The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, June 13, 1902, Image 1

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$ £ £ £ 'i'ó •• .6.-, CHOTEAU, TETON'COUNTY, MONTANA. JUNE 13, 1902. Teton Chroniqle.Wól; V; No.:.^ g ¡ 'J C E g j E g t ó ì C S O N ^ A t t o r n e y -a t -L a w , -V; N o tary Piiblic/' r ; CHOTE AÜ, • MONTANA. J . G. BAIR, Attorney-at-Law, C H O T E A U , M O N T A N A . F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon, Office in Jackson Building:. Next to Telephone Office. CHOTEAD, MONTANA. J \ a C. W A R N E R , U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Land filings and proofs. y jyA L T E R M ATHEW S , U. S . C O M M I S S I O N E R , C O U N T Y S U R V E Y O R , Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. O laf C. F jeld . Land, R e servoir and Ditch Sur­ veyin g a specialty. S H E L B Y . - - M O N T . Dr. EARLE pTRAIN, • OCULIST and ÂDRIST, '317 First Avenue North, „„ GREAT PALLS, M O N T . Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W. SHIELDS, C. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying. Full List of Vacant School Lands O F FICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. C H E V A L IE R LO D G E NO. 12, K . o f 1 ?. Meets Every Thursday Evening. Visiting Brotbron Cordially invitod to 'Attend. W . J. DOBIttNOTON, C. C. D a . T. E books , K. o f R * S. Choteau Laundry Best Work in the State on White Stirts aud Collars. prices Reasonable. J. II. Pcrman.Agt C. P. Craiie, Manager. ' Telephone 12. Choteau, Mont. H . BEAUPRE, D E N T I S T Tepth Extracted \With­ out Pain. All wprk Guaranteed. 'CHOTEAU. * MONTANA. GET YOUR EXPRESS Via - . Choteau & Great. Falls' Stage. . Daily, except Sunday. Bates reasonable. Passenger fare $3.50. Tnos. A. Surra, Agent. DR. U. B. MCCOLLUM Q b e a t F a l u s . Expert Optician and Eyo Specialist. Grad­ uato o f tlio Chicago Ontiialmic Collogo. T w e n ty-throo years oxporionco in refrac­ tion. _ Ottico at K09idonco, 509 Second ' Avenue. South, ' , ’ • . - T M o n t a n a GRAVES & GO:, . : • CHOTEAU,' MONT. V-,-' . AGENTS FOB - • . * MAH” “QUEEN CIGARS, CONRAD BANKINGS G R E A T F A L L S , MONT., (Unincorporated.) \ Paid up capital.'. . .. .. ........... $ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2,000,000 JAMES SÜLGROVE, Attorney and Counselor at Law, . Notary Public. Oourt H oiiso. _ CHOTEAU, MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. \ 8uccossor t o Wmnsloy Sc Brooke. OB1 co N ext t o Court H oubo . W. G. CONRAD, Pres. JAM E S T. STANFORD, Vice Pres, and Manager. P. K E L L Y , Cashier. j - ,r,‘ ‘ 15.,?££££ ' 1« 'C*:1 « T d „ The Best, in th e 'W o r ld. This bank solicits accounts, and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful attention, and the most liberal treatment consistent with Bafe and profitable banking. Buys \and sells foreign exchange, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its own Letters of Credit. Interest paid on time deposits. The highest cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city and Bchool bonds and warrants Synopsis ‘o f Proceedings' of the Board of County Commis9iòner8 o f Teton County, Montana—Regalar Jane Meeting, 1902. ,.v f , lor Ferfect-Fittlnc fîtes and A RTIFICIAL EYES CtiL',11 í’íL'í, j. uöLDSTE’J , Eje Specialist, 213 1-2 CENTRAL AVENUE, GREAT FALLS. MONTANA, ■“ ' s & s THE . . . HOTEL HORTON $ DUPUYER, nONT. Re-Opened Under ~Nc\v Man­ agement. The only Llrst-Class Hotel in Dupuyer. Board by the Day or- Week at Reasonable Rates. W . D. HAGEN, Prop. —-vc£/3&->— Great Falls AÆozit Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Builders Hardware, y Building P a p e r , IVTOTildings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F . O. B your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BFN. FEIST. -:O F :- ÇOLLIN S , MONTANA, Handle The B EST BRANDS Of T W I N E S , LIQUORS And ^CIGARS. This Firm Also Buns A —:FEED STABLE:— At Collins With A Good Man ' * »,* • •*” In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That They Will Be Given The Best Of Cave. Rough Rider,. Natural Leaf, and . ^ Little; Rough Rider HANDM ADECIGARS. : .. Bertha .Kostalalc, ,Mf ’g, Z'■&*>, ¡¡-J*': L - y ' . 