The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, July 11, 1902, Image 2

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s » * ! * %* ‘ ' « v-->'f- A :X*3î-V — '¿>- V '• + .'V -y'. . » ï i i 'è ; 'V V - *$* iVXUv.-.\ ,--’•= '■'- ' £ 4 & & :?■ ■:> '-. * ■ } . /'• .; ••'-•#i'Yv; '■ ; --..• ■ ; • : V ::¿;;;-;: aremro ,».— 11 Nini miTT11 F.S0. KINGSBURY & CO.. DUPUYER, MONTANA. - GENERAL MERCHANDISE - 1 '- ‘ ^ ! ________________ — I Q — M — — f M — » Carry a Full Line oi Goods in All Depart­ ments to supply the wants of stockmen and ranchers. i-;- aiti: ' : , f [Consolidated Juno 21,1901.] DRY- GOODS, GROCERIES, ' HARDW ARE, HARVESTERS, SADDLES. ~ 1 HOOTS, and SHOES, CLOTHING, GORDON HATS. B L A N K E T ? / QUILTS. Also handle the Peering Mowers and Rakes and Winona Wagons and Buggies. Call and See Them, Their Prices aré Right and Terms Reasonable. BY C. E. TRESCOTT. Tho Teton Chroniclo and Tlio Shelby Nows, Consolidatoli January 3,1901. Published ovory 'Friday at Cliotoau. Toton County, Montana. Kntorod at tho post-oflico at Cbotoau, Mon­ tana. ns second class mattor. KHIDAY. JULY 11. 1903. ¡333SEE9SS The Beaupre House C h o t e a u , M o n t a n a , . U N D E R N E W M A N A G E M E N T . First class in every rèspect. or week at reasonable rates. Board by day H. B E A U P R E Proprietor .w O Subscription $2.00 por annum. AdvortisiuK rales on application. ILL ADVERTISIN'» HILLS PAYARLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. W ‘ GO TO THE CHOTEAU, MONTANA, For all kinds Fresh and Salt Meats, But­ ter nad Eggs. KCIAi( I’/ l /C/ v S '10 ¡¿ASCIIEUS and ilOTia-KKKl’EK.S who buy in LARCH yi'ANTlTJHS. Cush I'nld for Iit-of Hides. GRANT A. GORHAM, Proprietor. * * -CXKJ- The Art Studio We have just received a large ship­ ment of Picture Moulding, Room Mould­ ing, 16x20 Picture Frames, Violin, Man­ dolin and Guitar Strings, Photo Supplies. Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. MONTANA PIONEERS. It is not at all uncommon to see in thedniiy papors, tho announcement, “Another Pionoor Gone.” How littlo attention ie paid this melaucnoly fact by thoso who havo spent but a few years in Montana and are unac­ quainted with tho history of its early settlors. Thoy are too busy with the daily problems of life to give more than a passing thought to who tho pioneers of Montana wore, or what thoy wero. Thoy know littlo or nothing of the triuls and hardships the pioneers suffered. For them there is no association with tho eurly froodom and privation which tho early settlor Lad to con­ tend with. But to thoso who wont to Banuack, Gold Creek, Alder Gubh or Last Chance in the oarly Oil’s in search of fortune, when all tho west was a dreary wilderness, inhabited only by tho nntiyo tribes, and ovory hour was darkened by a danger, and they had to contost with tho Indian the domain of forest aud stream to them the death of a pioneer moans a deal. It means that anothor of tho old venturesome spirits has crossed tho great divide; another of tho old guard is gouo. It brings up a flood of memories as in a dream, It means (hut with tho passing of a few more years aud the sun of life which for most of them has passed its highest meridiun, will 6ot forever. And when they havo paid tho debt of nature ami havo passed from all curthly scenes, then will bo broken tho first link iu tho liviug chain which binds tho past to tho present Then will bo gono that hardy race I of fearless, gouero’us, earnest nation j builders who formed tho vanguard of western civilization und payed the way for the timid und conservative. It is owing largely to thoir efforts that tho beautiful mountain valleys and broad prairies of the west are dolled with peacoful and happy homos. Tho graves which mark the old roads nnd frails of tho Btn'o are silent testimonials of tho dangers which confronted them. Tho latest of tho pioneers to bo borne to tho silent cit}' of the dead was tho Honorable James Fergus who died a few days ago, ripo iu years and honored by all who knew him. Ho was u gonerous friend ant a splendid specimen of that raco to which ho belonged. Iu his doalh the stato has lost one of its bust citi­ zens. Ho lived an active, useful life aud as he lived so ho died, hatin all shams aud deceptions, and a lovur of truth und justice. Wo would do woll to omulato his virtues, and when tho fitful dronm of life is o’er, sink quiotly aud peace­ fully as ho did, into that sleep which knows no waking. S. F. R alstqn , J r . 