The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, May 30, 1902, Image 1

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i Ä R Ä i l B Ä i l Ä S S M * « * * > V -:. ì ■- - ' • ifhe^ontaniàri, ’.Voi, XIII, No '' • \ [CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. MAY 30, 1902. - V ' .' ^ V > > -,.• i---' r- -'- ■■’.','-~>fii$ÆR1& Teton Chronicle, Vol. V- Nò. tö '- M j m - • '-'- v < ' _______ • • J. E. ERICKSON, • Attórnèy-at-Law, /■ Notary Public, CHOTEAU, - MONTANA. ..ì '. V“ J W G, BAIR, A t t o r n e y -a t -L a w , CHQTEAU, MONTANA. CO, 9 9 - GREAT FALLS, MONT. (Unincorporated.) Paid up capital ............... . ..$ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2,000,000 .,, Y J A M E S S U L G B O V E ,. Attoraey ail Counselor at Law, Notary Publio. •> i CHOTEAU, - Court Houso.. - * MONTANA. T . B R O O K S ,\. . & Surgeon. , Successor to W ainsloy & Brooke, , , \ 'v - QfFco .Next t o Court Houso. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon,. Office in Jackson building. Next to Telephone Office. CHOTEAU, - - MONTANA. C. W ARNER, U. S . Com m issioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Land filings and proofs. w ALTER MATHEWS, U. S. COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. - Olaf C . F jsld . Land, Reservoir and Ditch Sur­ veying a specialty. - SH E L B Y . - - MONT. Dr. EARLE STR A IN , ’ OCULIST ail AURIST, 317 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, MONT. Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W . S H I E L D S , C. E . è and Locations. esorvoir Sites. Canal und ditch surveying. Full Li9tof Vacant School Lands OTKICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. CHEVALIER LODGE ..NO. 12, ' XL o f IP, ■ Ifcpts Every Thursday Evening. VU’-tlp? Brptbroji CordiolJy Invited to Attend. W. J. DonniKaroN, _ C. C.' D r . T, B rooks , K. of H & S. W , G. CONRAD, Pres. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vice' Pres, and Manager. P. KELLY, Cashier. This bank solicits accounts, and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful attention, and the most liberal treatment consistent with safe and profitable banking. Buys and sells foreign exchange, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its own Letters of Credit. Interest paid on time deposits. The highest cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city and school bonds and warrants ftr Perfect-Mi Glasses and ARTIFICIAL EYES Ceiijüîl Ixi-JF. J. GOLDSTEJ, Eye Specialist, 213 i-2 CENTRAL AVENUE, GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, $ & « & THE iä m Ht Hi i& a to .«? $ to HOTEL HORTON DUPUYpR, nONT, Re-Opened Under New Man­ agement. ■ The only First-Class Hotel ‘ in Dupuyer. Board b y the Day or W e e k at Reasonable Rates. $ W . D. HAGEN, Prop. t — - G - r e a t F a l l s X Æ o z i t Chotëau Laundry Best Work in the State on White Stirts and Collars. Prices Reasonable. J. II. Pcrman.Agt 1 ! • C. P. Crane’, Manager. Telephone 12. Chotoau, Mont. H. B E A U P R E , 3 3 E H S T T 1 S T Teeth Extracted With­ out Pain. AU work Guaranteed. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. GE1 YOUR EXPRESS Ghoteau & Great Falls Stage, Daily, except Sunday. Bates reasonable. Passenger fare S3.50. -T hos . A. S mith , Agent. Lum b er, ' Lath, Shingles, ®\ Builders Hardware, b ) Building P a p e r , M o u ldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. O. B your noarest Railroad Station. GEO. R. W O O D , M a n a g er. Telophone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S & Co. Hirshberg Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. W e solicit accounts and offer to the.public the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. exchange on ■ W e buy and sell all the principal American and European cities, and issue letters of credit. G. F. & C. TIME TABLE. Tuesday 1 Thursday Saturday North / Stations. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South p.M. . P.M. 10 55 .......... L e thbridge .......... 8 15 9 45 .......... ;• S tirling................ 9 45 8 30 ___ Tyrrell’s Lake . . . .11 05 8 10 ............. B r u n ton ............ 11 25 7 2 5 .......... Milk River..............12 10 6 25 .......... • Coutts.. . . . ____ 1 05 5 50 ......... Sweet G r a s s ......... 1 45 5 00 ............... Kevin ................ 