The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, August 01, 1902, Image 1

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The Montanian, VoLXHI, No 13. CHOTEAU, TETON-COUNTY, MONTANA. AUGUST 1, 1902. Teton Chronicle, , Voi. V, No. 52 J. E. ERICKSON, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, CHOTEAU, - MONTANA. J G. BAIR, Attorney-at-Law, CHOTEAU, MONTANA. JAMES SULGROVE, Attorney and Connselor at .Lai, Notary Publio. CHOTEAU, Court Houso. MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Successor to Wainsley & Brooks. ' OfFco Next to Court Houso. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon Office in Jackson Building. Next to Telephone Office. CHOTEAU, ’ - - MONTANA. WARNER, U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Land filings and proofs. yyyA L T E R M A T H E W S , U. S. COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone No. 27. - CHOTEAU, MONTANA. O l a f C . F j e l c L Land, Reservoir -and Ditch Sur- 'veying a specialty. SH E L B Y . - - MONT. Dr. EARLE STRAIN, OCULIST and ADRIST, 317 Firet Avenue North, G R E A T FALLS', M O N T . # . — ,, - - — Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W . SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying. Full Li8tof Vacant School Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. CHEVALIER LODGE NO. 12, K . o f IP. Meets Every Thursday Evening. Visltinfir Brotbron Cordially Invltod to Attend. L eonard J. L ownd 9, C. C. D b . T. B rooks , K. o f B & S. Choteau Laundry Best. Work in the State on White Stirts and Collars. Prices Reasonable. J. H. Perman.Agt C. P. Crane, Manager. Telephone 12. Choteau, Mont. H. BEAUPRE, P 5 3 N T I S T Tqeth Extracted With­ out Pain. AU work Guaranteed. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. get your express V ia Choteau & Great FaUs Stage. Daily, except Sunday. ItateB reasonable. Passenger fare §3.50. T hos . A. S mith , Agent. DR. J. B. MCCOLLUM Q h i a t FAXH 4 , ___ thy _ Optholmic Oollogp. Twenty-throe years oxpepoo co li} refrac­ tion. . Office at Residence, GOT Second Avonue. South, - - . . M ontaka GRAVES & CO., OHOTEAÜ, MONT. AGENTS FOR “QUEEN MARY” 1 CIGARS, The Beat in. the World. C O . 0 3 - GREAT FALLS, MONT. (Unincorporated.) Paid up capital ................... $ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2,000,000 W. G. CONRAD, Pres. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vice Pres, and Manager. P. KELLY, Cashier. This bank solicits accounts, and oilers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful attention, and the moBt liberal treatment consistent with safe and profitable banking. Buys and sells foreign exchange, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its own Letters of Credit. Interest paid on time deposits. The highest cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city and school bonds and warrants Synopsis of Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners o f Teton County, Montana—Special July Meeting, 1902. THE HOTEL nORTON DUPUYER. HONT. He-opened Under Mew Man­ agement. The only I'irst-Class Hotel in Dupuyer. Board by the Day or W eek at Reasonable Rates. W . D. HAGEN, Prop. to w TO M TO TO TO TO. TO G r e a t F a l l s M o n t Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Builders Hardware, y Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. ^0^ Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. O. B your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BEN. FEIST, -:OF: . COLLINS, MONTANA, Handle The BEST BRANDS Of =^W IN ES, LIQUORS And^- =^jCIGARS. This Firm Also Runs A -.•FEED STABLE:- At Oollins W ith A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That They W ill Be Given The Best Of Care. THE CASCADE BANK o f G reat F a lls, M o n t. [Incorporated under tbo laws of Montan« Apyll5,l ’ Capital r •? $ 7 5 ,0 0 0 . Surplus - t - r 1 5 ,0 0 0 . b. E. Atkinson President, Jacob Switzer Vlco-Presldent, P. P. Atkinson Casblor, W. W. Miller Asslstan Cashier. DiiiEOTOJia: 8. E. Atklnâon, F. P. Atkinson. Peter Larson John J . Ellis, Jacob Switzer, W. W. piller , T *57'' •! r A {renerai basking; business transacted, teieat allowed o n tlm e d e n o ilte. Ik- Choteau, Mont., July 24,1902. Board met persuant to call, at the office of the county clerk, at 10 o’clock a. m. Present, Chairman