The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, August 29, 1902, Image 3

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.íyr- — W “THE *MINT’V>$ . ..'.• ('■ . - - M ILLER & LONGM U IR, Proprietors. KENTUCKY WHISKY, CALIFORNIA WINES, DOMESTIC CIGARS. MONTANA BEER, Brewed from Montana B a r l e y . Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana. « THE CITY DRUG STORE ft K C . H. DRAKE,. Proprietor. K 8 _ — — S P U R E DRUGS and M E D ICINES* Fruit, Confectionery, cigars, Etc. - - - - I New Line o f S T A T IO N E R Y x t «iS JU S T R E C E IV E D . The Gem , MBS. ED. DEBRIS, Proprietor BR E A D FOR SALE & Firstclass Restaurant .... 0 Under New Management, o e e o e « MEALS AT ALL HOURS. Cucine Unsurpassed. m o <? C o m p a n y .. . Great Falls, Montana. We frame Pictures correctly and keep a complete stock of Artists’ sup­ plies and Pictures. We carry a full line of Window Glass, Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. Our stock of W all Paper is unusually large and attractive. Send for Samples. The handsomest and. best arranged 5 store of the kind in Montana. Call &see it. | s s e s c c o e e e e e N OBaaaBQaaaaaaaaäaaaEäaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauaiaaaaaaaiaaaaaaa D a n n a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a NO GUESSWORK. NO FAILURES. DR. D. D. STEARNS, ; e y e s p e c i a l i s t Billings, Mont. Glasses Scientifically Fitted. g Ten Years Practice 1 In Montana. Satisfaction Guaranteed In All Cases. a a W ILL V IS IT CHOTEAU SOON. HBinHmn lawwwriwHriwnnnriEinriignBiEEEBDBBEBSCEDEEEEEBEEBBBPEBP & U r Or * * F. C. B F G M * “THE OLD RELIABLE” è P A IN T E R AND D E C O R A T O R * HOUSE, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING * * Estimates on Contracts Cheerfully Given. Paper Hanging & Frescoeing a S p e cialty SHOP OPPöSITE OODRT HOUSE, -CHOTEAD, MONT. % (f t (ft (ft (ft (ft (ft (ft (ft (ft * t (ft (ft m & ,íV0 LOCAL N E W S ! . ’ New fall hats, no two alike, at Jos Hirsbberg & C o . Dee Findley, the Bynum wool- grower, is in the city today on busi ness. J. W . Shannon was in from his ranch on the Blackleaf on Thursday of this week. J. W. Ward, the W illow creek cat­ tlemen, was in the city the first of the week on business. Bev. S. J. Hocking, of Neihart, will hold religious services at the school house in Dupuyer next Sunday, Orders taken for Ladies Tailor made suits, coats aud separate skirts at Jon. Hirshberg & Co. F. J. Wheir, the genial clerk at the Mercantile is faking in the Bights of Great Falls this week. Christ Herte and Miss Dora Turtchar, both of the Bnrton bench, were united in ' marriage yesterday afternoon by Rev. F- L . Buzzell. J. W. Quail and wife, of Dupuyer, were in town a couple of days the irst of the week on their way home from a pleasant visit from Helena and Sun River. Mrs. Frances Anderson, Miss Bose Anderson, Miss Jennie Balaton, Miss Litta Gordon and, Hayes Cole are taking the teachers examinatiorf at the court house today. The county commissioners will meet in regular session next Tuesday morning. Wonder if Ferg will come over and tell the commissioners how to run the county affairs t J. L. Collins is in from Baymond this week. He purchased a fine top buggy from the Choteau Mercantile Company and from now on we ex­ pect he will be putting on all kinds of airs. Halburt Moore, Nettie Embody Wood Farley and Nada Satre are writing on the eighth grade examin­ ation this week, held under the super­ vision of the county superintendent of schools. Ed. Morris will leave in a few days for his old home in Missouri where he will remain about a mouth. It is reported that he will take unto him­ self a life partner before his return to Montana. Mrs. Marguerite McNutt, of Du puyer, has filed with the clerk of the district court a petition praying that letters of guardianship of the estate o f Anna L., Marguerite aud James M. McNutt, minors, be issued to C. B. Perkins. The fishing and outing party con­ sisting of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Moore, Miss Lillian Wood and Mr. FranciB LaFrance who spent about a week on the north fork o f the Teton, returned home Wednesday. They report a pleasant trip. J. L. Collins, of Baymond, has purchased the Penrod residence property in town from the Western Loan and Saving association