115 \ 2 d St. S.VM^va.j^* Grett/Fills. Choteau, Mont., June 2,1902. Board met in regular session at the office o f the county clerk, at 10 a. m. Present, Chairman C. B. Perkins, Com­ missioner W. M. Foster and the clerk. Minutes of the regular Maroh, 1901, meeting were read and approved Board proceeded to examine the re­ ports of county and township officers for the quarter ending May 31, 1902. The following were approved and or­ dered filed: A. C. Warner, county clerk. Report of warrants issued iu payment of sainnes of county officers, amounting to $2,446.09 on contingent fund and $1,112.50 on tho general fund. Also warrant on General Road Fund issued in compliance with order of the board made 8ept. 5, 1991, to James Wilcox for right of way for county road $50. A. O: Warner, county clerk. Report of fees collected, amounting to $961.15, with treasurer’s receipt for same. Sterling McDonald, clerk district court. Report of offioial fees collected and paid to treasurer, amounting to $150.35. Thos/ O. Larson, assessor. Report of special poor taxes collected, amounting to $1,728.78, personal pioperty taxes; $100 speoial poor taxes and $100 special road taxes colleoted with treasurer’s re­ ceipts for same. Walter Mathews, county surveyor. Report of earviaea rendered. Thos. B. Magee, coroner. Report of inquest upon body of Pater Sadler. War­ rant ordered for costs incurred. J. E. DeHaas, Justice of the peace, Ohoteau township. Report of actions tried. Warrants ordered in payment of costs incurred. Ghaa. Parker, justice of tho peace, Ohoteau township. Report of actions tried. Warrants ordered in payment ot costs incurred. Adjournod to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. m., all members present, and continued exam­ ination <Jf reports. Following were ap­ proved and ordered filed. Geo. O. Taylor, sheriff. Report of fees collected, amounting to $10.00 with treasurer's receipt for same. Geo. O. Taylor, sheriff. Report of jail boarders. Warrant ordered in payment of expenses. James Sulgrove, county attorney. No fees colleoted. Geo. W. Magee, justice of the pence, Dupuyer township. Report of actions tried and warrants ordered in payment of costs incurred. Two petitions were presented for change in Ohoteau and Dupuyer road in vicinity of section 7, township 28 north, rango5 west W Mathews. L J Lownds and 8. F. Ralston, Jr. were appointed as the yiewers. Petition was presented for change in Dupuyer and Sheep creek can} on road in vicinity of section 8, township 28 north range 7 west, apd W Mathews, Thos. Msnix and F H Dean were appointed viewers. Adjourned to 10 a. m,, June 3. SECOND DAY. June 3,1902.—Board met at 10 a.m. all members present, and continued ex­ amination of reports. Following were approved and ordered filed. Wm. Dawes, justice of the pence, Marias township. Report of actions tried. Warrapt ordered fpr cpsts in­ curred. Annie Austad, poor house contractor. Report showing three inmates cared for- Charles Parker, acting coroner. Report of inquest upoa body ot Frank B. Shan­ non. Warrant ordered for the coats incurred. ~ Board then proceeded to audit claims against eounty.' Warrants ware ordered in payment of those allowed. Following claims were disallowed as not properly chargeable to Teton county, Estatp of W- H. Titus—Treating Fred Lindsay; $25. * John G. Jackson—Janitor for teach­ ers institute, $7. . Adjourned to 2 p. m. .AFTERNOON S E S g iq if. Board ysaapaipbled at % p, m., all mem- bera present and proceeded to open bids for painting \Tston , and Spring creek bridges as per advertisement. Following wars tbs proposals made: C. S. Parker, slats or lead color, $70. Bhisail A OIeson, red oolor $275; slate or Ukd oolsc $300—. ,. Frank