The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, May 16, 1902, Image 1

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I Í ^ N & 2 g Ç H ^ T j E X u , , T ^ p ^ J c O ü Ñ T .^ f M O N T A N ^ J^ÄY __16 ' -1902/- '\/ / T e t o ñ X h r ó r ii ó l e ;^ y o l ;;V ¿ ''N 0 i x 4 1 ? ^ 4 ^ S \ y ■\■ ■ H c V - te::-.-' H i t e r  m m Ê ^ w) í N°t ó ^ f. P ublicÇ - . ^ h Ó t é a u ,5 ? ¿ % P ; ^ ó n t á n Á.- j ] GJ BAÍR^^ A t t o r n e y - a t - , c h o t e a u , MONTANA. ; :;; - r - J A M E S ' S U L G R Ö V E , ; ■ / Atto«, ari fcsìor Et Law, . /*V> . / ^ w\ ‘ ^ \ ‘ T\V* -y-Notary Public, •/', _ : CHOTEAl/ - . ■ : • ; Court H oueo . ^ - m ontan a ! T . B E O p K S , ' ; 1 / Sacooßsor to WkmsJoy & Brooks. ' ; „ ÒÓ^co Next to Court Houso, ■; y Fl A. LONG, .■:■ ' ‘P h y s i c i a n \ a n d 'S u r g e o n ; , Office- in 'Jnckson Building. Next, to ; Teloplioiie Office.' CHOTEAU,., : ’ - ;L - MONTANA. f c r C < \ N A b n e r , U . S . C o m m i s s i o n e r , * i j ' C CHOTEAU, MONT! Land filinga and proofs. ^ ta f A L T E R M A T H EW S , U. SÏ COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone Nö. 27. • , ' / ' . : - CHÖTEAU, MONTANA.’ O l a f c ; F j e l d . Land, •’\Reservoir and Ditch ., .. veying a specialty. - Sur-* SH E L B Y , MONT. D r . E A R L E S T R A I N , . OCULIST ari AURIST, 817 First Avenno North,. GREAT FALLS, M ON T . Office Hours: 1 p. m. to A p. m. J.- W.-SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations.' .-• Reservoir Sites. ... Canal and ditch surveying. Full List o f Vacant School Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. C H E V A L IE R ' L O D G E N O . 12, I C . o f F > . Meets Every Thursday Evening. Visiting Brottiron Cordially Invited to Attend, s' ' . ‘ W. J. DORIUKQTON, ■ C. C. ' D e . T. B kooks , K. of R & S. Choteau Laundry Best Work in the State on White Stirts v and Collars. Prices Reasonable. J. II. Pcririan.Agt . ' P. P. Crane, Manager. Telephone 12.- Chotoau, Mont. H. BEAUPRE, ■ D E N T I S T ' Teeth Extracted .out Pami - All CHOTEAU; ; With- work Guaranteed. MONTANA, GET Ï 0UR EXPRESS / ,( ...- u . Via • .,/ : C h o t e a u & G r e a t F a l l s S t a g e , -j ■ . -.Daily, except Sunday.; . Rates reasonable.' Passenger faro §3.50. ‘V / . T hos . a . S mith ; Agent;'- ■/ D R . j . B . IVIc Ç O L L Ü M ..GREAT Ï? ALLS, ' MONT. ' . (Unincorporated.): ■% • »r»v ,’>v G reat F a l m ,\ •'Export-Optician and Eyo Specialist. Grad­ uate of :tlm Chicago Optbalmic College. . •., Twonty-.tlirco--years , orporicnco1 in. rolrr.o- tlon. . , Office Qt - Residence, •'•'509 'Second, Avenue, '■'- Sontli,.. . - - . . -M ontana GRAVES & Paid u p - c a p i t a l . 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 Individual responsibility.-.. 2,000,000 W. G. CONRAD, Pres. JAMES T. STANFORD,' } v ; Vice Pres, and Manager. ' P. KELLY-, Cashier. -This, bank .solicits, accounts,} and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful-'attention,' and the most liberal treatment consistent with'safe ” and profitable 'banking. Buys'.ahd [sells foreign exchange, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its-oivu Letters of Credit. Interest paid bn time deposits, \ - : The highest cash price paid for ap- proved:state, county,'city and school bonds and warrants. , : • for Perfecl-Iitlii Glass®, and ARTIFICIAL EYES ’ Consalt PROF. J. GOLDSTEIN, Eye Specialist, 213 1-2 CENTRAL AVENUE, GREAT PALLS. . MONTANA, Âêgig-ee©eg-:S®&®:-§:-§:-S.;g:-9SS'â3a3 as -, - 'ê , • w m w w ^1 w w © w w i I w : THE H O T E L H O R T O N DUPUYER, HONT. Re-Opened Under New Man- : agemeut. Tlic only Idrst-Class Hotel : --in Dupuyer. Board-by the Day or W eek at Reasonable Rates. W . D. HAGEN, Prop. G - r e a t F á l l s M o n t . L u m b e r , L a t h , S h i n g l e s , p5\ B u i l d e r s H a r d w a r e , B u i l d i n g P a p e r , M o u l d i n g s , S a s h , D o o r s , E t c . Write for Special Prices ' on Carloads F. O. B your nearest Railroad Station. G E O . R . W O O D , M a n a g e r . Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S fi. I . T i l l & C o . -:OF:- COLLINS, MONTANA, Handle Tho BEST BRANDS Of = H | W I N E S , L I Q U O R S A n d # = ^ C I G A R S . This Firm Also' Rims A —:FEED STABLE:-- At Collins With A Good Man • • / * In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring > T 9 Leave' A .Team With them Can do so. Know­ ing That They Will B© Given The Best Of Care/;.' V ;, ~ Hirshberg Brothers -, ’--’ ' / ‘.Bankers,'-/-.. Choteau, / Montana. : W e solicit accounts and- offer to the public;the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. W e buy and sell, exchange on all ' the* principal Arrierican and European cities, and issue letters of credit. „. ‘ - ..E a r l i e r ;R e p o r t s C o n firm e d . G. F. & C. TIME TABLE. Tuesday . Thursday . Saturday North r.M. 10 5 5 .. 9 4 5 . . . 8 3 0 .. 8 1 0 .V, 7 2 5 .. 6 2 5 . . . 5 5 0 . . . 00 . . 10 . . . 1 5 . . . Stations. 5 4 3 DAILY. - 2 5 0 . . . 2 00 . . 12 40 V 12 25 J 1 1 -30 .. 10 4 5 .. 1 5 .. 10 . . 3 5 .. 5 5 .. 4 5 .. . . .Lethbridge . ;: .. . . S t irlin g .. . . . Tyrrell’s Lake . BruntonZ.. . . . Milk R iver. . . . . .* Coutts . . . . . .. Sweet Grass . . ......... K e v in .......... .R o cky Springs. . SnelbyJunction. . ShelbyJunction. . . . . ' Conrad . . . . ... *Pondera. .. . . . . .B r a d y ..... . .. *coiim s .. Clark’s Spur.. ......... S t e e l ........... . I Vaughan . . . .. . . Willard .. Great Falls .. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South P.M. ____ 8Ù 5 / . . . 9 45 ..11 05 ..11 25 ..12 10 05 45 45 45 45 DAILY. . . ‘ 5 10 .. 6 05 I 7 30 J- 7 50 . . . 8 45 .. 9 35 .vlO 15 ..1 1 '20 ..12 01 ..1 2 40 .12 50 10 9 8 7 7 A.M. A.M. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains \m the C. P. R. * Meals. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed saloon in north? era Montana. W e have on hand the finest brands o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars, The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On tap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. GQLD, SILVER AND NICKEL PLATING Before the New Tear com­ mences I expect to be pre­ pared to do first class work in gold, silver and- nickel plating at reason­ able prioes.' Send or. bring mo your knives, forks, spoons and .other articles of daily use anc( have tijeoi pitted and /save acrnbbipg and rub­ bing. F. H. FEDERHEN, - DUPUYER, MONT. To T h e P u b lic. R o u g h / R i d e r , \ , / ^jàÎ^R ô u g jhy^iâëi: ___ iii _________ ' To my friends and patrons of Teton county I wish to state I, am [better prepared than any studio in Great Falla, to. do you firsf class work'. / We háye the Urgyet ahd fineet [equipped studio in:tke'state..W ëemploy four fi^ .c l i ^ % ^ ' ti ntj»;«nä, is ackr^Úíd|¡f^;riW/,b ^ / in the city. see'.- us , Fort De France, Island of Martin-, iquo. May 12.—It now- soems to bo generally admittod that about 30,000 persons lost [thoir lives as the result of tho outbreak of Mount Psleo- vol­ cano at SL Pierro on Thursday last. • CaToful inv'ostigatioD by competent government officials shows that the earlier reports of the Associoted Press were accurate. Briefly put, last Thursday morning the city of St. Pierre disappeared with in 10 minutes in whirling Bro vomited from Mount [Pelee, 30,000 persons were instantly, and horibly killed,and the volcano whoso ancient crater for more than 50 years had been oobupiod by a quiet lake in which picnic parties bathed, suddenly discharged a torrent of fiery mud,, which rolled towards the sea, engulfing everything before it- Then the last of tho cable com­ munications was brokon and the doom­ ed city was isolated from the world. Tho American consul at Guade­ loupe, LouiB H. Ay me, has reached tho desolate spot where St. Pierre stood and confirms the awful story in ail its essential details. From an interview with Col. Ayme, who is a trained American newspaper man,a correspondent of tho Associa­ ted Press loarnedtho following facts: Tuesday morning the inhabitants of the oity awoke to find heavy clouds shrouded Mount Peloo crater^ __ All day .Wednesday horrid J lo L o nations had been heard. These were echoed from. St. Thomas on the north to Bar­ bados in tho south. The cannonad­ ing ceased on Wednesday night and fine ashes fell liko rain on St. Pierre.' The inhabitants were alarmed, but Mourittet, who had arrived at St. Pierro tho evening before, did ovory thing possible to allay tho panic. The British steamer Roraima reach­ ed St. Piorre on- Thursday with ton passengers, among whom wero Mrs. Stokes and her three childron, and Mrs. H. J. Ince. Thoy .were watch­ ing the rain of ashos, when, with a frightful roar and terrific electric dis chargos, a cyclone of fire, mud and steam swept down from tho crator over the town and bay, sweeping all uoforo it and destroying tho vessels anchored off shoro. Thore the ac­ counts of the catastrophe, so far ob­ tainable, ceaso. Thirtv thousand corpses are strewn about, buried in the ruin* of St1 Pierre or else floating, gnawed by sharks, in tho surrounding seas. P e a c e Is S u r e . Lisbon, May 10.