of Salt Lake City. Mr. Collins will move here next Monday for the purpose of sending the children to school. Dr. W . H. Bergtold and Walter B. Sheppard, of Denver, Colo., arrived here last week and left Monday morning for a two months’ hunt in the Sun Eiy it canyon. Chas Jackson, the well-known guide and packer, is in charge of their outfit. Miss Grade Lewis left this morning for Shelby wLere she has been en­ gaged to teach school. She was ac­ companied by her mother who will go to Glasgow to visit with her sister, Mrs. Dolson, and from there she will return to her home in Iowa. Gael Franklin met wit h a painful accident last evening that will in all probability retire him. from the active list for a few weeks. He was assist­ ing in unloading a binder from a wagon and in some manner one of the heavy boxes o f casting fell on his right arm, badly bruising it about the wrist. T aken U p .— Gray horse, weight about 1400 pounds, branded Bn on left thigh. Owner can have same by proving property and paying charges. H enbt K ropp . Sheriff George Taylor returned Wednesday evening from Dupuyer where he had been several days look­ ing after professional business. Prof. Guthrie and family, who spent the wsek at the Dupuyer can­ yon, the guests of Alex. Yule and wife, have returned to Choteau. A meeting of the Tetou county J Republican central committee has been called by chairman M. D. Cooper : or Saturday, September 13, 1902. A m t Ivarson, representative of the Western Loan and Saving Associa­ tion o f Salt Lake City, is in Choteau this week looking after the company’s interests here. The Sunday School will meet at 10:30. Prof. Cole will be there to meet his class, and a larger attend­ ance is expected, ns the is about to begin. Optimo, Perfect©, Chancellor anc Sherlock ¿..Holmes cigars. Also LempB and Budyyeisai; beer, and the celebrated Castle Bock Pure whiskey at the Club saloon. Byo A. C. Warner returned Tuesday from a ihort business trip to Great Falls. J. F . Leech, of Dupuyer, was transacting business at the county seat the first o f the weok. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling McDonalt visited with their daughter at Au­ gusta last Saturday aud Sunday. F. D. S. Angermeier and wife, of CollinB, visited with relatives anc friends at the county seat a couple oi! days this week. Judge D. F. Smith is in Seattle, Wash., whore he was called by a tele gram announcing the death of his iialf brother.—Kalispell Bee. Bev. Buzzell will hold the Quar­ terly Conference for Bev. VanOrsdel at Shelby next Sunday, consequently there will bo no preaching at Choteau. Miss Isabelle Downing, of Great Falls, who has been visiting 'her cousin, Miss Fannie Cooper, for a couple of weeks, returned to her lomelast Sunday. Dr. J. B. McCollum, expert optician and eye specialist from Great Falls will be at the Choteau House, Sep­ tember 4th, for one week.— Free tests and examinations. Mrs. M. H. Titus, of Dupuyer, is in town for a short visit with friends. She has been re-engaged to teach the school at Kibbey this winter and is now on hoi way to that place. District court convenes in Choteau on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 1902. There are a number of criminal caseB to be disposed of at this term and it is probable that court will be iu session couple of weeks. Gust Mosher, supervisor of the Lewis and Clarke forest reserve, was town the first of the week on his way to his home at Ovando. He las been making a tour o f tha reaerve and finds everything in good shape. The additions to the Methodist ohurch will bo commenced next week. Boutilier & Pence have the luperintendency of the work, but other men are expected to be put on that the work may be completed as soon as possible. in William Cowgill, of Dupuyer, was town a couple of days this week. While hero ho purchased 2100 head lambs from Julius Hirshberg. H e intends to run them on his ranch near Birch creek. The price paid was not made public. Peter Lawrence, o f Madison, Minn., who was here a couple months ago with a party of Minnesota home- seekers, has completed a deal where- he comes into posossion of the old B. Ealston ranch, north o f Choteau. ranch contains 1320 acres. '. Lawrence and family are expected iere in a few weeks to take posession their new home. by W. The M r of NOTICE