CL Begin, slate or lead color $ifio/;s;- y > - * - • ChnnScnith, slate or laid. color, com­ mon paint $125;'mineral paint f 100. E. J. Morris, lend aud oil $95, mineral pi iut $89. Final action deferred. Ordered that dork advertise in Ike Dupuyer “ Acnntha” and Choteau “Mon- tonian-Ohronicle” for sealed proposals to be received up to 10 a. m. of Monday, Juno 23,1902,.for building an extension of the bridge Grossing Dupuyer crebk, according to ' plans and specifications on file in tho county clerk’s office. Con­ tractor to supply all material and to fnrnisli satisfactory bond for tbo proper performance of tho work. Adjourned to 10 a. m. June 4. THIRD DAT. June 4,1902.—Board mot at 10 a. m., same mombors present. Ordered, that on tbo completion by John Zimmerman of certain work now being dono by him on Choteau streets, and approval of same by Cam’r Foster, olerk shall draw warrant on proper fund for $99, amount of contract. \ Report of viewers on rond in vicinity of Smith’s and MoPhee’s ranches.was taken up and June 23 was set as the final hearing and decision on same. Balance of day was dovotod to the hearing ot evidence and proofs from parties intorestod for and against pro­ posed now county roads. Adjourned to 10 a. m. June 5. FOUBTU DAY. June 5, 1902,—Board mot at 10 a. m., same members preseat. Reports of viewers on sundry roads and ch'augos in roads were taken up for final action, and tbo following were de­ clared pnbiio highways, ordered opened and the county surveyor was directed to survey and plat same. Beginning on Choteau and Blaokleaf road, st a point near con tor of section 10, township 25 north, range G west, tlienco north to scotion line, thonco weBt about one half mile to inter-sootion with same road, that portion of old road lying be­ tween the said intersecting points to be abandoned. Beginning on Oliotoau and Farmington road at the southeast corner of seotion 6, township 24 north, range 4 west, tbence south on section line one half mile, thence west on quarter linn one fourth mile, thence south one hnlf mile to intersection of same road, that portion of old rond lying between said intersecting points to be abandoned. Road from the Tot on river to Willow creek, Deep creek and Sun river road. Report approved for portion of proposed road aB follows: beginning at the forks of the trail about one fourth mile north of north quarter corner of section 2, tp 24 north, tango 8 west, tlienco southeasterly about four miles to an intersection with the Clioteuu aud Belleviow road. That portion of tho report providing for con­ tinuing said road south from Choteau and Belloview road waa disapproved and rejected. Dupuyer and Pondera road. That portion of said road lying between the Choteau aud Dupuyer road and tho Dry Forks bridge was declared abandoned. Board then fixed June 23, as the day tor the bearing of evidence and proofs from all parties interested for and against tho proposed laying out of roads, and for the approval or rejection of viewers re­ ports as follows: Change in Ckotean and Belloview road boginningat station 39 on said road, thenco easterly abont one third mile, thence northeastorly abont three eights mile to intersection of same road. Change in Chotean and Belloview road beginning at a point on said road near the center of section 19, tp 24 north, range 7 west, thonco northwesterly about three-fourths mile to intersection with same road. Petition was presented for change in Choteau and San river road beginning at a point on said road in the southeast quarter of sec. 25, tp 23 north, range 4 west, thence northwesterly to a point near the Cascade Land Company’s caqal, thence westerly to. q point near the quar­ ter corner on tho west boundary of see. 22 of said township and range, thence northwesterly to intersection of same road near southwest corner ot section 16, said township and range. . W. Mathews, Ghns. Parker qnd Ghas. Lepage were appointed viewers. Aation in viewers report of cb a D g o in Willow Rounds apd Shelby road was postponed to Jnno 23,1902. Action on viewers report of road south from Collins station was deferred. Report of Fannie E. Chenoweth, Co. Sapt Schools for quarter ending May 81, was examined, approved' and ordered filed. ' • Adjourned to 2 p. m.;-/. AFTERNOON siegiox. Board reaseemhled.