The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, August 22, 1902, Image 1

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The Montanian.JVbl. XIII, No 16. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. AUGUST 22, 1902. Teton Chronicle, Vol. VI, Ito. 3 H F Guth, Solvent credits, $3,000. County General Fund, Seven Jos. Hirshberg & Co., solvent mills. credit«, $ 2000 . County]General Road Fund, Two Wm. Hodgskiss, 100 head range mills. horsos, $1,500. County Poor Fund, Ono-half mill. E M Johnson, 60 head of stock County Genoral School Fund, Two cattle, $1,380. \ x mills. Parrott & Meade, solvent credit«, County Sinking Fund, Three- $ 2000 . fourths mill. Parrott '& \Meade merchandise, County High School Fund, Throe- $3,000. . j Strain Bros.j solvent credits, $1000. Board then directed the assessor to assess on the supplementary list for the year 1902: Joseph Eccallier, solvent credits, $4,500. The Board of Equalization then fourths mill. Total, Fifteen and six-tenth mills. • SPECIAL TAXES ON LIVE STOCK. Stock Bounty Fund, Three mills. Stock Indemnity Fund, One-tenth mill. Stock Inspector and Detective adjourned sine die. Fund, One and one-half mills. J. E. ERICKSON, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, CHOTEAU, - MONTANA. G. BAIR, Attorney-at-Law, C H O T E A U , M O N T A N A . JAMES SULGROVE, Attorney ni Counselor at Lav, Notai? Publio. CHOTEAU, C o u rt Houso. MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Successor t o Wamsloy & Brooks. Office N ext t o Court House. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon Office in Jackson Building:. Next to Telephone Office. CHOTEAU, - - ' MONTANA. W A R N E R , U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Land filings and proofs. kAf ALTER MATHEWS, U. S. C O M M IS S IO N E R , C O U N T Y S U R V E Y O R , telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. O iaf C. FjelcL Land, Reservoir and Ditch Sur­ veying a specialty. SHELBY. - - MONT. Dr. EARLE STRAIN, OCULIST ani ADRIST, 817 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, MONT. • Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W . SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying. Pull List o f Vacant School Lands O F F ICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. EEVALIER LODGE NO. 12, K . o f F . leets Every Thursday Evening. ■Itine Brethren Cordially Invited t o Attend. IiIONAED J. LOWMDB, ' CÏC. < ' D e . T. B bookb , K . o l B A S . ' Choteau Laundry' est Work in the State on White Slirts and Collars. rices Reasonable. J. H. Perman. Agi C. P. Crane, Manager, elephone 12. Choteau, Mont. H. BEAUPRE, d e n t i s t „.Teeth Extracted With- it Pain. All work Guaranteed. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. GET YOUR EXPRESS Via Choteau & Great Falls Stage. Daily, except Snnday. Bates reasonable. Passenger fare 83.50. T hos . A. S m ith , Agent. DR. J. B. MCCOLLUM COLLINS, MONT. Has., come to stay and with itr coines the lowest prices that Tetou county has ever had. Having the advantages of a railroad point, we give to our customers the ad­ vantage of low prices thus derived from it. .Our Grocer; Line is Complete. A good assortment of Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hardware with other and more tines to be added thereto when we move into our new building. Highest prices paid lor Eggs, Poultry aud Potatoes. Come and see us and we will please you. Export Optician and Eye Specialist. Grad­ uate o f the „Chicago years s s i s g u uate o f the uim J-.. Opthalmic College T w e n ty-three jo » . » experience in refrac- r g e . -- S i ® ; tion . „ , , IItS- v r n í # * í ? i n m * a of. T?t»oMAnrM>. Office at Residence, 509 Socond Avenue Sontb, W F A L U . - M oh t a h a GRAVES & CO., CHOTEAU, MONT. AGENTS FOB “QUEEN MARY” CIGARS, The Best in the World. . . THE . . HOTEL HORTON Dtlf-UYER, nONT. Re-'’pend Undei Sew Man­ agement. The only Biist-Class Hotel in Dupuyer. Board by the Day or Week at Reasonable Rates. W . D. HAGEN, Prop. G r e a t F a l l s M o n t . Lumber, Lath, Shingles, \ Builders Hardware, ' Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. O. B your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BEN. FEIST, :OF:- COLLINS, MONTANA, Bundle The BEST BRANDS Of ¿{WINES, LIQUORS And! =*4¡CIGARS. This Firm Also Runs A —:FEED STABLE:-- A t Collins W ith A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team W ith them Can do so Know­ ing That They W i l l Be Given The Best O f Care. TH E C A S C A D E BANK o f G r e a t F a lls, M ont. (Incorporated un d e r th o law s o