2 45 4 1 0 . . . . Rocky Springs. . . . 3 45 3 15^.. .ShelbyJunction.. . . 4 45 DAILY. DAILY. 2 5 0 . . . . ShelbyJunction. 5 10 C o n rad .............. G 05 •Pondera . . .. j ^ ^ B rady ................ 8 45 •Collins? ................ 9 35 Clark’s Spur .......... 10 15 S t e e l ................. 11 20 8 3 5 . . . . - . V a u g h a n ............ 12 01 7 55 ............ W illard.................12 40 7 45 ......... Great Falls , . . .12 50 A. si. A.M. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. R y . Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains in the C. P. R. •Meals. — = -= v -iO F }-= = COLLINS, MONTANA, Handle The BEST BRANDS Of =N!WINES, LIQUORS \ * =*3CIGARS. d r , J, B. M c CQLLUM y..’- ■ ■'■■if1.\.-- X.'W' -V'V- - . . — -- C heat F alls . Export Optician and Eyo Specialist. Grad­ uate o f tbs Chicago Optbalmic Collage. Twenty-threo years ezpcriooco in rofrac- tion.--- v-■> , •.‘Qfttco at ItOPtdonc«, 509 Soooml South, Avenue. M ontana GRAVES & CO., Ö H Q T E A D , M G N T u . / AGENTS FOR \ ¿MARY” This Firm Also Buns A —:FEED STABLE:- At Collins With A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That Tliey ^ i l l Be Given The Best Of Care. Rough Rider, N a t u r a l . : Little Rough Rider h a n d m a d e c ig a r s . B e r t h a K o s t a l a k , M f ’g , The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed saloon yv. nyrtfa- erti Montana, We have on hand the finest brands o f Wines, ' Liquor8 and Cigars. The Celebrated .»I kU Pabst Export Beer 0,n tap and fn pottles. DAVI5 BROS., Proprietors. QQLP, SILVER AND NICKEL PLATINO *•« Jt//n »•« Before th^ New Year cotn- megces l expect to be pre­ pared to do first class work In gold, silver and nickel plating at reason­ able prices. Send or bring me yoar knives, forks, spoons and other articles of daily nso and have them plated and save serubbir g and Tab­ bing. Attorney W eed Suspended. Holenar' May 2G.—The supreme court today ’suspended E. D. Weed from the practice of law in Montana for two years, after finding him guilty upon threo of the accusations made against him by Theodore •Mayer. Tho court declined to per­ manently dif-bar the attorney, the evidence of Mr. Weed's good char­ acter lending tho court to temper the punishment with mercy. Tho court was unanimous in re­ porting the conclusion that Mr.Weed should be punishod. Justice Pigott prepared the .decision of the court. The court dismissed the fourth ac­ cusation against Mr. Weod relative to his haviug collected money for George Leekley and failing to turn it over to that person, Tho court finds that the accusation relative to Mr. Weed deceiving Theodore Mayer in the laud deal is sustained, as well as the charges that he deceived Augell Schwendeuger in collecting their claims against a mining company. In concluding its opinion tbo court says: ‘“The judgmont of the court is that the accusod, Elbert D. Weod, bo and he is hereby suspended from his office of attorney and counsellor aud deprived of the right to practice as such in the courts of Montana, for the period of two years, to-wit, until the 2Gth day. of May, 190-1, at tho ex­ piration of which time ho pray, upon proper petition, supported bv satis­ factory evidence of good conduct meantime, be restored to hiB privil­ eges, Let the judgmont bo entered.” A Safe Distance. A Berlin dispatch of the 8th says: Professor K. Bierklaud, the Norwe­ gian physicist, was in Berlin recently for the purpose of demonstrating the powersjof his olectro magnetic cannon before a numbi..“ of experts iu elec­ trical qrtillory. Manufacturers has of­ fered to buy the inventiou for imme­ diate exploitation, providod Professor Bierkland will increase tho length of tho piece used iu the trials, so that it will throw a projectile weighing two tons a distance of twelve miles. Theoretically tbp doyioe can throw a projectilo weighing two tons a dis­ tance of ninety milos, or even further, by sufficiently prolonging the tube. The principle upon which the new gun acts bus not bueu mat(a public, but it-is known that the projectile ìb expelled from an ordinary cast-iron $ube thickly lyrappad wjl^oopper wire. This tube combination of course could b.o made more cheaply than tho cauuon sow in nsp, No explosive gases result from dis­ charge of the now gun. Professor Bierkland’s invention haB stirred up great interest among