The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, September 20, 1901, Image 1

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îThe Montanian, VoL. Xil. No, 21'.V .' CHOTEÀU,-JETON'COUNTY, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 20, 1901. Teton Chronicle, Vol. V/No. 7. Ë Not Wishing to CARRY OVER ANY of our ¡SUMMER GOODS We Will CUT ;£ S T .:: THE PRICES to MAKE THEM GO. This is - FEV^ ÔE THE MANY BARGAINS W E ARE OFFERING m m ? m Ladies’ Shirt Waists 25 per. cent'Discount, Ladies’- Crash Skirts. 20 per cent Discount. \ . , ; -Ladies’ Spring Jackets 33^ per 'cent Discount; . Ladies’ Pattern. Hats,‘ 33a per cent Discount; . -- - Ladies’ Sailors 25 per cent Dis- 1 count. : r- ^Everything in Ladies’ Neckwear Half Price One Lot of Children’s Wash Dresses at about Half Price. One lot of Lawn and Dimity worth 25 & 30c, Special 15c yard Only two pieces Imported Swiss worth 4oc, now 25c per yard. | All of our Imported WasrrGoods at 15 per cent Discount. One Lot of Ladies’ Oxfords at H c l l f P l \ i c 6 a MBn’s Straw Hats Half Price. B BIO DEPARTMENT STORE CHOTEAU, MONTANA. m i im 0 ' aaaaaaaaa'aaaiaiaaa •'•aaaaaaaaaaaaaafcia ■flar ■ . ■ 0 3 - 00 0B-. THE CLUB a - aaaaaaaaaagaaaaaa u a a a u a a a u a a a a a a a a r EC EE . EE , . ____ -, . . - EE .A. Eiesort. F o r G en t l e r aen .\ ¡¡g J - 0E - of 1 all Leading Brands 'ofl§ -- - - aa 13 00 . 00 -00 00 00 -03 - 00 _ QE iua 00 ara an na Phone □ SI r | L W hen in Choteau, meet your friends at the Clúb. Choice stock Budweiser Lapr Beer ConstantlT on hand. No. 9. Wines, Liquors and Cigars. || EE EE EE EE M . M O R I S O N & C O ., P r o p s . EE EE EE EE ■ E E B B E B B E E E E B E E E E E E E E E E B E B U a iB P B E C S E E E E O B O ß ß ß B E E r iD E D D P N E W M O U L D I N G AT THE.. I S T T T I D I O “r \■'* ‘ * • ‘ -- * ------ 1 /S AAA • - - . -W e have just received 2,000 feet of _ -*« _. 1 i «*•_ i j * tti — — m m r t m m I ! Moulding, also Matting, Fancy Cor-., ners, etc. . Frames made to. order.. Bring your studies and get our prices' Choteau, Montana T J -Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, f Is 1 a :-0 0- - 0 . 0 -0- 0 0 a: o 0 a ■ n a- 0 0 0 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a m £ x i g s T o i y e C. H. DRAKE, Proprietor, Complete Stock o f Stationery: ‘ Tablets, Box Paper,-Ledgers, Day Books, Journals, Writ­ i n g Paper. ' ; AT EASTERN'PRICES. .Prescriptions Aecurrtely Compounded From Purest Drugs. [ I \ / CHOTEAU, MONT. EBB T h e G e m , ANGUS BEDCE, Proprietor Firstclass Restaurant/.:... ■ Under-New Management. MEALS AT ALL HOURS. C mgìhb Unsurpassed. V iocococoocooocccccccccoccccccocccccocccccccococcccoct Ac-'.’¿-S.’ W m H o c i g s l s l s s P r o p Centrally Located and the Best Accommodations of any House in the County. Service. andr Cuisine surpassed by no other House. . - - X - j i i c g U L o r s a n d C i g a r s - Furnished 'for the Convenience of. -its' Customers. . L i v e r y , . : a n d T h e First O fficial A c t o f P r e s id e n t R o Q sevelt. Buffalo,Sept. 1C.—President Roose­ velt performed bis first official action as president in issuing the following proclamation: “By the President of the United States—A Proclamation: A terrible bereavement has befallen our people. The prosidout of the Uuitod Statos has been struck down; a crime com­ mitted, not only {against the chief magistrate, but against every law- abiding and liberty-loving citizen. “President McKinley crowned a life of largest love for his fellow men, of most earnest endeavor for their welfare, by a death of Christian forti­ tude, and by th e ' way in -which he lived his life and the way in which, in the supreme hour of trial, ho met his death, will remain forever a prec­ ious heritage to our people. “It is meet that we as a nation ex­ press our abiding love and • reverence for his life, our deep sorrow for his untimely death, “ Now, therefore, I,Theodore Roose­ velt, president of the United States of America, do appoint Thursday next, September ID. tno day in which the body of tho dead president will be laid in its last earthly resting place, as a day of mourning aud prayer throughout the United States. I earnestly recommend all the people to assemblo on that day in their re­ spective places of divine, worship, there to bow down in submission to the will of Almighty God, and to pay, out o f full hoarts, their homage of lo'vo aud reverence to the. great and good president whose death has saddened the. nation with bittor grief. “In