**, 2 jp ra same mem­ bers present and continued auditing claims against county. Warrants wero ordered in pnymont of tlioso allowed. Ordered that claim ot Princo & Doan, $700, for repairs at MariaB bridge, be paid.whon Com’r Connelly reports that work has been completed according to contraot. Following warrants wore cancelled, having remained uncalled for mure than one year. No. 23, Maroh 11, 1901, Louis Lind­ quist, General fund. $1.50. No. 26, March 11,1901, W. R. Crock- ford, General fund, $1.50. Resignation of the office ot coroner by Thomas B. Magee was then presented and accepted. In compliance with Section 1200 of tho Political Code of the State of Montana, the board then laid' out the county in registration districts as follows: Choteau District No. 1, ombracing Choteau and Lake Basin precincts. Bynum District No. 2, embracing Bynum precinct. Dupuyer District No. 3, ombracing Dupuyer and Bobare precincts. Belleviow District No. 5, embracing Belleviow and North Fork precincts! Farmington District No. 6, om ­ bracing Burton precinct. Lowry District No. 7, embracing Lowry precinct. Cut Bank District No. 8, ombrac­ ing precinct to be established at Cut Bank. Pondera District No. 9, embracing Collins and Pondera precincts. Shelby District No. 10, embracing Shelby and Sweet Grass precincts. Raym ond District No. 12, embrac­ ing Raymond precinct. St. Mary District No. 13, embrac­ ing St. Mary precinct. Registry agents wero appointed and thoir compensation fixed as follows: No. 1, Shuler M. Corson .......... $60 00 No. 2, Rasmus Fagorli............... 25 00 No. 3, Thos. B. M agee............... 60 00 Hirsh berg Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. W e solicit accounts and offer to the public the m ost liberal treat- ■•v meut consistent with safe banking. W e buy and sell exchange on all the principal American and European cities, and issue letters of credit. THOMPSON & FERRIS, d e t h b r i d o e COAL Leavo orders at telephone office. Hello, No. 42. fi. F. & C. TIME TABLE. Club im MRS. T. R. CARR, Prop. NEW RESTAURANT The best of service and accom. modatlons to be had In the clty. Everything. First Class aud in. accordance'with the market. REMEflBER THE PLACE DANCE SUPPERS And Banquets Served on the Shortest possible Notice to Parties desiring them. ■M Tuesday Thursday Saturday North Stations. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South I*, si. P.M. 15 No. 5, John S. Lane................... 35 00 No. 6, E d Bollorud .................... 25 00 No. 7, C. J. K inna ...................... 25 00 No. 8, Don C. L o o c h ................. 50 00 No. 9, T. W . L u c e ...................... 35 00 No. 10, Wm. A y lw a r d ............... 60 00 No. 12, H. E. B e lch e r .............. 35 00 No, 13, Sam D. Som es............... 25 00 Board then proceeded to audit claims ogainst tho county, warrants wore ordered in paymont of tlioso allowed. Tho following claims wore disallowed as not properly chargeable to Teton county. Jnmes Arnoux, for nursing smallpox patient, $85. W. J. Mayo, guard for soarlet fever quarantine, $24. Mrs. Ed. Hughes, milk for scarlet fever patient, $1.30. Hagen & Malone, brandy for sick pauper, Dupuyer, $20. T. L. Clark, medical attendance Thos. Dully, $25. T. L. Clark, medical attendance for LnxboD, $18. Peter Beaucbere, care of Mrs. De- Champs, $42. Proposal of Clias. S. Parkor for paint­ ing Teton and Spring creek bridges near Choteau for $70 was then accopted. Mr. Parker presented contract for snme a> oompanied by bond in sum of $150 with Lawrence Davis and J. G. Erickson as sureties. Bond was approved and con­ tract signed. Permission was granted A. C. Warner, county clerk, to leave the etnto for a per­ iod not exceeding 30 days. - Adjourned to 10 a. m. FIFTH DAY. 