The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, August 16, 1901, Image 1

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/The Móntanian, .Voi, 1XÌI, N 0 / Ì 6/1 jc ; : .CHOTEÁU,\ TETON COUNTY, MONTANA, AUGUST 16, 1901. ' 'i} * t T eton. CÌironieié'.cVól: ‘ Vj , * r f ,.v ** •*« * f é ^ “t— i y 1 \i • '• * r s ~ -.--1' y •* t*l* * MID-SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE Not Wishing to CARRY OVER ANY of our SUMMER GOODS THE PR1GES to MAKE THEM. GO. This is We Will CUT m A FEW OF THE MANY BARGAINS W E ARE OFFERING m # ■Xë xë' m ; Ladies’; Shirt Waists. 25~;per cent Discount. : Ladies’ Crash Skirts 20 per cent Discount. Ladies’ Spring Jackets 334 per cènt Discount. ^ /Ladies’ Pattern Hats 334 .per .¡cent Discount. V Ladies’ Sailors 25, per cent Dis­ count. ; ' - : Everything in Ladies’ Neckwear Half Price. One Lot of, Children’s Wash Dresses at abotit Half Price: One lot of Lawn and Dimity worth 25 & 30c, Special 15c yard Only two pieces Imported Swiss worth 4oc, how 25c per yard. All of our Imported Wash Goods at 15 per cent Discount; One Lot of Ladies’ Oxfords at Half Price. Men’s Straw Hats Half Price. ê m ë m .w ë JO S . H I B S H B E R G & BIG DEPARTMENT; STORE, oo. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. m U iaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaua ¡33 aa aa aa aa ,aa aa aa ■ aa aa. aa ■ ,aa -ce aa c a am II Phone aa THE CLUB ice R e s o r t F ö r of uaaaaaaaaacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaauaaaaa CE BE v EE EE G r e ixtlen c ien ..’' {¡| ae all Leading Brands ofia Wines, Liquors and Cigars. || “■ » - EE BiMser Laser Beer Constantly on W . || ♦ * ' ue No. 9. M. MORISQN & OO., Props, eg EE EE EE I I W hen in Choteau, meet’ your friends at the Club. BHBBrandHraddisdOdraEBaradddraaEaaaBraBEraaHraBndBGniaHGCBrajsBKja EBEEBBrannnBBEEiraEBEBÇirSISEISEîEa in E E E E E B E n B d B B lB ign E B n n n B B lE B ' N E W M O U L D I N G . ~ AT THE Synopsis o f tho Proceedings of Board of County Conunissioncrs of Teton Comity. Montana, Sitting as a Board of Equalization. [OFFIOLVL.] ! I S T T J 3 D I O W e have just received 2,000jfeet o f _____ ... ¿‘Mouiatog, also-Matting,-Fancy Cor-L’; , Y ners, e tc;' , Frames made to order. Bring your studies and get cun ’ ; prices. Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. ' ►030-' a a a a a a a « a a a a. a a a a a CITY 1 9 HUG STOIdE C. H. DRAKE, Proprietor. a a Complete Stock o f Stationery: Tablets, Box Paper, Ledgers, Day Books, Journals, Writ­ ing Paper ‘ ’ AT EASTERN PRICES. Prescriptions Aceurrtely Conpounded From Purest Drugs. \ \ CHOTEAU, MONT. ¡J5P5I5£1HK! The G e m , ANGUS BROCE, Proprietor Firstolass Restaurant...... Under New Management, MEALS AT ALL HOURS. C n i c i n e U n p a s s e ! . feeececceccccccccccecceecccQcccececcceeceeccccccccccc a CHOTEAU HOUSE \W \na H o d g s l c i s s P r o p Centrally Located and the Best ■ Accommodations of any House in the County. Service and Cuisine surpassed by no other House. ----- --------------------------------------------------------- — ------------------------------------------------------ : ----------------------------- : --------------------------- — ' : i j i Q - u L o r s a , m . c i C i g a r s Furnished for • the .Convenience - of its ' Customers. Livery and Run in Connection. • -Largest and;;inost.Convenient - . t * ,/ 4<% - - y - - - - Y . . . . L , . ■ V iv : 4 l% f ' 3am in-Tow n . ,/ Càreful V and /'PaihstakingA-man? in \ l * ,-A 1 \ -V - ->*;* :h a r g e ../Reasonable. .Charges., A;/ c • ,v , .\.-Min* .