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Miss Kennedy is a teacher in the Cbotoau schools and has distinguish­ ed herself by contributing some poems which bear markB of genius to tho Rocky Mountain Magazine and other publications. Oue which was published in tho Cbotoau Montnniau ou the dealhof thoninetooth century, is remarkably good. In making the appointment, Mr, Welch wrote to Miss Kennedy: “I feel suie that no more worthy person could be found to represent Montana, and I havo full confldonce ¡n your ability to do credit to your­ self and tho state you havo the honor of representing.”—Moutana Record. The maDj Cbotoau frionds of Miss Kouuody’s will bo pleasod to learn of hor good fortune in securing tho scholarship mentioned above, and predict for bor a brilliant future in hor chosen profession. A Narrow Escape. » I T. W. OLESON. W. N. RUSSELL. . I ------- --- * --- ------- - --- . • J 1 Chotean Painting Company. S í i * — ------------------- -------------- - — - * » ______________ _________ ___ _ __________ - ------------- -- ------------ Í» » * * * * % * ■* * PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. * Sign and Vehicle Painting a Specialty.!« Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work| Is W * « i Office at the Choteau House. BEST ADVERTISING ME­ DIUM IN TETON COUNTY LARGEST CIRCULATION. Subscription §2.00 per year Advertised Letter List. List of tetters remaining uncalled for in tho postonico at CJiotean, Montana, for ilio week ending July 7, li)02i Barrett, Walter S Collins, Edward Denny, Mr. Douuoy, II G Denny, C R Whitford, Collins A Wh it ford, Henry C ' Whitford, James Persons calling for tho above let lera will say “ advorti§ed.” C. H . D rake , P. M. A game of base ball will bo played between tho Alfalfa club of file Bench and tho Choteau nine nest Sunday afternoon iu the Zimmerman field adjoining town. The game is for §50 E-ri brand as there is consider­ able .rivalry botweou tho two clubs a good gaiuo is Rooked for. An ad­ mission foe of 25 cents for gonflg- man will bo charged. Ladies free. A clipping from a Louisville, K y., paper coutaipsan account of an acci­ dent i'n which Wolf Burton, a former resident o f Choteau, and three com panions rocontly came very near los ing tboir lives recently: Mr. Rorbort Guthrie, Mr. “ Rip” Estill, Mr. A. W. Burton and Mr. John Travers.threo well known young meu, and a colored man, had a narrow escape from drowning last night. Thoir boat was overturned, and but for tho prompt work of Oapt. Dovan, life-savers, they would undoubtedly have beon swept over the falls to cor- taiu death. As it was, they wpro res­ cued somo fifteen yards from the brink of tho rapids, when they had becomo almost exhauslpd. It was shortly after 10 o ’clock last night, and after tho fireworks’ dis­ play in Jeffersonville, when Billy Dazzle, on watch in the towef of the Life-saving Station, hoard cries for help coming over the water from tho direction of tho Indiana chute. The alarm was sounded, and boat No.l dashed toward tho Indiana shore. Uncle Sam’s boys arrived just time. They found the boat over turned and all four of tho young men struggling in tho river against tho swift current, witlpn a few yards of the brink -of the falls. Thoy had been swept away from the boat apd lost (the oars, so they wore entirely helpless. Ipne8 w’oro thrown to the exhausted men, and they weie finally drawn into tho big surfboat more dead than alive. Mr. Rob Courtney, of the Boat Club, and Wallace Mitchel, the boat tender there had also Heard the cries and gono to the rescue in a skiff. They succeed­ ed iu catching the boat _ before it went over the fqljs, but the oars and all the seats were lost, Nono of the young men in ques­ tion could be seen this morning, and it is not known how tho Boat was swamped. It is thought they W-ere lipset by tho waves o f the big steam­ ers. iu F iy'1 G \ f / ï G O í G y-|\Ñ /-/G ?i\Ñ ~ / j\\ ? |\Ñ ?AÑ 5/\Ñ ^/ÿv.lÿV'G: K A T E W E R T H E IM & CO., LARGEST CLOTHING AND SHOE HOUSE IN NORTH­ ERN MONTANA. * * * 208 Central Ave., GREAT FALLS. The Fourth at Choteau. Notwithstanding the disagreeable weather and the fapt that the com­ mittee had previously advertised that all sports and e-xereisos of the day tyore declared olF, tho glorious fourth was fittingly celebrated in Choteau and tho exorcises aud Bports of the day, with tho exception of those at the grove, wero fully carried out. A fair sized crowd was in attendance, although the bad roads and bad weather kept many away who would .otherwise been present, to assist in the day’s Tho glass ball shoot fqr a purse pf 510 was won by Chas. Cowell. The baseball game betwepn Choteau an.d Farmington for p purse of S50 