Tho Teton County Free High School will begin Tuesday, September 2,1902. A. B. G uthrie , Principal. A BARGAIN. I have a complete 12 foot bar outfit in good condition for salo cheap. Wjcy H odoskiss . Choteau, Mont. ^SS§£-..; .’IMBL'' Geo. I. Smith drove in from his ranch an Deep creek today- ¿it-1Vi f A CL A clean sweeping sale in all our summer stock consisting off Dry Goods, Gents Furnishings, Clothing, and on all Ladies and\ Gents shoes. W e are now making room for our fail and winter! stock which is soon to arrive and if you want to get the first^ pick of real bargains please call in soon. Ladias shirt waists .............................. 35c and Ladies shoes......................................$1.00 and Ladies black cotton hose .................... 15c and Ladies summer corsets ............................... 50c and Ladies calico wrappers .......................... 05c and i Ladies knit vests .................................... 10c and i Ladies summer dress skirts .................. 75c and i Ladies sateen petticoats ...................... 75c and i Ladies straw hats .................................. 25c and i Ladie muslin drawers ............................ 20c and i Ladies muslin skirts .............................. 05c and i Ladies muslin corset covers .................. 25c and i Ladies muslin chemise ........................ 35c and i Ladies muslin night g o w n s ..............\ . 75c and i Childrens ready made dresses ............. 65c and i Childrens straw hats.................................20 and i Gents up to date clothing.................$6.00 and up Gents extra pants ............................ $1.00 and up Gents summer underwear per s u it.$1.00 and u p ,i Gents felt hats .................................. $1.00 and up Gents dress shoes .............................. $3.00 and up Gents working shoes ...................... -.$1.25 and up Gents straw hats .................................. 25c and up Gents fancy shirts ................................ 50c and up Gents working shirts .......................... 40c and up Gents gloves .................................... ..25c and up Boys short pants suits .................... $1.50 and up SBoys long pants suits ..................... $2.50 ane up t Boys w a ists..........................................25e and up > Boys shoes ............................................ 95c and up Boys knee pants .................................... 25c and up Boys shirts ............................................ 35c and up W e call your attention to the above bargains mentioned. We also wish to state that we are headquarters for all kinds of sporting goods, such as Fishing Tackle, Fire Arms of all de­ scriptions and kinds, and Ammunition to suit all. If you wish to save money now is the time to do your buying. FOLLOW TH E CROWD TO TH E Choteau Mercantile Company. LEADERS IN LOW PRICES. Adam Kingsbury, of Bynum, is in town enjoying a week’s vacation. Bey. Buzzell will preach at Burton school house Sunday, September 7th at 11 a, m. Chicken dinner at the Club cafe on Wednesday and Sunday of each week. ! Don’t forget. School commences on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Tho teochors request that all pupils try aud be present on the first day. Macon C. Farley and wifo, of !?ountaintown, Ind., arrived.horo tho first of the week for a short visit with Mr. F .’s parents. Dr. D. D. Stearns, the eye epecial- ist, will roturn to Choteau and will be found at the Choteau House par- ors on Sept. 3 ,4 and 5th, Bemembor the date. Mrs. Lucius Cory, noe Lizzie Martin, who has been visiting with friends in the northern portion of the county, las returned to her home at Melroso, near Butte. Mrs. J. A.Kennedy and Mrs. Julian , Burd left here last Wednesday for northern portion of the county where they will visit friends for a couple o f weeks. F the The person who Btole the wagon sheet off the buggies at the Choteau Mercantile Company last Tuesday evening is hereby notified to return seme at once and avoid a visit from sheriff. the i Mies Emma Devine of Great Falls, daughter of John Dovine, one of the pioneers of northern Montana, and Miss Pearl Kennedy of Choteau spent Sunday in Helena. Miss Devine has quite a reputation as a pianist. Miss Kennedy was recently appointed to a scholarship in the national school of aw in Tennessee.