The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, August 29, 1902, Image 2

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F, D. KINGSBURY & CO., DUPUYER, MONTANA. - GENERA L MERCHANDISE - Carry a Full Line of Goods in All Depart­ ments to supply the wants of stockmen and ranchers. Tie Montanan ani ' Chronicle. [Consolidated J u m 21,1001.] BY C. E. Y R E S C O T T . TUo Teton Cliroulclo nml The Sliolby Nows, Consolidateli January 3.1901. DRY GOODS, BOOTS, and SHOES, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, HARDW A R E , GORDON HATS, HARVESTERS, BLANKETS, SADDLES. QUILTS. Also 'handle the Deering Mowers and Rakes and Winona W agons and Buggies. Call and See Them, Their Prices are Right and Terms Reasonable. The Beaupre House ClTLOteaui, Montana.. U N D E R N E W M A N A G E M E N T , First class in every respect, or week at reasonable rates. Board by day BEAUPRE Proprietor. GO TO THE eliable Meat Market CHOTEAU, MONTANA, For all kinds Fresh and Salt Meats, But­ ter nad Eggs. KCIAL PRICKS TO RANCH ICRS amt HOTEL-KEEPERS who buy in LARGE QUANTITIES. Cash Paid for Reef Hides. GORHAM BROTHERS, Proprietor. Published orory Friday a t Chotean, Toton County, Moutnua. Entcrod at tho pont-nfllco at Chotean, Mon­ tana, as second class m atter. FIUDAY. A CRUST 29, 101«. Subscription $2.00 por annum. Advertising rates on application. ALL ADVERTISING HILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. The true test of civilization, is not tho census, nor tho size of cities, nor the crops; but tho kiud of menthe country turns out. J. C. Auld, chairman of tho repub­ lican state central committee, has called a meeting of tho commitlco at at tho Graudon hotel, September 3, at 2 p. m .________________ Aguinaldo’s decision to settle down and be a peaceful farmer should be encouraged. He could not run a government, but ho may be able to run a farm. That injunction to restrain a man from speaking to his wife may work all right, but think of lb» trouble to onforco such a ruling if tin- case were reversed. To rewurd masters and crows of foreign vessels rescuing American seamen and citizens from ¡diipwrock, an annual appropriation is tnado of $-1,500. Also $500 per year towards maintaining hospitals for American seamen at Panama. 0<X O L CO 111 • ;V<- •/ - • ' P ,Q R ,T E R S SA L T E D S ' H l p M E N T S S S ? m o u L A R 8 . , •; - r * 4 4 4 The Art Studio j We have just received a large ship- i ment of Picture Moulding, Room Mould- • ing, 16x20 Picture Frames, Violin, Man- ^ dolin and Guitar Strings, Photo Supplies, 4 Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. j ►033^- T. W. OLESON. W. N. RUSSELL C h o teau P a in t in g C o m p a n y . PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. | Sign and Vehicle Painting a Specialty. I Ï 8 Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work Office at the Choteau House. BEST ADVERTISING ME­ DIUM IN TETON COUNTY LARGEST CIRCULATION. Subscription $2.00 per year Houry Poterson, a farmor residing near LaCrosso, Wis., purchased from an agent a tin roos'or which was guaranteed to turn red bofore each and every storm, thus giving him plenty 9 ! time to prepnre for tho blow. Storms came and wont, but tho rooster did not cliaugo color, and Peterson started an investigation in an attempt to recover tho $30 check which ho had given for the device. Ho found Ibo chock at lbo bank. It had accomplished what the rooster failed to do. It had turned to $300. It is roportod that tho democratic stalo cominitteo will will moot iu liolona on Tuesday', Sept., 2 to fix t '10 date and plaeo of meeting of the stalo convention and arrange the apportionment of delegates. Fang. Hoinze’s and \V. A. Clurk’s repre­ sentatives will bo presont and the members of Ibo committee will un ioubtedly rocoivo official information is to tho size of the barrel oai h of 1 hose •‘honorable\ gentlemen in*end 10 turn loose to control the