teck nical observers, spmo of whom aro of the opiuionH that it signifies a greater revolution in fighting material than that brought about by discovery of gunpowder. New Land District. Register George D.Gresne and Re­ ceiver John Horsky of the Helena land office yesterday received official notice of the establishment of tho Great Falls laud district and a de­ scription of its boundaries. Commis­ sioner of tho General Land Offieo Brnger Herman says that further no­ tice of the precise timo when the land office at Great Falls will be ready to receive applications and to transact business will bo given by tho registor and receiver for publication. In his uotico of the establishment of tho district Commissioner Herman says: Notice is hereby given that, by an act of congress approved April 28, 1902, all that portion of tho state of Montana bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the northeast corner of the state and running thence west on tho national boundary line betwoou the United States aud British possession to the poiut intersected by the eastern boundary liuoof the Black- feet Indian reservation; thoncosouth along the lino of said reservation to where it is intersected by tbo oaslern line of the Lewis and Clarko forost reservation; thouce Bouth on said line to the soulhwost corner of township 22 north, range S west; thonco oast along the line betweeu township 21 and 22 north, to the northeast coruor of township 21 north, range 4 west; thenco south along tho line be­ tween ranges 3 and 4 wost, to the north east corner of township 14 north,range 4 west; thenco east along the lino be­ tweeu townships 14 and 15 north to the southeast corner of township 15 north, range 3 east; thenco north to the northeast cQrnor of said township; thence oast along the line between 15 and 1G north, to tho southeast oernor of township 111 north, rnuge 10 oasl; thence north along the line botwoou ranges 10 and 11 east, to the .north­ east corner of townships 18 and 19 north, to tho northeast cornor of town­ ship 18 north, range 12 oast; thence along the lino betwoeu ranges 12 nu(l 13 east, to tho Missouri rivor} theuco south aqcj past, following the Missouri rivor to tho east'lino of tho state of Montaua; thonco north along said line to the place of beginning, bo, and tbo same is hereby constituted, a qow land district, to be cq(locl Great Falls land ((ictY'iat of tho state of Montana: and the land oftpee for said district shall be located at the town of Groat £alh>, Combine Broken. Woo lbuyers who are operating in the western states appear to be at­ tempting to run a gigantic bluff on tho growers. Montana’s clip is not ready for the market yet, but will bo within tho nest six or eight weeks, aud the growers 'of this stato niay profit by the experiences of their Idaho breth­ ren. The dispatches from Idaho are to tho effect that somo lively wool sales took placo there, and about 2,300,000 pouuds chaugod hands iu one day at prioos lauging from 12 to 13 cents. The sales, however, wore not made until after tho woolbuyers’ clique had boon given a good scare. This is the way it buppouod, according to a Boise tolagram: “Tho buyers who hatfo been station­ ed bore for several weeks were quietly resting oa thoir oars, having, it is allogcd, entered into an agreement to onlertaincach otbor and let the grow­ ers ouitivate a wiiliuguoss to accept lowor prices than they were asking. This stoppod sales, and for two weeks or rnoro thero had been no movement* \Monday night some men outirely strange to this field dropped in. Those men wore representing houses that have not been represented in this soction. Before breakfast one of them had taken a 200,000-pound clip at bet­ tor tbau 12 conts. News of the saio got out as soon as the clique of buyers got abroad,aud after comparing notes tho old stagors found their works had boon stormod, and that they would havo to move rapidly if thoy were to get wool. The news wus Dashed up aud down tho road to those hanging round otbor places, and all bauds started out to got wool. “Tho tales of woo that had boon aung so long wore dropped, and every man was scrambling for wool. As a results,300,000 pounds changed hands at Boise, Mountuin Homo, Caldwell, Fayette \and IVeisor. The price lor tho host clip waB 13 oents, tho ayorage being about 1«. Horetoforo 12 cents was the best price talked about for the choicest wool in tho market.” < ‘ Imposed the Llmlt.Si’i^^gftwa Herbert H. Matteson, thie defauIt-i'J mg cashier o f the First National.bink.