f Montane A p r i l 5,1 Capital - - $75,000. Surplus - - - 15,000. S. E. A tkinson President. Jacob Sw itzer V ice-P r e s ident, F. P. A t k inson Cashier, W. W . M iller Assistan Cashier. d i r e c t o r s : 8. E. A tkin s o n . F . P . A tk in s o n . Peter L a r s o n Joh n J . E llis, Ja c o b S w itzer, W . W ; M iller of County Commissioners o f Teton County, Montaua—Sitting as Board o f Equalization. July Meeting, 1902. .A général banking business transacted, terest allowed on time depoelta. In- Choteau, Mont., July 21,1902. Pursuant to the provisions of sec­ tion 3780 of the Political Code of the State o f Montana, the board o f county commissioners met as a board of equalization at the office o f the county clerk, at 10 a. m. Present Chair­ man C. B. Perkins, Commissioners M. Connelly and W. M. Foster, and the clerk. □ T h e clerk presented the assessment book for 1902 and the board proceeded to examine same. The clerk was directed to give *x notice to certain named parties that on Thursday, August 7, 1902, the assessment list of each of suid parties will be investigated by (he board with the view of ascertaining whether or uotit’should direct the assessor to add to and assess certain ..taxable property to each of said parties. Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNNOON SESSION Board reiissemblod at 2 p. m., all members present, and continued ex­ amination of assessment book. Adjourned to 10 a. m. July 22 . SECOND DAY July 22,1902. Board met at 10 a. in. all members present. Certain raises in assessments were proposed j and clerk instructud'fo notify parties interested. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board re assembled at 2 p. m. all members present and continued ex uminution of assaessment book uutil close of business. Adjourned to 10 a. m. July 23. THIRD DAY July 23, 1902. Board met at 10 a. m., all members present, and con­ tinued examination of assessment book until noon, when adjournment was made to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board re-assembled at 2 p. m., all mombers present, and completed ex­ amination of assessment book. Board then examined the military roll, at prepared by the assessor, and struck therefrom names of persons mown to be exempt from military duty. Adjourned to 10 a. m. Thursday August 7, 19o2. FOURTH DAY Aug. 7, 1902. Board met pursuant to adjournment, at 10 a. m., all mem­ bers present. No protests were pre­ sented duriog morning Session. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board re assembled 2 p. m. all members present. Affidavits and protests against pro posed raises in assessment were pie- sented by W. C. Broadwater and by Parrott & Meade, Mr. Parrott also appearing personally. Final action deferred. Adjourned to 10 a. m. Aug. 8 . FIFTH DAY. Aug. 8 , 1902. Board met at 10 a. m. All members present. Affidavit presented of E. M. John­ son protesting against proposed ad­ dition to his assessment. Mr. John­ son also appeared and was examined 3f board. Action deferí ed. Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p, m. AH members present. No protests pre­ sented nor appearances made. Adjourned to 10 a. m. Aug. 9. SIXTH DAY. Aug. 9,1902. 'Board met at 10 a. m. AlLmembers present. No pro- tests presented during morning sea>- sion. Adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. m. All members present. H. F. Guth ap­ peared, and made statement under oath concerning his assessment. After due consideration of all affi­ davits presented and objections made the board directed the assessor to add to and assess tho following de­ scribed property to assessment lists for 1902, according to notices given by the clerk as follows: W . C. BroadwaW, solvent credits, $ 2000 . THU HISTORIC HANGMAN S TREE, A M ILE SOUTH OF CIIOTLAU. Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners of Teton County, ' Montana. Special August Term, 1902. Choteau, Mont., Aug. 11,1902. Pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 3825 of the Political Code o f the State of Montana, the board met at the office of the county clerk at 10 a. m. Present Chairman C B Perkins, Com­ missioners Wm M Foster and M. Connelly and the clerk. Communications were presented from a number of the boards of trus­ tees of school districts of tho county, asking that special levies be made in their districts, to maintain the schools of said districts, according to the provisions of Section 1940 B, of House Bill No. 191, Seventh Legislative Assembly, and for payment of inter­ est on District Bchool bonds as pro­ vided in Section 1966 of the