¿V Choteau, Mont., July 15,1901. Pursuant to tho provisions of Sec. 3780 of the Political Code of the State of Montana, tho board of county commissioners met as a Board of Equalisation at the office of the county clerk at 10 o’olock a, m. Prese'nti Chairman C. B. Perkins, Commissioners M. Connelly and Wm. M. Foster and tho clerk. The clerk presented the assessment book for the year 1901, and. the day was devotod to' the examination of the,samo. AUjou7hedTo l0^.AiL’ 'JaiyrT0r' \ - SECOND DAT. July 10. Board met at 10 a. m, all members present, and continued busi­ ness of examination of assessment book, tho same occupying the entire day. Ordered that M. H. Embody be assessed for the year 1900 on the supplementary list with 50 head of range horses. Adjourned to 10 a. m. July 17. THIRD DAY, July 17. Board met at 10 a. m., all members presont and coutiuued ex­ amination of assessment book, occu­ pying the entiro day. The clerk was greeted to give notice to the following named partios that on Wednesday, August 8, 1901, the assessment list of each of said parties would bo investigated by the board with the view of ascertaining whether or not it should direct tho assessor to add to and assess certain taxable property to each of said partios aa follows: W C Broadwater, solvent credit $2,000 P H Buckley, imp’tsbuilding 300 J V Davies, improvements.. 8p0 Wm Dawes, 30 horses.......... 300 Benson Englieb, 10 horses./. 100 “ “ 50 c a ttle...: 1,125 James Heighton 20 cattle... . 450 John Higgins, 10 c a t t le...., 225 J A Johnson, 2,(100 sheep.., , 5,000 Flowerree Sheep & Horse Company, 1,000 horses.... 10,000 T J Moore, 21 cattlo. . . . . . . 472 Jesse Morgan, 100 cattle.. . . 2,250 George Morgan, 100 cattlo... 2,250 Pearson Bros., 100 horses.... 1,000 John Shinnick, 25 cattle ........ 562 Grace E Steele, 04 cattle.. . . 1,440 “ “ 8 horses. . . ; 80 H FStoltenberg,25catde..... 562 F Truchot, machinery .......... • 200 “ 500 h o r s e s ...... ‘ 5,000 J H Sherburne, imp. store b’ig 1,500 Adjourned to 10 ai m. Aug. 8. ' ‘ FOURTH DAY. Aug. 8,1901. Board met pursuant to adjournment at 10 a. m. Present C B Perkins, Commissioners Whb M. Foster and M Connelly and the clerk. Affidavit was presented of Grace E. Steele, protesting against pro- ' . 1 % t ' ^ posed addition to her assessment o f 64 head stock cpttle, and stating that she bwne&jVnly¡32 head;' Raisd s u b - •.ained as tb,32 head. - - < ■ ^L.; Affidavit presented of Benson English, protesting against proposed addition of 50 head stock cattle to his assessment list. Raise sustained. . Board then examined military roll, and struck therefrom names of per­ sons known to be.exeropt from mili­ tary duty. Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board re-assembled at 2 p.m., all members present. Assessor was directed to add to assessment list of John Joiner, 3000 head stock sheep, valuation $7,500. Affidavit presented of H. H. Nelson asking reduction on his assessment on range horses. Petition denied. .Adjourned to 10 a. m, Aug. 9. - I- __ _____ ‘ . Aug. 9. Board met at. 10 a. m., all members present, Affidavit presented of F. Trucliol, protesting against proposed addition of 500 head range horses. Mr. Tru- chot also appeared and discussed matter with board. Affidavit of Jas. A. Johnson pre­ sented, protesting against addition of 2000 head sheep. ' It appearing that proposed addition was an error, same was cancelled. Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. in., all members present. It appearing that proposed addition of 21 bead slock cattle to assessment list of T. J. Moore was not a proper one, same was rescinded. Adjourned to 10 a. m. Aug. 10. SIXTH DAY. Aug. 10, 1901. Board met at 10 a. m., all members present. Affidavit presentee} o f W* G- Broad­ water, protesting against prqposed addition of $2000, solvent prpdits, Aftor due consideratipn, board de­ cided uot to make the addition, Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. m., all members proseut, remaining in ses­ sion until 5 p. m., and no additional complaints or complainants appear­ ing. After due consideration of