—Helena Herald. An English paper records the recent marriage near Cornwall, of Alias Jane Weeks to Mr. Thomas ' )ay, and adds: A Day is gained, A Week is lost— But time cannot complain, For soon there will Be Days enough T o make a Week again. More Lands Withdrawn. As another indication that the gov­ ernment intends, as rapidly as possi­ ble to get possession of all the land in northern Montana adjacent to the St. Mary’s and olhor government canal projocts and withdraw it from goneral entry, to bo held for bona fide settlers, says Saturday's Great Falls Tribune, is an order givon out by tho Groat Fulls land office yester­ day morning to the effect that tho evening beforo, after dosing hours, a tolegrapbic order had been received from tho goneral laud office at Wash­ ington withdrawing from goneral entry tho followingdosi-ribed lands: Township 28 north, rango 31 to 39 east, inclusive. Township 29 north, range 29 to 38 east, inclusive. Township 30 north, range 27 to 37 east, inclusive. Township 31 north, rango 30 to 36 east, inclusive. Township 32 north, rango 31 to 34 east, inclusive. This land lies along tho Milk river valley for a distance of 95 miles from the Fort Belknap agency ou tho west to Glasgow on tho east. The order is by far tbo most important that has ever been issuod in connection with the local offico and is the result of the reports of the engineers who have been surveying in that section of northern Montana in connection with tho St. Mary’s canal. There is included in the strip, it is estimated, over 1,000,000 acres. Previ­ ously there was withdrawn over 2,000,000 acres within the same dis­ trict, so that there is now in tho bands of the government 3,000,000 acres belonging to the Great Falls district, only 1,000,000 of which is subject to even homestead entry. Tho work of the surveying corps is not yet completed within the St. Mary’s canal district and other simi­ lar projects and therefore it is the opinion of the local officials that more of the northern Montana land will be withdrawn. In yesterday’s withdrawals there are 41 townships and previously there were withdrawn 106 townships. TO LEASE. 320 acres good hay land fenced, in Township 25, Bango 6 West, at $125 for the winter. J. E. W ebb . Kruger Writing A Book. It is said that ex-President Kruger is dictating his memoirs, which are to be published next November ill all the leading cities of Europe. A Munich firm has given the price for the publishing of the work and will have the task of putting it before the world. It is said that the memoirs will contain many startling statements about tho public men of Great Britain and South Africa. Advertised Letter List. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffice at Choteau, Mon­ tana, for weekending Aug. 251902. Caldwell, J W Gardipee, Joe Katzmiller, Katie Larence, Mrs Johnny Nillson, Iran Otness, L J Stewart, Duncan Lapier, Pascal Portions calling for the above let­ ters will say “ advertised.” C. H . D bake , P. M, Ready For Business. We are now prepared to furnish the public with Lethbridge coal. Free delivery on Saturday of aach weak in any quantity desired at $8.50 par ton. Terms, strictly cash. Leave orders at the telephone office. Orders ac­ companied by the cash receive first attention. T hompson & F ebbis . TAKEN UP. One sorrel gelding, broke to saddle, about 12 year old, with Blaze face and White legs. Branded I ® T*s on left thigh and on the left shoulder. Owner can have same by proving property and paying coats. W. H. C onliffe , Choteau, Moat. Desert lana, Final FruoT-VoUcs For P q M M ou United States Land OfHoe, Great Falls, Mont, Aug., 274902. Notice is hereby given that William Cook o£ Choteau, Montana has filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert-land olaim No.4371, for the s2ne4' and e2 nw4, seo. 2, tp. 24 north\ raage 7 west before A.C. Warner,U. S. Com’r at' Choteau, Mont, on Saturday,. the 11th day of October, 1902. He names the - following witnesses to prove.the complete ! irrigation and reclamation of said. land:. Harley W.. Yeager, Cecil D. Yeager, Jamth- Peebles of Choteau, Mont., Wesley Chad- , wiok of Belleview, Mont. J. M. BuBUKbiint R e g is te r , ’ First pub/ .Aug? 29, 1902.\ . , // '

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.