pnity’s nominations. There are good times in store for tho ‘'unwashed.” Don’t be a drug on tho community Either stand up for .your own town or go elsewhere that suit§ you better If this glorious elimato does not suit you go where it ¡9 hotter. If the soil doosu’t suit you, don’t vegetate it. If the whole community is gang to dotnuitiou bow wows in a band cart you lmd better get out beforo the bull pin breaks and turns you hoac first into tho bottomless pit. If it is dyspepsia or liver complaint that makes a pessimist of you, go to tho doctor and charge a bill to the public wolfaro. Wo aro in tho march of progress. Our town is going forward and wo have no time to go around clods or kick them out of the way, so if you wako up some inorniug and seo that tho procession has passed you may know that you have been run over. tito tito tito Uto Oto tito tito B tito tito tito tito tito tito tito tito tito N o t to o C h eap t o b e G o o d b u t C h e a p en o u g h t o M a t e a good ‘ad ’ A n y L a d ies h a t in t h e h o u s e e x c e p t S a ilo r s a t O n e l o t o f L a d ies W a i s t s ' A ll our N e w S t y l e s L a d ies W a ists L a d ies W a s h D r e s s S k irts A ll our Im p o r ted W a s h G o o d s O n e l o t o f L a w n D im itie an d P r in t M e n s str a w h a t s w o r t h 1 .2 0 ,1 .2 5 , L 5 0 O n e l o t M e n s F a n c y D r e s s S h irts w o r t h 1 .2 5 N o w 5 0 c M e n s C o tton S o x S p e c ia l 5 0 c p e r d o z M e n s Sum m e r U n d e r w e a r 5 0 c ea c h H a lf P r ice H a lf P r ice 2 0 p e r cen t D isco u n t r 2 0 p e r c e n t D isc o u n t 2 0 p e r c e n t D iscou n t. O n ly 5 e p e r y d S p e c ia l 5 0 c # m m $ m m m m m JOS. HIRSHBERG & CO., S S Choteau, Mont. % m 3 m m WELL KNOWN CITIZENS. migliài ¡ S & . KATE WERTHEIM & CO., LARGEST CLOTHING AND SHOE HOUSE IN NORTH­ ERN MO’NTANA. * # * 1 2 0 8 C e n tral A v e ., G R E A T F A L L S . 1 7im^ivm{tvnRVf9 Hon. D. F. Smith, who is judge of the Eleventh Judicial District, will preside at the term of court to be held in Choteau noxt week. Judge Smith has been twice elected to tho position he now occupies—once in 1896 and again in 190,0. His name is now mentioned in connection with the democratic nomination for associate justice of tho slate supreme court. J o k e r S u p p lie d th e W o rd. At a recent dinner of the Thirteen club tho questiou of matrimony came up, and J. B. Abarbanell said: “Spoakiug of matrimony, there is a word iu connection with the subject which I cuu seldom recall. When spoakiug of u plurality of wives you naturally uso the word polygamy. But when speuking of one wife to a man you sav mo—mo—can any one help me out?” “Yes,\ said Brian G. Hughes, tho practical joker, “you mean monotony.” F o r t u n e F o u n d On B o d y . L ist of T e to n C o u n ty T e a c h e r s . Following is tho list of teachers ■elected for tho various schools in tho county so far a 9 heard from: Teton County Free High School— Prof. A. B. Guthrio. Choteau—Phil I. Cole, Nellie R. Brown, Jennie Ralston. Dupuyor—Prof Doan aud Blanche Weaver. Shelby - Grace Lewis and Mary Lynch. Burton Bench—Mario Gordon, Miss Anderson, Dema SimpsoD, Mrs. Anderson. Saypo—Harmon Rhodes. Altyn—Lillian Harris. Cut Bank and Marias river schools not heard from. Fifteen thousand dollars in gold uud drafts, together with a diamond ring wore found in the pockets and elothiug of a woman, commonly known as “Becky,” who was drowned iu the bay at St. Mitchaol last fall. Tbe_bodv was fouud floating on the surface near St. Mitchael three weeks ago, according to a brief account re­ ceived to-day via Dawson. The money was placed in tho hands of govern­ ment officials there, awaiting the results of an effort to find her heirs. Tho woman was nearly 30 years old. Her people aro believed to live in Now York. She was formerly a domestic in Soattle, going to Ram­ part, ou the Yukon, four years ago. She. conducted a boarding house there and made largo profits. She was at St. Michuol to take a steamer for Puget sound when she fell off the wharf aud was drowned. R u les F o r P o s t m a s t e r s . < V H. E. B n O C K M f m , D E A L E R IIY t «ft i G e p e t s i i lyleici 7 ai)dise FOIVDERA, A* First Class stock of g oods of all kinds constantly kept on hand. Courteous treatment to all our patrons. When our new store at the new tow n - site is fully completed, we will quote you prices that will surprise you. 