2,419.07. A number of bills have uot beou presented but the committee expects to have a surplus of several hundred dollars iu oscoss of disbursements. ceiled lands and examine them iu order to mil them in making an in­ telligent selection. It is explicitly staled that “no one will be permitted to make sottloment upon any of tho lands iu advance of the opening signal, anil tho statement is made that for tho first 60 days following said opeuiug no one but registered applicants will bo permit­ ted (o mako 'homestead settlement upon any of said hinds and thou only in pursuance of a homestead entry duly allowed by the local land offi­ cers or <»f a soldior’s declaratory .statement duly accepted by such officets ’’ Thu order of tho applications is to be determined by drawing. President McKinley at Home. Canton, Ü., July 6.— President and Mrs. McKinley uru much pleased with the nppearuuco of their homo and with lho proyisions made for their comfort in tho changes ordered sineo they last occupied their home. It was said by members of tho party that Mrs. McKinley stood tho jour­ ney romarkably well. It is the hopo of tho president that ho and Mrs. McKiuloy shall Bocuro tho largest possible measure of quiet and rest wbilo in their Canton homo. It is not thought thoro will bo many official visitors lo sco tbo president. So far as possiblo official work will bo transacted in Washington. Direct communication with the executive offices will bo muiutained by tho use of the telephone. After resting this afternoon Mrs. McKinley felt so well that she re­ ceived a number of relatives and eloso friends who called during the evening to pay their respects. She and the president sat ou the porch for several hours chatting with the friends who called. Still In the Ring. Now York, July 7.—Johu L. Sulli- :c van, the greatest warjior that ever H hit a punch, is going to box four: rounds with Charley Mitchell, boxing champion of England. Bob Adams of New Loudon, ConniylL'^Fii ____ _ -n . Manager?« ~Â'è ° J k '»i*

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 12 July 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.