The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, July 04, 1902, Image 1

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The Mohtanian.Yol. 5C1II; No 9. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. JULY 4 ; \'Ï 902 .-. - . . .. •* EL ERICKSON, A ttorney-at-Law , Notary Public, CHOTEAU, - MONTANA. J m G . B A I R , Attorney-at- Law, CHOTEAU, MONTANA. GREAT FALLS, MONT. (Unincorporated.) Paid up capital ................. .$ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2,000,000 JAMES SULGROVE, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Notary Publio. CHOTEAU^ Oourt H 0 U 6 O. MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Successor to Wainsloy & Bropks. OtPco Next to Court Houso. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgepn Office in Jackson* Building*. Next to. Telephone Office. CHOTEAU, - - MONTANA. J ^ C . W A R N E R , U /S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Land filings and proofs. u y ALTER MATHEW S , U. S. COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. Land, Sur- O i a f C . F j e l c L Reservoir and Ditch veying a specialty. SH E L B Y , - - MONT. D r . EARLE STRAIN, OCULIST and ADRIST, 317 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, M O N T. Office Hours: 1 p. m. to i p. m. J. W. SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying. Full List o f Vacant School Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. H EVALIER LODGE NO. 12, K L o f F. Ifeeta Every Thursday Evening. [siting Brethren Cordially Invitod to Attend. W. J. D obhinoton , C. C.Z , D r . t . B rooks , K. of ß A S. Choteau Laundry Best Work in the State on White Stil ts and Collars. Prices Reasonable. J. H. Perman.Agt C. P. Crane, Manager. Telephone 12. Choteau,-Mont. H. B E A U P R E , D E N T I S T Teeth Extracted With­ out Pain. AU work Guaranteed. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. GET YOUR EXPRESS 0 hQt@au & Great Falls Stage. Daily, except Sunday. - - Rates reasonable. Passenger fare $3.50. T hos . A . S m ith , Agent. DR. J. B. MCCOLLUM Q u i t F u ù , Export Optician and Eyo Specialist. Grad­ uate of tlio Cliicagq Optlialmic Collogo. Twonty-throo years oxporionco in rofrac- tion. _ ,, ODlco at Rcstdcnco, S09 Second, Avonao, South, - . - M ontana GRAVES & CO., ; ggQ T Ç A fJ, MONT. AGENTS FOB . “QUEEN MARY” CIGARS, Thè ' B e s t , in; thé W o r ld . - W. G. CONRAD, Pres. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vice Pres, and Manager. - P. KELLY, Cashier. This bank solicits accounts, and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful attention, and the most liberal treatment consistent with safe and profitable banking. Buys and sells foreign exekango, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its own Letters of Credit. Intorest paid on time deposits. The kigkost cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city and school bonds and warrants For Perfect-Fittioi U tes ani A R T IFIC IA L EYES Cciii’Jt J. SQLDSmi, Eye specialist, 213 1-2 UHNTltAl. AVKMiE, GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, ^©©©©©©©©©©«©¡âSSâSSiSigSiâiêS^ THE HOTEL HORTON DUPUYER, HONT. Re- Opened Under Ne w Man­ agement. The only 1-irst-Class Hotel in Dupuyer. B o a rd by the Day or Week at Reasonable Rates. © W . D. HAGEN, Prop. © © © © © % ■ © © w © © © © © © ^asasssss-sssse©©©©©©©©©©©«« — ue£/3£->— G - r e a t F a -lls M o n t Lumber, Lath, »Shingles, Builders Hardware, §y Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. O. B your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BFN. FEIST, -:OF: COLLINS, MONTANA, Handle The BEST BRANDS Of TWINES, LIQUORS And! ^CIGARS. This Firm Also Runs A —:FEED STABLE:-' At Collins With A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That They Will Be Given The Best Of Care. Rough Rider, Natural Leaf, and / Little Rough Rider HAND MADE CIGARS. Bertha, Kostalak/Mf’g, 115, 2dSt7S.r - -* / Great .Falls. ■“tórti'-F'*. WUffP-â , L a n d O f f ic e O pen Soon* It is expected that the Groat Falls land office will be open for business within a few wooks. Friday the officials, upon ordors from the inter­ ior department, received and for­ warded totiders for the location. It is said ‘ that tho room which will probably be selected is ouo of the best storerooms on Central avbnuo, large and well lighted and conven­ iently located with rogard. to tho depot, hotels and telegraph offices. Just as soon as the interior depart wont acts upon the lease Registor Burlingame and Receiver Benton will issue a proclamation which will be published, announcing the dato upon which the office will commence business. That this date is not far distant is indicated by the fact that large quantities of supplies for the office are already hero. At the post office sack after sack of supplies have been received by tho offico and have been advised that an offico safo and a quantity of furniture bavo boon for­ warded by freight and should arrive here this week. H is H o n e s t y C o s t $ 4 - 0 0 . F irst In N in e t y Y e a r s . Washington, June 29.