'LJ — B U C K S Try that Hair Tonic, it will grow hair on a fence post, at the City Drug Store. ____________ j__ FOR SALE. One organ in the best of condition. Terms to suit purchases. Call and examine or address, J. E. B u r k e , Choteau House. FOR SALE. 1280 acres of land with GO shares of Eldorado water. Also 320 acres of land situated on the Muddy. J. E. W ebb . NOTICE. Persons are hereby warned not to shoot or trespass on our premises. S ands C attle & L and Co. FOR SALE. A well improved ranch of 160 acres adjoining the Choteau townsite. Call on J. G. Bair. wtf. K E E P C O O ÏU ! LOST. $ 5 . 0 0 REWARD. Acting Postmaster General Wayne, in answering a query from a post- mastor, states that postmasters are nol prohibited from joining political clubs, nor making voluntary financial contributions, outside of a govern­ ment office or building, nor from acting as delegates to party conven­ tions; but they should not serve as party chairmen or take an active part iu coaductiog political conventions, or make themselves unduly promi­ nent in local politics. That face and hand cream at the City Drug Store is a beautifier. One buckskin horse branded on left shoulder. $5.00 reward will be given for his return to owner’s ranch. A. K. P rescott . Desert Lanû,Fiii£iI Prooi-Noüce rsr mtlfcaflon. Land Office at Helena, Mont, i Aug. 19, 1902. J Notice is hereby given that Ida M. Dorrnuco, assignee ot Janie N. Furman, of Augusts, Mont, has fi ed notice of in­ tention to make proof on his d» 6 ert-land claim No. 8994, for the w2 ne4, sec. 34, tp 21 north, range 8 west, before O. O. Covington, U. S. Com’rat Augusta, Mont., on the 26th day of September 1902. He names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said: .Tames O. Furman, Walter W. Williams, Prentiss Parker, Arthur Woods, ’ all of Augusta, Mont F rank D. M iracle , Register. First pub. Aug. 22 F O R S A L E . The undersigned offers for sale 400 Yearling FRENCH MERINOS These bucks are now located at Pondera Station and there can be seen at any time. Address Peter Eyraud, CUT BANK, Montana. B U C K S FOR SALE. * The undersigned has for sale Two Hundred and Fifty bead of yearling and two-year old F r e n c h M e r in o s . T’is easily said and just as easily accomplished if you drink beer at the FAMILY LIQUOR STORE. There’s no beverage of equal thirst quenching power for these torrid days, and its perfection of bi ew makes it a beverage par excellence for the home consumption. Remember the place, at the FAMILY LIQUOR STORE. These Bucks are the best shearers in Teton county. An ii spec ion by intending purchasers is solicited. Prices reasonable. J. B. ESCALLIER, SHELBY, MONT. N o tic e T o C r e d i t o r s . Estate of Mnrgrette Wagnild deceased. _ Notice Is Hereby Given by the under­ signed, Administrator of of the Estate ot Margrette Wagnild deceased, to the cred­ itors and to all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within £ months after the first publication of this notice to tbe said Administrator at tbe law office of J. E Erickson at Choteau, Mont., the same beiog the place for the transaction of the bneiness of.said Estate Dated Aug.,15 1902. O lk W aonhi D Administrator of the Estate of Margrette •Wagnild deceased. J. E. E biokson Attorney for Administrator. For Sale—House and three lots- Dupuyer. For price and other inf mation call at this office. - ;

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.