all affi- dayits presented and objections made the board directed that, tho assessor add to the assessment list for 1901, all raises proposed and hereinbefore mentioned that have'not been specifi­ cally rescinded or changed during the last three days session of tho board. Board of Equalization then adjourned sine die. C. B. P e r k i n s , Chairman. A. C. W a r n e r , Clerk o f Board. Synopsis of Proceedings of the Board of L’onnty Commissioners, o f Tctflir , Coiinfy, Monti\ns-;-Spccial Apgqst Jfacting, J9QI. tOFFlUIAU] Choteau, Mont., Aug. 12,1901. Pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 3825 of tho Political Code of the State of Montana, the board met at the , : i •**■- k : office, o f .the county clerk- .; at 10 a. m., - 1 • *' * ■+4' * * * 1 for the purpose of .fixing the tax levy '.•'/■/M r for the year 1901. Present Chairman C B Perkins, Commissioner Wm. M. Foster and the clerk. Communications were presented from several of the boards of trustees of school districts of the county, ask­ ing that special lovies be made in their districts to maintain the schools of said districts,. in accordance with the provisions of Section 1940 B., o f House Bill No. 191, Seventh Legisla­ tive Assembly of tho State of Mon­ tana, approved March 9, • 1901, and for payment of ' interest ou district school bonds, as provided in Section 19GG of the Political Codo. . After due consideration tho tax levy of Teton county for tho year 1901 was fixed as follows:* .i STATE. General Fund—Two and ono-half culls. Fish and Game Fund—One touth milt. Bounty Fund (on cattle, horses and sheep only)—Three mills. Stock Insp. and Det. Fund (on cat­ tle and horses only)—Ono and one half mills. __ Stock Indemnity Fund (on cattle and horses only)—Ono tenth mill. Sheep Insp. and Iud. • Fund (on sheep only)—One half mill. COUNTY. General Fund—Ten mills. Bond Fund—Two mills. Poor Fund—Ono half mill. General School Fund—Two mills. High School Fund—Oue aud one quarter mills. Sinking Fund—One and one quar­ ter mills. SPECIAL SCHOOL. Dist. No. 1—Genorall Fund—Five mills. Dist. No. 1—Sinking Fund—Ono mill. • Dist. No. 5—General Fund—Two mills. Dist. No. 5—Sinking Funu^FoUr mills.L.-.-.'.-i.;.. __ ■ 'ILLz;/.LLL Dist. No. G—General Fund—Throe mills. Dist. No. 7—Gouoral Fund—One and ono half mills. Dist. No. 7—Siuking Fund—Ouo hulf mill. Dist. No. 8—General Fuud—Throe \ mills. Dist. No. 9—Gouoral Fund—Five mills.. Special Poor tax, per capita (persona over GO oxompt) Two dollars. Special road tax, per capita (porsons ovor 45 exempt) Two dollars. Under tho provisions of Sec. 3851 of the Political Codo, it was ordered that the making and U6e of a “ dupli­ cate assessment book” be dispensed with, nnd that clerk dolivor the orig­ inal book, when completed, to tho county treasurer. The board then adjourned mooting sine die. A. C. W arner , Clerk of tbo Board. then approved and roads' ordered opened and surveyed as follows: t Beginning at quarter section cor­ ner ono fourth mile west of center of section 17, township 29 north, range 7 west, thence running northwest to r Railroad Assessm ent,' The division of the assessment of railroad, roadbed and rolling/stock among the several counties • of the state has been completed, by J. J. quarter section corner one fourth i •^J’aDi dsrk to the state \board of' mile west of northwest quarter,section 8, thence north i mile to old road, and Beginning at the southeast corner of soctiou 29, township 29 north, range 7 west on the Steoll ranch and Dupuyor road, thonco north on sec-, tiou line Li miles, thonce northwester­ ly to intersect with said road. Adjourned to 2 p. m. „ AFTERNOON* SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. p. All members presont. .Report of viewers on proposed road beginning at corner stone common to sections 20, 21, 28 aud 29, township 