—The house of representativos assembled today at 11 o’clock and for four and a half hours tribute was paid to the mem­ ories of tho late Representative Amos J. Cummings, democrat, Now York, and Representative Potor J. Otoy of Virginia, by members of both politi­ cal parties. Not since 1811 (ninety yoars ago) has a regular session of the house been hold on Sunday, although sev­ eral session were held on Sunday, but they were continuations of the legislative day of Saturday. But today tho houso, when assem­ bled, was opened by prayer by tho chaplain, and the reading of the journal. Tho marinó band was’ in’ attend­ ance in tho lobby of the house by special direction of Secretary of tho Navy Moody, and rendered a beauti­ ful sacred program. The families of the two deceased members wore iu attendance in the speaker’s private pew. . ______ B o y S h o w s G r e a t N e r v e . But for his good norvo and remark­ able presence of mind little Jimmie Watson, a 12-year old boy residing a mile west of Roberts, would in all likelihood bo a dead boy today, says the Red Lodge Picket. Bitten by a rattlesnake Thursday evening about 7:30 o’clock, he tied up tho finger where tho poisoned fangs of the snake had sunk, rushed to a neighbor’s, in tho absonco of his father and mother, and drank all tho whiskey ho could possibly hold, then rode tho twelve miles to Red Lodge and, a little be­ fore midnight submitted to tho cau­ terization of the wound. Friday morning the boy’s hand and aria were badly swollou and he was still suffering some from the nausea that accompaDiod tho bite, but the thing that seomed to worry him most was that ho would bo unable to play ball with his team next Sunday. S u n d a y Is T h e A s s a s s i n 's D a y . Of tho six rulers who -havo been murdered during the last two decades, notes the London Chronicle, four met their doom on Sunduy, and the other two on Saturday. Czar Alexander II., President Car­ not and King Humbert wore all slaiu on Sunday, and though Shah Nars- ed-Oeen was killed on Fridayrthat is tho Moslom Sabbath, and he was ac tually shot while kneeling in the mosque. On Sunday, too, Sonor Canovas, the Spanish premier,. was killed, while the life of President Faure was twice attomptod on Sun­ day inl896. On Saturday Genoral Garfield, tho Empress of Austria and President McKinley met their fate, and it was on Saturday that King Alfqnso stood in peril of his life. Mere mortals hail the week end with pleasure, but to* monarchs it soems a season' o f ' po culiar p e r i l /, : , * : • , i,« =/.■•'* ' •w “ I hadn’t been away from tho store a day for ton years,” said tho Phila­ delphia bookkeeper, “and things looked as if It might be ton more be­ fore I got a vacation, when aman who didn’t look as if he know beaus gave mo a hint. An anonymous lotter ronched my employer, advising them to have their books overhauled, and the next day after tho lotter was received I was called, into the office, and tho boss observed: “ William, you look overworked and and in poor health. Here is n check for $100, and you can tako. three wooks off.’ “ I murmured my tkauks and got out within ten hours, and my back was hardly turned before the firm had two experts at work ou my books. Thoy put iu $300 worth of time to find everything as straight as a dot, and when I loungod in after my three weeks had oxpired the boss looked mo over in a contemptuous way aud said: “ Your infernal honesty has caused this houso to cough up $100 which might as well havo boon thrown into the river, aud if it happens ' again you will got your di3chargo.” W a n t s L a n d R e t u r n e d . R e p r im a n d For G e n . S m ith . It is announced by the war depart­ ment that the caso of Gon. J. H. Smith will not bo acted upon finally before the end of next week at the earliest. Judge Advocate Goneral Davis has completed his reviow of the proceedings of tho court martial, and the papers are now in tho hands of Secretary Root, who is bo busy with othor mattors that ho has Dot yet had time to give tho cbbo tho at­ tention it deserves. It had boon generally understood that Smith was acquitted by the court, but it tran­ spired today that such was not the case. The court, it is said, found Gsueral Smith guili/f of violating tho rulos of war and soutoucod him to be reprimanded by tho reviewing author­ ity, which in this case is President Roosevelt. Inasmuch as tho case is considered strictly confidential until finally acted upon by tho president, it is impossi­ ble to obtain any official information in rogard to it.