The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, August 22, 1902, Image 2

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«ease F. D. KINGSBURY & CO., DUPUYER, MONTANA. -GENERAL MERCHANDISE- Carry a Full Line of Goods in All Depart­ ments to supply the wants o f stockmen and ranchers. DRY GOODS, BOOTS, and SHOES, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, H ARD W ARE, GORDON HATS, HARVESTERS, BLANKETS, SADDLES. QUILTS. Also handle the Deering Mowers and Rakes and Winona Wagons and Buggies. Call and See Them, Their Prices are Right and Terms Reasonable. ^he Beaupre House ClToteaui, M on tan a. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, T i e l o t t a i a n i C l r o a i c l e . [Consolidated June 21, JB01J BY C. E. TRESCOTT. Tlio Teton ClironLclo and Tlio Sholby Nows, Consolidated January 3 ,IDOL Published ovory Friday at Chotean, Teton County, Montana. ESnterod .at tlio post-oliico at Chotean, Mon­ tana, as socond class matter. FRIDAY. AUGUST 23, lflte. Subscription $2.00 por annum. Advertising rates on application. ILL ADVERTISING BILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. The Detroit Tribune claims that a woman cannot lead a band. Perhaps not but she has made many a good mau whistle for his dinner. When the government begins to use Martha Washington’s picture on a postago stamp, it will not be polite to pound the stamp to stick it on an envelope._________________ William Jennings Bryan says that it is him ambition to be a private citizen. Now will the dear people refrain from putting his trolley pole ou the live wire of the capital. First class in every respect. Board by day or week at reasonable rates. H . B E A U P R E P r o p r i e t o r . ..✓ ./.I % GO TO THE Old Reliable Meat Market CHOTEAU, MONTANA,. For all kinds Fresh and Salt Meats, But­ ter nad Eggs. KCfAL I’ltICES TO ItANTIIEIiS ami IIOTKb-KHEPKKS who buy in LARGE (¿I'ANTIT!ES. Cush Paid for Beef Hides. GORHAM BROTHERS, Proprietor. : d l The St. Marys Canal, By this time next year, ¡.ecording to F. H. Newell, chief ougu i i r of the urid land reclamation sei .k-e, work will be in-progress on the great St. .Mary’s canal project, and within two years after the work is commeused, ouough land, now practically barren, will have been reclaimed to provide homes for thousands of settlers. Mr. Nowell, who is in charge of all the surveys beiug made for the purpose uf reclaiming arid lands in various parts of Iho west states that the pro- limiuary surveys on the St. Marys project are further advanced than on any other government work of this character. “ Field purlies, consisting of from 15 to 20 men are ongnged in making surveys in the St. Mary’s district,” said Mr. Newell at the Grandou last night, “and there is no doubt in my mind but that wo will bo ready to submit plaus and specifications for t !io groat work early in the winter. Wo will submit a number of alterna­ tive plaus and the department will decide which one is to be followed. The oulj difference in tho plans will tie in tbo number of acres designed to cover and consequently the varying cost of tho project. Those plans will arrange for a canal to cover all the way from 200,000 to 500,000 acres. Mr. Nowoll will remain in Helena several duys, and while hero he ex­ pects to moot Charles D. Walcott, director of the government survoys, who is coming west to inspect a number of works.—Helena Indepond out. . __________ T h e O n ly R igh t W a y 0 m # w m # w © # w W ) Not too Cheap to be Good but Cheap enough to Make a good ‘ad’ Any Ladies h: it in the house except Sailors at One lot of Ladies W a ists All our New Styles Ladies W a ists Ladies W a sh Dress Skirts All our Imported W a sh Goods * One lot of Lawn Dimitie and Print Mens straw hats worth 1.20,1.25, 1.50 One lot Mens Fancy Dress Shirts worth 1.25 Now 50c Mens Cotton Sox Special 50c per doz Mens Summer Underwear 50c each Half Price Half Price 20 per cent Discount 20 per cent Discount 20 per cent Discount Only 5c per yd Special 50c JOS. HIRSHBERG & CO., mentitore Ghoteau, Mont. i W E L L KNOWN CITIZENS. ; 4 4 8 O 4 4 The Art Studio j We have just received a large ship- ^ ment of Picture Moulding, Room Mould- • ing, 16x20 Picture Frames, Violin, Man- ^ dolin and Guitar Strings, Photo Supplies, jj J Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. $ *’ « T. W. OLESON. W. N. RUSSELL.! Choteau Painting Company. I Sign and Vehicle Painting a Specialty. * a a a a a a a l PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work Office at the Choteau. House. i¿,y. .. BWSb\ V. y«;-\ *■ Sr* ‘ ' BEST ADVERTISING ME- I DIUM IN TETON COUNTY . LARGEST CIRCULATION. . .U Subscription $2.00 per year To got at tbo superiority of one tiling over another is by comparison, and after traveling over every line botweeu Minneapolis and Chicago the traveler will admit that tho North WeBteru Lino represents the super lative degree of railway comfort and luxury in its elognut North Western Limited. This statement was made by a prominent Minneapolis man For further information address to T. W. Teasdale, G. P. A., St. Paul, Minn., or E. A. Gray, Gen. Agent, Helena, Mout. His Epitaph. The weathor man lay dying. Motioning to bis sobbing friends, be waited until they crowded around bis bed to listen to his dying words. Aftor giving directions for the dis­ posal of bis property to the best ad­ vantage, and outlining tho general features of his funeral, he murmured: “ Aud I want you to got a nice tombstone for me, with these words carved ou it: 'Probably cooler.” ’ R ln g lln g B r o s . C i r c u s . Spocial excursion rates ou all Hues of travel have been arranged for by tbo management of Ringling Bros.’ World’s Groul.est shows, and thoso who wish to go to Great Fftlls where this great circus exhibits Tuosday, Sept. 2ud, can do so at a compare tively small expense. This will be tbo ouly point in this vicinity where the show will exhibit this season and uo ope should tpiss tho opportunity HENRY F. ODTH. OF SHELBY. Heury F.Guth.lhe merchanfprince of Sholby, whose portrait appears above, was born in Germany where bis boyhood days were spent. When ubout twenty one years of age Mr. Guth came to America, settling in Iowa. From Iowa he removed to Washington,whore he was engaged in tho mercantile business up to about six years ago when he purchased the Wittmeier stock of general merchan­ dise at Shelby. Largely through the efforts of Mr. Guth the town of Shelby is today the best town in northern Montana on the line of the G. N. Railway between Havre and Iialispell. WfA N ATE W ERTHEIM & CO., LARGEST CLOTHING AND SHOE HOUSE IN NORTH­ ERN MONTANA. * j* & 208 Central Ave., GREAT FALLS. H . E . DEALER IIY to see it. This circus has been the leading arenic exhibition of America for several years, but the show is never permitted to exist upon its roputatiou. Although it long ago passed the point of competition, every year sees a groater and grander show. This years performance is entirely new and tho magnitude of the exhi­ bition dwarfs anything of the kind ever before attempted. There is a triple ring exhioition given by 300 high salaried artists from all parts of the world, a trained animal de­ partment, presenting educated bears, seals, dogs, ponies and elephants; a magnificent horse spectacle; a vast menagerie which exhibits the only giraffe on earth; a gorgeous revival of the old Roman hippodrome and many other features. Circus day opens with a brilliant street parado, two miles in length. A d v e r t is e d L e t t e r List. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffice at Choteau, Mon­ tana, for weekending Aug. 181902. Black, Jim Guardipeo, Chas G Ring, Miss Maggie Orrino, Antouio Phillip, Mrs Rosey Persops calling for the above let­ ters will say “ advertised.” C. H . D bake , P. M. TO LEASE. 320 seres good hay land fenced, in Township 25, Range 6 West, at $125 for the winter. J. E. W ebb . A BARGAIN. I have a complete 12 foot bar outfit iu good condition for sale cheap. W m . H odgskiss . ■ Cpoteau^Mont. £ G e ijefal ìfi e i cÌ 7 ai 7 dise POIYDERA, monT/mw A First Class stock of goods of all kinds constantly kept on hand. Courteous treatment to all our patrons. When our new store at the new town- site is fully completed, we will quote you prices that will surprise you. i— 'T - Try that Hair Tonic, it will grow hair ou a fence post, at the City Drug Store. __ ______________ FOR SA L E . One organ in the best of condition. Terms to suit purchases. Call and examine or address, J. E, B ubke , Choteau House. FOR SA L E . 1280 acres of land with 60 shares of Eldorado water. Also 320 acres of land situated on the Muddy. , J. E. W ebb . L O S T . $ 5 , 0 0 RE W ARD . One buckskin horsebranded on left shoulder. $5.00 reward will be given for his return to owner’s ranch. A. K. P rescott . Desert Laiifl.Fmal Prool-Notice for Publication. Land Office at Helena, Mont., Aug. 19, 1902. Notice is hereby giyen that Ida M. Dorrauce, assignee of Janie N. Funnau, of Augusta, Mont., has fi ed notice of in­ tention to mako proof on his desert-land claim No. 3991, for the w2 nel, sec. 3-1, tp 21 north, range 8 west, before C. O. Covington, U. S. Com'rnt Augusta, Mont., on the 26th day of {September 1902. He names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said : \ James O. Forman, Walter W. Williams, Prentiss Parker, Arthiir Woods, all of Augusta, Mont - F bank D. M ihacle , Register. First pnb. Aug. 22 N O T ICE . Persons are hereby warned not to shoot or trespass on our premises. S ands C attle & L and C o . FOR SA L E . A well improved ranch of 160 acres adjoiniug the Chotoau towDsite. Call on J. G. Bair. wtf. [ \ E > P C O O L ! COPYRIGHT ¿J' T’is easily said and just as easily accomplished if you drink beer at the FAMILY LIQUOR STORE. There’s no beverage of equal thirst quenching power for these torrid days, and its perfection of b lew makes it a beverage par excellence for the home consumption. Remember the place, at*the FAMILY LIQUOR STORE. b u c k ; s FOR SALE. The undersigned offers for sale 400 Yearling FRENCH MERINOS These bucks are now located at Pondera Station and there can be seen at any time. Address Peter Eyraud, CUT BANK, Montana. B U C K S FOR SALE. / The undersigned has for sale Two Hundred and Fifty bead of yearling and two-year old ■N French Merinos. These Bucks are tbe best sboerers in Teton county. An ii spec ion l y intending purchaseis is solicited. Price« reasonable, J, B. ESOALLIER, SHELBY, MONT. N o t i c e T o C r e ä i t o r s . Estate of Mnrgretto Wagnild deceased. Notice Is Hereby Given by the under­ signed, Administrator of of the Estate of Margrette Wagnild deceased, to the cred­ itors and to all persons haying claims agninst the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within 4 months after the first publication of this notice to the said Administrator at this law office of J. E Eriekeon nt Choteau; Mont, the same\ being the place for the transaction of the business of said Estate Dated Ang. 151902. O le W agnild Administrator of the Estate of Margrette Wagnild deceased. J. E. E hiokson Attorney for Administrator. That face and hand cream at tb< City Drug Store is a beautifier.

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.