25 north, raugo 4 west, thonce north ono half mile, was approved and road ordered opened as a public highway. proviiU'tl Olo Wagnild puy all costs of opouing same. Report of viewers ou proposed road GO foet wide off tho south end of tract No. 15 of Truchol Gardens, and to vacate tho alley between tracts 13 aud 14 of said Truchot Gardens, was ap­ proved aud road ordered opened and surveyed. Board also ordorpd said alley vacated and abandoned. Board tlion adjourned the special session sine dio. A.. C. W arner , Clork of tho Board. equalization, and shows that the total, mileage of railroad in the state is - 2,977,G42.and tlm total valuation is $15,575,237.9(5. The .number o f miles and their value by counties'is shown, in the following.table:. Is Not Sm a llpox. Proceedings of tiic Board of County Commissioners of Teton County, Montana, Special July Term, 1901. Tho disease which for the last three years in Montana has been diagnosed as smallpox and which created sur­ prise by its mildness .in contrast to tho virulence with which it is usually associated is declared by some physi­ cians not to bo smallpox at all, but an Alaskan epidemic. Mr. Henry C. Strong, in the Medical World, do- ^i/nuluwt* The disease generally begins with a feeling of malaise during ono or two days, fovor 102 to 104, headache, pain in tho back, aud limbs and sore throat, slight itching at this, but no otbor stage of tho disease; tongue gray coated at each side and red at tho tip, extending in contor lino quarter.of an inch. In young children and young adults vomiting sometimes occurs at beginning; iu otbor adults there is no vomiting aud no chill. A rash now now appears, which to some extent looks like measles, and in.four or five days develops into visiclos, with a top and raised above tbo skin. Those visiclos suppurate and scab over in 10 or 12 days wilh but slight discom­ fort; tho head, face, body aud limbs uro a mass of pustules, generally dis­ crete with largo brown scabs, wjiieh dry up in four to six days, leaving some rod discoloration, which gonor- ally disappears, but not pitting. After tho suppurating stage you can safely discharge tho patient.” [OFFICIAL.] August 7, 1901. Board mot ut 10 a. m. pursuant to adjournment of July 17. Present, Chairman C. B. PerkinB, Commissioners M. Connelly and W. M. Foster and the olerk. Resignation of Jacob Lauder as road trustee district No. 2, was pre­ sented and accepted. Board then appointed Henry Ryan of Dupuyer to fill the vacancy. Report o f viewers of proposed road from Dupuyer to the Marias bridge was examined and board fixed Sept. 5,1901, as the day for the bearing of evidence and proofs from ail parties interested for and against tfie pro­ posed laying out o.f said road, aud for ascertaining qnd awarding dam­ ages, and for the approval or rejection of said viewers report. Petition was presented for a road beginning at the town of Altyn, and running down Swift Current Creek to western boundary of Blackfeet reser­ vation. Walter Mathews,; Tbos. L. Thompson and Parley Stark were appointed viewers, . Reports cd viewers of - certain' pro - < ■; - > ‘ posed roads * ° in Asks Them to Protest. Tho labor unions of Montana bavo boon asked to protest against the state closing a contract with tho Rob­ ert Mitchell Furniture company of Cincinnati for the furniture in tbo new state bouso on tbo ground that tbo Cincinnati firm is a non union bouso. Tho state furnishing board bas beon notified of the protosts that would bo made. Tbo contract has not boon closed with tho company. Looks a Fast Boat. New York, Aug. 12.—The new America cup challenger, Shamrock II, lay at anchor off Sandy Hook last night and today was lowed , up to Tompkinsville, Staton Island. She was taken at once to Erie basin, where she will bo stripped at once aud put in racing trim. She looks to be the fastest boat ever turned out of British waters. Minister M ay Withdraw. County Mileage ' • Tot. Val. Beaverhead. . . . 