__________ . A civil suit begun in the United States court yesterday by District Attorney Carl Rash, is intended to result in the ejectment of Jamos L. Ash from land he is said to have fenced in Yellowstone county. About nine sections of land is concerned in tho proceedings. Tho govorumeut claims it is all a part of the public domain. In tho complaint the government asks that, if Mr. Ash refuses to re­ move the fences from the laud iu caso ho is ordered to do so by the court, the marshal be given authority to tear down tho barriers at once. Tho government says tho foncos inclose all of the land in question and indi­ cate tho builder’s claim to tho prop­ erty. An injuction is asked for to compol Mr. Ash to never again assort a claim to the land. Hirsh berg- Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. We solicit accouuts and offer to the public the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. exchange on W e buy and sell all • tho principal Ameiucan and European cities, and issue letters of credit. W h o s e M o n e y W a s It? M e n W ill Be S c a r c e . Augusta, Juuo 20.—Present indica­ tions betoken the usual scarcity of huuds during tho haying season. For several yoars now tho ranchers huve experienced groat difficulty in getting men for handling their hay and grain. At the present timo thore aro few, if any idle men in tho community and when haying commences the services o f a great number of extra bauds will bo required. P a t r ick W ill T h r o w n O u t. Now Yoik, Juno 30.—Surrogate Frank T. Fitzgerald has handed down his formal decision and decree in tho litigation ovor the two alleged wills of tho murdered millionaire, Wm. Marsh Rice, admitting to probato tho will of Sept. G, 1896, under which the Rico Institute of Houston, Tex., is the residuary logatoe, and denying probate to the alleged will of Juno 30, 1900, commonly known as the “Patrick will,\ under which Albert T. Patrick was tho residuary legatee. J e s s i e M o r r ison F o u n d G u ilty. Three women were passing through Flatbush avouuo some distauce apart. Tho last one, who was the poorest dressed of the three, saw a dollar bill ou the sidewalk. She picked it up with a little grasp of joy, which was quickly chased away by a look of doubt. This was succeeded by a sigh of determination, and she quickened her steps until sho ovortook tho woman in front of her. \Horo you dropped this,” sho said, putting tho bill hurridly into tho woman's hand, as if she feared hor purpose would weakon. Tho socond woman took it mechan­ ically and started to put it in her pockotbook. By this limo tho woman just in advance turnod and, hearing the findor murmurming her confess­ ion, said, “ Its mine” and cooly took it from tho woman who was putting it in her purse. The two wore glar iug at each othor as tho poorly dress­ ed woman walked on. “I wonder if it really was not mine as much as any one’s,” sho said.—Now York Proas. T h e H u m a n H e a r t . The heart of man is a book—nay, it is an encyclopedia of everything that has come within tho range of its personal experience. It preserves an eternal record of all the storios in which it has plnved a part. It is strange what sad things may bo hid­ den iu its depths without giving any token of their existance. Tho hoart muy bo gay and send tho smile man­ tling to tho face, but all tho while you see only the topmost slatum. If tho graves bonoath woro to give up thoir dead, the smiles would seem strange­ ly out of placo. It is just like this green earth of ours that renews itself year afteryoar and has not on its surfaco any token to toll what is the simple truth, that it has given graves to 200 generations of man boings. S h a t t e r e d Illu s io n s . Eldorado, Kan., June 28.