C. B. Perkins, Commissioners W. M. Foster and M. ConneUy, and the clerk. Reports of road viewers were taken up and action had as follows: On new road beginning at north­ east corner of the northwest qr. of the northeast qr. of section, 15 township 23 north, range 6 west, thence due north one half mile through la nds of Geo. I. Smith, thence north one fourth mile, thence east one fourth mile to the section line, thence due north to intersection of Choteau nndBelleview road. Same was approved and board declared amount of damages awarded to Geo. I. Smith, thirty dollars to be paid by S. A. McPhee, who shall also fence said road when said Smith fences land through which road runs On new road beginning at north­ west corner of lot 2, section 6, town­ ship 28 north, range 6 west, thence south to southwest corner of tbo south­ west qr. of southeastqr section 7, said township, intersecting Dupuyer and Pondera road. Same approved aud road ordered opened, surveyed and platted. On change in Dupuyer-Cowells and Birch Creek road, beginning at north­ west corner of the northeast qr. of southeast qr. section 4, township 28 north, range 7 west, thence due north to township line at northwest corner of lot 1, said section, thenco east along said township lino to intorsec tion of same road. Same approved, and road ordered opened, surveyed and platted. Old road between in­ tersecting points ordered abandoned. Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. m. all members present, and resumed con­ sideration of road matters. Reports of viewers were examined and action bad as follows: On new road beginning at north­ east corner of section 25, township 25 north, range 5 west, thenco west about four miles to intersection of Choteau and Dupuyer road. Same approved, and road ordered opened, surveyed and platted. Change in Dupuyer and Sheep Creek Canyon road beginning at northeast corner o f southeast qr. of southeast qr. section 8, township 28 north, range 7 west, thence wost one mile, thence southwest about three fourths mile to center of. northern boundary of southeast qr. of north­ west qr. section 18, said township, thence d u e w e s t one mile, thence southwesterly about three fourths mile to intersection of same road. Report approved; road ordered open­ ed, surveyed and platted, and old road between initial and terminal points o f change ordered abandoned. Change in Choteau and Sun Riyer road, beginning at point on said road in southeast qr. of section 25, town­ ship 23 north, range 4 west, thence northvyustqriy tQ point near Cascado Land Company’s canal, thence west- elly to a point near the quarter cornor on westboundary of section 22, said township, thence northwesterly to intersection of same road near south­ west west corner of section 1G, same township. Report approved; road ordered opened, surveyed and platted, old road between intersecting points to be abandoned. Following reports were rejected: On new road beginning at south­ east corner of northwest qr. section 7, township 25 north, range 5 west thenpe west, north and west to Cho teau and Blackleaf road. On change In Choteau and Dupuy er road in vicinity of section 7, town­ ship 25 north, range 5 west. Report o f viewers on change in Choteau and Collins road near Cho- teau, which was approyed at special meeting June 24, 1902, was taken up |oy co.niideration. (Dearies E. Mooro accepts damage, $30, awarded him. Thos,, J. Moore refuses to, accept . » \i , ** * damage, $25 awarded him: and if was ordered that county attorney shall institute proceedings to procure right of way through lands of said Thos. J. Moore, and that county surveyor survey said road. Hearing on proposed change in Willow Rounds and Shelby road was continued until September 4,1902. Sundry petitions for now roads and for changes in roads were considered and viewers appointed. The board considering it necessary for the public safety, then ordered that the sheriff be allowed deputies at Dupuyer and Cut Bank for the period from August 1 to Decoinbor 31, 1902, at a salary of fifty dollars per moDlheach. Board then appointed Evan D. Jones justice of the peace at Poudera. Dupuyer township, to fill vacancy. Assessor Thos. O Larson was grant ed permission to leavo state, for a period not exceeding sixty days. Board then adjourned special meet­ ing sine