Political Code. The clerk announced that he had not yet received from the State Board of equalization the amount of railway assessment apportioned to Teton county for 1902, and that ho hod tele graphed tho clerk of said board to wire same. Pending the arrival of information from the state board, tho board Ad­ journed to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. m. All members present, and after waiting all the afternoon for roport from state board, which failed to arrive, ad­ journed to 10 a. m., Aug. 12. S e c o n d d a y . Board met at 10 a. m. All members present. Clerk reported that he had been unable to hear from the state board of equalization, but that tho clerk of said board had made tele­ phone engagement for 11 o’clock. Boaid adjourned to 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board reassembled at 2 p. m. All members present. Clerk reported railway assessment received and val uations complete, the total assessed yaluation of the county being $4,295,989.00. After due consideration, the tax levy of the county for the year 1902, was fixed as follows: State General Fund, Two and one half mills. State Fish and Game Fund, One- tenth mill. Hirshberg Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. W e solicit accounts and offer to the public tho most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. 1 1 Club Cáfe OLIVER HEAD, Prop. exchange on W e buy and sell all the principal American and European cities, and issue letters of credit. THOMPSON & FERRIS, I.ETHIIRIDOE Sheep Inspection and Indemnity Fund, Ono-half mill. SPECIAL DISTRICT SCHOOL TAXES. Dist. No. 1, General Fund, Throe mills. Dist. No. 1, Sinking Fund, One mill. Dist. No. 2, General Fund, One mill. Dist. No. 3, General Fund, Throo mills. Dist. No. 4, General Fund, Ono mill. Dist. No. 4, For Dist. No. 1 Sinking Fund, Ono mill. Dist. No. 5, General Fund, Three mills. Dist. No. 5, Sinking Fund, Four mills. Dist. No. 5, For Dist. No, 1 Siukiug Fund, Oue mill. Dist. No. 6 , General Fuud, Five mills. Dist. No. 7, Gouoral Fund, Four mills. Dist. No. 7, Sinking Fuud, Ono-half mill. Dist. No. 7, For Dist. No. 1 Sinking Fund, Ono mill. Dist. N o .^ , Gonerul Fund, Five mills. Dist. No. 8 , Sinking Fund, Ono mill. Dist. No. 8 , For Dist. No. 1 Sinking Fund, One mill. Dist. No. 10, General Fund, Five mills. Dist. No. 11, General Fund, Five mills. SPECIAL PER CAPITA TAX. Special Road Tax,' per capita, Two dollars. Special Poor Tax, per capita, Two dollars. The assessed valuation of the county for 1902 is as follows: Real estate and personal proporty £2,746,055 R. R. yaluation as fixed by State Board of Equalization, $1,549,934. Grand Total,................$4,295.989. Under the provisions of Section 3851, Political Code, was ordered that the making and use of a duplicate assessment book bo diBponsed with and that clerk deliver tho original book, when completed, to (ho county treasurer. Board then adjourned the special session sine die. OAL Leave nr.lcrf at telophouo oflico. Hollo, No. 42. NEW RESTAURANT The best of service and accom. modatlons to be had In the city. Everything First Class and in accordance with the market. REMEHBER THE PLACE L DINNERS W ill be served at 12 o’clock on week days and at 5 o’clock on Sundays. t G. F. & C. TIME TABLE. Tuesday Thursday Saturday North v. M. 10 5 5 .. 9 45. . 8 3 0 . . 8 10 . . 7 2 5 .. Stations. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South 6 5 50.. 5 00.. 4 1 0 .. 3 1 5 .. DAILY. 2 5 0 .. 2 00 .. 12 40 12 11 30. 10 4 5 .. 10 15.. 9 1 0 .. 8 3 5 .. 7 55. 401 25 j _ P. M. ..L e t h b r id g e ......... 8 15 . .. S t irlin g . ........... 9 45 Tyrrell’s Lake .... 11 05 . .. B runton ........... 11 25 ..Milk River ........... 12 10 . .* Coutts. . ............ 1 05 .Sweet G r a s s ......... 1 45 .... K evin ............... 2 45 Rocky S p r in g s .... 3 45 ShelbyJunction. . . 4 45 DAILY'. ShelbyJunction. . . . 5 10 •Pondera. C o n rad .............. G 05 7 30 7 50 . .. Brady ................ 8 45 . «Collins ................ 9 35 Clark’s Spur ........... 10 15 . . . S t e e l ................. 11 20 . V a u g h a n ............. 12 01 ..Willard ............... 12 40 7 45 ......... Great Fulls . . . .12 50 A. M. A . M. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains ->n the C. P. R. •Meals. j Charles Jackson, í Guide & Packer, For Sun River Springs Country x a and Vicinity. - f Will Meet Parties at any Point i Designated by Them. ^ Postofficc Address { Elizabeth. 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The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.