-^ of Great Falls, who pleaded ! guilty ^j i ‘ ' c\ i‘\>i '•‘ •HX’ -t Mondav to tho first thevin-&5 dictment returned against him;^iujp| week by tho federal grand jury,!was soutenced Tuesday morning to 'ten years in the penitentiary by Judge, Knowles, who imposed the. maximum?';-; penalty. -There were ninety counts ' in the indictment/ and .the eighty-.’:/« nine charges remaining were dis-/;/ missed by the United States district./ attorney. The charge to which\ Matteson - pleaded guilty alleged that be had / ; made a false roportto the comptroller of the treasury as to the condition’ of -,; the bank for the period that ended; ' September 30 last. In that report, - which was made October 10, Matteson' , swore that the bank had to its credit in the hands of its reserve agents.--. $285,098.81, when as a matter o f fact, it had only $37,098.81. MattesonV ? counsel made an earnest plea for V emency. In passing sentence/ ' Judge Knowles spoke of the position/ .1 of .bank officers to society, o f the trust;: ' that the people necessarily imposed • in them and of the necessity o f pun-' ’■ ishmoDt when any of these officers ; failed in their trust. Glendive, May 26.—The first-wool sale of the season to be «recorded at, this point was the clip of Jordan A Williams, numbering about 15,000 pounds, purchased by J. C. Morse, representing the firm of Harding A Cavelry of Boston. The price paid was 13£ cents. The clip i8 said to be an unusually fine one, a large per cent of it coming from young sheep. May Prom ote Ireland. Tribute To Our French Ally. Lord P a u n cefoto D.ead. F. H. FEDERHEN, DUPUYER, MONT. « y f f f f i W M i n m m n g s i m i i •vis»- Tß Th? Public« To my friends and patrons o f Teton county I wish to state I am better prepared than any studio *in Great Falls to do you first class work. \We haye the largest and equipped studio, in Ibe state.- W e employ four first class assistants and our work is acknowledged the \best in tho city. We invite you to caU and see us when in Great Falls. - / ; r W. H. C lihkkxbeakd , . v Washington, May24.-Lord Pounce- fote, tho British minister to tho United States, died at 5:35 o ’clock this morn­ ing. The improvement whick had been noted (q his condition during the past week received a sudden check about G o’clock last evening, when it was noticed that ho was experiencing difficulty in breathing. Dr. Jung, I ub . physician, wa§ immediately sent for« He decided upon a .consultation, and Dr. Thayer of Johns Hopkins univer­ sity arrived about 2 o’olock this morn­ ing. When Dr. Thayer left the em­ bassy at three o’clock the ambassador was resting so comfortably that a cablegram was sent to his son-in-law, Mr, Bromloy, in London, that there, was no immediate danger. Soon after 3 o ’clock a weakness of the heart de­ veloped and his pulse began to ool-. lapse, Re died so peacefully that it surprised even his physician. At the bedside when the distinguished diplo­ mat passed away were Mrs. Pauncc- fote, the Hon. Maude Pauncofote Miss Syoil and Miss Audrey, Dr. Jung and a Mr. Radford, one pf the. clerks Washington, May 2-1.—Tributo was paid today to tho memory of Jean Bap­ tiste Donation de Yimorue, Yicomte de Rochambesu, when the Hamar monument to tbo illustrious patriot and general was unvoilod in the pres­ ence of the president, his cabinet, a distinguished delegation represent­ ing the Froqph govern man t and many other prominent guests. Tho statue is placed in LafoyeUe square, oppo­ site. tho Lafayette monument, whero a vast crowd of people congregated this afternoon to witness tho unveil­ ing ceremonies. Presidoqt Roosevelt spoke brioOy and extolled Vicomte do Rochnmbeau. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, of Mas­ sachusetts, sounded tho clarion note of tho day, delivering the chief oration. Both addresses ware Bincere oulogins of tho character, devoted fealty to the cause o f liberty and tho courageous qualities of the hero whose statue served to inspiro tho sentences. Romo, May.23—Tho vitican is dis­ cussing the probability of the archdio- cosoof Now York Bonding in tho name of Archbishop Iroland of St Paul, with tho namesof Bishops Cbus. McDounoll of Brooklyn, N. Y. and Auxiliary Bishop John M. Farley of Now York, as candidates, from whom tho pro­ paganda shall select a successor to tho late Archbishop Corrigan. Tho boliof in this possibility is based on the idea that tho Catholics of tho archdiocese are anxious to havo a car­ dinal as archbishop and that none of the American archbishops or bishopB havo such a good ohaace of obtaining tho scarlet borolta as Archbishop Ireland. P r o s p e c tors Are Blocked. Butte, May 23.