—A dispatch re­ ceived hero from Delagoa Bay, Por­ tuguese East Africa, says that peace in South Africa is certain to result from tho conference of tho Boer load- or to be held at Yoreeniging, Trans­ vaal, on May 15. It is said, tho dispatch continues, that peace will bo proclaimed May 20. Preparations are afoot for genoral re- ;joiciogs. After having mot the burgh­ ers in the field and explained to them the British terms, tho Boer leaders were to meet it Vereeniging and reach a final decision on tho subject af peace A dispatch from London, dated May said it was officially asserted that after three conferences at Vereeniging the Boer leader would proceed to Pre­ toria and announco to Lord Kitchener their decision in regard to the peace termB they are prepared to accept. F irst Oattle S h ipped. An old time Montana stockman, through tho Chicago World, speaking of early cattle shipped from Montana to Chicago, says: “ I noticed, in a local paper an ar­ ticle signed ‘F. McK.,’ stating that Montana first came into prominence during tho year 1883 as a producer of cattle which compotedsuecessfully with the corn-fed cattle, and that the Montana steers heralded as the world-beaters were . fed by [ a T. P. McDonald and J, ,C.' Logan. While it' is not my intention to disparage in' any manner i.tlia;. reputation earned , » ''2 *»<•*l r * ‘ •• ' - by Montana hay-fed cattle,-1 wish to state that it ia owing-., to the strictly range cattle thatVMontana owes.ita proeuneuce Mjej-uvestock Tho old dispute ovor the payment for iliesprintiug of briefs in criminal casos in the^supreme court, orderod by tbo attorney gonoral but in cases in which a county is interested,will bo tested in the district court.- Tho at torney general yesterday brought suit against Lewis and Clarko county for $93.40. This is tho amount charged for certain briefs orderod by tho at- ornoy genoral. Some timo ago tho attorney genoral determined upon tbo policy of asking all tho couutios to pay for tho printing of briofs. At that timo there was duo for this work about $G50, soventoen counties being included in the list of delinquents. All but fivo of those have settled. Last December, tbo commissioners of Lewis and Clarke county disallowed tho bill for printing. Tho attorney gonoral has determined upon testing the question thoroughly in ordor to settle it once for all. There is still a considerable sum duo Ravalli county’s account, which is $30, boiug next in size to that of Lewis and' Clarko. H e lping Jim Hill. Wbilo tho Great Northern railroad is doing much to advertise tho re­ sources of northern Montana in tho eastern and middle western states, it is not alone. A circular was received in this city yesterday from a small town in Illi­ nois, advertising a meeting in tho opera house that night, at which tho town band would bo in attendance, to give a rousing welcomo to John A. Largont, who would address tbo as­ sembled multitude on tho lands of northorn Montana. This is tho first nows that has been received of tho former Great Falls attorney sinco the letter stating he had opened a law. offico in Chicago and was doing a good business in solling'Wall Street mining stock. M rs. S o ffel S e n t e n c e d . was located in tho eastern-part of Montana'bofore the Northern Pacific road had * been .constructed as', for west as Billings and during the year of 1882 spent niost of' my .timo at Keath, Mont., which is now Wibaux, and at that time the railroads had not reached as far west, and while beef wns plentiful, wo ato buffalo moat all season ns it was considered a novelty to us tonderfeet. •‘During tho year 1882 D, A. Flow- erree (fand Henry Lowry shippod from Billings, 32 cars of strictly grass catllo, which if my recollection sorves me right, avoragod 1,4-15 pounds and sold at $5.85. The butchers at St. Paul wanted a few .of those steors, Flowerree did not caro to dispose of any thoro,' although ho sold a dealer two stoors at $100 ' per head to be used for show - purposes. In the same year the Montana Cattle Co. made a shipmont o f about 1,200 head and tho average prico and woight was about tho same bb tho Floworroo and Lowory shipment. It is noed- less to state that it is the strictly range cattle that have given Montaua its high reputation as a livestock Btate and from within its borders ato shipped every year grass catllo that are as well matured as tho greater part of tho corn-fed cattle.” For Printing Of B riefs. W o ol P r ices G o ing Up. THE :. RACE-. OF Pittsburg, May 10.