witness whereof I have here­ unto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. “ Done at tho city of Washington, the 14th day of September, A. D. one thousand nine hundred and one, and of the independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-sixth. “ T heodobe R oosevelt . “ By the President: John Hay, Secretary of State.” every organization, however small and wherever found under the Ameri­ can flag, inimical to our form of gov eminent, his last words spoken and tbe circumstances attending tbe last .hours of his life, aro so sublimely beautiful as to disarm us for tho timo being of every thought but that holy oue which bids us turn to the tomb of our dead president aud thence to tbe throne of grace. Let us then, in obedionco to the first proclamation ot tho present chief oxocutive of the nation, rever-' ently obsorve Thursday, Septombor 19, as a clay o f mouruing and prayer, aud to this eud lot all secular put- suits be abandoned or subordinated. In witness whereof I have hereunto sot my hand aud caused the great seal o f the state of Montana to be affixed. Done at the, city of Helena the 16th day of September, A. D. oue thou­ sand nino hundred aud one, and tbe iudopondpiu-o of the Unitod Statos the one huudrod and twonty-sixth. J. K. T oole , Governor. By the Governor: Georgo M. Hays, Secretary of State. S h y o f M e m b e r s . Kansas City, Sept. 17.—Not more than 27)0 delegates had arrived at noon to attend the alliod third party conference called by J O. Parker, chairman of tho people’s party ua tional committee “ for the purpose of aligning all roform parties which agree with the tamendod populist platform” and tho gathering was not called to ordor until noon. The dele­ gates come from thirteen stateB, and are made up of single tax leaguers and members of- the public owner­ ship party, fusionists, populists and silver republicans. 'A D a y o f Mourning: and P r a y e r . Helena, Sept. 1G.—Governor Toole todaynssued the following proclama­ tion sotting aside Thursday as a day of mourning and prayer, that being the day when the body of the late President will be buried at Canton, Ohio: William McKinley, late president of the United States, in tbe zenith of his powers and in the full confidence of bis;countrymen, has fallen like a stricken eagle. • ■ v While the awful crime of the dis sembling and.insatiate assassin has aroused tbe fiercest, animosities of eyery loyal -citizen against anarchy and its benighted votaries, and kin­ dled anew the fires of-patriotism, cul­ minating i n /a settled purpose and fixed ..determination', to 'expurgate :i VreYcanrand’ obliterate if ' we must. E m b e z z ler A r r e s ted. “IT IS GOD’S WILL, NOT OURS.; . GOOD BYE, ALL; GOD’S WILL BE DONE.” The Last Words Spoken by President McKinley to His Beloved Wife. T h e P r e s id e n t Dead. Buffalo, Sept. 14.—President Mc­ Kinley died at 2:15 o’clock this moru- iug. He had been unconscious siuco 7:50 p. m. His last conscious hour ou earth was spent with the oue to whom he had devotod a lifetime of care. He died unattoudod by a minister of the gospel, but his last words wore a submission to the will of God, in whom ho believed, lie was reconciled to the cruel fate to which un assassin’s bullet had con­ demned him and faced death in the same spirit of calmness and poise which had marked his long and honorable career. / His last conscious words, reduced to^writing by Dr. Maun, who stood the cause of this condition there seems to have been a difference of opinion between some of the physi­ cians. T a k e n to W a s h ington. Miiburu House,Buffalo, Sept. 16.— Tho silent form of William McKinloy was born from tho city in impressive stute this morning und taken on its journey to the nutional capital. Mrs. McKinley was not awakened until after 7 o ’clock, when Dr. Rixby wont to tho room with one o f her at- toudauls. Sho had not slept well, despite the fact that sho is almost thoroughly exhausted aud that Dr. Rixoy hud given her a sleeping por­ tion. Tho first thing sho asked was a repetition of tho quory of the lust two days: out, a hush fell on the multitude. Then from tho column came the- mournful sound o f “long roll.” As it ceased there arose, clear and sweet, the notes of tbe beautiful hymn, “ Nearer, My God, to Thee,” The soldiers raised tho flag-coyered caskot on their sholders and moved toward the traiu as the band took up tne air of the grand old hymn, “O God, Our Help in Ages Past.” Tho special train which carried the remains of the dead president to Washington consisted of an engine and seven coaches. First was the combination car which carried the baggage; second was the sleeper,Bol- gravia, for the accommodation of the newspaper men traveling with the party; third was the dining car, Miles City, Sept. 16.