'June 6,1902.—Board met at 10 a. m., same members present. Report of John 8. Gordon, county treasurer for quarter ending Slay 81, 1902, was then taken np for considera­ tion. Treasurer’s list ot licenses issued, amounting to $3,164 was then taken up for consideration. Treasurer's list of warrants paid were oompsrsd with county clerk’s books and found correct, and warrants were can­ celled as follows: Gonnal Fond ............................... Contlngont Fund......................... General Hoad Fond.. ....... Dietrict Hood Funds ............... . Poor Fund . . ............................... DUtriot School Funds.................. High School Fond ........... . ....... . Estate Joe Scharbnck ............ . 10 5 5 ........... L e t h b r i d g e .......... 8 9 4 5 ............... S t irlin g ............... 9 45 8 3 0 . . . . Tyrrell’s Lake . . . . 11 05 8 1 0 ...............B r u n t o n ............... 11 25 7 2 5 ...........Milk R iv e r ............. 12 10 6 2 5 ........... * C o u tts ................. 1 05 5 5 0 ......... Sweet G r a s s ......... 1 45 5 0 0 ................ K e v in .................. 2 45 4 1 0 . . . .R o c k y S p r i n g s . . . . 3 4 5 3 1 5 . . . . ShelbyJunction. . . . 4 45 D A IIiY . ... 9 D A IL Y . 2 5 0 . . . . ShelbyJunction. . . . 5 1 0 2 0 0 .............. Coni’a d ................. 6 05 12 40 ) . ) 7 30 12 25 J •*- P o n d e r a . . . . j ? 5Q 11 3 0 ................ B r a d y .................. 8 45 10 4 5 . . . . . *C o llins ................ 9 35 10 1 5 ......... Clai’k’s S p u r ..........10 15 9 1 0 ................. S t e e l .................... 11 20 8 3 5 ............. V a u g h a n ................12 01 7 55 V ........... 'Willard.\:. WV. 12'40 7 4 5 ......... Great Falls . . . . 12 50 A . 51. A . 51. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains in the C. P. R. *Mcals. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed saloon in north­ ern Montana. We have on hand tho finest brands o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On tap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. I COO 01 2477 70 187 00 067 70 m 32 4070 71 S62 23 144 05 Total............................ ............................ « 13747 87 Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON 8 >KM<bx. Boqrd reassembled, at 2 p. no. same members present. Continued o c ' i tttf -r V I - ■■ Ä r GOLD, SILVER. AND NICKEL PLATING Before the New Year com­ mences,I expect to be pre­ pared to do first class work in gold, silver and nickel plating at reason­ able prioes. Send or bring me your knives, forks, spoons and ' other articles of daily nse and have them plated and savo scrubbing and rub­ bing. F . H. FEDERHEN, DUPUYER. MONT. F. LYTLE WATCHMAKER & JEWELER __ __ Repairing Promptly & Neatly Executed. Prices Reasonable Office at BYRON * » * CORSON’S. Charles Jackson, Guide & Packer, For Sun River Springs Country and Vicinity. Will Meet Parties at any Poipt Designated by Them. Postoffice Address Elizabeth, Mont, M.&M.Saloon MORISOft & JlcLEOD, Props, Finest Line of W I N E S . LIQUORS, CIGARS, In Teton County. “B W i m BEER. Give Us a Call When In Choteau. - ^ V -M I \Jv THE CASCADE BANK o f G reat F a lls, M o n t. (Incorporated under the laws o f M oat A p ril 5,1 r-.-./; v-'i Capital - - $ 7 5 , 0 0 0 . - ; Surplus - - - 1 5 , 0 0 0 . S. E. Atkinson President,' Jacob Switzer Vice-President, F. P. Atkinson Cashier, W. W. Miller A n M u •v -vT! --,A A V W ;V? ''fi' m . -V D in n c r o n s : ■ ‘ ¿ ggs 8 . E. Atkinson, F . P. Atkinson,' Ester\' John J . Ellis, Jaesb' B i ä t m . v W ^ '' 1 • a - A general hnnkln# bnslnsss tran ’ tarasi Allowed on tim i é a S M t t ^ - ■ 'sSííñra

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 13 June 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.