78.48 $ 522,873.00 Broadwater/ . . . 43.857 ‘253,185.8G Carbon..1 ; . . 1'. G2.43G ’ ’300,059.53 Cascade. . . . . . . 185/ ‘ 942,061.10 C h o teau./.. . ! . 270.G3 \ 1,502,249.23 Custer...... . . 72 579 431,482.15' Dawson . . . . . . . G2.069 372,507.20 Deer Lodge .. 4G.0G8 283,261.00 Flutbead. . . . .. 199.80 1,085,739.45 Gallatiu. . . . .. 109 0G2 506,057.88 Granite . . . . . . 59.742 312,362.96 Jefferson... .. 1G7.292 858,903.72 Lewis & Clarke 120,081 720,970.24 Madison ........ .. 57.5G1 251,293.10 Meagher ....... .. 70.72 86,985.10 Missoula.... ... 314.184 1,703,408.37 Park.............. .. 91.821 465,387.32 Pow o ll.......... . . 65.452 389,112.15 Rayalli .......... 197,645.62 Rosebud::.. .. 12G.341 ' 622,259.87 Silver Bow. . .. 1¿5.G5L 738,712.18 Sweet Grass .. 52.148 310,010.86 Teton .. 207.GÏ . . 773,394.82 Valley ........... .. 204. ’ .1,108,230.00 Yellowstone. -. 149.732 778,013.75 ’ Totals..’. . Hay In The Stack. Several correspondents have writ­ ten for d certain method óf measur­ ing hay in the stack. Here is one that is said to be quite correct, but who first formulated it we are unable to say, says tbo Washington Farmer: Measure the stack for- length, width. -Jiia—ÌAMflt;.! t _ fT?n„ _ era f _ Urn, Jjo throw a tape Tine ovor the stack at an average place, from ground to ground, drawing it tightly. Multiply tho width by tho over arid divide this re­ sult by four; multiply result of divis­ ion by the length for approximate cubical contents of stack. To reduce to tons: For bay that has stood in stack less than 20 days, divide cubi­ cal contents by 512; for more thau 20 days and less than GO days, divide cubical contents by 422; for more than GO days, divido cubical contents by 380. For instance, tako a stack which measures 17 feet wide, 58 feet long and 3G feet ovor. Stack has stood 15 days.' Multiply 17 by 3G, equals G12. Divido G12 by 4, equals 1553. Multiply 153 by length, 58, equals 8,874, which gives the cubicnl contents in feet. Divide 8,874 by 512 equals 17.3 tons in stack. In tho bay the rule is to multiply tbo length, width and height of tho bay, or the hav, together, and then ' divide tho total by 350, the supposed number of cubic feet’in a ton of good timothy aftor it is well settled. Thus a bay 20 feet long, 15 feet wide and Washington. Aug. 12.—Dr, Russell American charge d’ affairs at Caracas; Venezuela, has beon authorized by the state department to -use Bis good offices as the representative of Colom-, bia in case- the Colomljian' minister should' withdraw; from . Venezuela;' This is in responso to the refusal'of 15 feet high would contain 12 tons and 1,750 pounds. Of course these measurements are only approximate audj the actual results will show slight variations either one way or tho other* There is no rule that earn be absolutely correct. K itchener la Pleased! London, Aug. 13.—In a long dis­ patch issued tonighn reporting the operations of various columns, Lord , Kitchener said: “ I am glad to be able to send you }' the largest return I have yet- had ib; / one week. Since August 5 1st the ;v columns report 39 Boers killed, 20 wounded, including CorhmandantU' Moll, dangerously; GS5 prisoners,' in-; eluding Wolmaraus.Iate. commander ;? - * '* ♦ * * , i'»•/*!;‘’■V l L . T V ‘ A T T . l ! _________ J . O C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , of tho.First Volksraad;,85surrenders,'^; including Commandant DeVillière.v’i and tho capture of 24,000' rounds o'fW ammunition, 754 wagons, 5,580 .horses:^ and large qùàntiU è s-.oï-slôckff/^^^^ In’the course' b f - a ^descripfiòn,ot; > 'G - 'V-

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 16 Aug. 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.