—E. J. Mor- nell, wanted in Anaconda on the1 charge of embozzlement, was arrested here today on a telegram from Sheriff Conley to tho officers here. While the train was being searched Marnell, with two grips, got off tho front end of tbe smoker. Jailer A1 Kircher was watching outside and Conductor Rapelje, on being shown the descrip­ tion o f the man wanfed, pointed him out as probably the one. The officers not being sufficiently certain of his identity, however, followed him to Tetter’s restaurant and ate at fhe same table with him. Being satisfied by observing a cut on the thumb that it was Marnell, Officer Jackson and Deputy Sheriff Western placed him under arrest. He denied bis, name aod said he was never in Anaconda. Ho was taken to. jail and $391.75 taken from him. He gave his name to the jailer for the ’ receipt: as Ed Marnell, but denied-any connection with any crime. J H e/refused to be interviewed by tho press and would not talk about his affairs with the jailer. Ho will be held until the ar rival o f Sheriff Conlev Wednesday. at his bedsido when they wore uttered, were: - “ Good bye all,good bye; it is God’s will, His will be done.” His relatives and the members of his official family wore at the Mil- burn house, except Secretary Wilson, who did not avail himself of tho op­ portunity. Some others of bis per sonal and political friends took leave of him. This painful ceremony was simplo. His friends came to tbe door o f the sick room, took a long­ ing glance at him, and turned tear­ fully away. Ho was partially uncon­ scious during this, but tbe most powerful heart stimulants, including oxygen, were employed to restore consciousness for his final parting with his wife. He asked for her and as she sat at his side the dying president held her hand. H e consoled her and bade her good bve. She went through tbe heart-trying scene with the same bravery and fortitude with which she has borne the grief of the tragedy which ended his life. The immediate cause of .the presi- ent’s death wasggangrede, but as to “When can I see the major?” Dr. Rixoy told her that they were going to let her see him today, and then she lot her attendauds dress her, and at 7 :45 was ready for her light breakfast, which sho took in her room alone. At 8:35 several liguros stepped si­ lently out upon tho porch and walk­ ed duv.u toward* tbe carnage. Mrs. McKinley, robed in garbs of mourn ing aud supported by Abner McKin ley on one side and Dr. Rixey on tbe other, was tho central figure. To the surprise of all she walked briskly with her head erect, her face hidden behind her long black.yeil. So far as could be seen she sat erect and un­ supported iu the carriage. The slow and stately progress of tho president’s '.body from the city hall to the railroad station afforded the people of Buffalo a last oppor­ tunity to do honor to the memory of tho lamented executive. The hearse stopped in front of the baggage entrance to the depot. As the undertaker took hold of the door of the hearse to open itand the body- boarers prepared to draw the coffin Waldorf; fourth the sleeper, Naples; fifth tho compartment car, Hunga- ria, for the cabinet; sixth was the pri­ vate car, Olympia, for Mrs. McKinley and-members of the family; seventh the observation car, Pacific, which carried tbo remains o f the late presi­ dent. In this car a platform had been built and on this tbe casket was placed at an elevation which made it plainly visible to people at all sta­ tions through which the train passed, Pilot engine 408 preceded the funeral train by fifteen minutes to see thal tho track was clear. A t W a s h in g ton . Wa8biuglou, Sept. 16.—The presi­ dent’s body arrived at the Pennsyl­ vania station at 8:35 p. in. The squadrons of cavalry and a battery of field-artillery joined the memben of the cabinet and the soldiers and marines on tbe train, about 200 in all escorting tbe body to tho White houso. There it was met. by the specie! guard of honor, composed o f Lida ■ . ’ ■ 'i '-:V .Continued on SooondPass/ - ; ! r < (U*- . . 1 -• “ w. •'•'v--r. r-‘“* *«r* ' v ; - , Aft„ / - ( ¿ m i ;

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 20 Sept. 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.