die. A. C. W arner , Clerk. Another Montana Shipment. Strike At Pondera. The sheep sheares at Pondera evi dently do not like the idea of paying road and poor taxes. Assessor T. O Larson was over there the first of the week and collected a lilllo over $90 from them when they immediately struck for a raise in wages. They had been receiving oight cents per bead and demanded ton cents. After considerable wrangling this increase was agreed to by the sheopmen who wore anxious to finish shearing as tbo season is gotting late, and it was im­ possible to hunt up a now crew at this time. Protection on Wool. At the recent meeting of the wool- growers hold in Groat Falls, Senator Paris Gibson made tbo following remarks: ... “I hare tho honor of being ono of the representatives of Montana in the senate of tho United Statos, and as long as I hold that position I will, so far as I am able, by my vote and by whatever small influence my position may give me, stan 1 up forever for the protection of the woolgrowing indus­ try. I was olected to the United States senate as a democrat. I am a democrat, but I am in favor of a pro­ tective tariff upon wools, “Tho advances and improving con­ ditions havo brought about a vast change in tho manufacturing indus­ tries of tho land in recent years, but the woolgrowing industry needs pro­ tection today bocauso it stands just where it stood thirty years ago. Tbo wagos of meu employed by tho flock- masters of Montana today are no loss than those paid in the groat wool- producing regions of the country 30 years ago. The sheepman of Argen­ tina is at no greater expense today than he was 30 years ago, and tho woolgrower of Australia is as well able to compete with tho sheepman of Montana as ho has ever been in the pastwThoro has been no material change in any of tho conditions af­ fecting the wool industry, and if it was necessary to protoct-it 30 years ago tho same protection is needed today. While I would advocate freo trade so far as the manufacturing interests of the country are concerned I must advocate protection for the great woolgrowing industry of the plains.” Emma Bell Found Qullty. Auothor northern Montana ship­ ment o f beef was sold on the Chicago market this week, and the price they brought went 75 cents a hundred over last year. The cattle sold were haudled by Rosenbaum Bros. & Co., and belouged to the Bear Paw Pool. Tho ship­ ment amounted to twenty eight cars and were loaded at Chinook Wednes­ day last, going on the Chicago mar­ ket yestorday and bringing $5 50 a hundred, the price for corresponding shipments of last season being $4.75. Tho shipment of tho outfit was made two weeks earlier this season than last and one trainload will bo shipped every two woeks until tho stock of tho outfit shall havo been placod on tho market. * The Boar Paw Pool, which is ono of tho best known caltlo outfits in the country, formerly ran a largo amount of \Bho stock” on its ranges. Cows were shipped in as much as steers and there was a regular calf roundup in the spring, the cowboys boing occupied the bettor part of tho ontire year. For tho last throo years a now pol­ icy has been pursued. Instead of shipping more cows, the pool has beou selling them out entirely and (looping only steers. All the “she stock” found this yoar will bo gath­ ered up and shippod out, and houce- forth only steers will bo ruu on the ranges. It is claimed that this will be more profitable as tho country is becoming more and more settlod and tho best watering places fenced, and tho cows will not do well with their calves. Hirshberg Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. W e solicit accounts and offer to the public the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. We buy and soil exchange on all the principal American and European cities, and issue letters of credit. THOMPSON & FERRIS, Big Shortago of Beef. The shortage of the supply of cat­ tle in tho Chicago markol for tbo month of July promises to bo most phenomena!, according to the Chicago Live Stock World. For tbo first 23 days in July tho docreaso in receipts compared with tho samo period lust year is, in round figures, 59,807 cattle? G7,389 hogs and 12,000 sheop, a total docreaso of 4,199 curlouds of stock, will probably bo ono of the greatest July shortages evor kuown in tho Chicago markot, unless tho run for the remaining few days should bo unusually heavy. Tho top sale of beef cattloforthe first four duys of last week was $8.70 a hundred, just $2.50 more than tho top price recoivod for tho same poriod a ycar'ago. Tho bulk of tho sales for that poriod last week, howover, was at $0.25 to $7.50, against $5.00 and c5.75 a year ago, an ineroaso of from 31.25 to $1.75 a hundred. LKTIIimuXlE Leave orders at tolephono office. Hello, No. 42. SALE! 41 HEAD OF MILK COWS AND STOCK CATTLE. 