—Mrs. Catherine Soffel, tho wife of Warden Peter Soffel of thoAllogenoy county jail, whoon- terod a plea of guilty to the chargo of releasing Edward and John Biddle tho burglar and murderers of Grocer Kahney and Detective Fitzgerald, was sentenced to-day by Judge Frazier to two years in the western penitentiary. Mrs. Soffol received the sentence calmly. She was taken to ..Tho pen­ itentiary.' Walter Forman, the mem­ ber of the Biddle gang, who turned, state’s evidence and entered a pica of guilty to the murder of Kahney, was called ùp and death. It is understood that for service ronder- ' od thé state he will nevor ;bq;executed‘ and that the pardon'board will'com­ mute hia'sénteheèiW.Ilife/imprison ment, j'.- / ; v - Subscribe fd^iThe/Montanian and According to a circular which many of the'sheepmen of Montana have re­ ceived within the past few days from Justico.Batoman & Co., wool commis­ sion merchants of Philadelphia, the prico of wool at the present time is higher than it has boon at any time sinco October, 1900. A diagram shows the course of prices for avorago fine scoured territory wool declined from Fodruary, 1900 when it sold on a basis of G5 cents, until April, 1901, when tho. bottom of the market was reached at 40 cents. Then tho prico began to go up again and in May, 1901, a year ago, 42 cents was obtained. ; Another raiso took place in July and August, whon the price rose t o '45 cents. Tho wool remained at 45 cents for eight months until March of this year, whon it took another ndvatice and in April reachod 46 cents. During a period of loss than thirty days up to tho oarly part of this month tho mar- kot advanced 2 cents nioro and wool is now selling on a Bcoured basis of 48 cents, which is 6 cents higher thaii that rocoivod a year ago. Buy T h e ir E s c o r ts. Chicago, May 10—Young women students at tho University of Chicago rosont an insinuation that they need to pay a commission to a theater agency in order to secure escorts whon thoy go to see a play. Yester­ day when sov.eral coeds came across tho campus from their quadrangle the first thing that mot their gaze was tho following notico in largo let- tors, posted on tho official bulletin board in front of Cobb ball: “Univorsity thoater agenoy. Special inducements. Young women of the university securing tickots from this agency will bo provided with a pleasant and agreeable escort, carofully selected from the olito o f the student body. TU b nrraugoment may bo had by tho paymont of 15 cents commission to tho agent and car furo for the young man whon you buy tho tickots.” Tho sonsational notice was signed by tho name of Wynne Garlick who acts as a “ studout agont” for soveral down town theaters. A N ew Fanglecl B randing Iron. Until very recently if a man talked of branding cattle without a fire to heat the branding iron, ho would at onco have been denounced aB the rankest kind of a tenderfoot. Now, howovor, tho irresistible march of pro­ gress has brought forth tbo fireless branding iron, says tho Helona Inde­ pendent. Thoro ato no stops to let tho iron get hot, but it is always load­ ed and ready for business. Dr. M. E. Knowles, state veterinary, has received from Denver a pair of branding irons, one for horses and cat­ tle, tho othoi for shoep. The imple­ ment has a receptacle for gasoline, holding enough to run tho iron for threo hours during which timo a fair­ ly activo brander would loavo his mark on about 300 head of sheep. The state veterinarian is required to brand tho letter S on all sheep infect­ ed with scab and it was for this pur* pose the brand was secured. Cattle suffering from tuberculosis are also subject to the veterinarian's branding iron. Tho branding iron is pro­ vided with an air pump which forces the gasoline flame into the brand, and keeps it in a red hot condition, always ready for use. B a c k From T h e East. Thou art,( Whore moh contend Where joy plays hide and se^ktwitb I And foolish ala- Where now tho skies are 'clear and bloa;,r^l[ 1 L The clouds float far away and Where lauvhter flontn unnh fli« I Or shadows chase away the Or storm clohds'gather in Darkening tho earth as they, pass So trouble dawns upon oar .way, - j.,':'*.'' And things that once seemsd brigKt'and';:|'.;/ll Frown dark ns black perdition’s s h o r e ; j Where joy departs to come no more.;:'; - A few until life’s race does end, - / . / ' / I / / Fight bravely on and never bend, . “ Though rough the way and dark the hour ,. And enemies seek to them o’erpower.:.