was won by tho Choteaq team by a seprp of 10 to 1$. The half mile horse race fqr a purse of 510 was won by Big Bear. Tho quarter mile horse race for a purse of 520 was captured by Harry Ferris in an exciting contest. In tho boys’ aud girls’ pony race for tho 510 purse, Friendly Zimmer­ man carried away the honors. In the 100 yard foot raco for a 510 purse a lively scramble was made, but was finally won by Harvey Read. The boys’ foot race for a puyse of S5 was captured by a young fellow fyom tho bench by the name of gate- man, his first qaipe we haye beep unable to learn. Tho Choteau Cornet Band its first appearance on that day since its organization and made a very creditable showing and was heartily choered by the multitude. Tho committee Of arrangements PHOTOS 50 C E N T S PER DOZEN. If you send us a good photo we will copy and ma^e you ope dozen nice photos for 50 cents. Send in at once as ttiis offer hold§ good a shoyt time only. STUDIO LaGJRANDE, GREAT FALLS. (W. H. CLINKENBDARD, Prop.) B A S E B A L L . Choteau yg. The Alfalfas, of Burton. At Zimmerman’s Field, - Sunday, July 13, 1902. tloment was reached whereby the defendant would not put iu any de- fensp but'perynit of Ljqe granting of the diyorp. 4 divisipn of tfie prqpprty of thp couple was ftlao effected without the made aid of the oourt. Mr. D-ries ie estimated to be worth- in (he neighborhood of (60,000. Of this amount, he has given and deeded to his wife about 17,000, a -part of which ie property in Dupuyer and a as well as mtiyghal of the day deserve > part in Choteau, and aome ia cash, groat credit for the able manper ifi | H0 stilf retaii)(| a|l o f hia threat Falls ( U r , i « # > n n r n ^ A r v > n n o r * r » r l _________ ____ i . l _ i _ t_ ’ • 1 1 1.1 ‘ i f l 1 tho way things were managed. Tho fireworks and dance in the evening was also grand successes and passed off without a hitch. T h e Davies D ivorce. In the district court yesterday af­ ternoon, Attorney Jagies-W. Freeman for the plaintiff, entered the default of the defendant in the suit for di vorco brought by Mrs. Isabelle Davies against John V. Davies,, the wealth}' Dupuyer, Choteau and Great Falls real estate owner. Later the case waTsubmitted to the court on the complaint which was published iu Tho Tpbune some tfiyee’ weeks ago, aud a decree was ordered entered, The case, it was expected, would be o f the most sensational character. However, Mr. Davies did not put in an«nswer and it is understood a set- property, which' includes fhe Alii waukee hotel end other real estate here, and friends of both partiee con­ sider the settlement a good , one for - ft is tfxe mtentiop of Mrs. Ifavies to make her home in Great Falls for the presepjt, although much of her jirag will be spent in $}upuyer. Mrs. Davies, ia given tfie custody of four of the children; Venue, aged 16; Lottie, aged 11; Ethel, aged 7, and Lindoh, 17 months. The custody of Ernest, aged 8 years, is given to the father.—Great Falls Tribune. The Chicago News Paper Union says: The general public has no con- conception of what the Martinique, disaster cos t the newspapers. The average man pays little attention tq the “special cable” lino and read ’stir­ ring news without a thought as tq tfip cost of It, When It is .known that cable messages from Forto do France cost (2.15 a word nnd urgent mes­ sages $6.45 for every word, somo con­ ception can be had of the cost of covering this calamity. JJqt that is qot all.. Thpre arp Ifip tugs, the special men and the pho'- tographers. All this \ mounted into the thousands. _ Under the tarme of the naval ’ ap­ propriation bill each Montana sena­ tor is entitled to - appoint a cadet l »' '• * i 1 ‘ *A't j* r* . BlidshipnjBU fqy » P 9 !}«§ in tbjj United States naval aoademy. The examinations will beheld at Billinga, Helena, Great Falla, Miaaoula, Butte and Anaconda. - : ■’ if\ \ - ■ . .. --..J Y o u n g Roosevelt Hurt. New York, July 5.—Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., had his forehead cut open by a piece of flying glass Awhile celebrating Independence dgy- ap Oyster Bay, He had placed a firiú cracker in an old boltlo, and after the explosion found his forehead blecd: ing from á deep gash. Bystftndáre rushed lo his assistance, but he walk- ' ed to his mother, who sat on the ve­ randa and asked her to bandage the ■ wound. He soon resumed his merry m lipg- ' Í ‘ ■ Graves & Co. carry,, the best and most complete lino of- goods. in the market. v r,r*c»A,

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 11 July 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.