1 THOROUGHBRED \ HOLSTEIN BULL. 6. F. & C. TIME TABLE. Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday State Land Leased. Mrs. Emma Bell, tho woman whoso home is near Fort Benton lake, and who was arrested by officers of Cas­ cade county a short time ago for cat­ tle stealing, was found guilty of grand larceny Tuesday evening by the jury trying her at Fort B,enton and she promptly fainted away and bad to bo carried to tho home of tho jailor for tho night. The information in Cas­ cade county against the woman will be dismissed. Tho cattlo alleged to havo been stolen were calves sold to Byersdorf& Noller, o f Little Chicago, and were claimed to belong to Flowerree, William Sooty and another party. W. G. Downing, of Great Falls, assisted in the prosecution, on behalf of the stock association, and James W. Freeman, of Great FaUs, appeared for the defendant. Rogister T. D. Long of tho stale and office was hero last Tuesday for the purpose of offoring the state land in Teton couuty for sale or lease. No sales wore made, but 13,¡180 acres were leased at an annual rental of $2500. This is at tho rate of about 20 centsper acre and is a remarkably good price considering tho fact that state ands in tho southeastern portion of tho state has been leased at an aver­ age rental of only about 8 cents per acre. The Flowerree Horse and Cattle company were tho principal leasers, having secured a largo amount of land*in tho northern portion of the county. Othor large leasers wore Fairfield & McCuaig of Dupuyer; Dan Sullivan of Shelby; Joseph Es callier of Shelby and John Towno of Cut Bank. At the meeting of tho county com­ missioners, sitting as a'board of equal­ ization last week, raises were made in assessments as follows; H. F. Guth, solvont credits, S3000; merchandise, $2000. Parrott and Meade, solvent credits, $2000; merchandise, $3000. Jos. Hirshberg & Co., solvent cred­ its, $2000. fUiftiu Bros., solvent credits, $1000. W. C. Broadwatof, solvont credits, £ 2000 . Wr...Hodgski8s, 100 head o f horses, $150u. ' . E. M. Johnson, CO boad .of . cattle, North Stations. South r.M. r. M. 10 55.. .. 8 15 9 45. .. Tyrrell's Lake .. .. 9 45 8 3 0 .. ..11 05 8 10. ..11 25 7 2 5 .. ..1 2 10 0 25.. .. 1 05 5 50.. .. 1 45 5 00.. .. 2 45 4 1 0 .. ..R o c k y Springs.. .. 3 45 3 1 5 .. .. 4 45 DAILY. DAILY. 2 5 0 .. .. ShclbyJunctiou.. .. 5 10 2 0 0 .. .. G 05 12 401 12 25 ; .. »Pondera. . . . 1 7 30 J 7 50 11 30.. .. 3 15 10 45.. . ..»C o ll i n s ........... .. 9 35 10 15.. .10 15 9 1 0 .. .11 20 8 35 . . . . Víinodiíin .12 01 7 55. . .12 40 7 4 5 .. .12 50 A. M. A.M. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on tho G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains in the C. P. R. »Meals. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed saloon in north­ ern Montana. We have on hand the finest brands o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On'tap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. aloon MOKISO.V & McLEOD, Props, Finest Line of WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, In Teton County. PublicAuction Calves all by Thor­ oughbred Short Horn Bulls. C. M. ORR, Hodgskiss Corrall. r Club Cafe 1 OLIVER HEAD, Prop. _________________ NEW RESTAURANT The best of service and accom­ modations to be had in the city. Everything First Class and in accordance with the market. REMEHBER THE PLACE DINNERS W ill be served at 12 o’clock on week days and at 5 o’clock on Sundays. Charles Jackson, Guide & Packer, * For Sun River Springs Country and Vicinity. Will Meet Parlies at any Point Designated by Them. Postofficc Address Elizabeth, Mont. . j Vi A ‘i> For Perfect-Fittini Hasses aiiMiL A R T IFICIA L i- V •J Qive Us a Call When In Choteau,

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 01 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.