—Jessie Morrison, in her third trial for the murder of Mrs. Olin Castlo at hor homo in this city in June, 1900, was today found guiltv of murder in the second degree. The jury was out twelve hours. The case may be ap­ pealed again. Jessio Morrison killed Clara Wiley Castle with a razor in a quarrel eight days after Mrs. Castle bad boon married to Olin Castle, with whom both women had boon in love. Miss Morrison is tho daughter of H. M. Morrison, formerly a circuit judge As the foreman finishod reading the verdict this morning -Miss Morrison turnod pale, threw-her. arms around her aged father’s neck, hid her \ Bead on his shoulder and both wept. The drowning man was struggling in tho water and quick as thought the brave man dived overboard and grasp­ ed him just as. ho was going down the— -no, gentle reader, not the third time, but by actual count the second. They were roaming, the man and the maid, out under the soft light of the moon, when Poesy goes hand in hand with Love. A moonbeam linger­ ed one instant in hor tresses, alumin­ ous signal to her pent-up emotions. “I love” —how sweetly the words trembled on her unaccustomed lips. \Oh ysBjY lovo devil crabs, but they always givo me dyspepsia!”— Baltimore News, A S o c i a l M a r t y r . “ I bare been a philanthophist in my way,” remarked Cayenne. I have made enemies of my own, but I have restored the breaches between othor people. “ H ow l” “ By making disagreeable remarks. People who had been enemies for years have hurried to make up their quarrels in order to tell one another what I have said about them.”— Washington Star. V . J-. THOMPSON & FERRIS, LETnBlUDOE COAL Lonvo ordors at telephone offico. Hollo, No. 42 G. F. & C. THE TABLE. Tuesday Thursday Saturday North Stations. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South P. M. r. si. 10 55 .......... L e th b r idge .......... 8 15 9 45 .......... Stirling ................. 9 45 8 3 0 . . . . Tyn'cll’s Lake . . . . 11 05 8 1 0 . B r u n ton ........... 11 25 7 25 .......... Milk R iver ............ 12 10 G 25 .......... * Coutts................. 1 05 5 50 ......... Sweet G r a s s ......... 1 45 5 00..............K e v in ................. 2 45 4 1 0 . . . .Rocky Springs. . . . 3 45 3 1 5 .. . .ShelbyJunction.. . . 4 45 DAILY. DAILY. 2 5 0 . . . . ShelbyJunction. . . . 5 10 2 00 ............. C o n rad ............... G 05 12 401 . ) 7 30 2 401 2 25 } * • *Pondera. 50 Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains m the C. P. R. *Mcals. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed Baloon in-north­ ern Montana. We have on hand the finest brands o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On tap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. GOLD, SILVER AND * NICKEL PLATING Before the Now Year com­ mences I expect to bo pre­ pared to do first class work in gold, silver and nickel plating at reason­ able prices. Send or bring me yonr knives, forks, spoons and other articles of daily uso and have them plated and save scrubbing and rub­ bing. F . H . F E D E R H E N , DUPUYER, MONT. MRS. T. R; CARR,- P r o p / N E W RESTAURANT m The best of service and accom­ modations to be had In the city. Everything First Class and In accordance with the market. • REMEHBER THÉ PLACÉ DANCE SUPPERS And Banqluets Served on the Shortest possible Notice to Parties desiring them. 11 3 0 .. .. 8 45 À 10 4 5 . . . .. 9 35 10 15.. . .10 15 è 9 10.. ..11 20 t 8. 3 5 .. . . Vaughan .... ..12 01 ) 7 55. .. .... W illard......... ..12 40 À 7 45... .12 50 5 A . S I . A M. V Ipaara; F. LYTLE WATCHMAKER & JEWELER.. Repairing Promptly & Neatly Executed. Prices Reasonable Office at BYRON CORSON’S. « * « « « « i « * « « « « * « C K C * « * * l * * % * C * * * « K Charles Jackson, Guide & Packer, For Sun River Springs Country mid Vicinity. Will Meet Parlies at any*Point Designated by Them. Postofiicc Address Elizabeth. Mont, M.&M.Saloon MORISOiN & McLEOD, Props, Finest Line of W IN E S , LIQUORS, CIGARS, In Teton County. a I Í i » Give Us a Call When In Choteau. THE CASCADE BANK of Great Falls, Mont. (Incorporated undor tbo laws of Montans' A p r ils,1 C a p ital - - $ 7 5 , 0 0 0 . 1 Surplus - - 1 5 ,0 0 0 .\. /-■Noli 6. E. Atkinson President. ’ Jacob Switzer Vice-President, -, ■ . F. P. Atkinson Cashier, - V W. W. Miller Assistan Cashier, m DiitEOTons:. S. E. Atkinson, F. P. Atkinson, P e t e r ' Tjmrwcmi, John J. Ellis, Jocofi Switzer,* ' W.hff: ÍUUe*\t? ' ; W É m A general banking boslaeà» txañMlÍML'' W e s t allowed on time .«•i -V*i. t.s'id' . ta te’ -, V ■ < ' V * w r .‘ .7 fs , '■*

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 04 July 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.