—The attempt to : rush into the Thunder Mountain dis­ trict beforo trails were passable has rosulted iu several thousand men being blockaded on the Stites trail in northern Idaho, and thoy are reported to be in desperate straits. A letter from Stites Bays that three pack train* with provisions haye been started from that point for tho relief of tb* prospectors. It is foared that many fatalitios have resulted. Tho snow ia deep and tho trail dangerous, aud ill not bo passable for a month. Bounty Claims Are Many. Her Privilege Oqrva, Now York, May 24.—Suit was en­ tered in tho United States district court today by the Countoss of Beuna Vista against General Brooke, of tho United Statos army, for S230,0GG. The counters alleges that General Ilrooka abrogated rights held by her through inheritance to the privilege of conduoting the slaughter house at Havana and to the distribution of meats and the collection of th^o fixed charges forsai^ meofo- The countess qlaitqod these privileges by virtue of a royal decree by tho. -King of Spain: dated 1704. Bounty claims are still piling up with tho stale auditing board at a groat rato. During the lasttwo weeks an unusually largo number have been sent in from all parts of tho Btate. According to tho number of claims filed, \tho extermination of the snarl ing wolf aud sneaking coyoto is pro gressing at a groat rate. There are now on file with the auditing board claims amounting to about $75,000. Those funds from which these are paid contains about $11,000. Thoso figure indicate the extont to which Lbe state can go in settling with the slayers of preying boasts. It is probable that the boarc will ordor another batch of claims paid. Hetped School Funds. Helena, May 24.—Tho permanent school funds of the state receives a liberal donation from the Unitec States government today when Gov­ ernor J. K.Toole turned over to Stato Treasurer B>qrrot a check from the treasurer of the United States for $15, 763.G1, representing the 5 per- cent commission the state is allowed ,upon the money received feu a stated perioc / - 1 1 ■'' ' * from the sqle of public lands jn-Moh- ' ’ ' - , -rm^VVv.-. tqnq. ; \* First Dillon Wool Sold. No U n b elievers. Tho man who says that advertising docs not pay at the rates established ' by newBpaporB of largo circulation ’ simply maintains that all publicity ia failure. Yet, as Printers’ Ink ob­ serves, by using printed letters and., bill heads and by placing goods is . bis window and beforo his door ghe proves that ho believoa in advertising. . according to his lights. When.. he>. shall test newspaper advertising and - shall compare tho returns with the cost, ho will bo convinced that this best and comparatively cheapest f o r m / of publicity pays well. ' Native Printers’ Stick. .* - Mail is still coming to the house .; l or the late Amos J. Cummings. A b ­ ettor and accompanying package,;^ which he would have greatly prized/-; has just arrived from Manilla. It i s / from Frederick Power, who voyaged/ thither as a printer, and who expro*||j sea thanks for some kindness '.thatjp Cummings did him. - Powers forwarded a native printer'*/ “stick” which belonged to Aguinaldo’sjl printing office, sad which, WMvcspC^ tured when the little Filipino>!elu*f*i tain was driven out of Tarlaoprovino*^ It is a small stick of wood.* •omkr.UM»^ inches long, having a spaoe'about; six': .. .. inches in length hollowed: ’ out/:aiMk* roughly fined with .braae.\„< i_ tb* native printers sst-itM ir,.- The stick holds but a lise, 6 s d s o a q natiye printers set but s hoe a t* USSB^ Th. m ter„tiog union,. mNew ■ Y ork//of/iwki Cummings w a s s ;- .i a s m | i ^ ^ i years. Up to the;day o f t k ^ i always e a r n e d : a .card> o f i n h » p o c h ^ % r - ' '

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 30 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.