‘ / . * While others crushed beneath a storm ; Of envy’s wrath and hatred’s sebrn; - / ' ; Though brilliant, perish and go down \ ’ Unknown to glory and renewn. ' Still others in the pathway stand, • [’ Liks blundoring boulders on the strand;- Uaable to ndvance are thsy, But if they could would bar the way.' Against the man who doth aspire, Forced on by wild ambition’s fire; To have a never dying namo, - . Fly o’er the world on wings of fame.-. And so on to the end of time, In ovory placo and overy dime, Throughout life’s long existing race, • Will men contend for foremost plaee. Bnt at the last when all mnst clese, ■■ Their oyss in one long last repose; Thoy all will seek the same low bed, . .. - And all bo numbered with the dead. F eakl M. K xjtkkdt . :«l ’ .WJ, Capt. H o a ly’s W ife S u e s H e r H u e - band For a D iv o r c e . Chicago, May 11.—Sensational al­ legations are made in a divorce suit to be begun here, tomorrow - against • Captain John J. Healy, of Seattle, - formerly prominent in Montana. Isa­ bella J. Healy, tho complainant, de­ clares her husband deserted her more than two years,, ago..and want- to Alaska. She further declares that his forluno of $1,000,000 was gained , from an investment of $5,000 of her ’ money in tho North American Trane- portation and Trading 'company, which Mr. Hoaly promoted. S h e ' charges him with breaking promises; to transfer to her name part of that company’s stock, and title to some o f . his valuable mining claims in south­ eastern Alaska. The complaint was aerved on Mr. Healy during a recant - hurried trip to Chicago, 'he being found at tho company’« office in the Rookery building by the officer. Edwin B. Smith, the woman’s at-' torney, will begin pushing the suit in - the Cook county - courts tomorrow,. tho basis of the matter being deeer-, tion. Non-support!« also claimed,', in that Mr. Healy refused: to furnish his wife with money ainee hie de­ parture from Alaska. Mrs. Healy ' claims her husband’s stock in- the trading company ia worth several, thousand dollars, all won by the investment of the $5,000 secured / from her. Mr. Healy left Chicago shortly after the' service of the complaint, i News of tho suit has since been s u p -' pressed.'M r. Healy’s company is backed by Chicago capital extensive­ ly. Michael Oudahy ia president.' ~: I M :s>| M inister’s S o n G u ilty. :• - ä | W. G. Conrad and family returned yesterday - afternoon after several months’ visit in Virginia, Washington and Now York city. They will re­ main here until late in the fall.' ' The boys, who wore yery ill while away, have completely recovered. All had a most enjoyable visit, but are glad to got back to Gveat Falls. Mr. Conrad states that business r.ih tho cast is most prosperous, blit he * - s ' , , . has kept in close touch- with .his ihr terests here'and nowheie *, arev-busi- New York, May 10—Allen Fetterley, i 17 years of age, son o f a former clergy- , I man now residing at Pittsburg, Pa* ,^|§| and Robert Currie, a youthful 'eail«r/^[^| have pleaded guilty to an attempt'ai^^^l burglary. When being Uken to n /V M cell Fetterley spoke to the judge :snd{^^| asked, that, a picture. of.[ hia^.young.v'-V^'f sister be returned to , h l i i j ^ ^ v iiiM»g« # f such a touching appeal t h n t ^ ^ f ^ g » ^ ^ ordered his return and d e f e c i ^ /’» * ^ ? ^ tence. He expressed the opihion’tbM . Fetterley had been led evir companions.' Both theboya'ennfeeead, the police-;when' osptureid.’frefl' ' that they h id traveled^-aU§ ' nt, robbing church altMS. • ' T h e Art S t u d loi Will be cloeed: from llfaf41Ä h 1 s t a s â M l a p r

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 16 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.